Maggie’s Nerd Herd Staff Shortened as Ivette Leads the Way

The feeds as promised were turned on at midnight eastern time. Funny how the first thing we here from the nerd herd in the hot tub is how much they hate the fish screen saver! (if they only knew how many hours we have just watched those fish waiting for the feeds to return). By 12:05 we learn that Howie and Rachel are nominated. (No surprise here… backdoor Janelle) Howie and Rachel being the realists that they are decide they don’t want to pick James for the VETO because there is still a chance the nerd herd could backdoor him. April leaves her group and of course tells of all people Howie that Beau already told James not to use VETO if he won it. Howie wants Janelle to play VETO for him, and Rachel is leaning towards April (of all people) to play for her. James is reeling and dealing trying to get to play to win and save him. He knows that he is next on the pecking order to be nominated. Beau did Tell Ivette that he will probably use James in the VETO but he was not going to tell him till tomorrow to see if he cuts any deals with the other side. Rachel said that if she won the VETO she would take off Howie since Howie brought her here and he deserves to stay.

Beau and Maggie discuss April. Beau really thinks that April joined the other side. Maggie does not think so but will watch for clues. She then proceeds to point out to Beau when James has lied before and the type of player he is. Maggie believes that April is alone right now and would not join the other side. She tells Beau that it is a ploy on James part so that he gets to play VETO.

Ivette tries to calm James down. She keeps telling him he is safe. She tells him that it makes her look bad (oh poor Ivette) by him acting so nervous. Ivette leaves James and immediately heads to the HOH room. She tells them that she only trusts those 3 (Beau, Maggie and April) and then she really pushes hard for them to let James play VETO really pleads his case saying the other side is really trying to screw him over. April responds with she shouldn’t be giving James advice and to stay away from him. April said James has been playing hard for six weeks and she does not believe a word he said. April said that James is only a benefit to Ivette and he needs to go.

Rachel, Howie and Janelle talk. Janelle is convinced that she is going to be the one back doored. She really wants to win the POV. She wants to take Howie off the block. They discuss talking to Maggie and offering her a week of safety to vote James out. Rachel is afraid that it will get back to James and he will screw them. Howie said play their game and deny and lie.

Rachel and James have a discussion in the gold room as they both were going to bed. Rachel reassured him that the nerd herd wants to split her and Howie up. James is just freaking out because he said he can’t trust anyone. He told her that he refuses to give up. Rachel said she was going to play the game and have fun this week. She was not going to pull an Eric and pout and sulk.

Janelle tells Howie that if it came down to April and Maggie at the end she would give it to April. She does not like how Maggie played the game and her connection to Eric.

By 3 am all house guests were asleep!

Rachel was the first one up as usual at 9:00. She does her normal routine. Big brother wakes everyone up at 9:30. Because Big Brother didn’t immediately announce when the VETO competition will be, Ivette said several times….Tell us when the VETO competition is bitches (being real rude to BB). She also makes fun of Rachel calling her an aging grey hag and a shady gray Bitch. (She better try getting up on the other side of the bed tomorrow).

At noon the feed return once again to fish, and the POV competition takes place. The feeds don’t’ return till after 4 pm, making it a 4 hour VETO competition We quickly find out that James won the VETO competition. The competition had to do with retrieving house guests picture disks from the bottom of the pool in a certain order and hanging them from a rope or something. James won Janelle by 4 seconds! (Poor Janelle). .
Janelle is upset with herself for not winning. She is afraid she will be back doored out of their. They don’t have much time in the house before BB announces a 2 hour lock down outside. They scramble to get changed and grab something to eat and drink outside. While everyone is running around, Ivette is stopping people in her nerd herd group to make sure they know what a fierce competitor Janelle is and how she almost beat James,(planting another seed to keep her good ole boy James in and get Janelle out)

While outside, Ivette invites James to play chess. While playing she makes it clear that James has to use VETO so they can put up Janelle. James is quiet through this. He does suggest breaking up the Rachel and Howie team. Yet, Ivette does not hear one word, she is only listening to herself say that Janelle has to go. James tries to get Ivette to hate Rachel again. He tells her things that happened that are her fault, that she lies and that she really hates her(Ivette).

After the lock down is over, they discover they have a smaller dining room table (Ya we get to spend 10 minutes of Tuesday’s show seeing the smaller table and everyone talking about it in the diary room, it is a table folks move on). As they sit admiring the new table, Janelle said she was surprised she made it this far, and Ivette the college graduate said is Minnesota a state? (hope that degree is not in geography Ivette)

About an hour after the happy table conversation, Ivette whispers to James for him not to use the VETO unless she tells him differently. (I thought James won the VETO)

Maggie and April chat in the work out room. Maggie tells April to stop complaining about Ivette that she is just getting herself pushed out. April goes on a rampage about how Ivette is calling the shots and she won’t let anyone go near James. She then said that Ivette is the only one that benefits from James being in there. Maggie responded with just stay away from her. Maggie then said that Ivette hold their fate in her hands. (Ivette is now head nerd herd!) April then said that next week is the last week that they can back door James, after that they won’t have enough people. April talked about how Ivette was telling everyone what a strong competitor Janelle was, Maggie responded with James won (meaning he was the competitor).She believes that James will make it to final 2. April thinks it will be Ivette and Beau!

Beau and Ivette have a little cat fight. Beau was really upset that Ivette was talking about how he only dates rich men. They go at it for a few minutes, Then Ivette tells Beau she understands that he is under a lot of stress this week (about time he played the game) and they kiss and make up.

Rachel wants to leave so that Howie can stay in the game. If she is on the block against
Janelle she wants to stay! She keeps saying evict me.

April tries once again to talk to Ivette about James. She said that he is a tick on our A$$ that will never leave. That he is trying to get to the end with Janelle because he can win that way. (doyouknowwhatimean…

James and Janelle have a brief discussion in the back yard. James doesn’t believe that he can win his game, Janelle said yes sir, if you are up against me. James responded with wait till I take Maggie out from underneath them. James said that Ivette has questioned him about teaming up with her, so they can’t talk long and will finish their conversation in the gold room tonight.

Ivette cooks dinner for the nerd herd. She is refusing to cook for the other group. This pisses Rachel off a bit because she always cooks for everyone.

James chats with Beau. He asks him how it feels to be king of the week. Beau responded with him now has a target on his back. James then asks if he wants him to use the VETO. Beaus said NO don’t use it.

April has figured out she and Maggie are the next targets, Maggie says James will probably win Maggie says James is playing smart how he is playing both sides, but she is not willing to get "dirty." (What else is new April did you forget about your plan to oust Ivette) They say they only have two weeks to get him out or they basically have to hand him the game.

In the HOH Maggie and April try to convince Ivette that James has to go. They point out that they think he has a deal with Janelle and that he is too good of a competitor to stay in the game. They think that Janelle would be easier in the game to beat then James. They said they have to back door him next week. That that is the last time they can do that, because after that everyone will be competing for VETO. They believe that Janelle is just lucky. They don’t want to leave Janelle and James in the game. They want James out first because he wins everything. Maggie then retells everything to Beau, emphasizing what he can and cannot say to others (Geez can the guy even make a decision on what to say)
Ivette was mostly quiet during this conversation, not agreeing or disagreeing (can you believe it). The nerd herds then snickers and say that America will pick them for the next America’s choice because they sent King Kaysar packing (not!). They talk about how James makes up stories.

Meanwhile in the gold room James tells Rachel, Howie and Janelle that Rachel is the target this week. Rachel said she is fine with it.

A bit later, Ivette corners James and tells him that he has to start talking to Maggie, that he might not trust her but he has to be nice to her or his ass is toast. She asks him again if he is apart of the other group. He denies it. Ivette returns to HOH and reports that James is not part of the other group and does not leak information to them (lol).

Seems to be some controversy about the VETO competition. James admitted that he didn’t unclip the last two pictures or something. Howie., Rachel and Janelle discuss this and say that BB is looking into it. They discuss how he had an advantage because he went first and the ground wasn’t wet and slippery yet? They hope that BB takes it seriously. Janelle believes that the nerd herd would back door James this week if the ruling came down that he cheated.

Right before bed Howie and Rachel flirt some. As the internet waited to see if anything happened, Howie farts breaks the mood and Rachel finally turns over and goes to sleep. All hamsters were asleep by 4:15.

Veto meeting tomorrow! What will James do???