MORNING 7:30 a.m.

Rachel of course was the first one up this morning. She did her usual work out then headed to the kitchen. She was irritated this morning, first because the sink counter was piled with dishes to be put away and then because they were out of almost everything for breakfast; there was no skim milk, no more yogurt or eggs, no more oranges. She made requests for them then 3 different trips to the SR all the while cursing the “f’in idiots, they don’t tell them (BB) when they use the last of something.” Then she realizes they are out of cream so she has to ask BB again for another item. Finally Rachel is done in the kitchen and taking a shower. No sight of any other HG’s awake and it’s almost 9:30!

Howie got up to use the bathroom then looked outside and saw Rachel. He tells Rachel that he thinks that James struck a deal with Maggie to possibly back door one of them. Rachel says she thinks Maggie might put up Janelle. They say that James will have no choice but to go after Maggie and her team. Howie says "the only way to get rid of James is to back door him." Rachel asked Howie why he is up so early. He said he had to use the bathroom, but that he's very stressed out too. Howie told Rachel that he tried to wake her up last night but she was out. They talk about Sarah saying she can't hide her emotions well, that she was acting strange last night. They say they need to pretend that everything is okay with James and Sarah and keep playing it up that Maggie is on the top of their list to get out.

Howie went inside for a minute them came back out and told Rachel that BB announced the veto ceremony was in 2 hours. Rachel asked him “so is anybody up?” Howie: “no,” Rachel: “I didn't think so, that's because 2 hours around here is really 3 hours.” Howie went back to sleep for another hour and Rachel is still the only one up now at 10:30.

Finally everyone is up after BB yelled at Beau for singing and then they were very mad when they said “It is time to get up for the day!!”

Kay and Maggie are at the dining room table. Maggie says she has to put someone up against him today, she asks who he thinks it should be. Kaysar says it may as well be Janelle, that way James won’t get suspicious. Kaysar says “I already talked to Janelle and she knows it will probably be her, plus I told my side to make sure and vote me out.” Kay says the reason he was making bad decisions was because he was being stabbed in the back by James. He says to Maggie “make sure he pays for that.” Maggie got up from the table and subtly nodded her head.

Maggie and Ivette are in the bathroom and Maggie says to her that if they are going to get rid of James the two teams need to work together. She says if they are not careful James is going to win this game. Ivette is in the shower now and she was telling Maggie that April told her (Ivette) that she is annoying because she talks too much. Maggie was surprised and said "are you sure she's not joking?" Ivette said "no".

12:00 NOON

BB just said: "HG’s, did you know that more than 1500 batteries will be used this summer to power your wireless microphones?" Jen: "BB, did you know the HG's don't give a s***?"

Kaysar, Howie and Beau are outside and Kaysar says to Howie that he has only seen Howie put on a shirt three times since they got here. Howie says “I wore them all by the third day.” Kaysar asks him how he can go away for the summer and only bring 3 shirts. Howie responds “it’s 100 degrees in the shade!”

Ouside the talk turned to the Summer of Secrets. They are sure that the pairs winning 1M will not be the only twist because it only lasted 3 weeks before it was exposed. Maggie is outside and she says that we the public probably didn't know about the pairs until they were told by Julie. Maggie says “it would not have been any fun for the viewers if they had told them right away.” She goes on to say that that BB told them not to tell their families because they were not going to announce it right away. She says that she and Eric had to meet in secret places.

Kaysar is now talking to April, Jenn and Maggie and in this conversation they are all on the same page as far as wanting James out. Kaysar says after James they should go for Sarah. Jenn asked Kay if Sarah would put her and April up, and Kay says “yes, Sarah quit her job for this.” He eludes that her winning is the same as James winning. April says she notices how the S6 are still very friendly with James and Kaysar says “it is so James doesn’t catch on to what’s going down.”

Maggie says to Kaysar “I want you to go along with me in making James think I am not an ER nurse. Kay says that he and James deploy the same methods in their strategies but that Kay does it without hurting anyone’s feelings. At this point April starts to talk about James, after nominations how he brought on the fake tears and was asking them to take care of Sarah if he left. Maggie says “there is nothing we can do, he is off the block this week and it sucks.”

Kaysar keeps on talking about James and Sarah both. Kaysar says that James is good at lying and keeping a straight face. (FYI, Jenn has been present for all of this talk and has not said a word.)

In the meantime, James and Janelle are in the GR. Janelle is under the covers in one bed and James is sitting on the other bed. He says he is glad he did well in the veto competition. He said he went into attack mode for the game. Sarah is just out of the DR and heads to the GR; she walks in and says “guess what? They said we're not using the veto this week.” Then she laughs…

Everyone heads outside for lockdown, Sarah, however, is called back into the DR.

1:00 p.m. POV Ceremony

Janelle has been put on the block next to Kaysar. Everyone is back inside and split between the GR and the HOH, you can probably figure out who is where. In the HOH, Ivette is saying "strap a bomb on you and take one for the team. “She says this in reference to Janelle going up (willingly) so Kaysar can stay in the house. Maggie says "don't you think Howie and Rachel would rather keep Kaysar?" Maggie is begging them not to make any revenge comments to James; she doesn't want him catching on that they have been talking to Kaysar.

Maggie says "I just can't believe Sarah's speech." April wants to ask Sarah "How did you even know who was being put up?" (In place of James) Beau says "we didn't even know." Maggie says "the balls of her to make a speech regarding a specific person being put up. She felt since she knew who was going up, she would show the entire group, she just doesn't think." Maggie turned on the spy screen and they see Rachel and Ivette says "Rachel is on my every last a** hair." Then Ivette repeats that comment about Rachel and Maggie says “I heard you the first time.” Maggie started to say how nervous Rachel was, and then BB called lockdown “everyone outside.”

2:00 p.m. Outside on Lockdown

Beau is telling Ivette that Janelle is going to get Sarah a job and that she is going to move to Miami. Ivette: "who told you that?" Beau says "April, ridiculous." Ivette switches to game talk and says "what do we do? At some point one of us has to win HOH, it's not even funny any more." Beau says "this week is crucial for us. We can't get nervous or flustered." Ivette "I don’t believe anyone on that side Beau" Beau says: “that’s because you don’t like Kaysar. I talked to him for hours on end and I believe him. I don’t trust Janelle though.” Ivette whines “ever since Cappy’s gone I don’t even want to be here”.

After lockdown is over, Maggie is whispering to Jenn and April by the pool. Maggie told April she needed to stop talking to Kaysar, or if she does talk to him then someone else should be there because she reveals too much information. After more talk, Maggie asked April if it made her mad that she just said that to her and April said “not at all.”

Maggie says that Kaysar came up to her and said “why did you guys allow April to come and talk to me about 'that'." She says "he picks up on everything." Maggie says she told him "we didn't really discuss it before hand; April came to you by herself because you have this honesty thing." April says to Maggie "that's where you messed up, because I talked to you then went back to Kaysar again." Maggie says "I know that's why I can't talk to him anymore. It's too hard to cover each other’s tracks." April whispers "I don't understand why Ivette doesn't like me anymore, she just tolerates me." Maggie says "no, I don't see it like that." April: "is she just mad that Eric isn't here?" Jenn says something that becomes in-audible and April's response is "she likes you, but not that much. She'd vote your a** off in a heart beat."

Kaysar and Janelle are now in the BR. Janelle says "Kaysar sit down, let's talk." Kaysar: "James wants to save his own a** no matter what, so once 'they' get HOH, he (James) will try and sell you guys out. But now that the others know that we are on the same page, they will want him gone no matter what. So you keep him around and if he gets HOH he will get rid of one of 'them'." Kaysar thinking says "but, if you don't get rid of him right away, the other side will get pissed and the deal may be off." Janelle says "so, I can't keep him around."

Kaysar says to Janelle "If he or Sarah gets HOH, just play it cool. Once Sarah and James are gone it's three against five." But he thinks the 3 of them will be stronger than the 5 on their team. They talk about how Ivette and James were so lovey-dovey after the nominations. Kaysar tells Janelle not to worry that if the other side gets HOH they will aim to get James out. Then he says after they get James out Sarah will be easy because she is worthless without James in the house. Kay says he 'thinks' that it would be better if the other team won HOH next, hinting that Janelle might consider throwing it. That way the other team will have one less player to compete for HOH the following week. Janelle says that is risky...then we get FISH.

Ivette was in the kitchen telling them she ran into Dan – Willie’s (Real World) boyfriend. She said she went up to him and said "hey aren't you Dan..." She said he kind of told her to keep it down. Then the HG’s start talking about Karamo and how he played the 'black' race card all the time. Maggie says: "I saw someone doing that on here one season." Beau says "You mean last year, Marvin?.." They say he did it all the time. Beau says "how ignorant..there's always a black person getting in a fight or getting kicked off a show.." FEEDS changed to Howie outside in the pool.

4:00 p.m.

Outside Howie has just gotten out of the hot tub and Rachel is sitting there. Janelle asks them who they think will go home Thursday night. How says that Kaysar probably, but you never know what could happen in the game. Kaysar comes out and Howie says: “I was just talking bad about you, I said if Kaysar gets voted off I'm not going to walk him to the door.” BB then calls Howie to the DR, and Rachel tells him to put on his shorts, she begs him, but Janelle wants him to go to DR in just his underwear. Yes, he is in his underwear, not only that they were boxers and have been tailored to be shaped like women’s panties..…

Janelle tells Rachel and Kay “If they wanted to get James, they should have put James and Sarah up.” Rachel says “I think Maggie didn't care which one, she just wanted one of them.” Janelle: “James always gets saved.” Rachel says to her “Ivette probably thinks that about you all the time.” Janelle says Kaysar thinks they should let the other side get HOH next week. Rachel says “I don't want them to get HOH next week because if they do they might put me and Howie up.”

Janelle says “Remember when James said the point of the game was to deceive and backstab? I said to James ‘then how can we trust you?’ and he was like ‘umm, uhhh you can trust me’.” Janelle says “He's not that good if he screws up that many times.” Kaysar: “Exactly, he thinks he is that good.” Janelle says she can’t believe Sarah is in on all of his lies, “it sucks.” Kaysar says “I think James realizes he won’t go all the way and is shooting for sequester house. He sees the walls closing in on him. He'll be there with his girl…” Janelle: “No he won't.” Kaysar says “James thinks so. He'll do anything he can to get past one more week.” Janelle thinks James believes he has the game in a bag and will win it. Kaysar says “he’s not that stupid, to think that.”

Janelle asks Kaysar for some more playing strategy. She asks Kaysar “You don't think he'll put up Rachel and Howie?” Kaysar says “Just play dumb. He'll think since I'm gone you guys won't know what to do. Once I’m gone he’ll think he's got it.” Kaysar tells her that if they appear to throw the HOH, the other side will be pissed. Janelle insists that if its endurance, it won't look like they threw it. Kaysar says “Any information that is transferred will come from April to you. I told her they should come to you. They asked me ‘will she listen to us?’ and I said ‘if I tell her to, yeah’. I love it, they think you and Howie don't give a s*** about what they have to say.” Kaysar tells Janelle to suck it up and treat James nice, compliment him and act like she supports him.

Kaysar asked Janelle “If I told you to take the hit and leave for me, would you?” Janelle says “What would you give me? Something like what you and Michael talked about?” (I believe they talked about a 70/30 split) Kaysar says “Sure, but I don't know if I want to stay, that's the thing.”

Howie came outside and Janelle tells him that she and Kaysar were talking about her leaving just so Kaysar could stay and take care of James. Janelle said they wanted to tell this to James and watch him freak out.

6:00 p.m.

James tells Janelle and Howie that he has a diabolical plan. Janelle says “to send me home?” James off topic says “Did you put on makeup to workout?” Janelle answers “No, I'm just hanging out, well Maggie is working out…” James: “And you don't want to hang with her.” James goes on to say “Next week one of us get HOH and Maggie’s key gets pulled first, that way Maggie knows she's safe and the other 4 know they're not safe. Ivette and April end up on the block. Then the speech will include that there was a deal made with Maggie to keep her safe.” James continues “its better if it's Rachel or Howie or me or Sarah that get HOH and we can say we had a deal with Maggie, to not put her up. Making Maggie’s own turn against her, and then she will have no one the next week.” Janelle says “How do you know I'm going home this week? Kaysar could still be here.” James: “I bet my girlfriend on it that you're still here.”

James says “regardless, everybody knows we hate Maggie, it will really get them wondering why we didn’t put her up, especially April being on the block, wondering all week what’s going on. James says he will leak it to Ivette. Janelle: “That's evil.” James: “They don't have what we have - trust.”

James and Sarah are worried that April overheard his diabolical plan. They tell Janelle that they saw April with zucchinis in hand exiting the SR while they were talking in the GR. Sarah says she has overheard conversations before in the SR while she was in the GR. James says to Janelle “You'll start to hate her more than you hate Ivette. The more you pay attention to her, the more it starts to get on your nerves, everybody hates a rat.”

Sarah asked James and Janelle if they could win the game without lying. Janelle says to James and Sarah “My mom said I would be evicted first.” James said “People I know said I was perfect for this game, which hurt my feelings that I was perfect for a game where the goal is deceiving people.” Janelle says “You don't have to do that though. Nakomis was able to do it last year without lying and Marcellas never lied.” James says “As cool as Marcellas is, he is a dumb a**." Janelle says it was more of an accomplishment for them than winning $500K.

7:00 p.m.

Jannelle and Kaysar are in the GR. Jan says it will be four weeks on Saturday. Kay says “you better win this thing.” Janelle says if she does, she will take him and Mike to Greece. Kay says that’s very nice, but if she wants to go alone with Mike that’s fine. She asks Kay “how do you know you are leaving this week for sure?” He said that he and Maggie have an understanding, in that he told Maggie to put her (Janelle) up. He said he told Mag that his stay wasn't worth more than anyone else's, and to have her side vote him out and he would make sure his side voted him out too. Janelle asks him “when did you have that conversation with Maggie?” Kaysar says: “before the veto ceremony.” Kaysar tells her that he told Maggie to put her up because he felt that she could handle it the best. Janelle responded “I’m flattered.” Janelle asked Kaysar “if you told Mag to put Jenn up instead of me would she have done it?” Kaysar says “no.”

9:00 p.m.

There is not a lot of action in the house to speak of so far this evening, at least not on the feeds. Most of the evening was the hot tub with Howie, Rachel, James & Howie and later Kaysar. 2 of the feeds sat on an overhead view of an empty LR and Kitchen.

Rachel is cuddling alongside Howie in the HT….and then he looks down at (himself) Sarah looks and starts laughing…Rachel starts to move away from Howie saying "What? No! Howieeee!" Howie says: “I haven't had any in 31 days and you are going to flare your bikini body next to me?” Rachel says “I'm your friend!” Howie goes to get up out of the hot tub and Rachel demands "Stay where you are at!" Howie says: "Oh, pet him a couple times...Please?” Rachel says “Don't you know how to control it?” Howie says “I don’t want to control it.” (this was very funny!)

Rachel says to Howie “How can I take you out on the town if that's going to happen?” Howie: “Oh, I'll wear pants that'll cover it. It's going back down, kind of.” Rachel says “Just stay over there.” Then Rachel says “only if I win.” Howie says “Really? What if I take top ten?” Rachel: (laughing) “top ten is not gonna be hard in this house.”

Kaysar says that he isn't worried about not winning the money. Sarah says “that's because you already have it." Kay says "no, I don't. I just graduated college and I live in an apartment, I don't own a house yet. I just know that I am smart enough to make the money." Sarah says "well, some of us here aren't smart."

Sarah is being openly flirtatious with both Howie and Kaysar. She tells Howie he is her TV boyfriend. Earlier she told him how all of us girls 'out here' were jealous wishing he would flirt with us like he does them. She was saying how much she loves Kaysar, when he said he has not had a girlfriend.

10:30 p.m.

Feeds switched to James and Ivette whispering, playing coasters and James says "why would she put up Janelle, and not Rachel? Rachel is a bad a**, that’s who we thought it would be. She did it to get Kaysar out."

Sarah came in while they are playing coasters and Ivette is telling them “can I tell you how sick of this I am already?” James says “it’s a form of torture; I don’t think anyone knew what they were in for coming in.” Ivette says she would give anything to have 2 seconds to hug her girlfriend. She says she is drained…she is very solemn right now. Ivette says “there are so many great things I gave up to come here.” James has to explain that she will go back to those things and to consider this is an experience, it will be over soon. Ivette says she is so competitive at home. She says she just isn't holding her own in the game. James says the only thing that matters is HOH....Ivette says "I keep wondering what's wrong with me..maybe I am not meant for this." James tells her to relax.

James left the LR for just a sec and Ivette started to whisper to Sarah about the speech Sarah gave and Sarah said "I was talking about Kaysar, I do think he is nice." Ivette says "no, it sounded like you knew who was going up and that's who you were talking about.." James comes in and interjects, "she's confused, she f'd up, she didn't know what she was saying...." He looks at Sarah and whispers "we know you were talking about Kaysar, but you were supposed to be talking about the person that goes next…." Sarah says "I could talk about whatever I want to talk about." James says "I know, the way you said it didn't make any sense." They both look and are confused and can't get this story straight.

Ivette looking for help to get TP out of the SR...Of course James is there! They go in and immediately, James asks Ivette "Hey, why doesn't Beau like me?" Ivette says "well I don't think he doesn't like you, I told him to talk to you before he assumes anything. Like when you were throwing the ball at the pictures and Beau said you were throwing it at ‘his’ picture, I told him to ask you about it, not just assume you did it intentionally…." James "because you know, I've been protecting you forever and your partner wants me out of here."

11:00 p.m.

Kaysar, Howie and Janelle are outside on the lounges and Janelle was telling them how James was saying earlier “we're better, we have trust, ‘they’ don’t” Janelle says “How can he say that when he f'd us over?” Howie said they shouldn’t talk so loud, and then said they shouldn’t talk about it all right now, he said sometimes things can be heard from the kitchen. Howie said he could see Ivette and James in the kitchen from his view in the pool. Right then, James comes outside and asks if he could join them. Right away James tells them how Ivette is starting to freak out, that she misses her g/f and is stressed.

In the HOH Ivette is telling Jenn, Maggie and April that James told her that Kayar must go. They conclude that James is afraid of Kaysar. Maggie says "I don't want anyone on this team supporting anyone who is against us." April and Maggie tell Ivette that James is using her. Maggie says that James is delighted that Kaysar is leaving. (Just for your visual entertainment - Maggie has Jen on her lap and is stroking her hair and Jenn is rubbing Maggie’s leg affectionately for a long time.) Beau thinks he will vote to keep Janelle, but April thinks Howie will vote to keep Kaysar because he votes with the house.

James comes to HOH to tell April her clothes are dry, Ivette and April leave Maggie and Jenn still laying and rubbing each other and Maggie says to Jenn that James has gotten to Ivette. This magical moment was interrupted by Howie, and then Sarah coming into HOH, Howie is wearing a string bikini – the girls begged Howie to drop his bikini and he did! Apparently things were looking…put it this way he just got out of the swimming


Back in the HOH, Ivette, Maggie and April talk about how Kaysar told April James plan to use the Golden POV to get Sarah out. Maggie and April think that if James would put his partner out, he might not be the most loyal person. Maggie seems to think that if James gets HOH that she might be nominated and April agrees. Ivette doesn't seem too interested in the conversation and is eating Maggies crop of goodies with nothing much to say.

In HOH April starts to tell Ivette that she has made April very sad the past few days, when April noticed Ivettes face change at being told this news, April turned it around to Ivette being too hung up on Eric and his departure. That since he left Ivette’s attachment to them has lessened. She said if anyone had reason to be that upset, it would be Maggie. At that Maggie jumped in and said she's not competing and April said, “I know.” Ivette apologizes to HOH group for getting upset so much.

Jennifer stood up to Ivette and said she knew from the first couple of days that Ivette couldn’t stand her, several people told her so. Ivette tries to deny...then Jennifer speaks firmly and says "I can be insecure about my relationship with Dan but that doesn’t mean I'm an insecure person in life" Ivette doesn’t say anything. Each time Ivette tried to talk it would be either to deny her actions or make excuses for them and they weren’t allowing her to cover herself. After a short while, everyone goes to Ivette, who has tucked herself into her sleeping bag on the floor of HOH and they give her a group hug. In the end this was a truthful eye opener for Ivette about her negative and judgmental behaviors. Now in the HOH they are reading the Nicoderm patch instructions (for April). Someone said “make sure we keep these away from Janelle.”

Back outside in the hot tub area Kaysar and Howie say they are on to James and Sarah, none of their lies work. Kaysar is ticked that Sarah told him tonight that April hates him. Howie and Kay agree they know for a fact that April loves him. Kaysar says when Sarah was speaking; she gave no details and kept looking down, clearly lying and trying to stir up trouble. Howie can tell now when James is lying because he gets too happy about it. Kaysar comments about all the times they told him April was lying to him. Kaysar says he thought back to he and April’s conversations and he says “she is a mess, but she was not lying.” Howie says James is a horrible actor and that he made up the whole ‘Maggie is a cop’ to have a reason to go into the HOH and talk.

Howie hopes that he, Rachel or Janelle win HOH this week, and James goes home. Kaysar says “make sure on his way out that he knows I was onto his a**.” Howie says even if someone else has veto, when they put James up, Howie is going to stand up and make a speech just as an individual and out James - that he lies, deceives.

1:00 a.m.

Howie and Kay are still outside and Sarah comes out. Sarah came outside to fold April's clothes. They find that stupid and obvious that she was there to listen to them. Howie saw James come from around the corner somewhere with Ivette too.

In HOH Maggie says to her group that Kay and someone else was whispering (Maggie could only see them on the spy camera, no one was really whispering to anyone at the time.) Ivette wants to do her floor spying thing in case they come back to kitchen. Beau goes downstairs to go listen and see what they're doing. Howie and Janelle back in kitchen but just joking around. Ivette in spy position upstairs and camera is pointed right at her so she keeps waving it off. LOL The camera man won't move it.

HOH crowd watches Janelle lay on LR lounge reading Beau's bible. In the HOH Beau says she wanted to read it byt she said to him “I didn't think you were lending it out.” With this, the HOH group decides James must have talked about Beau saying he never lets anyone read his bible.

They were talking about the room temperature and how hot it was when Rachel was in there. They start to then say how Rachel is like an old lady and very particular about everything. Maggie says that some of the things that Rachel is particular about, Eric is that way too. Especially about meals, Rachel liked to have planned out what she has for her meals at the beginning of the day. They say Rachel instigates without instigating, that she gets others to complain so she doesn't have to. Ivette: (sarcastically) "really?"

In the LR Janelle left to go to bed, and Kay sat for a while reading Beaus’ bible and the last snippet of onversation in the HOH was April telling them that she interned for Dan Rathers. Then she started to talk about when he got in trouble, then immediate FISH.

HG’s were asleep just after 2:00 a.m.