Big Brother Recap August 2, 2005
Coach Kaysar assists Janelle and Howie

Not much action or excitement in the BB house today

Rachel is always first up and today it was at 7:36. She does her normal morning routine with her walking on the treadmill, fixing breakfast and today she even cleaned the pool.
Some of the other houseguests join her at about 10:30. Howie and Ivette are up and Ivette makes French toast for all. Howie does the dishes, but obviously not to Rachel’s standard because she sends him out back and rewashes all the dishes!

Jen and Ivette continue worshiping the Eric shrine and discuss how much they miss him and how he was a good guy and didn’t deserve to go. (Suck it up girls…he lost)

The bashing begins once Maggie joins Ivette and Jen. Maggie is rather pleased with herself for getting rid of Kaysar for Eric (Suck it up girls… he lost). Maggie tells them that the next HOH is important because they want to have their group on the jury. Maggie also said the other group was very manipulative and they were not!

Beau makes hair cutting appoints for both James and Kaysar. He is going to cut their hair!

Rachel and Kaysar have a conversation outside.
Rachel : It *has* been quieter around here [without Eric]
Kaysar We got along just fine. We don't need people in here who will split people up. And James is one of them.
Rachel: Yup. James is in a bit of a hole. He probably suspects we're not happy with him right now and he knows the other side hates him, so he's in a damned if he does, damned if he don't situation. Sucks to be him.
James comes outside.
James: Whatup sexy lady and Kayyyyysar?
Rachel We're chillin' like villains and talking about life outside this place
J: There is no life outside this place
Rachel and Kaysar expertly change the subject to their jobs
James: Has anybody in BB history been disliked as much as myself?
R: We don't dislike you!
J: My friends now put me up, and my friends then were setting me up.
James is acting a bit paranoid, and they believe someone told him of the house’s plan to get him out.

A funnier conversation takes place awhile later. April is talking to Jennifer.
April says "Kaysar! What are you doing?" He says "grabbing your fat." Jennifer says he was grabbing her back fat yesterday and April says that he calls Sarah 'chunk'. Janelle says that Kaysar told her there are 3 reasons why he wouldn't date her; A) because I am too flirty, B) because I'm an alcoholic and c) he said he's never seen a women’s a** get so big so fast....they are all laughing.(that Kaysar really knows how to flatter the women!)

Kaysar and Janelle take a power walk around the yard. Their conversation turns serious.
Janelle: I was acting bitchy all day. It wasn’t serious. Stress.
Howie was saying why are you so upset. Are you sure I'm not leaving here?
Kaysar:: positive:
Janelle: how do you know
Kaysar: because I told people to vote against me.
Janelle: I'm just nervous I’m leaving and wont be prepared, and I'll start to cry.
Kaysar: You would cry?
Kay: You’re awesome. I’m very fortunate to have known you.
Janelle: Thank you. I thought you would have been in this game longer, it sucks. I thought Michael would have been too. I thought you were going to win it.
Kaysar: When I got HOH I knew I was toast.
Janelle: You never should have let them know how smart you are. I'm gonna act dumb.
Kaysar: Just because I’m Arabic and Muslim doesn’t mean I’m uncivilized. I had to make people realize I’m smart.
(They argue back and forth, Janelle saying he is smart and Kaysar saying he is not that smart.)
Kaysar: Just realize the reason I sit you down and tell you these things is because I want you to do the best in this game and the best after this game.
Jan: Thank you Kaysar.

Kay then coaches Janelle what to do if she gets HOH (be nice to Sarah and James), if Sarah or James gets it (same thing). If they (crappies) get it, think they will put up Sarah and James. Because they cannot fight for each other, one of them will go home. Saying he told April this. that one will get in sequestered house and one will not so they will not be together, Kaysar says April will be happy to split them up like this.
Janelle: so if Sarah or James get put up, they will pick us for power of veto, right?
Kaysar: it gets complicated.
Kaysar trying to recall the April conversation to Janelle. said April used example of putting up Howie and Rachel - giving away their strategy. Kaysar told April that is so stupid, put up Sarah and James. (Sounded like he is trying real hard to get the target off his own team through his talk to April.)
Kaysar: Maggie is clearly calling the shots. that’s why they are so attached to Eric. because here is the thing. all these people never had a strong role model in their lives. and he came in gave them attention, made them feel secure. I’m slowly starting to realize that..
Janelle: oh my god, that’s sad.
Kaysar: it is, but that’s why Ivette is so attached to Eric

April tells the HOH crew that she talked strategy with Kaysar. She said Kaysar was telling her how to get rid of Sarah and James. She said she told Kaysar that James was talking bad of him. Kaysar told her that James called her spineless. Of course April then tells everyone that she is the most generous and giving person (so April people that are kind and giving can be spineless too) Maggie said that Kaysar was taking his eviction like a good sport, that he said to her good game and thanks for letting me play.

Rachel was crying and feeling sorry for herself. Howie comforted her. The HOH group saw this on the spy cam. Ivette was very unsympathetic to Rachel (who is crying). Jennifer too. April shows some concern. . Maggie says it's because Rachel can't relate to them. April now says it's because she's left out of them, their major group.(ya everyone wants to be you April) Ivette now saying Rachel came in as a hard ass, she chose to be in a house with 13 people. Ivette - she's always frazzled. She’s got a great body but she's just always frazzled.

Kaysar, Janelle and Howie have a bet that they won’t talk about sex, body parts or anything sexual for 24 hours. Howie starts talking about boobies and bodies a lot so that he can get it all out of his system. It was pretty funny and I doubt that Howie will win this bet.

The last worthy conversation takes place between Howie, Janelle and Kaysar. Kaysar a bit somber,
Kaysar, Howie, Janelle in bathroom grooming, game chat. Kaysar finally gets Janelle's attention Janelle asks Kaysar to watch from home, says he will. She asks what live feeds are about and they say just watching the house, that's all it is. Janelle is cleaning her toes as they chat. Kaysar - guess I’m just going to go back home and it's gonna be life as usual
Janelle - which is?
Kaysar - well before I left I was working on something transaction
Janelle - how big?
Kaysar - can’t' say. Let’s just say it's worth more than the total prize money would be
Janelle - is it total profit for you?
Kaysar - pretty much
Janelle - wow! So you're like rich
Kaysar - well we'll see. I really don’t' care about the money
Janelle - yea
Kaysar - I really didn't I was just trying to prove something
Janelle - I bet your family is so proud of you
Howie agrees
Kaysar - tried my best and that's what counts
Janelle - I think you did awesome. only reason you're leaving is because you're the best
Howie agrees
Kaysar - thanks guys
Howie - and because you gave your whole damn strategy to everybody
They all chuckle
Janelle - yea, no kidding
Howie - you don't do that in the first quarter, you do that in the 4th quarter
Kaysar - the only thing I did was give away how smart I am.
Howie - right
Kaysar - they don't know how to use that strategy
Howie - right
Kaysar - it's ok. I’ll learn from this mistake
Janelle - what do you think the mistake was? It can't be being too smart. It’s not your fault
Kaysar - giving the step by step exactly what I did and how it happened. But it wouldn't have changed anything because Eric still went home during my HOH, James still was on the block because he betrayed them, and it wouldn't have changed anything. just what's meant to be will be
Janelle - it's their fault cuz if they had told us we could have told them
Kaysar - it would have bought me another week
Janelle - you would still be here this week and win with us
(talking about James backstabbing the other team and now them, that's ultimately what caused Kaysar to be stuck going home).

They all head to bed, to get up and vote tomorrow. Poor Kaysar his fate will then be sealed.