***Contains Adult Language and Content***

When we last left the house, HoH Howie put up America's Delusion Sweethearts, Sarah and James on the nomination block. There seemed to be a temporary truce between the two camps...minus the nominees, who spent the evening in the Gold Room hosting their own little pity party. In fact, Janelle and Ivette hugged and played chess. Yes, I know! When Big Brother served margaritas, Janelle and Sarah took FULL advantage of the situation. Janie and Howie almost did it, ("Oh Howie, if you were Columbus and I was America would you discover me?") but she fell asleep first. Damn!

7:30amBBT: Morning Hangovers
Janie is the first one up, making the oh-so-familiar trek to get some water after a night of hard drinking. Rachel wakes up shortly after and joins her in the kitchen. Sarah arrives on the scene soon after, and obviously ignores her two housemates that are already in the Kitchen. Eventually, Sarah and Janelle head back to bed, Rachel to the Gym. James get up, heads to the bathroom and performs the "I'm going to ignore you because you caught me in my lies / technicalities" that Sarah has begun to perfect.

9:30amBBT : Janie, this is toilet. Toilet, this is your new friend, Janie.
Janie makes one....two....three....four....four rushed trips to the toilet in the span of less than half an hour. She finds Rachel, telling her "I'll never drink again!" She plops back onto the couch in the Living Room, and Howie and Rachel join her. Rachel reminds Janie that she had five margaritas. Damn, girl. I'd be on the floor after three... Howie seems a little upset that Janie is so hung over, and asks Rachel to play as his partner in the comp today. "Sometimes you pay the price for having too much fun", says Janie.

10:00BBT: Is this Bizzaro Big Brother?
BB: Attention Houseguests, the veto competition will start in 60 minutes.

Ivette joins Howie and Rachel in the kitchen, and goes over the chat she had with James and Sarah last night, giving them a play-by-play of the lies she called him out on. The three of them take this change to pool all their information on James, and decide that he's the loose cannon that needs to leave this week. In a conversation off to the side, Rachel tells Howie that she's mad that Janelle slept in his room last night. Howie doesn't have much of a response.

Later on, in another instance of Rachel and the Green Monster:
Rachel: Oh, Howie...<mocking Janelle>
Howie: Oh Ja......Rachel.
Rachel: Don't call me Janie!

Maggie comes into the living room, and sits with Janelle. Seeing how ill Janie is, Maggie gives her suggestions on how to make herself better, offering to make her eggs, or get some ginger ale for her. April tells Janelle that she is glad for her that she doesn't need to eat PB&J today, with her stomach the way it is. I swear, since last night, the HGs have either had overnight lobotomies, or been replaced with dopplegangers....they haven't gotten along this well since that first dinner.

Sarah and James leave the Gold Room, and head to the shower. As they clean themselves they say nothing...not to each other, not to the other house guests, not even to imaginary friends. Absolutely mute. When they're done in the Bathroom, they retreat back to the Gold Room, and have minimal conversation, mostly James telling Sarah things he wants her to do. James heads to the kitchen, ignoring those around him. It's is easy to do, since no one is talking to him, either.

2:00BBT : It's official: James has made a deal with the Devil, and Hell has Frozen Over.
Quick and dirty details, since I know you like it that way...<wink>
Partners: James & Ivette, Sarah & Jenn, Howie & Rachel.
Competition: Apparently the way the game was set up, there could have been no winner but, they screwed up. It seems everyone was put into separate parts of the house then sent out side to load up peoples piñatas. Howie went with the right idea to load up James and Sarah's. Everyone else seemed more concerned about trying to win the veto rather than preventing them from winning. The closest to 20 without going over wins. Howie had 17, James had 18.
Winner: James

James and Sarah congratulate themselves on a job well done, and talk about Sarah going home. They are both very smug, and happy with themselves. Sarah worries about her finances, and having to ask her parents for money when she gets home. James doesn't seem to console her at all, telling her that she needs to find a job soon. Sarah asks him that if he gets HoH next week, not to put up Rachel and Howie, but to stick to the original plan..to their original deal. "I don't want to be seen as one of those people. You did nothing wrong." This is where I almost peed myself laughing.

Back in the HoH room, Rachel tries to calm April, Ivette, Maggie, and Howie. "First of all, don't worry about it. I had a feeling he was going to win." Although James has said that he would use the PoV on Sarah, they don't believe him. Reminding them that someone is coming back to the house next week, Rachel notes that if Eric comes back, Eric will go after James. If James gets HoH next week, he will have to decide who he hates more, Eric, or Howie & Rachel.

When Ivette notes that the people in the HoH need to play as a team, Howie agrees. That it doesn't matter who wins HoH next week, they all need to come together and prevent James from winning. It seems, for now, that this new alliance will make the week. Ivette reminds them, "You know, if Kaysar comes back, he is screwed, and if Michael comes back he is screwed and if Cappy comes back he is DONE!" Howie discusses the plan for the PoV ceremony: when Howie gets to the point where he tells the name of the new person to put up, all will volunteer. That way, James and Sarah see that the entire house is against him. Howie asks Beau to go up as the decoy, saying, "Do it for Cappy." Oh man. I'm so gitty, I peed a little.

When the room clears, with Rachel, Howie, and Janie remaining, Janelle comments:
Janelle: I hate the way they all run up here
Rachel: Yeah I know. But look we need to keep them on our side as long as we need them.
Janelle: Yeah, but I still hate that.

When Janie tells Howie how she would have done the PoV, he replies, "Janie, you aren't drinking anymore!" Her plan would have had Howie winning.

Later in the evening, it is decided that April will be the one to go up against Sarah, if James takes himself off.

3:00BBT: James, I didn't catch it the first time around. Can you repeat all of last night's convos?
As Howie and Rachel are leaving the HoH Room, James shows up, and asks them to talk. He keeps rehashing conversations from last night. He tells them that he is staying, and that if he wins HoH, he's going after Maggie. James sarcastically thanks Howie and Rachel for making it so that he can't eat or sleep. He adds, "If everyone is trying to beat me, when will they realize that I keep winning, and that makes me a good ally?"

James: My strategy hasn't changed, I don't know if you are working with Maggie or not, but my main thing is to get her out.
Rachel: Honestly James, it's me and Howie.
James: I know, you guys are partners.

When Howie's heard enough, they all head to the kitchen to get some lunch. James makes smart-ass comments to Ivette about being on PB&J, and it turns into a mini-scuffle, with James saying, "If you guys took things so serious, I'd be dead by now."

Later on, in the Gold Room:
James: I'm sorry you had to be put through this.
Sarah: I'm glad I got to spend this time with you. That's all I wanted. Its better than sitting at home.
Sarah: I keep thinking BB will come up with some surprise so I can stay
James: They won't.
Sarah: I don't think there's a single person who wants to be here more than us
James: Nothing personal, but I'm playing this game with strategy now. Rach and Howie tried talking to me, to save them from next week.
Man, the guy even lies to his girlfriend.
Sarah: I want you to tell Kaysar sarcastically, "Thank you for keeping me safe."
James: He's out of the house...
Sarah: So, he promised. He said he'd keep me safe. He lied.
James: Fuck that, everybody lies. Sarah! Red flag! Big huge red flag! Look at it you foolish girl!

James: I can't think of any way to save you.
Sarah: You can't. Don't stress. You can avenge me though.
<double gag>

Even later on in the afternoon, James says to Sarah, "I wish Kaysar was here to talk to, then I would know for sure..."
James: I am so ready to shut myself down emotionally.
Sarah: Don't stop loving me!
James: Hell no, that's why I hope to get HOH, so I get pictures of you.

Around 4:00pm BBT, the groups split for a while, with Janelle, Beau, Howie, and Ivette playing chess, April, Jenn and Maggie working out, Rachel floating, and the Happy Couple in the Gold Room. Lots of talk about who might be coming back, what went wrong with the PoV Comp, and resounding choruses of the "Carpet Muncher Song". Ivette plays Suzie-Home-Maker and tries to construct some kind of treat for the PB&J eaters.

4:30pm BBT : Ivette's 'Brilliant' Plan
Ivette fills in Howie on a plan that she's come up with.

She wants to go to James, and tell him that they want to give him a chance to prove himself. If he doesn't use the veto, the House will vote to evict Sarah. She peppers the idea by telling him that when he's 'saved' that Cappy's Crew is going to need him, to come to their side, and assist them in the case that Kaysar or Mike comes back. This will be his change to get back at Howie and Rachel. An alternate to this plan that he uses the Veto on Sarah, and put up one of Cappy's Crew, saying that the votes are split, and would likely go to evict the person up with James. They decide that the first plan is the better of the two.

When James goes to Howie / Janie / Rachel to tell them this plan, the three will tell him that they think he's lying, and they'll be proven wrong if they are. They won't get into any sort of conversation on it, other than that. James will be motivated to go with the plan, to prove his word. Well, James is all about trying to prove his trustworthiness lately...

If he takes the deal, the actual plan is that the House will vote him out. They would rather deal with Sarah, than with James. Howie likes this idea, and tells Ivette to go for it. Even if he doesn't take it, Howie likes the fact that someone can say that a chance was offered, and he didn't take it. April tells Ivette that she will have to act like she didn't mention anything about this to Howie or Rachel. Howie responds with, "Lets give him a dose of his own medicine; he's done it to us."

Howie heads off to bed for a nap, and to think it over. Beau and April leave the back yard, Maggie joins Ivette. Ivette begins to tell Maggie the plan, but begins with a complaint that April and Beau were the first ones that Ivette told this plan to, and they immediately got up and wanted to tell Howie themselves what was going on.

Ivette: I will tell him that's how he gets our trust back.
Maggie: ...not mine!
Ivette: I know Maggie, not yours, but just listen for the sake of the game...

Maggie likes the plan, says its worth a try, but wonders if the whole house is on the same page. April goes through the list, and notes that Jenn is the only one who isn't aware of the plan. Maggie calls Jenn over and fills her in on the plan. Her reply is, "Do we really think he's that stupid?" Ha ha ha ha ha! God, Jenn. That's the best thing you've said all season. Jenn goes on to say how James lost trust in Ivette:

Ivette: No, he didn't. We cleared that up.
Jenn: What about today with his piñata?
Ivette: I fuckin' helped him.

Ivette shares the plan with Rachel, who, like Maggie and Jenn, are skeptical, but agree its worth a shot. When Rachel asks who would go up if James chose to use the veto on James, Ivette says she will go up. "The only way that James will go for the plan is if there is a way to get Sarah down. He won't leave it as is."

In the late evening, Howie explains the plan to Janelle:

Howie: Ivette wants to tell James that if he stays on the block that will show you trust us to not vote you off. But we really vote him off.
Janelle: That is the dumbest idea I have ever heard of.
Howie explains it again.
Janelle: What did Rachel say?
Howie: You can talk to her about it.
Janelle: I do not trust that whole side at all!
Janelle: And you know they didn't say anything about James swearing to get you out until they knew Kaysar was leaving.
Howie: Good point.
Howie: But they did put him up next week and Maggie turns his TV off.
Maggie and Rachel heard James and Sarah in the shower last night saying "yeah we lied and got caught" and they were drunk and saying "yeah they caught us so what"...

Not much gets done for the next few hours. Beau gets a booger on his chest, everyone screams. Laundry, chess, eating, showers, naps...More talk of what went wrong with the PoV, how they screwed it up, how they played into James' plan, etc. I think they need to replace the phrase "Monday Morning Quarterback with Saturday Afternoon Veto Competitor. Beau says to April on the hammock, "I know Kaysar isnt coming back..America is over him."

6:00pm - BedtimeBBT : Noteworthy Bits Conversations from America's Sweethearts

Maggie and Rache share how they heard James and Sarah in the shower last night saying "Yeah we lied, and got caught" and "Yeah they caught us. So what?"

Sarah: I don't want to go out there everyone looks at me like I'm dying.
James: That's because they already killed you, they are just waiting for the actual death. I will avenge it, every single one of them.

James: You know what I need? Double eviction.
Sarah: Something tells me we're a lost cause.
James: Nobody cares about anybody here except their partner.
Seems like Sarah thinks the BB Gods are out to get them...

James: Oh babe, what can I say?
No answer from Sarah.

When Sarah joins Howie and at the Back Yard table for a game of chess, she asks, "Can we keep the boobie comments to a minimum?", to which Howie replies (in a whisper), "But her butt looks good."

Ivette starts buttering up James for the "plan". Most of the conversation is boring, but there are a few bright moments:
James: They (Howie and Rachel) are my biggest threats in this game.
Ivette: I thought Maggie was?
James: Because she controls all of you.
Ivette: No one controls me.
Sarah starts laughing: Not laughing at you. I just don't like Maggie right now.
Ivette: No one controls me.
James: Right...
Ivette: Eventually everyone is going to have to get nasty.
James: My time is right around the corner as soon as she (Sarah) walks out the door.

James, according to Rachel: I can't believe I am on the block, again. Oops, I can't believe I am off it, again.

When discussing the PoV Comp with Jenn and April in the Gym, James slips up:
James: I figured out what the game was going to be when I was alone in the room.
He said he remembered the piggy bank one from a past BB.
April: I thought you said you didn't see any BB's?
James: Oh, yea I saw only BB5.
...Oh yea. Just remembered. Caught, sucka!

When it's just James and Sarah in the gym, she kisses him and says "look on the bright side, you still got me." He kissed her again, saying nothing in return.

Sorry for the lack of real story today. Most of the day was spend re-hashing the same conversations over and over again, and I know I can't be bothered reading stuff like that. Again, thanks to the folks who have send me feedback. It makes me smile, and know that this is actually getting read. Don't forget to vote!