***Contains Adult Language and Content***

Recap for the recap: After the long endurance HoH Comp, Jenn came out the victor after promising the newly-returned Kaysar to put up Ivette and Maggie for eviction, then back-dooring James. As HoH, Jenn went back on her word to Kaysar, and nominated Janelle and Rachel. But, there is still talk of getting James up there after veto.

8:20am BBT: G'morning, Bitches.
As usual, Rachel is the first up. James rises an hour later, but decided to return to bed. Rachel spends her breakfast silently looking at the Memory Wall, not ranting to herself as we have seen in the past week or so. At 10am, Big Brother plays the theme song as a wakeup call. When the girls in the HoH Room decide to shut the lights off, BB scolds them, saying, "‘What is rude, is you bitches turning off the lights after I told you to turn them on."

10:50amBBT : Jenn and April Further Delude Themselves
Jenn is pissed that she is the only girl, except Beau, that hasn't hosted a Comp, yet. Yes, those were her words. April shares her thoughts on how Janelle is going to be portrayed on the show as a Gold Digger. She tells Jennifer about how she confronted Janelle yesterday about calling them bitches. "I really like [Janelle], but every single thing about her is fake. Her personality is fake. And she's not the smartest tool in the shed." Oh, the irony....smartest tool....isn't it sharpest tool? Comments about being fake coming from the lady with augmented ta-tas and a chin implant.

Jenn: Last week Sarah came up to me at this same time (before the PoV Comp) and said, "This isn't a beauty pageant, Jenn."
April: I didn't know that....
Jenn: She just wanted to use me for my abilities.

Jenn: I just wanted to be HoH before I left. I knew people were going to start nominating us, soon.
April: Do you think Kaysar will nominate us?
Jenn: Yes.
April: You do? Duh....
Jenn: After Maggie first, but yes.

Later, April and Jenn whisper about the POV. "If we can't talk we have to use telepathy." Jenn instructs her, "If it's a game like last week, go for Janelle, not Rachel."

12:30pm BBT : With 83% of the Vote, Kaysar becomes the Next Target
PoV Details
Pairs: Rachel & Howie, Janelle & Kaysar, Jenn & April
Winner: Rachel
Details of Comp: Not many. It involved colors pics of the evicted HGs, which now adorn the rooms of the house. Cappy's in HoH, Ashlea in the Gold Room.

In the HoH Room, Ivette and Beau try to do their best on convincing The Friendship <cringe> that they need to put Kaysar up on the block if PoV is used.

April: If we get rid of Kaysar, they'll go after James.
Jenn: If we get rid of Kaysar, James will be on our side.
April: Big time. They'll go after James first.
Jenn: Don't you dare tell James any of this because I don't want you to give him hope (in case I change my mind).
Ivette: If Kaysar goes up and we send him home, right away the targets for next week will be me and James.
Jenn: Personally, James will probably go up.

The Friendship continue to say that they are playing a 'clean' game, while the Sovereign side has been playing dirty all along. Ivette notes that "The only thing we've done is play nice and that made us gullible. We have to play dirty now." Maggie, Ivette, Beau, and April talk about going back on their promise to Howie and Rachel about putting James up to "finish the deal", putting up Kaysar instead. When Jenn puts on her headphones, to drown out the discussion, April confronts her and asks, "Don't you want to talk about this?" Jenn responds with, "Put it this way, if y'all keep talking about it, maybe I'll hear something to make me change my mind (about putting James up). Jenn lets the group know about how she gloated to Janelle on their group having all the power, and it doesn't matter how her group votes. Maggie, of course, loves this.

1:20pm BBT : Meanwhile, in the "GoldMember" Room...
Kaysar plans for next week's HoH. If they win, they will put up Ivette and Jennifer. That way, they put team against team (Ivette & Beau vs. Jenn & April). Maggie would have to pick a team, therefore disrupting the Friendship. If Jenn gets the veto, they would put Maggie up.

James has been spending quite a lot of time in the Gold Room today, even after what happened last week. He explains later on in the day that coming into the house with a girlfriend is the worst possible scenario of all. Kaysar asks him some questions, and he explains that he had already received the email from casting inviting him to apply when he met Sarah.

He shares with the Gold Room group that he took his finger off the button during the HoH Comp because he saw what Ivette was going through. "She was doing it for her girlfriend, and her brother, and her whole family. And I thought, I'm up here doing this for 11 hours and I'm doing it for revenge. And I revenge for who? I don't even know." Revenge for who? How quickly he forgets his girlfriend when she isn't needed. He also mentions that Janelle was up at the glass encouraging Kaysar, and that April was cheering for Jenn, and he had nobody.

1:30pm BBT : Jenn does her HoH Interviews
As they consume all of Jenn's HoH treats, Ivette and April talk about bringing James into their cult. Sick of all this talk, Jenn tells them all they need to leave the HoH room, so she can use the bathroom. Begrudgingly, they follow orders, except April, who sticks around, trying to convince Jenn to put up Kaysar. April whispers that James wants to stay one more week, and they should keep him. She asks, "Without taking anyone else in the group in mind, if it were you: Kaysar, or James, who would you put up?" April replies Kaysar.

When April leaves, Maggie comes in. Again, she asks, "Without taking anyone else in the group in mind, if it were you: Kaysar, or James, who would you put up?" Maggie answers Kaysar. Jenn wants to hear Maggie's opinion on things, but lets her know that her mind won't be swayed by the other's decisions. They can keep talking to her, trying to convince her, etc., and maybe she'll take something of what they said. But, in the end, it's her decision, and that she is going to be the one making it. "The reason I didn't want to hear before nominations, is because this group talks in circles. I don't want people hounding me. You can convince me why you would want Kay over James and I still vote James off. I don't let people sway me. Y'all won't know what I'm doing until I do it. I want y'all to tell me why you want things done in here. Don't just tell me what to do." Whoa, someone grew a backbone! You tell her, Jenn!

Beau's up next, and plays the wishy-washy-whatever-you-want card. Asking the same question, "Without taking anyone else in the group in mind, if it were you: Kaysar, or James, who would you put up?" Beau responds, "Um..Um. James, but only because he has gone back on things he said to me. And, um...Kaysar. Kaysar affects people personally. He gets in their head. James only thinks strategically....It's a hard decision. I can see what you are thinking."

Ivette's turn. It's no surprise that she's gunning for James to stay. She says that Howie, Janelle, and Rachel can function without James, but fall to bits when Kaysar is gone. Well, we did see that in action last week...

2:30pmBBT : April - Queen of Rehashed Conversations Hundreds of Time Over
April retells a version of a conversation she had with James. Feeding into Maggie's obsession with others talking about her, April embellishes by letting her in on a conversation she had with Janelle. Janie asked April how she could believe Maggie over her when it came to James. April keeps on encouraging Maggie to see that Kaysar is the one who needs to go, not James. Adding more fuel to Maggie's angry fire, she tosses in a few more comments about Janelle. April certainly is doing her best to doom Janie and Kaysar in Maggie's eyes.

Back in the HoH Room, April, again, lets Jenn know why she would put up Kaysar up instead of James. She said if that happens, she wants James to know it was the group that made that decision, and Ivette had nothing to do with it. That way, Ivette can't claim to be the hero to James. Maggie explains her 5-3-1 scenario: if they get Kaysar out then they have 5 people and the other group has 3 and James is alone. April responds, "Well it could be 6 - 3 if we absorb James into our group." Maggot shoots back with, "We don't want him". Now, is that the Royal "We", or "we" as in, the group that I'm the leader of, but won't admit it?

Jenn confronts Maggie and April again about constantly repeating themselves over and over about what they want, and that she is going to make up her own mind. Jenn tells the group that each of them came to her individually and said they wanted Kaysar out instead of James. She affirms that she wouldn't have told them if even one person had stated something different, but since all agreed with evicting Kaysar, she decided to tell them. But later, Jenn says that she has not made her mind up and she won't until last minute.

When they discuss telling Kaysar ahead of time, they decide against it, saying it will do nothing but make Kaysar angry. Jenn says her winning HOH was a combo of her winning, Kaysar giving it to her and BB giving it to her because "she had said she would win it".

3:50pmBBT : Naughty talk!
April, Maggie and Jenn are lounging on the HOH bed while Beau lays on his down comforter on the floor. They are eating Andy Capp Spicy Fries from Jenn's HOH basket. They had to persuade Beau to eat them.

Jenn: It kind of hurts but it's really good. Just like sex.
April: Sex doesn't hurt.
Jenn: It will when we get out of here. I'll have to say, be gentle, be gentle.
Maggie: Yeah, the whole sex book is going to have to be rewritten.
April: I'll be like, "Pound me. Pound me!"
Jenn: I like pounding too, but not when it hurts.

Now the talk turns to blow jobs, and whether they like to do it. Beau jumps right up from the floor and onto the bed and starts explaining the process.

Beau: April, do you deep throat?
April: I gag.
Beau laughs and starts explaining how to breath (out of your nose, exhaling on the way down). I learn something new everyday!
April: I hate doing it.
Maggie: I guess I don't know the proper etiquette for it.

Howie and Janie are in the Storage room, scoping out the food situation.
Janie: Oh Howie!
Howie: Every guy in America wants to bang a Janie doll.
Janie: Really Howie?
Howie: Oh god, what a great ass.

Later on in the evening...
Howie: Janie, when's the last time a guy went down on you?
Janelle: None of your business.
Howie: When was the last time you've blown a guy?
Janelle: None of your business.
Howie: Have you ever banged your boyfriend in the bathroom of an airplane.
Janelle: No.
Howie: I used to ask you perverted sexual shit all the time.
Janelle: Like what?
Howie: Like I used to ask you if your box was shaved, if you had a landing strip, when's the last time a guy fingerbanged you?
Janelle: Fingerbanged, that's so disgusting, who says that?
Howie: That's why I like it, it's so high school.

Howie: How many guys did you bang in high school?
Janelle: One.
Howie (mishears her thinking she said Why): Cause I wanna know.
Janelle: One, I said.
Howie: Wow, that's awesome, you're not a slut. That's why I love you. You're so innocent and pure I love that about you. If everyone got a turn, you wouldn't be as sexy.

4:40pmBBT : Ivette gives James the DL.
Ivette tells James she is always available to talk whenever he wants, and she hopes he realizes that the only group that can save him, is her group. Ivette lets him know that Kaysar is the target of the Friendship, not him. She dishes that the S6 are spiteful, and will try to make him into a bad person again. James thanks Ivette, telling him that this conversation means a lot to him. "My heart and my gut is telling me you are playing differently. I don't want to give you false hope, but there are dirtier players. Focus on the fact that Sarah left. They are going to corner you." James says that it is not about him winning the game, it is to make sure that 'they' [the S6] don't.

7:15pmBBT: Maggie and Kaysar have a chat
Maggie approaches Kaysar, and wants to get things out in the open. When she tells him that two people have come to her, saying Kaysar was plotting against her, he responds with "How is that even possible? If it was such a big deal and hell bent on getting you out I would have never let go of that button. My intention was to go after James and that's it. I've heard the deal was to take care of James and Sarah. Hopefully that's happening."

Maggie: Do these people WANT me to go after you? Is that why they are lying?
Kaysar: Make them give you specifics. There aren't any. I don't have resentment for you. I knew you were gunning for James
and I got caught in the crossfire.
Maggie: I was kind of weird about Rachel keep holding on to the button. I told Jenn that it was understandable you kept your button pushed because you didn't know what happened and what was promised the previous week.
Kaysar: I'll answer anything you want. I just want to get through this week. I just got back. I don't want to lose Rachel or Janelle. That's my thing. I don't know who's saying what.
Maggie: You know I won't say. I just thought it was a useless thing to say because I thought we were on the same page.
Kaysar: Obviously. They don't want us to communicate.
Maggie: I'm sure they are really surprised I walked out here.
Kaysar: I'm glad you came and talked to me.
Maggie: Please don't share this.
Kaysar: I promise.

Maggie complains about the "high school" nature of communication in the BB house. Kaysar lets her know that she can always go to him for the truth.

Kaysar: I know Sara's gone. Being gone for a week put me at a disadvantage.
Maggie: One week we tried to work as a team. I was never involved with people's conversations.
Kaysar: How did they exclude you from conversations?
Maggie: We agreed to take them out one after another.... the things that happened after that are grey.
Kaysar: From what I hear last week was a roller coaster ride. I could ask the same question twice... and I'd get 2 different answers.
"It got weird"
Maggie: There are only 2 people who know what happened, and James is one of them, and I don't trust him. I'm playing the game by what I see happens. I have no safety net. I have no partner. I can't play by speculation. Since I wasn't there for any conversations, I don't know what happened.
Kaysar: I'm just listening to what happened. Am I going to use that as factual info? no.

When Kaysar asks if "things have changed", in regards to the veto replacement, Maggie lies, and says "Not that I know of."
Maggie: Last week should have been a cake walk. We should have been partying together.
Kaysar: Where did it go wrong?
Maggie: I don't want to speculate. I don't get why people wouldn't let go of their buttons. The promise (to get rid of James) meant that much to me.

7:50pmBBT: Dinner Time
When the HGs sit down for dinner, the sitting arrangements are obviously divided. Sitting on one side of the table is Howie, Kaysar next to him, Rachel next to Kaysar, and Janelle next to Rachel. Skip a chair and its Jennifer, Maggie next to her, April next to Maggie, Beau next to April, James next to Beau, Ivette next to James and then an empty chair then Howie.

The dinner discussion consists of how many people are watching them, how high the ratings for the show are, how bars have Big Brother watching parties, etc. They all think they're big stars. If anyone knows of Big Brother watching parties/bars in the SE Mass / Rhode Island area, please let me know!

A little later, Maggie says "What a slap in the face it was for America to vote Kaysar back in" after all her hard work as HoH. "Wouldn't it
be a great fuck-you America if we turned right around and got him out of here?" Ivette asks, "Why do you think America would vote for Kaysar and not my Cappy?" Maggie blames the CBS editing. Ivette and Jenn come back with "I'll be America thought he was just a great father and great man and how much he missed his family and they knew how hard this game was for him to be away. Maybe they just wanted him to be able to go home to his family. They brought Kaysar back because they knew he'd cause more drama."

10:00pmBBT: Drunken Janelle and Sober Kaysar Conversations
After dinner, Janelle is obviously drunk. Somehow, Kaysar doesn't catch it until later into the conversation. Here are the more noteworthy bits:

Janie: Did you promise [Maggie] anything?
Kaysar: No
Janie: Did you want to?
Kaysar: No
Janie: What if you get nominated and he doesn't?
Kaysar: I'm not going to think about that.
You better start, boy!

Janelle: Do you think Michael is good looking?
Kaysar: Yeah
Janelle: I do too!
Kaysar: I know you do...I don't think you'd go for a guy that isn't good looking.
Janelle: Not true.
Kaysar: You would go for a guy that's not good looking?
Janelle: Not true...
Kaysar: I don't really know what you'd go for.

This is when Kaysar figures out Janie has had a few too many. Janelle says something about being drunk and Kaysar responds, "I thought you said you weren't drunk Janie." She giggles, and Kaysar asks "Why do you lie so much to me Janie?"

Janelle: I'm so glad you are back in the house. It's such a relief.
Kaysar, laughing:: Is it, or are you just saying that because you are drunk?
Janie goes downstairs to get cookies and ice cream and her and Kay banter back and forth.
Janelle: You're so cute Kaysar!
Kaysar: No, I'm not Janie!

When they continue a previously interrupted chess match, discussion turns to Jennifer. Janelle comments about Jenn's jealously of her, and Kaysar agrees. When Janelle drunkenly asks if Jennifer's boyfriend would find her hot, Kaysar replies, "What a stupid question to ask. Like how would you know?" Janelle calls Kaysar a son-of-a-bitch, jokingly. They return to topic, noting how insecure Jenn's body language is.

Out of the blue, Janelle asks, "Are we going to be in trouble?" Kaysar asks why, and they start whispering. Janelle say "What if they put up you or Howie instead of James?" Sure of himself, Kaysar answers her. "I don't think they would do that."

Janelle wins the chess match, but the flirting continues:
Kaysar: I'm going to find a good nice girl like you one day Janie! One that reads... the whole package!
Janie: Do you like Buxom blondes?
Kaysar: I love them, they are my favorite.
Janie: How much do you love Buxom Blondes?
Kaysar: I'd give them a 9.5
Janie: You really mean me though-- not just any Buxom Blonde.
Kaysar: That's true. The highest I've given anyone is 8.
Janie: Oh, Kaysar! I'm your first 9!

12:45amBBT: James gets Grilled in the HoH Room
James is promising anything and everything to get them to take his side. "I don't respect [Kaysar's side] as players. I don't respect them on a personal level, and I don't respect them on a game level."

He lays it on thick. Ivette is taking James' side hard, but there's some skepticism from others. Jennifer is asking some rather pointed questions about him not saying that they went back on their word later. Maggie seems to be the hardest against James, though she's picking her spots carefully to bring up her issues/problems with James.

James is now getting frustrated. "Jennifer, you're making me answer the question over and over." James is asked to leave, so that the others can talk things over.

2:30amBBT: Bedtime for HoH
Maggie, April, Beau, Ivette, and Jennifer say their goodnights, and they all go to sleep in the HoH room, with Beau and Ivette given the floor. A few hours later, the other half of the house heads to bed.

Thanks everyone! Catch you next Saturday.