Big Brother Recap August 28, 2005

Janelle’s America’s Favorite, Ivette Destructs and James’s Game is AWNNNN!

James is the first one up at 9:44. He feeds the fish then sits in the backyard waiting for the others to get up. The BB wake up call comes at 10:30.Ivette gets up and heads out to James. James starts complaining about how disgusting the other house guests are because they have ants. The other nerd herd followers spy on Ivette and James through the spy cam in the HOH room. It didn’t take them long to start taking about Janelle. Saying she is a slob and of course she will have a lonely life etc. James has his game face on and is pitching to get rid of Janelle. James saying that Janelle is a slob, her stuff is everywhere and she should go home. Saying she is consumed by greed and wealth.

Maggie and April discuss Ivette. April wants to keep Beau over Ivette. Maggie thinks she can win if she is sitting next to Ivette as final two. They think Howie and Janelle will target Ivette and Beau to break up the couples. They both believe that James has Ivette brainwashed. That she will fight for James till the end.

Throughout the entire day Howie and Janelle review things in the house for the next HOH competition. Counting things, memorizing the order of things etc.

At about noon the houseguests get called to the living room. They get shown the commercial for America’s choice. They discuss who should get it. Ivette missed her anniversary and has no pictures (well win HOH Ivette), Howie to talk to his Mom, Beau to talk to his Mom. Ivette heads to the backyard and has breakdown #1. She is crying uncontrollable. April and Maggie tell Howie that Ivette will be really pissed off if he gets the phone call. Howie said he would forfeit it to Ivette if he could.

Janelle tells Howie that she dreamt that there was a hurricane in Miami and her apartment was flooded and one of her dogs died. Beau also had a dream that there was a hurricane in Miami. April had a dream that she contacted aids. April jokes that she might have phone sex if she gets the call(now if she had said that in the commercial she probably would have won the phone call!)

At 1:30 we get the fish cam for like 15 minutes. Once we return to the house we find out that Janelle won the phone call and Ivette is hysterically crying. Janelle talked to Michael Maggie and April does some heavy duty bashing saying there is no way that America voted for Janelle to get the phone call. . They thought BB fixed it. April (It is all about her) believed that BB fixed it so that she would not backdoor James. That they were sending her a sign saying to evict Janelle. She is determined to stick to her plan (ya April) and BB was not going to sway her any other way.

Ivette really melts down. She keeps crying and crying. Maggie tries to console her saying that BB fixed it. They keep reporting that no way America voted for Janelle. They really rag out about Janelle. How she called Michael and asked if Britney Spears had her baby yet! They call America cruel. James makes his presence in the HOH room and adds his remarks about Janelle and how lucky she is and what a wasted phone call it was. April again tells America to go screw themselves. They are all in disbelief that America likes Janelle. They are completely convinced that BB rigged it to start trouble in the house.
They are convinced that everyone will be surrounded by loving family at the wrap party but Janelle, she will have no one, just Michael. April calls the viewers a piece of sh$%! Saying they gave a phone call to someone who only knew the guy 2 weeks, and not her a newlywed. Ivette claims she is done with the game, she wants out. They claim that Kaysar coming back was not America’s choice either. That it should have been Eric, the loving father, fireman and honest person! (barf). Janelle does interrupt the pity me party and apologizes for wining the phone call. April spews back that it wasn’t her fault, that BB just picked her to cause turmoil in the house. After she leaves, April said her visit was salt on the wound and James said “It is all about her”. Ivette cries throughout this huge 40 minute ordeal.

Beau asks James to leave so he can be alone with Ivette. Ivette goes off on him saying how much she hates Janelle and Michael. Saying how unfair it is, she has no pictures etc. Beau comforts her and rubs her back. Beau tells her that this should inspire her to get HOH next week and boot Janelle’s butt right out of there. He said America did it for the drama. That is why Kaysar came back in too! Ivette goes as far as saying Janelle is a racist.

April and Maggie head to the Workout room to release some frustration. April said BB really wants a nice person to win like Lisa and Drew. That Janelle is not nice. That even if she wins the money she would like buy a house and the house would burn down. Maggie said that before she came into the house that BB told her she was not going to win, because her strategy was to be honest and open as possible. They are still blaming the phone call on BB. April kept yelling obscenities to BB. April makes Maggie promise to evict James. She does not want to change her plan. She asks Maggie to help her with Ivette, She knows Ivette will be all about evicting Janelle and does not want to deal with her alone. Maggie agrees, tells her to let her talk but just keep telling her to vote James out. Beau comes into the room and is acting pissed. He said he just went off on James, because James went down to Howie and Janelle and told him all the things that were said in the HOH room. James was saying that Ivette deserved it, that she missed her Mom’s birthday she has no pictures etc. Janelle countered with.. I missed my Mom’s and Dad’s birthday and that she has no family pictures either. James looks up and said “please send me home”. Beau gets Janelle and Howie to go to the work out room. Here they once again tell Janelle that she only got the phone call to stir up trouble, that BB wants them to evict her or Howie and she is not doing it BB’s way. James barges in and calls them all idiots! Howie goes up to HOH to comfort Ivette.

April said to James that she knew that he was putting a target on her and April’s back. They rehash how he has played the middle, going from one group and telling them what the other group has said. He denies it, saying he hated Howie and Janelle for what they did to Sarah. Saying the S^ only came to him once he won VETO. That he hated them.
James was saying it was Jan and Howie that told him that April and Jen came to them to evict Ivette and save Sarah. James says to April he has never talked bad about her and even told her once if she was going to get personal he wouldn't talk to her. He says he isn't the one that trashed her dog, her husband and called her Busto. He really laid it on.
He said if you want to send me home fine, but why leave people here to win that insulted your family and friends.

Janelle confronts James. She told him the reason they were on the block was because he told April that she and Maggie were their targets. She then said that really he was the one to say it. Janelle leaves. James said his game ended three weeks ago. James said the only one he cared about was Ivette. He cares about her because she is the only one that tells him the truth. Meanwhile, Maggie whispers to April that James just admitted that he wouldn’t put up Ivette. James is going on and on about being alone. He said they have no idea how this place has broken him down, They said yes they do they lost their partners too. James said his name is always trashed here. That he has no one. Maggie responded with he had Ivette! James said only when you release her for a few minutes. He leaves. Maggie said that everyone is lying. That you can’t believe anyone. April calls Janelle a habitual liar. Maggie comments how Howie ran out and went up to the HOH when the confrontation started.

James tells April a bit later that it is OK that she wants to back door him, but it just means that Howie and Janelle won. He said it is not about the money, that he just hates Howie and Janelle and does not want to leave before them. April tells him he is strong competitor winning VETO all the time. That Janelle is just lucky.

A bit later, when Maggie was retelling the story to Ivette, she said James took it as a man but Howie and Janelle ran away. Ivette again tries to save James by saying won’t it be funny to send Janelle home this week.

All day the house guests go on about the America’s choice and how undeserving it was to give to Janelle. April said she was going to tell she fuc&*&g hates them in her blog this week (that would be a smart move April).

April asked Beau if he still wanted to stick to the plan to oust James this week. Beau responded with either him or Janelle. April tells him she wants to stick to her word so that she doesn’t get verbally attacked again. She said they can’t beat James physically (or mentally) but they can Janelle. The only one that can’t beat Janelle is Ivette and that is because she convinced herself that she can’t.

Finally at like 5:30 BB time, Maggie was called to the diary room. When she returned she explained to everyone that Janelle did win fair and square the America’s choice. That if they didn’t use the real results that it would be fraud. And that they are governed by all kinds of rules.

All house guests enjoyed a dinner together and not once was America’s choice brought up!

After dinner James, Howie, April and Beau have a funny conversation.
James/How/Beau/Ape discuss James/Sarah's wedding. Howie asks James who he'd invite from the BB6 cast. James says that he'd invite everyone that didn't try to evict him, so Howie says he'd have to start going to the BB5 cast for people. Howie then said if he was invited, he'd stand up when the priest asks if anyone objects to it. He says that all he'd want is 5 minutes of "boobie grabbing time", and then he'd be happy. So James says for the seating arrangements, he'd put Howie in the middle of Matt and Sarah's father. (LOL)

Before bed Janelle and Howie make a ‘Jerk Fort”. Seems Howie has plans to relieve himself tonight. They make it on Kaysar’s old bed. Howie apologizes to Kaysar for using his bed. Howie gets called to the Diary room .He gets told to take down the jack shack and to relieve himself in the shower stall or under the covers. He asks Janelle to do it for him, said he would wear a condom, 3 condoms a sock. Janelle refuses; she does not want to touch him. He said do it for a friend, hasn’t she ever heard of a friend with benefits. Janelle told him she was not that kind of friend.

Later we see Howie go to bed with a condom, lotion and toilet paper, He layed there for a bit, then got up and got Rachel’s picture. After he got the picture he completely covered himself under the sheets. Once he emerges, he gets up, throws away the toilet paper and condom in the kitchen trash. (Mission completed Huston!). Howie then heads to the shower. Howie returns to go to bed at 3:17. The house has finally become quiet again. All house guests are sleeping!

What will Monday bring, Ivette begging to save James, James begging to save James, Janelle winning something else, April freaking out! Oh another day in paradise I predict! Who will April save with the VETO?