The Herd Stampedes

Our day starts a bit later than usual with Howie up first around 8:51am, followed by Rachel who is having one of her daily conversations with herself as she works out. Kaysar thinks maybe Eric is on websites pretending to be someone else, saying nice things about Eric, hmmmm.... is he on JokersUpdates? James is up, cleaning in the workout room. Jennifer and Ivette are fixing some breakfast. Rachel is doing some dishes but there is no conversation between Rachel and Ivette/Jennifer.

Janelle and Kaysar are trash talking this morning, Kaysar is apparently forgetting his words last night where he said he wasn't going to do that anymore. After James finishes his cleaning in the gym, he starts working out. As C5 eats breakfast, Rachel announces she is going to vacuum. Ivette yells to Beau to get his princess ass up because he has toilet duty today. Rachel remakes Howie's bed while James vacuums in the barracks. They open the GR door to air it out. Rachel makes Janelle's bed, gets it just perfect, then Janelle crawls back into the bed.

There is lots of live-show-day cleaning as they do every week. Kaysar seems to still be in bed. Rachel lays down in the barracks, Jennifer is putting things away in the dresser, moving out from the HoH is always a very humbling experience. Maggie is mopping the bathroom. There is a quick flash of the backyard that shows the blue question cubicles, so perhaps tonight is another question HoH competition. Given the pictures that were on the memory wall yesterday, it is probably questions about previous competitions or about those pictures that were there in particular. It's now 11:00am and not much has happened.

April, Maggie, Ivette and Beau are playing cards. Then suddenly a truly strange turn of events, they are in lockdown in the HoH room. The house separation is obvious, the C5 are on the bed playing cards, S4 are in the chairs, James is hovering. Minor chit chat between Ivette and Howie, but then Kaysar and Janelle moved to the floor and he is giving her a backrub.

Lockdown is over and Kaysar, Janelle, Howie and James make for the door like men dying of thirst who just spotted a well on the horizon. They head down to the GR where James starts making nice with the S4(3) gang. He talks about how he is so sick of the herd saying they are not in it for the money. They talk about fish for a few minutes and suddenly it goes to fish. When the feeds return, James is telling Kaysar they [the herd] were smart enough to get them [S4] to put up him and Sarah.

Rachel, Howie, Kaysar and Janelle in GR alone now reviewing events to try to prepare for the HoH competition. They talk about if the numbers on the photographs were hints to the safes. Jennifer tells us how plastic and superficial Janelle is, then starts trying to figure out what to wear for the live show tonight. Jennifer is the bathroom and she tells Howie she just wants a car to take her to Blockbuster and back, she just wants to stay at home.

Jennifer tries to put something back in the HoH but is locked out now, James and Howie start a rumor that Jennifer tried to steal something from the HoH. Howie is taunting Jennifer about her crappy week as HoH and how she didn't get a clue for a safe. Jennifer whines that Rachel used to many eggs for breakfast. Howie starts calling James "Ranger James" because of his hair.

April takes some food to James in the barracks, he tells April to have Ivette bring her some food in there so April tells Ivette to bring it to her. Ivette answers with "Is she fucking serious?". Ivette takes some food to April who tries to laugh it off and tells Ivette that James told her to say it, James says he didn't. Sounds like James is up to his old tricks again. Jennifer quotes the bible and Kaysar and Janelle are in the GR hugging and talking.

Howie is asking Beau to help him get ready for tonight, but Beau is telling him no, he says Howie is making fun of him to much for getting drunk. Howie kissing up to Beau now, literally, kissing his bald head. James and Ivette are playing chess. Rachel and Janelle are in the bathroom getting ready and Howie comes in, compliments them both on how beautiful they both are then there is whispering about the HoH competition.

April, Maggie and Jennifer are playing cards in the barracks on one of the beds, there is whispering but the only words heard are "Janelle" and then "crazy bitch" but they could have been talking about the dog that April plans to breed Pepperoni with. Howie enters the barracks and just stands watching over their shoulders as they continue to play cards.

Fish off and on for a while, when the feeds return, Jennifer is playing solitaire at the kitchen table while Maggie and the herd talk HoH strategy in the barracks. When they finish they rejoin Jennifer in the kitchen for more cards. April overhears Janelle in the barracks and remarks that Janelle has the most annoying voice ever! [Clearly she has never heard her own voice].

Kaysar is getting ready in the bathroom, he got some water on his pants so Ivette got the blow dryer out to dry his pant. Howie sees Rachel emerge from the WC and tells her he would bang her before he bang Beau, so she "should feel special". Howie pinches Beau's butt. James is sucking up to Maggie yet again, saying he needs to go to the DR to vent, she offers to let him vent to her anytime. Jennifer and April discuss chatting with Julie Chen and hoping they don't stumble over their words.

Kaysar and Janelle are sitting in the kitchen talking about his going home and being sad but being ready to go home. Janelle hugs him. [Lucky Janelle]. April and Jennifer continue to discuss what Julie might ask and what they will say. April is shocked when Jennifer said that concerning Howie's outburst, it didn't affect her (Jennifer). I think April expected her to be indignant with Howie over how he treated April.

Howie is wearing jeans with a hole in the crotch, he is hoping they will be lucky for him. He is practicing what he might say tonight, something about "nerd herd". Ivette and James are talking, Ivette says if James wins HoH she wants to stay with him. S4 discussing April as spokes model for Kmart, practice HoH competition and then Howie says "Nobody fucks with America". [Thanks Howie we appreciate that.]

They head to the LR after wishing each other good luck. April has been stressing for the last hour or more about whether she will get stuck sitting next to Howie. They are all ready, seem nervous tonight. James has changed from his nixonesque shirt to a dress shirt. Fish.... time for the show.

[LIVE SHOW] Kaysar evicted, Janelle wins HoH, Nominates Jennifer & Maggie

When the feeds return, Hurricane Howie is winding up once more. He is carrying on about Busto and her life outside the house, the herd in general, Rachel is trying to get him to calm down. April is called to the DR where she apparently whines about Janelle, saying she changed her answer during the tie breaker. BB apparently is not buying it. Jennifer is called to the to the DR. They are all claiming that Janelle cheated, that she had 300 first and then changed it to 275. [I think BB figures if she gave her answer before Julie revealed the correct answer, it is not cheating.]

Jennifer is now saying that Janelle did not cheat, she was just stupid in how she held up her card, but the others are claiming she cheated still. At some point in all this Maggie says she just wants to go to the sequester house, she just wants to quit, but she makes no move toward the panic button. Maggie then says they cannot compete with people like these and they [the herd] have already won in the game of life.

James and Ivette put their heads together in the GR, James promises Ivette he will not leave her and go to the dark side again because he doesn't like anybody. Ivette cries again about Cappy not coming back, James comforts her but tells her she needs to let it go. Maggie claims they cannot take it back [HoH] since it was live television. They talk about packing, veto, who to vote for etc. Then Jennifer gets the bright idea of bashing Julie Chen, it goes to fish, needless to say. More whining about Janelle being "given" the HoH contest. [Those watching the show saw Janelle writing on the card when the 300 was facing outward] BB tells them Janelle was not answering with 300 that she was writing while the 300 was showing and they don't believe it for a second, BB just gave it to Janelle.

Jennifer then comes up with a brilliant idea. If a pair for their side makes it to the end, she wants everyone to vote for Jennifer over April and Ivette over Beau since Jennifer and Ivette were the ones that brought their other along to the game. No one agrees. Ivette says she plans to vote for James if he is against one of the S3. April begins to question Jennifer's loyalty, but Jennifer says she tried to lock him out of the HoH but BB unlocked the door, that they have the ability to unlock that door. She also says that she threw the HoH key because Janelle said "give me that fuckin key" and Jennifer feared for her safety. [oh please]

Janelle talks to James asking who he thinks they should all vote for, he says Maggie is smarter and more of a threat. Janelle seems surprised by this and asks him "really?". [Trying to keep pairs together now James?] When Janelle, Rachel and Howie are talking in GR later, Janelle says she is not buying James advice. She wants to be personally responsible for Jennifer leaving the house. Rachel prays to win HoH... again I have to say I don't think God watches BB, maybe Survivor, but not BB.

Jennifer continues to blame her group for the Kaysar nomination, which she thinks now might have been a mistake. It was a group decision. [Although she did not tell any of the herd who she was nominating]. Jennifer says she does not understand Janelle's loyalty to Kaysar, he was not even her partner and probably would not even talk to her outside of the BB house. [Can people actually be this dense?]

Janelle finally gets her HoH room. She got a red dress, food, music CD and pics of her pets. When she asked who wanted to see her room, no one but Howie and Rachel came up. Maggie tries to claim poor sportsmanship on the part of Janelle to not invite them up. Beau corrects her and says Janelle did invite them all up to see it, but they stood around silently. James was the only other person to head upstairs.

April tells Ivette that she and Jennifer never would have thought of voting off Kaysar if not for her and Beau. [When Jen asked Beau who she should put up, he said James]. Ivette tells her that Jennifer had thought of putting up Kaysar before that, April insists she hadn't. Ivette finally asks April "so what are you saying?" and April says with James the last week would not have been such hell.

James tells Ivette not to use the veto if she wins it because Janelle would probably put up Beau and it might tie, then Janelle gets to choose who goes home. Rachel comes down to the GR and invites Ivette, James and April up to the HoH. Ivette tries to claim they were not invited, James corrects her. Rachel tells Ivette that Beau is up there now and then Rachel leaves, Ivette is very upset that Beau is up in the HoH. [apparently for going without permission] Ivette interrogates Beau when he comes back down, why he went up, what she got and then says its only for one day.

Howie says he is going to sell Jennifer's black thong on ebay. Ivette promises to keep Maggie because that is what Cappy would want. Lots of sour grapes stuff going on, Ivette wonders why America likes villains. James, Jennifer, and Beau finally make the trip up to the HoH but the others are apparently choosing not to go. Jennifer feels it is only fair to let the pairs continue on in the game at this point. [read: vote out Maggie so I can stay and win a million dollars].

Jennifer and April have decided Janelle should be mad at Rachel for using the veto on herself, not at them. Then they decide the S4 knew that Kaysar would be put up if one of them used the veto. Rachel tries to pull a similar fantasy creation game about Howie's conduct, but sadly she is only a beginner compared to Jennifer. The herd is cleaning up in the bathroom, themselves, not the bathroom.

Jennifer and April are again discussing that Maggie should go because pairs should move on from this point. Maggie and Ivette talk and Maggie tells Ivette that it only matters how they play the game. April and Jennifer still trying to deflect the eviction of Kaysar from themselves. They are hiding behind chairs in the LR, which apparently the best place in the house to build a fantasy world. They have now decided it is all Maggie's fault for bringing up the idea of voting out Kaysar. Jennifer says "fuck her, everyone wants to fuck us". They feel everyone is turning against them.

Janelle asks Howie, Rachel and James if it looked to them like she cheated or did anything wrong in the HoH competition. They all agree that she won fair and square. Howie reassures her that plenty of people have reviewed the tapes and she won. Rachel and James talk more strategy, Maggie is the more dangerous, but at least you know where she is coming from, Jennifer is sneaky, could come out of nowhere..... like from behind the chairs in the LR.

Janelle clarifies the who changing sign thing. She had written down 300 but changed her mind and was in the process of writing her new answer on the other side, but the 300 was showing while she wrote, when Julie asked for their answers, she turned the card over to show 275 which was what she wanted to answer. She didn't cheat, she just changed her mind within the time limit.

Janelle is getting ready to take a bath and talking with Howie, they miss Kaysar. Howie is bummed that Kaysar is not there to share their successes. Howie feels a little bad that he left April in tears earlier, but not to bad because he feels like she had walked all over him. He says he would explode at any man, woman or robot who treated him like that. BB calls him to the DR.

The herd are discussing game again. Jennifer brings up the idea to the group of Maggie going home to preserve the pairs on their side so they still have a shot at the million dollars. Maggie finally admits that yes, her leaving would be better for the pairs. Ivette says if she wins the next HoH that she is going to nominate Rachel and Howie so they can break up that pair. Jennifer says yeah and they could backdoor James... [now she gets the plan?] April tells Ivette that the S6 were the ones saying Ivette was nuts where Eric was concerned. She always says the DR told her that Janelle's name is "smelly nelly". They agree because she wears dirty clothes and period panties.

Jennifer whines about needing money but that she just wanted to make it to sequester. Maggie is sad she won't see Kaysar in sequester and won't see him again until the wrap party. The herd is still convinced that Janelle cheated and should not have won HoH. They make fun of Janelle's pre-bed routine and then they decide that all competitions where there have been questions and the S4 won, where cheating. [Wow, life in fantasy land continues.] Jennifer says she asked the DR to get her black panties back from Howie.

They are still up talking but have apparently been told they have to get up at 8am in the morning to start their day, veto competition, veto ceremony, etc. April starts her whining to Ivette but Ivette shuts them down. Jennifer and Maggie talk and Jennifer says to Maggie that Kaysar wants America to hate her. She doesn't understand why they are making her look evil. Maggie says it is unfortunate that one of them is leaving before James. Jennifer and April share a bed, Jennifer says she hasn't done anything malicious. She and April seem to be all better now after a late night chat.

More chat about who is at fault for bringing up Kaysar as a target instead of James. Finger pointing, blaming, etc. Ivette finally saying the F5 must stick together. Maggie has cast herself in the role of the martyr, willing to throw herself on the bomb of eviction for the sake of the team. Howie and Janelle chatting by the memory wall. Janelle is mostly just staring at the pictures, especially Kaysar's. She says it is strange that another pic will be black and white in 48 hours. They make fun of Maggie's picture.

2:52am, all quiet finally, the houseguests are all asleep now.