It was a very quiet day, even for a Wednesday. There was some strategy talk between Karen and Nakomis in the morning, and again in late evening, as well as a bit of strategy talk between Drew and Diane. But, the five HG’s spent a good part of the day together, casually chit chatting.


BB wakes up the HG’s just before 9:30 am BB time.

Soon after wakeup, Karen joins Nakomis outside, saying “How is the girl that no one talks to anymore?” ...Nak isn’t really awake yet, and is drinking her morning coffee...Nak contributes mostly nods and a few “uh huhs” to the following “conversation.”

Among other complaints about Di/Dr/CB, Karen feels that she is not appreciated by the other HG’s even though she has “cooked a 100 meals, washed a million dishes, and vacuumed a million square feet of carpet”...K worries that being on the show has hurt her career...K talks a little about strategy if she stays next week, but also about what will happen with Nak if K goes...K tells Nak she won’t mind if Nak badmouths K after she is gone....If the other HG’s have criticisms after she is gone, K tells Nak to blame everything on K. K will understand it is a strategy...A little later, K talks about CB winning America’s choice, and says it would be nice if someone took care of her “b*stard child” like CB takes care of Chason (April’s son). (Ed note: There is some disagreement about K’s exact words, but the description above is the gist of her remark, including the phrase “b*stard child.”)

Inside, Di/Dr/CB are finishing their breakfast and talking strategy....K and Nak come in from outside and join them, and Di quickly changes the subject to being scared last night because she thought there was spider in her bed (it turned out to be the Band-Aid on Drew’s finger)...The HG’s share friendly chit chat...K asks what date it is, and suggests that the HG’s do something to remember 9/11, and then BB can show it on Sat’s show (since Sat is Sept 11)...General talk about 9/11 – K was just across the river in NJ at the time, and could see the smoke....BB calls an outside lockdown about 11:00 am...All five HG’s settle down to a game of Euchre.

As of noon, the HG’s are still outside playing Euchre, and with little or no conversation beyond friendly card talk....BB has started to call each of the HG’s into the DR to tape comments and good-bye messages.


A little after noon, the outside lockdown is over and the HG’s go inside to eat lunch...Drew remarks that they have three pounds of turkey in the refrigerator that has a sell by date of 9/6....We get brief news of Mindy (one of the primary DR staff) when CB asks the DR for the ingredients to make “frito chili pie” and apparently Mindy replied, “You’re so Southern.”...Drew tells CB that Mindy came into the DR with Drew and she and Drew “had it off” but CB is apparently so busy thinking about frito chili pie that he doesn't really react and just chuckles.

Right after lunch, CB says he “feels a nap coming on.” (Note: It’s about 12:30 at this point, so CB has now been awake just about three hours.)...About an hour later, we find CB and Di chatting in the Wood Room...At one point BB tells Di to stop singing. Di yells out to BB, “I ain’t f*ckin’ singing. Shut up!” then says to CB “I feel like a d*mn kid in this place. I swear my parents didn't yell at me as much as I get yelled at in here.”...Di and CB both talk about they had to be the parents to their parents sometimes...CB wishes he could go back and really be a kid.

Meanwhile, Karen and Nak are whispering in the BR...K repeats to Nak that Nak can feel free to say whatever she wants about K if K is gone on Thursday. "Tell them I threw the competitions, tell them whatever you need to if I leave the house”...A few minutes later, K and Nak are lying on the bed in the Cloud Room (and Di and CB in the Wood Room) when BB messes with their heads by announcing, “Jase, please come to the Diary Room.”...After the initial shock, the HG’s all laugh...K is called to the DR, and is out about 10 minutes later...K kids with CB that she had to tape a good-bye message to herself....CB laughs and says he had to do the same thing.

Sometime after 3:00, BB calls an outside lockdown...Drew suns himself near the hot tub...K/Nak/CB sit at the table, while Di yells that she has seen another spider...Drew and Di share a little strategy talk, and Drew says something to Di that “taking this risk might be worth it.” (The loud planes overhead make it very hard to hear.)

To amuse themselves, Drew and Di pretend they are on a cruise ship and describe what their whole day would be like – what they would eat, what they would do, entertainment, etc....Drew goes on to describe his trip to Acapulco as a student...Drew says all the students “get hooked up” and he would love to go again. (Ed note: Play your cards wrong Drew, and you might have a trip to Puerto Vallarta (the sequester house) in your future. <g>)....Drew describes his day in Acapulco...Dr: You wake up at 12:00 then eat by the pool. You lay out all day because you are beat from the night before, and there are contests at the pool. Then you get ready to go out at 7:00 and you stay out until 4 am.

Nak goes into the House to use the treadmill....BB is still having fun messing with the HG’s today...At one point, BB says to CB, “Michael, stop that.”...CB: What did I do? I scratched my *ss.. I can't scratch my *ss?

Di had been drinking a beer earlier, and around 4:00 pm, she goes inside and comes back out saying, “Everyone’s drinking beer. I started a trend”...The HG’s talk about where they stash their beer...Di is getting kind of punchy and says “I don't steal anybody's beers. Unless you are one of the twins, I don't steal your beers.”...Then Di goes on to say, "Yes, Adria, I stole your beer. Ha ha ha.”...Di whispers to Dr that CB is driving her f*ckin’ crazy at this point...Dr tells Di that that’s to be expected because there are only a few days left in the game....Di (still being silly) talks about how she and her sister talk to each other with their mouths closed...Di/Dr/CB start talking to each other across the yard with their mouths closed...Karen and Nak just watch and don’t join in.

The HG’s talk about music and ask BB to play some Lynard Skynard music for them...A few minutes later the feeds go to FISH and when we come back, the HG’s are thanking BB. (Apparently BB played the Coldplay song “Yellow”)...Nak to BB: “Since you have the album, if you play the whole thing, we promise to stage a fight later.”...It’s now about 5:00 pm.


The HG’s continue to sit in the backyard making small talk...They reminisce about their first week in the House...They say that they liked the Don (Mike), but that it was creepy when he would sit and stare at one place for a long time.

At about 6:15, we find CB and Di in the kitchen talking about K leaving and the future of the game.. Diane still feels bad about voting K out, but says she needs to play for herself...She wants herself, Drew, and CB in the final three...Di says that tomorrow it will be all over with. She will be over one hurdle, and has one more to go. (Nakomis)

About 7:30 Di says that she wants to get f*cked up tonight....Di says she is having one of those days that she just wants to be alone, to get in her car and just drive...She pretends to run from the camera, saying she can't get away...All the HG's are now in the kitchen.

Dr and Di start play wrestling on the floor and kiss in front of the other HG’s...Di says that Dr must be really drunk because he is showing “PDA.” (physical display of affection.)...Di tells K to come over and watch Dr kiss her...Nak comes over to drag “drunk Diane” off of Drew...Nak tries to get Karen to drink....K kiddingly shouts, “Peer pressure! She’s pressuring me!...K takes a few sips of her drink (Merlot and orange juice?) then claims she’s dizzy from the alcohol (she also had a small amount of alcohol during the afternoon in the BY)..It’s now just about 8:00 pm.

The HG’s go outside to sit around the fire pit and continue to casually chat...Around 8:30 Nak and Karen have a competition to see how many times they can bench press the weight bar (without any weights)..Nak does 30...K does 50, so beats Nak...CB does 80...Drew does 125....The HG’s talk Di into trying, but she doesn’t try very hard and lifts 11...Nak vows to beat Drew’s 125 lifts.

After that, the HG’s go inside, and in the bathroom, Dr pulls Di onto his lap and says, “Give me a kiss.”...Di replies “I may say I want to be alone, but I really want it to be me and you.”...Dr: I know...CB comes in while this scene is going on and says, “Y’all are so cute together.”

All the HG’s then decide to go out to the hot tub around 8:45 pm...While in the hot tub, CB says hi to April, Chason, and then to Nak’s family.

Dr/Di/CB go back inside, while K/Nak stay outside to talk....Drew and Diane find a some time alone to kiss and talk...Drew tells Di, “I called you from the first day in the house.”...They talk about how they each used to talk to K about how they felt about each other...Diane says that she is poor and will have to wait about 10 years for her family to afford her wedding...Dr says it would have to be sooner than that, maybe two years.

Meanwhile, outside, K and Nak don’t have a lot of good things to say about their fellow HG’s...Among other comments, Nak says that it’s America’s fault if good people like she and K don’t win BB. America doesn’t see how it really is....Among her comments about CB, Nak says that CB mooches off April and April mooches off CB...Nak says she hasn’t lied in the game...Nak thinks that CB is going to be really surprised tomorrow when there is a tie and Nak votes CB out...K/Nak say that Diane should prove herself to the girls by voting out CB, and then go on to talk about voting Di out next and keeping Drew...K/Nak eventually go inside and continue talking....In the BR, Nak remarks to K that the only thing she is getting out of the game is a “f*cking retarded half brother.”

Meanwhile, Drew and CB are in the in the Wood Room talking about the bible. Di comes in and hops into bed next to Drew...The three of them talk for awhile, then CB asks Drew if he is still naked. Drew says, “Yes, but Di doesn’t know.”...Di first laughs, then checks, and finds that Drew is actually naked under the covers...She continues to lie next to Drew and then leaves to go take a shower, and CB follows Di into the BR.

A little later, K catches Dr alone in bed and says to him “I’m assuming nothing has changed. Please tell me I’m safe tomorrow.”...Then, “If I win HOH, you’re the first one I want to talk to because things move so fast on Thursdays.” (Note: Her last sentence wasn’t completely clear and she could also have said to Drew, “If you win HOH, I want to talk to you first...”)...Karen then does some packing....CB gives K some advice on what she should wear on the live show.

About 11:00 pm Drew decides to take a shower, and CB follows him into the BR...Di is also in the BR and she says to Dr that she doesn’t want to leave the BR because she doesn’t want to talk to Karen...Di asks Dr if it’s okay if she sits and watches Drew shower...Drew replies, “Yeah it's cool. Now CB, it's kinda strange, but Diane it's cool.”

A little before midnight, Di and Karen talk about Holly...Di says she tried to explain to Holly the ten different ways Di didn’t like her, but Holly wouldn’t listen.. Karen: I know! And sometimes, she would get real pushy....Di/K talk about there being two Hollys...Di: One of them was nice and the other wasn't...K: Did you ever get this? <waves a finger back and forth in Diane's face>....Di: Yes! I got the finger!...K: I got the finger too!...Di: Good thing we got rid of her before Molly and Dolly came in. B*tches. <laughing>

Midnight is lights out, and, for once, all the HG’s go to bed.