The early morning is "All Rachel, All the Time."....Rachel wakes up about 7:30 am....She goes to the bathroom, puts on workout gear, goes outside to start a load of laundry, then returns inside for a workout on the treadmill.....After working out, Rachel eats breakfast, then goes to the bathroom to put on makeup. (It's voting day, after all—you never know when you'll be called in.)

We get fish about 9:15 am (wake-up call?). About half an hour later, we get another message from BB (this time in an angry voice) saying, "It is time to get up for the day."

The HOH group gives Jenn the third degree about why she didn't sleep in the HOH room last night. She answers, "What should I sleep on the floor when there are beds?" (Makes sense to me.)....And, it sounds like the HOH group could have gotten revenge by sending April downstairs to sleep as well. The HGs kiddingly give April a hard time because she had bad gas last night. April is not amused, and gets pissed at Jenn because April had asked Jenn not to tell anyone about April's gas and stomach problems. (Sounds to me like the other HGs would have known anyway—I'm surprised only Jenn went downstairs to sleep in unpolluted air.)

Over breakfast, James (in front of Kaysar) tells April to wink once if she is going to evict him today. Kaysar is very good natured about all this.....After Kaysar washes his bowl with his hands and no soap, April says this is gross. But then, she says that Kaysar is good for talking to if you are feeling sad (per their conversation last night)....Ivette is called to the DR. She takes her time, washing her plate, etc, so BB calls her again.

Jenn talks about a conversation she had with Sarah. Sarah had asked Jenn if everyone was voting the same way today. Jenn replied, "I don't know. No one tells me anything!"....In a similar vein, Maggie tells April, and then Jenn about a convo she had with Sarah, where Sarah was trying to get information from Maggie about her nursing experience (alluding that Maggie might not really be a nurse, and just studied up before BB). Maggie says that Sarah was looking at Maggie as if Sarah knew some secret about Maggie. Maggie thinks this is really funny.

April and Jenn primp in front of the mirror, and say that they've been in the BB house for a month now....Jen says that after they get rid of the "core people" it will be fun again. (She never says exactly who she means by "core people."

In the kitchen, Howie/Maggie/Ivette/Beau/Jenn/Sarah sit around and make small talk....One by one, HGs are getting called into the DR to vote.....Rachel comes in, and starts to tell her (he calls her Ray Ray) that she has nice boobies. He corrects himself and says "glasses" instead. (He's trying to watch his dirty mouth today.)...Next, Howie makes a sexual comment to Ivette, and James reminds Howie of their deal about Howie's "degrading" comments....James tells Ivette that for some reason he's still looking out for her.

In the Gold Room, Sarah asks James if the shirt she's wearing makes her look pregnant. James says that he doesn't like shirts like that on girls because they make them look pregnant. James says Sarah's hair looks nice, though.....Kaysar has gone back to bed. James and Sarah try to wake up him by saying, "Whassup Kaysar?" but Kaysar doesn't want to get up.

Outside, Rachel has made eggs for Howie and serves them to him in the BY. Howie says, "Thanks Ray Ray." (The cuteness is already starting to wear off for me, if not for Rachel.)....April joins them and asks Howie to tell her if she starts gaining weight. Howie tells April she could gain 8 pounds and still be good.....While this is going on, Jenn is sitting on a lounge chair right behind Howie, saying nothing. (Spying?)....April, Howie, and Rachel talk about how it's all the men who are getting evicted. James had brought this up earlier, and April says she hadn't noticed until James brought it up.

While Howie is eating breakfast, Ivette is in the pool and shouts, "Hi Howie, I miss you!" Howie yells back, "Hi Ivette bird!"....Ivette asks what Howie is eating and he tells her that he is eating some great eggs Rachel made for him. Ivette replies that Rachel has great boobies and is a great chef. Howie agrees, and tells Ivette that he's not allowed to talk about boobies today because of an agreement he made with James and Sarah.

After a short FISH, we come back to the inside of the house, where James and Sarah are playing chess....Maggie is now outside with her crew, and she laughs with them about her plan to fool James and Sarah into thinking she's a cop.....Maggie and April talk about how Rachel has seemed quiet and upset for the past few days, and that April offered Rachel to talk if she wants. Rachel said she's fine....Maggie then starts making annoying dolphin noises. She's apparently also trying to convince Sarah that could be a dolphin trainer.

Kaysar, Howie, and Sarah come outside for a bit, and Maggie tries to convince them to come hand with their group....They tell Kaysar how much they like his shirt from Urban Outfitters....April tells Kaysar that she found some camel hair in the lint catcher of the dryer, and plans to keep him so that when he left tomorrow she'd have something to remember him by. (Huh? I've heard of people keeping locks of hair, but lint?).....Kaysar, Howie, and Sarah go back inside, and April says she really likes him (Kaysar) and that she could really be friends with him outside of the house....Maggie says that Sarah is so dumb.

Early Afternoon

The miscellaneous talk around the pool continues....The group talks about Michael and the things he did that made them, mentioning the fact that Michael covered himself (with a towel) when he used the WC. (I saw this on the feeds once, and thought it was strange—especially since Michael then put the towel back among the other towels. Yuck!)

Kaysar and Rachel are back outside with the group now....Rachel complains about gaining weight and April tells her, "You'll find a man." Rachel kiddingly says, "What if Howie and I are married?"....Kaysar talks about the incident where he threw a water bottle when he was arguing with Ivette, and trying to explain what really happened. He says that Ivette was going off on Kaysar, and when Ivette called Kaysar a motherf*cker, that's when he lost it. Maggie asks him why he wasn't reprimanded and Kaysar says that the producers talked to him and told him he can't act like that.....Maggie says she wants to be spanked. (Huh? Where did that come from?)

Kaysar's conversation with Maggie's crew continues....Ivette tells Kaysar to tell Cappy that they were nice to Kaysar, so that "he doesn't jump you. Let him know we made peace."....Kaysar asks, "Is there a secret word?" Ivette replies, "Camel toe." (ROFL—I swear, sometimes it feels like the HGs are reading Joker's)

Kaysar continues his conversation with Maggie's crew, and gives them a lot of information about the others....Kaysar tells them what James does for a living and admits that he thought that Maggie was a cop...Ivette asks Kaysar if he worries that Janelle and Howie will listen to James after Kaysar leaves, but Kaysar says he trusts Janelle and Howie.....Maggie then asks, "What about Rachel?" Kaysar replies that he trusts all three of them, and that they went along with James because they had no choice....Maggie asks, "Do both sides see the benefit of going after (James)?" Kaysar replies that he (Kaysar) promised security and protection and James and Sarah compromised it. Even though I'm "yes. people I promised security and protection and James and Sarah compromised it. even though I'm gone, I'm gonna make sure (James') *ss goes down hard. No one ***** with me"....Maggie says,
I ***** with you." Kaysar replies, "You did it without evil intentions. That's why I told you that you did great."....April chimes in "(James) thinks he can play Ivette." Ivette agrees, saying, "He thinks I trust him 100%." Maggie yells, "YOU DO!"....Ivette explains to Kaysar, "Once you put James and Maggie up, you put me in a bind. But James proves more and more how untrustworthy he is. Ivette yells, "(JAMES) PUT HIS HAND ON THE BIBLE." Ivette rehashes the bible story.

At this point, BB calls Maggie to the HOH room (it's camera time). Ivette yells "I WANT CAPPYS CAP!" (I guess she wants to wear it in pictures.)

It's now about 1:00 pm, and Kaysar and Ivette have a long talk. (Note: Because I am taking this from several separate updates, I may not have all the comments in exactly the right order, but you'll get the gist. I'm recapping the conversation at length, because I think it was very interesting.)....Ivette tells Kaysar that a lot of things have been said, but it's the game, and she has a lot of respect for Kaysar. Kaysar says, "Like I told April, this is just a game."....Ivette talks about her problems with Michael, burping in her face and licking women.....Ivette goes on to say that her problem with Janelle is that she doesn't participate with the group, help out with dishes—that Janelle is way too self-centered.

Kaysar tells Ivette that one thing he has noticed is that she is very biased toward her group. Kaysar wants things equal for everybody, but Ivette wants only her group to benefit....Ivette says, "It depends on what side you stand on. She talks about the safe opening, the spelling bee, etc....Kaysar says, "I don't like to dwell on little things and turn them into bigger issues. It's petty.".....Ivette admits, "I'm probably going to having angry lesbians and angry Muslims at my door because of what I've said."....Kaysar replies that he respects Ivette for coming clean....Ivette says she feels guilty about a lot of things in this game. She just wants to walk away and feel good about it. Kaysar agrees, "I want people to respect me and not feel bad about me."

Ivette admits she is angry Cappy left....Kaysar says that he truly likes and respects (Eric).....Ivette goes on, "(Cappy) understands who betrayed him. What hurts him most was you swore on your life."...Kaysar replies, "I did, but I felt as though we had a deal. (Eric) kept trying to jump in and do a backdoor move on me......Ivette says that (Cappy) honestly wanted to make sure that James didn't get it (HOH?)...Kaysar replies, "Now I see how (James) freaks out. He comes first. It's all about him. But he felt Eric was trying to play him.....Ivette says, "Cuz James was feeding (Eric) stuff." Kaysar says, "That's part of it."

Ivette talks about how what she and Cappy had was amazing, and James is trying to fill that void.....Kaysar replies, "James hates taking the backseat. He wants to be the leader."....Ivette says, "(James) can never be the man Cappy is, or Beau is, or you are. It takes a big man to admit his faults. James acts like a little boy in trouble."

Kaysar (still talking about James),"Without going in to detail, James is definitely a problem. It's amazing how now we've agreed he is the problem. Look how the house has come together. Supposedly these people who didn't get along are getting along."....Ivette says, "James He keeps telling me how he saved me because your (Kaysar's) big issue was me, and James asks you guys, "Who do you hate more than Ivette." (James) thinks I'm stupid. I may not be going to school right now or have a job that makes me think a lot. But, I have scruples and morals."

Ivette tells Kaysar, " I want you to know (that although) though there (were) days we didn't talk, I have a hard time with people who talk ***** about someone and don't come clean but hang out with them, they are hypocrites. I felt so bad that James and Sarah talked ***** but were nice to your faces."....Kaysar replies, "I do see these things. If people are going to cheat me, I want them to continue to cheat me so I can use it against them. In this game we are put in certain pressures, you get frustrated. Whatever you say against me is not going to bother me, the same respect, I hope you don't take personally (anything I say). I will see you at the wrap party with a big smile on my face."

At this point, Maggie comes out and starts taking pictures.....Ivette and Kaysar hug for a picture...Maggie also takes a picture of Howie and Beau going in for a kiss (and then they do kiss)....Inside, James and Sarah are in the kitchen talking strategy.....Sarah says that she needs to ask Kaysar if he thinks they can trust Howie and Rachel. James suggests that Sarah play chess with Kaysar....Kaysar and Rachel are already playing chess, talking about how nice it is to talk to a normal person. Sarah joins them and sits down. Kaysar talks about going back to his job and the real world.

After the chess game, Rachel and Howie go off alone to talk strategy....They talk about how much they would like to see Janelle get HOH......They talk about how the other group is being nice to them, especially April....They think that if James or Sarah get HOH, they'll put Maggie up...Rachel agrees with Kaysar's idea that they're trying to get the men out of the house...Howie says, "They're gunning for James. He knows that."

Outside, the HGs are still posting for pictures....Inside, Kaysar and Sarah are now playing chess....Sarah says to Kaysar, "You beat me a lot faster than James." (LOL)....Sarah tells Kaysar that they have to play until Sarah beats him.....In the Gold Room, James and Janelle are talking....Janelle says that her ex-boyfriend slept with her worst enemy. James says, "So that would be like Michael sleeping with Ivette." Janelle agrees....Then they talk about travel. Janelle has traveled a lot, and spent a semester in Russia as an exchange student. She has also traveled to the Middle East....James went to Sarajevo on a religious trip. He says he wants to go to Ecuador for his honeymoon.

Maggie's group is inside, whispering in the HOH bathroom....Ivette says, "Desperation calls for desperate measures.(sic)"....Maggie is called to the DR to return the camera, and Ivette's parting words are that they can't trust Howie and Rachel.

Mid-Afternoon--About 3:00 pm

Maggie is out of the DR, and she, Jenn, and April are outside...Jenn is playing with Maggie's toes.... April tells Maggie that she is upset with Ivette. (But, as usual, April's conversation wanders all over before getting to the point.....April thinks it's odd that James seems "okay" with Beau, and thinks it may have been Ivette spreading the word to James because (James) is Ivette's partner....Maggie asks, "Why is everyone gunning for me?"....April replies that Kaysar was thinking about putting Maggie and Ivette, and April asked Kaysar, "Why Maggie?" April says that Kaysar said it was because a single person who lost their partner would be coming back with a vengeance....April then says that she and Ivette are butting heads because everything April does is wrong to Ivette......Then, April leaves Maggie and joins Ivette/Jenn/Beau, where Jenn is painting Ivette's toes zebra colors. (Jenn seems to have quite a thing for feet.)

In the Gold Room (I think) Kaysar and Janelle are reading the bible...Kaysar says he thinks it's interesting that people think Christianity was untainted before St. Paul. Janelle says, "Ohhh! I was born in St. Paul!" LOL....While Kaysar and Janelle talk about one religion, Howie is talking about being a Jedi. He says that he is not allowed to discuss Jedi council locations. (Geez, when Howie can't talk about boobies, he reverts to some strange conversations.)

Back outside, Ivette and April are still talking....They say that before the veto took James off the block, they wanted to evict James,, but that Kaysar is very manipulative....Ivette reminds about how Kaysar had threatened her but said she had three safe weeks...Ivette also points out that April was safer with Kaysar but Ivette and Beau were in danger....Ivette said she feared Kaysar was going to come back and bite her in the *ass and April replies, "We can't be selfish in this game. You have to take one for the team." (These two are amazing—not in a good way.)

Ivette tells April and Maggie that she wants to "backdoor" James. She'd put up Janelle and Rachel. Janelle would pick Howie for the veto and Rachel would pick Maggie, then she would backdoor James....Ivette says that James isn't getting the clues she's giving him that Ivette won't turn her back on Maggie, while James says that Maggie is his first target.....Maggie says that James' tactic is going to the whole house and saying he's been honest, and trying to break up the house.....Ivette tells Maggie that James called Maggie "evil" and that April is "shady." Maggie is very upset at being called "evil."

At this point, Ivette leaves to go to the bathroom....While she's gone, April says to Maggie, "Ivette is so moody that she's making me moody." Maggie agrees that it's weird how happy Ivette was that Sarah won the veto—that it was very selfish, because it was better for Ivette to have James stay, even though the rest of the group wanted James evicted.

Now all the HOH group is outside. Maggie tells them to "blow her cover" and tell Sarah that Maggie really is a nurse. Maggie wonders why James didn't think she was a nurse, "Because he's an arrogant SOB?"....Ivette shares with the group that her *ss is on fire. (Ivette, like April, apparently thinks that other people really want to hear about the state of her bowels.)

Maggie and April go inside to the HOH room, and say that their plan to break off James from the other alliance by talking about how bad he is working....Soon the conversation turns back to April, talking about what a hard time she is having breaking her smoking habit. Hypnosis hasn't worked. April says, "Knowing I can't get cigarettes now is giving me a panic attack." In the past eight years, April hasn't gone more than four or five days without smoking. (This is from a woman who has said several times that she is not a smoker!)...Maggie is very supportive and reassuring.....April laments, "I don't see why BB can't give me a f*ckin' patch!" April wonders, "What if I was born to smoke?" (Huh? Is that like being born to be hanged?).April says that smoking is her only vice...Maggie suggests chewing on ice....Someone in the conversation, April also says she wants to get pregnant someday. (Lordy!)....Beau has joined April and Maggie and wonders if there will be America's Choice this week. April responds, "F*ck America!" (Guess we know who isn't going to win America's Choice—when and if BB has one.)....April moves on to how annoying James and Sarah's relationship is. (My, isn't April in a lovely mood.)

Early Evening—About 5:00 pm

At about 5:20, BB calls an inside lockdown....Not much is going on inside the house....Janelle is in bed in the Gold Room reading the bible. Howie comes in and takes her dishes into the kitchen....Ivette and Sarah play chess without speaking....Rachel/James/Howie/April are in the kitchen making fish for dinner....Howie is convinced that tomorrow's challenge will be a football challenge (Why?)...In the SR, BB has given the HGs two bottles of wine for dinner (one white, one red), plus a large bottle of Sprite.

The indoor lockdown ends around 6:15 pm.....Howie goes outside and kiddingly says that it's a football challenge...Outside, Beau rubs his fingers through the front of Howie's hair. Howie kind of closes his eyes and looks like a beagle that is getting it's ears scratched. While Beau does this, he talks about his job as an image consultant. Beau isn't talking in a flirtatious manner, but his hands look intimate on Howie's head.

About 6:30, the HGs sit down to dinner...Maggie isn't eating, but sits down at the table with everyone anyway. She looks like she's doing some kind of dance in her chair, wiggling her shoulders up and down and smiling....Jenn eats what looks like a spinach salad, and just sits looking around at everyone, as usual....Howie sits down and tucks into a huge plate of food...Janelle just sits at the table and stares. She looks miserable and puffy. Her hair is in kind of a strange up-do—either dirty or wet.....Kaysar says that he doesn't cook like the others. He just puts his meat in a George Foreman grill and that's it. He also says he avoids soda because of the caffeine.....A little later, Jenn does the dishes, while Kaysar stands behind her.....James and Sarah do their "Sonny and Cher" routine by bickering in the kitchen. James tells Sarah "There are no kisses for you until I beat you in chess." Jenn says that if James were her boyfriend, she would never play chess with him. The group talks about the way James plays and how he has no mercy for Sarah. James defends himself by saying you can't teach anyone anything by just letting them beat you. Sarah complains that James doesn't teach her anything—he just plays.....Ivette begs the others to save a banana for her, because they are always gone. Maggie assures Ivette that there are at least 20 bananas in the SR.

Early Evening—About 7:00 pm

Dinner is over, and the HGs have dispersed....In the Gold Room, Howie and Janelle are flirting. Janelle is sitting on the bed reading Beau's Bible and Howie remarks, "You're such a good reader! Do you have a diary at home?" Janelle nods "Yes." She says she usually writes down her hopes and dreams, and however things are going in her life....Howie asks, "Do you get real sad, Janie?" Janelle nods, "Yeah.".....Then BB cuts in to tell Janelle to go the DR.....Janelle is upset, "Oh no, I look like hell!" She runs to the mirror and takes down the bun in her hair. (Apparently she has deep conditioner in her hair tonight at a beauty treatment.) Janelle puts on lipstick and tells Howie how cute he is. Janelle says, "Oh Howie, I'll miss you!!...I'm such a dork." (Not sure what brought that on.)

Outside, James and Sarah are sitting on the round lounge chair talking strategy....Sarah asks James if he talked strategy to Ivette. James replies, "(Ivette) keeps saying there are other people to put up instead of me. I told her I can't do anything til we get rid of Maggie. Ivette says if she gets HOH she'll put up Howie or Janelle. If I compete I'll take off Janelle and they can put off Rachel and vote Howie off. I told her after I get rid of Maggie, I'd nominate Howie and Rachel."....James says they have to make it another week. Sarah says that neither one of them can afford to go home alone...James tells Sarah, "I wouldn't want to (go home alone). I would go to Miami if it happened. And stay with Brandon. And maybe even Brendon, if we'll ever be friends again. (Hmmm, is that the name of the guy who was supposed to be James' partner?)....Sarah asks, "Is Ivette understanding?" James says Ivette is ready to go home, that she is breaking down more every day. Sarah says that they need to keep Ivette....James sees Kaysar across the yard, and starts singing the "What Up Kaysar?" song under his breath.....James says he'll miss Kaysar and wishes he was staying. Sarah agrees and says, "It's too bad we didn't do anything to change it." James asks, "Do you think we could have (done anything)? Sarah says, "Yes." James says, "We should have thought about it. We didn't have enough time. I wonder if Maggie used to be a cop or is a cop." Sarah says she was giving Maggie a hard time this morning about the dolphin trainer thing.....At this point, Ivette joins James and Sarah....Ivette says she doesn't want to be HOH this week—she wants it next week.

The camera quickly shifts to Kaysar and Janelle who are lying on the bed in the HOH room...Kaysar is talking strategy, and is upset that he "ruined it."....Janelle is messing with her hair, which looks more natural now...They are talking very softly so it is hard to hear.....Janelle says she hates James, she hates both James and Sarah. "They are f*cking losers."

Outside on the hammock, Jenn and Beau are sitting facing each other, talking about all the different ways to ingest pot....Beau says he would never eat pot brownies, because when you ingest it is inside your organs, instead of just going to your head. Then he say, "That is probably worse after all."....Jenn asks a lot of questions about inhaling, and what Clinton meant when he said he didn't inhale. Jenn implies that she has never smoked pot....Beau says he would never do heroin and says he's only been high about 10 times ever.....During the conversation, Beau keeps farting, saying, "Damn Halibut" each time.

Now Jenn and Beau are comparing the celebrities they know....Jenn says she is in love with Topher Grace, and if Beau introduced them, she would be happy for life.....Beau tells a story about being out with Danny Masterson, Topher Grace, and Ashton Kutcher. We get FISH on and off until Beau finishes his story.

In the BY, James and Sarah are sitting with Beau and April...James says he wants to get HOH every other week so he can get all the tunes he wants. Sarah says, "What?" and Rachel rolls her eyes....James says that way he gets nominated only every other week......Sarah tries to convince Howie/Rachel to send Maggie home, then focus on Jenn/April....They discuss the possibility of one of the evicted HGs coming back in the house. James thinks Janelle would be in a good position if that happened, because she is close to Ashlea, Michael, and Kaysar.....Rachel says that when Kaysar leaves, they have to sing, "What up Kaysar?"

Around 8:00 pm, we find Maggie's group (April, Beau, Maggie, Ivette, Jenn) in the HOH room discussing strategy....Beau is still having flatulence problems.....The says they will all hug Kaysar when he lives—they say they like the way he is going out (listening to them) and they are cool with him now.....Maggie again subtly gives props to Janelle for never kissing her butt.

Outside, Howie and Sarah talk about Chicago suburbs and high schools. Howie lived in Buffalo Grove, and went to Adlai Stevenson High School, but doesn't remember who he was (a former governor of Illinois, among other things.) Sarah grew up in Berwyn and went to Morton West.

Sometime during the evening (not sure exactly when it was), Sarah talked about how she came on BB. (Thanks to Valentine for remembering this conversation later and adding it.)......Sarah had taken the weekend off before James went into sequester to fly to California to be with him....At some point, BB told James that his partner (Brendan?)had dropped out of the show without telling James. Sarah ended up getting the offer from BB and accepted it....Sarah had very little time to get ready for the show. She had to pack up her pets and ship them to her family in Chicago. She had to organize and take care of all of her bills and James' bills for the next few months. (A female friend is going to mail all their payments for the next few months.)....Sarah didn't have time to shop or get a pedicure before going in the house. (Not get a pedicure? What a hardship!) Sarah says it was the most stressful time ever....Sarah didn't really have time to say good-bye to anyone.

James and Kaysar say they will miss each other....Kaysar says he'll tell Julie that Howie says "Hi!"....Kaysar says he'll miss the deep conversations with James....Then Kaysar and James discuss the pros and cons of privatizing Social Security......Sarah says to Kaysar, "When you're gone, can I put my key in your hole?" (Funny, I would have thought it would be the other way around.)

Around the hot tub, Jenny/April/Sarah dangle their feet, while Janelle watches from the pink lawn chair.....April remarks to Jen, "Your big toe is so friggin' little."....Howie decides to call Janelle "Janeykins.".....Beau sings a song (a Biggie Smalls song) and the music small talk continues until someone farts....April says, "Dang. That's like, strong."...Jennifer remarks, "Hey, skunks have only three sprays. If you smell skunk, then he was really afraid."......Then Jennifer is called to the DR.

Beau is starting to act more obnoxious....April remarks, "Beau is soooo drunk. (Beau has had a full bottle of wine.) (Beau) gets so gay when he's drunk." Then Beau sings a song about himself and Internet listeners flee in droves....In the hot tub, Howie goes over to cuddle with Rachel and she tells him, "No." Maggie and crew ask why she's rejecting him since there is nothing better to do in the house. Rachel says it's because they are on national TV.....Howie wants a light saber and black speedos if he wins HOH. He then does a mock slashing of the lightsaber towards Rachel. Maggie says to Howie, "Don't hit (Rachel), she's your girlfriend. You need to sweep her off her feet, Howie." Howie says Rachel wouldn't let him.

In the BY, now Maggie, Ivette, and Kaysar are smoking the hookah. Jenn, April, Rachel, and Howie are in the hot tub. Everyone is laughing and happy with the exception of James, Sarah, and Janelle (who is working out)....April asks Howie and Kaysar if they are going to make love tonight. Kaysar replies that he is not making love with anyone tonight.

Late Evening—About 10:00 pm

James and Sarah are back inside the house, playing chess. Jenn/Maggie/Ivette are in the HOH room.

Outside, Howie, Rachel, and Kaysar are in the hot tub, while Janelle sits nearby. They are talking strategy and Kaysar tells them that he is planting the seed for them to follow through. Rachel sees James getting ready for bed, and decides to get ready for bed herself. Sarah comes outside very excited because she beat James in chess.....Then, Sarah sits and picks zits from the backs of Howie and Kaysar. (What's with Sarah and zit-picking? It probably means something very deep, but I don't want to know about it.)....To Kaysar's credit, at first he is hesitant to let Sarah pop his zit. Sarah tells him, "C'mon, I'm like your sister." (We saw Kaysar's sister Dalia on TV last week, and she struck me as having too much class to go around picking Kaysar's zits—particularly on national TV.)

Howie asks James if he can have James' little black. James says sure, he'll hook Howie up. Sarah warns that the book is pretty big—her boyfriend is a slut. James corrects her, "Was a slut." Kaysar remarks, "That's very special. You deslutified him." (LOL).....Then the group rehashes for the umpteenth time what a brainwasher Eric was, and where the Michael incident went wrong.

The hot tub group continues to chitchat.....They try to save a beetle that falls in, but fail to do so. They have a few moments of silence and some words from Howie....James is still wondering whether Maggie is a dolphin trainer, or maybe even a "federale." But he says that Maggie has a street mouth but isn't regimented enough to be ex-military. (Maggie) is definitely a police officer....James also says that he was surprised to find friends in the house—he wasn't expecting it.

The conversation turns to Ivette....Rachel wonders if Eric would let Ivette be around his kids. Rachel says she likes Ivette, she's a lot of fun. But, Rachel also heard Ivette talking about smoking Maui wowie and it worries her.: James says he likes Ivette—she reminds him of Miami. She's loud and opinionated, but she has a big heart. James says that the fact that Ivette thinks with her heart....Kaysar jumps in, "gets (Ivette) in trouble.... James says, "I don't want to psychoanalyze (Ivette). I probably said a lot of cr*p about Mike and Eric that I shouldn't have because I'm on TV."...Kaysar kids, "You're not an *****, you just pretend one." Rachel, "You just play one on TV."....James says, "Mike's humor is dry." Kaysar interjects that he has the same humor. Rachel tells Kaysar she didn't get his sense of humor at first. James tells Kaysar, "Sometimes (your sense of humor) is really mean." (Whoa James!.)

BB tells James to put the pool sweeper back together. James says, "Let's see if I get a thank-you." Kaysar kids, "You got rid of Cappy, so it's your job now." James says it should be Ivette's chore (but does it anyway.)....BB tells James, "Thank you very much." James is impressed, " I got 'Thank you very much.'"...Kaysar says, "I got it too once!" James says, "No you just got a 'Thank you.' If you really want to thank me, give me an easy HOH tomorrow!" Kaysar says, "Yeah!"...James wants to play chess for HOH tomorrow, but Kaysar says that he has a feeling that Sarah will win—will beat James......Seemingly out of nowhere Janelle tells the others that they didn't call her to the DR to record her good-bye. (Hmm, that IS odd....)

After Midnight

Rachel has gone inside, but the hot tub talk continues....James tells Kaysar that they'll win HOH for him tomorrow...Kaysar says, ""Do it for us."...Janelle says, "We're now the Sovereign 5." Sarah says that they will be the Sovereign 6 forever. No matter what"....James asks if they ever asked in the DR about the name...Sarah replies that the DR never did, she doesn't think they made a big enough deal out of it. Kaysar says, "I think if we won again this week, we would have."...James laughs, "Yeah, if we lasted more than a week. If it were more than 3 days..."...Kaysar (also laughing) says, "f*ck it. it's on the website." Howie quips, "That was the quickest band break-up in history." (LOL)

Janelle and Howie start repeatedly singing the Muncher song, and drives James and Sarah inside to bed. Janelle also goes inside to shower and wash her hair, leaving Howie and Kaysar outside alone....Howie talks about his bad asthma. He takes Singulair(sp?)....Howie and Kaysar talk about BB, saying there never used to be sequester. Kaysar says he hopes they bring him back. Howie thinks there's a shot at that because Kaysar shook the house up in week 2.....Howie wants to go to bed so he can focus for the HOH comp tomorrow. He says he's no good without proper sleep, unlike Janie.....Kaysar says he is tired of James and Sarah--they're getting on his nerves...Howie thinks it's funny that James still plays the "Maggie is a cop" thing, working them hard, so James thinks....Howie also thinks Sarah is horrible because she gives (Howie) these looks like she knows he's onto her/them. (Not sure what that was referring to—Howie and Rachel?.).....Janelle comes out for a moment, but then we get FISH and she is gone....Howie says he likes James as a person but he's ticked that James f'd up their game and wonders if Sarah was his main motivation for that. Both Kaysar and Howie think James has no shot of winning BB due to how he's playing the game....Howie and Kaysar agree that James will go after Maggie first.

Howie then has a different idea about James' strategy. He thinks James does NOT want HOH this week—that he's playing them. Because if James gets HOH this week, then he can't compete next week and he'll be gone.....Kaysar doesn't agree. He says that no matter who gets it tomorrow, James is gone, unless James or Sarah wins HOH. And if James does get HOH, then Maggie is gone, which is great....Howie remarks, "We thought Cappy was a dirty player, but James makes him look like a saint."....Kaysar says he (Kaysar) wants to go home....Kaysar and Howie are planning to try out for other reality shows after this.....Kaysar is not into Survivor but Howie seems like he could be into it. Howie says he could eat bugs, even beetles, but not clams....Howie and Kaysar talk strategy again. Kaysar says that after Maggie is out, go for Ivette and Jennifer. Howie continues to ask Kaysar questions about what he should do when Kaysar is gone.

Janelle now comes back outside after showering. Howie greets her, "Oh Janie!" Janelle responds back, "Oh Howie!"....Janelle says she has been out of cigarettes since Mike left, but it hasn't been a problem for her like it's been for April.

Howie tells Janelle his theories about James....Kaysar says James keeps pushing for them to get HOH because he thinks he'll be safe...H/K tell Janelle that James probably wants Sarah to get HOH this week, but not him. James wants someone else to do his dirty work. They tell Janie that nothing James says holds any value.

Janelle talks about the cast of BB5. Janelle didn't like Diane at all, and didn't like that Diane left a rude and mean good-bye message to Holly. Janelle liked Jase, Scott and Nakomis, but hated Drew. Janelle says that Cowboy was dumb as hell. He was really nice but had to be the dumbest guy ever on BB.....It's now about 1:30 am and the group goes inside. Janelle dries her hair and spruces up her pedicure from last night....Howie gets a snack then shaves....Kaysar takes a shower. James and Sarah are in bed chatting....In the bathroom, Howie shows Janelle the toiletries he got from Mike. He says that Mike also left him underwear and a bathing suit. Janelle says she took Mike's underwear so she could wear them.....After this, Janelle goes to the LR and reads the bible....The HOH group is all asleep....Howie goes to bed in the Gold Room.

The Wee Hours—After 3:00 am

As of about 3:00 am, Kaysar has joined Janelle in the LR and he reads the Koran....There were no updates posted for the hour from 3:00 am to 4:00 am, so apparently nothing earthshaking went on.

At about 4:00 am, Janelle and Kaysar are talking....K asks J how she can regulate her drinking if it's part of her work. J replies that she does try to regulate it—not drink too much....K tells J that after J gets out of the BB house he thinks she's going to hate him, because he has been too hard on her sometimes (about drinking, etc.) Janelle says she won't....K asks J how long she has been "high maintenance?" Janelle says since she was 14 or 15. Janelle says her sister is already high maintenance, and is only ten—she has a cell phone.

The talk turns to Howie...Kaysar says that all Howie cares about is boobies. Janelle says, "No, he cares about himself."....They laugh at the fact that Howie will even pretend he's gay.....Kaysar kids Janelle that after the game Janelle and Howie will hang out in Miami. (Note: The discussion about Howie is very good-natured, not mean.)...Janelle kids that where Howie lives, the average age is like 56....Kaysar says he asked Howie if his boobie talk is a ploy to get more camera time, but Howie told Kaysar that he toned it down for BB. Both K and J find this hilarious....Kaysar says that Howie wants to take Kaysar to a bar so they can cover the "full spectrum" of chicks.

Kaysar and Janelle notice that it's 4:15am and talk about going to bed....BB was mad at them this morning and told them in a mean voice to get up....K asks J if she heard the "death metal music" BB played to wake them up. Janelle didn't. They discuss how Big Brother was mad this morning and told them to get up in a mean voice.....Janelle didn't hear it—she had a hard time getting up.

Janelle asks Kaysar what music he likes, apart from Guns n Roses. Kaysar likes the Killers. Janelle has not heard of them, but K says she would like it.....Janelle likes house, trance, etc...Kaysar likes Buddah Bar and Janelle says she has Buddah Bar 1 & 2. Janelle likes the actual Buddah Bar in Paris.

This turns their talk to where they would like to travel.....Janelle says she would like to go to Montreal, and says she is going to Mexico with her family in October.....Kaysar wants to see the ruins in Greece—Janelle would like to see the islands and beaches there. Janelle loves Greek food....Janelle also really wants to go to Japan and back to Thailand...K kids Janelle that there are no beaches in Japan. What would she do? Janelle replies, "Touristy stuff, you know. Looking around."...Janelle also wants to go to Tahiti. She says she probably shouldn't go back to places she has already been, but she knows they are fun. She hasn't been to Spain that much, and she wants to go to Russia and Jerusalem. She has been to Russia like 3 times and was an exchange student there.

Janelle has to go to the WC, and after she gets out, she and Kaysar stand in front of the picture wall. They are facing each other, both with their arms folded in front of their chests, talking low....Kaysar tells Janelle that she has changed so much since she came in the house. Kaysar tells her, "You're like a different person. You were such a bitch. I don't know what made you open up to me."......K and J make fun of all Beau's name dropping. "Oooo look there's Vin Diesel!".....Janelle says that one of the women looks better with make-up and suspects she has had her lips done. It's not clear who Janelle is talking about, but it's either Jenn or Rachel......K tells Janelle that Ashlea needs to grow up...Janelle agrees and says Ashlea is so into herself......K tells Janelle that Eric shaves his head because he has bald patches. Janelle is surprised at that.....Janelle says that Eric is ugly, but Mike is cute...K agrees that Michael is a good-looking guy.....K compliments Janelle's picture. She says she doesn't like her hair in that pic, but thanks him for the compliment....Kaysar laments that, in the beginning, Michael did really well, but something happened. Michael was rolling around on the floor with Jenn and laughing with her. Michael spoke Italian to Rachel and she just ate it up. I don't know what happened.

Finally Janelle and Kaysar have a big hug. Kaysar keeps his arms wrapped around Janelle's shoulders. Janelle is turned to the side and Kaysar is staring at the side of her face...Finally, Janelle breaks the hug, and kids, "Stop looking at me like that!!" Kaysar says Janelle is quirky, and Janelle doesn't like this. But, she says that something is adorable (can't hear). Kaysar explains, "You know, quirky as in fun loving." Janelle replies, "Ok. So I used to be a geek, and now you've called me out. Thanks." Janelle then says that they will be the best looking couple on the block—in BB history, as Howie would say.

It's almost 5:00 am and they decide to go to bed....Janelle says her back hurts, and Kaysar offers twice to give her a massage, but she declines. Kaysar kids her, "You let Howie give you a massage and sit on your back and touch your butt!" Janelle laughs....Kaysar and Janelle put their arms around each other as they walk to the bedrooms. They get an electric shock, and Janelle kids, "Look, we have chemistry!"...They hug in the dark outside of the hidden Gold Room door. Janelle wishes Kaysar luck, and goes inside. Kaysar gets into his bed in the barracks and laughs quietly to himself a few times.

Tomorrow will be a sad day. Janelle isn't the only one who is going to miss Kaysar. <sigh>