Big Brother Recap August 23, 2005
It’s All about Ivette…..YouknowwhatImean!!!

As always Rachel was the first one up (How am I ever going to start my recap next week if Rachel is voted out this week??), she got up at like 9 am. She does her normal routine, workout, breakfast, picking up and cleaning up. At 10:30 am Howie joins her and they discuss who will be voted out this week. Rachel is pretty sure it will be her, but she really just wants to know how to dress! Rachel then tells Howie that if they get HOH next week to put up Maggie and Ivette and not to tell James that they want to vote out Ivette. That April will vote out Ivette and that the HOH will break the tie sending Ivette home.

Ivette woke up again on the wrong side of the bed. She immediately grabs James and starts trashing Janelle, Howie and Rachel. She thinks that Rachel is an old lady trying to act 18, and Janelle has problems because she only got a picture of her dogs in her HOH basket and Howie was tonguing Beau to be safe. She went on and on. James tried to calm her down and keep her focused on the game. She is really upset that the other group calls them nerds. (Grow up).

They talk about how next week is the last week to back door someone. James asked if that was how the nerds were going to get rid of him; Ivette said no, they want to back door Janelle. Ivette said she is too smart and wins competitions. She believes that all Janelle does is watch reality TV so she studies all the competitions and know the strategy it takes to win them! (She said all this before she even brushed her teeth.

James leaves for a bit. But it does not take long till Ivette finds him again and starts again. This time James tries to make her think Maggie is a sore sport. That she does not like to lose and that she will be tough to beat in the end. (James is planting the seed to oust her!).

Big Brother interrupts them (thanks BB) to wake everyone up at 11:43. Ivette even yells at BB saying play Michael Jackson! Geez she is relentless. James goes on and on saying Eric screwed him over, Howie screwed him over and everyone sent his girlfriend packing (ohhh poor James).

Right after BB wakes those up them call an outside lockdown. Everyone scrambled to get dressed and grab some food. Janelle heads for the lounge chair on the sun to continue sleeping. Rachel goes over to talk to her. Rachel said I don't want to leave, but if it's down to us 2, I'd rather I go before him (Howie).I am really concerned they'll vote Howie out. They see you guys as a team. Second of all, they didn't like that side of Howie. They probably know how popular he is and they're jealous. The whole jealousy thing can come into play. The way Ivette has been acting. He calls them the Nerd Herd. He realizes it. Strategically, they should vote me out, but it may not happen. Don't be surprised. Whoever stays, put up Maggie/Ivette, then it should be 2-2, and HOH makes the decision if a tie. You usually have a good feel about what they want to do. Right now I have no idea. Ultimately they'll do whatever they want to do. I think the more you talk the worst. ...Maggie makes the decision. Along with Ivette. If it's 3-2 it's Howie. If it's a unanimous vote, it's me. That's the only way it'd be. Just be prepared for anything. And win frickin HOH and take the nerds out. One of us has to leave; I just don't know which they want to send.

After the lockdown is over, the houseguests notice they have a new fish.

Beau, Maggie and Ivette make a stew and some rice for supper. They let it simmer all day. April did all the dishes, Ivette complained about dishes left in the sink by Janelle who made apple crisp. And unlike yesterday when they refused to make dinner for them, they decided to make a big batch for everyone.

April approached Janelle outside sunning and sleeping and started to chit chat with her. Just about her HOH basket and hurricanes in Florida. April really trying to play both sides.Maggie observes her chatting and Ivette got mad seeing them talking.

Later in the afternoon, Rachel made sugar cookies. Everyone but Ivette loved them. Ivette said they were OK but she could never serve them at a party, but maybe at a BBQ. (Can this girl say one nice thing about anyone?)

Rachel and Janelle meet at the memory wall and looks at the pictures. Beau spots them on the spy cam and tries to ease drop on them. He locked the HOH room door. This caused some serious problems with the other HOH people .Maggie was furious, thinking he was up to something (He is the HOH this week) They were talking about putting Ivette out next week and to put her up against Maggie. Saying HOH will break the tie. They discuss the order that they should go, Ivette, Maggie, Beau, James then April.

Maggie and April have a little chat about Ivette.. They discus how Ivette does nothing but talk trash about Rachel but how she then goes and plays cards with her like they are best friends and how she gives April crap for talking to them. April said Ivette makes her feel real small, that she talks down to her. April said she will love Ivette out of the house, but here she was too much. That she makes her feel awful around her here. They briefly discuss James and how he has no loyalty to anyone but Ivette. They discuss Jen, and if anyone else but Janelle had won HOH she would still be there. They both like and respect Rachel and can’t understand Ivette’s hate for her.

After dinner James and Janelle have a conversation. James tells Janelle that they can make the final two, but she will have to give up Howie. He told her that the nerd herds are scared of her ability to win competitions and might evict her if she stays with Howie. He then tells her next week to put up Maggie and April and send April home, and tell Ivette and Beau that if they use VETO their partner goes up. Janelle asked if they were getting rid of Howie, James said only to piss them off. Both of them want Rachel to go first.

Meanwhile, Maggie, April and Ivette discuss next week. Maggie wants to back door James because she believes he will make it to the end. She also tells them that the other group want to take James to the end because they have a chance to win against him. Ivette said James told her that he would put up Janelle and Howie next week; Maggie gave her that look and said do you really believe he would tell you he would put up one of us? He knows where your loyalty lies. She also said what we did to Kaysar changed the whole way everyone here is playing the game. Maggie said now the goal is to make sure that one of them is not sitting at the end to win any money. Then she said that they don’t have a friendship that they don’t care about each other. (Ya nobody but her group can be friends) Maggie realizes that James has to start picking off their team to get to the end.

Beau and Maggie discuss Ivette and her loyalty to James. They both want her to ditch him and try to vote him out. Beau does not trust him at all. Maggie said she tells him everything. Maggie and Beau really want James out they believe he will win this game. They talk about how to get Ivette’s vote away from Janelle and to vote out James. They discuss that next week is the only time left they can back door him. Ivette enters the HOH and they confront her with getting James out. Ivette said April annoys her but she is voting her out .Maggie tried to tell her she is being used, but Ivette will not listen to it. Ivette still does not hear Maggie and just turns it around to be about April. Ivette said she has no problem getting rid of James, but really April is the problem, she is sabotaging them, telling the other group everything, and she can’t trust her. Ivette still believes that James will protect the nerd herds, but Maggie said no, James will not put up or protect them he wants the money. Ivette wants to tell James that if he is in the final two with one of them that the nerd herds will not vote for him. Maggie tells her not to say that. Ivette tells them the person who plays the best and won the most should get the money, Maggie responds then you wouldn’t win, but that she would get her vote because of their friendship. Ivette truly believes that she played a clean game, she wants to leave with a clean conscious and not have Julie call her out on anything(she better jump the fence them with that potty mouth of hers).

April thinks that’s James might have a twin since he is called to the diary room so much. LOL . April is worried about her job, she thinks she might have lost it because of her actions in the house. She tells Janelle that the diary room people will not tell her anything except that her family is fine.

Later April tells Beau that James and Janelle are a tough team to beat. She said that Ivette does not make any sense to her (that is OK April she doesn’t make any sense to us either).

James just realized that he was used to get Kaysar out. He said that Maggie makes him nauseous. That is a long week. James then states that between, Howie, Rachel and himself they have had all the vetos. After James leaves the group, Howie, Rachel and Janelle rehash some things for the HOH competition. They practice who said what.

Before bed Howie and Janelle discuss again how they hope Howie is staying this week and how not to eliminate themselves from the HOH competition. . Meanwhile in HOH they play poker and talk about feminine hygiene products (thrilling) everyone asleep by 3 am.
What will tomorrow bring? More trash talk from Ivette, James giving more doubts to both sides oh what fun! Live voting so they should be taping good-bye messages.