8:00 AM

Well these mornings are bound to get later now that Rachel is no longer in the house. As everyone is still asleep this morning, rest assured that Rachel was indeed up early to do her Morning Show interview and her interview with Marcellus and then she will be off to some fabulous tropical paradise (or so we think).

9:30 AM Wake Up Call BB played “Let’s Get Physical”

We started this morning with FISH, while BB roused the HG’s. James and Janelle were first up this morning. James fed the fish, and made coffee, then went outside with his coffee, sat down and said “good morning Sarah, you better be watching.”

Now Janelle is outside with James, they are talking and James says that once ‘they’ are gone, that we the viewers will have to watch the show with our TV’s muted using closed captioning because we can’t stand to hear the sheep’s high pitched loud voices. Janelle says “there will be no ‘game’ once we are gone.” They talk a little bit about Howie being the oldest now, but they still aren’t sure how old he or April are. James said he is now filling the shoes of Eric and Rachel by taking over the morning routine (um, we’ll see how long this lasts). Janelle thought she heard voices and thought he was talking to Maggie, but James said “No, I fed the fish and said into my microphone ‘Ivette was supposed to get up to feed the fish, but I’m doing it’ and BB female said ‘thanks for being a good sport’.”

James wonders aloud what it is like in Mexico in sequester. Janelle says “I will probably find out next week.” James says that the best thing would be to split up Beau and Ivette, but Janelle says “no way, they won’t do it.” LOL, Janie says off topic “BB played ‘Lets Get Physical’ so I get off my fat a** today.”

12:00 NOON

In the HOH everyone is just finally awake, Maggie complains that she doesn’t feel well and both Beau and Ivette said they woke up sweating and really warm. April says she has been thinking about what she wants to say in her nomination speech. April says she'll bring up Jennifer, and that wants to mention a plan, Maggie and Beau both say “No!” Maggie saying that James needs to be blind sided. April says that her decision will be strategic, that she is adult enough to forgive; she says she will just finish what Beau said last week in his nomination speech.

Beau comes in to HOH and reports that James does not know of their plan but naturally he is speculating the possibility of being nominated. Maggie says “Janie or Howie will go home if they mess up the plan”, April responds saying it really isn’t a ‘plan’, because anything can happen.

The HG’s were told by BB to gather in the LR, the feeds cut to FISH briefly then we saw everyone outside. Everyone was excited for whatever they gathered in the LR for, which could have been something or nothing, but no one is saying.

Outside now everyone is playing, they are on lock down. Some are playing chess, some are playing volleyball in the pool, Howie is lifting weights. Ivette and Maggie are talking at the table about who is a bigger threat in the game. Ivette ponders out loud the possibility of Howie and Janelle together being a bigger threat than James. Ivette says Janelle is the bigger threat for sure and Maggie agrees she is ‘one’ of the threats. Maggie says “The one thing that we can't keep saying, and we're all guilty of it, is ‘we should have gotten rid of this person’. The whole dynamics of the game changes regardless of who we get rid of or in what order. April going after James this week shows me she is playing on a strategic level and not a personal level.” Maggie comments that even if they got rid of Janelle there would still be two others to deal with and that if James goes then Janelle will probably win HOH, and if Janelle goes, then James will win it.

At around 1:30 everyone is in the pool playing volleyball and Ivette is doing some laundry. Just a note: It’s hotter than heck here today – I live about 20 minutes from BB house and it is 99 degrees here!

1:30 PM Howie is naked!

Howie streaked and covered his thing with a bandana, then he jumped in the pool naked and Beau and Janelle are in there too. LOL!! This is hilarious, Howie is wearing Janelle’s sunglasses and he says “Sorry Beau Beau and Janie for rubbing my pee pee on you.” Everyone is in hysterics, even Maggie.

2:00 PM

Lock down is over and everyone runs inside expecting ‘something’ and the only obvious thing was the screen changed to ‘Nominations Today’.

Maggie and April are in the SR whispering, most of it was not audible, but at one point April said that it was Beau and Ivette that were fully behind evicting Kaysar. Maggie says “Oh really? I didn't know that…” April: “Oh yeah, they're the ones that first brought it up. And who got the fall for it? Me and Jen.” Maggie says that James has been asking Ivette about the up coming nominations. April says “what has he been saying to Ivette?” Maggie says “Ivette said he asked if you (April) want him to play for POV.” April responds “he's such a jacka**.”

At around 3:45 PM April was called in to the DR and everyone else was asked to go outside in preparation for the nomination ceremony. Beau and Janelle are playing chess, Maggie talking about the heat in Las Vegas and how cold it is in the ER she works in.

Outside Maggie says to James “Janelle has come in 2nd to you in every veto challenge right?” James says “No, in High & Dry, Michael came in 2nd. Janelle came in 3rd.” Then Howie blurts out “3 weeks without a food competition, what’s going on?” James says “shut up….”

James says that the live feeds must be really boring right now. Then he says “No, wait, there was that backyard activity a little earlier with Howie streaking, so some people got to see ass.” Maggie says “This was the first time someone's streaked, right?” Ivette: “Last season, didn't they have Jase, Scott and those girls with those food bikinis?” Maggie says “No, that was the third season.” Janelle talks about Drew ditching Diane and how Drew didn't want to kiss Diane at first because he thought she was a bad kisser.

Shortly before 5:00 after FISH and the nominations ceremony, we come back to Janelle saying “thanks guys for nominating me again. I’ve been on the block 4 weeks in a row!” She is smiling, not really mad. James is telling April “You maintained a level of class regardless of all the s*** each and every person put you through.”

5:00 PM Nominations
Outside with April, Maggie and Ivette

Although it has not been said yet, it seems like it must be Howie and Janelle on the block, because Maggie is outside with April and asked her “has James offered to play for veto with you?” April was not quick to answer and Ivette came out.

April asks both Maggie and Ivette to promise her they will use the veto if they win it. Maggie said “whatever you want.” Ivette did not answer. April is telling Ivette and Maggie outside about James following her into the storage room and telling her how he respected her b/c she's a classy lady, especially after the ‘hurricane’ stuff, he said ‘you have always handled yourself with class, and I'm impressed with how you've played this game. I am just amazed how you handle yourself, and I really mean that.’ Maggie kind of grimaces and says “Okaaaay.” Ivette says “It's funny he said that to you b/c he's talked s*** about you to me.” April tells Ivette “he told me how classy I was and all that and I really tried not to have any eye contact with him, but I said ‘thanks’.”

April says “I don't give a sh*t who goes home…” Ivette says “What if Howie decides to sacrifice himself to let the two strong players team up together?” Maggie says “Who cares? The four dorks can handle it!" April says “Let it happen!” Ivette says “I have a gut feeling Janelle is going to ask James to play for veto, and then the two of them will take us by storm and win the game.” Maggie says “Wow, we will see.” Then Maggie says “They're definitely all strong players.” April says “I look at James and Janelle; they are hard as hell to beat.”

Ivette says that James asked her who April was putting up and that James told Ivette he's the most hated player. April says “that means he knows he's doing bad stuff in the game.” Ivette defending him says “He wants to be good but he's stepped into a hole of temptation and can't get out of it.” April says to Ivette “if James tells you that Janelle and Howie told him we are back dooring him, you should tell him ‘How would they know that? We don't make decisions until after POV.’ Ivette says “I doubt James has talked to Janelle about forming an alliance.” Maggie says “It’s all up to Janelle, it will be a huge f*** you to us if she picks James for veto.” April just told Ivette “Janelle would come after you and Beau not me and Maggie.”

Howie comes outside now and Ivette asks him if she can play for veto with him. He doesn’t really answer too quickly, and then says he was thinking of asking Beau. April says “it’s possible that only you, I and Janelle can play this week.” Ivette asks Howie again if he will pick her and he says “I will pick anyone that will definitely take me off.” Ivette doesn’t answer to this.

April says to Howie, “You act like you want to leave this week.” Howie says, "I'll fight as long as I can. But if I go out, then you guys beat me, oh well, I'm not going to cut off my arm or something. I think BB did a wrong casting...” and then we get FISH!

6:00 PM

Just before 6:00, while dinner is cooking, or should I say ‘while Janelle is cooking dinner’, BB told HG’s to go outside on lock down. Janelle is rubbing Howies shoulders outside saying that she wants tear drop shaped implants ones. April says when she got hers they told her tear drops are not good. Janelle says they look more natural, they aren't completely round. Janelle is talking about how silicone has been approved again and that they are more comfortable.

They are begging BB for booze, Janelle saying "Come on BB, we are getting along to good here." April kind of whiney says she is sorry to have to ‘put y'all up’, "I really do love you all." They are all sweet talking each other right now. April is laughing "how funny it will be if I beat Howie in POV tomorrow." She laughs and says Howie will say 'that's the f'ing icing on the cake'. Howie says he'll pull the release on the door outside and leave...he is laughing.

Poor Cowboy, they are making fun of him, saying how he cried when he realized his sister was in the house. Janelle is making fun of the letter he got from his family and Janelle is reciting it like she is handicapped. Janelle says if CB had half a brain he would have won HOH instead of throwing it and then beat Diane. April says "I wish I saw BB5, all I saw was when Drew won." They are talking about Drew's twin being there for Drew. April says "who gets to go to the wrap party anyway?" Someone chimes in "Marcellus will be there." Janelle covers the final nomination and how they exited the house outside to some fans. Janelle is making fun of CB saying that he got 2nd place and deserves the 50K because he never lied and did it for his son.

Lock down is over, A clue has been left inside

Shades are up, and they have found a clue in the house! Janelle is so excited she noticed that the 'seas' are gone in the GR. They keep flipping the lights on and off in the GR, they are going to check the fish tank right now. The clue they have says 'it' is in plain sight. They have a flash light that was left on the kitchen counter. They are wandering all over now to figure this out. I hear Ivette say 'maybe it's upstairs somewhere'...then FISH When we came back from FISH, there was no talk at all about the clue.

Maggie and Ivette wander into the BR and whisper. Ivette says she wants to give James a heads-up about being back-doored in case James wins veto and tries to save Janelle. Maggie tells her “If you do anything at this point to keep James it will be an act against April but that's for you to decide and If James doesn't leave this week, it will be Janelle and I'd be just as happy. Strategically, I see them both as equal, they're both great players.” Maggie continues “We're at a point in the game where we can play how we want. I want to continue to keep playing how I'm playing so I can feel good about myself. If you want to go ahead and tell him, you will be going against April and that's something you have to consider.” Ivette feels that it’s ‘her job’ to tell James that if he wins the veto he should not use it, but she says “I would not tell him ‘you are being back doored’.” Maggie says “he’s smart, he can figure it out and it’s not ‘your job’.” Maggie says “all you need to worry about is that you and Beau are safe. If you do this, you will push April away.”

Maggie and Ivette head to the kitchen where dinner is being prepared by Janelle for everyone. Ivette says how gross it is that Janelle throws pasta at the wall to see if it is ready, Maggie said that Rachel did the same thing. Janelle says, "I know how to cook, I'm a great cook, trust me."

7:00 PM Dinner

They all sat down for dinner together, Janelle made pasta and Beau made garlic cheese bread. Ivette says “MMMMmmm this is good, Janelle why don't you cook more often?” Janelle answers “Because I like to be cooked for, I'm used to going to restaurants.” They all tell her the food is good and Janelle says “I'm going to be a good wife one day”, then Ivette says “I agree but you won't have to do any of this, you'll have a maid!” They love Beau’s garlic bread too.

They are all eating and talking. April mentions she still doesn’t feel good. They talk some about being sick when they get out because of new germs, the food etc. Then they started to tease James saying he was in the DR switching with his twin and now Jamie was out here.

The conversation turns to the POV competition and Ivette says “I hate it when it's an awesome POV and I'm not competing.” James tells her how much fun the high and dry was. After dinner, Janelle was making apple crisp or apple pie. Ivette and April were washing and drying the dishes.

8:00 PM

Maggie, Beau and April headed for the HOH. April is adamant about backdooring James because it's the last week to do so. She doesn't want Janelle or Howie to ask James to play for the veto. April wants Beau to have a talk with Howie to make sure he doesn't pick James for veto. Beau will tell them ‘if you do choose to have James play he won’t use it on you and then you will be stuck’. Beau says he will make sure to tell Howie that if he plays (Beau) that he will use it. Beau leaves HOH to go get Howie out of the GR (where he was with James) ‘to play coasters’. They are seen on the feed but there is no audio right now. April stresses that getting James out the back door is not her main goal. She says if he doesn’t go, then Howie or Janelle go. Maggie says “If we don't get James out this week, I'm going to lose a lot of faith in this game. If he doesn't get out this week, I'm going to hand the game over to him.”

Now that Beau is with Howie in the LR, Ivette has come to HOH to join Maggie and April. Ivette says “James wants to play chess but he's in ‘frazzled James’ mode.” She is trying to figure out a way to warn James about the veto competition in that he might go up if one of the others gets off. April says “You don't have to tell him that. He's already figured it out. There's nothing you can tell him that he hasn't already thought of.” April tells her “nothing is set in stone; we need to wait and see what happens with the veto competition.”

Maggie and April insist that Ivette should not say a word to James about any plan to back door him. April says to Ivette “and if he asks you, tell him it’s none of his f’ing business, because he is not HOH this week!”

Ivette was called to the DR and now Janelle is in HOH with April and Maggie. Maggie tells her she knows how scared she must be, but they are hoping she trusts what they are doing, Maggie asks her “is there anything we can do to make you more sure that we are being above board with you?” Janelle says “No, I believe you; I don't have any other options.” April tells her “If one of you guys picks him to play for veto, you're sending Howie home." Janelle says “That would be horrible, that would be a disaster.” Janelle says “James already told me if he played and won that he would take me off, but I told him I didn’t want to do that to Howie.” They promise Janelle that the veto will get used by any of them.

Maggie asks Janelle “do you honestly think James would use the veto to save you if he won?” Janelle says “yes.” Maggie says “why? He'd be screwing himself with Ivette and Beau.” Janelle responds “it's a long story.” Janelle said that James is still denying the Bible swearing story and he is blaming April and Maggie for concocting it. Janelle leaves to check on dessert and Maggie comments that “Janelle really seems to care about Howie and doesn’t want to chance Howie leaving before she does; that makes her look a little better in my eyes.”

With Janelle out of HOH now, April and Mag say they are not 100% sure that Ivette or Beau would use the veto if they win it. They believe that Beau would use it, but they are really uncertain about Ivette. Maggie says “If they don't use it they have to know that the whole friendship is gone. They have to know that this is our security blanket.” Now Janelle is back in HOH and April tells her she and Maggie are 100% sure that Ivette and Beau will use the veto. LOL (after just expressing otherwise to each other.)

9:00 PM

Now Ivette is back in HOH and Janelle is gone. Mag and April told Ivette that James promised Janelle that he would take her off if he plays veto for her and then he said they could play as a strong team until the end. Ivette thinks that is ‘funny’ because Sarah said (before she left the house) to her that ‘If James teams up with Janelle, he knows he will not have a girlfriend to come home to’.

Oh yea! We are finally out of the HOH for a while and everyone is downstairs eating Janelle’s apple crisp and raving about it. They are on an indoor lock down right now, speculating that BB is setting up for the POV tomorrow. They ask ‘where is the cook?’ and someone else answers “She’s in DR.”

Ivette has gone to find James in the GR to play a game of chess, leaving April with Janelle and Howie in the kitchen. April once again feels the need to assure them that Ivette will use the veto or she is doomed. Janelle says she is picking Ivette, and Howie says he will pick Beau.

In the GR with James and Ivette

James is asking Ivette if she thinks ‘they’ will ask him to compete for POV. Then he says “I don't think they will.” Ivette says “If they do and you win it you know you need to hang onto it.” She is telling James that some things she has told him have come back to her. He asks her “like what?” Ivette says “I know ‘they’ have been talking sh** and making you offers.” James is repeating that April and Jenn who started the whole thing and went to the S4 about booting Ivette. Ivette says “I'm not in control in this game and that is what upsets me. Anything can happen.” (Note: A lot of this conversation is hard to hear, but by the looks of it James looks a little defeated.)

Ivette tells James that one thing that concerns her is that James said his sole purpose in the game was to get out the people involved in ousting Sarah, which is the whole house, which includes her. James says “No, I meant Howie, Rachel and Janelle.”

Ivette tells James “If you have a gut instinct they're trying to screw you, you do it first. Tell them you will use it and then don’t. The fact that they tried to get me out of here after I put myself on the block….I can't help but know that the next ones up are Beau and I.”

In the kitchen Howie is telling April and Beau what a great actor James is. April says “you should have seen him in the HOH when he came in with Jenn and was crying.” April says James told Ivette ‘They are trying to get me to make deals & I won't do it’. Howie tells April “James said you listen to conversations from the SR.” April says “I do not!” April says that before Jenn left “she said to get James out!” April says once again that she is not there for the money, but she really doesn’t want him to win it. April says how much she ‘loves her nominees’ and how sorry she is to have to put them up. She is going to bed now, she isn’t feeling well and her and Maggie head up to HOH.

Now in the HOH, April is telling Maggie how pissed she is about James telling Howie she listens through the SR at others conversations. April says “If James goes out that door this week, everything he ever said goes out the door w/him. Let's not bring it up again.” April says “don’t believe everything Janelle tells you either, but this week we have to have faith in them.” April says “I still can’t believe that James says I am the spy for our group!”

10:00 PM

Howie and Jan are in the gym and James comes in and tells them he will use the veto if they ask him to play and he wins it. When James left the gym, Howie and Janelle were talking but the audio cut out. It came back to Janelle saying “basically we are f’d, we have no other option.” Howie tells Janelle they should go over old competitions to keep their memory fresh.

In the HOH (where else? LOL)

Back in the HOH, Ivette is there now relaying her conversation with James to them. Ivette says she called James out on some of his lies and that she defended the friendship to him. They conclude that James may well be pairing with Janelle but that how the partners are picked tomorrow should sum it up. April says as much as she hated the ‘hurricane’ that Howie is one of the truest of the three.

April is undeterred by James saying that Maggie and her are his biggest threats. April is bothered by James calling her a spy and blaming sneaky stuff on her that was Sarah's doing. April says “If everything goes as planned I will give him, I will give him my two cents. I will be mature about it, but I will call him out on his sh**.”

Ivette starts to say how much knowledge Janelle has about past seasons of BB…” April cuts her off and says “The deal is guys, the worst-case scenario; God forbid Janelle makes it to the end, she's not going to win, she will win $34,000.” Ivette tells them to start studying for competitions because Janelle has watched all the seasons and she knows how BB works and she preps Howie.

April thinks it will be awesome if she gets James out because in his eyes he's the strongest player and the weakest player in his eyes will have taken him out. She doesn't care if she wins the money because if she got James out she will be "120 million percent satisfied."

Ivette recites her veto ceremony speech “Let me begin by saying that although it would benefit me to not take anybody off the nomination block, because it would make me that much closer to the money, there is no money that would change my way of playing this game. Not in the beginning and not now that I'm possibly closer to it. I'd rather myself be taken out of this game by the opposing side, that has always been the opposing side, rather than someone that has been teetering the whole time. If it is to say that Maggie is going to be taken out and April, regardless, by Janelle & Howie, I'd much rather them be taken out by Janelle & Howie rather than someone I honestly believed had an epiphany and I somewhat campaigned for.” Maggie says “holy s***! That’s good!” April says “let her win it.”

April says “when it’s down to the 4 of us ‘it’s on like Donkey Kong’.”

10:45 PM

Ivette went to James in the GR to say good night. James said he did what Ivette told him to do (when he went to the gym and told him he would use the veto us he won it), but then he read a Bible passage about how it's better not to make a vow than to make a vow and break it. James says Janelle and Howie told him he didn't use the POV last week when he could have saved Rachel and that they have a better chance of winning POV over Ivette or Beau than with him playing.

Back in HOH

April says “poor Ivette, she really wants to trust James.” Beau says “No, she doesn’t, she told me 3 days ago that she was so over him. Ivette told Beau ‘I'm over it, I can't trust him. I haven't been supporting him, I haven't been against him, but now I can't be on his side anymore. I can't even be like the middle man anymore’.

Ivette comes back in HOH after talking to James and April tells her “I know it sucks, but we sent Kaysar home and now we need to send James home.” April says Janelle will take herself off because she is very selfish.

They are in HOH bedroom in the dark watching James and S2 in the kitchen on the spy cam. Ivettesays “It bothers me how comfortable they are.” April says “Every single one of those people down there bothers me, not just Janelle and Howie.” Ivette says “To be honest though as a person, James is more pleasant.” Then Ivette starts to mock Janelle “Oh Howie, you big beefcake” talk. Maggie says “It's all empty talk, but it's not that way with James.” April says “James could have been really good in this game if he could have shut his mouth.” April says James refuses to talk game with her. She says after his epiphany she hoped he would talk to her so she could see how much he would change and he wouldn't talk to her.

11:00 PM

April (yes the one that was so MAD about being called a spy) is listening from the HOH door way to James and Howie in the kitchen who are only chit chatting and laughing about ‘stuff’. James says the ultimate BB player would be a mixture of him and Janelle. James says her embryo and his sperm ‘and you can send that kid to war’.

In HOH the lights are out and Maggie says “it’s really time to go to sleep.” April says “says who? We're in the dark and lying down, it doesn't matter.” Ivette says “yeah it doesn't matter if we win.” Maggie says “okay, okay!” Ivette says “I’m going to start to be like Janelle and stay up until four in the morning, “she doesn't stress and she wins sh**!”

Ivette whines that she needs to win AC…April tells her not to be selfish. Ivette says “you guys all have pictures.”

James and Janelle in the GR

Janelle says "Wow fourth week on the block." James says it's not over yet. Janelle says she has never saved herself. James reminding Janelle how the Sovereigns took out their own team. Janelle admitted that Howie's nominations screwed the entire team not only James and Sarah.

James asks her if she misses Rachel. Janelle says not really that much. James says it's hard to miss people in the game. He subtly brings up how he letting Rachel stay on the block is what kept Janelle in the game. Janelle says she doesn't miss Eric at all. Janelle admits she misses Kaysar a lot. They hung out all the time. James asks about Michael and Janelle just kinda says "Yeah….I miss Michael" James says he misses Sarah a lot, obviously then Janelle says the same about Ashlea. Janelle says Ashlea didn't know what she was getting herself into. James says he didn't either.

James says “whatever they are building for POV must be huge; it’s taking them all night to build it.” He thinks it will be physical. (They will be locked down inside for the night.) Janelle asks if ‘they’ are still mad about the nerd herd jokes and James says “yeah but they have said a lot of stuff about the S2 as well and it doesn't really matter because it's them in the finals now.”


Now Janelle and Howie are whispering in the GR, Jan says James looks nervous Howie says that's a good sign “this is our week for redemption.” Howie says he has a good feeling she'll win the whole thing this year. Janelle says she doesn't have that feeling at all, that they want her gone next after James. Howie says this game is week-to-week. Janelle says “I'm nervous still though because what if there's no power of veto.” Howie says “they must be putting one together outside; no one has forgotten all the crap James has pulled. No one wants to see him veto his way to the championship.” Howie said something about saving her with the veto; he blames himself for the loss in the HOH this week. And Janelle is saying you can't do that, but Howie is telling her he will. It's his fault they're in this mess. He's going to study his ass off. He is building up her confidence and telling her to look to the future and just get ready for the next HOH.

Now most everyone is up in the kitchen. April says she can’t sleep and has no Benadryl. She goes to Janelle in the GR to see if she has any and Janelle said ‘they just gave me Advil cold and sinus’. Then April asked her to come out to the kitchen with her, Howie and Ivette for some hot chocolate.

Janelle comes to the kitchen and James is just out of the DR, so he is there now too. Janelle tells April that if they are sequestered together that Janelle will hook her up with her big bottle Xanax (LOL what a good friend!).

Ivette says Janelle was in better shape when she was at the hotel before coming in the house. Janelle says “no I wasn’t I only went to the gym once.” Ivette says "No, I saw you in there all the time." Janelle says, "I think you are thinking of someone else" Ivette says, "No, I know exactly who I'm talking about, I saw you there more then once, and I know that because you are the only person who I thought was a threat" Janelle laughs "I never saw you as a threat."

April and Ivette move on to talking about Michael saying that he told April that he doesn’t want ‘his girl’ to wear skimpy clothes. And that Janelle is not conservative enough for him. Ivette starts to kind of make fun of Janelle, doing the hair toss and saying ‘Oh Howie, you big beefcake’, (she usually does behind Janelle's back) and Janelle is just laughing at her.

Now Ivette complains about Michael joke slapping Howie on the back the first week and Howie doesn't seem to remember it, and he isn’t really contributing to this story. Ivette says “His behavior is so uncalled for.” Janelle says Michael just made her laugh a lot. Then Ivette makes April lay down flat on kitchen table so Ivette can demonstrate the Michael butt-biting incident. Ivette is also bothered by something Michael said about how much money he made outside of BB and how he was here for a vacation and he didn't need this. Janelle is trying to get them to admit he was funny, but they won't. Ivette is bothered by him quoting a lot of movies.

Howie is cracking up by Ivette remembering things Michael said word for word. He says Ivette has a good memory for that.

Ivette and April move on to trashing Ashlea. April says Janelle is more of a girly-girl, whereas Ashlea was not. Ivette is saying her face and personality were ugly, even if her body was ‘all that’. Janelle says “no matter how stuck up the people in the house thought Ashlea was, she wasn't like that when I met her. Maybe it was just for the show. She was trying to impress people.” Ivette says that South Florida does that to some people.

Ivette now tells Janelle how her talking about herself bugs her, Ivette says she doesn't like that in people. The "I'm the sexy diva and I'm the buxom blonde bombshell" stuff....Janelle says she doesn't think she does it that much and April was kind of noncommittal on criticism for that (LOL, I hope Janelle does this all day tomorrow!)

The HG’s break it up and head for bed. They are asleep around 2:00.