HG’s got their morning wake up call around 10:00. Prior to that, while they were sleeping, you could hear lots of banging around inside the walls. K cornered Di in the bathroom, and CB came to her rescue. Almost nothing went on this morning, the HG’s sat around outside at the table talking about trivia, movies and DVD’s, then when they went in they were all going to nap! (yes they just woke up). Except Nak, who was mumbling something about being p*ss’d off and saying to herself “what should I do?” Nak took a shower while everyone else is lying down.


Nak was on the treadmill and K came in to her and said she (K) isn't safe; she will be on the block sweating bullets. Nak says that she is so f’in piss’d off. K said she heard Dr and Di talk last night and that they talked about CB getting HOH next week saying that Nak has had HOH 3 times; Dr only had it a day and a half. K says that the two of them make her sick, more-so than the twins. She says they act like they own the f’in place. K says she will approach Dr Wednesday and tell him he has never lied to her and ask him if she is safe. Nak leaves, goes outside by herself, she sits at the table outside, rubs her eyes and says f*ck!

After CB’s nap, he tracked Dr down, and said to him “it’s not YOU I am worried about changing your mind”, Dr said “I think she is set.” K came inside the kitchen to fix a salad for herself and on her way back outside with it, she left the door open a crack hoping to over hear Dr and CB talk. CB noticed it, and went to the door pretending to see how hot it was outside, then shut the door – all the way – when he went back in. He said to Dr “notice what K did?” Dr says he thinks he wants to talk to K, that he won't approach her, but if she approaches him, he wants to be honest with her.

Nak just woke from her nap and went outside to where K is. K said she is mad because CB got up and went in to talk to Dr, interrupting her plans to talk to Dr. Nak wants to ask Di if she is going on the block next week, and K tells her not to ask, because it will piss Di off and then she'll keep CB and K will be gone this week. Nak said she wants to shoot herself. K says she is disgusted. She was saying that she can’t sleep and wants to throw up every second of the day. She says she knew back when S & J were in the house that Di could not be trusted. Dr has come outside now to join them, they changed the topic quickly to talk about Larry, then Nak got up to go make herself some lunch.

K and Dr are talking now, and K says that his word to her has been golden. She says that she doesn't want to talk to Di because she doesn't want her to think she's questioning her. "Right", Dr says. K says she (Di) is quiet like a little mouse. She says that she and Dr are in the same boat. Dr says he needs to win next week or he might go. He starts talking about Season 3 and K says she saw it, where there was one guy left with 3 girls (Jason) and he got evicted. K says after the live shows she can't get her head together enough for the competitions. Dr asks her, if she was still there next week who she thinks should leave next. K responded by saying she would have to consider who couldn't be trusted, who is good at competitions, and who doesn't have any enemies. She said that CB is a big threat because he does the poor me thing and America has already chose him for things. She also talks about the jury votes she thinks he already has.

Dr and Di talk about K's fake persona and how her calf muscles are too well developed for her to be a painter, that she must be some sort of hardcore athlete. Di says "you aren't born with calf muscles", CB says "she's built", and he thinks she has money. Dr says she sticks to the same simple stories about Larry, art, taco bell…CB says towards Di “I think I've showed you more trust than they have". CB said it was hard for him to throw the veto competition, he hasn’t thrown any competitions.

K and Nak back outside. K telling Nak what she should say when she attacks Di. She says AGAIN how her family will see her go on the block on Thursday and how Larry will be in a panic. Nak is getting more worked up by the minute.

Dr, Di and CB in the kitchen and they all still think that Holly had a twin. Di said it was smart to take Holly out, before her twin came in. CB talking about movies and says he was called for “Hot Chicks” and “Titanic”, he said he was turned down because he was too young. He said he was mad because he was looking forward to that art scene where the character drew Kate Winslet nude. Then CB says his sitcom with Dr will be “Dude Ranch.”


Dr and CB outside and CB says that Di won't put Nak up or vote her out because they've had an alliance from the beginning. Dr says “Yea, Di would put up you and me”. CB tells Dr that they (Di and Dr) should throw HOH so he can win it and “do his part”, he says he deserves it. He says he hasn’t gotten any pictures or letters. CB tells Dr that Di was talking to him about them (Dr & Di) and that Di says if they make it in here, they should be able to make it on the outside. Dr says the same thing, but then goes on to talk about Di’s behavior with other guys in the house and her kissing the likes of Scott and Marv.

Dr says they just have to be sure that Nak doesn't get to Di's head next, “we gotta keep girl power from taking over”, CB says “well, you & I still have to win the veto.” Dr: “the scary thing for me is if you win HOH and put me and Di up, Nak will put me out.” (In an earlier conversation between Di and Dr, Di said it was not a good idea to let CB win HOH, this may be Dr’s way of saying so to CB).

CB and Dr playing chess in the LR. Then Di came in and they were talking about something being burned on last season of BB. K came out of the DR and they ask her how the DR was, she said it was fun. CB wants to do a bonfire in the middle of the floor using the chairs. Dr says he wants his camera back that was taken by BB, Di and Dr say they have both asked for it in DR.

5:00 Lockdown

HG’s head outside for lockdown. Dr tells K that she looks very pretty and she says “thank you”. Nak says she was in DR for 80 minutes today, and the others say they were in for long time also. K is telling everyone about the clothing luxury competition last year. K is saying that is the only reason she applied for the show, she wants to get the clothes. She was explaining how everyone had to take a piece of old clothing and burn it, and then they came inside and found the room full of clothes for the comp. Di says she doesn't think she wants anything of hers burned, K says “you can burn everything I own, all my $4 dresses”. After talking they are convinced there will be a clothing luxury comp and are deciding what they would want burned, K says “throw my whole suitcase in.”

HG’s back inside now. Dr got his HOH laundry delivered in a basket. He took out a few of the neatly folded items and said "sweet!” He picked up something blue that was folded really small and sniffed it for at least 5 seconds. Now he is putting all his laundry in his dresser drawers. "Oh, this stuff is clean. This is great.”

Dr and CB talking about them being the final two. Dr makes it very clear to CB that it will be him and CB, that Di is not getting into his head. Right after this conversation, Di asked Dr if he was going to screw her over with CB, to which Dr says “no”, and then Di asks "Do you swear?" and Drew looks right at her and says “yeah.” Then after this exchange, CB comes back and asks Dr “what did she say?” Dr says “nothing.”

K made dinner that she called ‘Oops’, it was just two pots of cooked food that she threw together, I don’t know the ingredients, but Nak commented on it being cheesy. Everyone really liked it. They all ate, but K. K says “well, this will be the last time you ever have Oops in this house.” Di commented that there was enough left for rest of this week. CB says “I'm excited about eating the rest of it, I'm serious, I like it.” K says “this is the kind of recipe you have to have in your head. You can't tell anybody.”

While they are still in the kitchen eating, CB says “who would want to watch this?” K says “the internet people.” They joke about the boredom. Nak wants to get drunk and stare at the wall. CB feels that there are a bunch of places they can use to play Hide and Seek.

Hide and Seek
Drew and CB discovering their inner child Drew hid under the bathroom sink then CB found him. Dr is now in the backyard counting to 50, standing with his back facing the doors so he can't see in the windows. CB goes inside to hide, Dr checks everywhere, except behind the green nomination chairs, finally Dr knows he's there. Dr gets a pillow off his bed and throws the pillow across the LR to land on CB hiding on the floor. Then Dr hides from CB and he could not be found, CB was stumped for a while until he checked one of the kitchen cabinets. Dr cut himself while hiding, K acts as mom and helps Dr clean his cut hand in the kitchen sink. Dr said, "I do whatever it takes to hide!"
Both Dr and CB are trying to get Di to play. She said she will so CB and Drew plot to hide in the Diary Room where she'll never think to look.

Now Di joins in, she finds the boys fast inside. The boys hide, Di came right in house and could see CB under table, called him a f’in idiot, then went right to Dr's hiding spot, the boys get mad that she found them so fast. Dr busts Di cheating, he went outside and told her to start counting over because he doesn't trust her or the girls, he figures they are telling her where they are hiding (which is true!). They finally decided that Di was cheating too much so it was her turn to hide. She was just hiding under the pillows in the HOH when we got FISH! Because the boys were leaning against the outside gate and one of them opened the gate, they opened it about a foot. HG’s were put on lockdown to secure this gate that is apparently the panic door.


Dr was reading the bible with Di and in comes CB. CB says the Methodist church is good, “it's kind of like an offshoot of the Catholic church.” CB was surprised and said he didn't know that Catholic priests weren't allowed to marry.

Di & Dr in bed, she asks if there is a future for them outside the house. Dr thinks so. They are discussing cell phone plans and talking to each other after the show. Di says she will be so nervous the first time they have sex, she says she'll be so nervous she'll be shaking like a child, she said she has never done “it” with someone she really cares about and because of that she'll probably feel like a virgin again.

When Di went to the bathroom, Dr & CB switched places and when Di climbed back into bed there was the predictable freak out, everyone laughed and got a charge out of it.

All HG’s asleep just before 1:00.