HG's: What They Said, What They Meant

If you're interested in probing the depths of someone's personality and don't have time for expensive psychological analysis, the next best thing is a questionnaire that expertly tests the wit and wisdom of the subject. This year's Houseguests may not have been surprised when they found out they had to complete a questionnaire, but at least a few must have broken into a sweat when that they saw the first question was designed to test their intellect - namely, would they know what "motto" meant and be able to provide a reasonable answer. To the question, "What is your motto?"...

Adria answered, "Being fit is twice the fun!"
To her, it meant, "I'm in shape and I know how to party!"
To us, it meant, "I have no respect for fat people."

Diane answered, "Treat people as they treat you."
To her, it meant, "Do unto...do unto...I can't remember how that goes"
To us, it meant, "I'll only bed the guys who want to bed me back."

Drew answered, "Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive."
To him, it meant, "If JFK were a houseguest, like if he was alive, I mean, not if he was still dead...what would he say if he were in my shoes?"
To us, it meant, "I don't know what a 'motto' is, but one time, I was watching a JFK documentary while I was smokin' some herb..."

Holly answered, "Live like a cat: be sexy, sneaky & have nine lives."
To her, it meant, "I honor my feline friends by trying to live like them."
To us, it meant, "I don't just love cats. I *love* cats."

Jase answered, "F them if they can't take a joke."
To him, it meant, "It's funny when I mess with people, even if they don't think it is."
To us, it meant, "I don't know how to spell the F-word."

Jennifer answered, "I'll sleep when I'm dead. Coffee is God. I'm happy with myself no matter whose skin I'm in."
To her, it meant, "Woo-hoo! Par-tay!"
To us, it meant, "My dream is to sew a suit out of the skins of hitchhikers, and then wear it on a reality tv show. That's tiring work, though, so it takes a lot of coffee to stay awake."

Karen answered, "Don't piss in my ear and tell me it's raining!"
To her, it meant, "I'm not falling for no banana in the tailpipe!"
To us, it meant, "What? Excuse me? Sorry, I can't hear you, it's raining in my ear."

Lori answered, "Just smile."
To her, it meant, "I maintain a positive attitude when faced with adversity."
To us, it meant, "People say I have nice teeth."

Marvin answered, "Live a life with no regrets."
To him, it meant, "Indecisiveness is not a problem for me."
To us, it meant, "No point wishing I'd made it onto Amazing Race now, seeing as how I've made it this far."

Michael answered, "If you want something so bad that you can taste it, don't let nothing get in the way of your dreams."
To him, it meant, "I'll sleep fine even when we're restricted to PB & J."
To us, it meant, "Just because I'm engaged don't mean that'll stop me from havin' a ride if there's any nice fillies in here."

Mike answered, "It's not how you play the game, it's whether you win or lose."
To him, it meant, "See what I did there? I flipped the usual saying around. On account of I'm so competitive. Clever, huh?"
To us, it meant, "If you beat me at mini-golf, my entire self-image will crumble."

Scott answered, "No pain, no fame."
To him, it meant, "I don't care if it hurts sometimes, because I'm only here to get famous."
To us, it meant, "I've never watched Big Brother before."

Will answered, "Revenge is a dish best served cold. Quentin Tarantino in Kill Bill."
To him, it meant, "Everybody was Kung-fu figh-ting! Those kids were fast as light-ning! Hey, didja know Quentin wrote that?"
To us, it meant, "Kill Bill was an awesome movie, because it rhymed with my name twice!"