8:00 a.m.

The following is quite a diatribe of anger towards Howie from his meetings last night in HOH and the promise he made to everyone that James is out! If my perception is on target, Rachel is concerned about Eric coming back in the house and thinks it wise that they get out Maggie or Ivette by putting up Maggie and April, and then if Maggie should win veto, Ivette goes up. She is so angry with Howie and Janelle for telling everyone the plan to get James out, that was supposed to be a kept secret and in Rachel’s eyes they aren’t leaving open other options to think about, with the possibility of Eric coming back.

It’s no surprise that it is Rachel that is first up this morning; even though she got the least sleep…..and boy did she fall out of bed on the wrong side. While she is in the bathroom putting in contacts and washing up, she starts to cry and is visibly angry. She throws the towel she dried her face with and exclaims (to herself) “God d*** it Howie, how can you be so stupid? I should have NEVER let him win HOH.” Once she is done there she makes her way to the SR all the while saying “stupid, you are so stupid!”

Rachel heads to the gym to work out and is still cursing Howie. She says to herself that she ought to put up Howie and Janelle for their stupidity. She says to herself, “so now Sarah will join ‘their’ team, then it will be just the 2 of us sitting ducks. He doesn't know what the hell he is doing! I can not f’in believe it! I can't sleep! Are you f-in kidding me?” Rachel goes on "Okay, so it will be seven against three. I threw the HOH competition so he could have it, and what did he do in the first two hours? He f'n screwed it up! He didn't have to make a decision until Monday; we are so screwed either way we look at it.”

9:00 a.m.

Rachel went to the HOH and woke Howie, once awake and out of bed, he starts to pace the room. She tells him that they must get rid of Maggie. She says she doesn’t believe for one second that if they get rid of James that Maggie and the others will get Sarah out next. Rachel says she wants to sit James down and ask him why he wanted them up every week. Howie says “you know the answer to that.” Rachel tells Howie that she is really upset, she says she cannot believe that Janelle let him be so stupid (this is after Rachel left the HOH last night and Janelle and Howie were in there with April and Jen.)

Rachel asks Howie “What did Janelle say last night?” Howie: “She opened up about hating James. I wasn't saying anything; I was letting her talk….” Rachel: “Dumb, dumb, dumb…” Howie says “It's all 3 of our faults. It’s Janie’s fault for talking about it, it’s me for letting Janie talk about it, and you for not being here.”
Rachel says she thinks it will work to their advantage if James is still in the house, if Eric comes back and Maggie is gone. She says Eric and James will gun for each other. Howie says he feels pretty good about not telling any of them they are safe, except the fact that he shook hands on it with Maggie.

Rachel saw Janelle in the kitchen on the spy screen and called her up into HOH. Rachel is unbelievably mad, worried, nervous etc. Howie starts off saying that he and Janelle put a huge target on him and Rachel by telling everyone what they were going to do, without considering who may come back into the game. Rachel says to Howie and Janelle “scenario 1 is that we put up James and Sarah, James does not get veto, we vote James out leaving Sarah to be sucked in by the other team so they have her vote. Then if Eric comes back the vote could go 7-3 in their favor. Scenario 2 is we put James and Sarah up, James gets the veto and saves himself, we get Sarah out and James is pissed. Then if Eric comes back, even though James and Eric hate each other, they could come together and vote us out. So, what we need to do is put Maggie and April up, if Maggie gets the veto, we put Ivette up and get Ivette out. If we try right now to take out James and Sarah we will lose them from our side and the other team gains a vote. We basically screw ourselves.” Rachel has no doubt that the others will go after her and Howie next instead of Sarah.

Howie says “here I am ‘at the top’ in this nice room and I am the most miserable I’ve been in the house.” He says he will keep the faith that BB will keep things equal, since BB did it for ‘them’.

10:30 a.m.

The HG’s are on a lock down inside getting ready for the food competition that should start around 11:00 a.m. In the kitchen Jen, April and Beau are cooking Howie his breakfast. Rachel and Janelle are in the bathroom getting ready, general chit-chat all around right now. Howie was called to the DR at around 10:45.

Sarah, James and Janelle are in the GR; Janelle asks who they would want to go other than Maggie. James says he doesn't really care, but personally he would like to see Ivette go and strategically he would like to see Jen go. Sarah says that Ivette is annoying. Janelle says that if Eric comes back in, they don't have votes to get him out, they speculate the vote could end up 5-5 this week. James admits to being the one vote for Kaysar last week.

11:00 a.m. FOOD COMPETITION “Conveyor Belch”

There are 2 teams, one is red the other blue. Each team must eat as much food coming down a conveyor belt as possible (picture in your mind the I Love Lucy Candy Factory scene) before it lands in a bucket at the bottom. The team with the lightest bucket wins food for the week. Losers eat PB&J! The red team is James, Rachel, Sarah, Jennifer and Howie. The Blue team is Ivette, April, Beau, Janelle and Maggie. The teams are on two separate conveyor belts in a formation line.

The first foods that come down the line are Hershey kisses, cookies, biscuits, small cups with water, donuts, milk, cream puffs, sandwiches…April has her hands full of food that she has to eat, and Janelle is eating the cream out of the cream puffs and shoving the cream puffs in her face. They must strategize and try to only let the food fall in the bucket that is lighter than the rest. Howie started to throw up after a short while. The foods start to get bigger, miniature wedding cakes start to come out (2 tier)….James has one hand full of food and the other hand he is holding a wedding cake to eat.

The belts moved faster as time went on, then a buzzer rang and everyone had to stop eating. Howie announces that the Blue team has a bucket of food that weighs in at 35.5 lbs. The Red team has a bucket of food that weighs in at 35.15 lbs….the RED team wins!!! Howie announces that Janie holds the PB&J FREE pass and asks her what she wants to do with it…Janelle says “sorry, but I am going to keep it for myself.”

12:00 NOON

The HG’s are still locked out and sitting in the shade. Ivette says how much she hates cake and always has. Beau and Ivette agree that Janelle was so intent and just shoving the cake in her face (which is very true, you will soon find out, lol). Howie of course makes a sexual comment about “Janie taking it all in and swallowing.” Maggie was mad that BB had said when the bell rang, they could still eat what they were holding, but they weren't allowed to.

Once they were allowed back inside, Maggie headed straight upstairs to the HOH bathroom, she is not well because some of the food had milk in it and she is allergic. Unfortunately for some of us, we heard her puking in the bathroom and saying ‘oh god’.

Outside Rachel and Howie are talking and Howie says “Whatever you think is best for us is what I'm going to do…” Rachel: “You're in this game too; I don't have to make all the decisions. Maggie's freaking out right now, I know she is. As long as James and Sarah are in this house, they are not going to go after us right away.” Janelle comes outside to join them; she says “I wasn't trying to win. I didn't eat anything; I just shoved it in my face…...” Rachel says “Good for you!” Howie mimics Janelle: "Oh sorry, I guess I'm going to keep my pass this week." Then he says “my buxom blonde is so smart.” Janelle said she felt bad when Maggie thanked her for the win.

They are all inside now and on lock down. Someone asks where Maggie is and Howie says “in my room” and he shrugs. Howie goes upstairs followed by Janelle. Then James was not too far behind them and comes and he asks Howie if he can come up to the HOH room and hang out. Howie says “sure.” Janelle told James she didn’t really eat anything, so she doesn’t feel sick. (Chancy of her to say this while Maggie is in the HOH bathroom.) James whispers to Janelle that Maggie needs to leave the bathroom, that she is pretending to be sick so she could listen to them talk. Janelle is whispering and laughing about shoving food and cream puffs in her face and not eating it. James on the other hand ate a ton of food.

Maggie comes out of the bathroom and says she doesn’t feel well and “can I hang out in HOH, so I don’t have to compete for the bathroom downstairs?” James told Maggie that there was no one using the bathroom downstairs. Then Ivette came in to HOH, James went downstairs and got some Pepto for Maggie. James comes back in and plops down on the bed, Maggie saying she is going to stay there for a while to be close to the bathroom.

Now the HOH has a bunch of people Rachel, Janelle, April, Ivette, Maggie and James. Ivette is stroking Maggie's arm. April asks Maggie if it would be better to lie down in her own bed with a trash can. Maggie says “noooo, but maybe if Howie needs his room.” James asks Janelle how she feels and Janelle says “not good, I ate soooo much.”

James asks Janelle to play some chess, once they are out of HOH, James says “funny we weren’t allowed in HOH at all last week.” Janelle says “I know wtf?” Janelle says Maggie is sick because they lost the competition. James says “and she's nervous, thinking about next week.”

1:00 p.m. Inside HOH

Now in the HOH is Maggie, April, Rachel, and Howie. April asks Howie if anything has changed since last night's discussion. She says she just wants to know if she's going up on the block. Rachel tells her that her team screwed up last week by not getting James out. Rachel asks her why they didn't put James and Sarah up last week. Maggie got up and ran to the bathroom and April said “Maggie should have put up James and Sarah and she screwed up.” Rachel mentions to April about how things can change if Eric comes back in the house. Rachel says “Maggie knew last week that I wanted him out, she screwed up, she messed it up and she messed up on the veto game too.”

Maggie has come back and is on the bed now. Howie tells them “I know you guys have a bond and that when James and Sarah are out of the picture, your side will come after us.” April swears on her life that she's going after Sarah. Howie says all he knows is that they can't take another hit. Howie candidly starts talking about the possibility of Eric coming back and he says to Maggie “what protection do we have of he does come back?” Maggie says “what do you want to do?” Rachel says the only option to get James out is to back door him.

Rachel says that she and Howie are playing with each other and for each other. Maggie says “but, there are other people you are playing with, I'm playing alone but have people who will be loyal to me, that I trust still in here.” April asks what they have to do to get that mo-fo out. Rachel says “we want to both get to sequester at a minimum, and if someone comes back in we want to be kept safe”

Rachel says to them “Be ready for a storm of if he goes up.” Maggie says “We can take it. He’ll give someone up.” April says “he’ll be mad then he’ll start to wheel and deal. If we can get him out, then the house won't be numbers. It will be a clean, fair game. He is a shady SOB!” Rachel asks “What if Kaysar comes back?” Maggie says “I don't care; I'd rather lose to him than James…” Rachel says “Thank you, I was waiting for you to say that.” Maggie says “if James gets HOH he can put my a** up, I’m not going to lie, I will try to save myself. Put me up because I'm a good player, that's how I want to play. Put someone up for what they've done, not for what someone else has said.” Howie: “I told you, I'm a strategical player, if you go up, it's not going to be because of a bad day, it will be because it puts me and Rachel at an advantage.”

Janelle comes in and asks what they are talking about. Rachel responds “We are talking about the 2 biggest problems in this house, who are downstairs probably sh***ing in their pants.”

Rachel left to go for a walk outside. Maggie is both still throwing up and other ‘things’ in the HOH bathroom. She says there are things she could take, but they would make her drowsy, that, and she thinks BB won't give her anything that may be a sedative. She asks Howie if he minds her being in there. He seems to be okay with it. Maggie then asks Howie to ask BB if she can be locked in the downstairs bathroom (while the nominations are being done by Howie) if they do go outside for lockdown, she'll sit blindfolded on the toilet, she doesn’t care, she just can't be away from a toilet right now.”

Out of HOH and into the bathroom area. After April just swore on her life in the HOH she would be gunning for James and Sarah, she tells Ivette “If I go up as a pawn, I won't go after James next week, there's no need for a pawn!” Ivette says “Janelle is playing us; her being so friendly is too in your face.” April: “He will put them up if he gets HOH!” Ivette: “What did Janelle say?” April: “Janelle wants to do the back door deal.” April says “If you and I go up as pawns and you leave, I'll go right after those mf’ers next week. I just want to know if I am going up or not. Rachel is a straight up b****!” Ivette says “I know! I am more worried about her than Howie or Janelle.” April tells Ivette how Maggie was saying to Howie and Rachel ‘I can understand you want that’ and April says “I was like, I'm sorry I can't make that deal because planning 3 weeks ahead will bite you in the ass!” Ivette says “they have a 2:1 chance that one of their own people will come back in, that's why I said don't push anything. The game has proven that when you make stupid mistakes, it comes and bites you in the ass.” April: “If they don't put Sarah and James up, I'm not making any promises! James is shi**ing in his pants right now!”

2:00 p.m. Howie seems to be placing his trust with Maggie and her gang.

We are back in the HOH now with Howie, Maggie and Jenn. Maggie is still sick. Howie says ‘this game sucks.” Maggie says that James is a better player than her because he is willing to do things that she won’t do. Howie wonders aloud what pressure James is going through right now, even though he brought it on himself. Maggie says “exactly! I lost my partner and all I want is for them not to win, is that wrong?” Howie notices that everyone that was HOH is gone now, except Rachel.

Howie tells Maggie “Rachel is concerned that you will get Sarah back on your side and come after us.” Maggie says “everyone knows how I feel about James and Sarah.” Maggie continues “the deal we all made is no matter what, we have to get rid of those two first. Is there anyone that hasn’t agreed to that yet?” Howie says “no! I hate being HOH.” Maggie says “you won’t want to hear what we think of you if you don’t get rid of them.” Howie says “I know I will be a target.” Maggie at this point doesn’t know what to say to convince him that they will vote out James and then Sarah. Howie tells her he needs to sort it out with Rachel and Janelle, and if it doesn't work out he'll see them in a couple months as he'll be out of the house….lol

Janelle came in to HOH and Howie was on the bed talking to Jen. Jen left the room and Janelle says “jeez these people are like leeches.” Howie tells Janelle that if he doesn’t put those two up that he is the #1 target. He says “you can’t position the house for 5 weeks, but I think I can position it for 2 weeks by putting James and Sarah up.” Janelle says “this is so risky (to get rid of one of your own).” Howie knows that they must win HOH. Howie says “If Eric comes back then we put him up with one of his people over there.” Janelle is scared and says “Oh God, so bottom line is getting rid of James?” Howie tells her to look at it from his point of view.

Outside Ivette is ranting to Jenn and Beau about how much she hates the game and she says she only plays it when she needs to. Jen asks her why she's yelling at them. Ivette quieted down some and started in on how much she hates Rachel, she would keep Janelle and Howie over Rachel any day. Now April comes outside and says, "I just want out of here! If I'm a pawn and I go out, I want you to f'n go after Howie and Rachel next week.” Ivette says “the hell with Rachel, I'm so sick of her, she is so obnoxious, I want her out.” Apparently Ivette is really mad that she asked for one of Howie’s Twinkies and Rachel told her “no, those are Howie’s.” April tells Ivette “get Rachel’s f’n a** out of here if I am gone.”

Well here comes Rachel outside…to Ivette, Beau and April “so what are you guys talking about?” (As she pulls up a chair) Rachel laughs when she asks them this and then Beau kind of makes a fake laugh, and nobody else laughs. April says if she's gong to be a pawn, she wants to know. Rachel is assuring her that she is not going to be a pawn, she says she is 99% sure of what he's going to do. April says there is going to be some PO'd people. Rachel says “yes, there will be no matter what he does.”

Now Howie comes outside and they ask him where his Speedo is and he says “I will wear it if I am still here after next week!”

3:00 p.m.

Outside April says to Ivette “did you hear what James has been doing to Janelle and Howie during the week? He wakes them in the middle of the night strategize. April says “he does that because he knows from being in the interrogation business that their minds are at their weakest. April says that Sarah will cry when James goes and that she will laugh and say “James is the one that got you into this.”

In the BR, Maggie is lying down and whispering to Rachel. Maggie says to Rachel “I made a mistake last week and I'm not scared of them. I tried to be strategic.” Rachel says “the house is going to be turned upside down. It will be hell in here for the next few days.” Maggie isn't worried, and says she will do everything in her power to make sure her team follows through.

Howie, Rachel and Janelle go to HOH to talk about nominations. Janelle says James is crapping himself right about now. Howie says he will simply say “James and Sarah I nominated you because you are the strongest players in the house.” Howie: “Last week when they had HOH they were all cocky, but we're better than that.” He says “I love the guy, but when he's out of my site, he's like, ‘Howie's a piece of garbage’.”

In HOH Janelle asked Howie, “So you are not married to Rachel?” Howie says “what do you want me to swear on?” Janelle says “swear on my booby.” Howie says “I swear on your cute booby. So you thought Rachel and I were plotting against you?” Janelle says “me? No! I just thought you were married.”

James walks in and asks Howie if it's still Maggie and April and Howie said yes. James now going on to advise him to think about his safety and he tells Howie “Sarah told me about their plan; if you have protection from the wolves I think you should take it and put me and Sarah up.” (Ed Note: This action by James was baffling..but it is the perception of some that he thinks this will help Howie back door Maggie if he or Sarah get off the block.)

Even though James told Howie to go ahead and put him and Sarah up, it is evident that James doesn’t really believe that will happen. While Howie is trying to shower, James tells him he would be more than happy to play for the veto for him. Howie says “Janelle is going to play for me, you two figure it out.” Then James goes out into the HOH bedroom where Janelle is listening to music and asks her if she would mind if he competed with Howie instead of her. James tells her he really wants to compete for Howie, but she does not give in to him, she insists she is competing. Finally James left HOH.

4:00 p.m.

Howie, Janelle and Rachel are in HOH talking about how James is trying to get back to their side now. Howie says “We need to get him the f*** out of here.”

The feeds cut to FISH for quite a while, they came back shortly before 5:00 and BB called Howie back into the DR and told the others to head outside for lock down. They took the chess game outside.

6:30 p.m. Nominations are in!

The feeds were out for more than an hour. It is obvious that James and Sarah are nominated when we return. One of the first things we hear is James say “you won Maggie.” Maggie replied “when did this game become about just you and me?”

James and Sarah immediately ask to talk to Howie in HOH. Howie is telling James that he is a dominant player in the game, and that he adds treachery. Howie says to him “You swear that you will fight for us then betray us to the wolves by promising to put me up. You shot yourself in the foot with your credibility.” James says “well I hope they give your safety, they better. I am so disappointed.” Howie says “I am disappointed too, because you turned on us, if I made the wrong decision I might regret it. But you gave me your word.” James tells Howie that he was not dumb enough to go to the other side. Howie says to both of them that they crossed too many lines. And that James can not take on the whole house. Sarah tells Howie he will feel like crap when he gets out and sees the tapes.

Sarah left the room, disgusted. Howie asked James about swearing on a bible that he was gunning for him and Rachel. James said “No I didn’t, do you think I would really swear on a bible?” James is really mad at this point, looks to be on the verge of tears. James says “you f’d up our whole team, you screwed us!” Janelle was there and she said “are you sure it was us?” Howie says he doesn’t know if he believes that…yet. James keeps telling Howie that he will see how wrong he is about this once he (Howie) leaves the house. Howie standing his ground tells James he doesn't believe a word he says now and Janelle agrees. James asks “what am I supposed to do now? What is the point of me staying in the house, to try and go back to the other side? To the people who stabbed me in the back?” James keeps coming up with different angles, trying to prove that ‘they’ stabbed him and Sarah in the back. But it seems it is no use as Janelle and Howie keep cutting him off, telling him that he stabbed them in the back and he is the one responsible for this.

James tells Howie he made a mistake and won’t admit it. Howie says “our mistake was that we trusted you.” Howie is raising his voice and seems angry and in the kitchen April, Jen, Maggie and Rachel can hear him. Howie says to James: “James, let me tell you something, I had people from the other side of the house repeat things that I said in secrecy verbatim, and these walls are not that thin.” James tries to blame that on Kaysar. James says to Howie that he feels like he is beating a dead horse. How says "How do you think I felt when I heard all of this? I wanted to go to the end with all the S6, but it is your fault that I won’t. Rachel announces dinner is ready. James voice is cracking and he says “There's no point in Sarah being here anymore if the people we thought were our friends don't trust us. I wish you talked to me.” Howie says “I wish YOU would have talked to me!” Janelle: “If you would have admitted it…” James: “Admit what?” Janelle: “That you sold us out!”

7:00 p.m.

Sarah comes up to HOH for the third time and asks James to just drop it and please go downstairs. James leaves HOH, Rachel comes up and Janelle says “he can sit there and lie, lie, lie but he sold us out. He sold out Kaysar too.” Howie says “Who do you think is right? I believe we are.” Janelle says “I do too.” Rachel: “If we're wrong, we played right into Maggie's hands. I don't believe it.”

Sarah and James are in the GR now. Sarah asks James “Are you going to go back up and yell at them so more? I don't even want to see those people.” James asks her “Do you want me to stay or go?” Sarah says “You want me to go….” James: “No, the people I thought were my friends aren't anymore, so what's the purpose? This alliance doesn't exist.” Sarah: “They just screwed themselves.” James: “I don't understand how they could make a decision like that. It's pointless.” Sarah is crying: “I don't want to go back to work in retail. That's not what I want to do.” James says “We're going to school regardless.” Sarah: “I don't want to be without you. There is no way one of us isn't going home this week.” She asked James “Do you think Kaysar knew this was going to happen?” James: “No, Kaysar trusted us, and I trusted Kaysar, just like I trusted them.”

Still in the GR, Sarah says “If I win the veto I am taking you off, if we don't win the veto, you go home, and I'm stuck here with these horrible people. I'm so shocked.” James said “I had a feeling something like this was going to happen; I said so in the DR.” Sarah: “I didn't have any idea; I told the DR how happy I was we worked as a team.” Someone came into the GR and told them pork chops were ready and Sarah says “throw them out we don't want them.” James says he doesn't eat pork, so “no thanks.”

Rachel and Janelle are in HOH. Rachel says “we had to choose the lesser of two evils, because Howie made promises he shouldn't have. If we were wrong we're wrong, we had no choice.” Janelle says if Sarah and James had NOT betrayed them, Sarah would be balling, extremely upset, she'd have lost it. So for that reason Janelle doesn't believe them. Janelle says “They weren't even surprised at what they heard so it must be true, what James and Sara did.”

James comes into HOH saying he is playing for the veto and taking Sarah off the block. He asks Janelle and Rachel to take care of Sarah. Rachel says “James it's not personal.” James says he understands and it was a wrong decision. Rachel asks why he wouldn't take himself off the block if he won POV. He says he doesn't want to fight every week. “There's no point in fighting to stay if Sarah is not here. I thought you were my friends.” Rachel says “that's what we thought about you too.” James says he's only there (in HOH) to see if they will take care of Sarah otherwise he will save himself and send her home so she doesn’t have to go through ‘this’. James keeps on and on saying they should have talked to him first. Janelle says “we had to make a choice to believe what we heard, everything added up to our suspicions.”

James says “I can't be mad because I understand why you guys did it but I'm disappointed, that's why I'm still up here trying to understand.” Janelle says “then why isn't Sarah up here talking to us?” James: “She's in bathroom crying her eyes out, oh also I think she got called to the DR.” James wants to talk to them in the GR. He won't deal with the rest of the people in the house. Rachel said they were going to but wanted to respect their time alone.

8:00 p.m.

Sarah says to James “you can tell Howie doesn't even care if he goes up. I hope Eric comes back now.” James tells Sarah that his biggest mistake was trusting Ivette, and that Ivette should be in jail like the rest of her f’ing family. Sarah tells him to ‘stop’. Sarah says “for POV, we both choose week players. I win, take you off. James in turn tells her that he asked Rachel and Janelle to be her (Sarah) friend if she stays…Sarah says “what did they say?” James said it took a lot of talking and explaining….Sarah realizes that they did not offer their friendship to Sarah and Sarah started to really cry.

HG’s are on indoor lock down.

April is in HOH talking with Rachel and Janelle. April wants to know if James has admitted to anything. Rachel says “well, not in so many words.” Janelle says “he is upset.” April: “well yea how did he think people wouldn't find out? If he would have admitted it that would be great, but he's lying.” Janelle: “I would love it if he would admit it.”

Rachel can see on the spy screen that everyone except James and Sarah are heading up to HOH. They are asking for clarification on the whole bible thing with James. Beau is sharing the bible story, about when James asked if he could use it. Janelle asks if James was pissed that he didn't get Beau's bible and Ivette says “yes he was pissed.”

Ivette then recounts how James swore on the bible with her in the gym, James saying he swore that if he got HOH he would put up Howie and Rachel. Ivette tells them that James said ‘the real problem here is Rachel, she threw the HOH’. Then Ivette says “I asked him again after the veto competition who he would put up and he said Maggie and Beau.” Ivette tells them about James telling her that she was a target, that Kaysar wanted her out and that he (James) was protecting her. Maggie breaks the mood a bit and says “Julie Chen asked me how I liked being a cop.” They all laugh (knowing she is a nurse.)

9:00 p.m. Time for booze and piñatas!

James and Sarah are pretty much alone in the house. They wander outside to find that the yard is set up with a bar with drinks and food and they laugh because no one else knows this. James exclaims “dumb a**es!” Then they find BB left notes to them that explained they each have a piñata to be decorated, once decorated put your name on it and put it in the SR. Jennifer comes outside and says "what the f***! Should we tell everybody?” James says no, “we really don’t feel like telling anybody else.” James wants to throw all party food and drinks in the garbage before everyone else comes down. Oh sucks to be a HG on PB&J….there is a note that says they can not partake in the food and drink.

(Note: I do believe that these piñata dolls have something to do with the veto competition. Jen at one point suggested to Sarah that the POV might be inside one of them.)

In the midst of the festivities, James thinks he figured out Howie wants sequester, so he runs to HOH room to tell Howie. Howie says “no way, I’m here to win. And I want to win clean.” He knows James is going to stab him in the back. James denies it but says he won't bring it up ever again. Howie says: “I love ya like a brother, I always will.” James leaves and Beau arrives to tell Howie about the back yard stuff.

Earlier Sarah said to Ivette something about “there are margaritas, but not for ‘you’ guys.” Ivette tells Sarah (now a few minutes later) how mean she was with her sarcastic remark about not being able to drink margaritas.

Howie finally made it outside and is quite happy. He says “why don't they warn us when we will have food, we had a big dinner.”

The piñatas are proving to mirror the image of their makers..lol. James piñata right now has both hands giving the bird and the POV necklace is around its neck and he drew a broken heart. Sarah is drawing tears and a frown on hers. Ivette tells Maggie that her piñata should have ‘Lactose Intolerant’ on its shirt. Sarah is working on drinking like her 8th margarita. Janelle is applying make up and accessories to her piñata.

Sarah and James finished their piñatas pretty quick and took them to storage within like 20 minutes....on their way to the SR, James says he ‘still’ can’t believe it happened. They are now washing up. Sarah says “up until a couple of hours ago this was almost feeling like home. I don't want to let them sit out there and talk about us…” James says “it doesn't matter; if it's not out there it'll be in HOH.” Sarah: “yea.”

They are back outside now. Sarah says something about Maggie being a cop, wanting Maggie to hear it. James says “she knows she’s a cop.” Sarah tells James that she apologized to Ivette for making that comment about not being able to drink margaritas. She says Ivette said no big deal because she doesn’t drink much anyway. Sarah is planning to hit their piñatas so hard tomorrow. Sarah says “I’m mostly mad at Rachel because she controls Howie.”

Sarah and James are talking to the cameras saying there are no good people on this show, just winners and losers. They say they are the good people and ‘they’ are the bad people.

10:00 p.m.

James tells Sarah he wants to go to bed, but she says she wants to stay up. James sternly told her to take out her contacts, and come go to bed. She is begging him to stay up because they have alcohol tonight. I checked in on the feeds and it looks as though Sarah did what she was told and went to bed. The HG’s outside started to really get into the whole James thing, with the lying, swearing on the bible, back stabbing etc.

At around 10:15 Sarah went outside to get a plate of food and took it inside. On her way in, she called out ‘goodnight everyone!’ and they all called out ‘goodnight Sarah!’

Sarah and James are now in the GR discussing who should stay this week. James says “let’s figure it out after the VETO comp. James says “maybe whoever wins HOH will leave you alone.” Sarah is not looking forward to being stuck in sequester. She'd be making more money if she was at home right now. Wonders about taxes on what they're paid for doing BB. James figures they'll get taxed at year end. James says: “too bad there are not any of those cash prizes that you can win and go home.”

Outside they are still talking about James and Sarah and all the lies that they tell have been confirmed to be lies. April is telling Howie “Just as Kaysar turned this house ‘360’, you will be known for taking out the veto winning guy.” In the mean time April and Beau went into SR to see Sarah and James piñatas, they said both of them are evil and leave laughing.

Oh my, here we go…April is inside now in the kitchen. Sarah and James come in to the kitchen too. April tells Sarah “you did all James dirty work.” Sarah jumps all over her and this statement and says “what did I do?????!!!!” April now tells James he swore on the bible and James denies it (Sarah still doesn’t know that he really did this). April says “you have said something horrible and backstabbed everyone in this house. Kaysar before he left knew…..” Sarah interjects “Kaysar said that to you? It's funny because you should have heard the things he said about you.” James jumps in to stop this and he says “we're not gonna be like Eric”. April says “you did it to yourselves.” James says “April we obviously don't get along, let's just keep it civil.” April exclaims “I didn't say anything, she started it!” Sarah: “what? How am I starting s***??” James says to Sarah “You realize we got played I told you not to say anything just stop it and go to bed. Why are you playing into them? We don't need to be like Eric, we're better than that.” Sarah says “because I am sick of these people, they are so…..” Sarah: I love you and I'm gonna miss you for a month and a half but no matter who stays here next week, we're gonna win HOH we're gonna win vetos, we're gonna get as many of those f’ers out of here as possible.” James gives Sarah water and tells her to drink and calm down.

James plans to pick April to play for Veto tomorrow. They say they are going to play all week and enjoy themselves. James changes his mind and tells Sarah to pick April for the veto competition and he will pick Ivette. He says “I will say to Ivette ‘with half your family in prison you know how to fight’… but Sarah tells him “do not say that, do not be an Eric.” Sarah was apologizing to James, she knows he wanted this. James says he never watched this show in his life. He got an email about it….then FISH.

11:00 p.m.

Ivette went to the GR and James asked Sarah to change her clothes in the bathroom so he could talk to Ivette. James says “I got into this mess because I wanted to save you, but you obviously don't see that you were next to be nominated. The fact that whatever happened in that gym with the bible got out to the entire house and April brought it up to me, it was hurtful.” Ivette says “are you going to give me a second? First of all, it's very hard to comprehend the reasoning; I don't doubt they wanted me out. But as far as the gym goes, I asked you to give me something that would convince them you were being honest.” James says “regardless, if I win the veto I'm going home this week and I hope Maggie wins because she is probably the most evil player in BB history.” Ivette says “I don’t think she's evil or that she's a cop.” James: “She's a cop, I know professionally based on experience. Or she used to be, you'll see at the wrap party.” Ivette: “if it comes down to Maggie being a cop then I'll have to apologize to you.”

Sarah returns to the GR. James brings up what April just said to Sarah about her doing his dirty work. James asks Ivette to tell April to shut up. Ivette says she's been lying really low, “April's her own woman.” James says “well, I've been waiting 2 weeks to be mean to April so maybe this will be my chance.” James: “Ivette you understand this but you won't admit it; they had to get me out. I didn't know the entire house had this plan….” Sarah is overplaying her congratulations to Ivette saying “you guys did a great job, great strategy….” Ivette says she had to do this for her own personal reasons. Sarah continues ranting and James tells her to stop. James tells Ivette when she sees the tapes, he doesn’t want an apology, and he doesn't want to hear anything else about it.

James says to Ivette “Beau denied me his bible 3 times up there.” Ivette: “because you said it was crap so he didn't want to give it to you.” Sarah says to Ivette “you sat there with Kaysar, yelling at him about his beliefs….” Ivette yelling “BEAU DOESN'T COME IN HERE GOING ON AND ON ABOUT THE LORD!” James stops them and says don't bring in religion. Then he yells at Sarah to stop instigating stuff. Finally James says “Maggie won, I'm going home. She had to avenge Eric's death which I played somewhat of a decent part in to save you.” Ivette: “well, thank you, I guess I'll see in the tapes.” Sarah tells Ivette she'll be up soon. Ivette tells Sarah the game ended for her when Eric left the house, she doesn’t care if she goes home. (James is irritated that Sarah won’t keep from sniping.) Ivette leaves the GR and all is forgiven as far as their friendship goes. James is fine, Sarah is crying.

Ivette tells April in BY to just be quiet this week. Ivette now telling BY group some things James said. Ivette: “he said ‘I called you in here to tell you off and you proved me wrong’.” Howie: “he said that? He's finally admitting it.” Ivette says that she thinks James and Sarah both just want to be together. She says “Sarah is in shambles.” Rachel says she can see them wanting to be together. So far Ivette hasn’t said anything to April about James making fun of her at her K-Mart party, or the fact that he called her a 40 year old crack addict.

Howie was called in to the DR, so Ivette is working on his doll. Ivette says “Sarah's very young, she said she learned here not to trust people. So I told her this is money. You can't base this on how to trust people.” Rachel agrees. Rachel compliments Ivette on the hat she made for Howie’s doll.

All the while, Ivette and Janelle have been getting along great, joking together, supporting each other. Beau's been dancing around enjoying decorating his doll. Beau “loves this!” April and Jennifer are out there too talking to the others and decorating their dolls.

Just a few minutes before midnight Maggie announced she was heading off to bed and says goodnight to everyone.


Ivette was called to the DR. Maggie is in bed, Beau sitting on another bed talking to her and they are dying to know about the argument Ivette had with James and Sarah in the GR, since Ivette is in DR and hasn't filled them in, they can only speculate what happened. Maggie heard Sarah say earlier ‘she was going to f'n beat their piñatas’, which convinces Maggie that Sarah is just as bad as James. Beau says “they're both f'n retarded.” Sarah returns to GR, saying goodnight to Maggie/Beau on her way in. Maggie offers a curt goodnight.

Howie and Janelle are in the backyard finishing his doll. Howie says “Sarah said she hates me, I hated her weeks ago though when she told me I got 2 weeks left. She really thinks we're the bad people…she brought it on herself.” Janelle says “f’n b****!” Then Janelle begs Howie to drink with her tonight, but Howie says “no, we have a competition tomorrow, we have to be sure we get James out this time.” Howie says to her “you are the reason I got this far.” Jan: “No I'm not.” Howie: “You saved me in the chess competition.” Janelle off topic says I can sleep in Rachel's bed, I'm not sleeping in GR tonight.” Howie: “You can do whatever you want; sleep there and I'll sleep downstairs.” Janelle asks Rachel if she can sleep in her bed. Rachel tells Janelle she can sleep with Howie.

James arrives at the doorway to the BY and is talking to Howie from there. He is talking about veto and that they can believe what they want and he'll believe what he knows. He says he is just worried about Sarah because she's really upset. Howie says "ok well just tell her I love her and I want her boobies if she ever dumps you."

Rachel asks Howie who he wants to play veto for him. He's convinced it'll be a sword or a light saber competition, so whoever is good at swinging a bat. Howie asks which one of them wants to host and who wants to play. Rachel asks Janelle how she is at swinging a bat and Janelle says good, she said she always had a piñata at her birthdays until she was 13. Rachel says they are good together and wants Jannelle to play. Rachel will host. Janelle: “I can't believe Sarah got so drunk tonight. She told me out of all the people in the house I hurt her the worst.”

The group in the BR is sitting around talking. Maggie says “'m way more comfortable in an ER with 10 people dying around me than I am in here with 10 people backstabbing each other.” Maggie, Beau, and April agree that BB told them the last day they needed them was Sept.24th. They said that's exactly 90 days and that's all they can risk, or they lose benefits, jobs etc. They figure that date is the wrap party.

1:00 a.m.

Janelle is a wee bit tipsy and wants someone to play chess with her (she just came out of DR with her drink in hand). Ivette says she will play and Janelle gets very excited. When Ivette and Janelle leave, Rachel tells Maggie that Janelle is wasted and she's the one playing for veto with Howie. Maggie says why did he ask her then? Rachel says it was earlier. Rachel is not happy that Janelle is drunk and not going to bed.

Lights are out in the BR. April says "It's gonna be so funny when I get picked tomorrow for Veto, it's not gonna be for a positive reason.”

Janelle is pretty drunk and Howie wants her to go to bed, (she is sleeping in HOH). He sent Beau to take away her drink, which by the way is empty. Beau tried to give her water and she said "no thanks, I'm drinking Tequila.” LOL

Janelle finally went to bed and passed out around 2:30. Howie is sleeping now too as well as the rest of the little hamsters.