10:00 AM

Howie is the first up this morning, just after 9:00, but he tricks us by using the WC, kissing Jan on the cheek then going back to bed. James is really the first one up at around 10:00; he feeds the fish and makes coffee.

While everyone is still in bed BB announces “The veto ceremony will be in 90 minutes”, which should be around 11:30 this morning.

*ADULT Material* (I usually leave out the really graphic stuff, but I am sure some of you are wondering if Howie followed through and did to himself what he said he was going to do LOL) Just before 11:00 AM and everyone is up now. Howie recalls last night’s event of pleasuring himself and tells the others it took him like 15 minutes to get it going, then he started thinking of ‘Jenny and Ray-Ray’, and then he says “I was thinking of Jenny's shaved muffin.” He shows everyone the condom he used (in the trash can) and everyone started screaming. He said he asked BB in the DR where he should do it and they told him either under the covers or in the WC. LOL, he says “I built a ‘jack shack’ under the covers, but BB called me to the DR and told me I had to take down.”

11:00 AM

The friendship and James are outside talking about general stuff, some baby talk and the names that some people give their kids. When James leaves to shower, Ivette immediately starts to defend him again, saying that the only ones that have flipped out in the house are Howie and Janelle. Ivette says “thank god Kaysar is not on the jury, we don’t need him there trying to persuade people.”

April and Beau are outside by themselves for the time being. April says that Jennifer and Rachel will both be satisfied to see James in sequester. April says “I am not going to let James talk me out of putting him up this time. You and Maggie have to vote for James just in case Janelle tries to switch it up. This will be a friggin' milestone getting him out.” Beau says “We used him as much as he could.” April: “This is our last week to get rid of him; we have to do what we have to do.” Beau: “America hates the friendship right now, I'm sure.” April says “America wanted Kaysar back in to stir up the s*** and we got him out again, so America hates the Friendship cuz we f’n lied. I forgot about that (laughing)” Beau says “that’s why they gave Janelle America's Choice, knowing we would get all upset, they love it. America loves drama.” April says “I wonder if America's gonna be even more pissed off when we get rid of James.” Beau laughing says “yeah, they will.” April goes on to say “We've only been dishonest once, to save the group and to secure jury votes. We've done a great job.” Beau: “We've done an awesome job.”

In the kitchen, Howie asks Janelle “Do you ever go out with guys with big tripods like James?” Janelle doesn’t answer. Howie continues “Do you think Sarah likes James because of his big tripod? She was my TV girlfriend for a couple weeks.” Janelle asks “What happened?” Howie: “She got mad at me when I put her up.” Janelle: “Ya think?” (LOL) Howie: “She dumped me when I had her evicted.”

Now Beau and Ivette are in the kitchen with Howie and Jan, he changes the topic to his ‘event’ last night and how BB told him he couldn’t have jack shack. Beau says “I’m sure they wanted the sheets to ruffle.” Howie asks “Can they show it or not?” Beau: “They have lots of footage of you looking for a place to go; they might show you under the sheets.”

Maggie and April are outside now and Maggie says “after this week we really have to work as partners. I get the feeling it's going to be total partners from now on.” April says “You and I already have been.” Maggie says “I mean out in the open.” April says that Ivette is going to say she isn't working with her partner but they know she will be because it's worth $1 Million. Maggie complains that she hasn't won anything.

Ivette joins April and Mag. April says she is going to talk to Janelle about pitching in around the house. She's going to tell her it's not funny anymore, she has to wash dishes correctly and help. Ivette says “We got the point; she has a maid at home! She eats like crazy and she needs to wash her own dishes.”

Just before noon April is called to DR to prepare for the veto ceremony.

12:00 NOON POV Ceremony

The feeds return showing a dejected James being consoled by Ivette in the LR. April kissed him on the cheek and walked away, then Howie kissed him on the cheek and Beau hugged him. Janelle was taken off the block and she says “I kind of have that ‘icky’ feeling.” April tells her to tell James that it is not her (Jan’s) fault. For a short period we have no audio, and then we hear Ivette tell Maggie that James said ‘being up next to Howie, I’ve got no chance now’.

Maggie says to Ivette “I was upset with what's going on. Personally he should not be the one going, Personally.” Ivette says “he's good company; he will be my friend outside of this place. He's never acted the way they have. They show bad sportsmanship repeatedly. I hate to see the way they're treating him.” (Howie is joking around about James going up.) Now Maggie is suggesting that they vote out Howie. She says “there are still 3 days left until voting.” Maggie seams to be re-thinking what she ‘just’ said. Maggie tells Ivette “The backdoor was invented for a reason, Ivette. You are always talking about backdooring someone. It so happens that somebody you care about is being backdoored so you think it shouldn't happen.” Ivette says “It's not that I think it shouldn't happen. Backdoor should happen with 2 good people up, not 2 dirty people who I'm ready to send home. He was blindsided.” Maggie says “James wasn't blindsided, he's up there because he's a good f’n player.” Ivette: “But any other back door at least had a respectable competitor in the other chair.” Ivette says she is pissed that April left Howie up there to seal James' fate.

In the meantime, April is telling Janelle that she really needs to start cleaning up. April is being really nice and saying that others are talking and that she is just trying to give Janelle a heads up. Maggie walks up to them and whispers to April “you made the right decision.” Then April says top Janelle “you have to vote to evict him.” Janelle says “Like I would really vote to evict Howie.”

Now Maggie and April are in the gym. Maggie says that Ivette really needs to put her game face on. April says “I can already tell you that James is going to try to convince Ivette that Janelle and I have a deal and that's so stupid.” Maggie says “of course he will.” April: “I'm going to be curious as to what Jan says. He knew I was going to do that, didn't he?” Maggie says “He had to know.” April: “He said to say something nice, I just talked too long. It was nice, what I said. I did go on a long time, but that's just me.” (Ed: Really April? We hadn't noticed LOL)

April tells Maggie that “Jen is going to s*** when James walks into sequester and tells her that I was HOH.” Maggie says “I wonder if Rachel told Jen that you and I are working together.” April says “I don’t think she knows.” April then says “we have got to get rid of one of them next week.”

Janelle and Howie are in doing the dishes, she starts to sing ‘Dancing Queen’ and BB tells her to stop. Howie says “be nice to her BB, she has big boobies!” April comes in the kitchen now and says thanks to Janelle for doing the dishes. Janelle says “you are welcome!” April goes over the vote count and says that Ivette will probably give a sympathy vote for James. April says “the one thing that may have surprised James is who I took off.” Janelle asks if Ivette knew what was going to happen and April said “yes.”

James is telling Ivette what we expected him to, “This is the same woman who tried to get you out twice! You and Beau need to know this, and so does Maggie.” He says that Janelle is playing April. Ivette says “While she trashes her?” James: “Uh-huh. Janelle and April have some kind of partnership.” James says how much it sucks to lose to Howie and Janelle. James says “April was looking at you so much during the ceremony; I thought she was going to put you up.”

1:00 PM

James and Ivette are still in the GR, James saying he does not understand why she left Howie on the block. Ivette said April thought Janelle had packed too much stuff and “it didn't matter who was up there, since the plan was to vote you out.” James says “Maggie, you and Beau can vote to keep me, she doesn't vote and Howie goes home.” Ivette says decisions have been made, April would flip out.

James and Ivette finish their talk (for now), Ivette hugs James and he says “thank you for everything you have done.” She leaves and James says to himself “Every dog has his day and mine is on Thursday.” Then he paces and says “S***! I knew I was f’d!”

Ivette is in the kitchen now and she says “OOOOH Janelle I heard you did the dishes.” Janelle says “yes, I did!” Ivette says “There is nothing more pretty than a blond bombshell that does the dishes.”

April is taking a stance in the HOH

April went to lie down in the HOH. Her, Ivette and Beau are in there and Beau is saying that he feels bad for James because Howie is teasing him. April says “what do you mean? I haven't heard it.” Beau and Ivette both say the one thing Howie keeps saying is “looks like you'll be packing with me.” April says “that’s just Howie, he does that stuff every week, he was the same last week and didn’t know if he was safe or not.” April says Beau made a good point about America hating the friendship. Beau saying again, that America hates them because they are cool and fun and America likes the drama.

Ivette is working her stint trying to convince them that Howie and Janelle are the dirty players, not James. Ivette says “James said he will give his vote to Janelle in the end, because she made it being so manipulative.” April is getting upset; she says “James is NOT some innocent player in this game!! He is SO manipulative!” Ivette says “Well, he doesn't lie to me guys.” Beau: “He lies to the rest of us.” Ivette: “He is not the dirtiest player in this house.” April: “James always tries to make it look he is the victim, he is NOT the victim. WE are the victims.” (wow!)

Ivette says “James says they are always studying together.” April says “So? I can tell you that Janelle is always following me around, I mean whatever!” Ivette: “He says it does seem strange that you're getting along with her all of a sudden.” April responds “I get along to make my stay better, like when you're up here you say you can't stand Howie and then you go down there and play around with him.”

April continues to defend herself and she is taking NO crap from Ivette. Paril says “I had to make it so no one is tempted to keep James. All 3 of them would vote for him at the end, he's playing the same game. Ivette vote how you want.” Beau says to Ivette “Janie, me, and Maggie are voting for him to leave. You can vote for him if you want.” Ivette: “It's not going to make a difference so why would I vote for him to stay? I just want Janelle gone more than anyone. I've had a feeling from the beginning that the longer she stays the worse it will be. I can beat her mentally and physically but with her luck I can't.” April says “Do you think you can beat James?” Ivette: “No.”

April yells to Ivette in the HOH bathroom “you can’t let James leaving affect your game on Thursday, you were so sad when Cappy left.” Ivette: “he is not Cappy!!” April says to Beau “why does she jump on me?” Beau says “she's not; I can see where she is coming from.”

April says “They do not appreciate us. We've been here for 2 months and haven't gotten anything!” Ivette says “BB rewards us with quarters.” April says that is just a fight waiting to happen. Ivette says that April gave away Ivette's secret places to find quarters to Janelle. April says that “for all we know Janie could have a horrible life outside and deserves what she is getting.” Ivette scoffs. Then Ivette starts trashing her clothes, wondering what her mom looks like and if she really drives a pink caddy from Mary Kay.

Ivette says “I am going to be the biggest cry baby in BB history.” Beau agrees with her telling her she is also the bitchiest but she makes him laugh. Ivette starts to defend herself; saying they are worse she says “you guys complain a lot too!” April says “Oh no we do not; you do it a lot more, the DR is always asking me about you complaining.” April says the main difference is that “Ivette picks one person and sticks with it, she takes things too serious.” Ivette gets up and goes into the bathroom without a response. April says “it’s not so bad, everyone has different personalities.” April is ready for a nap; they all seem to be winding down in the HOH. April says “my life is exposed on national TV, it sucks.”

2:00 PM

The HG’s are on an inside lock down. For a little while now there has not been a whole lot going on. The feeds are quiet for now. James is sitting by himself in the nominee’s chair and playing coasters alone while Maggie is doing crunches somewhere across the room. The HOH’ers are napping and Howie and Janelle are not being seen right now.

Around 2:15, Maggie and James are in the kitchen. James is pretty sure they are locked inside because there was a banner plane outside, and he says “we’ll be stuck in here for 3-4 hours.” Beau comes downstairs and asks if the lock down was because of a plane and Maggie says they can’t talk about it, but subtly agrees with him that there is.

Maggie and James were whispering and laughing a lot in the kitchen. We couldn’t hear a lot of it, but at one point Maggie says “you are the only one who understands my sense if humor.” Maggie says to James “if you would have kept your mouth shut it would have kept you in the game longer.” James: “they’ve been trying to get rid of me since week 3.” Maggie asks “did you think I was going to be the one to get rid of you?” James says that Rachel came to him and said that Eric made her promise to vote against him instead of Maggie. James says “when you have no allies it takes a long time to figure things out. I want to talk to you about the game later.” Maggie doesn’t answer and in the back ground you can hear Howie yelling “Whad up Kaysar!”

Howie is in the kitchen now as well as Ivette, Beau, Maggie and James. James is asking them “Am I the best f’n player or the best f’n a** hole in the game?” Howie says “both.” Howie tells James he has the skill and determination and is a good player, but that he has played dirty too.” Howie jokes that James failed to report his veto wins in high school when he applied to BB. Someone goes ‘Shhhhh….’ Howie was startled and thought BB had done it. Ivette told him that people are trying to sleep and can't because of his loud voice. James says “if you want to sleep in BB house, evict Howie!” Everyone laughs. James says “everybody knows that the ones who make it to the end are the losers and the not so good players.” James uses CB to Jase in BB5 as an example. Howie and James talk about who has done more in the house, but when James brings up the veto’s he has won and that he feeds the fish, Howie cuts it off saying “Okay, let's not turn this into a pissing contest.”

After some movie talk in the kitchen Howie says “Thursday it will be 10 weeks that I’ve been in here.” Maggie says “9 weeks...” Howie says “10 including fight club (being secluded before hand.)” Maggie says she forgot about ‘fight club’. Howie says he was in fight club 9-10 days, Maggie says 8 days, Beau 9-10 days, and James said “about a week.” Then FISH.

3:00 PM

James is working on Ivette again, he tells her he all he needs is her vote and Beau's and that he will work on getting Janelle's vote. Ivette says there is no way Janelle will vote against Howie. James says Janelle wants money over friendship and she has a better chance to win with him than Howie. James is telling Ivette they would have run through the house. He said “it's funny each team has one weak and one strong player, but we're different, we're strong in different ways.”

At around 3:45 the lock down is over and Janelle is called to the DR, she says to BB “hang on I need to get my lipstick.” She is taking her sweet time, then BB calls her a second time.

4:30 PM

Nothing note worthy has happened in quite a while. BB called for a lock down outside at around 4:30 PM. The HG’s were sooo lazy and not moving and BB had to tell them 3 times all together to get out.

Outside now, James says he's going to be sequestered with the 2 most boring people in the house. Maggie says “Jen is fun, she is a blast.”

Maggie asks everyone what the first meal is they would want to have when they get out. April and James both say sushi, Ivette says she wants Cuban. James says "Hell yea, black beans and rice." April says “I thought that was Cajun…" Thejn the talk turns to their phone calls they can have in sequester. They get 3 minutes and it is monitored and they are not allowed to mention the game at all.

5:30 PM

Lock down is over and the HG’s ran in thinking maybe there were more quarters to be had, but no such luck. BB fixed something that was broken on the bathroom door. HG’s are less than thrilled and expressing their boredom.

Just after 6:00 Ivette comes down from the HOH wrapped in a towel. Everyone is whistling at her. Janie comes from DR into the Kitchen and as they pass each other, Janie says "Ivette, you’re hot!" Ivette retorts “Janie, you're beautiful.” Janie: “Ivette , you're a spicy Latina.” Everyone is laughing…then Ivette says “Janie, you're a buxom blonde.”

Now outside on the hammock are April and Maggie with Howie and Janelle. April is still wondering what made America give the phone call to Janelle and then have it be Michael, who she hardly knows. Howie answers and says “because he was in the BB house, so that makes interesting TV.” Janelle says “you're forgetting, we were with each other 24/7.” Then April mentions Janelle’s ex-bf that she broke up with in the DR. Janelle says “Don't mention his name; it brings up bad memories for me.” April says “Why, you said he was nice? What is it does it make you feel bad about what happened? Janelle: “Yea a little.” Maggie and April and Maggie say that Janelle must take her mom on that luxury trip and not Michael. April says “your own mom didn’t even get the phone call!”

April reminds Janelle that she is the tie breaker in the voting and not to give her sympathy vote to James. Maggie says “you know what will happen if James stays in the house?” April says “we’d be gone.”

7:00 PM

Janelle has left Maggie and April alone on the hammock. April says “I really don't think Janelle and Howie think they're making it to the end. I think they think they've got a good shot because they think we're all like weak. The bottom line is, Maggie, okay fine lets say for some reason they win it this week they're gonna put up Beau and Ivette. They'll get rid of Ivette for personal reasons.” Maggie says “I think I'll be next.” April: “You will be next” Maggie: “I'll be gone before Beau and Ivette. They just said I'm the glue holding us all together.” April says “That’s what James says ‘they’ say.” Maggie: “I'm sure that's what they are thinking; they aren’t going to tell you, ‘my’ partner.” April says “I never say anything about you and I being partners.” Maggie: “Okay.” April continues “I basically says that neither of us has a partner any more. I never say we're a team. Even Howie today was like, "April do I need to go campaign for Maggie's vote?" And I was like ‘Howie, no, don't worry’, then he says ‘You're right, as long as I get, you know, Maggie's and Janelle's I'm good’.”

James and Ivette are playing chess and he tells her that eventually “you're going to have to put up Maggie or Maggie is going to have to put you up. Howie and Janelle are a strong team, they are disgusting. I really think you have to think what's best for you and Beau.” There was no response from Ivette. Then Ivette says “I understand that there might people who are going to f*** me over, I accept it. I would never in a million years want to keep Janelle here. On an overall basis, I'd love to keep you. They are set on evicting you, there's no way to sway them on it. All I can say is that I never thought you were a good choice to send home. I told them that you weren't the one to get out first.” James said “I had no clue about the extent of the things that were being said about me.” Ivette: “I think they are all money-hungry, but you are a 100% better person than they are.” James: “I was upset that I didn't get a call from my grandma.” (LOL, yeah right!)

8:00 PM

This evening there hasn’t been much in the action department. More talk from Howie saying he would jerk Beau and Beau wanting a kiss form Howie.

Some of the HG’s were sitting around talking about Gerry from past BB and how he did not wash his hands after using the bathroom. They mock the scene where Danielle called Gerry out on that in front of everyone.

April is in HOH now asking “why does the HOH get blamed for everything?” because James said "there's my executioner". Maggie agrees that no one takes responsibility for their actions, that no one asks her anything but assume that she's responsible for things. Maggie says that everyone acts like one big happy family but it doesn't change what they will do in the game. They are talking about Ivette and how she bashes Howie and then hangs all over him.

9:00 PM

Maggie and April are still in HOH. April says “we need to tell Ivette to work it to stay in the game.” Maggie says “Why? People aren't going to change their opinion of each other at this stage of the game.” April: “We have to get HOH this time.” Maggie: “I just want to be out of this house. I'm not a fake person. If someone tells a joke and it's not funny, I don't laugh, if it is I do. I'm not fake.”

In the HOH, they are watching the spy cam which shows the LR with James and Ivette on one sofa and Beau and Howie on another. Maggie thinks that's interesting. Maggie says she believes that Ivette and Beau are trying real hard to not make it look like they are a pair. Maggie says it's the same thing Rachel and Howie did, stayed away from each other for a long time to not look like a pair. They watch Ivette hug James and agree that no matter what Ivette says that she and James have some sort of pact with each other.

April and Janelle are in the backyard now and April is telling Janelle that she is glad she has no partner form here on out. April says there will be 5 people competing for HOH, while she sits on the f’ing sidelines. Both agree that no one will use POV from this point on except the partners. Janelle was called to the DR and April headed for the HOH.

Now back in the HOH, they say that April, Beau, and next week's winner are the most important HOH’s. April says “Jen started it by securing the jury; Beau split up a pair and sent Rachel home; I will be sending James home.” They say they secured the Friendship for the rest of the game. Ivette says that she wants HOH next week and that getting out Janelle will be her greatest victory in this game. After some more talk about the game and Janelle Ivette says “the real reason America gave Jan the phone call is because of my alliance with James.”

10:00 PM

Now this may come as a surprise to you all, but Ivette, Maggie and April are in the HOH relentlessly trashing Janelle. They are watching Janelle, Beau and Howie frolic in the LR, playing coasters etc. Maggie says that Beau entertains them. Ivette commented that they (H/J) are trying to prove that Ivette has an alliance with James. Earlier in the kitchen someone said "you take away Howie and Janelle has nobody".

Howie and Janelle were in the bathroom and James saunters in. He says “you guys are going to have to pick on someone else this week after I leave.” Howie says “April was telling us you were swearing to God on the bible you were gonna put us up.” Jams: "Here's what sucks: there are 12 people in this house, and not one can get a friggin story straight. “I said, if you guys (Howie & Rachel) throw one more HOH contest, I will put them up because that would mean they're not working for the team. Those were my exact words.”


Outside now, Howie was whispering in Beau's ear & rubbing his shoulders (they've been playing around all night) in BY near Janelle & James. Howie asked Beau if he was getting a woody, and Beau said "Yeah kind of, only partial." Janelle asks Beau to see his chocolate pee pee and Beau shows it to her, then Howie asks Janelle “do want to see mine too?” Janelle says “No, thanks, I don’t want to see anymore tonight!” Beau then asks Janelle what is the biggest ‘one’ she’s ever had and Janelle says “I am not saying.” Beau says “Come on it’s just us guys out here.” Janelle says “and the internet people.” Beau says “no way, they are asleep; it’s like 12:30!” Janelle says “the bloggers are not asleep.”

April and Maggie are in bed in the HOH and ONCE again talking about America hating them. April says “that means while Howie was yelling at me, America was probably laughing.”

Back outside James is talking about BB3 and the only cool person was Danielle. He says that BB finally took Jennifer in, so she would stop sending them tapes. He mimics her 'I'm 27, I have a boyfriend I see twice a year, I'm unemployed and I live at home.' Then he says BB said ‘Come on in! Big Brother has a welfare system for people just like you’. James says how much he hates the back door because it takes the competition out of the game.

James says “whether the viewers hate me or love me, they have to enjoy the fact that every week I have to fight for my survival.” Janelle says “You're not a complete retard that can't win anything and compares him to CB. Howie tells James “America loves what you did, they love it and they love you. They love what you're doing for the show. They love you to be on the show.” James says “It ends now.” Howie once more “They love that everyone in the house tried to evict you, and they couldn't get you out.” James tells them he has never cursed them in the DR.

1:00 AM

Janelle says how much she hates the game and is tired of it. Howie says “well yea, because we are losing.” James says his campaign slogan is “if you want to sleep evict Howie this week.” Howie says “well mine was ‘five vetos to zero vetos…” then cut himself off.

Janelle heads for bed and the guys go in and get a snack, then James is off to bed. Just before 3:00 AM, Howie goes to the memory wall and studies it intently then he is off to bed.