Dr got up somewhere around 6:00 for a snack and headed back to bed. Dr apologized to CB for waking him up, Dr said he was thinking about stuff and got up. CB says he was thinking about family, his wedding to come, and Christmas coming, he says "Thanksgiving and Christmas will be a little different for our family this year." Dr agrees, and asks CB if they have a family get-together at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
CB says he is split away from his family and that he “breaks bread” with April’s family now.” He said he doesn’t have any Christmas celebrations with his own family. They both agree that they need to be more assertive with people; CB says he lets people walk all over him.

CB says he is going to have a long talk with April because he wants her to trust him. Dr says “what do you mean?” CB: “Well I don't know how women are gonna react now.” Dr says “just have her call me and I'll let her know how much you talked about her.” CB says he thinks she has probably heard him on the internet (talk about her). CB goes on to say “she's my world, and Chasen.” He says he needed this time to find himself as a father and as a husband. He says “I'm a nice guy, don't get me wrong but you know I've never done anything just for me and this isn't really just for me but it's for them as well. It’s like I needed it, more to stand up for myself”

The boys went back to sleep. Just after 9:00 Dr got up for a while and went outside to read his bible, CB still in bed. Then Dr went back inside and got back in bed. The boys were woke up at around 11:15, possibly for the last time by BB to the tune of the theme song from The Greatest American Hero. Dr says his stomach is messed up.


Dr is at the kitchen table, CB cutting his nails at the chess table, they are saying that rehearsal is probably at 2:30, and that the families will probably have to rehearse. Dr says how weird it is to think that their families are here, he says he hopes his dad got off work. CB says “I hope he did too, I want to meet him.

We went to FISH for a while and came back to the guys outside playing cards, possibly on lockdown. Dr says "it's probably the last time we get to come out here" and looked around the backyard. Once they are back inside, Dr said "four hours, that's it! So amazing."

While CB packs, Dr is ironing his khaki pants and black shirt that Di helped him choose for the finale. Then they move on to chores, taking out the trash, vacuuming etc. About 2:30, we could hear what sounded like someone crying. Dr is under the covers for a minute, then he is shown with his arms over his face and we hear him sniffling. FISH

When we came back from FISH, the boys were rejuvenated. BB just told them about the audience of 300 waiting outside. They are going crazy. They are happy that there is no reunion show. Dr is “down with that, no arguments.” CB says “just our screaming fans, I'll even give the jury a hug, even Marvin, or I'll shake his hand.”

CB says lets forget about coming back in here, we’ll run out of here and kiss the ground outside, and then just run... Dr pantomimes running into a crowd and high fiving a row of people. Dr says “this may be the last season, man.” CB: “And they're going out with a bang. They've never done this before.” Dr is very excited about the 300 fans! CB says “what if they start cheering ‘horsemen’?” Dr says it will be like his high school graduation times two. CB is thinking about the PR possibilities, he thinks since they are having fans for them, it had to be a good season. Dr says “that someone in DR hinted "10 million fans watching, maybe more this year!" CB says he is pumped, and then Dr says the same. CB says we don’t even have to carry our bags out. CB says something about how weird it will be to pull the keys out and not have the jury in the house.

CB says that the four people he would want there are April, Chasen, his mother, and his brother. He would also love to have one of his nephews or nieces too. He says to Dr "you're gonna meet Robert (the oldest of my black nephews) and he's gonna hang with us and you're gonna love him, he's taller than me and he might be the same height as you, he's 14 years old and he's gonna be a star. He wants to give wrestling a shot, but I told him he should focus on football for a scholarship." Dr says "Yeah wrestling could ruin your life." CB: "You'd think we'd given him miracle grow as a baby."

CB says “Lori will be there to hug and kiss, I'm looking forward to that. Once when I was walking and she was walking, she turned around and grabbed my ass. Savage was there, witnessed it, she kissed me all the time, she’s a good girl. She's gonna be in our sitcom.” CB says he cried when Lori was evicted. Dr heads to the gym for one last BB workout. CB saw a butterfly outside and tried to catch it for Nak.

They are working out but they can't stop talking about all the impending excitement. CB says “maybe they'll let all the fans just come in here.” Dr “In here? Maybe, but that's probably not too safe, that's too many people, the fans will probably want to take things.” After working out, CB gave Dr a haircut.


Dr is showering and CB is well, putting on a lot of deodorant and lotion and spending a lot of time in the bathroom (toilet). They have an hour left. CB then heads to the kitchen for a snack. He is making a sandwich with "Goobers" (PB & Grape Jelly in a jar), the camera zooms in, and he hears it and laughs. CB says “A wonderful dried out PB&J sandwich.” Dr comes into the kitchen wearing only a towel, and asks CB “How is that stuff?” CB says it's pretty good. Dr then has a PB & J too and laughs about it being their last meal after not eating PB for a month. BB chimes in “remember HG’s with 500K you won’t ever have to eat PB again”

CB says they will pray before they start talking to them. In their prayer CB says "We're not askin' you to choose, Lord, cuz we both deserve to win, and Lord, if we get our own sitcom, we'll know it's because of you, just help us with our P.R stuff, or whatever you have planned for us. Lord just be with our fans and stuff when they go to travel back home, you know Lord, just be with their families and stuff while they're here and with our families. We want to thank everyone that has been part of this show.” (There was more but you get the idea.)

4:41 we went to FISH and never came back I am so sad. The live show was the best yet. Drew won by a vote of 4-3. I’m out, but hope to see you back here for season 6.