BB Recap September 20, 2004

Well, with one day left and nothing really left to compete for the BB house is real quiet. Drew and CB are real bored and anxious for the end to come. Here are some highlights for the day.

BB woke the boys up at 11 am. They did their normal morning routine.
• They observe a big crane raising a huge canopy (possible for the wrap party)
• They discuss tomorrows routine and wish that it would hurry up and get here
• Drew works out
• CB talks about his sitcom some more
• They clean out the refrigerator (hoping that the extra food will eb donated to a food bank)
• The pool gets a cover put on it
• They nap
• They sunbath

After waking from their naps the boys try on the clothes that they want to wear to the wrap party. So we got a little fashion show and Drew looked in the mirror a lot.

Probably the most stimulating conversation they have is about Jase. Drew said he can’t wait to see Scott and Jase. CB told Drew that Jase will be mad with him for not taking him (Drew) out. Drew looked a bit shocked about that. Then tried to explain to CB why he had to vote with the house that week (to stay in the game). CB tells Drew that him and Jase were in the same final group in the final casting and that they formed an alliance then.

They discuss Diane. Drew had a dream that Marvin and Diane were “doing it” in the sequester house. They then talk about how Marvin called Drew out during the jury questioning, how bad it made Drew look and how good it made Marvin look.

They get pizza and beer for dinner!

Around midnight they settle into to bed.

What will today bring? Who will win and who will call who out?

I want to take this time to give a big heartfelt THANK-YOU to all the updaters! This being my LAST daily recap they made my job so much easier with their descriptive and accurate updated! Till next year!