And April Wins HoH!


Rachel is up, making breakfast and starting her daily routine for possibly the last time. She gets dressed in lovely peach colored shorts and a brown shirt. Rachel is packing up in preparation for tonight’s live episode. Ivette is working out, James and Janelle in the kitchen, James doing dishes and Janelle just sitting there trying to wake up. Fish, possibly for the wake up call.

The lights are on in the HoH now, spycam is focused on Janelle who is sitting on the couch in the LR. There are sounds of someone praying to the porcelain gods. HoH crew tidy up in the HoH room. Ivette is cleaning the kitchen. Beau and April come to help in the kitchen, and now from our fashion reporter, Notchbaby for an update.

"Thank you Tweedle, it appears that Ivette has on white capris and a black undershirt , Maggie has on firehouse shirt with jacket around waist, Beau has on dark pants and blue long sleeved pull over shirt. April has on jean shorts and white sleeveless tee. Rachel has pulled a huge gray sweat shirt on. Jan has on black sweats and purple shirt as she is on the treadmill, running like a deer." Thanks Notch, we appreciate your hard work and input. We will check in with you later in case there are any major wardrobe changes or wardrobe malfunctions.

Maggie places the chairs on the table as Ivette plans to vacuum the dining room. James is pitching an idea for a future Big Brother show, talk show hosts or hostesses, like Oprah, Dr. Phil, Sally Jessy and Rikki Lake. Sure James, maybe we can get Larry King, Jay Leno and Howard Stern to join in... oh wait, isn't that called "Surreal Life"? The Herd and Rachel chat about weight while Janelle continues her workout.

Fish for the second time today followed by Ivette talking about her dream in which April won the HoH. Rachel talks about being interested in moving to Texas. They are teasing each other about the spelling bee competition. Howie talks about veto competitions. Rachel asks him what he is going to wear today, he heads off to pack. April shows up with fuzzy slippers and adds rubber gloves to her outfit, complaining about the State of the Toilets. Howie says if he doesn't leave and isn't nominated he will clean the BR later.

James is convinced that Howie and Rachel are married, [Maggie is a cop and the check really is in the mail.] As they all primp and clean and prepare for the live show they seem to be getting along somewhat. Janelle is asking Beau for fashion advice and having him smell her perfume. They move on to discussing lip gloss. Janelle combs her hair while April cleans the toilet. Janelle says she has gained ten pounds.

Maggie asks Howie and Rachel, whichever one leaves, please take James. They found Jennifer's water shoes and Maggie asks they take them to her in sequester. Also they are giving Rachel/Howie messages to pass on to Jennifer. April and Beau are comparing themselves to Amy and Marcellas and Beau says once again he was supposed to be Marcellas x 10. Ivette and Janelle talk about Miami life as they both fuss with their hair in the bathroom. April and Rachel pack for Howie. Janelle tells Ivette about a former friend who was a boyfriend stealer and says she is retired from modeling about two years ago, Rachel says "Retired?".

Howie and Ivette start talking about game winners being recalled, then it goes to fish for about five minutes. Janelle doing her hair. Beau and James talking about origami. Maggie makes grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone who wants one. April tells James she had sex the other night, he asks with who, she says "myself". April is no longer "Master of her Domain".

Rachel and Howie discuss who is going home tonight. Rachel seems sure it will be her, but Howie is not so certain. Rachel tells Howie to watch for April to come to him, use that friendship but don't tell April anything. Rachel tells Howie to get rid of Ivette next if he gets HoH, nominate Ivette and Maggie, tell Ivette she is a pawn. James and Janelle join Rachel and Howie, they realize it is their last chance to talk shit together.

The herd discusses who is the most laid back person in the house, they think it is April and Howie, Beau says "April is the most laid back girl". Maggie says they have to be outside at 2:45 pm.

James thinks BB prefers the nerd herd over the S3 + James. James does origami. Janelle fusses with her hair in the GR. Rachel says she looks forward to leaving and going to paradise where there are movies and food and stuff.

2:47pm - Fish

April is wondering what true/false questions will be asked, so apparently the HoH will be true/false. Let's check in once more with our fashion reporter Notchbaby who tells us that "Rachel looks great in a black top and jeans. April has on a similar shirt as Rachel with black shorts." We also hear that "April is wearing a reddish top with a black skirt" we hear from Jalynne and Jak420 tells us that "Janelle is wearin the buxom green dress for live show". [I just want to take a moment to thank those who add a visual element to our updates, it is very much appreciated by those like myself with no feeds.]

James and Beau share an intimate moment as Beau rips the hairs out of James eyebrows. Last minutes preparations, massacre, lip gloss, hair and make up. Maggie helps Rachel curl her hair. Maggie grabs Ivette's butt as she walks by, saying "that is some seriously nice butt right there". Sounds like an expert opinion to me. James is wearing a shirt of Howie's and says it smells like right guard. Beau styles Howie's hair. Then Howie, Rachel and Janelle practice for the HoH competition in the gym. In the midst of this, Howie explains that his balls are huge right now.... [focus Howie, focus!]

Beau carries on a bit about his on-air interview with Ms. Julie Chen, he seems a bit nervous. The herd is gathered in the LR, chatting about HoH, Maggie says if it comes down to a tie, she will let Ivette have it. April talks about how much weight she has gained and that Julie may think she is pregnant, between her huge boobs and her fat stomach.

[Live Show] - Rachel is evicted, April wins HoH.

April says she does not care about the power of HoH, she just wants the pictures and gummy bears. April talks about getting one of pepperoni's dog toys (?) while Ivette gloats this is the first time one side has won back to back HoH competitions. James, Howie and Janelle seem to have all given up at the moment, Janelle and Howie seem ready to go home, James just says "it's over, game over".

April talks to Howie and Janelle in the GR, they ask her about her relationship with Matt. They have known each other for ten years, Howie asks why they waited so long to marry and she says she didn't graduate from college until she was 25. She tells Howie and Jan she feels like she was just crowned Miss America. April tells Janelle she is HoH, only her. Apparently indicating she will not be HoH by committee. Janelle asks to speak with her last, after everyone else has.

April telling Howie and Janelle she plans to put them up for eviction, but so she can backdoor James. She is asking them not to choose James for the PoV competition. Janelle asks who should be ask then... April says, one of us, Janelle asks how can they trust them to take them off. April says "trust me, trust me". Maggie has joined her now to voice the plea. They claim Maggie and April have been waiting for this chance. They ask them to not say anything to Beau/Ivette, because they don't want to tip their hand to James.

Howie and Janelle consider this deal, realize they have nothing to lose and have to trust April to keep her word. Janelle says she does not have a good feeling about this. [Probably memories of April partner are clouding her vision of this plan]. April, Howie, Maggie and Beau are in the store room, there is food and apparently there will be no food competition this week.

Ivette takes another opportunity to school Howie on his behavior, since she apparently considers herself an expert on behavior now. She hugs Howie and kisses his shoulder and says she is the one so sweet to him and he pays no attention to her. He says what? He has more names for her than anyone in the house.... carpet muncher, tile, they laugh. April is very excited about the prospect of talking with Julie next week, she just loves Julie. April wants to be able to compete in HoH next week.

Beau is cleaning the grill, Janelle is cutting things up for dinner, Ivette is wearing ugly cammo pants and a red shirt. April asks Maggie, what is the veto is not won, Maggie says well that is not our fault. In other words, Janelle or Howie will be going home. Maggie is making sure April knows that Maggie considers her and April a tighter bond than just the friendship. The house is talking about their "dolls", April is the abused doll, Howie doll yells at the April doll. April tells the herd that she wrote down 85 at first, then changed her answer to 100 in the HoH and glad she did.

The Herd is talking, Ivette saying the odds are in their favor so much now, talk of how they will spend their money. Ivette begins her campaign to get rid of Janelle. April and Maggie seem to keep shutting Ivette down each time she begins ripping into Janelle. April tells Ivette that Jennifer left her with a plan and they will talk later. Howie tells Janelle if he wins the veto, he plans to take her off the block. They both realize that when James is not picked for PoV he will be pissed. They think maybe he sees that he may be backdoored this week.

James tells Howie he does not harbor any hard feelings about Sarah. James says that no one in the world expected April to win HoH, not even April. James tells Janelle, that since Ivette could not promise he was safe this week, he knows he is going up. Janelle says none of them are safe, one of the three of them is going home for sure, how could Ivette tell him he was safe? They are all eating outside together. James says he is going to sit next to his executioner...April.

James has a chat with Maggie. He tells her that Janelle said it was all Maggie's idea to nominate James and Sarah. Maggie denies this completely and wonders why Janelle would say that. James says Janelle is just trying to stir things up in the house because she is ready to go home. James is clearly just trying to get the focus off himself. Some talk of what a tough competitor Janelle has turned out to be. Beau comments on James biting his nails and his fingers being nubs. Maggie brings up losing the playing cards again.

James keeps bringing the topic back to Janelle, trash talking her at a mile a minute to try to get Maggie's attention off him and back on Janelle. Talks about how she has seen every BB season and knows all the questions, has studied everything in the house, etc. April gets her HoH room and everyone comes in to see. She got a pic of Matt, the robe and uggs, Dave Mathews CD, etc. Howie offers to sleep with April and protect her, she offers Howie the tub to sleep in. April claims she feels bad about winning HoH over Janelle, she also says she is not going to let Ivette talk her out of backdooring James this time.

April apologizes to Janelle that she cannot put any of the herd up as pawns, but Janelle is worried that Ivette would not use PoV if she won it. Chit chat about April's robe. Maggie says James does not want to talk to April. April claims no responsibility for Kaysar being voted out then says some responsibility, then no responsibility.... ok this is nuts. Ivette once again campaigning for James and against Janelle. Calls April's talking to Janelle into question and Maggie agrees with her. The herd seems to all want to backdoor James, except Ivette who feels Janelle is a bigger threat.

Maggie realizes this is the last week they can backdoor James and have any control over who goes home. After this week there are not enough people in the house to backdoor anyone. Ivette continues to campaign against Janelle, says she will be to hard to beat later on. Beau says James needs to go. April says James wants Maggie out, Beau adds that's because Maggie is the only one he cannot manipulate. Ivette says if that is true, we backdoor James.

Janelle in the kitchen says she misses Kaysar [we do too hon] and that if they [herd] win the veto, they won't use it. She is sure she or Howie is leaving this week. April is talking about James and telling Ivette that she thinks James really does like her, but he is playing a game and playing both sides of the house. April wants to take Janelle off the block with the veto, leaving Howie up because of the "hurricane howie" stuff. She seems committed to backdooring James.

After a short suggestion session of places in the house where Howie can whack off.... everyone is sitting around the table talking about the drunken fights in the house. Howie and Beau play coasters. People all over the house, some in the HoH, some in the GR, Howie and Janelle on the hammock in the BY. Janelle says if Ivette wins PoV, she will be going home. [because herd would feel betrayed?]

Maggie comments on how late it is and that BB will be waking them at 9am. April says she freaked when BB said April you are the new HoH. [Julie I think, not BB] Maggie tells April to get into the HoH bed so she can have sex with her. HoH crew getting ready for bed, Beau and Ivette on floor, Maggie and April in the bed. Ivette was in the GR for a long while with James. Ivette starts to talk about James in the HoH and April tells Ivette she has a great profile.

After Howie has a shower, he heads off to bed muttering to himself about the game.