After their long day yesterday (when Marvin got evicted and Nakomis won HOH), BB let the HG’s sleep in until 10:45 am BB time...As the HG’s wake up, the plasma screen in the LR reads “Nominations Today!”...In the bathroom, Drew comes up behind Di and hugs her and kisses her on the neck...In the kitchen, Nak and Karen are doing dishes...K complains about how Marvin would use a lot of dishes when he cooked...A little later, as Drew cooks his breakfast, he and K chat....K tells Drew that the HOH bed is the most comfortable bed she has ever slept in, and says it was nice of Nak to let her sleep there since she will never make it on her own.

After finishing in the BR, Di goes outside to join Nakomis....Di: I wish I would have won it (HOH). I was ready to put the boys up....Di also wishes she could have gotten pictures or letters from home – anything....Nak tells Di that she (Nak) won’t win any more HOH comps because it is too much of a hassle...Nak also says to Di to tell Dr that he is going on the block...Di: It’s a good thing you (Nak) won HOH, because maybe CB would have won and you would have gone on the block...Di asks Nak if she can listen to a few songs in HOH and Nak says “Yes.”....Di goes into the House.

Meanwhile Karen is in the kitchen with Drew and CB...K says to CB, “Do you want to go in the hot tub with me tonight?”...CB: With me? I’m on the block. They might think you’re changing!...While Di is in HOH listening to music, Nak joins K/Dr/CB in the kitchen....K/Nak feel bad about all the food that is wasted in the House and wish it could be given to the homeless...BB calls an outside lockdown a little after 11:30.

Outside, Di tells the other HG’s that she was listening to Drew’s John Mayer CD...Nak hasn’t listened to her new HOH CD yet (Nine Inch Nails)...Drew talks about the year he lived in the fraternity house...The frat house had a traditional old house made of stacked stone called “the stone house” and the “shoe box” that was like a concrete box, with each of the rooms like a concrete prison cell...Nak: Awesome!...Drew lived in the shoebox for a year...Dr tried to keep his room nice and everyone gave him a hard time about it. But, when he left the room, the garbage would overflow and it was gross...Dr could only take a year of living in the frat house. But, it was a great group of guys and he loved the experience...At one point in the story, Drew mentions the Sigma Chi’s...CB springs to life, “Yeah, the Sig Chi’s, they were on Road Trip! It’s the frat with all the black guys!”...Drew says “Yeah,” and continues on with his story.


The outside lockdown ends about noon and we find K in the kitchen mumbling to herself while she pours some Diet Coke, then she goes back outside...A few minutes later, Dr and Nak are alone in the BR....Nak tells Drew about who she plans to nominate...Dr: It’s cool. It’s a game and it’s all good...Nak: I figured you would take it like this, kinda calmly. Just cause you’re nominated doesn’t mean you’re going....Drew goes back outside.

Dr/Di/K are outside playing cards, and K excuses herself to go to the BR...Drew and Diane are alone outside at the table playing cards...Dr: I didn’t sleep very good without you (last night)...Di: I slept great. Just in my underwear. No worries....Dr: You’re just trying to get to me (because Di is telling him about sleeping in her underwear)...Di: It does suck, though. I woke up this morning, and I was like, “Hey Drew! Oh.”...Di: “If I win the veto and keep myself safe and save you, are we just going everything going to go back to normal?”...Dr: You mean you and me? After tomorrow, it’s (not sleeping together) going to be pointless...Drew says he’s going work his *ass off to win the veto, but Di says that she has to win it, so she can take Dr off the block and she will have immunity, and Nak will have to nominate K...Dr/Di discuss telling CB about this plan, and that CB would go along with it...Dr: Just as long as K or Nak doesn’t win that veto. If they win, one of us is going home...Di plans her veto speech, “I know that the three of us (Di/K/Nak) have been tight in this game, but when it comes down to it, you two (K/Nak) are tighter than me and I have to take care of myself.”...Dr/Di doubt that K is as poor as she’s been saying...Di: You (Karen) aren’t painting the Sopranos if you’re that poor...Dr: She (K) has been lying through her two front teeth...Di tells Drew that every time K has cried to her it’s not been real....Di: I can fake cry and it can look really good. Like I did when I did my first eviction ceremony, that wasn’t real. But, K’s (crying) is just too fake...Di: I don’t think they’re (Nak/K) smart enough to think right now that if I won the veto I would use it...Dr: That’s what I was thinking, they might not figure it out....Dr: “I just hate how she (K) has never won the veto. She’s such a little....”...Nakomis comes out to the BY, so the strategy talk ends, and Dr/Di go back to playing cards.

A little later (in the kitchen), Drew and Diane have one of their “half kidding/half real” arguments discussing how many times Di kissed Marvin....Di jokingly said she kissed Marvin twice and willingly kissed Scott once...Drew said M told Dr that M/Di had kissed four times...Di: I only have eyes for you...Dr: Please...Di: I promise. Trust me...Dr: I don’t have to...Talk turns to food...Drew says he’s not hungry. He had eggs, cereal, and orange juice for breakfast and feels sick to his stomach.

K comes into the Kitchen....CB is called to the DR...CB: I’m taking dibs on anyone who wants to give me a massage tonight because my back is kicking my *ass...K: I’ll give you a massage. Will taught me. I don’t know if I’m good at it...CB: Oh, I won’t complain....CB goes to DR...Some chit chat between K/Di about the food in the kitchen....K: CB is taking things better than I thought he would. I’m so proud of him...Di: I know. Me, too....K: I thought it would be a mess...Di: It’s not like they (Nak/CB) have known each other all their life. When the twins came in, that was different....Back to food talk....Di: (looking at the package of meat) I can’t believe how expensive meat is....K: I never buy it because of that. And, it goes bad, too....They remark that the price of the meat was $20....K: $20 for meat? You know how many times you could go to Taco Bell for that? It costs like $2 to eat at Taco Bell because we get our drinks free....CB comes out of the DR and Drew is called in.

Karen/Di/CB talk about growing up....After mentioning Oprah, CB says that Oprah reminds him of himself...CB says that Oprah was walking down the street and they discovered her...When CB was growing up he lived in a trailer and was ashamed to have friends over....He talks about having dinner at the home of a friend who had “everything” – nice house, great family...CB: Now it doesn’t matter. Mom and dad finally got a nice house....K: I would rather be poor and have people around me that I love, than have everybody hating each other and nobody I can trust...CB: I’ve learned that here. I’m glad you (K) found yourself before coming to this place. Me, I didn’t find myself until coming here. I think I needed this. I needed to find out some stuff. It’s kind of hard without y’all knowing the situation, my family and stuff like that. And, I think because of this, I can stand up to them (my family). Diane knows what I’m talking about...CB goes on: I’m sick and tired of family fights. They’re going to have to show my mother more respect and that’s why I think I needed this. It also showed me I need to find a job that I can spend more time with Chason and April...K: You need to find a job that you’re happy, even if you’re not making a lot of money. I don’t make a lot of money. Even though M says I make a lot of money, I don’t.

Diane is called to the DR...Di: Why do they always have to call me in there when I look like ****...CB continues talking about his career....CB: I’m not going to give up. I would like to find some kind of acting because it is something I would enjoy....K: But it would take you away from your family...CB: I think it would be worth it. My family could deal with it. I really honestly think that it would work, and if I seen that it wasn’t going to work, I would quit. My family is strong so I don’t think it would be a problem. Yeah, I think it would work out pretty good. It’s stuff that April and I would have to talk about more...K: Yeah, you’ll have plenty of time to talk about it and figure out what you’re going to do...CB: So, yeah, I can get her (April) through law school if I got a good acting thing. Whatever happens, happens....K: Everything happens for a reason...CB: Yes, ma’am. You’re right. Something will come up for all of us, though, I think...It’s now about 1:30 pm.

Note: At some point earlier in the conversation, before Di got called to the DR, CB had also been talking about his sitcom, and how it will let him spend more time with his family, be able to coach Little League, and be off on weekends...Diane gently reminded him that she didn’t think they randomly gave people sitcoms, but CB continued to talk about it...Among other comments, CB said that he has been pushing the sitcom idea longer than Marv, and that M can most likely get back on the Young & Restless.

After Diane gets out of the DR, we find Drew/Di/CB in the kitchen....CB is cooking... Dr is cutting up cherry tomatoes and says he almost cut off his thumb...Then Drew changes the kitchen garbage and cleans out the sink...Di looks at CB’s mac & cheese and says that Dr can’t make mac & cheese very well, but she will teach Drew how to make it when they are outside of the House....Di: I will teach him (Dr) a few things and he can teach me a few things...Di teases Drew saying, “You know I love ya, babe.”...Drew smiles, then kiddingly gives Di the finger.

Outside, K/Nak are talking. (Note: This is a short summary of a long, repetitive conversation)...Nak asks K if she is okay, that K seems “out of it.”...K: Yeah, I’m “out of it” pondering the BB universe...Nak: I actually feel good. I don’t feel bad. It’s awesome....K is almost sorry that CB is taking his nomination so well....K: Yesterday I started to (feel bad for CB). (But then I realized) he’s not on my team and it’s a game. It’s not like I’m killing him...K: I’m more upset with myself that I wasn’t the executor (that K lost HOH to Nak, so Nak had to be the one who nominated CB)....Nak: No biggie...Nak: I don’t care if leave next week. It’s a game....K: Not if I can help it.....Nak: I can’t worry about who is going to get mad and who is going to get their feelings hurt and blah, blah, blah....Nak: Screw it. I have to put up someone. Whatever....Nak: In a sport if you’re about to make a point for your team you don’t worry about the other team being mad at you....K: I can’t stand the competitions. The true, false, this and that. They f*ck me up. I have to win the next one. Have to. If I don’t, I deserve what I get.....Karen goes over what happened in the HOH competition the night before...Nak: Don’t stress about it. It’s just a game. No worries...K: But this is a game that can change people’s lives...Nak: It won’t buy you happiness, but it will help out...K: It’s not a game where you get a stuffed teddy bear...K: I wanted to be the one to give Adria the boot....Nak: Be worried if Diane wins and takes Drew off...K: I don’t trust her (Di) as far as I can throw her. As a person I do. In the game, I don’t...Nak: To me the CB thing (CB coming on the show) was weird....K: You didn’t ask for that. Surprise!....Nak: Blood is thicker than water, but that blood is watered down. It’s a liability....K: If Diane gets the veto, I go home....More strategy talk...K/Nak agree that they would rather be with Drew in the final three than Diane, because Diane would be better in a physical competition.

Karen talks about who she would invite to her house after BB...K: I like CB as a person, I would let him come to my house in Florida. But, you’re not going to see Marvin coming to my house. Marvin might get a fruit basket. The twins—nah. I might go visit them at Disney World. I know you’re the only face I’m gonna see...Nak: Probably...K tells Nak how much she would like living in Florida...K: Maybe (I’d invite) Will, but I don’t think he’d come. He’s big city, more fast-paced...K: Not Jase, Marvin, Holly, Scott...Nak: He (Scott) would probably break something...K: I would let Drew and Diane visit if they wanted to....Nak: The way I see it, this game is more about making friends...K: I think it’s more about merging different walks of life....K talks about how she has no friends at home and can never take a day off because of her work....K: We live low so we can make low and be okay. There’s roast beef in there that costs $20. I spend like $40 on groceries a week.

Inside Drew and CB are eating lunch...CB: I never ate turkey ground beef before....Dr/CB talk to the cameras and about their families on the Internet feeds...Dr: Isn’t it weird that people are out there typing everything we say. They are having fun chatting....A little later, Di says to Dr and CB: You both could be here next week. I’m going to do my best to make that happen...Dr and Di tell CB about the plan for the three of them trying for the veto and getting K out next week.

At about 3:20 pm, it’s time for the nomination ceremony, and we get FISH.....When the feeds come back about 4:30 pm, we find out that Nakomis has nominated Drew and CB...BB has announced an inside lockdown, and there is noise outside, so the HG’s speculate about whether the veto competition will be tonight. (Note: It isn’t.)...Drew heads to the Cloud Room...Diane says, “When Drew walks in that direction, we know what he is doing. See you in a few hours.” (Implying that Dr will nap)..Dr: You think you know that! Maybe I am doing algorithms and algebraic equations...In fact, Drew lies down on his stomach in the Wood Room with his bible and begins praying out loud, “Lord, please let whatever happened in the House today be your doing.....”...After a few minutes, Drew lies on his side and flips through the Bible, meanwhile burping loudly several times.

BB announces the lockdown is over and Nak and Karen go outside...Nak: Well that’s over with, now just the veto. I wished them luck in the veto, right?...K: Yea, you did...Nak: Good, I wanted to make sure....Nak: I think I need to talk to Drew...Karen agrees.

CB goes into the Wood Room to join Drew...Dr: We really need to trust her (Diane). We need to talk to her again...CB: I really want to. I really want us two to be up there....Dr: It’s the veto man...Then Diane and CB go into the HOH room....Di: I need to win the veto...CB: Here’s the thing, Last week when Drew put you up, you said that you wanted him out...Di: I just said that so the girls would believe it. If it win it (the veto) Karen is the only option to go up...Diane goes over the plan with CB. She will win veto, Karen will go up, and Drew/Di will vote to evict Karen. Then next week, Nak will be evicted and it will be CB/Dr/Di in the last three...Drew has joined CB and Diane....Dr: It’s a good plan, Are we all in?...All: ALL IN!...Di: All my chips are in.

Soon after, Drew and CB talk about the plan in the Wood Room...Dr: If this works out it will be a miracle...CB: I know. Can you imagine what our towns would do if we made it?...Start talking about possible upcoming competitions...Drew wants he and CB to use a code during the veto comp, so that if it looks like Diane isn’t going to win they need to go for it themselves...Dr then starts making up a silly song about being on the block with “My Cowboy,” and CB sings about his “Sitcom Partner.”... a little later, CB tells Drew that being on BB has been worse than going through his divorce and he doesn’t know how he will react back in the real world.

Outside, Nak and Karen have been making casual conversation...They talk about how they got on the show...Nak says that BB first called her dad, but then they called her. She figured she wasn’t doing anything better this summer, and when she heard the prize was $500K, she said, “Sure!”...Talk moves to the twins (with K doing most of the talking)....K says she felt sorry for A in the end, even though she did bad things in the game...K: 20 minutes before the live show, Adria and Natalie cornered me and tried to talk me into keeping Nat, saying that they would have my back. I was insulted...K: To anyone who wasn’t sharp as a tack, it would probably have worked. But they insulted my intelligence, and that pissed me off....K says she has problems with the twin twist...She also isn’t happy about BB bringing in two people who didn’t know they were related...K: It could have had a bad effect, like having one of the people break down....Nak said she wasn’t too happy about the CB twist, either....It’s now about 5:30 pm.


Nak goes into the workout room, and Karen goes into the Wood Room to talk to Drew and CB...K: I didn’t like Marvin too much until the live show when Jase was yelling at Adria, and Marvin called out Jase...K thinks that, before that incident, M did not want anyone to see the real him...They talk a bit about the people behind the walls...K: It’s weird that we are people’s job, while we sit here lying around...BB calls CB into the DR...K asks Drew how he feels about being on the block...K: Did Nak warn you?...Dr: I went and talked to Nak this morning and she kinda alluded to it...K: You have nothing to worry about. If CB gets the veto and goes off, I won’t vote for you (to be evicted)...K tells Dr that she is really proud of how CB has taken his nomination....K: Even if CB wins the veto and Diane goes up, I will vote out Diane, because you have never given me a reason to vote for you...Then K leaves and joins Nak in the bathroom, where she recounts her conversation with Drew.

About 7:00 pm, Drew is working out, talking out loud to himself about possibilities for veto competitions...Nak is doing laundry and Diane is lighting the grill...Nak is going to make a pot roast on the grill....K is in the kitchen making a “nachos-type thing”...K says to the camera, “Camera, I am doing some dorky, homey stuff over here, so give me some space, will ya?”

About 7:30, CB joins Dr in the workout room...CB says he can see himself getting bigger (muscles)...Drew says he is done working out, and CB says, “You’re done? You should have woken me up from my nap.”

Just before 8:00, we find the HG’s sitting outside by the grill, drinking wine and eating K’s nachos, while Nak grills the pot roast....Talk turns to wines and wine tasting...CB says he wants to go to a wine “factory.”...Drew and Di go into the kitchen alone...Dr: I kinda want to sleep with you tonight...Di: There is an empty bed in the Cloud Room...Dr: I heard that someone was going to be sleeping naked in the Cloud Room tonight....Di: Who?...Dr: Drew...Di/Dr steal a kiss in the corner of the kitchen, then go back outside...CB: “I need to say something. I have been horny all day....April? All I would need is about 30 seconds.”....K: Would that make her (April) happy?...CB: No. I’m just saying that’s all I would need. April couldn’t come in 30 seconds. I might be able to make a woman come in 30 seconds, but not April...One of the HG’s says to ask Nakomis...Nak: “No way. You can’t get a girl to orgasm in 30 seconds” and goes on to explain about female orgasms....CB: I can make April orgasm in like 2 or 3 minutes...Nak: April must be the kind of girls that tells you, “Okay, that isn’t working, now do this. Okay, now do that.”....The HG’s settle down and eat dinner...CB: “Thank-you N and K for cooking the food. Thank-you BB for the food. It is making us fat. Thank-you BB for the workout equipment. April is going to tear me up when I get home...Everyone laughs....The HG’s talk about whether BB makes bets on them...CB: “They stopped betting on me.”

Talk turns to what the HG’s will do when they get home...CB wants to get away for a few days with his family before being bombarded with questions...Di doesn’t want to go home and have everyone asking her the same f*cking questions, so she is going to gather up 50 of her friends in an auditorium and take questions...K wants to go home and cuddle with Larry...Nak wants to go straight to a coffee shop, even if it is 3 am. Nak wants to drive a car, visit friends, and go to a club...Drew is quiet.

A little later, a lesson from Nak about proper meat handling turns to a discussion of cannibalism, and the movie “Alive.”...They ask Drew: If you died and we were starving, would you let us eat you?...Dr: Yeah, I would let you eat me....Di (kiddingly): Doesn’t it taste like chicken?....Nak: Well, it is red meat...Talk turns to favorite movies and Jennifer Lopez, then to purses...Diane feels weird not carrying a purse every day....Nak asks each of the HG’s what they would do if they had a million dollars....K is called to the DR and the HG’s give each other financial advice....CB: Buy a buttload of Premierpark stocks in the winter, then sell in the winter. Also, I hear Lucent’s real good....Diane is confused about how the stock exchange works...Di: Why are they all acting crazy, waving their hands and screaming?....Drew tells about a stock exchange simulation he did in 8th grade, in competition with other schools...CB: Nak and I have something in common. We both like stock. I told my preacher to invest in Lucent...Diane tells the other HG’s she doesn’t have savings, just checking and like 10 credit cards...The other HG’s expect that Dr would have a lot of savings, but he says he spends his money and doesn’t have much saved.

About 9:15, the HG’s open up the hot tub and talk about what they would be doing now if they weren’t in the House...Di: I’d go somewhere with my friends and get f*cked up (drunk). But not to a club...Nak: I hate clubs. Donald and me get a 12-pack and get f*cked up at home. You don’t have to worry about driving home...Karen joins the girls at the hot tub after leaving the DR...K: The DR asked me what my strategy is. I said, “To be the malicious pr*ck. What do you think?”....Di says she’s going to try to get Drew to sleep with her tonight.....More miscellaneous chit chat, including the motto each gave for the BB Web site...CB says that when he gets out he will go to his in-laws and get on the Internet to check his popularity....The HG’s discuss how their popularity will be rated...K says their popularity rating will depend on what they showed on TV that week...K gives CB a massage and worries about pressing too hard...CB: You won’t break me...Nak: I always hit Donald’s piercings....About 10:00 BB tells the HG’s to check the storage room....The HG’s yell, “Yay! Beer!”

The HG’s go into the House to get beer and get silly....Nak: Drew seems like he’s drunk but I don’t know on what. Maybe he’s just scared of me f*rting....Dr: Donald, your girlfriend f*rts on national TV...Nak: He knows....Di and Nak make fun of Drew’s hair, calling it “puffy.”...Drew puts Di over the counter and playfully spanks her a couple of times, with Nak joining in. (Note: See the [very short] video in BB Pics Forum titled “Diane Gets What She Deserves.”)

The kidding around continues....They talk about things that other people aren’t allowed to make fun of...Nak: You can’t say I have a big nose or call me a pierced freak...Dr: I can’t think of what you couldn’t make fun of me about....Nak: Lawyer! Puffy hair! You’ve never had a dog!...They talk about Drew’s moles...Drew says that he scratched one off and it grew back...Nak: Maybe that’s the next twist! Drew has cancer!....The silly conversation continues, including a long discussion about farting...Di: It’s too soon for me to fart in front of Drew....Everyone is laughing and giggling...Nak makes cheese dip for the group...K: (kiddingly): I hate you Nakomis. Your diet is terrible...Nak: I eat like this all the time. Once I ate a salad...K: I’m such a fat f*ck, and it’s your fault!

Drew goes outside to pull down the shades in preparation for the 11 pm inside lockdown...Di asks Drew if he is going to sleep with her tonight...Dr: Can I?...CB comes out and tells Di that he and Drew are scared sh*tless....CB to Di: Are you going to save one of us?...Di: Yes, I will save you. (CB)...Di: I swore to Nakomis but not to Karen...Di: What are you scared of? That I won’t use the veto?...CB: I know you’ll use it on him (Drew)...Di: I swear I will save you. CB, honestly, this is your only chance. If it doesn’t work out, you’re probably out.

They all go back inside and CB asks if he can go to HOH to listen to the CD....Drew goes to take a shower...Di comes in the BR and peeks over the shower door at Drew...Dr: I’ll let you see me if you’ll let me see you....Di: Okay, but only if you’re okay with my gut.

After his shower, Drew and CB share strategy talk in the HOH....CB: You know people are scared of me. They think I’m going to the final four. I need to get HOH....Dr: I haven’t heard anyone say that (that they are scared of CB)...CB: K was telling me how much she respected me...Dr: K says what she thinks people want to hear....Drew leaves.

In the Cloud Room, Drew is reading the Bible when Di comes in and tickles him and grabs his butt...Drew looks up at the camera and says, “Get Diane and not me!”...Di: Every move I make, they’re on top of my d*mn sh*t....Diane goes to bed in the Wood Room....It’s now about 11:45 pm.


Diane doesn’t sleep alone in the Wood Room very long, and, soon after midnight she is back in the Cloud Room bed with Drew... The long half-joking/half-serious pillow talk begins...Di: How often will I see you after the show?...Dr: A lot...Di: What does a lot mean, like once a week?...Dr: I don’t know if I could handle that....[long pause]...How about three times a week?...Dr kids Diane that she’ll see him three times a week like all her other friends she says she’s going to see and then doesn’t....Di: I'm not in love with all my other friends....Dr: You're not in love with me...Di: I am, I know I am...Drew: We'll see....Di: What more do you need to see...Dr: We’ll see...Diane: “I could show you more but....”....Drew tells Diane several times that he cares about her a lot and to never doubt it....Then Drew tells Diane he doesn’t trust her any more....Di: What did I do this time?....Dr: I'm just trying to see if you have a guilty conscience.....They share strategy talk under the covers, about how important it is that Di win the veto tomorrow....The conversation continues with the usual “I love you. I hate you”-type banter...Di/Dr cuddle, kiss, and talk until about 1:30 am.