BBB Update September 6, 2004

BB woke the HG up at 9:15.

It takes Diane all of 3 minutes to inform Drew that she knows that if she does not use the VETO that she will be nominated next week and that she was going to tell Nik that she was using it today to take Drew off the block. She then tells Drew that the fing girls want to buy houses, and that she has $40,000 worth of debt and needs the money so she is going to stay and fight for it.

Karen and Nik were talking and Karen said to her that she hopes Diane doesn’t use the VETO and that she can’t believe that she is getting back doored, she then said she should never had slept in the HOH with her and slept in the CR keeping her eyes and ears open. She then disses them and said that they just going to get everyone out of the house that they have promises with, (Duh, Diane has promises with everyone!)

Diane and Drew clean the outside windows.

At about noon we get fish in all 4 cams . When the HG return we figure out that it was the VETO ceremony and that it sounded like Diane used it to take Drew off the block.
Diane and Drew were in the cloud room and Diane said she felt bad about Karen but she had made two promises and had to keep them (to Drew and CB?)Drew thinks he is now the target and tries to calm Diane down. Diane is worried about being attacked all week. Diane makes the comment that she does not even want to see Nik (why Diane feeling guilty?) She tells Drew that she is going to tell Nik and Karen that she is voting out CB to keep the peace in the house. The conversation is broken up by Karen who comes in to start packing, Diane tells her she has two days to pack, Karen replies that she wants to start now.

A bit later, Nik and Karen start really bitter talk about Diane. They are really upset that she is not honoring her promise to them to go to the final 4 with them.

Diane and Drew kiss in front of CB and Drew apologizes. CB replies that it was OK he just doesn’t’ want them to be all lovey dovey when there is only three left because he will feel all alone. They start to talk about next week and agree that the only thing that can go wrong with their plan is that Nik gets POV. CB said that he and Drew will work real hard to prevent that. Drew then winked at CB without Diane seeing it and said you never know what could happen in th BB house. (Was this a sign that Drew planned on bringing CB to the final 2 by letting Nik win POV and then putting Diane out???) Drew then said to CB that Nik is trying to get him out and CB replied that he used to say that he wouldn’t vote her out but not anymore because she is plotting to get him out.

Meanwhile Nik and Karen are still bad mouthing the other three. Nik makes the comment that she hopes it is a tie so she can break it by saying that CB your outta here cuz our blood is thinner then alcohol and I don’t like your game. Karen did make the comment that they should have kept Adria 9told ya so) that Adria wanted to break up the couple.

Later Dane tells Drew that she is having second thoughts about CB being HOH next week,. She does not think that they should throw it to him.

Lots of card playing, napping and not anything exciting happenings in the BB houseon this Labor Day.

Whenever given the chance one group bashes the other. Nik and Karen hate CB and point out his annoying habits like mouth breathing. They complain about High School behavior of the other group and how they ruined all their plans. Long faces and complaints heard from both groups throughout the day.

When Diane and Drew are in bed for the night they start to whisper about the house. Diane wants Drew to promise her that HOH next week (changing the plan). They talk about Holly and Jase and wonder where Jase really lives and if they are dating. Drew said that he really wants to meet Holly to se if she is the same outside the house as she was in the house. Before settling down CB joins them in bed and they joking around When CB goes back into the WR he moons them and then starts putting a condom on a banana causing everyone to laugh. Drew gets up to get something to eat, and Karen jumps in bed with Diane and said so have you thought about who you want in the final three? Drew comes back and he and Diane start kissing etc. Karen is listening and finally settles down to sleep for the night. Karen falls asleep first, then Drew. Diane is having a restless night and seems to not be able to sleep.