April wakes up and smokes immediately. Don’t blame her, I would too. Rachel wakes up and complains that people were loud last night. With James there also, Ashlea walks in and is ignored. James picks a bit on Sarah (many other HGs just walked in) and Sarah tells James he’s mean this morning.

Ivette tells Eric that if she ever won the lottery she would buy a huge house so her whole family could live there. She says she is a very giving person. (I distrust people who say that, don’t you?)

They begin to discuss Springer. James thinks a lot of it is faked, Eric butts in and informs them it is not faked because there’s a trailer trash nation out there, “Just ask Texas”. (oh now THAT will win him fans down south, oh yes.)

James not happy with this and says to Eric “Who have you not disrespected here?” Eric says they can’t sue him for it, because he’s equal opportunity.

Talk turns to shooting guns. Eric, April, James and Rachel admit to knowing how to shoot. James says his Dad was a marksman in the Navy and taught him to shoot. April’s husband has his concealed carry permit.

James spins a tale about how he was passed out drunk with a girl at home, nothing happening. His ex girlfriend shows up, and he had to call police. He goes on to say his break up was his fault, tho she hit him several times. Then he says another ex showed up for booty calls and that of course was fine.

Many HGs outside exercising, walking circles. April of course stops and has a sig. (What will she do when she runs out?) Rachel sits with her, and April tells her about Michael and how he’s going to win HoH and kick all their butts out. April is imitating Michael’s laugh, Rachel says that’s just his sense of humor. (Rachel not into the gossiping, it seems.)

April and Jen, now lying down. They agree they don’t trust Maggie, something is fishy. But they like her. April says “Do you know what happens, no matter who gets HOH. You do not put Mike up, the six finger thing." Then they’re talking about the jury house and wanting to be there with people they get along with.

April asks about Jenny’s family, so they don’t appear to be related. They think they have everyone convinced they are not paired. April talks about how they are very careful not to talk about anything they have in common. She thinks they are doing everything right.

Sarah and James in the bathroom have a big kiss. Then there’s a lockdown outside.

Outside, Howie says like BB “Beau, please start being heterosexual.” Someone else chimes in with “Howie, please stop sniffing the toothpaste.” LOL! Howie says “Janie, please put out for howie.” “Please stripe tease for howie. “Jenn, please stick a boob out for howie.

April talking to Eric in the BY: Says this is so gross what I’m about to tell you. April: But since you are married I'll tell you.OMG there is this one piece of equipment in the gym that gives me the BIG "O". It's the ones to where you hang ~ you hang like this, you hang your arms (April showing Eric) and you do these (with her legs) . .OMG . . .if you ever see me in a gym going back and forth on 'em, you know why

Eric asks does it stimulate your bean or what? She says it really does. He asks does she have an orgasm in the gym? Yep, she does. She goes on to say they have no equipment in the house that will do it for her, thank God says he. LMAO

A discussion of killers follows. Jon Binet Ramsey and so on.

James says to Beau, if she gets more than one vote, someone gets hung. Then he sucks up to Eric . . . saying that if Eric was evicted, Ivette and James would drop weights on their heads. Beau agrees that “I would die.”

Eric says to Beau that Kaysar is like a little kid with no life experience. And not to trust him.

Meanwhile, James and Kaysar powwow in the bathroom about Janelle. James says she wants to get rid of all the guys, I have to put her up. Kaysar says she came to him with good information. James says if Janelle wins HoH she’d put up Eric, so many of the strong people would go. Kaysar says if he gets HOH he’s gonna put up Ivette and Beau, no matter what. James reminds him of POV. . . if he’s smart he puts up Beau against someone else. (Starts the six finger strategy plan)

Kaysar informs him that Eric is trying to pit him and Michael against each other. Eric says he doesn’t trust James at all.

Kaysar tells James that eric accuses James and Janelle of being in the same modeling agency. . . maybe partners. He says Eric downplayed the Ivette/Beau alliance. James gets paranoid and says let’s talk later.

Howie says we need more promiscuous women here. He’ll always hook up if he can. He’ll hook up with Jenny, Janelle or Sarah. James adds as soon as they bring in some hot girls he’ll think about it.

Howie tells Kaysar he only dates white women, not Ay-rabs. Kaysar says now you’re making stuff up. Howie admits he’s part Jewish here.

Rachel and Maggie are in the kitchen whispering. They go to the memory wall and Maggie starts pulling out the keys to show Rachel who she’s talking about. She’s not worried about Kaysar or B, E, S, R, one of us, Not worried about J (James?) Keep I, and April, not worried about J. (Does she not like anyone?)

Maggie says there are people she likes around, and people she’s nice to. Rachel admits there are some she doesn’t like. Maggie says that people are gunning for her. Rach says that’s a problem.

Meanwhile, Kaysar, Jenn and Janelle admit they’re already bored and sick of living in the house. Jenn calms herself with the thought that some folks will be leaving. Janelle tells Kaysar that Jen doesn’t like Ivette. Kaysar smiles and says he’ll use that to his advantage.

Joking around, Kaysar and Jen explain to Janelle why Jenn was crying last night: “She’s crying over me,” Kaysar says. Jen goes along with it and says Kaysar just wouldn’t give it up. It’s just not meant to be.

Kaysar goes off on Saddam Hussein and the war. Talks about how Saddam walked into a parliament meeting and killed even his close friends. Mentions a massacre being shown on TV in Iraq. Rachel wonders why it took us so long to act. Kaysar informs her that the weapons the US were going after, they provided. But what’s happening now should have been taken care of during the Gulf War.

He goes on to say that due to nuclear waste being dumped there, a lot of the kids are born with holes in their sides. Rachel agrees, says Saddam was just cruel to women. Kaysar says his uncle was killed at 24 by Saddam. He thinks he was talking back. People were afraid to walk outside their houses.

Kaysar talks about the insurgents. He believes they’ve convinced themselves by killing the American soldiers, it’s amusing to them.

Talk moves to 9-11. Kaysar says he’s in a unique position to feel both sides. That’s part of why he wants to be here, because there is a middle ground. Rachel asks did he know right away 9-11 was terrorism? Kaysar thought “Please don’t let it be terrorism.”

Rachel tells him her mom was at the airport that day, 15 minutes from boarding a flight. Kaysar says that as an Iraqi, everywhere you went, if you looked brown, they wanted to hang you. He goes on to say that most Muslims disagree with what happened that day. But they add their 2 cents on the end, “Now you know how we feel every day.”

Kaysar does not agree with the US plan to look for WMD, and changing their plans later. He says that after the Gulf War, the Iraqi people took over parts of the country, and if the former president would have helped, the Iraqi people could have set their own independence.

Sarah and James start whispering. James says it would be 9-2 and noone will ever know where the other vote came from. James says even more so, Kaysar says he wants to put up I and B. Sarah dismisses this, saying Kaysar isn’t part of our thing. She wonders where Beau stands. James says he’s their friend. She doesn’t trust this. James is waiting for HOH contest, she says first ones are always two weeks. She wants Michael gone. James doesn’t want him touching her. She gives him dirty looks, but she doesn’t want to piss him off so he wants her out of there. Howie is doing the same, she says. She doesn’t like it. People are going to freak when they realize they should be together. She doesn’t know if they’ll think it’s great, or get pissed.

Sarah really likes Ivette. James says “You’ll last longer than I do.” She says that if anyone wants to get rid of him, she’ll target them and vice versa. “I love you.” He says he loves her too.

James now tells Ivette, Eric, and Jennifer that Kaysar wants Ivette and Beau out. Eric tells him to keep his emotion out of it. Eric says it’s that whole Janelle thing. Ivette says they told Michael too much, and eric thinks that Michael is slitting his own throat. Ivette believes they have to really try for HOH. She adds that Michael isn’t in their group.

Eric, thinking, says if they want to put up Kaysar and Michael, it’s fine by him. Ivette finishes by saying that Janelle is egging them on to get her out. She’s ready to get rid of Kaysar.
ready to get rid of Kaysar.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Eric, Howie and James are saying that even though Janelle’s not a threat, she has to go. Sarah and April, under the covers in the LR, share their dislike of Mike, and concern over how they’ll be portrayed by BB. BB then chastises them for ‘sleeping in the living room.’

A bunch of screaming breaks out in the living room. It appears Howie, sitting next to Sarah, has a visible erection, general hilarity over this.

Ivette, Maggie and April in the bedroom. Ivette thinks the only reason they want to pick her off is because she can’t stand Janelle, and she never should have told Mike their conversation. Then the subject goes to Amy BB3 and how often she was up. Then they discuss Ashlea’s illness and how she should go to BB for cough drops. Ash herself didn’t get any sleep because of coughing. Then Ivette puts forth that they have to kill themselves to get HoH.

Meanwhile, Beau and Howie are in the backyard. Beau farts, and Howie says they’re worse than Sarah’s. (LOL!) Howie asks Sarah did she fart, and she responds girls only toot.

They discuss who they want to keep around until final 4. Howie says he’ll keep the girl who services him. He figures on has to, it’s the law of ‘large numbers.’

Howie interjects, “It would be a shame to you, me, and all of america if we were the big brother hook up.” Beau retorts “I wouldn’t hook up with you.” Howie: “You wouldn’t? Hey you never know, you get some liquor in you, you’re all dressed up and dancing. This house makes you crazy, and you make your move on me.” Beau admits he never makes the first move, he’s always pursued.

Convo changes to cell phones, Beau has 3. Howie wonders, one for business and one for pleasure?

Beau says to Erik that it’s bad news if Michael or Kaysar put him up, after he’s been saving them. Eric says he’s going to let Kaysar know his vote will change. So Eric goes directly to Kaysar.

Eric tells Kaysar that there’s a rumor that if Mike wins HoH, he’ll put up Ivette and Beau. Kaysar agrees, same reasons he has. But he wants to stay out of it. Eric notes that he’s with them 24/7. Kaysar wants to know if he should just avoid them.

Eric tells him he should hang around people who vote for him. He, Eric, has everyone lined up. The vote will be 10 to 1. Then Eric says, straight out, “It's obviously you've aligned yourself with Janelle, Michael, and Howie. I told you I was going to be straight up with you. You're being grouped in with them. You were there when they targeted Ivette and Beau. You're going to be grouped in with that idea.” Then he goes on to say he doesn’t know if he’s safe with Michael because “He’s pissed at me.”

Kaysar asks why Mike would be pissed, and wonders why he didn’t already know. Eric admits he told him he made the ladies uncomfortable, with sexual advances and the like.” Then he warns Kaysar not to bring it up with Michael, who’s tight with Janelle.

Meanwhile, Beau and Eric are still in the backyard. Eric says he’s going to let him know the votes may change. Beau tells him it was Jans (or Jens) idea. Eric goes to speak to Kaysar, and asks him if Michael wins HoH, will he put up Ivette and Beau?

Kaysar says he just wants to sleep. Eric warns him, you’re in with them and you’re on the block right now. “I am just telling you that you better be careful, I have everybody lined up and that vote should go 10-1 right now. I know you have aligned yourself with Jen and Michael and I dont know how. I told you I was gonna be straight up with you and thats what I am doing.” People overheard that convo, Eric says.

Which one, Kaysar asks? About putting up Ivette and Beau. Kaysar says he’s over that whole idea already. Then Erik tells him about Jennifer crying yesterday. “If you piss someone off, you have an enemy for the rest of the game.” He hasn’t been able to talk with Mike since last night, he could tell he was pissed at him. He’s tight with Janelle now. Kaysar admits he talked to him about the same thing. Eric warns him not to mention this to Mike, Kaysar won’t.

Kaysar is over the Beau thing. He was on edge about the twist and what all was going on. Eric says Mike had that same idea and he wondered where he got it from. Then Eric says “I wouldn’t see Ivette hanging out with Beau outside of this house. James yes, but not Beau,” not that Ivette’s not classy. He wouldn’t be throwing around those names (who Ivette knows) because if he was. . . he’d be screwed. So just think about that. They’re not hanging around with the same class of people. Ivette is waitressing, and Beau is jet setting around to other countries. Janelle and James are from the same neighborhood and they admitted that in front of other people.

Later, in the Gold Room. Eric says to James that Beau wants Kaysar bad. No he didn’t tell him, but Beau said it from the moment he entered. James responds they can’t tell Ivette and Beau things til the last minute “Cause they over react.” Eric says that Kaysar is shitting his pants right now, and recounts the previous convo.

James says he needs to distance himself from them. Eric agrees he’s a mess, emotional, can’t play the game. James wonders what will happen when he wins HoH. Eric says easy, he does as he’s told. James figures Beau would put him up. Eric says no way, I’d get veto.

Ivette enters, says she talked to Beau. James says he can’t trust April or Jenny at all. Ivette, surprised, says “You don’t trust April?” Eric throws in that they have to make decisions NOW. He needs to know how he can trust. Ivette says Beau is good, he runs to us when he hears something.

Ivette has an idea to break up that group, get Michael alone, get rid of Kaysar. If they get rid of Kaysar, Michael has no guys on his side, and Ash will be indebted to them for saving her. James responds they know Ash and Jan are a team. They can’t last this week. If one of them wins, then one of this four will go.

Eric says from this day forward, it’s me, James, Ivette and Beau. James says they can’t run to April or Maggie. Ivette agrees, says when they need to talk strategy, it can only be us. Eric wants to know who the core is, and what about Maggie? Are they OK with Maggie? Ivette says she talks to her, but James says she talks with everybody, she’s shady.

James says there are lots out there not in alliances. If the wrong person gets Hoh. . . Ivette cuts in and says we need to keep HoH’s. There is no reason why not. Kaysar has two left feet, hasn’t talked to enough people. Janelle hasn’t talked to anybody but those 2 idiots. “See what I mean? There is no reason why we don’t sweep Hoh. But Michael will KILL to win HoH. And I don’t want that happening.”

Eric says to James that they’re screwed if Mike wins Hoh. Ivette agrees, says he freaks her out. She doesn’t like him. Eric says he will flat out ask him if he’s safe if Mike wins Hoh. Ivette throws out that Mike said “I’ll do whatever I need to do.” He’ll lie. Eric decides Mike needs to be next to go. James agrees, says “Mike vs Jenny. Nobody will waver on that.” Ivette warns that she doesn’t want Mike to get veto though. So to put Jenny and Janelle up. James demurs, he will break the surfboard alliance if he does that. Eric says if anyone from your side wins, have to put Jenny and Mike up. Ivette says Jenny and Kaysar, then Mike after veto. James warns that veto’s not guaranteed anymore, and what are the chances he would win? Ivette says strong. He wants it bad. Then Eric farts and breaks the tension.

In the Gold Room, James and Eric talking about Maggie. James says Eric and Maggie work out all the time. Eric says they don’t talk about the game tho, only count off sets. James thinks she and Kaysar are friends. Ivanna says why wouldn’t she save him and try to make him look good? Eric says because he’s safe.

They’re worried that Maggie is smart. James says “She was just trying to call your bluff.”

Ivette now says Mike is the kind of boyfriend who will beat up his girlfriend, and that Howie is better looking. Mike said mother is indebted to his father, because he showed her the world. Eric leaps in and warns her to keep her emotions in check. James agrees, tells her to have fun. Ivette thinks she IS having fun. Eric warns, you can’t let them see you emotional! He knows he’s pushing your buttons. Ivette retorts that Mike is a sick fuck.

Ivette gets strong about Kaysar. She says she told Maggie that even tho she’s a vegetarian, she didn’t ‘alter who you are for the sake of the game”. James says that’s crazy. Eric admits it’s getting boring. Ivanna says that Kaysar said “I’m gonna stay good with everybody, that’s why I help with the dishes.” She wanted to say motherfucker, you didn’t do anything. James adds that that was Janelle. Eric threatens he’s gonna call her out in front of everybody.

Mike and Eric have a talk. Eric tells Mike, I just want to be sure I’m cool with you. Mike invites him to come right to him if he has an issue. After yesterday, he’s not talking about Eric, but he likes to have control. He doesn’t want people uncomfortable. It’s best to do his thing and get along with people. Eric repeats, I just want to be sure we’re cool. Mike assures him they are, and that he’s a man of his word.

Still in the backyard, Mike attempts to clear the air. He says he’s not going to add to the tension. He wants it honest simple and fair. . . it’s silly, it was blown out of proportion. He was asked how he’d react. “I'm a goofball most of the time but I'm also an adult. I've learned when I'm confronted with a particular challenge. I put myself in the other people's shoes. I felt I obviously did something that irritated somebody. Just so you know. It's not a big deal, we're cool. The bringing up the idea of sexual harassment”

Eric tells Mike that it was devastating. Mike demurs, no. Just completely out of place. Just before Eric came in, he pulled Jen to the side, said they hadn’t talked in a few days and asked were they OK. She almost cried, spilled her beans. Said it wasn’t him, it was her. It was personal issues from other people. They need to face their own personal issues. Eric adds “Demons, yes demons.”

Mike says “You came to me and told me the women were uncomfortable. You SAID Jennifer. I thought one of the girls had someone who didn’t want me and Jen flirting. You are a fireman, you command authority, it's simple for you to come in. Jennifer is the opposite. I'm in this game as an individual.” He added he does his thing from the corners, watching. Then tells Eric he’s a strong minded guy. Eric agrees.

Mike says he knows Eric talks to different people, and its none of his business. Eric ventures, Janelle and Kaysar. Mike has formed anything, he said. Eric says after the chill with James, he was wondering where they were standin. Mike says James is pathetic, insecure. He has vague opinions, can’t back them up. Brings up the discussion of Arabic women still being stoned to death. James tells him he went off on a soapbox.

Eric repeats he just wanted to make sure they were fine. Mike says we are, you command authority. You have that going for you. We’re both Leos. So Eric tells him don’t hang around Kaysar and Janelle sooo much. It looks like you have something. I told Kaysar that exact same thing because I feel I owe it to you.

Mike says his thing is passively keeping an eye on different groups. Eric adds, divide and conquer. Mike tells him he has a grasp on the entire group, and he knows he has Janelle figured out. Eric agrees that Janelle is a pawn, and Mike says, a pompous ass.

Eric then tells Mike if Ivette gets HoH, she’ll put up Janelle and Jennifer. Mike is trying to manipulate Eric into getting Ivette not to put them on the block, and reminds him of their strategy to get out the strong players. They bring up the 6 finger plan.

Later, the guys are all looking in the gym and talking about the equipment. Jen has cut her finger, they discuss bandaids.

In the bedroom, Kaysar and Eric are whispering. Eric says we’re cool.

Later, Janelle tells Mike something made her uncomfortable (feeder missed it.) Janelle told him to quit doing something. He asked why, she said it made her uncomfortable. Then BB bitched about her smoking in the grass.

Mexican dinner. Convo goes that Howie is not the stinky one in the house, to his delight. After dinner, Janelle and Kaysar get in a towel snapping fight, hug and apologize. LOL! Everyone is nutty.

Outside now, Ivette tells Eric she would have loved to be his handler. Howie says on the plane ride out, someone asked him where he was going. He said CA, and the guy mentioned something about Big Brother! (Rest assured, it was probably a Jokers user ) Howie told him he was going to visit his big brother LOL

Now the HGs are comparing themselves to past HGs. April says she’s Tonya, Howie yells that Eric is Gerry. Eric says James is like Roddy, Beau thinks Michael is more like Rodday. Then when someone says Howie is like Jase, Sarah is like Chiara, and Sarah disagreed. Sarah says Jase thought he was all that. Ash said Beau is too loud to be Marcellas. Someone says Kaysar is like Jason (pretty apt, says I.)

They move inside and spin the table to see who gets beds in the gold room. It’s Howie and Beau tonight. Meanwhile, Jennifer prepares to shave the calluses from Howie’s feet. He tells her for sure she’s seen worse feet, but no she hasn’t. Sarah walks in and comments on the smell. (OK that was TMI for THIS writer LOL)

Howie then flirts with Jennifer. Asks her would her mom like him. No, he’d scare her. If there weren’t safety issues, do you think she’d like me? LOL!

Out back, Mike and Kaysar are whispering on the lounge chairs. Kaysar says he’s trying to beat people at their own game, while Mike says he’s going to play the best way he can.

Kaysar says “they’re targeting you.” Who? “Eric told me people were talking about you. a little thing happened and he talked to you about it.” So Mike tells him to ask tomorrow how things are, but Kaysar doesn’t want to raise suspicions. Mike whispers “Fuck.”

Meanwhile, Eric tells Mike he has to talk to him. Says people are getting insulted and offended around him. Says Jennifer was feeling uncomfortable around him, and it came from April. Then it became a big issue. That he saw Jennifer and hadn’t talked to her for a few days, so they went into the gold room. She was crying. She said “it had nothing to do with you.”

Janelle tells Rachel that Beau and Ivette know each other from South Beach . . . they finish each other’s sentences. Mike says her two best friends are gay. J says Beau and Ivette are roommates.

Janelle says they want her out because she’s figured out the twist. Saying Beau came to her and said he lived in Pembroke Pines. Mike says he and Maggie all live in CA. Janelle lives a block from Ivette. James in Florida also.

Janelle goes on to say Beau is working the girls, while Ivette is working the guys. Mike said they’re going to burn themselves out. Then Janelle adds that Ivette and Beau are telling everyone that James and Janelle know each other. Mike chimes in that James is from Fla, and Janelle says he is.

Mike and Janelle talking then. They are sick of all the gossip. Someone told Jan that he was flirting with all the girls. He says that’s silly, it’s not like he asked a girl how often she masturbates. Janelle agrees and says it’s not like Howie. Mike tells her about Eric facing him down about the girls being uncomfortable around him, specifically Jennifer. He goes on to say SHE has been all over him, but sweet. Mike says it came from April, of all places. Janelle says April wants couples out first.

He goes on to tell her about Jen’s crying, and what he said to her. He said he told her . Janelle says she told Rachel that Beau and Ivette know each other. It’s the twist of the show.

Mike goes on to say that Eric is talking about teaming up with these people, Beau and Ivette. But isn’t it smarter to team up with someone who’s less of a threat? And he’ll really try at the next challenge. Janelle says they hate her because she knows, he was slipping (Lying.)
They discuss the twist for a moment, and how she figured it out.

Mike says it’s odd Kaysar, him and Maggie are from Miami but far apart. Janelle says they put her a block away so she can figure it out. Mike wonders whether to reveal it now or later. Janelle says she’s in a shithole now. Mike says, well, fight for Hoh! They discuss a guy who was also up for BB, who looked like Tommy Lee. Then they discuss the Twin Twist from last year.

They move on. Janelle says she told Rachel to put up Eric . . . she guesses that didn’t go over well. Mike doesn’t know who he’d put up, himself. Janelle wouldn’t put Ash, Kaysar, or Rachel up. And it sucks two of her friends are up. She wants to get even.

Mike wonders if Rachel likes him. Janelle says she does, but he has a rough time believing her. (He tells her the Rachel rejects sleeping with her story) and now everyone thinks Mike is a pervert.

Janelle laughs. He said he didn’t mind and just went downstairs, but he likes her a lot. Janelle says she has to be hearing all the lies floating around.

Finally Mike says he was right about James, he doesn’t like him. . . he seems to be a bitter person, like he was beat up as a kid, a wuss. The moment Mike walked into the house he knew James thought of him as a threat. “I make one comment and he’s like "I’m such a defensive"... he’s such a cowardly little fella”. Janelle says she hopes he doesn’t go along with Eric’s plan to sabotage her, that he’s scared of her. Mike says yep, he’s like “She’s got it in for me.”

Now Mike and Kaysar are talking strategy. Mike asks Kaysar what’s been said about him, Kaysar says he’s told him everything he knows. Mike says “You told me I was a target, what was said to make you think that.”

Kaysar responds that Eric said you’d put him up if you were Hoh. Mike says I told him no, he was scared shitless today he was so nice to me. Kaysar tells him he’s slipping, but Mike says he’s getting better. Mike says in the next weeks they should fake a fight, Kaysar says these people are dumb, man. Mike agrees, says they annoy him, they must be destroyed. He tells Kaysar that when you’re an honest person, people will respect you and become your pawns. He gives Rachel as an example, she’s honest and a great competitor.

Kaysar says she’s ridiculous., Mike says oh you mean hot. They start horsing around with Ashlea.

Beau tells Mike that he was told Mike would put him up. Mike blows up, said he’s not part of the rumor stuff, and stalks to the bedroom where he announced that he likes everyone and doesn’t like the ‘he said she said’ stuff and he hasn’t even started thinking about who he’d vote out.

Howie talks about blowing his hand up with a pipe bomb as a kid.

Maggie, Rachel and April in the HoH bathroom. . . April says she talked to Jennifer and Jennifer would put up Mike and Janelle or maybe Kaysar. They then go on to say that Kaysar is not a threat because he doesn't have any friends in the house. They talk more about Janelle and that she said she wouldn’t get voted out because she was too pretty, and that Jenny said Ashlea was dressing slutty.

Meanwhile, Eric tells Ivette, Maggie and James that Kaysar is a rat. Just before this, April Maggie and Rachel say that Kaysar is a great guy. Ivette wants to switch the vote to vote Kaysar out. James says not yet, Ash is too scrappy and Eric agrees with him.

Ivette and Mike talk about his life, she’s captivated by his background and stories. This is good for Mike. They talk about how he works on visual effects for movies, and how she analyzed movies for her degree. He tells her he likes people to be up front with each other.

Ivette tells him the problem she has with Janelle is that she walked right in the house and wanted to evict her. Ivette is there to win in a fair way, she says.

Out on the patio, they’re discussing plastic surgery. Howie said he has his lips and cheeks done, hard to tell if it’s truth or not. The others say he had his ears done. Beau claims to be an expert.

Fallout from Mike’s blowup earlier! Maggie and Jennifer are in the HoH and Maggie is going on about how scared she was when Mike went off like he did. He said to all the girls “If you have something to say to me etc etc” and he seemed so mad! Rachel says he has a point. But Maggie adds he was angry earlier too. Rachel hasn’t seen any of his anger.

In the main bedroom, Eric is making fun of Mike’s speech. Ivette says Mike scares her.

In the backyard, Mike talks to Kaysar, who is tired of being in the house. He needs some time to himself. Mike is concerned about him. Kaysar tells Mike to stop spending so much time with Janelle.

Now Mike is in the hammock with Janelle and Ashlea. He says he likes Eric, but didn’t like the whole sexual harassment thing. He goes on to say he wants to win and then go to Santorini. He will take the two girls.

The convo turns to plastic surgery. He tells the two girls that April has had a chin implant, and he himself had a nose job. Then says he was kidding about that. Kaysar goes to pray: they invite him to join them. He will, after his prayers.

Mike had his foot next to Ashlea’s face in the hammock. She freaked a bit and asked him to move it cause she doesn’t like feet. Ok, that’s weird enough LOL! Kaysar joins the hammock crowd. Ash and Janelle get up to go for a snack, leaving Mike and Kaysar in the hammock.

Mike and Kaysar discuss prayer for a bit. Mike is sure Kay has a large group of Arab Americans following him. Mike says that yesterday he felt as weird in the house as Kay does today. They discuss meditating first thing in the morning, they’ll do it tomorrow. They talk about how crazy it is to be in the house, they were in Savon when they found out they were in. And they wonder how they’re being perceived.

Mike says “By the time this is over, there'll come a time down the road where I'm sure we'll look back at this and smile and know we had a good time. otherwise you live an average life. most of the time i goof around but remember that talk we had about how i really believe in fate and purpose and I believe that you can either be mediocre or not. and I believe that man. this isn't about doing the show. Just in general … you take a risk, for something that you believe in. that was so deep i think i have to take a big dump now” And finishes by telling Kay, no regrets. Kay agrees.

It’s been almost 3 weeks since they left their houses. Mike says “That’s a pretty long time dude...what's a man's life worth...do you ever feel as if you have the power of the universe in your hands and you just can't quite do everything that you want to do?
kay admits sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn’t.

Later, Ash and Kaysar are talking. She wants to finish her studies then study business and law. Kay can’t wait to get out of BB and be productive. They discuss the repetitiveness of the house.

Janelle’s one goal is to get Eric out of the house. She says she’s talked with Rachel about targeting couples, or someone who might hook up with someone, because they sway votes. That’s why Ash was put up, she’s pretty and single. Rachel told her that. Kaysar tells Janelle she’s a target because she told someone guys were her target, and someone betrayed her confidence.

Janelle goes on to say it was Eric who got her off the surfboard that first night because her lips were blue. Kaysar notes “So it goes back to the beginning.” Then tells her she knows how to get herself in a lot of trouble. That people don’t want honesty around here, she can be honest while being tactical. He wants to be her consultant. She should talk to him before she says anything.

Kaysar Ash and Janelle still talking, they agree there has to be more than one twist. They talk about the brother/sister thing last year, and the twin twist. Kaysar speculates that if they announce Beau/Ivette to the house, BB will announce it’s a twist. Janelle and Ash say they’re already in the house. Kaysar wants to tell the rest of the HGs but girls talk him out of making an announcement because they say BB won’t care or act. It’s too easy to be a major twist, they tell him.

They agree Kaysar has planted the seed, let it grow.

Kaysar says their biggest mistake is not evicting me this week, and that he doesn’t trust Maggie cause he can’t see her intentions. He says he’s not there to win a popularity contest, just to fuck with their heads.

Janelle is happy Mike can see what they’re doing, but Ash says be careful, she’s not sure she trusts him. Janelle says she and Kay don’t have anything to worry about with Mike. But Kay is keeping his eye on him. Kay says he’s not going to let anyone dictate who he talks to. He’s going to win that HoH comp. Janelle will try too.

Kaysar says he’s tired of Ivette giving him tips on how to open up to people. Fuck that, he says. If he survives this week, he’s gonna get aggressive. He doesn’t want to be told to change something to be liked.

Janelle says Eric is the epitome of white trash to her, how he yells for his food. And did they hear him cry, he’s cried several times in front of the women and makes sure no men are around. Kay says Eric won’t make it far, he’s a good player but spreading himself too thin. Janelle says she’s the only person he hasn’t approached. She told Rachel she’s going to put up Ivette and Eric. Kaysar can’t read Rachel, she’s being manipulated due to Eric feeding her info about him. They might not need her, he goes on, she can’t win HoH next week.

Janelle didn’t tell them yet what he said. . . Mike and she were in the BR doing their hair. Ash walked through, and Howie said damn she has a nice butt.. Eric said you’re not going to be seeing it for a long time. Maggie agreed that wasn’t nice and she’s sick of seeing people ‘push people around.’ Ashley told Maggie he’s doing that and she said she hadn’t seen it. Janelle thought it was wrong. Ashley says he’s threatening everyone.

Kaysar wonders why Eric would start so much drama with so many people. Janelle says he’s overbearing, wants to call the shots on everything. And that he’s the smartest man in the house.

They talk about how the camera helps them find things, the cameras focused on 3 quarters, that’s how Ash found them. This is news to Janelle. Ash leaves Kaysar and Janelle to go to bed. They’re the last two up.

As they talk, Kaysar informs her he trusts James. James will stay close to his enemies and he can gather as much info as possible. They need someone like him to inform them. And he’s done it up till now, kaysar tells Janelle. Jan asks who James would put up. Kaysar responds Mike, which Janelle doesn’t like. Kaysar says he has to get those two to get along. “we've got James, hopefully we can trust him. we've got Mike and Howie. Howie will continue to fly under the radar. they don't think Howie will join us. they think he's dumb. so that's Howie. That's 4.”

Janelle wishes they could get Jenny, but they can’t. Kaysar says approach her towards the end, she’s too fragile and volatile right now.

Discussion goes on about HoH, and how they need to win it two weeks in a row. Janelle says the two strongest players on their side. . . Rachel can’t go for it next week. . . Maggie, Ivette, Eric. Kaysar admits that’s tough competition. He hopes James doesn’t take HoH. If it’s mental, Janelle is smart, Howie has issues, it’s good he’s on their side. Kaysar says damn is that it, do we have anyone else? Janelle says nope. Kay says Jennifer could get it. . . Janelle responds she’d be so pressured. They note that Sarah is all over Eric, need to break them up.

Janelle wonders who Mike would put up, Kaysar hopes not James. If Kay gets Hoh, he’s gonna sit both Mike and Eric down and talk to them. He could convince Mike to put up Ivette and Eric.

Jan is wary of Maggie, her smarts. Kaysar is wary of putting Eric up too early, he stays and he’d be a ‘raging bull.’

They discuss Marvin from last year. Janelle wonders why Ivette wants to get rid of her, Kay says it’s because she’s a threat.

Kaysar says Rachel is easy, she’s looking for a guy to give her attention. He warns Janelle her charm doesn’t work on the ladies. He tells her if they pull this off, it will be the most diabolical thing in history.