BB Recap September 2, 2004

BB woke the HG at 9:30 this morning,.

Marvin gets Diane to help him pick out his outfit for the live show tonight. He wants to look sexy for all the ďhotĒ chicks watching tonight/. Diane convinced him to wear jeans and a beige shirt.

Marvin notices the first thing missing, the toaster, the girls tell him they thought it was broken.

Adria and Drew have a nice talk about growing up, going to school and family.

We get fish in and out all day. In between we get Marvin dissing Larry, Drew shaving CBís neck., Marvin and Karen reading the bible in the HOH, Diane telling CB she had a dream that she was pregnant with Drewís baby(if thatís the case Di I would not be playing water balloons with the condoms).Diane gives Marvin another haircut.

Karen and Nik have a brief conversation about Diane and how she hates every player that leaves and Nik does not think that Diane lies to her, but Karen pointed out that she has. Karen said that she told Scott that she will lie her way through the game. Diane comes and the conversation stops.

Adria and Drew have another chat in the work out room. She comes clean with him and tells him that she is a fitness champ and has written a book. He whispers to her and we hear him say FREEDOM loud, so make your own assumption here. They talk about outside the house things. Great talk.

Meanwhile, Diane is brewing and saying how much she hates Adria and canít wait for her to be gone. She canít stand to be in the same place with someone she hates, Marvin agrees with her.

Diane and Nik agree that as long as the guys are still in the HOH competition they will try, but they really want Karen to get it and the responsibility that goes with it too.

We get fish from 2:42 through the live show


They show Nat entering the sequester house and Will saying he canít stand her but is being a ďmanĒ and being the bigger person. It shows them watching the tape, drinking and toasting with champagne, talking and just being in the house.

The live votes was 4-0 Adria gone
Adria calls out on the way out the door saying that she has observed a lot this week that will influence her and her sisterís vote that she observed a lot and how people were. She was proud of the way she played the game. Marvin called her out and said you have been wanting this whole game to be thought as individual and now your saying you are two votes, you came in here in deception and with your Bible, that she was full of it.
When Adria meets Julie, Julie tells her that in the 5 years of BB never was there a confrontation like that at the door that she went out fighting! Adria said that is the person she is! In her good bye messages from the other HG Nik flashed her pinky and Drew told her that she was being evicted for very immature reasons.
The HOH competition was a series of True and False questions about past competitions. Nik was eliminated first, then Diane, CB went third leaving Karen and Drew. Drew finally won HOH.
Right before the show ended Julie talked to the HG again and told them that there would be another eviction this week. That tonight would be nominations and within 48 hours another HG would be leaving. The houseguests act shocked. As we ease drop on the HG at the end of the show we hear them discussing how this whole thing will come down.

Once the feeds return they still are trying to figure it out. We get FISH for a few minutes and BB must have gave them the schedule because once they return we hear nominations were in three hours and that VETO competition would be the next morning!

Drew retrieves to the CR to read his Bible and the others sit and discuss what is going to happen. After like 15 minutes Drew emerges and stares at the memory wall of pictures then said he was starving. They discuss dinner (ziti bake) and start to play cards.

CB was the first HG to ask if he was safe this week. Drew said yes but he had to win next HOH.

Drew gets his HOH room early. All gather in and he reads his letter from his Mom and father. He chokes up and laughs a lot! His mother and father were very supportive and let him know that they watch him 24/7 on the net and are addicted to the feeds. Tell him about sites on the internet that has posts about everything he said. His brotherís letter told him to keep it up and about his friends etc and how popular he will be outside the house. He is very happy reading the letters. He got pictures of his family. His brotherís shirt which he liked. Some chips, Listerine packets, lip balm. And he just loves everything in his basket. He comments that is all he needs.

Everyone leaves but CB they rehash all his goodies. They talk nominations. Drew wants to put Marvin up because he has rubbed him the wrong way this week. So, CB suggests that he put up Marvin and Karen. Drew then said he wants to put up Nik and Karen since they all play for VETO so that it is used then Marvin will go up. Drew wants to tell everyone that he is targeting Karen but his goal is to get out Marvin. He wants one of the girls to win the VETO and take themselves out. CB keeps telling him that Marvin cannot be trusted. He wants to tell Marvin he is safe. CB does not want to tell him anything. They decide to tell him that his key will be in the box and not that he is safe. He said he does not want anyone mad at him over this. Drew said he likes Diane and so did CB and Drew say he can tell when she is lying. Drew commented that he had to bite his tongue when Marvin called Adria out at the door, he thought Adria was leaving with dignity and he didnít like t at all. They talk about how CB needs to win next HOH and CB tells Drew he really needs to win the next HOH after that. Drew tells him that people are throwing HOH because they do not want piss people off. CB finally leaves and Drew rereads his letter alone.

Marvin is mad at his brother for not writing a nice letter like Drewís brother did. Not telling him how popular and loved he was!

Karen and Drew talk in the bathroom. He is trying to hint around about noms. He is telling her he respects her for coming to him last week and that he has a plan. He expressed that he is mad at Marvin for what he did last week and what he said to Adria on the way out the door. He told her that he wants Marvin out of here, and he didnít want to give him a chance to save himself. She tells him that he talks game with Diane, and that they were close. He said Diane and Marvin are tight. She mentions to him that if he puts up two people and Marvin gets the VETO then what will happen? Marvin interrupts them. Drew leaves then Marvin and Karen discuss antacids.

Drew locked himself out of the HOH!

Diane and Drew talk. Diane has a lot of mixed emotions. She is lost and confused with no motivation to keep her going. She said she does not know how to act with him as HOH. That she is happy that he won. He leaves to go ask for his key.

Drew gets back in his room. Not two minutes later, Karen comes in and tells him that there is no way to back door someone because everyone plays for VETO. He tells her that he wants to put up her and Nik so that Marvin will not play harder for the VETO. Drew trying to say, he wants to put up two pawns. Karen agrees that the house wants Marvin out. Karen trying to tell Drew that Diane talks more to Nik (lie). She is trying to get him to put up CB with Marvin. She keeps telling him that Marvin is upset and scared and will play hard for the VETO. Karen pushes hard for CB and Marvin. She is talking him out of his plan. Drew is explaining that Marvin really bothers him. Karen kept trying to change his mind and put up CB. Then Karen tells Drew that CB was happy when she won the VETO and Marvin wanted to put Drew up if she had used it and CB was happy about that. Karen tells Drew that CB is a snitch and he tattles on people, and that Diane never talks to her, she only talks to Nik. . Karen gets called to the Diary room, she hugs Drew and leaves saying she was glad they talked.

Once she leaves Drew starts to rethink things and mumbles man oh man. He briefly visits the BR then heads out and invites Diane into the HOH. Diane replies my turn to kiss ass and Drew said kiss it while patting his butt.

Diane starts talking about how she does not trust Marvin and that everyone wants him gone. She then goes on to say that Karen and Nik make her nervous and that Nik stares at her all the time. Diane then told Drew that she is starting to trust CB more then she trusts Karen and Nik. Drew then tells Diane that he was offended by the joke last week that Karen should use the VETO and he be put up and that she didnít tell him that. Diane denies she knew anything about it and Drew told her not to act like she didnít know anything about it. She said she doesnít know everything and that thereís was a lot to keep up with and her and Marvin never talked about it and that she thinks she heard it from Karen and Nik. Drew then repeated that he canít believe she did not tell him about it and that she knew about it. Diane gets defensive and said go ahead and put me up, I canít believe this. Diane in her defensive tone then said so you know there are things missing around the house and Drew replied yes and she said you didnít tell me that, I just found out today. Drew replied that he is having trouble trusting her, that he is scared of her and that she has changed since Marvin got HOH. Diane keeps saying that they donít have much of a relationship and that Karen came into the HOH and put that in his head. Drew again said she has changed since Marvin had HOH and that others like Adria had noticed it. . Drew again said he did not trust her that she kissed a dude to stay in the game, Diane replies that if he does not trust her and if they are not on the same page then for him to put her up, Drew continues with that he canít believe that she didnítí tell him that it was a joke, and that he went to sleep thinking that if she used the VETO he would go up. Diane tries to tell him that is was no big deal that she heard it as a joke and that Karen was the one that was suppose to go up. Diane said that she is ready to walk out the door. That she would walk out the door if she knew that she had him outside the house. BB interrupts with a 15 minute warning till nominations. Drew said that they were lucky they were there and that people leave here too bitter, Diane defends Marvin and said that Karen had told her that Adria was going to attack everyone when she left. Drew then said that there was things that they did not know about each other and that it was only a game. Diane starts to cry and said she will respect him for whatever decision he makes. She leaves and Drew mumbles SH$@ !

Crying Diane goes tot eh backyard to talk to Karen and Nik she said she was upset that Drew was pining stuff on her and that she knew nothing about the joke, she then said she wants to be put on the block that she didnít want to be in this game anymore. She then said that she was tired of being blamed for everything around here Karen asked her if she was going p as the pawn and Diane rants that she doesnít know but she guessed she better tell Drew every little piece of info that she hears with his name on it. Nik tells her that every time she sees Diane cry it is because of that boy, Karen tells her that even if it was a joke between Marvin and her that Marvin should have told him. Diane mumbles that she canít even walk right. Diane tells them that she is not a bitc# like this outside the house. Nik replies that no one is themselves in this game.

CB quickly popped into HOH room and Drew said how about Marvin and Karen and CB replied thatís up to you, then Drew said how about Marvin and Diane and CB said that would be what he would do, CB asked if Drew had asked Diane about being put up. Drew said ya, and CB said how did she take it and Drew replied she was pissed. Drew gets called to the DR to start the nomination ceremony.

We see Drew standing at memory wall looking at keys. He takes the keys off he wall and puts them on top of the ceremonial box. He puts the keys in the box then goes and gets everyone for the ceremony. As everyone comes in and uses the bathroom Drew sits quietly in the HOH room in deep thought or prayer.
The ceremony begins and the first key out is Karenís ,she is safe, then CBís key then Nikís. The keys come out and we find out that he nominates MARVIN and DIANE. Marvin because he is a salesperson, a threat in the game and tough competitor he told Diane that he nominated her because sometimes he thought she was someone he could trust and that sometimes you think you can trust someone and that it hit close to home, and hopes she understood. The ceremony ends and Drew returns to the HOH and said to himself that he hopes that he made the right decision.

Marvin is upset and tells CB that he knew he was going up and that he was set up. Marvin said shi# he is sleeping with her, that tells you what kind of man he is. Marvin tells CB that he has kept him safe and that he needs his vote,. Marvin then said that he wants the VETO so that he can back door his ass and everyone else can kiss his ass.

Meanwhile Diane goes into the Bathroom and asks Drew if she trusts him or notÖ..Drew hesitates and Diane heads into the WC.

CB then finds Drew and tells him about the conversation he had with Marvin.

Diane again finds Drew in the HOH and asks him if he trusts her and that he is such a different person. Drew asks her if she is an actor? She said no that she would not be on BB if she was an actor. Diane said that she knows they are going to call her into the Diary room and that she needs to know if he trusts her, Drew finally said he trusts her but he didnítí think they should sleep in the same bed either, that it is how people view them. Drew said it was a strategic move to get them to the end. Diane said that he should have told her, and he said he wanted it to look natural. Diane then said that she didnít get it 100% but she thinks she understands.

Karen and Nik talking Karen believes that Drew has just caught Diane in too many lies and that she has over heard things in bed at night. They donítí believe what Marvin does that he put her up as a hoax,. Diane comes out and goes on and on and that she didnít want the VETO used because she knows how the votes will go and that she will put Drewís ass up next week.

CB immediately hunts out Drew and repeats to him that Diane feels safe and does not want VETO to be used and that she will put up his (Drews) ass next week. Drew replies that no matter what he did someone would be upset. CB then said that he needs to get HOH next week or they both will be put up. He said if it was meant to be it will be and if he gets it he will do nothing but cry.

Nik tells Karen that she is going to be straight up with Marvin tomorrow and if he does not get the VETO that she will tell him that she is voting him out. Karen said she would do the same (of course) Karen asks Nik who she trusts more Diane or Drew, Nik kind of freaks not knowing who to trust. She said that she didnít want to go into the last HOH competition against Drew. Karen said the last HOH is endurance and that no guy has ever won it.

Diane talks to Marvin and Marvin tells her that she should know that she is safe Diane tells him that Drew is mad because she kissed his (Marvinís) ass last week when he was HOH, He was packing and finished. Diane leaves and CB goes n and Marvin tells him that he really likes Diane and he doesnít care who knows it. Marvin tells CB that he is going to stay up all night and still win the VETO tomorrow.

Before they go to sleep Karen and Diane talk, Diane tells her that Drew was doing this to get rid of her and using the game as an excuse. Karen tells her that he was preserving their relationship for outside the house after the game. Diane said he better not think that he is sleeping in her bed after his reign of HOH is over. She canít believe she fell for Drew after everyone told her not to. She said she has no problem getting HOH and nominating Drew and CB and that she was done helping protect him.

By 2 am all snuggled in beds (Diane and Drew in separate beds) and seem to be asleep, with dreams of VETO power dancing through their head no doubt!