9:00 AM

The hamsters were not quick to rise this morning. Although you know Rachel is the first one up. She mumbles something about how terrible she slept last night and goes about her usual routine of eating exercising and washing all the dishes in the sink. After a short while Rachel went to lie in the sun, and then just after 10:00 headed inside for a shower.

Inside the HG’s are starting to wake up. Now Rachel is in the GR with Howie and Janelle. Rachel is mad that they have been ‘beat’, however she holds out hope for Howie or Janelle to win. BB is still trying to wake everyone up and get them out of their beds; namely Janelle who is still in bed. Howie says “leave her alone BB you screwed her out of her veto!” Howie and Rachel are still curious about the outcome of BB viewing the tapes from the veto competition to see if James broke any rules. Howie and Rachel think it is possible that James lied about the possibility of cheating in the competition. Howie asks where James is and Rachel says “who knows, he’s probably consulting with the nerd herd.”

Meanwhile in HOH, they are talking about the wrap party and when the show might end. April says they will probably play all the music they have woken them to, at the party. April leaves the HOH.

Now April and James are talking about who is telling the truth in the house. James said each player knows a small percentage of the truths in the house. April said there is some truth to everything. James said “there are 8 HG’s now, so each one knows a 1/8 of the truth.” They both laugh and agree. April said, "I guess Howie and Rachel are wondering who is going…" James said he's not using the veto; because that's what Beau wants. James tells her that Howie and Rachel asked him to take one of them off (before playing for veto) and that’s why he didn’t play for one of them (insinuating he told them no.)

Jan asked if she could use Beau’s shower and headed up to HOH where Maggie let her in. Beau is in the kitchen now with April and Maggie, Maggie is saying “It is so nice to not have PB&J.” April says she misses straws and asks Beau if he drinks out of straws, he says he does. April says she asked him because Matt says ‘it’s a girl thing’. Ivette is in the kitchen now pole dancing with the refrigerator doors and Maggie says “Ivette, you woke up horny!”

11:00 AM

April and Beau are talking and April says the days are going by so slow. April telling Beau they aren't coming after him and that James wants Ivette to go as far as possible with him. Janelle is going to be tough competition for James. She says things may get sticky. April says that James believes that Ivette is the only one that supposedly has his back. In April’s opinion James won’t take Ivette to the end because he couldn't win against her. April says “Let me tell you, he's thinking.” She tells Beau about her conversation with James this morning. She says “He's f’ing weird, a nut case.” April goes on to say “James will keep you and Ivette around because he knows your vote is the same as Ivette’s vote. I really think he's on the other side, s*** talking us because it keeps him in the game longer. He is working the other side to gang up on Maggie and me first.” Beau responds “James told me last night ‘April is doing a good job of playing both sides’.” April: “He’s the one playing both sides, that's why he's starting to get nervous. The other day when I started talking to Howie, he was like, wow you are talking to Howie again.”

April continues to tell Beau that the day that Howie started to be friendly and talk to Jen after all that went down; that James came to her and said how shitty it was that her own partner is talking to Howie and that Jen should have had her back 110%. Howie, Maggie and Ivette walk up and interrupt this little chat. They ask Howie why he wants to hang out with the ‘dorks’. He said because Beau is there. Howie says he referred to them as the nerd herd and said now that Jen was gone, they were all normal; that Jen was the biggest dork in their group.

Ivette tells Howie why she didn't invite Rachel to dinner last night. She says she felt disrespected by Rachel when she didn’t offer to cook for everyone and would just cook for herself. Ivette says “She makes one pork chop and cooks for herself and not everyone, so I’m not going to cook for her.” Howie seems to be trying hard to maintain a friendly disposition. Ivette says to Howie “You went buck wild one week, but it's OK.” Howie: “Everybody goes wild, and it wasn't a week.” They argue about how long it was and then Ivette says “You crossed lines.” Howie responds “I don't cross lines, I jump over them, isn't that what Cappy said?” Maggie: “Mm-hmm.” They talk about it and laugh here and there, but the tone of the conversation is that it is no joke. Ivette says she wonders what Howie would be like if he was drunk and mad. Howie said he's never started a fight, except once in 7th grade. Ivette was imitating Howie, “You drew first blood.” Howie said, “That’s right.”

The talk above turns to who has used more foul language. They say that Howie will be labeled the bad boy of BB6. Howie defends his behavior and says the bad boy label is not accurate since he has never been sent to another room and separated from the group like Mike, Cappy, Ivette and Kaysar. He is getting worked up about it and pacing now. The others changed to conversation to playing poker and Howie calmed down some.

12:00 NOON POV Ceremony

Rachel tells Janelle that everyone else but James had been told that they had to untie all the ropes in the veto competition so they are letting the win stand. Rachel is ticked off about it. Just as they started this conversation, James was called into the DR and the feeds cut to FISH.

James did not use the veto. Howie, Janelle and James are in the GR, James says that the others told him not to use the veto because they want to get rid of Rachel. James says “I was going to say in my speech ‘I choose not to use the veto this week because I don’t want to see Janie have to pack again.” They laughed.

James left the GR and Janelle says to Howie that James wants April in the final 3, but not in the final 2 with him. He doesn't want both Howie and Janelle in the final three with him because it's too dangerous. Howie says James has to know he has to get out Beau or Ivette unless he wants them to win the money. Howie says that James can not have any control of the game with Ivette there. Janelle realizes that as it stands; if they want to get rid of Ivette they won’t have the votes if James sticks by her. However, Howie says that April would probably vote against Ivette. Janelle thinks that it is very possible that James is working with Beau and Ivette.

1:00 PM

Rachel and April are talking by the pool. Rachel says “So I’m gone right? I just want to know so I know what to wear Thursday.” April tells her that they really haven’t talked about it much as a group and that it is still 50/50 that she will be going. Rachel seems surprised to hear this. Rachel says if she leaves she will be sure to ask Jennifer ‘what were you thinking by making those nominations?’ Rachel tells April that Jenn blew it for both of them as they probably would have both gone a lot farther had Jenn not used such poor strategy last week. April says what pisses her off is that she and Jennifer now look like the bad people, that people say they were hiding behind others, when others are doing the exact same thing.

April tells Rachel that she feels really bad being in the house longer than Jenn, because Jenn is the one that brought her there and she says “I understand how you would feel the same if Howie were to leave.” Rachel says she didn’t like the whole going off on other people. April says that Jenn got blamed for everything and that it was all of them not just Jenn. Rachel said that Howie is to blame for everything that happened this week but “he had lots of encouragement.” Rachel says “We were baffled, why would Jenn do that to herself?” April says that Kaysar's name wasn't even on the radar for her and Jenn when it came to nominations, but after what Howie did to me, it moved the radar from ‘someone else’ over to ‘you all’.

Rachel then asks April if they've given any consideration to the thought of sending Howie packing to be alone with Jenn in sequester. April says she doesn't think anyone would vote based on that. Rachel says she thinks Ivette is mad at her because she didn't make her dinner. April says “that’s just it; we are at a point where people are getting annoyed about the little things.” Rachel says she is black and white when it comes to the game and she understands why Beau put her up.

(Ivette and James are playing chess at the table and Howie is just kind of wandering around talking about competitions.)

Still by the pool, April asks Rachel if she thinks Ivette will make it to the end. Rachel says “I don't think so.” April says “Do you think Beau and Ivette will be targeted next?” Rachel: “I don't know.” Rachel says she hopes that Ivette goes and visits Eric before he watches the tapes from the beginning. April asks “Why do you think Eric said bad things about Ivette?” Rachel says “In the beginning, but that's just the game.” Rachel says she has heard a lot more than she has ever repeated. April is asking Rachel if James has been trying to make deals with them and Rachel says “Of course not! Why would we do that?”

2:00 PM

Howie is so kindly telling April how he helped to bring on her ‘A’ game. April says “I'm very happy with what I've done, but, ya'll I'd like to win.” She says when Howie started bashing her a** she put it in gear. Howie says “Then you took 2 out of 2 in the HOH, and then you beat me in hockey a couple of days later. You almost won the HOH that day right? Wasn't it you Janelle and Beau?” April: “Yeah we were tied toward the end.” Howie says “I brought your A game on, you gotta thank me for that.” They were all laughing.

James just snuck up to the GR and thought Rach was in there he even took his shoes off to make less noise. When he didn't hear anything, he went in and asked Jan, "Wasn't Rach in here?" Janelle said she left. James then asked Janelle “Is Rachel mad about the veto ceremony?” Jan says “No, not at all.” James then says “I was playing chess with Ivette outside and she said I should have used the veto so you could be out the backdoor.” Janelle doesn’t really respond to this, nor has she gotten out of bed much today. She is tired and seemingly depressed, at least right now.

3:00 PM

There was not a whole lot going this afternoon, with Janelle sleeping a lot then Beau finally emerging from HOH after a long nap.

While Janelle and James are napping in the GR the friendship group is outside eating, April filling them in on her talk with Rachel. April tells them that Rachel ‘wants’ to be voted out.

A few minutes later, Beau and April are in the kitchen and April was re-iterating her conversation with Rachel saying “Rachel is talking about what she will do when she gets to sequester, and she wanted to know who told me they are thinking about voting her out.” April tells him she didn’t say anything. They can't figure out how Rachel knows. April whispers “Rachel told me she wants to leave before Howie because he brought her here.” April still whispering to Beau in the kitchen says “Tell whoever we put up next week that the plan is to backdoor James.” Beau: “I don't know….” April: “Maybe not.”

Outside with Rachel and April

Rachel says she can't sleep and they are out of Benadryl. She didn't fall asleep until around 3AM and woke up at 7AM. They don't have her Ambien either; she says maybe she can take 1/2 of a pill or something. April says that in sequester you can turn on lights and turn them off when you want to. Rachel wants to talk to Jennifer, but not about game stuff. She is concerned about her and other stuff. April said Jennifer didn't have anything against Rachel. April says Jenn knew that when she made that decision (to evict Kaysar) that they would be pissed. April said "I knew it. I was like, we're f*d" April claiming her and Jennifer never came in here because of the money. She said as much as Jennifer talked about the money she wasn't in it for the money. April said nobody was acting mature last week.

They talk about when April made those comments about Rachel last week being mad at Howie for having Jan sleep in HOH. Rachel says she has never been jealous of any girl with Howie; and it cracks her up when people think she was jealous of Jan and Howie. April says “We all acted like we were 10 years old.” Rachel: “It didn't affect me, it really didn't.” Ivette walks up and the conversation stops. BB calls “Howie, please come to the DR.” April says “Since you haven't apologized, they are calling you back in.” They laugh.

3:30 PM

Beau and Ivette are in the kitchen. Beau is cooking and Ivette is sitting deep in thought. Beau asks her why she is so quiet. Ivette says something about someone being a hypocrite, but Beau couldn’t really here her so she said she will tell him later.

In HOH with Ivette and April

Now we are in HOH, April went to take a nap and Ivette followed her up. April tells her what was said in the BY with Rachel; about sequester, and how Rachel wants to talk to Jenn when she gets there. Ivette wants to know why Rachel is being so nice now. Ivette says “Howie and Rachel are trying to tell me and Maggie that James did not win the POV yesterday.” April says “By all accounts she sounded like she knew she was going.” Ivette says “Rachel made an extra effort to talk to you today and not me, Beau or Maggie. Now she is talking to you, wanting to make dinner together, etc….” April says “Rachel has always been nice to me.” April says Rachel is just here for her partner and would rather the partner stay, the same way April wanted Jenny to stay over her. Ivette says that Rachel could be pretending.

April tells Ivette that her and Jenn would have been better off personally had they kept Kaysar. She tells Ivette that the game changes big time when your partner goes. April says “In all reality Kaysar and James needed to go. For Jennifer and I, it would have been better for us to keep Kaysar here vs. James, but you have to think beyond that. I don't regret any decision that was made. Everything happens for a reason. I know if I'm at the end with James, I'd hope you'd vote for me to win. If you were at the end with James, we'd vote for you. Rachel did mention ‘you understand we were all rooting for you and Jennifer until you did what you did’. We all had a great relationship with Kaysar. I really believe he would have put you guys up before us. Nominating Kaysar hurt us a lot more than putting James up. Can you say one way was better than the other? I don't know. It would have either been Kaysar last week and James this week or James last week and Kaysar this week.”

Ivette says “Howie is still trying to say you and Jennifer came up with the plan to target me.” April “They are playing all the angles, they know we are strong. I wasn’t going to say to them ‘sorry, we made promises not to put each other up or vote each other off unless we had too’, I never told them that because it would have given stuff away.” Maggie came in to get Beaus Bible.

4:00 PM

Rachel is talking with Howie and James saying that she seriously doubts anyone will recognize her on the streets when she gets out. Howie and James assure her that plenty of people will know who she is. James says “I've come to the conclusion that the two of you dated a long time ago, and that's how you know each other.” Rachel says “No, no, we never dated. We were always friends. We did go out to breakfast together a lot....” James: “Ahaaaaaa...breakfast!” Rachel says “We went to Mitchell's a lot when I was in Chicago. They have a great breakfast. We used to go in a big group and it was a lot of fun.”

Rachel says “well if I go this week, I can say I did everything. I won HOH, I've won 2 Vetos, I've won a Luxury Competition, I've eaten PB&J for a week, I've competed in just about everything and I've hosted a competition.” James says something about some people that have not competed in many competitions and Howie says that is sure to change with fewer people in the house.

Howie is outside with Ivette and Beau talking 90 miles a minute. He is saying that he can't believe he is labeled as the bad guy, when Beau goes on a drunken binge and beats up other houseguests every three days and Ivette is fighting with Kaysar and throwing things. Beau and Ivette were laughing and Ivette tells Howie that for some reason she likes him.

Inside Janelle finally comes out and into the kitchen where Rachel is cooking. She looks very tired, messed up hair, no energy. James says “Good Morning!” Janelle grumbles. Rachel is very peppy with her and jokes and says “they decided to evict Janelle because she is so lazy.” Janelle: “Really?” Rachel says “you know I’m kidding you.” Poor Janelle, she says “it would be nice to fit into something other than my stretch pants.”

Ivette and Beau are begging Howie to streak naked through the back yard. He wants them to swear that they will vote Rachel off if he does it. He tries to get Maggie to swear on the Bible and she says no. Then he goes to Beau telling Beau that he has to make everyone vote for him to stay. Beau says “how about this, if you're still here on Friday, you have to streak for us all.” Howie agrees if he can use his bandana and Beau stays 10 feet away. Then Howie says “I’m going to streak for Jenn in the sequester house.” Ivette: “So, if you stay or go, you're streaking.”

Maggie says to Howie “Why do you think I'm the deciding vote? How do you know how James will vote? The only way you figure I am the deciding vote is if you know how James is voting.” Howie says “The only one I know about for sure is Rachel.” Everyone is here in the kitchen except James and they are all laughing except for Maggie.

5:00 PM

Rachel and Janelle are talking privately; Rachel now realizes they had the votes to get Ivette out last week. Janelle didn't realize that. Rachel is telling Janelle that April will turn on Ivette if it comes down to Ivette on the block against Beau or Maggie. Rachel says April is closer to Maggie than Ivette. They talk about Ivette and Maggie together instigating a lot of things. They agree that Ivette and Beau on the block is what should happen next. Janelle is upset because James will be playing POV for Ivette, but Rachel says “You can beat James.” April comes over to join them to talk and eat nachos. Janelle leaves.

Janelle and James are in the kitchen and Janelle is kind of demanding to know why he wants to get Maggie out before Ivette. Janelle asks James if he has a deal with Ivette. He says no that he and Ivette just talk because they are 100% honest with each other. Janelle tells James “If we don't get Ivette out next we will not have enough votes later to do it. Ivette has so much power in this house, I want her out. She is way more powerful than Maggie in this game.” James voice quivers and he says “well we have to win HOH first, and then we can talk about it.”

James is telling Janelle that Maggie asked him his opinion on whether or not to back door Janelle. James said “I told them Rachel was a bigger threat and strategically they needed to break up couples.” James talks about being ticked off at Howie and Rachel with their veto speeches, saying how strong James is, insinuating he is a threat, James is sick of it. He says “We needed this week so bad, if we could pull off two back to back weeks…..” Janelle says “That'd be great.” James: “They'd be broken, both mentally and physically.” Janelle says Ivette needs to go before Beau. James says okay as long as Maggie goes first and April goes last he doesn’t care.”

Rachel comes in now with James and Janelle and James says “Rachel when you get to sequester do something for me punch Jenny in the mouth because I can’t hit girls, or throw her off the cliff.” Rachel says “Why would I do that? I don't want to fight! I want to relax.” James: “I bet they made those 2 look like 2 little weasels….” Janelle agrees. James says “I don't care how they're portrayed; I just want to beat them. They can be portrayed as angels or Lucifer’s right hand, but I don't want to lose to them!”

James and Janelle both start to wonder if their mom’s were interviewed. James really hopes not, his mom knows nothing of the show. Janelle says “They probably asked ‘is your daughter really like that?’ my mom probably answered ‘yes’.” James says his mom will say she doesn’t approve of any of his behavior.

Janelle tells them that Kaysar said he was portrayed very well and that Eric was portrayed really badly. Janelle saying that people not affiliated with the show were greeting Kaysar and wanting to meet him, big groups of people wanting to meet him and telling him how cool he was. Then we got FISH.

James thinks that April and Jen were portrayed as the type of people that hide behind others. He says they are like an extension of high school and he can't believe April is only 31, he says no way she is that young. Her face is so old looking, maybe it's because of smoking. Janelle said she has wrinkled smoker's lips. Rachel said April probably found out she (Rachel) was 33 and April didn't want to be the oldest woman in the house so she lied about her age. You can hear BB say “April please go to the DR.” At which time James says “God, she disgusts me.”

Janelle says “Whoever goes this week will bring a tape of the show so I can see myself on TV, and see how fat I look.” James says to Jan “It sucks you only got to listen to your CD one night. When they said double eviction I thought you'd be able to vote out 2 people.” Rachel says “I thought that too….” Janelle “That's what I thought too, I was so excited.” Rachel says “That's why I was calming everybody down.” Janelle asks her “What was everybody else doing?” Rachel: “Shitting their pants.” Janelle asks her “When they announced it what happened?” Rachel says Howie got up and screamed. James said he was trying to calm Howie down, as was Rachel.

6:00 PM

Rachel, James and Janelle are still talking about how people are being portrayed and Rachel thinks that America probably doesn’t like Ivette or Maggie. James tells Rachel she is rigid and Rachel says “well, I don’t want to make any mistakes.” Rachel says she hates that her family will be disappointed. James says “no way are you disappointing them.” Rachel says “I'm getting evicted!” James: “everyone is except for 2 of us.” Rachel seems satisfied that she didn't lie or betray anybody. James says “If they're disappointed it is because you didn't stay up past 11:00 the first 9 weeks.” Rachel says “That's why I did so well on competitions.” James: “I did well without any sleep.” Rachel: “Whatever.”

James says “I wonder why they put Eric on the show?” Janelle answers “Because he's an as*hole.” They make fun of Eric's video and say how awful it was. James says the other side didn't say anything about the video because they all know it sucked so badly. He says they are brainwashed. They think that April is the least brainwashed, but she needs the protection. James says they are weak. Janelle wants HOH next week so that they can start calling her the Punisher. James says that he and Janelle could run through this game.

April, Rachel and Beau are in the kitchen now and April is worried that Matt may not be there for her when she exits. April asks “Matt will be there for me when I get out of here, right?” Rachel: “Well, if you go to sequester, I don't think so….” April: “I mean as a husband.” Rachel: “Of course, why wouldn't he be?” The conversation changed focus to the rotten avocado Rachel was cutting.

Howie and Beau are outside talking about everything. Beau asked Howie who is the better player between himself and Rachel and Howie said Rachel definitely is a stronger player. He says Rachel would rather leave before him anyway.

Rachel calls everyone to the table for dinner. James says “Howie we really should put our shirts on to sit at the dinner table.” There is some nervous chatter around the table and Ivette at one point refers to herself as part of the nerd herd (Howie mentioned earlier that he calls them that.) Janelle was saying something about taking pictures of spelling something out with your legs andIvette said something like “oh, so you can laugh at me, cuz I'm a dork, a part of the nerd herd?” Ivette tells Janelle she knows they call her that. Janelle says "Who told you that?!" Ivette says she heard them yelling it. (Note that Ivette isn’t so amused by the whole nerd herd thing and Janelle and Rachel are laughing...so am I, lol). They start to talk about other TV shows and the feeds keep cutting out.

7:30 PM After Dinner

Outside, Ivette is now mad about being referred to as a dork and a nerd. She is really mad that Rachel laughed at the dinner table when Ivette mentioned it. Beau was heading outside and Ivette said "Hurry up; we have dorky things to do.” Ivette says “since Janelle knows she’s safe this week, she can laugh at us. I’m going to provoke that b*tch and make her say something” She makes fun of Janelle’s extensions and says she wants to pull them out. Ivette also had a whole string of foul words for Rachel (just to her friends), such as calling her a barn b*tch, a horse sh*t cleaning b*tch, that she will be crying about missing her b/f ‘you f’in aging b*tch’ …you get the picture  Ivette says about Rachel “America doesn’t hate you but your partner does.”

In the kitchen Rachel asks if they are fighting outside and Janelle says they are probably fighting about being called the nerd herd. James says they are probably screaming about one of YOU calling them nerds and dorks. They try to listen and they hear someone say ‘she’s a depressed ancient b*tch!” Jan and Rachel both think it is them. Janelle wants to walk outside and say “Look you guys! It's the nerd herd!” (LOL!!) Rachel tells her no. Janelle is sure they are talking about her and not Rachel. Rachel says she really doesn’t care.

Howie is talking to Janelle and Rachel and he says Beau asked him if he wanted to go or stay. Howie said he told Beau that he wants to stay and that Rachel is tired and was only playing for Howie. Rachel tells Howie to stop giving them information. Howie tells them how the Friends wanted him to run around yard naked and that he told them they had to swear on the bible they would keep him and they wouldn’t go for it. Rachel tells him not to streak, that they are trying to get him to do things that are stupid. She says he is like a toy to them.

Howie says that no matter who leaves, with James they are unbeatable. Rachel isn’t so sure that James is on their side. Rachel and Howie express that they are satisfied with Beau’s reasons for putting them up. Howie says he had a chance to save himself and couldn’t do it, so he will get over it.

8:00 PM

HG’s are on inside lock down. Maggie is complaining that the sink is full of dishes. The S group are in the GR. James seems to be firmly back with Howie, Rachel, and Janelle - at least that's what he tells them. They discuss how the biggest mistake they made was putting up Howie and Rachel, decimating their team too soon. James didn't think they'd be that dumb, and the other three now realize how much they messed up when they had an opportunity to pick apart the friends.

They move on to talk about April. James says he thinks her friendships only last a few months because they find out how much she talks behind their back. He comments about the card that April got for her birthday and that her husband didn’t sign it. James thinks he didn’t sign it because he has something going on with someone else and can’t take a chance of that person finding out he is married.

Janelle asks “Did you guys know the people on the internet don't like Julie?” Howie says “They think she's robotic. I think she's perfect for this job. What's she supposed to do jump up & down?” (I happen to agree with him) Rachel: “She can't show any bias.” They move on to the wrap party and James says it’s been so f’n long since he has had any alcohol, he will be bombed. Howie says he thinks Dan might come after him. To that James says “there is no Dan.” BB tells April to put on her microphone and James mimics BB “April please fix your plastic chin.”

James tells Rachel “I swear to god that what they said out there was about you.” (He must be referring to Ivettes tirade about Rachel laughing at her being called a nerd.) Rachel says “why waste energy talking about me? Vote me out already! What did I do to her?!” Rachel continues “It's just upsetting them that I'm not upset about being evicted. I've experienced every aspect of this game, except for winning it.”

Janelle says she feels womanly now that she is voluptuous and has hips and an ass. (I could have told her about that before the game started…lol) Rachel says she wanted to gun for Jenn the first week, she just didn’t trust her. She says she can't understand how Ivette cried and cried and cried about not having a pair. Janelle says “that is what they have been doing all along, lie, lie, and lie.” Rachel says “then she won't be portrayed very well.” Then the talk turns to the safes. Janelle speculates that there must be money in one of them, then Howie says “and maybe a ‘leave’ card because there are too many people left….” then we got FISH.

Meanwhile up in the HOH, there isn’t much talking going on and Ivette and Mag are playing cards.

9:00 PM

Back in the GR Howie is saying these are the stupidest HG’s in the history of the game. That they put up Rachel and himself when Janelle can annihilate them. James said America loves Janelle’s fight with Beau b/c they were both fighting but with Howie and April it was like Howie was beating a 3 legged puppy. Howie then responds “I was beating a butterfly with a sledgehammer.” They are laughing. James says he can’t wait for Jan’s nomination speech. Janelle says she will attack them all because she hates them. James thinks that Janelle is the most popular player for this season, because she doesn’t walk on egg shells around anyone.

In the HOH, Maggie is realizing that not talking to anyone makes her a weak player. Beau thinks James will go after S2 for revenge from Sarah being sent home, Maggie doesn't seem to think so. Maggie is wondering how much James is playing both sides. She is sure that Janelle doesn’t, “She never tries to talk to me, and Howie tries to be funny and everybody's friend.” Maggie is saying the only ones Janelle or Howie will talk to now may be April or Beau. April says “Janelle used to ask me questions, but not anymore.” Maggie thinks Beau will be a good person to reach out to them. Maggie says “No one thinks Beau and Ivette have lied in this game.” Ivette is complaining about not having a single picture from home, and Maggie tells her not to worry “you will get Americas Choice.”

The feeds were fixed on the GR for a while where the banter turned to either singing or James talking about different sexual experiences he has had which has in turn warranted a lot of feeds being cut to FISH.

10:00 PM

Rachel and Howie are outside, James is doing laundry. Rachel tells Howie that the friendship gang told her today that some of them think she's irritable, set in her ways and not good for Howie. Rachel says “and it’s BS because 2 weeks ago they were trying to set us up.” Rachel really doesn’t care, she knows who she is and she doesn't want to hang with those horrible people. Rachel says they are transparent, idiotic morons and says "God, evict me…." Rachel says “if they leave me in the game with Janelle they are stupid.” James tells them that Maggie will not allow Ivette to tell him how they are voting.

In the HOH, they are tearing apart the other group. Ivette all worked up that everyone talks behind everyone’s back, that things should be said to the person’s face. Beau then fires things up more by telling her that James says both sides are saying nasty things about the other. Maggie says she feels sorry for Janelle’s family and says “what a great mom to have, who tells you how fat you are” and Ivette chimes in “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Howie and Beau were just in the kitchen and Howie was eating ice cream. Beau told Howie that if he put the ice cream in his mouth and "mouth fed him" and their lips touched, he would keep him in the house. Howie asked him “Do you promise?” Howie did it and then ran to the sink to wash out his mouth. Howie said “I’ll tell Rachel to pack her bags and Beau said he can’t go back on his word because it is on tape. The HOH peeps didn’t see it, so Beau goes back to Howie for another kiss that can be seen on the spy cam. They do it again and Howie runs to the sink and gargles again. The girls upstairs are screaming and laughing. Ivette runs out to tell James, Rachel and Janelle and James says “I’m not doing that to stay!”

11:00 PM

Now Howie is a hurricane again in the HOH, a mini hurricane. The friends are trying to rile him up and he is in their faces, kind of laughing a little, not phased by the nominations. Ivette is really mad about the whole nerd thing and she says she is sick of people talking behind backs. She says to Howie “from now on, if you have s*** to say, just say it to the person’s face.”

Ivette says “how nerdy do you think I am? What would make me a nerd?" Ivette wants to know what's been said about her being a lesbian and why people think she's psychopathic about Cappy. She continues “Do people know how to separate jokes from reality?" April says "everybody is a hypocrite" Howie says “everyone has a tribute to someone around here. Ivette respects people who tell the truth.” Ivette asks who came up with the idea to evict her, Howie or April. Howie jokes and says he won't talk about it. April says to Ivette that she needs to work on letting things go. Ivette snapped at April and Maggie jumped in to defend Ivette’s right to know.

April told Ivette that she needs to learn that she can't take things personally in the game. Ivette looked at her in wonder and says “I have to stop taking things personally?!” April said, "Yes." and then Ivette tells her "I'm not going to say anything.”

Howie admits to April that he apologized to Matt and the dog in the DR. April says to Howie, “did you really apologize to Matt and Pepperoni in the DR? And don't f’ing lie to me.” Howie says “I did, but I don't know if it will make TV, only 5% of the stuff that you talk about in there actually makes TV.”

Ivette goes on about talking to people in front of their face, not behind their backs. She is talking about Rachel. She says she hides behind Janelle. BB says “Howie, HG’s, please do not talk about your DR entries.” Howie laughs and says “that was like 5 minutes ago.” April apologizes for asking him about it.

April says to Howie, “If I choose to evict Rachel, are you going to verbally abuse me again?” Howie says “probably not. Besides Rachel is a good player and deserves to be here. She has big boobies, she is a big threat, but who needs her here? She can go back to her job, she wants me to stay.” He goes on and on and says that Rachel is so much more of a threat than he is. Ivette looks mad and is not saying anything, Beau responds to him every now and then. Maggie is not saying anything and April asking him questions.

Howie is says how much he loves Jenn, April asks, "Why did you vote her out?" Howie, "It was a group decision" LOL. Howie kisses Ivette and says "Oh Ivettey is mad at me and wants me out of the HOH room." They are laughing (a little). Beau is whispering to Ivette to keep her calm. It was hard to hear, but it seemed that Beau doesn’t want Ivette going off on any of the friendship in front of Howie, Ivette is mad at April too.

Now Howie is in the bed with Beau and Ivette. Ivette says “sure come in and join us in the nerd bed. You like hanging with the nerds?” Howie says “it’s okay” (he is not going to give in to Ivette’s issue with being referred to as a nerd, she just keeps trying.)

Ivette is trying to get Howie OUT. She tells him that his ‘cool’ squad needs their head cool guy. When that doesn’t work Ivette says “why don’t you go shower?” She seems to really be on a power trip, a trip Howie isn’t taking…LOL Ivette tells Howie again to shower and he doesn’t move, she is mad and staring him down.


Howie finally left HOH. They all start to dissect what was talked about. They are convinced that Howie wants James in the final with him. April says “he want James in the end because it would be a slap in the face.” Maggie says the S3 have already said they would vote for James in the end, because he played the best game.

Maggie, Ivette and Beau are watching the others on the spy screen in the kitchen. She can’t believe they are cooking again, she says it looks like stew. She is even madder that April has been down there talking with them for around 15 minutes. April is really just talking friendly with them all the while Ivette is HOH spewing about April non-stop. Ivette says “look at her, down there talking to those people. What did she say? She was going to get fruit…..?” Beau joins in the April bashing. They point out that April is best friends with Janelle every other week. Ivette says April is kissing their ass, and she goes out of her way to hang out with them.

When April returned to HOH, Maggie said “so, did you ask Janelle why she is eating again?” April says most of the talking down there was of a sarcastic nature. She told them that when Rachel was HOH, the first week, that she put the pairs in her blog and asked America in her blog how she did (naming them).

The HOH group speculates that Howie might be shielding Rachel and letting her think they are voting him out. Ivette says “we should have canned Janelle before Kaysar, and then gone after Howie and Rachel. We can beat H/R in competitions.” Ivette thinks that Janelle is a stunt double; she is that good in the game (LOL). Ivette goes on to say that Janelle watches all the reality shows and she only watches Real World.

In the kitchen they are talking about Janelle winning HOH and saying ‘give the key f’ing b*tch’. They laugh and laugh about the "Give me the f*&king key bitch!" Howie keeps saying that’s so awesome. He says it’s a guarantee that was the funniest episode in BB history. They laugh about calling the others the nerd herd. Janelle says "look guys, its a nerd herd!"

In HOH, Ivette is saying that they should go down and steal the apple crisp that Janelle made. Ivette says “Of course the only thing that b*tch makes, makes you gain 50 f’in pounds!”

2:00 AM

Howie goes into the GR to tell James the conversation in the HOH. James is asleep and seems to be barely listening. He was telling James that Maggie was asking him what his plans for James were and Howie told James he sort of deflected away from the question by saying he can't put April or James up, they'll make it to the end because James will always win the veto and take himself off and April is a waste of an eviction week. James asked what they said to that, Howie said they just kind of laughed, but they were trying to pump him for info. Howie tells James how pissed Ivette is about being called the nerd herd.

Howie said that Ivette asked him about whose idea it was to get her out when she was up with Sarah and how April told Ivette she needs to let things drop. Howie said April never shut up and Ivette was obviously ticked off but not saying anything.

Now the S group is all in the GR rehashing and rebashing the sheep. Janelle doesn't like Maggie, she's shady. James thinks that Maggie is security for casinos. They laugh because the sheep took the nerd herd business hard. James says it’s because it's true. Janelle says that’s why they call it reality TV (lol).

After a little more talk about the sheep who are asleep, the GR finally goes to sleep just before 4:00 a.m.