**This article may contain trace amounts of shellfish.**

Nothing to report from BB land today, absolutely nothing. The feeds were on fish all day, with the numerous events going on. I thought I'd fill you in on the goings-on in the fishtank.

I'm sad to report that Ursula died this week, and the other fish are having a hard time getting over it. The big blue one with the funny nose has been beside himself, circling the camera and looking very depressed. The yellow ones are mocking him, something about being a "Howie", going from happy-go-lucky to rampaging in a matter of minutes. The fact that the fish are on a PB&J diet this week might account for their grumpiness, since sandwiches tend to get soggy in fish-water. Ariel is having the most trouble, with the fact that she's been not looking so good this week.

The fish are having a difficult time coping with Sarah's eviction, since she was the one they connected on the same level with. Three of the fish have decided to get together and avenge her eviction. They did their best to try and communicate with Jennifer before she evicted Kaysar, but their bubble signals went unnoticed.

Lastly, the fish are starting to notice that the plant life is getting closer and closer to the camera. Is BB reducing the size of their house? Stay tuned to the fish...not that anything new will happen, but its the only thing on!