**Contains adult language, and VERY adult content.***

Hey folks. Well, to be completely honest with you, when I saw Thursday's episode, the very first thought that entered my head after the HoH Comp was, "Oh, crap. I don't wanna have to recap April's activities on Saturday!" But, I've gotten over that. For those not in-the-now, April, as HoH has nominated Howie and Janie to be evicted this week.

8amBBT : Ooo that smell....can't you smell that smell?
Howie gets up briefly, takes some meds, pees <with door shut!!>, and farts multiple times. It must have been a bad one, because he apologizes to "BB". After he brushes his teeth and spends some time looking at the Memory Wall, he heads back to bed. At 9:30amBTT, after a period of fish, all the houseguests are up and moving. James tells Janelle that they need to stop reading the Bible and praying to God and should instead start worshipping Eric. Later, James has a short, and very curt conversation with Beau.

James: Who are you playing for?
Beau: No one.
James: Well you're gonna get asked. What went on last night?
Beau: Nothing, no one asked me.
James: No one asked me.
Beau: I'll believe it when I see it.

We start getting a few clues to today's Veto comp from the feeds. One camera shows the veto in the box, then changing angles to show three huge vetos with locks on them. The color of the Veto Medal has changed to a silver-platinum. Either is a switch from the ordinary PoV. In case you don't remember, with The Silver PoV, the winner is not able to save themselves. As in, if Janie won, and wanted to use it, she would have to save Howie, not herself. Although not "official", the Platinum Veto is expected to be similar to the Golden Power of Veto, but the winner also gets to pick who goes up in their place instead of the HoH.

NoonBBT : Back from the PoV Competition
Quick and Dirty: This Power of Veto Competition was also combined with a Luxury Competition.
Players: April & Maggie, Janie & Ivette, Howie & Beau
PoV Winner: April
Prize winner: Janelle

There was a bit of confusion when the feeds returned, but when the dust settled, it appears that April has won the Power of Veto, and Janelle has won one of the safe combos, which contained a trip to the Bahamas. Maggie and Ivette are extremely frustrated <coughjealouscough> that Janelle keeps winning the prizes that Big Brother offers. Comments like "I can just hear her, I'm the luckiest bombshell alive!" come from Maggie, and "If she's meant to win this whole thing, there's nothing that I can do about it!" come from Ivette. April adds, "She doesn't deserve anything she's won. It's all materialistic. She hasn't won anyone's hearts, hasn't won anyone's respect. She hasn't won any of that." Oh man. I want to see the reactions from those two if Janie wins America's Choice tomorrow.

April explains that she is going to pull Janie off of the nomination block this week. Looks like the plan is still to back-door James. She debates telling him ahead of time, or not, and practices some half-truths to tell him in order to make herself not look like the bad guy. She questions Ivette, "If I nominate James, Ivette, do you promise to evict him?" Ivette says that she's got no choice. She then asks Ivette and Beau what they would do if they were HoH, if they would keep James Duh.. April advises Ivette to tell James that she's unsure of April's decisions if he asks.

Janie insists that she's taking her Mom with her to the Bahamas, not Michael.

1:30pmBBT : Howie's Dirty Thoughts
Howie and Janie chit-chat in the Barracks, and of course, it takes a turn for the sexual. Howie goes through the laundry list of dirty things he'd do to Janie, including spanking her, giving her box a manicure with his teeth, riding her, cowgirl, banging her from behind, analy, surfacely, etc. Those were his words...not mine. I'm much more crass. Janie laughs, and tells him he says the same thing all the time, and that he needs to come up with new material. After wondering if Jennifer and Rachel are getting into cat-fights in the Sequester House, he shares his belief that Rachel and Jenn are both waiting for him to "come bang them".

Ivette joins them as their dirty-talk ends, and mocks the "Oh Janie! Oh Howie!" conversations, with erie accuracy. Everyone is entertained, except April and Maggie who are bad-mouthing both Janelle and Ivette while they work out.

2pmBBT : April Kisses some Major Booty all Over the House
April continues to ask America to vote for her, so that she's able to talk to her husband. She thought that there would be a phonecall pass in one of the safes. Ivette comments that if April gets the phone call, she'll "cut her to pieces". When Ivette complains that she is the only one in the house not to see photos of her family, April shoots back with, "How is that our fault?" The claws are really out between Ivette and April today.

April and Janie spend some time in the HoH Room. April says that she wants to make up for the two weeks that Howie and Janie were mad at her. April then asks to be forewarned if she's going to be put up as a pawn.

Janelle: I don't think you have to worry about that the next two weeks.
April: Oh, you're so sweet.

Janelle says if she wins next HOH, she feels she needs to put the couple up. April thanks her for trusting her word about backdooring James, and not picking him to be Janelle's partner in the comp. April says that James will keep working on Ivette, and that Ivette doesn't want to take responsibility for James going home. April says she'll tell James that it was the majority of the house that chose to evict him this week. "When he walks out the door, I want everything he's ever said to walk out with him." April shares that when she was in the Diary Room, she asked BB if she could tell James about the backdooring. BB's reply was, "Weeellllllll do you really want to do that?"

In a rather long rant, April says to Janie: I edited was looooooong.

"James has already been asking if he's being backdoored, and I don't want to give him a reason to think that I don't like him, even though he's given me lots of reasons to dislike him. I don't want him to think that this was totally preplanned, but it kind of was. I don't want to sit there, 'You've fuckin' lied in this game!' He told Ivette before I put y'all up that you were putting up me and Maggie. ... He told her that he told y'all that he was gonna play for you and use it, but he told her that he wasn't gonna use it if he won it. ... I'm just so happy that I got HoH and PoV! He has called me weak from day one and to take him out feels good. You will vote to evict him, Beau will, Maggie will, and Ivette said she has to, but I told her it doesn't matter, because us three are gonna vote against him."

"James is a fuckin' cokehead. He's telling us all different stories until he's the only one left. We'll get him out of here and play and have fun. He is so in between everything. He has had so many chances in this game to buck up and play right and with morals and he refuses to! We've tried to get him out five times now and he's still here. Unless they have, like, a luxury comp that makes you safe, he's gone."

Janie leaves, Ivette enters the HoH room.
Ivette: When Janelle was up here what did you say to her?
April: I said, um, if I take you off, I want to make sure Howie isn't mad and that you guys agree on who I take off. Janelle said 'yes, we already worked it out between us'...She said that Howie has no problem with leaving him up there because he is already packed, and because she has been up there more times than he has.

The rest of the Friendship collect in the HoH Room, and April continues. April tells them but directs it at Ivette that James is lying to someone. That he told Ivette if he won the veto he would not use it. April shares that Janelle told her that James said he 'would' use the veto if he won it. April adds, "He's lying to someone, but oh well, just let it go."

4pmBBT : Man-talk, Howie and James Style
Howie created a purple and pink Power of Veto medal for himself, and wears it around the house with pride.

He and James talk about selling James' collection of PoVs on eBay. Howie asks James if he thinks there will be another Luxury Comp soon, but James assumes that Janie's trip was the Lux Comp. Howie asks James if he would pick Sarah to come back if he could. He says no, saying "Why would I want Scarah yes, Scarah...again, his words... back just for me to leave?"

Howie wants ice cream.
James: Howie! Give up on the ice cream right now, just give it up.
Howie: Why?
James: You are always complaining about you're fat.
Howie: I am going to have a little ice cream and an apple, then do some cardio later. I want to be happy and fat.
They chat a little more, then Howie goes to leave and says "You want some ice cream?"

James tells Howie that he wants a job as the guy behind the walls in the Big Brother house.

It seems that Big Brother has told Howie that he needs to unpack.I could have told you that, Howie... Howie stands in the barracks by himself unpacking, and he mumbles something to himself every now and then. At one point he holds up the two floaties (from the veto game last week) with a picture of Jennifer and one of Rachel on them and in his cute little boy voice says "Oh such great boobies". He holds up a shirt, talking to himself, saying "I'll wear this in softball", but then decides it's too hot for softball. "Well, maybe night games."

5:30BBT : Beau and Howie Get Intimate
Howie details his plans to masturbate tomorrow, to Beau. Howie insists that he'll use a condom. "I even have safe sex with myself."

Soon, the convo switches to unsafe-sex encounters. Howie says he's done it about five times "bareback", one of them being a one-night stand. Eww...grody. Beau says he once had sex in the shower without a condom and regretted it immediately afterward. When Howie asks Beau about wether he's been with any girls, Beau details how he made a girl orgasm three times, but he was gagging. It happened the summer after his senior year. He then goes into details of having a foursome with 2 girls and 2 guys, and his role in the orgy.

Later, Beau getting Howie worked up, talking about having seen Jenn's boobs, nipples and seeing her walk around in panties.
Howie: I hate you Dan!
Beau: How often do you have sex when you are at home?
Howie: With myself or a girl?
Beau: With a girl.
Howie: It's streaky. Sometimes I won't get laid for months and then I'll date three different chicks in one month.
Beau: I've only dated three men. Barry was the only person that I actually dated that lived in Miami Beach.

Howie talks about a man asking him to go on a gay cruise under the guise of doing some modeling. Beau said he would love to go on a gay cruise, it's on his list of things to do.

Beau about Howie: Have you seen how swollen his balls are?
Howie, to Janelle: Why don't you do it for me? We'll call you Jerk-Off Janie.

Dinner at 6:30pm consists of tacos and guacamole with ground turkey, created by Beau, April, Maggie, Ivette and Janelle.

7:30pmBBT : Janelle and her Love-Hate Relationships
"If we would have sent Janie home, someone else would have got that trip today." Ivette is really playing up how badly Janelle wanted to go home. James said she has the kind of good luck that if she goes back home she will buy a winning lottery ticket. Ivette estimates that Janelle already has thirty-grand in prizes this summer. Maggie notes that the only way they will win something is if Janelle is gone. Ivette is unremitting in her campaign against Janelle (or for James), saying that Janelle will conquer comps."I don't care who takes Janelle out as long as she is out."

On the other side of the spectrum, Howie says the funniest week for him was Janie winning HoH and what she said to Jenn. He continues, with suggesting that Janie got "fucked out of a week". She didn't get a blog, no talking to Julie, and "they" have been in the HoH room for a month straight.

8:30pmBBT : Hot Tub Hates James
The Friendship are in the hot tub, talking about James. Ivette asks April if she was going to take James aside and tell him why she's backdooring him. April replies that she isn't doing it for personal reasons; she is doing it for the whole house. She then looks at Ivette and says, "The only person who benefits from him staying is you." Ivette doesn't respond.

As they continue to talk about the lies he's told everyone, Ivette wonders how they can be sure James is telling Howie and Janelle things or whether or not they are making them up. Ivette says she does not believe what James said about the other's conversation about April spying, April said she does because she's heard it more then once. April says he's lied about every one of them, "...well maybe not Beau." April reminds Ivette of him saying April was lying when she says James swore on the bible.

Ivette talks about Howie and Janelle, and their lies. All agree that "all of them" are lying.

Later, Ivette joins James in the Gold Room:
James: Does she really think Janelle's her friend?
Ivette: Nuh uh.
James: Are you sure?
Ivette: Mmhm.
James: It's just that they came back in here and made fun of everybody and it gets on my nerves.
Ivette: I know they're trash.
James: So has April decided what she's going to do?
Ivette: She hasn't said anything to us about what she's going to do.

Much later, James is called to the Diary Room for the third time today. April complains that she has all the power and he's still called more.
This time, James was called to the DR so that BB could check up on him. While opening the fridge, a glass fell out, and broke. James cut his hand on the glass.

While heading back into the house for the night, April comments, "Why is it that if [James] tells [Ivette] something, he's always right?" She continues to stir the pot by telling Janelle that James implied that if Janelle were evicted, the house would get cleaner. Janelle responds by saying that James asked her while she was in the middle of a profound sleep who April was going to nominate, and later on who she was going to save with the PoV.

10:55pmBBT : Beau drops trou, again.
While in the HoH bathroom, Beau show his privates to Maggie. She claps her hands and says "Yeah, Beau you have a big penis!" She turns to April and recounts, "You know I've seen tons of them."

11pm to Bedtime, BBT : April's Rant-tacular Evening
Ivette: I hate talking to people who have something up their sleeve.
Maggie: But you talk to James and he always does; it's a matter of perception and how you see it.
Beau: We all do it.
Ivette: All I know is when I'm going to hate when I have to vote and Janelle is in the bottom two.
April: I would hate seeing James, Janelle, or Howie there. It would piss me off either way.
Maggie: We all have differing opinions on who the worst is.

April: If you were HoH, who would you want to send home this week?
Ivette: I really don't know. You feel more confident with Janelle or Howie, I feel I can manipulate James better.

April tells Ivette that she needs to stop being pessimistic. Ivette says back, "I'm not pessimistic."

April to Ivette: Take a fucking chill pill. Relax!

Continuing the Anti-Janelle tirade, April says how terrible Janelle's story was at the dinner table when she said she had never seen a black person until she was 6 or 7. April completely twists the story from a sweet, innocent girl never being exposed to different nationalities to something racist. April says that God won't bless Janie or Howie even if they win. "Janie would take the money in cash, put it in her house and her house would burn down. God will not let them reap the benefits. Janie is a mean person. April also believes that Janie wouldn't give any money to charity or even to a church."

Midnight OnwardBBT: Odds and Ends
There wasn't too much action from this point in the day onward, but there were a few sparkles:

Janelle scoops ice cream while the camera zooms from her, to the "It's time to get in shape!" sign, and then back to her, and back to the sign. Then the camera zooms in on her butt.

Beau tries to playfully hug Ivette. She says, "Get the fuck off of me!"

Ivette shares a personal view on her life: April asked if Ivette's parents get along... Ivette says now they do. She mentions that her father was/is a workaholic and her mom has a gambling problem. She spends all of her father's money didn't save any for them. Ivette gives her about $150 a week that her mom puts in machines. She says she gives it to her because her mom is not working. When she gambles it away she says that if it is a gift from Ivette she can use it how she wants. Her dad, brother, and her continue to enable her. She says she loves bingo but its worse than that. When she plays bingo she plays 20 cards or more at a time or she's bored. She usually wins a little and that makes it worse. Ivette wants to take her to "admit it" but she won't go to self help groups. Ivette wishes she would come out of her world and see how it hurts her and everyone else. April asks "Why do you keep giving to her. You are enabling her. Bo and Maggie pipe up in support but Ivette won't. She says she wants her to be able to go shopping and get medicine. All she wants is her to see how hard she works to help her. Maggie basically says treat her like a child don't give her what she wants. Maggie compares the situation to how they lock up druggies in the ER and how they throw tantrums but she doesn't care because she is trying to help them.

That's all for me this week! Thanks to those who have send feedback.