8:00 AM

This morning starts like no other. Rachel isn’t the only one up for once, they all are and have been all night! The HOH endurance competition ended at 7:45 this morning with Jennifer winning the coveted position as HOH. As soon as the competition was over, Jen went inside, wrapped in a blanket and was lying on the couch in the LR. Naturally the rest of the girls are fawning over her telling her what a great job she did and trying to feed her water like she was just rescued off a sinking boat. Maggie sitting near Jen says they will spend all of their time in the HOH and Maggie will tell her who to put up ‘and it won’t be any of us’. The HG’s make breakfast for everyone; Howie brings Jen her pancakes and asks her if he is safe…there was no answer from Jen. Once Howie walked away, April said to Jen “You did awesome! I'm so proud of you!” Jen: “I was cutting deals out there left and right, now I just have to decide if I'm going to stick to them.” (Just a reminder that Jen swore on her life to Kaysar that she will put up Beau and Ivette in order to back door James.)

Jen is in the DR, getting her keys to HOH. While they are eating and talking Maggie says “Do you think Jen wants to sleep by herself or will she mind if we sleep up there with her?” April says she's not sure, but lets it be known that ‘she’ is her partner. Maggie tells April they can rotate who sleeps on the floor in HOH. James is asleep right now, I think Beau is sleeping and Janelle is just heading in to go to sleep. Most of them are still sitting together and April asked Kaysar why he let go. Kaysar said “Because Jen wanted it.”

Rachel tells Kaysar about the t-shirt campaign and about the America’s Choice video messages. She said that Eric’s was awful, Mike’s was all spliced up but turned out OK and that Kaysar looked hot. Kaysar tells Rachel she has to tell him if she and Howie hooked up. Rachel says no way, it won’t happen. She says that Ivette and Beau are trying to set them up but they're just friends, she's always liked Howie except when he talks crudely to her.

9:00 AM

Maggie has come back in to the LR now with her PJ’s on. Rachel and Kaysar are talking about the competition and Kaysar said it was important to stay in the competition longer than James. Kaysar says he wanted to protect Rachel & Howie (by making Jen promise to back door James if Kay let go). Rachel thanks him ‘because Janie screwed that up’. When Rachel and Kay got up to leave, Maggie, who appeared to be out cold, opened one eye to see that they were gone.

Jennifer entered her new domain at 9:30 AM. She was screaming and most of the HG’s went to see what her HOH was like. Jen got underwear, a pillow, some caramello’s, a Jessica Simpson CD, a picture of Dan (everyone saying how cute he is). James snuck in for a second, doesn't crack a smile, gives curt congratulations, sees the picture of Dan, and then quickly leaves HOH. For just a minute April and Jen were alone in HOH and April was expressing how happy she was that won $3,000, Jen says “I’m so pissed! I love everything I got but, I really could have used $3,000. We really need to start taking out the other couples. There are only three left.” April says “I know.” Howie and Ivette finally came up to see what was going on; Howie is just out of the shower. Just before 10:00 the girls are ready to get some sleep in HOH, so Howie leaves.

Now in HOH Jenn is saying she wants to put up Rachel and Janelle. She says she has to honor her deal with Howie and Kaysar, but she will not put up people from her own team. Then the plan is to back door James. She says she loves this idea, and she doesn't care who she pisses off, she doesn't care about the game or winning, she just wants to make it to sequester, then she says ‘forgive me BB’. April agrees with Jen that they shouldn’t have to put their own people up to back door James.

10:00 AM

Jen and April are alone in HOH on the bed talking. Jen wonders where everyone is. April said something about Maggie being in the DR (but she is asleep on one of the couches). April says they've been up for 20 hours and have to at least take a 3 hour nap because nominations are tonight. There is a bed of sorts made up on the HOH floor, but no one else has joined them.

Finally most of the ‘friendship’ is in HOH (no Maggie yet). They talk about not liking Rachel and the deals that were tossed around last night. Jen says that Rachel kept saying in the pressure cooker, not to trust anyone. Jen says “Maybe I will put up one of theirs and one of ours.” April interrupted and said “No! You have to tell them you will put 2 of theirs up; we shouldn’t have to use any of our people.” Jen agrees and goes on about not caring about the promises she made, she thinks she was safe because she lasted as long as she did and she earned respect. Jen says “Kaysar wants James out, but doesn't want to put up his own people.” Ivette calls Rachel a wench; and says Howie said he would be fine without his partner here. Jen complains that Janelle wouldn't let Kaysar talk to her “Janelle was writing stuff on the glass to him.” Ivette says Janelle was staring them down.

Jen went downstairs to take out her contacts and Ivette starts to cry, she misses her Maggie and will miss their anniversary. She says she wanted to win for her brother. He always tells her how strong she is, April tried to give Ivette encouraging words, that if she doesn’t get a card for her anniversary they will try to se if they can help her win HOH. Jen is back now, Maggie is up there in her bed on the floor and it seems like everyone is asleep at 11:00 AM.

12:00 NOON

Most everyone is asleep. Beau and James each got up to get something from the kitchen. In the HOH, you can hear April saying ‘omg, omg, omg’ while she is sleeping.

Howie can be heard in the DR

At around 12:30 Howie and Beau were up and Howie was in the DR. We could hear part of the audio of Howie talking about the HOH competition and he said he wasn’t just watching it, but he was a part of it. You could then hear them ask him about Janelle winning the plasma TV. Then you can hear Howie refer to it as the ‘James-Buster Competition’ since they were all shooting for the same goal of getting him out. (Note: Kaysar is waking up and can hear Howie in the GR)

They asked Howie what his reaction was when James gave up and Howie said ‘it was a big, big sigh of relief’. Then the DR asked Howie what he thought of Jen winning and he said if Jen gets James out like they all want, then good for ‘Jen, Jen’. When they asked Howie how he feels about the up coming nominations, he says he feels comfortable, even if he is used as a pawn, and then he says “ask me again after the veto competition.” Howie says “I have to believe Jen wants to get James out of here. I'll try to talk to Jen and she'll get some good advice from Kaysar, right now it’s in Jen's best interest to go with the house to get James out.” BB says “Thanks Howie.” Howie says thanks back to BB.

1:00 PM

Howie is out of the DR and the feeds are quiet once again. Rachel is the only one up and she is cleaning the kitchen.

At around 2:00 Howie and Jen were getting up. Howie and Rachel were in the bathroom and Howie is saying that if all goes as planned and James is out, it will have worked out perfect. He says last night was so intense. Rachel says everyone knew they were fighting for their lives. They talk of how out of drunk and out of control Beau was and that he almost knocked the wall down where Jen was holding her button. Howie goes to use the toilet and leaves the door open. Rachel says “Howie, seriously, you are on camera.” Howie says ‘Oh yea, sorry’ and shuts the door. Once he is out, Rachel said she felt so sorry for little Jen, that she just wanted pictures and that she also only wants to make it another week to go to sequester. Rachel says that Jen has no money and no job and has credit card debt. They say that once James was done, that Maggie let go so Jen could win.

Rachel said that at the end of the competition, she wanted to hug Jen, but she was clinging to Kay (for like 5 minutes) and then everyone else came inside the cage. Howie says that BB originally thought it was Kaysar that won, and told him to give him his key. Howie told them no, it was Jen that won so BB said 'ok, then give the key to Jen'. Howie surmises that BB fell asleep.

3:00 PM

Almost everyone is up by now and BB has ‘NOMINATIONS TODAY’ on the monitor. Ivette is complaining about her being eliminated last night because she switched hands. Jennifer is talking about how her boobies won her HOH and how she rested them on the pressure cooker railing.

Beau and Ivette are in the kitchen. She told him earlier that they need to talk. Now she tells him that as long as they are in the house together that he cannot drink.

Rachel and Kaysar are in the bedroom. Kaysar says he feels awful (he sounds like a cold is coming on; Howie earlier said he had a sore throat.) Rachel says something about nominations and he tells her not to worry about it, he made a deal with Jen. Rachel can only hope she does what she said she would.

Janelle came into the bedroom now and Rachel tells Kaysar “They told me last week that it will be Howie and I on the block this week.” Janelle says “if they don’t put up two of their own, we are screwed. They were counting on Eric coming back in.” Rachel says “I know.” Kaysar says he says he thinks that America likes the 4 of them more then the others. He says “I have a feeling we have a lot of fans. BB asked me and I said ‘the first thing I was going to do when I go back in is keep my mouth shut’.

Kaysar says “You guys let them push you around too much.” Janelle: “I know we did, even April was threatening me.” Kaysar: “Are you SERIOUS?” Jan: “YES! It was Howie's week last week but it didn't seem like it because they were calling the shots.” Kaysar says “Last night, after you guys talked to me, Maggie was like, ‘I have to tell you what happened last week’, and I said ‘not now, Maggie’.” Janelle: “James thinks the 3 of us were dumb and we made a mistake. I don't know if he believes it.” Kaysar says “He doesn't, he doesn't believe a single thing. For James it’s all based on your body language, not what you say. He gets by on sheer luck, he’s barely got by. He is not going to get by every single time, I am sorry.” Kaysar says he had hours and hours of conversation with Jen.

Janelle still talking to Kaysar (mocking James) “This is the dumbest move in BB history", she says he was crying. Kaysar is talking about James' swearing allegiance to the Sovereign group, and then “he goes right up there and sells us out! For what? I knew this was going to happen. That he was going to say whatever he wants and manipulate.”

Kaysar is talking about his week in sequester. He said it was in a ghetto looking place, nice on the outside but not so on the inside. Howie asked if he was in California the whole time, but Kaysar couldn’t say. He told them he saw Michael and Eric for the first time last night. Kay says there is added pressure knowing that the millions of people who voted are expecting something better of you now that you have a second chance. He says he is humbled and glad to be back.

There’s no talking strategy in this HOH!

Most all the friendship gang is in the HOH. Maggie says to Jen "So are we going to talk about what you're doing with the nominations today?” Jen says no, she says she has always respected what the HOH decision has been in the past. She said “When Maggie was HOH and we all talked about it, we went back and forth between Kaysar and James and Maggie ended up doing what she wanted anyway. The HOH knows what they want to do.” Maggie says “Yeah, but I still talked to you guys about it.” Jen says “Yeah but you weren't standing, holding a button for 14 hours.”

Jen said “people will not be happy after nominations. I will sit down and talk respectfully to everyone afterwards, but I doubt it will be reciprocated.” Maggie left ‘since there is nothing to discuss’ and Jen says “I’m going down in a blaze of glory.” April: “So much for staying under the radar.”

4:00 PM

Earlier James was telling Ivette “What you do not realize is that I have not been doing awful things. Everything you hear is coming from sources that are not reliable. Jen and April go for what’s in their best interest every week and someone needs to separate it.” Now back in the HOH with everyone but Maggie and Ivette is telling them “it's very easy to put all the blame on James and that’s not how it should be, I really don’t think James will come after us.” There talk soon turned to trashing Janelle, saying that Jan was wondering if Mike has money and April says I told her that it's not all about money, it's about love.”

In HOH still and April is telling them “Janelle was writing on the glass ‘We don't want to be pawns’, I told her that I would do my best to make sure she wasn't a pawn, maybe Rachel, but that it was up to Jen of course. Hopefully she gets what she deserves, you know?”

April and Jen are alone now. April asks Jen “You are putting up Rachel and Janelle, right?” Jen says “I am not going to say”. April: “You aren't going to say anything about Rachel and them trying to get Ivette out are you? We need to cover our a** on that.” Jen says "I am not going to be mean." April: “You just have to be careful about how you say it.” Jen says “At this point I will be sequestered, which is what I wanted, but now it's like, one more thing, one more thing, you get greedy. I don't want to be sequestered all by myself!”

4:30 PM

Everyone is on lock down outside, including Jen. Maggie mad about Eric not coming back looks at the camera and says (sarcastically) “Way to go America, thanks for being nice to me. What a slap in the face.”

James and Ivette are talking and James is telling Ivette that he was dating 3 girls at the same time when he met Sarah. He says at one time he dated like 6 girls at once, he says he did not believe in love. He said Sarah was the first girl he could trust. James says Sarah had 3 days notice to come with him to BB. He said she gave up everything and did it for him. He says they will probably marry in the future.

For a while the talk is idle and about family and non-game specific things. Lockdown ends and Kaysar is called to the DR.

5:00 PM

Maggie says to Jen “so should we talk before we aren’t friends anymore?” Jen says something like “I don’t know should we?” Maggie has brought up nominations several times and Jen will not talk about it. Maggie tells Jen “this power sure is going to your head.”

Around 5:30 Kaysar asks Jen if she knows who she is putting up. She says “yes, but I am not going to say.” April whines “she won’t even tell me!” Jen confirms this “I’m not telling anyone in the group.” April jokes that she hopes she will play in the veto competition tomorrow, since she is the only one that hasn’t gotten to.” Jen then says “I want to win veto, not to be greedy, but so my nominations stand.” (Kaysar is not sure what to say to this, although I am sure he is wondering what happened to the ‘back door’ plan.)

Maggie and Ivette can’t get over the fact that America didn’t choose Eric. Ivette says Kaysar is still a huge threat. Maggie says “The fact that he won America's heart, there has to be something that we are not seeing. The fact that they didn't vote for Eric has to mean something.” Ivette says “How could you not pick a fireman? How could you not pick someone so great? YouknowwhatIamsaying?” Maggie says that BB tried to get her to talk about it last night, but she wouldn’t. Ivette and Maggie are still talking on the hammock and Ivette says “I am so tired of fighting for everything.” Maggie: “Yeah and you see these people with incredible luck.”

6:00 PM

Maggie and Ivette are still on the hammock and Maggie says that Janelle was good, “last night she could read our lips in the reflection.”

Howie and Kaysar are chatting now. Howie is filling in Kay on how the Americas Choice was presented to them. Then Howie says “We have to get James the f*** out of here.” Kaysar says “Absolutely.” Howie says “Jen & April were this close to voting out Ivette, but when Sarah and James started showing their true colors, I knew they were dangerous players and there was no way Rachel and I were going to become their targets. Kaysar says “James doesn't quit dude, the same lies he told that got him in all this trouble, he's doing it again, Dude.

Howie and Kaysar still talking and Kaysar says “By me leaving, it was a perfect thing. I came back relaxed. Let’s say somebody else left, like Sarah, who do you think would've come back?” Howie says “Eric” Kaysar: “Yes, so it worked out perfect.” Howie says “We'll know after the veto, it’s going to be a good week, let's finish it off.” Kaysar says “You should've seen the look on Eric's face, he just looked down. I think he really thought he played so clean, and then to see America backed me….”

At 6:30 Jen was called to the DR and everyone was on lock down outside.

James and Ivette are on the hammock; James is working her hard to get him to side with him. James says that Rachel is the scariest player. Ivette says it’s Janelle, she gets everything she wants. James still says that Rachel is the bigger threat. James said he would love to see Howie and Rachel nominated, he says he will be very disappointed if he is put up again. Ivette hopes that Beau doesn’t become too close to the others (like he did last night drinking with Janelle). James says he knows he is being nominated because April didn’t look at him all day today. James tells Ivette that they (the Sovereign) are evil.

Everyone else besides James and Ivette are laughing talking about the HOH competition and Beau being drunk. Maggie was making fun of Beau asking “who took my cocktail?” and Maggie says “Um, we all have our hands on the button!” April says to Beau “you called me a pancake ass!” Beau says he doesn’t remember. They are all laughing and having fun.

Nomination Ceremony – Janelle and Rachelle are nominated

It didn’t take long before we come back to Janelle saying “I hate her, she is a sneaky little c***!” Rachel saying “I had a feeling this would happen.” Kaysar is throwing his hat around in the GR. Howie is telling Rachel and Janelle to not worry and focus on getting the veto. Rachel says “Even with the veto only one of us can come off the block!” Howie says “they will still go for James.” Howie is trying to encourage the girls to be smart "be a player right now". Jan says “let's all go sing Girl Scout songs right now”. They leave the GR for a while.

8:00 PM

Just before 8:00 Jan, Howie, Kaysar and Rachel are back talking in the GR. Rachel says "I told you, she hates us.” Janelle says “she hates us because she is short and ugly.” Rachel tells Janelle “they will keep you over me.” Howie says “They're doing exactly what we would've done if we won. They want sequester house. Let’s just win tomorrow.” Howie is begging Kaysar to calm down. He says to Kaysar “Don't give them a reason to vote out Janelle or Rachel. Don’t give them a reason to change their mind about the back door thing.” Kaysar says “Okay, Okay.” (He is very angry). Rachel says “I feel like I just gave myself to her. I told you, I think she's working with James.”

Meanwhile, James was up in the HOH with Jen suggesting that she consider him an ally. He says he feels confident going up against either Janelle or Rachel and says they are evil. Jen wasn’t saying much. James tells her he understands why she had to make the deal to get HOH; he feels honored that so much time has been spent trying to get rid of him. “It’s taken 5 weeks so far.” (In this conversation James does mention and therefore confirms that Kaysar can not be put up this week.) James asks Jen if he can just stay in HOH for a while, because he has people snickering at him both in the bathroom and the GR. Jen says “that’s fine.”

Back in the GR, Howie is the only sane person there; Kaysar, Rachel, and Janelle want to confront the friends for not sticking to the deal. Howie is still pleading with them to keep quiet, otherwise they will go back on their word to get rid of James and put up one of them instead.

Meeting on the HOH

Kaysar, ignoring Howie’s recommendation to leave things be, went to Jen and asked for a meeting with her in the HOH. Kaysar says “I asked you for 4 hours straight ‘are we clear, are we clear, yes we are, yes we are’…..Jen says “did you really trust me after you said it fifty times?” Kaysar says “Yes I did, I was just playing around. If I didn't trust you I wouldn't have let go. That is the issue. It’s like you are laughing at me, like I shouldn't have trusted you.” Jen said she's not laughing at him and will explain when he finishes what he has to say. Jen is saying that she misunderstood Kaysar's wishes, and instead of saying ‘are we clear? Or are we on the same page?’ a bunch of times he should have just been straight up about what he wanted her to do and be more specific.

Jen tells Kaysar that she couldn’t go with what he wanted, because they almost lost Ivette as a ‘pawn’ last week and he wasn’t here. Kaysar says “that makes more sense.” She says that Rachel, Howie and Janelle tried to get us to vote Ivette out so how can I trust your group? I trust you completely. Jen confirms that her focus here is to back door James.

Jen swears to God they didn't introduce idea of Ivette’s eviction ‘on purpose’ because they're not malicious. “But even if they DID, Howie and the rest of them ran with it and told the whole house that me and April were voting to evict Ivette. Nothing against Janelle, Rachel and Howie, but with you gone they lost their leader and they got jumpy.” Kaysar says “They got a little frazzled but I'm back now so hopefully we can get back on track. I would have done things differently last week.” He tells her that he understands her and April's position on possibly voting Ivette out last week. He says he understands they were just testing the waters and wouldn't really evict one of their own.

Jen says it’s possible there may be no POV competition. Kaysar says there will be one. Kaysar says “let's make sure he's gone. Tomorrow we fight for veto.” Jen believes it is also possible that a veto competition could be rigged so there is no winner. She says again “don’t worry; the plan is the same, to get James out.”

9:00 PM Dinner Time

Almost everyone sat down together for dinner, except for Ivette who is sleeping and Rachel who is in the DR. They had a pleasant dinner. Some joking about what Howie did to a pair of Kaysar’s underwear early on. Janelle thanked Maggie for the meal. Howie tells Beau and Janelle they can’t drink tonight, they are all laughing.

Now in the GR Kaysar is telling Janelle his conversation with Jen earlier. Janelle calls BS on this, because she says “April and Jen are the ones that masterminded that whole get rid of Ivette thing.” Kaysar says “She lies really well, she bs’d be into this last night just so she could have HOH, I will make her pay.” Jan says “she’s a 27 year old cheerleader.” Kaysar says “I’ve learned not to make a deal with the other side.” (HOOOO RAY KAYSAR it’s about time!!) Kaysar says he will definitely fight for Janelle in the veto competition.

Now in the GR are Kaysar and Rachel. Kay is now telling her his conversation with Jen. Rachel assumes that Jen blamed her for the whole Ivette thing. Rachel is ticked and Kaysar tells her “no more deals with them.” Rachel says “I would rather go home than be stuck in sequester with those people, I really would, they're awful.” Rachel tells Kaysar “Jen knows she's public enemy #1 but she doesn't care. She just wants enough to pay off her credit card.” Janelle arrives in GR. Asks if Rachel is ok. She says yea, she just doesn't want them to see her upset.

Now Howie is in the GR too, telling him the problem in the past has been talking too much, so let’s just try and listen more. Howie says all of this is a game, it is not personal and not to take it that way. He keeps trying to convince Rachel that she's safe.

Out in the kitchen Ivette and James are talking. James says “I don't think there's been a bigger target in BB history.” Ivette says “Jase was a pretty big target.” Just then Jen came out of DR and said “we can’t ask for any more food, we have to ration what we have until next week.” James asks her how many times Jase got off the block and she responds “Amy got off the block the most.”

10:00 PM

Jen gathered her crew in the HOH and explained that the plan is to still back door James, but if for some reason, like no veto competition, they can’t then Rachel goes home. Jen tells Maggie she promised Kaysar anything he wanted but then said ‘sorry, I really just wanted to see Dan’. Jen tells them that Kaysar only told her to promise to put up Maggie (wow, what a lie). Jen hasn't talked to Rachel and doesn't care to. Maggie says Rachel expected to get through the entire game without ever being nominated.

James and Ivette are outside with blankets talking. He is really working hard at becoming and ally. Ivette went into HOH to let them know she is out there with him, since he has no one else to talk to. James starts talking about Janelle’s weight issue; James thinks she has gained 25 lbs. Ivette says “no more like 10-15 lbs.”

Jen comes outside now and James is being extra sweet to Jen. James again thanks her giving him a fighting chance, she stuck to her word. He smiled big, and Jen didn’t respond. James says “Rachel gave a sad story to everyone about her miserable life…” Ivette interrupts and says “she made a connection to Cappy more than anyone else, they talked every morning.” James tells Ivette that Rachel loves Kaysar because he was a target, to take heat off her, that's all it is.

Rachel has since come outside to get in the HT. James and Ivette are being quite friendly to her, despite the nasty things they have said about her. Now Howie, Ivette, Beau, April and Janelle are outside and Howie is modeling his speedo. In doing so he slipped on the astro turf.


In the HOH now, Maggie says to Jen: “Now that you've taken the HOH, you're more dangerous than her (points to April).” Jenn: “I already was more dangerous than her.”

In HOH, Ivette is trying really hard to defend James to the friends. Maggie says “I don't hate him, I just have no need for him, he brings no benefit to me in the game, and he has done so much damage to everyone in this house equally that I can not be his friend.” Ivette doesn’t think it’s fair to blame it all on him. Maggie: “I know he feels he's been wronged in this game, but we all have been wronged.” Neither Beau nor Maggie will give in to Ivette. Jen says she still plans to back door him in keeping with her promise as much as she can. April says to Ivette that James may not be a threat to ‘her’, but that he has made it clear he wants to put Maggie and April up, and he is not to be trusted.

Later on, outside folding clothes, Jen tells April that they have to get James out, because if he makes it with them to the F6, ‘our group will end up being split apart and Ivette will side with James’.


In the LR, James asks Jen if he will be out 7-0, or if he still has a fighting chance. Jen says “Ivette is pushing hard for you, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.” Jenn asks him, “If it's the five of us and you left, and you become HOH, who do you get rid of first? You would strike a deal with Maggie and you wouldn't take out Ivette, so it would be me and April.”

James is almost begging “I need this more than anything; I can't go out like this. The other team is scared of me, if you don't let me stay for another week you'll never get rid of them.” Jen asks him who he wants out and he says any of ‘them’. Jen finally says “I’ve heard what you have to say and no offense, but I am tired and going to bed.”

Back in the HOH now and Ivette wants to re-hash the same ‘save James’ campaign. Jen basically says “we’ve heard it all, enough.” Ivette again justifying her talking to James, he has a target on his back and no one to talk to etc. Maggie tells Ivette she doesn’t have to justify talking to James; she has talked to him since day 1, so it’s no big deal with them.

James is in the DR and Janelle and Kay are talking in the LR. Kaysar doesn't believe ‘they’ think that James is now part of their team. Janelle thinks maybe they just want to get rid of "one of us". Kaysar says “Maybe, we'll know tomorrow.” Howie joins them now in the LR and he is so mad that not one of them approached him and talked to him. (Most of this conversation was missed because we had no audio on the LR for more than 30 minutes.)

Back in the HOH, Jen is bed between April and Maggie recounting her conversation with James.

2:00 AM

HOH girls are quiet now and Kaysar, Howie and Jan head off to bed. Kaysar in the bedroom was called over to Rachel. Kaysar tells her he doesn't like how they act when they get HOH. Rachel tells Kaysar how Howie really screwed up his HOH term. She blames herself and saw herself being evicted as soon as she found out what Howie did. Kaysar tells Rachel to hang in there. He goes out to the kitchen area to pray, then heads to bed.

I think James is still in DR, not sure. All feeds are now on sleeping HG’s just before 2:30 AM.