Today we heard far too much from April (which I expected), but also saw a lot of James (which I didn't expect). In past weeks, the pattern has been that the HG that is most likely to be evicted is almost invisible on the Wednesday feeds. On one hand, James seems to have accepted that he's almost certainly going home, and is almost looking forward to it. On the other hand, James never gives up and spent the day having friendly conversations with the three people who could potentially vote to keep him—Ivette, Janelle, and Maggie. The conversations were mostly low-key—he pushed Ivette the hardest. But, I developed a lot of respect for James today. His campaigning was subtle, and with the exception of a couple of small comments, he did it without dissing Howie.

As the day wore on, the HGs got stranger and stranger—I confess, I am no longer able to figure out "....which is right, and which illusion." (Showing my age with that old Moody Blues reference.) Janelle told a story of being abducted by aliens, Howie tried to "master his domain" and failed, and April—well, April was April—enough said.

On to the recap....

9:00 am—"As long as America isn't playing the game, we'll be fine."

The wakeup call this morning comes at about 9:15....Our first lovely image of the day is April planning her HOH blog, and saying "Hi BB fans!" while picking her nose.....Maggie joins April in the HOH bathroom, for an early-morning "James trashing" session. The HOH bathroom is completely trashed. (So much for liking things clean! LOL)

A little later April/Maggie/Ivette/James are at the BY table....James says his toe hurts whenever he touches it. He thinks it's an ingrown toenail, and he tried to do "surgery" on himself. Maggie suggests to James that he keep his foot up or it could get infected. (Hmm, is James trying to suggest that he would not be a threat in tomorrow's HOH comp if they kept him?)....James says, "Janie and Howie were talking about how much America loves them, and I said who the f*ck cares?" Maggie says, "As long as America isn't playing the game, we'll be fine."

Ivette lists her pet peeves with other HGs: Michael—super controlling; Kaysar—would not see the women's side of the house (not sure what that means); Ashlea—had to top everyone else; Janelle—super into herself....Then there is a conversation between April/Ivette and James that I will report in detail because I think it's funny (and says a lot about April/Ivette—and about James.)

--James: Do you think Janelle is super into herself? (He's making a joke.)!
--April: James, how did it look? Was it nasty? (April is referring to the fact that Janelle accidentally "front" flashed yesterday, because she thought she had on bikini bottoms, but she didn't. Apparently only James saw it and it was not broadcast on the Internet.)
--James: I'm not commenting on that.
--Ivette: Did you really see it?
--James: Yes, I saw her "friend."
--April: Did you see the man in the canoe? (BB is SO educational—I learn a new phrase almost every day.)
--James: No.
--April: Because there's a lot of roast beef down there.
--James: See, that's why I'm not discussing this. (Thank-you James.)

10:00 am—Typical April talk

At about 10:15 Maggie is called to the DR....April and Ivette are alone at the patio table...April tells Ivette, "Rachel told me that James was going to put you (Ivette) up and that you would be very surprised at what James has said about you." Ivette replies, "Yeah, like whatever.".....April talks about how good it will feel to get James out. Ivette says she wants HOH so much she can taste it so she can evict Janelle. April says, "I hope you do (get HOH), because I want Janelle gone, too." The two of them rehash last week's HOH competition, and April tells Ivette it's her (Ivette's) time next.".....Just before 11:00, April gets called to the DR, and Ivette tells April to be nice in her good-bye messages. (You mean like how Ivette left Rachel such a "nice" good-bye message last week? Sheesh.)...April replies that she'll do "whatever god or the devil tells me to do."

11:00 am—Chit Chat. Trashing James. Beau/Howie have friends in common

Around 11:00 am Beau/Maggie/Howie/Ivette are in the kitchen cooking breakfast...Maggie comes into the kitchen and apologizes to Beau for the fight they had last night. Beau remarks that he and Maggie have a love/hate relationship. Maggie says it's more like a brother/sister relationship.....Howie leaves, and Beau tells Maggie about a conversation he had with Howie, that they know some of the same people in Miami. They wonder if Howie acts the same way outside the house as he does in the house.....Howie gets called to the DR about 11:15.....Ivette is called to the DR just a few minutes later.

Meanwhile, April/Maggie/Ivette/Beau are in the barracks bedroom taking the sheets off the beds and complaining about how long it will take to wash them.....April complains about how James is always directing them how to do dishes, and how things have to be done James' way.....More complaining about James and the fact that James keeps saying, "Watch the tapes. Watch the tapes."....Howie is just out of the shower and joins them.....Howie assures the others that Janelle keeps telling James that she doesn't know if he's going or not....April says, "That's good." Then April goes on to say that James will go to people and tell them that April wants Howie gone, so vote for Howie. She says that James has done that before to save himself....Then April complains that James never talks "game" with her. (Gee April, I wonder why.)...April wants to know what James says about her.

In the Gold Room, Janelle combs her hair and goes back to bed....James comes in and they talk general game strategy and how James feels about going home. He says he feels like a loser, even though there are benefits to leaving....James says it's going to be boring to be in sequester with Rachel and Jennifer....About 11:35, James gets called to the DR. He thanks BB for waiting to call him until he had finished his workout and shower.....Janelle gets called to the DR soon after (11:45).

In the BY Howie/Ivette/April/Maggie/Beau talk about the HOH blog....April asks Howie how long they have to write it (one hour)...April asks Howie what he put in his blog, then Beau talks about how he forgot to put in a shout out to Cappy....Maggie thinks her HOH blog was horrible....Howie and Beau talk about being at the same party in Miami and wonder if they talked to each other. Howie doesn't think so....More chit chat about friends Howie and Beau may have in common.

More James bashing....Howie claims he loves James, then bashes him....April says that James makes her feel so sorry for him, "as a human I feel bad."....Howie and Ivette say that James has been a great player....April says she doesn't want to give James that credibility.

12:00 noon—"I love pictures of me."

About noon, Ivette and Beau play chess, while Howie silently watches them.....Beau asks Howie what he's thinking about, and Howie says he's thinking about going over to visit the Johnson's because he hasn't seen them in awhile. Beau tells Howie to say "Hi" to the Johnsons for him. (When he isn't trying too hard, Howie can be very funny.)....Not much happens for awhile, partly because there were problems with the feeds going down....However, just before the feeds went down, the HGs noticed that the memory wall pictures had changed (as they now seem to do every Wed.) Because of the feed problems, it's not clear what the changes were.

Just before 1:00, the feeds come back, and April has her HOH camera....The "friends" have fun taking pictures of each other in the HOH room, particularly in front of Cappy's shrine....They say they're going to get a picture of Howie and James with April since she put them on the block, and the group thinks this is hilariously funny....As April sums it up, "I love pictures of me!"

1:00 pm—Even picture taking doesn't get in the way of Janelle bashing

For the next half hour or so, the HGs clown around taking pictures of each other. (Funny, even after weeks of this, they never seem to get tired of taking pictures of each other. I guess that's why they're on BB. I HATE having my picture taken.)....However, for most of this time, Ivette has been inside cleaning. When the picture takers move inside, Ivette says to Maggie, "Let me know when Beau and Janelle stop being "camera whores.".....Maggie takes Ivette outside and Ivette starts ranting, saying among other things, "Look at (Janelle) doing picture porn there (in the house)."...Maggie/April/James come out, and the Janelle bashing continues....James remarks that he's almost flattered to think that people hate someone (Janelle) so much, but it's him (James) that's getting voted out. He says, "It's strategic. Ivette replies, "It is strategic."....Ivette says she's going to miss her chess partner.

While the rest of the HGs are outside, Beau and Howie are in the bathroom...Beau is shaving Howie's sideburns and plucking random hairs from Howie's neck.....Then Beau picks zits on Howie's back. (My my, Howie and Beau are certainly chummy today.)

Outside, April decides to leave Janelle's "porn" pictures in her camera so that everyone can see them. Maggie agrees, saying that Janelle had a chance to erase the pictures if she wanted....Ivette is folding sheets in the BY, and Maggie just stormed off, calling Ivette a "f*cking brat" because she wanted the sheets folded a certain way.

2:00 pm---April decides she'd better not say "whore" anymore

James comes over to where Ivette is folding sheets....Ivette tells James, "Do you really think we like (Janelle)? She tells James again what an amazing player he is, and that his upcoming eviction is all strategic....Ivette also tells James that if she gets HOH, she will take out Janelle, not just for herself (Ivette) but also for James....James asks Ivette who will be blamed after he's gone. Ivette says, "That it was Janelle and Howie's strategy." James says, "But, it was a strategy used by both sides." (Go James!....Ivette asks James if Janelle is still telling him that (Janelle) will give him a sympathy vote. James replies, "I haven't said anything again, because of your reaction. (Janelle) could be lying to me." Ivette comments, "(Janelle's) a really big liar." James says he will have no problem if he is voted out 4-0—he'll know it wasn't personal...Ivette tells James that he is her only sanity in the house—that once he leaves, she'll just have Maggie. Ivette thinks that she (Ivette) will be packing soon—even her own partner (Beau) gets to her sometimes. James comments that Beau has a bit of an ego and has gone off the deep end lately, but maybe that's just Beau's strategy.

Meanwhile, April and Maggie first bash Beau for being selfish (he wanted to borrow Maggie's mirror) then settle down to a James-bashing session....Next, April asks Maggie about what to write in her blog. (Again? As usual for April, if a subject is worth talking about once, it's worth talking about over and over and over.).....Maggie tells April to talk about the "friendship" and that viewers want to know about the game and April's strategy. April replies that the Internet viewers see that all the time. (April, why don't you just write a nice, long shout out to Pepperoni and get it over with.)....Maggie hopes that Dave is printing all the Internet pictures and saving them in an album for her. April says it's funny how they all look so happy in the pictures, but in reality are miserable. (Wait April, didn't you just say, "I love pictures of me!")....April wishes she could be HOH again next week. April says that she wishes she could be HOH again next week. Maggie tells April that she (April) is the safest HG next week—that April and Beau are not targets for some reason. April tells Maggie that she thinks Maggie is more of a threat because she works out all the time. (Huh? I guess that explains why James is targeted this week and Rachel was evicted last week—too physically fit. I can't say I ever thought of working out as the criteria for being threatening in BB. If that's the case, then I should go on BB--couch potato moi could win BB without breaking a sweat.)....April thinks it's weird that anyone could see Ivette as a threat because she hasn't won anything.

Clueless April quote of the hour: "I can't believe I said the wh (whore) word. Let's not say it anymore. I usually don't say it, but I've heard it so many times. I can't do that anymore, I may not have a job when I get back."....April follows this with a series of comments, most of include the word "f*cking." (I guess the word "whore" is worse than the word "f*ck." Who knew?)

The April/Ivette/Maggie trashing and complaining session continues.....Same old topics...April worries about her job when she gets home, but if she gets the money she doesn't care....Janelle is messy, to which Maggie replies, "We can't change people's behavior, we've just got to f*cking deal with it."....April trashes James and Ivette stands up for him....April jokes about her blog. She says she will say: "Sorry, America, forgive the Friendship for sending back your 'present' (Kaysar) so quickly. We could tell you were pissed at us after last week because that's the only reason Janelle would have gotten the phone call."....Soon after she says this, April is called to the DR.....The rest of the 2:00 hour is pretty uneventful, with the HGs puttering around the house.

3:00 pm—James and Maggie have a nice conversation

Most of the 3:00 is pretty dull....Beau talks with Janelle and Howie in the Gold Room about the friends that Beau and Janelle have in common.....The memory wall pictures keep changing—it's not clear, but they may be HOH camera pictures taken in past weeks.

The only unusual thing that happens is that James and Maggie have a long, relaxed conversation....James says, "It will be so weird not to wake up here Friday morning. It's not like this is a place that you can come back to visit." Maggie asks, "What are you going to miss the most?" James says he'll miss the competition of it, and will miss Ivette. But, there are a lot of things he won't miss, like the "beefcake stuff," the "overexaggerated *ass-kissing, being told to "Put on our microphone," not being able to sleep when he wants. Maggie says, "I won't miss people asking about conversations they weren't a part of." James replies, "That's already been taken away from me. I'm not going to miss that every conversation has verbal barbs thrown that are on the radar."....James goes on to say that he thinks that in sequester, Rachel and Jennifer will want to talk about the game, but he will need a detox period—be alone, read the paper, maybe the partners will be there, calling his mom to wish her a happy birthday.....The conversation turns to other things. Maggie loves toddlers—her favorite age is one year. For pleasure, Maggie likes to read Tom Clancy—they talk about "Patriot Games."

Just before 4:00, April comes outside, and turns the conversation to herself....April says that she didn't get to finish her blog—that BB made her stop writing. April says she included a shout-out to Dave, but apologizes to James that she didn't "have time" for a shout-out to Sarah.....April and Maggie talk about their HOH blogs, then Maggie kiddingly asks James, "What was your (HOH blog) like?"....James says that one regret he will have is that he never got to experience HOH and kids Maggie for rubbing it in....Maggie tells James that she told him what her real job is in her good-bye message to him. (I hope we get to see that on the Thurs live show.)

4:00 pm—Inside lockdown due to banner plane

Around 4:00, the HGs are (apparently) looking at the new pictures on the memory wall....April remarks, "My eyes look almost as blue as Janelle's in these pictures," but she says that Sarah doesn't photograph very well. Beau says Sarah looks like an "oompa loompa." (Huh?)....James says he is going to make cookies for everyone. When Maggie asks if she can help, James replies, "No, I've been saving up broken glass, and asked BB for cyanide and rat poison." Both Maggie and James crack up laughing.....Then James kiddingly asks Maggie if the HGs will be throwing a party tomorrow (after he leaves. Maggie laughs, and nods her head, "Yes." James kids, " BB is going to be dropping streamers from the ceiling" Maggie still laughing, says, "No HOH comp tomorrow" James adds, "The food comp is going to be filet mignon, lobster, steak."....This is a nice conversation. James and Maggie are having fun together.

About 4:15, BB calls an inside lockdown....Not much happens during the lockdown. Howie/Janelle are asleep...April and Beau play coasters for awhile.....Maggie and Ivette (later joined by April) make banana bread, and use the opportunity to make fun of Rachel and her cookie baking....Beau says that it sounds like there's a plane outside (apparently a banner plane). The others shush Beau, and tell him that they are not supposed to acknowledge the plane.....James goes into the Gold Room to talk to Janelle and Howie....Just before 5:00, Beau comes into the Gold Room and gets into bed with Howie. Beau has white stuff stuck on his face (a facial mask, I assume).....Beau lifts up Howie's comforter and asks if Howie has a "woodie." Howie says that it is bothering him where he trimmed "down there" and Beau tells Howie it is much smoother to use a razor. Then Beau bends over Howie, picking at his face.

5:00 pm—Adult content, then James/Ivette conversation (G-rated)

When Beau came into the Gold Room, Janelle left, leaving Howie/Beau/James. (James is lying on the other bed.)....Howie asks Beau what he has on his face. James kids, "Jizz." Beau says it is acne lotion....This leads to a conversation about sperm being good for the skin. Beau says he has a friend who likes that, and will introduce her to Howie. Howie asks if the friend is as cute as Jenn, and Beau says, "Cuter" making Howie very excited. James contributes that he once had a girlfriend who liked that.....Next (inevitably, considering the players), the conversation turns to boners. Beau asks Howie how much harder is it to get a woody when you're older. (LOL) Howie says that in eighth grade he had to wear a cup because he had a woody so often.

At this point, the person posting updates got tired of hearing about boners (big surprise) and changed feeds, only to hear April in the kitchen dissing America once again, saying, "Yea, no more America. We have had enough of America and their *****. They don't like us." (Hmm, April, wonder why that is....Then, as if we didn't get enough boner talk from the guys, the gals start talking about where Howie "jerked it." Janelle tells them Howie used a condom, lotion etc. April thinks he may have done it on her pillow. (Where does April get this stuff?)....Next the conversation switches to "gal stuff" and Janelle talks about fainting and bleeding badly from a Depo-Provera shot.

At 5:30, BB calls an outside lockdown.....Outside, James and Ivette play chess, and have a mutual admiration conversation....James asks Ivette if she's all right, and what she's thinking about. Ivette answers, "Just the game, the craziness of it."...Ivette says to James, "I've never seen anyone like you." (This is apparently a compliment, but I'm not sure what it means.)....James tells Ivette that he wants either Ivette or Janelle to win—they play different games, but they have both been true to themselves...Ivette tells James that she tried to tell him earlier that if she (Ivette) wanted to keep James, there would be no guarantee for her. James replies, "You owe me no explanations." Ivette says, "I never bullsh*tted you, you know?".....James says he is going to tear into Jenn when he gets to sequester because of the "Michael sh*t." He says he wants to know what the truth is. James goes on to say that Eric was very p*ssed off and felt like Jen used him and she made up stuff about Michael.....Ivette asks James, "If you had to do it again, what would you do differently." James answers, "I wouldn't have brought Sarah."....James rehashes what happened in the game, and then says, "You guys are f*cked without me. There is no scapegoat anymore." (Sorry James, but I think the "friends" are setting up Janelle to fill that role next.)

6:00 pm—Quarters! Crafts! Japanese food!

At 6:00, the HGs are still on outside lockdown, and they're getting hungry for dinner.....While they wait, the James/Ivette conversation continues...Ivette tells James that Jenn got to leave the BB house at the best time. James replies, "(Jenn) looked like an ass, like the biggest f*in moron in BB history. Describing Jenn, he says, " Dumb b*tch! You just cried, after 14 hours in the pressure cooker, for a picture of your boyfriend you only see twice a year because he doesn't f*in love you." Ivette protests, "No, no. See, you are angry." James says, "I'm not angry, I'm glad Kaysar left because it kept me. Just break an oath right there. First (Jenn) lies about Mike and then lies about this (her agreement not to evict Kaysar." Ivette tells the story of the HOH "pressure cooker" comp from the "friends" point of view, and admits that she was the one who first threw out the idea of evicting Kaysar, because they had worked so hard to get Kaysar out the first time....But, James isn't convinced. He says that Jenn was being preachy at the veto ceremony, talking about lying, when she was up there lying. James goes on, "The Friendship has all lied and they talk about not lying, but they lie anyway. Do you (Ivette) know anyone on your team who hasn't lied?" Iv doesn't directly answer, but says she'd rather have someone with her that she knows is lying, rather than someone she doesn't. (Huh?)

Elsewhere in the BY, April (the ever-paranoid) is getting suspicious of Ivette's conversation with James. April says to Maggie, "I wonder if James is going to coach Ivette on how to play the game."

Meanwhile, Ivette is trying to justify the women's complaints against Michael. She says that Michael was asked nicely to stop biting and touching the women in the house, but he didn't stop. Ivette compares this to Howie, who once brushed against her breast, but when Ivette got mad at Howie, he apologized. She says that Michael never apologized.....James isn't sold. He talks about how the lies the women told for strategy could hurt Michael outside the house. James says he feels horrible because he (James) said horrible things about Michael in the DR based on what April and Jenn said. James goes on, "(Michael's) a f*in weirdo and I don't like him or want to see him again other than to apologize, but the things they said about him are unacceptable. Michael's employer could have been watching the feeds when those things were said." James says it would like him (James) telling people that Ivette touched his d*ck, when she didn't. James says that the Michael fiasco is his biggest regret and "No one deserves that." (Note: I felt the same way James did about Michael. I didn't like Michael, but I was angry about the accusations the women made against him (and this is coming from someone who would normally side with the women.)

Around 6:15, the outside lockdown ends....Once inside, the HGs start looking for quarters, but only James and Beau find one. Howie remarks, "(BB is) either hiding (the quarters) better, or they're getting cheaper."....Then Janelle finds a quarter—in James' origami! (LOL)....But, after they look harder, all the HGs except Maggie find at least one quarter, and some find several. Janelle found three quarters, so she gives one of hers to Maggie....When Beau puts in one of his quarters, it tells him that he can trade an origami for a prize in the DR. One of Janelle's quarters reads the same....One of the HGs wins a catered meal from the house. (It appears that Ivette probably won it, because she was the one who read out the prize.)

Among the prizes: Howie won a kit to make a pirate ship in a bottle (but says he will give it away), Maggie won a wrist band, others won markers, modeling clay, and a Bedazzler(sp?) for decorating jeans. (I swear, someone on the BB staff must have been an activities director in a past life—What's with all the arts and crafts stuff? It's probably because it's cheap.)....Howie exclaims, "I finally won something!" James retorts, "You won another week tomorrow." (LOL)....April wins a game called "Jenga"(sp?) and is very excited.

Ivette comes back from the DR, and tells the HGs the catered meal will be tonight, and Ivette gets to choose the type of meal. The choices are: Mexican, Italian or pizza, Thai, Chinese BBQ, steak and potatoes Argentine or American style, Japanese, and then we get FISH....Ivette says she doesn't like Chinese food because it's "dirty." (Huh?) Maggie doesn't like Japanese......Despite this, the HGs finally decide on Japanese, as long as the meal can include a vegan option for Maggie....The meal will be ready in 90 minutes.....The prospect of the upcoming meal puts everyone in a good mood (except that Maggie seems to have disappeared.)....April and Janelle settle down at the coaster table to play Jenga.....Ivette reads the directions for making Howie's pirate ship, and realizes they don't have all the materials they need.....Then Ivette screams and falls on the floor, begging BB to give the HGs fried ice cream.

7:00 pm—Ivette and James talk again. Maggie/Janelle make clay dolls of the HGs

As we move into 7:00 pm, Ivette is once again bitching about Janelle. This time, it's the fact that Janelle said earlier (while everyone was looking for quarters) that she never wins anything. It's true that that was an untrue statement on Janelle's part, but Ivette (and also April) just can't let it go....Ivette goes to the BY to do laundry, and James joins her....James tells Ivette that Maggie is an awesome game player. Ivette replies that he likes to think that she and Maggie play a lot of the same game and could relate to each other outside the house....James tells Ivette (as he did earlier) that he is going to miss hanging out with her. In turn, Ivette tells James she's truly going to miss him.

Ivette and James' conversation in the BY continues...James talks about Janelle's strengths and that she merely acts stupid....James tells Ivette that the only reason he wouldn't give his jury vote to Janelle is if Janelle was up against Ivette...James repeats what he's said several times already about why he thinks the S6 fell apart, particularly the fact that Kaysar was "arrogant"....Ivette tells James that Maggie is not the "friendship's" anchor. (Hmm. Are you sure about that, Ivette?)...Ivette continues to bash Janelle, wondering why God "blesses" her. James says that Janelle is not blessed. Ivette says that if Janelle had won the dinner prize, she never would have let the HGs pick the meal they wanted.

Inside, Maggie and Jenn are using the modeling clay to make clay dolls of everyone in the house...April asks for her doll to have boobs....April says that guys like to have fun with blondes, but bring brunettes home to mom. (How does that explain you, April?) Janelle kids that if she were a lesbian, she'd probably like blondes, too.....Ivette, who has just walked in, jumps on Janelle's remark and tells Janelle she has no doubt that Janelle has kissed another girl or that a girl has gone down on Janelle. Janelle retorts, "No, I haven't."....A little later (and it's not clear how this got started), Janelle shows April her nipples to determine their color. April says they are brownish pink.


At 8:00, the Japanese food arrives...Not much goes on this hour, except a lot of eating. The HGs are all in a good mood and getting along well, except for some random sniping between Ivette and Janelle...For some reason, Janelle's DUI comes up, and she says it was before she was 21. (According to the Web site The Smoking Gun, Janelle was 20.)

9:00 pm—"Good luck is ungodly."

After dinner, April and Maggie talk strategy in the HOH room.... April would rather have Janelle win HOH over Howie, because the following week they could for sure beat Howie....April thinks Janelle would put up Ivette and Beau if she won HOH to split up the pairs, so she thinks that she and Maggie will be safe next week. But, Maggie says that if Beau or Ivette wins the veto that she will be the one to go. April disagrees, saying that she thinks the other member of the pair would go, because the purpose of nominating them would be to split them up.....In the HOH room, April and Maggie find four more quarters, but decide not to tell anyone and promise to share whatever they win. Once again, April brings up Janelle's remark about never winning anything.....April takes credit for Janelle giving Maggie one of her quarters, saying she "made" Janelle do it.....Maggie wants to give a quarter each to Beau and Ivette. April replies, "As much as I love them and I love sharing, let's just keep this a secret." (Okay......) Maggie doesn't reply, but, a few minutes later, as the Janelle bashing resumes, she says, "Janelle is so selfish I can't stand it!" (If this was fiction, you'd say that I was creating unreal characters. <sigh>....Almost immediately after this, Maggie is called to the DR. Maggie says, "What the f*ck?"

While Maggie is away, April talks to Ivette in the bathroom....April tells Ivette she won HOH last week because she prayed to God in the toilet, and suggests that Ivette do the same thing.....Then Ivette asks April where she got the cross she wears. April says she can't remember. Ivette asks if the cross brings April luck. April replies that she put on the cross one time and didn't win, so suggests that maybe Ivette should take "this Catholic thing" off. Ivette isn't sure, but April continues. April says that she took off her cross last time (meaning last HOH comp?), so maybe God is telling Ivette that she doesn't need "all this stuff." Then April says that "good luck" does not mean good things, it's ungodly. (All I can say about April's comments is—WTF?)

Then April gives Ivette tips about how to win HOH (take it slow, think things through etc.)....Ivette wonders if they will ask how many quarters were found. Ivette says it was 14 last time and nine this time. April says, "I think it's about 14 every time," but Ivette replies, "No, I don't think so." (April obviously does not want to tell Ivette about the extra quarters she and Maggie found.)

10:00 pm—HOH gals trashing Janelle. Practicing for HOH comp

Just before 10:00, Ivette is called to the DR....In the exercise room, Maggie tells Beau to sleep with Howie to keep him away from Janelle.....Then, a little later, in the HOH bathroom, Maggie and April are strategizing. (If it deserves to be called that.)....April is already planning weeks ahead, and says (to Maggie) that the final three will be Beau, Ivette, and April. Maggie tells April not to think ahead so much....But, April is stressing that both Ivette and Beau should not be there because they are a couple. April thinks that Beau should go, not Ivette. (Hmmm. Does April think she might not win against Beau?)....Maggie tells April that she's going to tell Ivette about the extra quarters that April and Maggie found.....April tells Maggie that Beau overheard Janelle and Howie in the Gold Room practicing for tomorrow's HOH comp.....Ivette has joined Maggie/April in the HOH bathroom....They think the HOH comp is going to be about numbers.

Outside, Howie/Janelle/Beau are walking/running laps around the BY....BB had announced to them earlier than 19 ¼ laps make a mile.....Beau goes inside, but Janelle/Howie keep doing laps, practicing questions for the HOH comp as they go (e.g., How many HGs were under 25 when they came into the BB house?).

In the HOH bathroom Ivette/Maggie/April are also practicing, but the questions they're asking are very different than the ones Janelle and Howie are asking.....Despite Maggie's comment to April, April is still being cagey with Ivette about how many quarters were found (not yet admitting to the extra quarters)....One choice comment from Ivette as she trashes Janelle, "At least my stories don't consist of trashing people."....At about 10:45, James is called to the DR, and Janelle is called at about 11:00....In the HOH bedroom, the gals are watching on the SpyCam, and remark on the fact that Janelle had changed her clothes, and diss Janelle for changing her clothes throughout the day. (Uh, ladies, Janelle just got done working out—I hope you'd change your clothes in similar circumstances.)

11:00 pm—Aliens, Spirits, and "The Fabulous Friendship"

In the HOH bedroom, the gals talk about how amazing it is that they have made it so far, and that they should call their group "The Fabulous Friendship." (I just threw up in my mouth a little.)...Maggie says she misses Jenn....April says that when she first met Jenn she could tell Jenn was all about herself. Jenn invited April and her husband Matt to a Dallas Desperados game. Matt brought some of his friends, and it turned out that Jenn already knew Matt's buddies. (LOL)

Outside, Howie/Beau/Janelle are talking....Howie says that if there are aliens, the government can't talk about it because the nation is 80% religious, if the government confirm the aliens, it would start contradicting religious belief. Then Howie says asteroids have always hit the earth and they will again, and then says something about dinosaur bones (maybe implying that we'll end up like the dinosaurs?).....Beau says he doesn't believe in the Big Bang Theory or Darwinism. Howie is surprised. Then Beau says, "I mean, certain things, you can kind of, like, say 'Yeah, you know, that could happen' or 'I could see that happening' but you know ... half that other stuff, I can't, you know, fool myself to believe. I'd feel like a friggin' fool if I ever thought that some of that s*** was true." (Somehow I don't think Beau is going to win any "Communicator of the Year" awards.)

(Just when I thought the HGs couldn't get any weirder) Janelle tells the story of how she was abducted by aliens (and it appears she isn't kidding)....Janelle was in high school and was driving in a car on a deserted dirt road with her friend Holly, on the way to a party. They were listening to the radio and then it went to static. The next thing they knew, they were 30 miles from where they were seconds earlier. (It's not clear from the Update how aliens came into the picture.)...After Janelle tells the story, Howie asks, "Did they bang you?" and Janelle replies, "I don't f*ckin' know!".....I was almost believing that Janelle believed her own alien story but then Janelle says that she was abducted every night until she was 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7. (Okay........)

Just before Janelle's alien story, Beau told Howie that he thinks that Janelle and James have a deal, that Janelle will vote out Howie. This is the point that Janelle came outside. Howie asks Janelle if she's going to vote him out, and Janelle replies, "Are you crazy? Of course not!" Beau says nothing.

Beau contributes his own "spirit" story, that when he was six, and living in Italy, he saw a woman in a "flowy white thing" walk by his door. He thought it was his mom, until his mom told him the next morning that she hadn't walked by his room. Beau says it was freaky, but he didn't feel scared when saw it, but kind of peaceful.

12:00 midnight—More of the same

Just about midnight, Maggie comes out to say "Good-night."....Howie/Beau/Janelle go inside soon after that....Maggie asks Beau if he's sleeping in the HOH room or downstairs. Beau says he doesn't know because he and Howie have some more "primping" to do.

Ivette and James are having yet another conversation....Once again they rehash the various times James was on the block and not voted off...Ivette tells James she has a secret she wants to tell him in sequester....James is starting to feel sorry for himself. He mourns, "My way of paying for school is gone. I'll have to do it the hard way." Ivette, ever sympathetic says, "Oh well, you won't be the first one."...Actually, Ivette and James are being very buddy buddy.

Ivette asks James, "Do you ever feel retarded here?" James replies, "Around you people I always feel smart. I always go in DR and say 'These ***** idiots.'" Ivette retorts, "We're not always trying to be the smartest person in the world!"....Ivette says there is a better chance of her walking out in a field and being hit by a plane than there is of her winning HOH. James replies, "Anyone can win HOH—but me."....James practices his "speech" again, "Thank you to my family, you HGs, you suck, it's taken you this long to get rid of me?"....James moans, "I can't believe I was nominated by.....a creature."

Back in the HOH room, April and Maggie are watching the SpyCam. They can't believe that Janelle has changed her clothes again. "How many outfits does she have?"....April runs her fingers along Maggie's arm and asks her not to fall asleep because she doesn't like lying there when someone is asleep. Maggie asks, "You like to fall asleep first?" April says, "Not first, like, can we fall asleep like together." (Geez. Between Howie and Beau, and April and Maggie, the sexual undertones in the house are getting pretty strong.).....They don't go to sleep but (once again!) start talking about James, and worrying about whether he has secret pacts with both Janelle and Ivette not to vote him out.....April thinks that if it got down to her and Maggie in the final two, James would vote for Maggie. She says, "I'm not getting a vote from that motherf*cker."

Downstairs in the living room, Janelle/James/Ivette are sharing small talk....Janelle says she likes to charm men and then leave them....But a little later she says she'd like to have twins—a boy and a girl....Ivette gives Janelle grief about being messy and having a cleaning lady.....They move to the Gold Room and Janelle remarks, "I feel like lingerie is like dressing the body. You have to make it look like a dessert.".....Ivette gives Janelle some more grief, but they appear to be actually getting along. Ivette says to Janelle, "We are from 2 different perspectives, but I get a kick out of you sometimes. You and I think differently."...Ivette says to Janelle, " Good night Freak! I'm going to bed," and heads up to the HOH room.

Once in the HOH room, Ivette joins in the Janelle-bashing. (So, which is the "real" Ivette? I confess, I don't know—maybe neither.)....Beau makes fun of Janelle's story of being abducted by aliens...April says, "(Janelle's) a habitual liar." Ivette says, "(Janelle) just says ***** so you start underestimating her. She's ***** clever as hell that bitch."....At about 12:45, Beau is headed downstairs to talk to Howie/Janelle/James, when he is called to the DR....April thinks it's a plot by BB to let Howie/Janelle/James talk alone.....Ivette says, "B*tches, this room is mine tomorrow!"....April is still obsessing about why James hates her so much. The others basically tell her, "Get over it. The person evicted always hates the HOH.".....You've heard this conversation before—I don't need to repeat it.

1:00 am—Beau tries to turn Howie against Janelle

Just before 1:00 am, Beau is out of the DR, and he is talking with Howie in the kitchen...Once again, Beau tries to convince Howie that Janelle will vote to evict him....Janelle joins Howie and Beau and the three of them put on facial masks....Beau continues to try to convince Howie that Janelle will vote him out.

2:00 am—Beau makes an offer to Howie

Just before 2:00 am, Howie asks Beau to get him a towel....Beau asks which color....Howie says, "Orange" and Beau replies, "Oh, you mean Coral." (Whatever.)....Before he heads off to bed, Beau offers to help Howie jerk off someday. Howie says, "Really?" Beau replies, "I'll think about it." (Beau, I think that's called "taking one for the team.")

3:00 am—You can't always get (up) when you want

Howie goes outside by the pool box to masturbate (for the third night in a row). Unfortunately, he is not successful. (If you want to read the details, there is a detailed Update at 3:12 am BB time.)....Howie tries to go to sleep in the Gold Room, but he gets up soon after.....For about an hour, he quietly sits at the kitchen table, apparently practicing for the HOH comp...After snacking on a banana, Howie heads to the WC to pee (and leaves the door open), then (finally!) goes to bed at about 4:25 am.

Night hammies. Don't let the aliens abduct you.