8:00 am

As usual, Rachel is the first one up this morning, about 8:30 am. This morning she decides to do her morning workout routine in the BY, taking off all her clothes and dancing around the yard, chanting, "Do me Shapiro! You're so hot!" Okay, that last sentence was a lie, but Rachel's morning routine is getting d*amn boring. The only thing that makes this morning even slightly different is that Ivette gets up around 8:45 am, and Rachel tells Ivette that April was in the HOH room until about 4:00 am and that she (I assume Rachel) had a bad dream.

9:00 am

Ivette makes breakfast for herself and goes out to the patio to eat. Rachel works out on the treadmill and then goes to the kitchen.....A little after 9:15 BB makes a wake-up announcement to the HGs that eviction voting will begin in one hour.....Rachel, Ivette, and Sarah are in the kitchen, and Rachel and Ivette complain that Kaysar's alarm is still going off. (LOL. I wonder if Kaysar left it on purpose. They should just be grateful that Kaysar didn't use one of those alarms from Archie McPhee that says "I'm a lucky boy." I used to date a guy.... Never mind.)

In the BY, James. Ivette, and Rachel make small talk about hip hop music, among other things. James doesn't like rap music. (Big surprise there.)....For the next while, the HGs who are awake (Rachel, James, Ivette, Sarah) do the usual morning wanderings between the BY, kitchen, and bathroom, with the highlight of their conversation that a bird pooped by the pool.....However, it takes only until 9:45 for Ivette start rehashing the story of being put up for eviction (with James and Sarah as her audience)....Soon after this (maybe even BB is tired of listening to Ivette), BB cuts in with a second wake-up call, "Good morning HGs, it's time to get up for the day."

10:00 am

Right about 10:00 am, April confirms with Rachel, "The voting starts at 10:00 right?" Rachel confirms it does and April says she wants to put on some make-up before she goes in to vote.....Not even a minute after this comment, BB calls April to the DR. (LOL!)

At about 10:15, Jenn is in the kitchen doing dishes, and Sarah is sitting by the counter. Sarah tells Jenn, "...to try to have faith in 'us.'"....Sarah goes into the bathroom and has a whispered convo with James in the bathroom and asks him, if Sarah goes, to try to find out who voted to evict her before the HOH competition. Sarah thinks Janelle and James will vote to keep her. She also thinks Jenn will vote to keep her, but not Rachel. She says that if James waits until after the HOH comp and he wins, everyone will claim they voted to keep Sarah.

Ivette and Jenn are talking and Jenn tells Ivette that Rachel and James are rock solid. They both agree they need to win HOH.....Rachel is called to the DR at about 10:45 and Jenn says into her mic, "Thank-you. Now I can get ready in privacy."....Ivette/Jenn rehash the events in the house yesterday, with Jenn saying the whole house was in a turmoil trying to get Jenn and April to vote their way...Jenn tells Ivette, "Don't be too confident, because I want to f*ck with them."

In the Gold Room, Sarah is crying,, and James asks if there is anything he can get for her. (How about a new BF who is not a jerk?).Sarah is still counting her potential votes....Beau/Maggie/April are outside. Maggie says that the thought the whole joke that she is a cop was funny at first, but now it's getting annoying. (So stop talking about it already.) Maggie dishes on James' comment that Maggie's hair and hat MUST make her a cop.

Ivette comes outside to talk to April. Ivette tells April that the problems they have had have nothing to do with the game and April is the one that she fell in love with. April tells Ivette that she can't talk about what she said in the DR, but she things have changed—new stressors, like Eric leaving and April quitting smoking. Ivette tells April that she is the only girl that she wanted to take to the end of the game.

11:00 am

While April/Ivette are talking, Rachel comes up and interrupts them. She is pissed and wants to talk to Howie. April/Ivette tell Rachel to go to HOH and talk to Howie, but Rachel says she can't because Howie's "roommate" (Janelle) is there.

Then Rachel leaves, and Ivette asks April to go over to the corner with her to talk, (but it appears the "lovefest" of just a few minutes ago is over.)....Ivette tells April that she thinks April has been rude to her....April replies, "It's easier for me to be mean to you because we're such good friends, because you'd be easier about it." (I couldn't make this stuff up.)...Ivette tells April, "I'm super sensitive." She says that it bothers her that April has taken information that Ivette gave to their group and given it to "them" and the information is getting back to James.....Ivette also accuses April of calling Ivette out in front of Howie and that Ivette had to defend herself. (I'd try to summarize April's explanations, but they make no sense to me at all.).....Then they rehash the whole pawn thing yet again...Ivette says she volunteered because April was going through so much in quitting smoking and Maggie had already been nominated. Ivette says she saw it as taking a weight off other people's shoulders....There's more of this back and forth.

April goes on to tell Ivette that James has been gunning all week for Ivette to leave. (Why does April think that is news? James' gf/partner is on the block.)....April stops talking for just a second because she thinks there may be an ant in her panties. Then April informs us that it wasn't an ant, just her tampon string. (Nice.)...Ivette tells April that Jenn made it seem like they want to evict Ivette and work with James again.....April tells Ivette that Rachel is a b*tch, then immediately follows that by saying "Don't have any hard feelings against Rachel/Howie/Janelle." (That comment had something to do with it all being James' and Sarah's fault. Frankly, I'm heartened that this whole conversation makes no sense to me—when I start understanding these two is when I'm in real trouble.)....April assures Ivette that she never had to worry about April's vote...Ivette says (not sure in what context) "When have you seen me talk sh*t about people?" (I'd be ROFL if it weren't so pathetic.)....Finally, at about noon, Ivette gets called to the DR.


At around noon, Rachel is finally getting quality time alone with Howie in the HOH room.....Howie says that James says he has no intention of going after Rachel/Howie, but Howie doesn't believe it...Rachel says, "We're not changing the vote."....Then, for some reason, Rachel is crying....She says she had a bad dream and she thinks it was because of the ice cream. (And not Rachel is locked up with a houseful of people who have lost touch with reality? Sure, blame it on the ice cream if it makes you feel better.)....Rachel says she is not upset about James—she could give a sh*t about James...Howie thinks that James will come after Howie/Rachel, but will go for Maggie first, and that Maggie is coming after Howie/Rachel...Howie says he knows that April didn't vote for Ivette because they've been talking in the BY for an hour....There is some general trash talk about Janelle, and that she has to go before Howie/Rachel.

About 12:15 Janelle comes back into the HOH room....Rachel says to Janelle, "James is already starting his cr*p this morning. Don't let them infect you.".....Rachel says, "It looks like Ivette and April made up. I kind of liked it when they hated each other. I'm hoping I've gotten James mad enough at those two girls that he'll go after them.....Janelle says that she thinks James knows that he can't win and will go for revenge.

In the BY, April and Ivette have apparently made up because they have joined Beau and Jenn in a Rachel-bashing session....April does most of the talking (no, really?) and whenever anyone else tries to comment, she says, "No, listen to me."....The gist of the conversation is that April thinks Rachel is a f*cking b*tch, and repeats this over and over just in case it wasn't clear....April blames Rachel for bringing up the idea to James of getting rid of Ivette, and says that the idea of evicting Ivette never crossed April or Jenn's minds. (Sure, April. And, you also said you're not a smoker.)....Maggie joined the group mid-conversation, and she goes inside to get James so that the group can call him out on what he's been doing.

Ivette tells James that she needs him to clear something up, because (the group) thinks "I have something going on with you"....James replies, "This was brought up earlier, and I am staying out of this. This is childish"....Jenn tells James that Sarah told her and James and Ivette did have a pact...James says, "I am not going to get involved in this internal conflict. What Ivette and I have is between us. No pact. Ivette and I have an understanding. There are understandings in this house, and that is between us. Just like April and I have an understanding that we agree to disagree." (James laughs)....Ivette says that she and James are friends and nothing more....Jenn tells James that he did not answer the question, and James says once again that he is not getting involved...Jenn keeps asking, "Some people say it is a pact and some an agreement, I think that is the same thing" James continues to skirt the question—not giving a firm answer.

1:00 pm

The conversation continues....April and James go off on each other....April says to Sarah that "your stupid boyfriend" ran up to (the HOH group) and said "Guys I'm still on your side, you made a mistake."...James loses it, and says to April, "I'm going to count to 10, and then I am going to insult you so bad." April replies, "I don't care, you've already insulted me."....James continues to try to explain, and April finally backs off and says she is sorry she called James that, but she was livid.

Then James tells the group his version of the game so far. He says that Eric promised Kaysar, Michael, Howie, and Rachel that he would take them to the end. James talks about Eric going back on his word....As James talks about Eric, Maggie is getting increasingly angry, breathing fast and deeply...At one point, James admits hiding in the bathroom one night to get information. Maggie insinuates it's evil and Sarah says it's the only way to get information in the game. Maggie continues on, saying that it's unbelievable that James actually admitted spying on conversations.

At one point, Howie comes outside, and Jenn says to him, "You need to go talk to Janie. We're having a private conversation.".....Howie goes over to Janelle who is lying by the pool, and starts whispering strategy with her, about winning HOH, etc.

Maggie jumps on James for calling her a cop. James replies, "Can't I have my little joke?" Maggie grudgingly agrees, but isn't happy....Sarah cries about how hard it has been on her that James has been continually nominated.....James continues to rant....Beau has been getting increasingly frustrated with James. At one point, Beau tries to talk and James starts to comment and Beau cuts in, with, "I am talking. Excuse me, can I talk now?"

At about 1:20 pm, Howie comes outside with the HOH camera, and it's weekly picture time....Howie comes over and takes a picture of the group at the patio table, and they are okay with it, but Maggie says, "This is the most inopportune time to have a camera." (Well, excuuuse me. It's not as if Howie had any control over when BB was going to give him the camera.)...While most of the table group gets up, Jenn/James/Maggie/Sarah stay seated and continue to talk.

James works to get April and Maggie on his side....April asks James to admit he was going to put up April and Maggie if he got HOH. James replies, "Of course. I knew Maggie was pissed at me because of Eric.".....James tells Maggie that he respects her because he knows she hates him—same with April. Maggie says firmly, "It's a mutual hatred."....April tells James she believes him, but she will not ever kiss his *ss and knows he will put her up if he gets HOH...James tells the group that Howie et al used (something—not clear) to get James on their side. James says Howie's strategy was a lot more backhanded but it was good, it worked....April accuses James of still trying to get Howie's group on his side. James replies, "April, you know I don't have a side."...James also says, "We were told we had their (Howie's group?) votes and then they took the votes back because (your group) decided not to vote Ivette out. James says he knows it was because April and Ivette were not getting along....James says that every week he's had no friends until Saturday. Then he wins the veto and everyone wants him around.....Sarah swears she has never said anything bad about anyone. April says she knows and believes that. (Are these two in the same BB house that I'm watching?)....The conversation at the patio table abruptly ends when Rachel sits down at the table to eat. As soon as Rachel sits down, April gets up and leaves.

While this conversation is going on, the rest of the HGs are engaging in the weekly camera jocularity, with Howie as leader....Janelle/Beau/Howie sing the lesbian song while Ivette takes their picture. (Ivette is fine with this.)...Janelle tells Howie to get his d*ck off her....Howie jokes, "America—Janelle's boobies are real.....expensive."....Janelle says that today is Kaysar's birthday, so everyone yells, "Happy Birthday Kaysar."....Maggie joins the picture taking with Maggie/Beau/April/Jenn posing as if they have guns (making fun of the Maggie as a cop joke)....Ivette asks Janelle, Rachel, and Maggie when they get their periods, then says something like, "Maggie, you don't get periods." (Not sure where that came from.)

James has now gone to the Gold Room with Sarah, Jennifer, and April....Their conversation is mostly a repeat of the same old stuff......April looks like she's loving what James is saying. Jenn looks like she's not buying it....However, Jenn later tells James that she respects that he has made it clear whose side he is on, and why. Jenn says she can't stand that Rachel is playing down the middle. James is playing both sides.

At the patio table, Maggie and Rachel are talking about James....Rachel tells Maggie, "He's going to go back and forth now. I hope you know that. Maggie agrees....Rachel says that April is scared to death of (James). She wants April not to be scared of James and to compete. Rachel goes on to say that James was begging this morning, trying to get everyone to turn their votes.....Maggie replies, "Right. He's just he's just very good at what he does."....Rachel goes on that Sarah has been doing it, too—James has taught her. "(But with Sarah) you can tell when she's lying. She can't hide it, (James) can. Rachel says that's why she told Eric she wanted James gone, and made Eric that promise....Maggie says, "I know. That's why I won't question you. I would ask you to your face if I didn't believe you."....Maggie then tells Rachel about how James was just badmouthing Rachel and Howie....Beau joins the table to report that James in the Gold Room with Sarah/Jenn/April.

2:00 pm

At poolside, Rachel is venting to Janelle....It starts off with Rachel venting about how much she can't stand James, but digresses into a discussion of men and life in general....Janelle wants to fix Rachel up with her friend Kenny and Rachel is all for it.....Rachel then joins Ivette/Beau/Maggie at the patio table....They mention that James is in the Gold Room working on Jenn and April....Rachel says, "(James is) just trying to scare people. He's one person. Don't let him scare you. He has to go. We're 9 other people."

Meanwhile, in the Gold Room, James and April are making nice. April says, "Let's not talk bad about each other this week." (Ha! We'll see how long that lasts!)....Sarah interjects and says "James, you shouldn't talk bad about anyone in the house this week, not just April." (What fairy tale world is Sarah living in?)....April tells James that if Janelle or Rachel gets HOH, to please not run and kiss their *ss, "That's what starts all this cr*p." (Note: If you're interested in the detail of this conversation, there is a detailed update posted at 2:27 pm. I'm not summarizing it here because it's not covering new ground.)....At about 2:30 Janelle walks into the Gold Room and asks April to help her tie her bathing suit top. While Janelle is there, April says to James, "Well, we basically have an agreement that we don't like each other and I am okay with the fact that you will put me up and you understand that I will put you up. Let's make that a pact, and after it's all over we will all be friends." (LOL—April is something else.)

Janelle's appearance broke up the Gold Room party and they all go to other places in the house....We hear April complains that she needs cigarettes and real food, and that the DR won't give her Tums because they are not on the list of approved over-the-counter medications BB agreed to provide....Rachel asks April what James said in the Gold Room. April doesn't give details, just tells Rachel it was the same old stuff, except that she and James agreed not to call each other names anymore.....April says she's glad the week is over. Rachel is surprised. She says to April, "You are? You've got to understand we put our *sses on the line here—me, Howie, and Janelle. April says, "So did we, Rachel." Rachel says, "Yeah, but you don't understand...." then gives up and changes the subject.

Ivette joins the Jenn/April/Rachel/Maggie at the outside table....There is general conversation, including complaints about PBJ....Ivette says, "I have so many other things to worry about that PBJ is at the bottom of my list."....Then Ivette goes inside and joins James and Sarah in the Gold Room....James tells Ivette about a conversation he had with Janelle after he won the veto hinting that Sarah might not be going home. James also says that Janelle told him that April and Jenn were going to vote to evict Ivette because she and April were fighting....James says that Howie/Rachel/Janelle gave he and Sarah a sense of false hope...Sarah assures Ivette that she would never campaign against her....James tells Ivette, "Tell Maggie that if I get HOH next week, I will guarantee her safety."...Ivette says, "I'll know the truth after the votes. The votes should be 6-1. If it's 4-3, I'll know."....Sarah says, "I think it's gonna be 6-1, I think I scared them yesterday."...Sarah goes on "After I'm gone, have a conversation with April and Jenn, you can trust them."....Ivette says, "I never doubted them." (LOL)

At the outside table Maggie/Jenn/April/Ivette decide that they don't want anything said to Rachel or shared with her.....Ivette tells the group that James still trust her....Ivette delivers James' message that if he gets HOH, Maggie will be safe. Maggie tells Ivette to tell James, "F*ck you!"....April tells the group that Rachel told James that if she gets HOH, she will put up Maggie and Jennifer....April goes on to tell the group her version of how Howie/Rachel tried to convince April/Jenn to vote out Ivette.....Ivette says to Maggie, "Remember when Cappy said 'Don't piss in my ear and tell me it's raining.'" (Hmm, is Ivette not buying April's story?)

3:00 pm

Inside, Rachel is with Howie in the HOH room, saying how frustrated she is. She and Howie decide to go outside and get Jenn to see what she'll tell them....In the bathroom, Jenn tells Rachel she was acting like a b*tch yesterday and Jenn doesn't feel like talking to her.....Jen goes on to say "I am very mad at you for how you talked to April yesterday in the gym, she is my friend and I am very protective.".... Rachel says "I'm sorry if it was taken the wrong way." Jen says "I understand you're stressed, and we are all stressed, but that's not a good reason.....Jenn also accuses Rachel of not answering questions—skirting the truth. Rachel tells Jenn that she does the same thing. Jenn denies this and says she does answer questions and if she can't answer a question she says that.....Ivette and April come into the bathroom, and conversation stops. Rachel has a very distant look in her eyes. After Ivette uses the WC, she walks out, and Howie quips, "I love lesbian sex."

April and Ivette go into the barracks. April repeats her story once again of her conversation with James. April says that James can't lie that well, so he must be telling the truth....Ivette asks April if she ever thought of voting Ivette out....April says that she and Jenn were trying to gather information from Howie/Rachel so they told H/R "We'll think about (voting Ivette out)."....Ivette tells April that Janelle went into James and told him that she was going to make up the story about James and Ivette having a pact....The Rachel trashing begins again....April tells Ivette that if there are votes against Ivette, it's Rachel and Janelle voting against her to try to make it look like April/Jenn voted against Ivette.....Ivette says to April, "Don't forget the mastermind behind Howie is Rachel. If James is dirty, (Rachel) is just as dirty as he is. For James to survive, he's been a target forever, he's had to do what he did."

James comes in, and Ivette sends him off to the Gold Room....Beau arrives to say that Rachel and Janelle are in the HOH room. April offers to go up to the HOH room, but says she's scared, and they won't say anything in front of her....Maggie says that the group of five has to collect data and not share it with others.....Maggie and Beau go to the Gold Room (where James and Sarah are)....Howie is outside.

A little while later, Maggie comes outside where Jenn and Howie are sitting, and recounts her conversation with James/Sarah. Apparently Sarah insulted Maggie and James was trying to shut Sarah up...Maggie laughs, "(Sarah's) really ***** it up for him...Howie says, "Just do that. Let her talk and you listen.....Jenn tries to stick up for Sarah, saying, "She never knows what she's saying." Jenn also said that Sarah was joking—that Maggie made a joke and Sarah made one in return. (Note: It wasn't completely clear exactly what Sarah said to Maggie.)....Rachel, April, and Ivette now arrive at the BY table....Ivette complains that she has the worst bed and she is on the block.

Janelle and Maggie are in the kitchen....Janelle is taking capsules for colon cleansing—she's on Day 3.....They talk about how this is the worst week so far and neither of them are on the block.....Maggie doesn't like the fact that people say sh*tty things about people who aren't in the house anymore—Mike, Eric, Kaysar. She is especially upset about what James said about Eric... Maggie thanks Janelle for telling her that James thinks she's a cop because her hair looks like she's been wearing a hat. Maggie tells Janelle that Janelle was the reason she didn't lose her cool about the "cop thing"—otherwise she was going to address it.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Howie are talking. Rachel is upset and Howie is trying to calm her down.....They talk about ways to "backdoor" James....Elsewhere in the house, pretty much everybody but Maggie/Janelle is busy trashing Rachel.

4:00 pm

About 4:00 pm Howie is called to the HOH room....In the barracks April/Jenn/Beau are talking about America's Choice, and who will come back....Jenn thinks Kaysar is boring TV, so Michael or Eric will come back....Jenn says that she's been threatened that if Mike comes back she and April are targets....Jenn seems confident that Eric will come back. She says, "America always goes for the big sweetie. Eric! Family man, firefighter." (Eric a sweetie? Not in this lifetime.....).....Rachel comes into the barracks but Jenn pointedly ignores her and excludes her from the conversation.

Meanwhile, in the Gold Room, Sarah is talking to Ivette/James....Sarah is convinced that Rachel lives in Boca Raton because that's the biggest horse breeding place in the country. (I would have guessed Kentucky, but I know nothing about horse breeding.)...Ivette thinks it's weird that Rachel didn't get any pics when she was HOH...Sarah asks James, "Did you ever think we could ever spend this much time together for over a month, 24/7, and not be sick of each other?" James chimed in at the end of her sentence and finished it for her.

Ivette is now outside talking to Maggie. Ivette wants to know if Maggie thinks that Howie and Rachel are married. (Just 5 minutes ago James/Sarah had mentioned this to Ivette in the Gold Room.)....Maggie says she has entertained that thought, but if they are they've shown a lot of self-control......Ivette says that Rachel and Howie have kissed on the lips when they've won competitions.....Ivette is obviously excited about this idea, but Maggie says, "it's fun to talk about but it doesn't mean an damn thing--they're partners and that's all that matters.".....Inside, in the barracks, April just keeps yakking about the same old stuff. However, April and Beau don't think Howie really likes Rachel. (I guess they don't think Howie/Rachel are married.).....Outside, Maggie and Ivette's talk also turns into a Rachel-trashing session.

Janelle is exercising by the gumball machine and Rachel is talking to her....They talk about how they hate all the talk about Eric. Janelle says she is sure that America stood up clapping when Eric walked out the door. (You got that right, sister!)....Rachel says she is in a sh*tty mood—she was yesterday, too. She's tired of the whole thing. Rachel is obviously upset, and goes into the bathroom to blow her nose.....Janelle sees Rachel wiping her eyes, so she changes the subject, asking about Rachel's family, where her parents live, how she met Howie, etc.....For the record, Rachel's mom is in Arizona and her dad is in Michigan. She hasn't been home in a long time. She met Howie in Indiana when he was visiting his buddy Mike. Rachel was working in a restaurant, and she says she will never forget said that she did work in a restaurant and they met the way they described it. Rachel said she will never forget the night Howie came in the restaurant. Rachel says Howie "looked really hot" and he had on a red bandana. (Argh Rachel!) Janelle asks if Rachel wanted to date Howie before she dated Mike, and Rachel admits she did. Rachel says it was awkward, but "I was just some chick to (Howie)."....Janelle and Rachel sit at the dining room table while Janelle puts lotion on her arms.....Note: For whatever reason, the camera pans to Mike's picture on the wall....Janelle says it doesn't seem like just a week since Kaysar was in the house—it seems a long time. Rachel says that Kaysar was a strong player.

Speaking of cameras, around this same time, Ivette says to the camera, "Everyone likes a spicy Latina. Don't you?" and the camera pans sideways back and forth as if to say, "No!" (ROFL).....Despite the trashing she was doing moments earlier, Ivette comes into the house and makes casual conversation with Rachel, asking about family etc., talking about how much she hates PBJ....Rachel is still sitting at the DR table looking dejected....Janelle has gone outside...Practically everyone else is napping....Rachel and Ivette go outside.

5:00 pm

Outside, Ivette and Rachel continue to make casual conversation.....Ivette wants Eric back (no kidding) because he is funny and lightens the house up. (I swear, these people are talking about a different Eric).....Rachel tells Ivette, "Tomorrow, if you are not here, I will be surprised and disgusted at the same time. Ivette replies, "That is a good thing."....Rachel says that right now all the "He said, she said" is causing a lot of problems....They agree that tomorrow is a new day, particularly with someone coming back....Rachel says to Ivette, "I know you have had a couple of tough days."...Ivette replies, "I want my stuff should teach people. If you go up as pawn, they need to be comforted."...The conversation goes on in a similar vein.

Howie is finally done with his HOH blog....The rest of the HGs are scattered around the house, not much going on......The HGs talk about the returning HG. They say he will not know until just before he goes back into the house. They will rehearse all three of them separately, then right before they will line up all three in front of the BB house.

6:00 pm

There is still not much going on....Howie and Janelle are in the exercise room laughing....Rachel is doing dishes and none of the other HGs are talking to her....The camera does close-up of Ivette's Capi shirt...first the camera zooms on "forget" then "Capi" then "forget" again. (Does that means something? Probably just BB messing with out heads.).....Maggie and Ivette put their heads together and whisper game talk. It's hard to hear them...It sounds like Maggie is talking about April pushing her....They say they can't trust James or Rachel, but at least they know where James is coming from....Nothing new here.

7:00 pm

Just before 7:00 pm, Ivette/Beau/April go outside and sit on the hammock....Ivette is still obsessed with the idea that Rachel and Howie are married.....April is once again telling her story about the voting plan.....Maggie and Jenn join them on the hammock....More strategy talk.....They say they have proof that the other group went back on their word because they tried to get April/Jenn to vote out Ivette....April says that Howie/Rachel/Janelle will try to turn it around and say it was April/Jenn's idea. (Which it was—April suggested it.)

Sarah joins the hammock group. They try to grill her to find out who first came to her with the possibility of keeping her in the game. Sarah keeps her mouth shut for once and evades the answer......However, Sarah says, "I will tell you one thing: The whole 'Howie is stupid thing' is not true, Howie is very smart."....They ask Sarah why Rachel has been whispering to James, and Sarah says Rachel and James haven't had any strategy conversation—and she hasn't left James' side....April tells Sarah that Rachel has been saying bad things about her....Then the hammock group beckons James over....Sarah asks James if Rachel has said anything to him today...James replies, "After I voted, no, she hasn't said anything."

The conversation turns to other things as the HGs plan to go into the hot tub....April ponders why Adam and Eve had to eat the apple, because she wants to run around naked. (Thanks Adam and Eve for sparing us the sight of April naked!)...Before she gets in the hot tub, Ivette gives a shout out to her brother in prison and his fellow inmates.

8:00 pm

While the other HG are in the hot tub, Howie and Rachel sit by themselves on the grass and Howie massages Rachel's neck....They're both livid at James and the other team. The conversation is hard to follow, but there is no new content anyway. It's mostly Howie using the word f*ck a lot...They wonder if the next HOH will be endurance—they're sure that it's going to be tough....Rachel says she's going to go to bed early because she's depressed and Howie tells her she needs to pull out of it because she needs to be focused for the next HOH....Both Howie and Rachel think James would be good at endurance...Howie gets mad at Janelle drinking the night before a competition and messing up....Rachel says, "(Janelle's) 25."....Then Howie makes fun of Janelle's excitement that Michael may be coming back....Rachel says that Kaysar looked really good when he left, he was probably happy to be out.....Rachel says that she can't believe the viewers want to see (the friendship group). (I sure don't)....More game talk. More pep talk by Howie that Rachel needs to focus—be thinking positively, not negatively...The talk has been pretty quiet and rational but then Howie says, "They turned off the hot tub so they could listen to me." Howie yells over to the hot tub, " Sarah, go f*ck yourself you fat piece of sh*t."....Now Howie is on a rant again, using the f word over and over.

9:00 pm

Janelle and Maggie are talking. (I'm not sure where they are.)...Janelle tells Maggie she hasn't had sex in months. She thinks she's ovulating, because she's very horny. Maggie kiddingly tells Janelle, "Not having sex was piss-poor planning."....Some game talk. They're surprised there hasn't been more talk of going after partners....Maggie says she would never do BB again....Janelle says she hates all the talk...Maggie says she is a very independent person and is jealous of Janelle alone in the Gold Room.

The rest of the HGs have come inside....Ivette is in a towel and she and Howie are both saying, "I love boobies."...April says she has zits from stress—Beau checks them out...Beau gives Maggie lessons on how to do a facial....About 9:30 pm, BB makes the announcement, "Remember HGs, if you win the half million dollar prize, you will never have to eat peanut butter and jelly again." Howie quips, "Hell, if I go back to my $17,000 a year job, I never have to eat PB&J either."...Maggie wonders why BB said half a million and not a million dollars. (If Maggie had watched BB on the Internet in the past, she'd know that those BB announcements are tapes, and that tape has been used in previous BBs.)....Beau is in the shower. Howie peeks in to look at Beau's "chocolate pee pee," and says it's big. Ivette peeks and says it is shaved. Jenn peeks and runs screaming from the room. April says she can't peek because she's married, but she and Rachel go to peek at the same time, and scream and run away....The others ask April if her husband is bigger. April says she isn't going to say on national TV, but says she loves her husbands' penis...They compare Beau to a Pringle's can, and Rachel jokes, "Once you pop the top, you can't stop." More penis-related jocularity ensues. Beau is loving the attention.

Howie/Rachel/April go outside, where Janelle is walking around the backyard. (This is the second time—at least—that Janelle has done this today, besides her workouts in the exercise room.)...H/R/A tell Janelle that Beau's penis is 3"-4" wide and at least 7' to 9" when erect (according to Beau). (Now you know.)....Inside, in the barracks, James/Jenn/Rachel/Maggie/Sarah are talking about dreams...Rachel says she had a dream that someone had a baby boy and she had to take care of it...They talk about dreams where your teeth are loose or going to fall out. Jenn says that means you're lying or feel guilty about something. Ivette comes in the room and says it means someone is going to die. (Note: From what I've read, dreaming about losing your teeth means you feel like you're losing control.).

11:00 pm

Outside, Howie is by the washing machine sniffing panties that are waiting to be washed. Beau freaks out.....Nearby, Janelle is doing sit ups. She says she eats like a "f*cking trucker" and looks like she's three months pregnant.

12:00 Midnight

In the bathroom, Beau/Ivette/April are talking strategy. Same old stuff. April says that if there are any questions about the vote she will put her hand on the bible. (Enough of this swearing on the bible stuff. Sheesh.)....Sarah and James are playing chess in the Gold Room, without much talking.

1:00 am

James and Sarah are in bed cuddling, some kissing....James tells Sarah he is happy she is leaving the house... Sarah says to James how crazy it would be if he hooked up with Maggie because she also doesn't have a partner.... Sarah says she hates how everyone keeps telling her how she doesn't belong in the house, suggesting she's a "sucky" player. James tells Sarah it means she would have been the best player if she wasn't with him. (Give me a break.)....Miscellaneous talk about why they both need the money. James tells Sarah some things to do when she gets home....Sarah asks James, "Do you really think you will love me for the rest of your life?" James replies, "Yeah, if you don't **** it up." (What a romantic guy—I hope he was kidding.)....Sarah doesn't want to go to sleep, but James says he needs his strength for tomorrow.

In the bathroom, Janelle and Howie are also talking about what they'd do with the money...Among other things, Janelle would have her breasts reduced from a C to a B so they'd look more natural...Of course, this sparks more boobie talk from Howie. Howie says that Rachel has a great body for a 32-year old, and ten years ago she was great....Howie thinks Jenn has nice boobies for a petite girl, but Janelle thinks Jenn is too short...Howie/Janelle make fun of April for not wanting HOH this week—saying she wants it next week. Why wouldn't she want to assure her safety?...Then they make fun of Ivette for wanting everyone to throw it so she can evict Janelle....They make fun of Beau for being out of the HOH comp on the first question two weeks in a row.....Then Howie and Janelle share silly banter—not game stuff. Howie kids Janelle that Michael will "finger bang" her when he comes back....Janelle gets tired of the cameras following her wherever she goes.....They speculate on whether viewers like them. Janelle thinks viewers like Howie but not her. Howie asks Janelle if viewers like him better than Cappy and Janelle says, "Hell, yeah."....Janelle thinks Jenn is insecure and thinks it's strange that she goes around doing everyone's nails.

2:00 am

Howie and Janelle are still up talking....Janelle asks what Rachel's previous boyfriends were like...Howie says "Keep this between you and me, I don't want to ruin Rachel's image in front of America, but she is attracted to prestige and power."....Howie says he wasn't that close to Rachel and hadn't seen her for a year and a half....Janelle asks, "Does Rachel like you?" Howie doesn't think so. Then Janelle asks Howie if he likes Rachel. Howie says, "I don't want to say one way or another...She's pretty etc."....At some point in this conversation, Janelle tells Howie that Rachel told her she'd always liked Howie, and Howie is very interested to hear this....Janelle presses Howie some more....She asks Howie if he'd date Rachel outside the house. Howie says he'd take her to the movies....Then Janelle asks Howie if he wants to kiss Rachel. Howie says it's like Janelle and Michael, she won't do anything because of the cameras...Janelle asks Howie if he will tell Rachel he loves her when they get out of the house. Howie says he isn't going to go that far. He says he will bang her and see if that works. "It's like a test drive, no point in wasting money on dinner unless the banging is good." (Oh Howie, what gal could resist an invitation like that?).

There is more miscellaneous conversation, about Michael's cars and about being a meteorologist...Howie goes to take a shower.

3:00 am

Howie and Janelle are still awake in the HOH room talking about nothing in particular....Everyone else is asleep....About 3:20 Janelle rolls over to sleep. Howie listens to his CD for a bit, then goes to sleep, too.

Night night little hammies—I'm glad it's you and not me stuck in that crazy house. I sure hope it's Kaysar who comes back, but frankly with the house so nuts, Kaysar would be better off going home.