Big Brother Recap August 16, 2005

Howie’s Revenge leads to April’s Demise

Well Janelle and Kaysar seemed only to take cat naps last night and were awake by 5 am. They met in the kitchen and heated up some pizza then headed to the living room to play chess. Janelle made a funny, while playing chess she yawns and said “It’s exhausting me to be so buxom” They talk about how it is the half way point and that there has to be a double eviction soon. Janelle talked about how easy it is to break the other team down, she then commented on how she wore her plasma necklace last night (this is a necklace made from the card saying she won the plasma necklace and net-flicks. She wanted to really shove it in the friendship’s face). They talk about the friendships being a bunch of morons and Janelle said she is not going to let up on them at all. Kaysar is convinced that they are all voting him out; Janelle tries to comfort him saying that the votes will be split.

If you have never seen Janelle and Kaysar and their late night flirting, it is worth staying up tonight and see (since one of them will be leaving tomorrow) they continued that this am. Kaysar told her how lucky he is to be her friend, and how much he cares for her, she comments with how much she likes him and respects him. They really are cute together and if Janelle never hooked up with Howie these two would have hooked up because you can just hear and fell the chemistry every night.

Rachel wakes up at her normal 8:15.They discuss the other group. Rachelle said that her motivation in this game is gone, that the other group has worn her out (don’t give up yet Rachel!). Then they discuss the votes and know the others have the edge now. Kaysar soon heads back to bed, while Janelle and Rachel head to the work out room to work out.

While working out Janelle lets some anger go. She comments on how much she hates the other group and what liars they are. Rachel said they are just jealous of them. Janelle makes the comment that this season should be called HELL HOUSE instead of the Summer of Secrets. They talk about the other group, nothing positive just about how old they are, how old they act and their morals. Howie gets up and they trash talk them some more. He and Janelle want to keep tormenting them today. Howie believes that it will wear them down and they won’t do well in the HOH competition. Howie claims he is the villain of the show and that everyone loves the villain. He is not going to let up at all. That yesterday was just a warm up.

The nerd herds wake up at about 11:30. They all tell Beau what he did and how he puked up over everything. They then tell him all the stuff he said to Janelle. He just laughs it off, (he seriously needs some help with his alcohol consumption IMO). Howie starts in right away, he puts dishes in the sink and said to Ivette, here are some dishes for when April gets around to doing them. Ivette went to complain, so Howie said I just want April to do them since she hasn’t washed one dish yet and she needs to feel what it is like to work for minimum wage. Howie gets all wound up. He questions Ivette on how she can trust April when she was the one who wanted to evict her last week (this is true I saw that conversation). He yells over to Janelle and tells her to wake up April and tell her she has dishes to do. Howie tries to get James to join in but he doesn’t. He keeps calling April Busto and sings it to the tune of Bingo! When April and Jen come down to the kitchen, Howie starts in on how America hates them, they ignore him the best they can but it is really getting to April. Howie said that he hopes nothing bad happens to her family (April’s) since she swore on her life and the bible and the life of her dog.

April leaves and goes into the workout room to retell the story all fabricated. She said that Howie threatened her dog and family. Howie keeps this up for some time. April looks pretty distraught, and James keeps saying don’t lose sight of the strongest player has to go (Kaysar). He sure is watching his butt.

Here is an example of how Howie acted most of the day (thanks Sassyprincess for this great update)
Howie - There's pressure come HoH Day. America is cheering against April.....
I'm rootin' against her. Nobody wants to evict her since she is such a horrible player anyway. Ya got nothin' to lose I guess. No one expects you or wants you to win. , you can give it your best. Pepperoni may be barking for ya, maybe. That's as long he is ok, though. I am not wishing bad things on anybody, I never do, but, when you swear on the Bible, family members and pets, and you go against that...oh God, that's a hairy feeling. I wouldn't want to live with myself, but he'll be ok, probably. He'll be barking for you for the get eliminated on the second question...but whatever. You knew what you were signing up for. (Janelle is absolutely laughing - almost crying).

There are no morals or ethical around here (his words). There's no trust. That's why they play the games. Any given Sunday. She can "miracle" her way into the final 2.
She's so bad, she'll end up winning this damn game because no one wants to waste their HoH on her.

When I get back to civilization, I am going to get a pet and I am going to name it "Busto". In remembrance, in HONOR of Busto.

The nerd hers think Howie is sick, they call him bi polar and Maggie said she deals with these psycho’s all the time in the ER. They don’t believe he will stop (neither do I… go Howie) they are upset that BB won’t make him stop. They are calling it a verbal assault. They think that security is on high alert today (better call in the Army, we are on high alert) Jen did confess that she was not honest on her psychological exam so that was how Howie got in that he must have lied too.

The nerd herds also put BB down, calling them rats and how they never do anything to Howie. Then they discuss how they are not going to the BB wrap party that they are going to have their own. Beau started planning it., naming famous places in LA they could go. At one point it actually dawns on April that James is going to go far in this game that he has quite a few evictions to live through. (Go James). April then said she is going to refuse to answer any questions in the DR until she talks to Arnie and Allison. Jen then said that Janelle was a racist because she didn’t want to look at Beau’s chocolate penis(that would defiantly make her a racist). Then Jen said that Janelle is from Minnesota and that they probably don’t have black people there! (it just shows ya where she is coming from folks).

During an outside lockdown, Howie really went off on April. Saying the same things over and over. They tried to ignore him but he just kept coming up with one more thing to say.

Rachel and James have a little chat. Rachel points out to him that the only way he was going to win the game was to be at the end with one of them four. That the jury is packed with them (the nerd herd… oh I love that) and that they would never vote for not one of their own. That they also would not vote for any of them (Kaysar’s group). James said he never really thought that far ahead. Rachel said she would watch his back. Of course about 50 minutes later, up in the HOH room, James tells them what Rachel said. They were all over this and saying how evil Rachel is.

At one point Jen is reading the rule book of BB. She starts reading exert
And they figure out that Maggie should have seen the movie since she was HOH that week and the rule book states that the HOH receives the prize. She also read that it is up to the discretion on BB to issue penalty nominations and they don’t want the house guests to tell them when they should.

Jen, Beau and April all have regrets for getting rid of Kaysar. They wished they had not listened to Ivette about James. April then goes on and on about how Howie should get a penalty nomination because the animal activists will not like that he threatened her dog. (He never threatened her dog, she just is fixated on it, and Howie said that something bad could happen because she swore on her dog’s life then broke the promise).

By dinner time, Howie was calmed down. He was pretty civil at dinner, he didn’t talk to April, just ignored her, but he was not yelling for her to leave etc. Maggie makes dinner time special by describing Beaus vomit form the night before.

After dinner April talks to Rachel. She tells her she loves Kaysar to death (ya your vote to evict him shows him that). She said she can’t do anything about Howie’s slander because she signed up for this, but she will never forgive him, She said she will forgive Janelle for calling her names because she didn’t attack her husband or dog! April said she can’t wait to get to sequester house because all the stress will be gone.

Rachel then leaves and goes up to the HOH room. She tells Jen and Maggie about her conversation with Rachel. It was deeply embellished, even telling them that Rachel said BB is the only thing she has in her life (which was never said) and that Rachel said she was going to bed now (it is 8:30 BB time)when actually it was April that said she was going to bed. Rachel hardly talked at all; she grunted and shook her head. April is still making up lies about the other side.

Kaysar and Janelle walk circles around the backyard. They discuss what they are going to say for speeches on the live show. Kaysar said his will be intelligent but really will make them all look bad. Janelle wants to talk about the broken promises and then tell them all to f#$% off. Kaysar reminds her that she can’t say that on TV. He then gives her some things to say, but tells her she needs to put it in her words so it sounds like it came from her and not him. Howie joins them. They discuss who to nominate next week. Kaysar said he would nominate Ivette and Jenny and let them fight it out. He said don’t shut out other options either. He said maybe Ivette and Maggie, James would vote to evict Maggie so she would be gone. He then tells them that James is sucking up to them and not to fall for James’s emotional please. Howie said that the other team is out smarting them…Kaysar replied that they are out lying them! He emphasizes that they still need to get rid of James and only way to do that is by back dooring him.

The three head into the kitchen to raid the fridge. Kaysar makes the comment that he wants to go to bed at 8am and not wake up till Thursday. They throw their dishes in the sink and laugh because they are not going to wash them and will be sleeping when someone finally gets up and do them. They start their normal nightly routine, taking showers and playing chess. Howie goes to bed. They are a little noisy; this wakes Rachel up who asks them nicely to please be quiet so she can sleep. Finally at 5:15 they are all settling down to sleep.

Well another Voting Wednesday….another Voting Kaysar out day…. Happy day for the nerd herds (Oh I love that Howie nick name for them) and sad day for the rest!