James is the new early riser. He woke up at like 9:00 am. He did his laundry and cleaned up the kitchen some. Then he parked himself out back and looked like he was in deep thought. Ivette joins him at about 10:30. She woke saying Happy Birthday Pappy to her Grandfather!
So…. Happy Birthday Pappy hope your day was great!

James and Ivette trash Howie and Janelle. James is real bitter believing he is leaving before Howie and Janelle. James also tells Ivette that April and Maggie is a team. That they are working together. So she better be careful. Ivette does not believe him. She thinks that they are not going to turn on each other till the entire S2 are out.

A bit later Maggie joins them. Beau and Howie get up. Beau makes bacon and eggs. Maggie leaves Ivette and James and James told Ivette that he was sorry he didn’t listen to Ivette sooner that Maggie was a real nice person (What is that brown stuff on your nose James???).

The houseguests decide to play checkers with the chess pieces. Maggie really like this.

April and Maggie believe that Janelle and Howie will put up Beau and Ivette before them.

Later in the afternoon, April talks about adopting children. James tells her to go to Czech Republic. James had to explain to her about how it is a Republic now and no communism is there. He goes on to explain Yugoslavia and how that so not there anymore, and both April an Ivette are amazed, Ivette could not believe that they just change a countries name like that. (Boy she better bone up on her history if she is going to be a teacher).

The stimulating conversation that took place this late afternoon just about put me to sleep. They talked about laundry, flossing, bikini waxing, and how to work your calf muscles. Way to exciting!

Janelle talked a bit about her modeling career. Seems she retired from it now she will only do catalog shots. She can’t stand going on casting calls. She was in a Sony, T- mobile and a AX( deodorant) commercials. Sony is the only one still running.

When everyone heads to take their daily nap, James follows Janelle into the gold room. He reminds Janelle that he has only gone head to head with her in two VETO competitions and he has only beat her by 21 seconds combined. That she could possible win the VETO competition up against him. He tells her that he has more sh#$ to do here, that he wants to win HOH and shake the house up. Janelle asks him if he knows how the others are voting. He said Ivette was voting for him and he was unsure about Beau. Beau is afraid that he can’t beat him in any competitions. They discuss who would put them up of the people left in the house. James knows that only Ivette will not put him up (watch out she is part of that friendship group buddy). James tells Janelle that he does like Howie (Ya right brown on your nose again James). Janelle tells him that she doesn’t know who she will vote for, that if he was up against anyone but Howie, but she loves Howie. James tells Janelle that Ivette is pissed that they didn’t get rid of you last week. She comments that she is not afraid of Ivette. James said but she has the numbers there are four of them. He said he wants to tell them that she is going to give him a sympathy vote. James is really pushing hard for the vote. Once James leaves Howie enters and asks her if he was asking for her vote. She said yes, but she told him she didn’t know who she was going to vote for.

A couple of hours later Janelle tells James that it really was not in her best interest to vote for him. That it would just piss off the nerd herd and she does not want to vote Howie out.

Beau gives Howie another haircut today!

Somehow the Nerd Herd all knew that Janelle is going to give James sympathy vote. They decide all of them (including Ivette) will vote out James. They also discuss that they can’t believe a work James or Janelle say. They believe Janelle has picky sworn to do this for James. (Oh no not another pinky swear).

Late night Howie once again finds the need to “pleasure” himself (why does he do this on my shift?). This time he goes out back to the pool cabana with his toilet paper, condom and lotion. He does it them reports back to Janelle (who was dying the roots of her hair) that the mission was accomplished once again. Janelle responded with didn’t you just do that the other night, Howie said yes but he has a huge two month build up to get rid of (Ewww)

Once the hair is dyed and Howie feels better the two of them start again practicing for the HOH competition.

All houseguests are asleep by 3:30. With visions of HOH dancing through their heads.