Big Brother Recap August 14, 2005

Of course as always Rachel is the first one awake this morning at 10:20 am. She does her normal routine, laundry, breakfast sitting out and waits for the BB wake up call. That call we think arrived at 11:30, since we got some fish and then see everyone waking up!

Today is Maggie’s birthday and the house will also be celebrating Kaysar’s birthday which was August 10th (he was in sequester and baked himself a cake).

The first talk of strategy comes at about 1 pm, Maggie and April (who else) in the HOH room. Maggie made the comment that anyway you slice it, she wanted James gone. First April is talking trash about Ivette and saying she's suspicious about the Ivette-James friendship and talking some trash she's getting Maggie to participate in a little.
Maggie tells April that she thinks getting rid of Kaysar is a group-oriented act that would be better for Ivette because Kaysar would be more likely to put Ivette and Beau up and getting rid of James would be a worse for April and Jennifer personally because James would be more likely to put her (April) and Jennifer up than Kaysar.
Then she goes back to saying Kaysar holds the other group together.
Now Maggie is saying she asked James if his family would be proud of the way he's playing this game. He said yes. That bothered her.
April said “If I hear him one more time say anything about, this is all I have. This is all I have to go back to then he's out because that means you're willing to say anything"
Maggie goes on to say she will support Jen 100%. That she thinks that by putting Kaysar up they are helping Ivette set them up (so true).
April asked Maggie what she would do if her and April were in the final three. Maggie responded that she would give it to April (ya right Maggie another lie) because they took her in when she was orphaned (after Cappy left).

April (who else) and Jen have a little chat about nominations. Jen is still non comitial but thinks it is funny that she is sending America’s choice right back out the door and saying F$%^ you America. She knows that by putting up Kaysar that the other group is going to fall apart. They discuss the jury and how they control the jury vote and how one of them is going to win. April said that she talked with Maggie and if it came down to the three of them Maggie said she would give it to them, she then followed that statement with really Maggie owes it to us! (This girl is unreal)

At 3:30 the houseguests get things to have a birthday party for Kaysar and Maggie. Of course it wouldn’t be a Big Brother Party without someone crying for pity. Ivette escapes to the bathroom and cries because she didn’t get anything for her one year anniversary with her girlfriend.(boo hoo).

Kaysar got a homemade card from home with pictures in it of the house guests (the ones that are on the web site) For gifts Maggie got socks (which she requested, some nail polish and a necklace, two tank tops and a PSP. She had no clue what the PSP can and does. She loved it because it is electronic. Kaysar got a 20 gig MP3 player a shirt and some boxers (which Howie wants).

As the elite head back up tot the HOH room (April, Jen and Beau), James goes off alone to sit and think and Kaysar stays in the kitchen alone at the big table and thinks. Jen starts the conversation that she is going balls out and really going to shake up this house. She believes that America will love her more then Kaysar because she is going to get rid of him. (Is this girl for real, many people spent endless hours voting him in, why would to see him evicted again make them happy?).

Ivette is very homesick. She is in the hammock and James walks over and comforts her. She misses her Mommy and friends. James calms her down a bit and gets her to admit that Jen might be blowing this house up (yup he guessed it) he asked if she was going to nominate Kaysar, she said she didn’t know, but have heard things. She also said that her elite group want James in it but can’t trust him yet. James then said (get ready) Oh we are so much alike Ivette we are playing with our hearts and not our heads! We are very good people! He tells Ivette that he is so happy he met her (and can get information from her lol). He tells her that Eric told him before he left to get rid of Howie too (planting the next seed)

Kaysar and Howie wanted to all day talk to Jen to see if she was still on their same page in voting out James, but Rachel was against them starting anything. They both realize that tomorrow maybe too late to say anything. Howie wants to let them know that last week they were all on the same page and it should be that way this week too.

Jen and April corner James and for his safety he wants him to only nominate and vote out the other side. That he can’t nominate or vote out any of her group. James seems a bit uneasy with that. James said that he was at the mercy of the group and would do whatever it takes to stay. April keeps telling him that Jen and April have to remain in the game. She said they are the non selfish ones! (Duh) They tell him Maggie can’t trust him because he had a hand in getting rid of Eric. James slides that to being Rachel’s fault. April kept saying Rachel was evil. James tells them that Rachel is a very strong competitor and that they have to break up the Howie and Rachel couple. That he does not think Kaysar is as powerful as those two together. Jen said that they are out for blood, and April comments that they (Howie, Rachel, Kaysar and Janelle) would eat your children.

While waiting to go into the HOH room to talk to Jen, Kaysar approaches Maggie. He asks her if Jen is going to stick to the plan in getting James out. He believes James is cutting deals with Jen. Maggie was very non comitial but did say that she was more comfortable in the house when Kaysar was not there. That she didn’t know of any deals Jen cuts with anyone. Maggie said she can’t say anything to make him feel any better. She said she can’t control Jen.

Kaysar was able to briefly talk to Jen in the gold room. He asked her if things were still going as planned. Jen responded yes unless he really pisses her off before the ceremony tomorrow. Kaysar said he didn’t want to bug her that they are both adults but knows how James cuts deals. Jen said she does not trust James at all. (Basically she lied about the whole conversation she jus had with James). She claims she gave James zero hope of staying. Howie Rachel and Janelle arrive in the gold room, and Jen looks at Kaysar and said you fill them in and took off! Kaysar believed Jen’s tale and then spent time reassuring the group that he believes she is still putting up James.

Jen meets with April, Maggie and Beau and discuss what Kaysar said. Of course she embellishes it some making Kaysar seem like a paranoid jerk. They all have a good laugh at Kaysar. Maggie then switched her side of her conversation with Kaysar around making it look like Kaysar was begging her for information too. April of course said it was none of his business to know!

Later in the HOH Jen tries to cover her butt about last week when her and April approached Howie and Janelle to vote out Ivette. She tells Ivette that of course CBS can edit it to look different then it really was. Ivette agrees that CBS edits them all wrong. She believes that is why Kaysar was voted backing and not Eric because Eric was portrayed all wrong. Jen then admits that she is 100% certain that she will nominate Kaysar and he will leave. That she has been sure for a long time but just wanted to make sure everyone else wanted it too. She tells them she is the most honest person in the house and that she has told everyone the truth. (Did she not just tell Kaysar he was safe, is he not a person??). Maggie suggests that they all wear their Eric shirts to the VETO meeting tomorrow. Jen said no, that was playing dirty and she doesn’t play dirty (no She just swears on her life that Kaysar is safe now she is ousting him …but that is not dirty). She wants to be known as playing strategically. She said America will understand her getting grid of Kaysar because he was just put in here to stir things up. She said she wants to look at the camera tomorrow after she nominates him and say America we don’t want him. They use the spy cam and spy on Rachel, and then talk trash about her.

Kaysar, Janelle and Howie start their normal nightly routine. Rachel and James head to bed in the gold room. Rachel and James talk about religion and no game. James is pretty good convincing her that he knows he is gone this wee etc. Howie and Janelle take their nightly showers and settle into a chess game.

While everyone is sleeping and Howie, Kaysar and Janelle play chess, Kaysar asked Howie about the James in the bathroom while Eric was selling him out story that Maggie had told him last week. Kaysar tells Howie that it was completely made up. They realize that James is still lying

Things wind down and the group heads to bed.

Oh another Monday and another VETO ceremony. Rachel will be safe and Jen will once again be in the limelight (as she likes so much) because of her nomination. Kaysar and Howie will flip! Why Kaysar.. Why did you let go of that button!