After the events of yesterday afternoon and last night and with a pending eviction today, the HG’s were up very late last night. BB blasted “O Fortune” classical music into the house to wake them up at about 7:30. HG’s struggling, Di waking said “it’s amazing how much better you sleep when you are in your OWN bed!” K was asked at least 5 times by BB to change her batteries, finally Marv said “change your f’in batteries, I’m tired of hearin’ that sh*t!” Nak said veto competition will be at 9:00 a.m.

Marv tells CB with POV coming up he is going to go do a little work-out in the gym, get his blood flowing. After doing a few leg exercises he says “I can think of worse things than getting out of this mf’er.” After CB left the gym room Marv says to the room “Di you are such an f’in slut.”

Dr announced to everyone that he has to be out of the HOH today by 12:00. We went to FISH at around 9:30 just as Dr was called into the DR.

Di and Dr in the HOH after competition, Dr thinks that K is holding back. Last week, when she knew that Marv might put her up on the block if A came off the block, she made sure she won the POV competition. But all the other times, she holds back. He thinks she is the smartest person in the house. They are talking about being in final four with Nak and K and beating them "balls out". Di is talking about taking herself off and Dr putting up K. Di saying K would be safe. Dr said that Di taking herself off would reinforce the belief that Di is still pissed at Drew and that she cannot trust that she is safe. Di said she will just tell the girls “you gotta understand what position I am in, since Dr put me up, I will screw him by taking myself off and then he will have to put his boy CB up.” Dr wanted Di to leave HOH like she was mad. Last thing she said to him was “I don’t want them to be mad at me; they would take themselves off if they had the chance.”

CB in HOH with Dr, Dr saying Di will probably use the veto, so he is trying to figure out who to put up to be sure that Marv is gone. CB begs, "Please don't put me up, I will have a heart attack." Dr says he is scared of K or Nak coming after him. CB saying it will happen eventually. CB says “I hate to say it but one of them girls is gonna win this game, but we will go down blazin.”

Di just said to Marv that she doesn't give a ***** about Dr. Marv is asking her not to use the veto, she is saying she's not going to use it. Then he says to take herself off and give him a vote to stay. He leaves the room and says to K that Di should not get an acting job, because she can’t act. He says “Don’t piss on my f’in leg and tell me it’s raining! If I never see her again it won't matter.”

Dr, CB and Di now in the cloud room, Di says now she doesn’t think she will use the veto, and she trusts everyone will keep her in. Di called to DR to get ready for the veto ceremony.


Marv talking to K about Di, Marv saying that he has had her back and look at what it got him. He says Di will see me in her f’in sleep. He says she forgets that the twins already hate her. To K he says “you gonna be on my dam TV show, I ain’t even gonna let her (Di) in the audience! I ain’t gonna let anyone that even looks like her in.” Di told Marv to stop talking sh*t about her, that she can talk sh*t too.

Dr told CB that he thinks he will put up Nak if Di uses the veto. Dr left CB in HOH while he went to the kitchen to deliver this news to Nak. All the while CB is watching on the spy screen being a little smug. Then Dr back in HOH saying to CB "what is she doing to Marv?" talking about watching K on the spy screen. They both agree that she is playing this game so well. Dr says he thinks she has tons of money; he says "she has to". FISH

Di came out of DR and went to the memory wall, she was giggling, I think the others were making her laugh. She studied the pics for a while. Di went back in DR saying "that was hard." BB said "see there is a reason why we do a lockdown when people go to the memory wall." (I think it was because HG's were watching her and making her laugh.)

Now Dr and K in HOH, Dr saying that Marv acts like a two year old sometimes. K says he’s verbally aggressive and he tries to cover his real feelings with jokes. They both agree that Marv always needs an audience around. Dr said he heard Marv say that about Jase, that if he didn't have an audience he'd be screwed. Dr says Marv is so funny, like Chris Rock. He says he has never lived with a guy like that before, so it’s cool. K says he's so funny and witty, but he's stifled here. Dr says he loves him; he’s such a cool guy. K says “I'm just so non-confrontational. When Jase was yelling at A, I was almost crying.” Dr said “There have been times I wanted to say things, and I have to bite my tongue, but I feel like when I get back in the real world, I'm going to be more confrontational.” K says Marv knows it’s nothing's personal. She is sure he'll take it like a man because the cameras are on him. K said “I just wanted to let you know there's not going to be any animosity. Di's another story, that's your personal stuff.” Dr says “yea, I know.”


VETO CEREMONY: Di used the VETO, Nak is up with Marv.
HG’s eating and getting ready for the “live show”. BB said the live show is in less than an hour, this was at 1:40. Marv asking K to set him up and do some art on his head for the live show, she is touching up what was already there. LOL, Marv says "I fell out with my ex-barber, ain't enough room in this town for both of us.”

HG’s gathering for ceremony. CB, Marv and Nak sitting in LR. Marv asks why this live show feels different then the others. Nak says because it’s at 3:00 rather than 5:00. Marv says he went from HOH to on the block. K comes in, CB says something about Julie and K says, “we probably won’t even see her, she’s probably at home in sweats doing it over the phone.” CB says "well good luck to the nominees" Marv says "back at you". Marv says “I already said my good byes to you all, so no hard feelings, don’t take anything personal."

We had FISH for the entire ceremony, but it was evident that Marv was leaving, you could see him heading for the door through the FISH, as well you could see Nak, CB and K also. Then there was no one to be seen and we can only assume that they are doing the next HOH ceremony.

NEW HOH is Nakomis
Nak was unpacking her things in the cloud room and K was there, and she (Nak) said she can’t break her promise to Di because of this, shows her pinky (her pinky swear).

Di told Dr that he might be leaving this week if he keeps acting like he doesn't like her; she said it was supposed to be Di/Dr/K/Nak in final four, but the girls might not take him to the end if they think he's against Di. Dr told Di to tell the girls that CB has a better chance than Dr of winning the whole game if he makes it to the final 2.

Di, Nak & K in the kitchen, Di says “If I would have known how Marv was going to act tonight, I never would have taken myself off the block. I just thought it would be easier. I didn't think he'd say those things to me like that.” K then says “well he'll have a month to think about it in the jury, with the twins.” Di says “with this POV, I think we're all playing for ourselves now. If CB is on the block and he wins POV...K interjects “but how many competitions has he won?” Nak says she will tell CB that she has promises to Di and K. Di asks Nak if she wants to put two people up and backdoor him...or give him a chance. Nak said she wants him to have the chance to win POV. Di says “if CB gets the veto, I guess Dr will be next to go. He knows it, that it's his time. I want to hang out with Dr, but every time I enter the room now, he walks out. I thought he was doing it just for Marv.” K said “Marv had everyone on edge.”

Di left the kitchen and Nak said “I'll just tell him (CB) what's going on, that I have bigger promises to people in this game, promises that are stouter than the I made to him.” K says everybody's been mind f*king him. I know he's a pain in the a$$, but he doesn't deserve that. How many voters are there? 2? You can always tell him that if it's a tie, you'll vote out the other person.” K goes on to say that if she wins veto and he is still on the block, how she is voting because she told him she would always tell him the truth. K says that Di looked her right in the face, and told her she was not going to use the veto and within 3 hours, she used it. It wasn't going to make a difference so why did she use it? K says that Di was going around yesterday hating Dr and now they're back to best friends. It makes her uncomfortable.


Things have been un-eventful at the beginning of this evening. Di, Dr and CB napped for a long while. Nak was in the DR and K in the shower all around 6:00. A while later, Nak and K are in the bathroom and Nak says “I got nominated, HOH and my rag all in the same day.” Then in the backyard, K is talking to Nak and is pushing for her to put up CB and Di. Nak says “Dr and you are the only ones who haven’t lied to me.”

CB and Dr the Bathroom, CB says “Di unpacked her bag, that's a sign! A sign of you and me going up on the block, and then one of us is gone.” Dr says “they're smart women.”

Around 7:00 BB says “Good morning HG’s, it’s time to get up for the day.” LOL, Nak was called into the DR, she is getting ready to move into her HOH room. Once she was moved in, K asked Nak in the HOH if she thought Di threw the HOH competition...Nak says, no. Di came into HOH, K asking so are you and Dr better now? Di says “a little”. Di says Dr wants to separate the game and them and when the game ends they will be back “on”. Di says Dr is paranoid that they will go up on the block together. Di says "no pics of Donald?" Nak says no, I don’t think they had anything left, K says "you hardly got anything" Nak said "I don't think they expected me to win HOH 3 times." K says she thinks that CB might lose it and become withdrawn. She says lets get a game of euchre going and get him involved. Di says it could all be part of the game for him to lie down and play dog, and poor me stuff.

For now it has been decided that CB and Dr will go up. K says to Nak & Di “OMG, we've got another week of CB in the house. What if he got the HOH next week??? He's got to go now.” Di says “yeah. At least we know what Dr will do, kind of.” K offers Nak to break it down for CB, she says “even if it takes me 4 hours, I will sit there and explain to him why we have to do what we are going to do. He’s congenial, he doesn’t know he’s a pain in the a$$.”

Speak of the devil, in comes CB. K left the room. CB gets right into it. He says to Nak “I know you're in a tough spot. And I hope I don't have to go this week. I didn't want you to think that I'm not going to talk to you. Here we are in the final 5, and I'd like to get in the final 4. And I was hoping I would win HOH, so you would be safe, but you out-brained me and you have your own alliance people. Dr is like a brother to me, and this is hard.” Nak says “I promise you that if it is a tie, you will not leave the house.” CB said “I appreciate that, and I can promise you, if I won you would not be going up. I am going to fight for the veto, I'll tell you that. I know Dr is going to fight for it, too.” Naks says “he needs it.” CB says “I know, but I know that if he wins it, I will be leaving this house.” CB says he understands that she has made some promises to other people, and he is cool with that. He did the same thing with his alliances. He has no hard feelings. He said that's what he liked about Marv. He played it like a 'profession'. He said “I just don't know why he gave Di the cold shoulder that he did, that's between her and him.”


K says to everyone “we've had a rough couple of days.” Dr says “and then you take Marv out….” K recounts how Marv would ask her nasty questions in the hot tub; CB says “well, I'll ask you them questions, if it will make you feel better.” K says she will embrace a little downtime. CB says "ya know, I'm gonna miss him (Marv)..…until Thursday!” he was laughing.

Dr recounts his Dad's Letter, regarding the internet live feeds. Dr says people write down every word we say and those that can’t watch it themselves read it. So my Dad just reads it at work, and he knows everything I say. They joke about all the foul language Dr has used. Dr says “remember when we were talking about Jun? We couldn't believe that she put on 20 pounds? Well now we know!” CB says “I'll just say it now, to ya'll, I think this is the sexiest cast of BB ever.”

9:30 The HG’s are paying euchre, but are very tired. Nak decided not to play, K is in for one round only. CB brings up some trivia questions about Saved by the Bell, however he didn’t know the answers himself (lol), then he says “I think that the show Friends is probably a spin off of Saved by the Bell.”

Dr says he can't believe he graduated from college not too long ago, he is talking to Nak. She says how weird it is to be in the house. Nak saying she would like to be a crime scene photographer. They are talking about it getting boring, and Dr says how funny that his mom mentioned in her letter that it doesn't appear they have much to do.

10:30 The Booze is Here!
They all divide the beer; they also got a red and a white wine. Even K is going to have a glass of wine tonight. They just did a toast to the final five. CB says he thinks they will all keep in touch afterwards. K talks about when Jase yelled at her, Dr talking about when he told Jase off. They ask K if she likes her wine, she says not really but she is committed so she will drink it.

They talk about Marvs eviction and how no one voted for him. CB tells Di she should help get Nak and K in Maxim magazine, Di says she definitely will. CB talks about how he would do a magazine photo shoot with all the guys of BB5 as long as he could keep his underwear on, he won't do nudes.

Nak and K in HOH, Nak telling K about the conversation she had with CB today. They agree that he's being really cool about being put up on the block. K wishes she was HOH so Nak didn't have to do it, although Nak said she'd probably feel worse voting to evict him. She said at least this way she's giving him a chance to get the veto. Nak says she still trusts K and Di, even though Di flips back and forth, she gives Di the benefit of the doubt. K asks Nak “how many times does she have to lie to you?" Nak says “once more, that will be the third time that I know of.” K says “I would never look at you and say I'm not going to use the veto and then use it.”

Meanwhile outside in the hammock Di and Dr are talking. They discuss how powerful Nak is in the HOH competitions, and how K is an a$$ kisser. Di tells Dr that she used the veto un herself because when she asked K & Nak whether she should use it they tried to convince her not too, and if they were really her friends they would've said to use it, you won it. Di is planning on winning the veto this week and take Dr off the block, making Nak have to put up K in his place, then they will both vote out K. They also decide they should still sleep apart for now, Dr says he wants Di to take the cloud room bed so it will look like she kicked him out, and he'll sleep in the room with CB.

CB came into HOH and was asking Nak about how she got on the show. He asked her if she thought her Dad knew about the twist with CB at the time he was asked to come on the show and she said no, he didn’t find that out until they were in sequester, they said they found his name in a military data base and asked him if he wanted to do a reality show.

Dr in the wood room ready for bed he says goodnight to his parents and his brother, he says “I love you guys”. Everyone is asleep just before 3:00 a.m.