BB Recap September 9, 2004

The HG were given their wake up call at 11:15 this morning on EVICTION DAY!

Before getting out of bed Drew and Diane chat. Diane tells Drew that she might be able to win the money if she was up against CB. Drew takes it in and replies that he didn’t’ think he could win if he was up against her. They agree that they have to try for HOH tonight and they discuss jury votes.

Karen finishes packing but as she places her suitcase in the storage room she puts something else in it from the storage room. (Watch EBAY to see what it is!)

Drew and Diane read the Bible together and Drew explains how the verses n the Bible relate to everyday life. CB pokes his head in and asks Diane if she is scared… Diane said she just did not want Karen to be rude when she leaves. She didn’t want any DRAMA! (Oh poor poor Diane everyone attacks her).

Nik and Karen were talking and Diane overheard what was said. She reports back to Drew that she hated Nik’s sarcasm.

Well we get fish view for a bit, the HG nap and they discuss Fish porn that’s the excitement for the afternoon!

We get some footage of the HG sitting around the living room, playing the state capital game (Of course Drew knows them all), they discuss the firs tonight in the house and the food they ate, Karen makes chicken and rice for dinner.

At 2:55 we see the HG for the last time until the live show.

Brief Recap of the Live show: We get Nik winning HOH again and Diane winning VETO and taking Drew off the block and Nik having to put Karen up. We get conversations between Drew, Diane and CB talking about voting out Karen, Diane telling Nik and Karen that it should be unanimous or at worst a tie. We see Adria entering the sequester house whenre Will is still showing anger. Later that night we see Marvin enter the house, he added some life and made people laugh. Personally I loved the line that Adria or Nat said when Marvin asked them to get him a beer… she replied we don’t work here!
We see both Diane and Drew vote Karen out. When she gets up she is a bit bitter and said to Diane thanks for back dooring me, she does not hug Diane or Drew on the way out the door she said even Marvin was not back doored! She chats with Julie and said she knew she was leaving, she cried some and talked about trust and how she wanted to be att he end with someone she trusted. We see Nik react not with anger but trying to comfort Diane (probably killing her) saying she understands that it is a game and she made a good move.

We move on to HOH competition. It is 8 questions where the 3 competitors have to say if something that happened in the house came before or after another incident. Drew scores a perfect 8 and wins HOH.

After we see Diane having a meltdown because everyone that leaves the house hates her. She tried to tell Nik that she had no pinky swear with Karen, and Nik agreed. She kept trying to validate why she voted out Karen, Diane then waits to get into the diary room to vent she wants to tell them how people should leave the game.

Julie did tell us that on Tuesdays show we will see a live VETO ceremony and eviction.

Diane told CB that she tried to throw the HOH Competition his way, CB said thanks but Drew’s ego got in the way!

Diane asks Drew if he is putting her on the block, He replied isn’t that the plan, to put you and Nil on the block and himself or CB will win VETO.

Diane leaves and CB comes over. Drew said to him that this week he was going to hang with Diane a lot because he didn’t want Diane to hook up with Nik and he didn’t want Diane to freak out.

After Drew gets his HOH room which nobody seemed too excited for. The houseguests get a long lock down at 8 pm. Once the lockdown is over they discover the smaller dining room table and that they have alcohol beverages. They got a bottle of red and a bottle of white wine and two beers a piece. They settle around the fire pit and just chatter about not anything important. They talk about Nat and Adria and how hard they played the game. Once CB gets up to use the WC Nik tells Drew that CB is America’s favorite and that he has not pissed off anyone and that nobody would win against him in the final 2.

Nik heads to bed, Then CB to the shower, Diane and Drew share some Mac and Cheese then head to the HOH for bed. They listen to Drew’s CD and have some general chatter between kisses about BB production crew members, thee questions the jury gets to ask and why they have to get up so early. They snuggle under the covers for the nightly make out session.

All is quiet on the western front by 2:30 am. The Hg need a good night sleep so that tomorrow they can get up and sit around, eat, nap and maybe a couple people will go up on the block , then they will sit some more, eat some more and maybe drink some! Could be exciting!