Kaysar Leaves the House
Eviction Day is getting off to a late start, Kaysar and Janelle were the last to go to sleep and didn't get to bed until almost 5:00am. As of 7:00am they are all still sleeping.

The first signs of life as Rachel awakens to her morning routine. She seems a bit annoyed about the house not being clean, but goes on about her workout, talking to herself. Rachel does the treadmill and then lays on the floor near the gumball machine doing crunches. Rachel is complaining a lot this morning, she seems to be in a very bad mood. Rachel is grumbling to herself about the dishes, the sink, the kitchen in general. She takes out the garbage.

Fish, followed by Rachel knocking on the HOH door telling them she was asked to wake them up. After she leaves, Ivette complains and wonders if she woke up Jan and Howie. Rachel then wakes Kaysar in the barracks and wakes the group in the GR. Ivette is complaining about how badly she slept. Rachel suggests everyone eat breakfast before they start cleaning. They are deciding on what chores need to be done and who will do each chore.

Ivette tells Howie she had a dream that he won HOH last night. He said all of us are here to win something, whether it's coasters, panties... Rachel is vacuuming, April is interrupting her and Maggie is upstairs picking at her zits. Jennifer is making some food for herself. They are housecleaning like crazy before the live show. Kaysar is still sleeping. Howie is straightening up the living room, April is singing something about Kaysar, it's your birthday.

10:40am Fish
11:05 Still Fish
11:30 Still Fish
11:54 GR feed is back up. James ad Janelle Talking.
12:18 Back to Fish

Janelle got an awesome flat iron from BB and now Ivette wants a new blow-dryer. April seems determined to win HOH so she can get smokes. April is in serious withdrawal and going off about Ivette being picky and anal, which might be fine if she wasn't so frazzled by not having smokes.

Maggie has moved out of the HOH room. Beau and April continue chatting, now about smoking or not smoking while in the sequester house, which they seem to think is going to be in Mexico. Kaysar gives Rachel a shoulder massage while Howie and Jennifer pretend they are on their first date. Soon the talk turns to important matters, such as what to wear for the live show tonight. Sarah and James are playing chess. This is all followed by about ten minutes of fish.

When the cameras return, they are prepping and primping for the show tonight. Ivette says the reason it doesn't take her long to put on makeup is it's the butch side of her. Janelle will be wearing her denim skirt and her "WhatEver" shirt tonight. James, Sarah and Janelle speculate about the HOH competition, the practice indicated it might be trivia of some sort. They think Rachel will do well since she knows a lot about everyone. James tells Janelle he hopes she wins HOH tonight.

Ivette is running out of lip gloss and tells Maggie she might have to borrow some of hers, Maggie says A-OK. Sarah is wearing a sundress tonight, the girls all seem to like it very much. April seems to think she might be stuck sitting next to "horny howie". Howie tells Beau he an acorn that becomes a big oak. James thinks Julie will greet Kaysar with "What's up Kaysar?" and Ivette seems concerned that her make-up makes her look like she has been beaten.

Howie is shaving his armpits while the rest primp away, Ivette said earlier she never wears make-up and now she says she wears it regularly. James and Sarah being very loving with each other. Ivette has removed her lipstick now because it makes her uncomfortable. Jennifer is doing Maggie's nails. [It's tough the day you stop being Queen/King] Howie's extra long shower/shave session has finally ended. Rachel is asking Janelle if she is wearing a black dress and if she will be able to compete in that.

Some of the crowd at the kitchen table, some in the bathroom still primping. [It seems like Thursday are pretty much just cleaning and primping all day. Of course after the live show it will probably pick up a bit. ] Janelle is in the shower now and apparently is wearing a strapless, clingy black dress for the show.


Ivette offers to get Jennifer a hook-up like that (snaps). Janelle asks Kaysar if he will miss her, they discuss what Kaysar should tell Michael. James and Howie discuss interesting ways to achieve the maximum hard-on, something to do with touching the frontal lobe with a finger up your nose.... sounds uncomfortable. Looks like Howie has Kaysar's shirt and FBI hat on tonight, rumour has it he is wearing his underwear too.

[Live Show] - Kaysar evicted, Howie wins HOH, hgs are told America's Choice will return one evicted houseguest. [Michael, Eric or Kaysar, Ashlea left sequester so she is ineligible]

Feeds are back up and there is talk about if there will be a double eviction at some point and about the HOH competition. Howie is hoping he gets his light saber as part of his HOH goodies. Janelle says if Eric comes back, she is walking right out the door. Janelle is hoping Michael is the one to return. Sarah mentions how glad she is that they [evicted hgs] have not seen tapes since they said mean things and James did the Eric walk in the DR. The hgs talk about which hg they would like to have back and wondering what America's Choice will be.

Janelle thinks Ashlea left sequester because it was going to be such a long time completely isolated. Howie says to Maggie that he will be willing to listen to ideas from everyone about who to nominate. The Sith Lords are trying to smooch up to Howie but the force is strong with this one and he thwarts their puny efforts. [Ok I embellish a bit but you get the idea]. Everyone gathers to eat some dinner in the kitchen. Things seem very good natured. We slip off into the twilight zone where Janelle and Ivette are talking friendly while they do dishes together.

James is busily trying to lay the ground work to not look like a complete jerk if Michael or Kaysar returns. The S5 are talking about how Michael deserves a second chance and how so many people owe him an apology. Ivette is trash talking Janelle concerning their doing dishes together. Images of the HOH room, basket and photos. The Sith Lords are over analyzing the order in which people were eliminated from the HOH competition. The Sith Lords seem pretty confident that Eric will be returned to them, unless America is stupid (as Jenn says) and brings back Michael. [Not hearing a lot of remorse for how they treated Michael]

Jennifer and Ivette have a chat about what America might vote to do, then head off into bashing Janelle land. April talks to Janelle saying she expects America will choose Michael or Eric. She tells Janelle that James was up in the HOH last week bashing them. April believes whoever comes back into the house will be voted right back out. Time to see Howie's new HOH digs! Howie got trix, black Speedos, a new bandana, icy hot and pictures, possibly of his mom and sister.

April comes to talk to Janelle and starts ranting about James. [Kaysar maybe should have chosen a calmer go between.... hmmm. ok there isn't one. ] Ivette makes a very astute observation "whoever wins HOH puts out chapstick and says kiss our ass". James is talking to Howie about who to put up and also begging to have his key be the first one pulled out.

James and Rachel head downstairs to work out. Howie was saying he didn't feel well and was warm. James seems determined not to let Howie out of his sight. Jennifer and April campaign against James to Howie and Janelle in the HOH. Jennifer tells Howie that James is the only one playing it dirty. Howie says he is all about getting rid of James this week, April says he is the one causing all the problems in the house...[Where have I heard this before?]. April is continuing to talk and talk and talk to Howie. It sounds like he might put up Maggie and someone else, then if there is no veto he has no heartburn voting out Maggie, but if there is a veto, they have control over who wins it and can put up James.

Howie and the others plan for nominating James, talking about each person telling James why he has been nominated. Apparently since Howie is concerned this week might not include a POV, he plans to nominate James and Sarah so at least one of them goes home. Howie wants the house
to back him up on these nominations so James gets upset with all of them. It will make it harder for him to focus his vengeance if he doesn't end up leaving. Ivette is kissing butt, saying how she is not against Janelle or Howie and that James brought this on himself.

James and Sarah now up in the HOH with Howie, Jan and Rachel. Howie tells James that Ivette and Beau told him that James had been gunning for him and Rachel since week 1, like that was news or something, he already knew. They are trying to play along like everything is fine in their alliance. Howie wants James to be completely blindsided. James is trying to get Howie to focus on Maggie and Jennifer, not Maggie and Ivette. Rachel says they have to plan like Eric might come back, thus Maggie or Ivette have to go. James keeps saying Jennifer is a bigger threat than Ivette. [Do he honestly think Howie will believe this?]

Rachel says her biggest concern is that Eric will be the one to return. James continues to push for anyone else on the block besides Ivette. Sarah is joining James in saying Ivette is the least threatening among them and should be put up last. Maggie then comes up to the HOH to ask to speak to Howie. She tells him that James is strutting around downstairs saying he is safe for another week. Howie updates his plan to Maggie, that he plans to put up Sarah and James, in case there is no veto this week. Maggie wonders are they really 2 teams if they both want the same thing? Maggie says she feels bad about Kaysar leaving, that James should have been the one to go.

Rachel and Janelle are talking about having to send Maggie or Ivette home this week, going against their promise because of the possibility of Eric coming back. They think it might be more urgent to send home Maggie or Ivette instead of going after James this week. After Maggie leaves, Rachel and Janelle go up to HOH to discuss this new plan of getting out Maggie. Howie is very upset at the idea of having to go back on what he just told Maggie. He understands the concept, if Eric returns all they have voted out James or Sarah, then the one that stays would be against them as well. They would be easily outnumbered.

They are talking about putting up Maggie and someone, then putting up James if one of them gets the veto and uses it. James campaigning still to have his key be the first one pulled, says Howie's defensive posture means he is nominating James. James keeps asking Howie if he is being nominated, finally Howie says if he doesn't stop asking, yes, he is getting nominated. Rachel was going to sleep in HOH but Howie is in DR and she doesn't want him waking her once she gets to sleep so she has decided to sleep in the barracks with everyone else.

Rachel back up in HOH while the rest of the house sleeps. She is upset about having to switch off James. She doesn't like the idea of her and Howie becoming targets. She thinks they will run to James and tell him what they were planning. Rachel feels like she cannot sleep now. They talk and talk trying to decide what to do and whether to go with Maggie or go with James. It goes round and round, Rachel is sorry she didn't stay in the HOH when Maggie came up. Rachel teases Howie that she is giving her DOR tomorrow and leaving his ass there.

Rachel and Howie still having trouble sleeping. It's after 3am and they are still talking off and on. Howie and Rachel seem to have decided if Maggie's group promises them some safe weeks they will stick with the original plan to get rid of James.

4:16am Finally all is quiet in the house.