BB wakes up the HG’s early -- a little after 8:00 am BB time -- and announces that the veto competition is in two hours...Karen slept in the HOH room with Nak again last night, and before they get up, K and Nak stay in bed chatting for awhile, about Karen’s dreams, about how K and Larry go through the garbage in rich neighborhoods to find home decor and electronics items, and about how they are eating too much there...K (imitating BB): Everybody please get up and start eating M&Ms...Nak: HG, please get up and eat a big bucket of lard. Lard me a veto, HG’s! It’s lardacious!

In the kitchen, Di and Dr are tickle fighting and eating breakfast...Karen and Nak are now up...BB announces in a stern voice, “Michael, I said it’s time to get up for the day!”...In the kitchen, CB and Drew have the first of many conversations that day about the veto and trusting Di...Dr: I was so paranoid about her that I just called her (Di) out to ask again...CB: She (Di) needs us in this House...Nakomis comes in and the conversation stops.

Nak has been looking for her green T-shirt and just realized that it was one of the things the Don (Mike) took from the House when he left...Nak: He was GANKING stuff!...K: I think the Don left the pen for me (to get me in trouble) because he was mad at me for complaining about his snoring.

About 9:00 BB announces that the veto competition will begin in 60 minutes...Nak is cutting up her “cheap” green bandana...Drew goes in the workout room to do some walking on the treadmill...CB joins Dr in the workout room...CB is still worried that Diane will not save him, and he desperately wants to make the final four...Drew assures CB that Di will save him...Dr/CB speculate on what kind of veto comp it will be...CB: If it’s a race, I’m going “balls out.”

Nak and Karen sit in the living room while Nak sews her bandana to make a rice pillow...They talk about their dream home...K wants a old plantation house like in Forrest Gump that she and Larry can work on together....Nak wants an “old” 70’s house that needs work, because they are cheaper...K: Do you want a Brady Bunch house?...Nak: I want a rocker 70’s house, retro. All that 70’s built into a house....Diane and Nak start commenting on the fish....One fish keeps slamming into the wall and the plants and then swims like he’s confused....They joke that the fish is a “retard.”...Di: We’ll call him Corky...Nakomis isn’t familiar with the reference, and Di sings the theme song for “Life Goes On.”...Nak: I’ve never really gotten into sitcoms...Di: It’s about Corky the retard...Di wants to hug the shark. He reminds her of a dog...Di: Watch that other fish turn black. When he flirts with another fish, he changes color....Di: Did you see that fish flash? Who needs porn when you have fish? “Finding Nemo’s hole!”...Di asks Nak what she is sewing...Nak plans to fill the green bandana with rice to make a rice pillow...Nak hopes it will help her sleep less painfully...Nak also says that her pillow will be a Chihuahua simulator to be like her dog at home.

The HG’s get ready for the veto...Diane tells Drew that you can see outside a little...Drew looks and comes back and whispers, “Big cages.”...Di: No way!...After CB and Dr get ready in the bathroom, CB asks Drew if he wouldn’t mind sharing a quick prayer with him in the workout room...The HG’s go outside for the veto competition about 10:15, then FISH.

Between FISH, BB lets us catch a glimpse of the BY. It’s cages on platforms...BB tells the HG’s to each take a cage...After that, we continue to get FISH until about 10:45 when the feeds come back and we find that Diane has won the POV...CB and Di celebrate in the Wood Room...Di says to CB: Me and you till the end...CB: I’m finally gonna win HOH....CB/Dr talk about plans...Di will take Dr off the block. K will go up, and then Dr and Diane will vote out K. Dr and Di will throw the HOH comp to CB...CB will put up Nak and a pawn...Then Nak will be evicted unless she gets the POV...CB/Drew are very excited...CB to Drew: If Di is playing us, I’m gonna be really pissed.

CB/Dr/Di talk about their families....Then talk goes back to the veto...CB: I could have won it. I had a flamingo and was about to duct tape the hula hoop. I could have won it. I was almost about to rip my shirt up and try something with it....CB: When I make it to sequester, hopefully I can show you pictures of April and Chason.

A little while later, Di/CB/Dr are talking about the veto comp again....One of them says, “Nak just asked me, “Did CB give up his golf club?”...Di: Yeah, but I gave it to Drew....Di hopes Nak will think that the plan to work together was just she and Drew...Di: I think they (K/Nak) know what’s going on, but it’s too late. I never made a verbal promise to Karen. I can put her out without feeling bad. I had a promise to Nakomis. I need them to believe me when I say I made promises to Drew...CB: When I make my speech, I’m going to say “Diane, use the veto on Drew.”...CB: What will you say if Karen asks you if you’re voting me (CB) out?....Di: I don’t know yet....CB to Di: It's gonna get tough with them. They will pound you and pound you...Di: I don’t think they will...Dr: I think they (K/Nak) made it obvious that they were out for themselves...More strategy talk, then Dr/Di go to the Cloud Room to rehash the veto comp and to cuddle...It’s now about noon.


CB has joined Dr/Di in the Cloud Room for a continuation of the strategy talk...Then the three of them go to the kitchen...CB: We prayed for our miracle and we got it...Drew is called to the DR....Di: Nak told me “If it’s coming, respect me and put me out at fourth. I will hate myself if I get third.”... Di to CB: April told you to step it up and that’s what you did...CB: It took someone like her to do it for me...Di: You like girls with attitude, like me. We didn’t get to talk much in the beginning. I had to get rid of Scott. Nothing personal. It just had to be done....CB: I’m just glad I’m going to get a chance to get HOH. If it’s questions, just get it wrong...Di: We won’t make it obvious...CB: America knows what’s going down now...Di: Yeah, they can see the DR tapes...CB: I hope it’s endurance. Last like an hour...Di: Just for sh*ts and giggles?...CB: Yeah.

More CB and Di conversation...CB: I know you wanted my a$$ out the first few weeks...Di: Yeah, I wouldn't have been sad....CB: We need to get to know each other....Di: You needed to break away from those f*cking hooligans (Scott, Jase). Be yourself....CB: it's scary to be on the block for the third time. Karen has been playing the game all along. She's thrown like three competitions...Di: She's smart. She threw this one....More game talk along similar lines....CB: These last four weeks, those two (K/Nak) have been talking a lot without you....Di: When I won the veto for myself, I felt so good when you came up to me and said, save yourself. They (Nak and K) told me not to use it. That told me they don't care about me.

Drew has joined Di and CB and they are sitting inside looking out at Karen and Nakomis....Dr: OMG, we can see half of Nak’s boob!...Di: And that is some boob!....CB: Shut up! That’s my sister you’re talking about....Di repeats her theme that K can’t really be poor if she paints pictures of Tony Soprano and Mohammed Ali...Di: I never made a verbal agreement with Karen, so she doesn’t have to feel bad about my voting her out....CB: How will you feel about being in the House with two sexy guys?...Di: It’s going to be awesome...CB: It’s going to be so fun. We’ll just chase each other around all day. No game talk. And y’all’s lovey dovey time can be at night when I’m asleep. I’ll be so bored otherwise....Di: I think we’re done with that. We’ll save the relationship part until outside the House.

Karen and Nakomis are still outside, sharing small talk....Diane is called into the DR...Nak comes in while Drew and CB are at the table eating...Nak/CB/Dr talk about plans for the afternoon....Dr: I think I’ll go out and tan, or maybe nap...CB: The nap sounds better....Dr joins Di in the Cloud Room for a teasing/cuddling/kissing/pillow talk session... Dr: Wanna smell my armpits?...Di: Baby, I don't care if you stink. That’s what happens when you sweat.....kid...Dr: I could get used to that (nickname) after a couple of years...Di: Call me kid, just don't call me punk. Okay, kid?...Dr: Okay punk...Kissing, laughing...Di: I hope your parents don’t think I’m Satan.

Pillow and strategy talk continues between Dr and Di....Drew says he didn’t realize until he was in the House that he likes being busy...Di: I used to sit around and do nothing. I like being busy better...Dr: When you're busy, you want to do nothing. When you're doing nothing, you want to be busy....Di talks about possibly moving to LA...Di: Even with second place, I can cover things while you do what you want to do. A decent apartment here is probably $1000 a month. I can ship down my car and my furniture...Dr: I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, It’s getting bigger and bigger....Di: God is turning things around for me, I have had such a terrible life. Finally something good will happen with my dysfunctional family...Dr: You are the best time I've had in my life.

CB comes in and shows Dr/Di his necklace...His necklace says “April” and April’s says “Michael” and the date is their first anniversary...They got the necklace at Six Flags...It usually has a picture in it that CB will show them if he seems them in sequester...Dr asks CB about a scar he has....CB: Yeah, I got it at the babysitter's. My mom about passed out. I had stitches...Dr: Guys like to have scars. It gives them personality....Alone again, Dr/Di talk about Adria....Di: I hated Adria’s laugh. She walked around and laughed like Satan to herself...Dr: That was kinda scary...Di: Then I’d think, that’s okay, your (Adria’s) *ass is out of her on Thursday...Drew stays in the Cloud Room to nap and Di goes into the Wood Room and naps. (CB is already there napping).K appears to be napping in HOH...It’s a little before 2:00 pm.

Nak is restless and wanders outside to try to nap in the hammock, then back into the House to play solitaire, then brew a pot of coffee...Finally, at about 4:00 pm, Di gets up and sits near the fish tank with Nak...They discuss the afternoon events of the fish...Nak calls the spotted fish “Hugh Hefner” but Di calls him “Josh.”...Karen gets up soon after...The girls putter in the kitchen...Nak (in BB voice) to Di: So Diane, how does it feel to win the veto two times in a row?...Di: It feels great, Bob. I can't win HOH worth sh*t, but I can win Veto...CB is now up and Di kids him that he slept for four hours.

It’s now about 4:30 and Karen is planning steak, potatoes, and a side salad for dinner....Di goes into the Cloud Room to wake up Drew, and they chat and cuddle.... Meanwhile, CB talks about his plans for grilling the steaks....He is going to cook them the way Marvin recommended--searing both sides and then cooking it over indirect heat for about 30 minutes so it won't dry out....K: Are you sure he (M) was talking about steaks?...CB: Yep. He said any type of thick meat...CB goes outside. The two girls look at each other...K: Sorry, I tried...Nak: That's okay. I'll go out and get mine off....A few minutes later, Nak looks out the window and groans...Nak: Oh no! Now he's got his well done steak on there with my rare steak and everybody else’s' medium steak....Drew appears in the kitchen from his nap and says, “Good morning.”...They tell Drew about the steaks.... Nak: I know, he's ruining my steak. He's trying something new on $50 of New York strips!...Nak: I worked in a kitchen and I was giving CB tips, and he just said “Marvin told me to do it this way”...K: Marvin deep fries everything. He probably doesn't even cook steak.


It’s about 5:00 and the steaks have been on the grill for about half an hour...Nak comes back into the kitchen from outside and tells the others that CB says the steaks won’t be done until about 6:30 – an hour and a half more!...Dr: The steaks are going to be like charcoal briquettes...Inside, the girls ask Di about her veto speech tomorrow...Outside, CB continues to repeat to Drew that he took a huge risk in the veto comp...Drew will be safe tomorrow, but CB will still be on the block and he is scared...CB is worried that Nak will be mad at him...A little later, CB talks strategy with Diane while she is in the workout room. (Not much of the conversation was caught, because of the noise of the machines)...At the end, CB repeats, “Me and you to the end.”...Diane just nods and smiles.

About 5:30, CB apologizes to Nak and K for overcooking the steaks. He didn’t think they would get done so fast...K/Nak reassure him that it’s okay....Just before 6:00 pm, the HG’s make preparations for dinner and decide to eat outside...Outside, CB keeps repeating to Dr “I have to trust her (Di). I’m taking a big risk...CB tells Dr about his conversation with Di earlier in the weight room...CB tells Drew that Di was making a pitch for her & CB in the final 2....CB: Di said she would be happy with second place, that that is the best she could do...Dr: She's devious, man...CB continues on the same theme...Dr makes occasional noncommittal “um's” and “uh huh's.”...A little later, CB corners Di in the Storage Room and thanks Di once again for what she is doing with the veto...Di seems annoyed that CB keeps bringing it up, and is afraid that they will get caught in the Storage Room.

At about 7:00 pm, dinner is finally ready...CB apologizes and says he’s never cooked steaks on the grill before...K: It’s the thought that counts...CB tries to kid: Well, these steaks sure have some good gristles on them....No one replies...The HG’s share miscellaneous chit chat about planes. (Karen is scared when she flies, and CB’s trip to LA was only his fourth time on a plane.)...Dr talks about his fraternity... Dr tells how parties have to be registered, and there are some drinking and some non-drinking parties...Dr talks about how political a fraternity is, how you have pull if you know someone high up in rank, running for offices, etc...CB: Sh*t!...Di: People who want to go into politics are encourage to join fraternities...CB: I don't have any good college stories because I’m engaged and I'm just taking a few classes...Di: OU (Ohio University) is almost 90% Greek...Nak: What are frats and sororities for?...K: Socialization....Dr: I didn't know what all I was getting into when I joined a fraternity. but it was always fun....Nak: I couldn't go through that sorority stuff. They'd say, "Drop and give me 50,” and I'd say, "Say hello to this bat, bitch!"...CB tells a story about some pretty sorority girls who used to come into Wal-Mart and give him hugs, and still do sometimes. April wanted to know why there were all these college numbers in CB’s book....The HG’s then share high school stories.

It’s now about 8:00 and CB and Drew plans their evening...Work out, hot tub, shower, drink, with some drinking in the hot tub....The HG’s go inside to get ready...Di tells Dr/CB that they have to go outside with her so K/Nak can’t corner her about her veto speech...Samples of hot tub talk...CB: I think we had a sexy (BB) cast, but we are the sexy five...CB: I think I got a Southern accent. Marvin said I was Midwest, but I think I'm Southern....Karen talks about Larry being Italian...CB: Does he (Larry) still do the beliefs, like Italian beliefs?...K: He’s kind of middle of the road, you'll meet him, and love him.

CB gets called into the DR for a short time at about 8:50...While he’s gone, the other HG’s complain about how badly cooked the steaks were....Nak: I had to choke it down. It was well-seasoned, just way overcooked....K: I knew when you asked for steak sauce you didn't like it....About 9:15, Dr/CB/Di go to the BR...After Di leaves, Dr/CB say that there is a “weird vibe” and figure K/Nak probably know what is going on...They go back outside and the HG’s talk about old TV shows they used to watch as kids....Then Dr/Di start playfully throwing golf balls into the holes, while K/Nak watch from the couch...K/Nak discuss the veto ceremony....Nak says she will try to convince Di not to use the veto, but she also seems resigned....It’s about 10:00 pm.

Nak takes Dr aside for a moment as asks him how he’d vote if the veto is used and K is put up...Dr stumbles on an answer....Dr says he’d obviously like to be taken off the block...Nak says that she doesn’t want to have to break a tie, and that she’d rather have CB go than Drew...Nak will check with Diane later tonight. She just wants to see where everyone stands....The HG’s get ready to go in for the night...Drew sprays the fire pit with water, and everyone calls him “Fireman Drew.”

Nak stops Di on the patio to ask her what she is going to do about the veto...Di says she has to talk to Dr tonight to see how he feels...Di talks about commitments she’s made to others...Di asks Nak to distract CB so she can talk to Drew....Nak says she, K, and CB will go play Fish...Dr/Di first go into HOH, then move to the Cloud Room...Di says Nak told her Dr would stay on the block and the others would vote out CB...Dr agrees that that is what he said to Nak... Dr: Do what you want to do...Di: I know what I want to do....Di is concerned about making Nak mad....Dr/Di go over what Di should tell Nak: "We had the opportunity to keep someone around for our numbers and we took it."....After more conversation, Di decides she is going to tell Nak that she has to take Drew off the block, but is not going to tell Nak how they are voting...CB is just outside in the Wood Room, looking into the Cloud Room, so Dr/Di are whispering... Dr says he (Drew) is a bad liar and can’t believe Nak believed him...Di says she’s going to tell Nak that she (Di) never made a promise with K, and K has been taking a free ride in this game and never winning anything....Di: I've been taking shots on a daily basis I deserve to be here...Outside, in the Wood Room, CB mouths something to Drew through the window, apparently that Nak is just outside in the LR...CB comes in and they tell him about Dr’s conversation with Nak...CB leaves, but pops his head in a little later to talk about a TV show...Dr/Di have now gotten under the covers in the Cloud Room, and are kissing, hugging, and talking...It’s mostly talk about their relationship, with a little strategy talk once in awhile....It’s about 10:45.

Meanwhile, Karen and Nak are at the kitchen table...Nak: Di said to my face that she wouldn’t use it (the veto)...Nak mocks what Di said to her outside...Nak is expecting Di to come to her and say Drew is scared of taking the chance...Nak says that Di agrees that CB should leave...Nak: If she does it (uses the veto), I swear to God, I won't trust either one of them...K: It's natural for him (Dr) to be scared, but he doesn't know what she (Di) is going to do EVER. She’s got the control...Nak reminds K of the promise Di has with Drew about using the veto if Drew’s on the block...K: She made a promise to us...CB walks in.

Di gets up to go to the BR and CB follows her there to report that Nak and K were talking about the veto...K and Nak are outside talking about the original pinky swear...Nak is waiting for Dr and Di to finish talking....K: Dr is in the f*ck you position on top of Di...Long pause from Nak, and then she says.. “Whatever happens happens.”....K/Nak wonder why Di would want to keep CB....K: Why would they want to keep me?...Talk continues along similar lines...Karen is talking very fast, she's mad about how things are turning out...K says she’s mad that that Drew and Di talk baby talk all night. (Sarcastically) “I don't need to sleep, it's fine.”...The conversation continues, covering the same ground....Nak threatens to go inside and drag Di outside to talk...It’s now about 11:00 pm.

While Di is in the shower, Drew and CB go over the four stages of their own “mission impossible.”...It was hard to hear exactly what the four stages were, but the last stage was “the two horsemen!”.

K and Nak are continuing to talk outside...K says she now realizes that Di was playing Marvin, because M wouldn’t lie...K: I wouldn’t mind leaving except I feel like a f*cking idiot. I have enough egg on my face to make 50 omelets...Nak: Maybe she (Di) won’t use it (the veto)...K: Maybe pigs will fly....It’s now about 11:20, and K/Nak go inside....Nak wanders into the Cloud Room, then stares at the fish tank for awhile, then goes to HOH and looks at her pictures...K goes to the BR where Drew is taking a shower, CB is sitting nearby talking to him, and Di is at the sink...K uses the BR then makes small talk for a few minutes, then goes to HOH...CB leaves and then comes back when K is gone...He tells Dr/Di how he just saved Diane...Di: My little protectors....A little later, Di tells CB that they shouldn’t always be seen together...CB: If you leave me alone, who am I going to talk to?

In the HOH room, K and Nak are p*ssed....Nak was trying to talk to Di, but CB made sure he was always there...Nak: They know they won't leave Diane alone so they can't talk to her...K: She has their heads up her ass and she loves that. LOVES THAT....They criticize Diane, saying she was made fun of in high school, and called a skank, but in seriousness...Then they move on to CB, saying he’s a snitch, but he’s everybody's "favorite cowboy.”...K: CB is under everyone’s feet, it's all about his life, his dreams, his families...K: I can’t look at him, he makes me nauseous. But, I am polite to him...K imitates Di in a little girl voice talking about Drew, “He loves me,” and “I fell in love on a reality show.”

At about midnight, Karen and Nak are still talking in the HOH room, Drew is reading his Bible in bed in the Wood Room, CB is just getting into bed in the Wood Room, and Di is clearing her bed in the Cloud Room.


A few minutes later, K climbs into bed with Di in the Cloud Room....Dr/CB are in bed in the Wood Room trying to overhear...Di tells K she wishes she hadn’t won the veto, because she doesn’t want K/Nak to think anything’s going on...Di says “CB's been like....” K interjects "Up your *ss!”...Then K explains why she didn’t use the veto when she won it...Di: It’s a personal thing....Di says that Dr is scared that she and K are going to vote Dr out because CB is the weak one....K: Drew hasn't done anything (wrong?), CB's a snitch. That’s why it doesn’t matter...Di says she keeps wanting to talk to her (Nak?) but CB is always around, like her bodyguard....K: If you want to sneak in there, I'll putter around for a few minutes and follow you in there...Di goes to HOH room.

Di knocks on HOH door and asks if Nak is sleeping...Di: I'm sorry I can't get away from CB...Di: I don’t want you to feel awkward because I don’t get a chance to talk to you...Di: Karen is safe either way...Di: I’m struggling with promises, and I don’t know which one was made first...Di talks about breaking Drew’s trust and how he's very fragile....Di goes over how she felt when Drew put her up.... Di says she's going to ask Drew if he's okay being on the block but she won't risk their relationship...Nak talks about how CB’s cockiness and clinging is making K nervous...Di: Drew and I are together and it looks like CB is hanging out with us...Nak: K trusts you but is worried something is going to happen...Nak tells Di that not using the veto is a measure of Drew’s worthiness for her...Dr should not be so unfair as to hold anything Di does in the game against her in real life...Nak talks about how Donald would never hold against her something she did to him in a volleyball game....After continued discussion on the same theme, Di goes back to the Wood Room...Drew tells Dr/CB that she told Nak/K she is using the veto and they talked Di in circles...Dr: They are phony and looking out for their own *ss...Di tells CB that they’ll talk in the morning, and to trust her...CB: I trust you.

Dr/Di go to bed in the Cloud Room and start their usual strategy/flirting/kissing/cuddling conversation....Di tells Drew about the conversation in the HOH room.

In HOH, K asks Nak, “Do you think Di will vote me out?”...Nak: No...K: And Drew said he wouldn’t vote me out?....Nak: Yes.....It’s now about 12:30 am.

About 1:30 am, CB wanders around the House...He starts playing with the camera men by stopping, backing up, and then walking again...He keeps doing this until the camera tells him “No” by shaking the lens back and forth...CB smiles and walks on....When Dr/Di get up a little later to use the BR, he follows them there and makes small talk....They assure CB he is safe....He follows them back, and gets into bed in the Wood Room when they go back to the Cloud Room....Later, Dr and Di comment on CB not being able to sleep and being so paranoid...Di: It kills me that he (CB) acts so old and he's 24...Dr: He’s 23...Di: He doesn't have to act like that. He’s still young.....Dr/Di are still cuddling, kissing and talking at 2:30 am.