Seems everyone is asleep, though sounds of movement can be heard, nothing on camera as yet.

Rachel is finally awake and starts her morning workout, bathroom, eating breakfast routine. She is cleaning up the kitchen/dishes. Once more Rachel talks to the only good conversationalist in the house...herself. It's 9:30am before anyone else wakes up. It seems the cameramen have a sense of humor, they keep focusing on Ivette's shirt as she sits, which looks like "cappy forget" or "forget cappy" something along those lines.

Ivette and Rachel are chatting in the kitchen, Ivette is making nice, right up to the point where she starts to imply there was some reason that Rachel should be upset that Janelle's key was placed before Rachel's. Rachel mentions that BB was an opportunity she could not pass up, especially when she didn't choose it for herself. [Howie was the one that applied?]

Rachel goes up to HOH room to wake Howie. She tells Howie he has to move his stuff out of the HOH soon. They talk about who might be the one coming back in tonight. Howie seems to think if Michael comes back that Janelle will be getting some. Rachel would be happy with either Michael or Kaysar especially if they ended up with HOH. Howie makes fun of how Janelle laughs. They talk about not having gone to bed until 4:30 and not wanting to get up.

Howie tells Janelle she should be on the Price is Right, after her great job hosting the veto competition. He mimics her saying "Howie you have 16 pieces of candy". Howie is not pleased that Rachel woke them up so early. Howie tells Howie the ten tips for nudie sex and talks about Michael or himself finger banging Janelle. [Howie, your classless conversation amazes even me]

Downstairs there is cleaning and bed making going on, normal preshow preparations. Ivette makes a comment about Janelle's stuff taking up so much room and how she is not the only princess. Beau announces "I'm the princess!" [As if we needed to be told this?] James tells Ivette that he feels tonight the HOH competition will be endurance and that Maggie and Beau are safe.

Janelle just lost at chess against James, she is not happy. Howie and Ivette are cleaning the HOH room out. Jennifer is putting away clothes, while James talks about his body shaving. [a habit btw, I think is incredibly vain unless one does it to remove a hair-shirt]. Janelle on the treadmill now. The fiendship is discussing the HOH competition and say not to let Rachel talk them into quitting if it is endurance. They think if it comes down to just them, Maggie should give it to Beau, Ivette or Jennifer since none of them have had anything special.

April is whining about her period, cramps, she has the runs... thus she feels she will be no help on the HOH competition. As Beau irons a pair of pants for April, he finds something he erroneously identifies as "clitty litter" but later says might be glue when April tells them they are brand new pants. [Someone going commando may have tried those on before you April]

15 minutes of Fish

The primping for the show has begun, Howie tries to decide whether to gel his hair or wear a hat. Rachel, Ivette and Beau try to decide what to wear, they were told by BB to wear something comfortable. Beau is giving Maggie fashion advice. [He is actually hoping those guys on "What Not to Wear" might give him a job after he finishes with BB]. Maggie wants to wear black pants in case she has to pee in them later. [Way to think ahead to that ten hour endurance competition]

April and Maggie discussing watching Jan, Rachel and Howie when the vote is read. I guess they are expecting some sort of reaction. Beau is upset about the chanel face stuff being used up, April in classic fashion deflects the blame to another. [Remember those bracelets wonder woman had? April has a full body thing of that for deflecting responsibility] April goes to the DR to ask BB to review the tapes and see who has STOLEN Beau's face stuff.

Ivette finds her hair dryer, Maggie finds her toothbrush on the floor.

2:44pm Fish for about a half hour.

Lots of primping before the show, Howie is making a pest of himself in the WC while Jennifer and Maggie try to get ready. April, Ivette and Sarah are discussing periods. Chit chat about all sorts of stuff, including politics and which politicians they like best. Sarah threatens Jennifer that if she touches James after she [Sarah] has left, she is going after Dan [Jennifer’s bf].

Howie is in the shower and now they are playing a repeat of last night's peek-a-beau game, but now it's peek-a-howie. Howie insists the shower is cold...[must allow for shrinkage]. James tries to gain sympathy by calling himself a "dead man walking". Sarah has chosen to wear a dress that apparently is a bit ambitious for her body. She doesn't seem to have enough to hold it up without support from her hands occasionally tugging it back up.

Rachel lurks near Maggie, Beau and Ivette who are whispering. [Probably about how much they hate it when Rachel lurks and eavesdrops]. Maggie, Beau and Ivette talk strategy about who they will put up for nomination if they win HOH, James and Rachel, then putting up Janelle if POV is used, but James is the target. Beau and Ivette sing and dance for everyone in the bedroom, amazing everyone with their expansive cultural knowledge. James tries to add his two cents but they send him off with change in his hand.

Ivette asks Beau if her moustache is visible, April assures her it is. Beau interrupts Howie massaging Janelle and tells everyone it's time to gather in the living room. More chit chat as everyone finally makes there way to the living room, at 4:55pm they are told it is showtime and the feeds go to fish.

[Live Show] Sarah is evicted and Kaysar is the one that returns. HoH is endurance and will most likely go on till morning.

When the feeds come back on, the houseguests are sealed in their glass cage, but no one has filled the water bottle or put food in the bowl. They have however let lose dozens of hungry buzzing flies. For those wanting to know every word that was said, I suggest you read the updates boards because this is hours and hours of inane chatter. I will try to hit the highlights.

For a long time it is just chatter about who wants to win, what is in the boxes, seems one of the boxes is moving which kinda creeps them out a little. Then finally BB tells them that one of the boxes contains a martini bar and another has a 42 inch plasma television. At some point James' red light burns out, at first making us think he is out of the competition but no...just a burnt out bulb.

At about five hours into the competition, a green box is opened and it has dead fish in it, the wheel of boxes begins to spin ensuring the smell gets evenly distributed around the pressure cooker. They are suffering the smell of the dead fish, the flies landing on them and the close proximity to each other. At around midnight, the six hour mark in the competition, BB declared the pb&j to be over with and the storage room was filled with food.

April did not believe it so Howie went inside and returned a while later with a bucket of food, a cucumber, beer, wieners, etc and start tossing things around the yard. It was annoying the hamsters because they were worried he would ruin the food.

As Howie is tossing food around like a drunken monkey, someone's light goes out and Howie is called to the DR, he returns and announces Beau has been eliminated [6 hours and 25 minutes]. Beau opens a box and wins the martini bar, but he cannot leave the box until two more people quit. Beau is allowed to sit and relax now though. Beau does not look happy about having to wait around until two more people are out.

Howie says if BB wakes him before 2pm someone better be dead. Rachel gets annoyed with Howie's drunken behavior. April does a survey to see who really wants to win HoH. James tells them all he promised Sarah he would win this competition so he is not leaving until BB tells him to get the fuck out. At the seven hour mark, Beau is still the only one out, he is complaining that he did not kneel down and that he is only out because he is black. [Three different feed watchers spotted his knee on the floor the moment it happened]

So far Beau has put up Ivette's hair, massaged Maggie's hand, tied up Maggie's sweater and April asked him to tie her shoe. April wants to let Ivette have it for her anniversary. Beau announces "Just so you know, I'm getting HoH next week". When Kaysar says you say that every week Beau claims he has thrown those. Howie reminds Beau he is usually the first one out of competitions. Beau says he didn't throw this competition, he was cheated because he is a gay black American.

Beau asks if two others will give up so they can get out. April says they haven't eaten in seven days and her tampon... well let's just say she is not feeling springtime fresh. Everyone cuts her off mid sentence. They start talking about toxic shock syndrome and Maggie goes into specifics about what happens to the body and such. At 3:01am Janelle is out, she claims she did nothing wrong.[7 hours 10 minutes]. Janelle chooses the red box and wins the plasma television, DVD player, and a membership to Netflix [DVD rental company].

Beau is getting drunk, Janelle is bored and tired, no one else looks willing to drop yet. BB tells Beau to stop singing and Beau tells BB to "shut the fuck up". Janelle is getting drunk too, she broke some part of Beau's set, he has cut her off, she is not taking it well at all. April has to pee, holding herself and starting to do the pee-pee dance.

Beau and Janelle are both toasted, tired and hungry but still no third person. Beau is stumbling around in the cage, Ivette scolds him because apparently she has to pee. It has now been 8 hours and it is 1:45 am there. They are trying to talk Janelle into giving up her TV to one of them if they let go, so she can get out of the box. She doesn't seem all that concerned. Janelle keeps snapping at Beau for being a "whining bitch". Beau is being possessive of his alcohol now, of course Janelle told him he was drinking something only white trash drinks.

April seems to want a promise she won't be nominated if she lets go. Janelle offers her pb&j pass for when it is needed to get someone to let go. Howie keeps taunting Beau about throwing HoH competitions. Howie asks BB if there are anymore prizes. April was very close to talking herself into leaving the box, but Maggie talked her into staying. Beau keeps talking about peeing into the box of dead fish. Beau ended up choosing to pee into the empty alcohol bottles, but is missing and peeing on his hand a little. Kaysar said Beau splashed some on him.

2:23am April lets go and is out [8 hours 31 minutes] April chooses a box and wins 3000 dollars. She, Janelle and Beau can now leaves the box. Maggie has her constipated look, April quit and now has gotten a bunch of money...this just gets better all the time. When the box opens, the three run out quickly before it locks again. Jenn asks April if they are going shopping and April says no, she needs the money to pay bills. Jenn tells April "Go change your tampon bitch".

Jennifer whines about her miserable life and then tells those who still might be HoH that all the fun people have left. Rachel and Maggie discuss if the three remaining boxes have prizes or not. Maggie says this would have been so much easier if people trusted each other, Jennifer says for her its not a matter of trust, it that two more people have to let go before she could leave.

2:39am Howie has just come out and told them they have to pick one hand and stick to that hand for the rest of the competition. [up till now they have been able to switch hands]. April thinks Maggie is livid at her and that she believes April quit on purpose [I think she did too]. They have to put the hand they are not using at their side, no using it to hold the competition hand in place. Jennifer is asking how long it takes fly larva to turn into maggots, Kaysar tells her 9 and half hours.

Jennifer talks about quitting and that her family would be proud of her, Maggie shoots her an angry glare. At the 9 hour mark, we still have Maggie, Jennifer, Ivette, Rachel, James and Kaysar. James talking about why he wants HoH, if he had gotten it last week, she would still be here. Kaysar says he cannot let America down, this is for all those who clicked and double clicked. James says "and here’s to all your friends who hacked the computer". Apparently James does not believe America wanted Kaysar back in the house.

Howie and Beau are carrying on in the yard right in front of James, just to mess with him. They pass the 9 hour mark, Maggie, James and Ivette looking tired, Jennifer says she has played Nintendo longer than this, give her a real challenge. They have now broken the BB endurance record as they pass the 10 hour mark.

3:50am Maggie starts begging everyone for a promise of safety if she lets go, Rachel and Jennifer agree. Kaysar asks what deals were made while he was gone, no one seems to want to address that question. Kaysar really wants to know what happened during the last week, still no one wants to tell him. Maggie is once more wanting to let go.

4:16am After 10 hours 23 minutes Ivette switches hands and is out. Ivette claims she doesn't care about the game at all but she is crying. She chooses the black box which has an air horn inside it. Rachel suggests giving it to Kaysar, he is unbiased. Howie says that April will give a 100 dollars to each one that walks out.

4:30am Both James and then Maggie quit voluntarily after 10 hours 37 minutes. James opens the silver box and gets pizza. He says Ivette has taught him something. Maggie's box has rotten eggs in it. Maggie, James and Ivette get to leave the box. Maggie tells Rachel and Kaysar since they have both had HoH before, they should let Jennifer have it. Jennifer is crying. Jennifer is trying to get Kaysar to let go but he is not falling for it, especially after looking at Janelle who shakes her head no at him.

Beau is prattling on at Kaysar and finally Kaysar asks someone to tell Beau to be quiet. Ivette and James are making deals in the GR, that it is Ivette and James to the end now. 4:43am Rachel's finger slips off the button after 10 hours 50 minutes. Rachel says "fuck" and notices her light did not go out, asks if she is still in and then realizes she it out. Kaysar refuses to let Jennifer just have the HoH.

Kaysar tells Jennifer that he's sorry, but he has to follow his gut and stick it out. Jennifer asks what time it is and Rachel tells them it is 5:00am. James it talking trash about Rachel and chatting it up with Ivette. Jennifer is telling Kaysar about the food competition. Jennifer is complaining and cussing like a sailor. Howie is telling Kaysar he is making America proud. Howie is called to the DR and emerges with three new rules, no squatting, no touching the glass, no falling asleep or closing your eyes for more than three seconds.

7:31am As they now approach hour 14, Jennifer and Kaysar are both stubbornly hanging in there, Kaysar wants to go for a full day. Kaysar and Jennifer make a deal, Jennifer will nominate Beau and Ivette in an effort to backdoor James. Kaysar lets go at 13 hours 53 minutes and Jennifer wins HoH.

Beau - 6 hours 25 minutes - martini bar
Janelle - 7 hours 10 minutes - plasma tv/dvd player/netflix card
April - 8 hours 31 minutes - three thousand dollars cash
Ivette - 10 hours 23 minutes - air horn
James - 10 hours 37 minutes - pizza
Maggie - 10 hours 37 minutes - rotten eggs
Rachel - 10 hours 50 minutes - no box
Kaysar - 13 hours 53 minutes - no box, but a deal with Jennifer
Jennifer wins HoH!