Big Brother Recap August 7, 2005
The Friendship Circle has a break…. Will Sarah be saved?

As always Rachel is the first one awake at 8:20 am. She works out on the treadmill, collects and washes the towels, cleans the kitchen (what will the others do without their maid service once Rachel is voted out???), makes her breakfast and enjoys a quiet morning. James and Maggie are the next ones up at 10:30. Big Brother gets everyone up at around 10:45.

Of course, April reports to Maggie and Rachel that Howie and Janelle were talking with Sarah and James last night. She questioned Janelle right after it in the bathroom and Janelle told her that they were denying ever saying any of the things they were accused of.

You know boredom has set in when Beau and Jen are talking. Beau and Jen discuss what a pathetic day it is when all you have to do is plan your next meal.

Beau joins Maggie and April. Maggie is going to have a Birthday in the House
and she is excited that she might get a digital camera, too. Maggie: I know what I want---good quality socks that don't get me blisters! Maggie and Beau chant: Good Quality Socks!! Good Quality Socks!! April gives a big shout out to K-Mart during all this.

Maggie tells her group of “friendships” that Sarah told her she didn’t like her personality. Maggie told Sarah oh well this is me!. Jen Jumps in the Conversation and tells the group Sarah told her, look, I know I'm going, so I'm going to give you a warning. After they get rid of me, you're next! She continued with I just tried to play it off and said, well, it depends on who wins HOH and who gets the veto! And then Sarah said to me, well, if my boyfriend is in the house, he will win the veto!

Sarah and James spend the better part of the day locked in the Gold Room. They play kissy face, and some chess, but completely ignore the rest of the house.

Howie talks to the group about the conversation that he and Janelle had with James and Sarah. Now the whole patio group knows that Janelle started to believe James' story last night. He tells them that he saved the day by convincing Janelle that James was indeed a liar. While this was going on, the group made lots of noises. April: Oh no! Ivette: What??? They are so interested in this that Howie starts to tell it again .Ivette: He keeps telling me how he saved me when Kaysar was HOH! Howie: Everybody here is on his list; it just depends on the order!

James, Janelle, Rachel, Jen, Sarah, and Howie discuss Ashlea. They predict Ashlea gave up her stipend because of their contract (they can leave but they must give up the stipend). They say why leave because you can either be paid to have a vacation or go home and don't. Janelle says but it'd be hard to be alone with no phone and no TV.

They initially all say yes, they'd stay. James said it would be better than playing the game and being stuck with PB&J and stuff. James says Kaysar's probably across the street in a dressing room clawing at the walls while everybody else is in a tropical location.
James finally agrees it would be hard. James said he doesn't think anybody who goes through this would come back again (i.e. all-stars), but he says he doesn't watch reality TV. So he didn't know about Survivor. Jen says the Real World people come back all the time for the Challenges, but they say it's not the same because nobody backstabs.

At about 1:30 PM. Big Brother gave the house guests a surprise. Howie called them all into the living room. Up on the plasma set they got to see Michael’s, Eric’s and Kaysar’s pleas to vote for them. They were a bit longer then the ones we saw on Saturday night’s show, The First one shown was Michael, then they showed Eric’s but when Kaysar came on the screen everyone (including the crappettes) started cheering and yelling “what’s up Kaysar”

After the showing, the houseguests were directed to the storage room. Here they found T-shirts and paints. They were instructed to design a campaign shirt for one of the three people coming back.

James and Sarah retreat back to the gold room. IN the gold room James starts crying. He said that he busted his butt to get those guys out of here now his girl friend will be leaving and one of them get a chance to come back in. He said the bad guys get to come back and the good ones have to leave. He hates the twist. He refuses to make a T-shirt for any of them. Sarah said she liked Kaysar, but James then reminded her that Kaysar put them in this position Sarah tried to tell James not to give up so easily. That maybe Howie will put up someone like Ivette and they could get some votes against her. She said Janelle hates her. James with his pouty face said no, they think we sold them out (YOU DID SELL THEM OUT!)

April and Ivette have a bit of a heated discussion about going up as a pawn. Seems April is stressing because she has no cigarettes, she is on PB & J and is going to start her period. Ivette finally approached Howie and told him to put her up as the pawn, that April was stressing out too much and she didn’t want to listen to her anymore (OH we much rather listen to you Ivette!).

April corners Rachel in the bathroom and goes on and on about her quitting smoking and all the stress she is under and how Ivette treated her. Rachel listens and just shakes her head!

Mean while, Ivette was in the back yard going on and on to Beau and Jen about April and how she just needs to get over this cigarette thing and play the game. She went on and on.

(Interesting, if James heard these two he might have an angle to get some votes against them and possibly talk Howie and co into saving Sarah, instead he took the poor pitty me route and locked him in the bedroom with the chess board and Sarah)

At about 4:15 James and Sarah walk outside and look at the other’s T-Shirts. Janelle’s shirts said” America vote Kaysar back!”, Ivette painted a shield for Eric on hers and pulled the 9/11 card by putting that on his shirt and saying never forget! Beau reminded his group to put Eric on the shirt and not “Cappy” because we the internet people might not know who he was talking about. Maggie wrote “America loves a Feisty;(with Feisty spelt wrong on it) meanwhile Janelle starts her second shirt saying I want Michael back! Fireman” on her t-shirt (Gag me) Howie asks James and Sarah what name they are going to put on their shirt and James replied that none of them are going to like his shirt, he is writing, America Keep Him…. I want Sarah!

Once the two sitting ducks return to their domain of the gold room. Howie talks to everyone while they are painting their shirts. He discusses how James needs to be gone, how many people want him out. They discuss how the next HOH has to be endurance because the person coming back would not have been able to practice, he tells them they all have to get a good night’s sleep and eat well on Wednesday. Of course April chimes in that it will not be fair since the person coming in will be well rested and been eating well. Howie said that’s OK, whoever comes in will be going after James. That he can’t have James get HOH because he will backdoor his as$ right out of their.

James and Sarah go back to their gold room. Howie goes in to talk to them Sarah tells Howie We’re done saying anything, we’re done fighting! James said I poured my heart out. Howie responded with No matter how mad you are, I'm madder, until we see the tapes, the real truth will be there, and maybe I was deceived. Sarah responded with are we going to go through this again, we know what you think, we know what we think, why go through it Howie then said (being loveable Howie) I have a circular driveway. James said this isn't a good time, Howie then said I’ll go. Howie leaves. Sarah doesn't think they did anything wrong. Howie doesn't care; it's all about the money she said to James. James responded with they made a dumb decision they have to live with Sarah said apparently Howie doesn't know how to play chess, because you don't sacrifice your own pieces. James last response was you don't sacrifice your own farking queen. I can't believe we got manipulated.

A few tidbits about the shirts. Beau washed his so now it is a pretty pink shade (he said now he will really look gay!), A bird pooped on Jen’s shirt as she was making it too. Howie is having a hard time deciding what to put on his, and Rachel has not made one as of yet. Oh, and Ivette was the first one to say she was going to sell hers on Ebay! Then later retracted it and said that she will give it to Cappy’s daughter. (I bet we see it on Ebay real soon)

April and Beau discuss quitting smoking. April says she's depressed and could really give a sh%^ about anything. She doesn't know if it's because she's coming down off a drug. That's why she was upset about Ivette talking to Howie about nominations; she doesn't want people thinking she's weak. Beau said it keeps you in the game longer if people think you're weak. April then stated It just hurts my feelings that she did that. Beau: have you talked to her April then said you and I know she's always right..........unless you've ever been addicted to something - I’m not making excuses, I know you all support me - unless you've ever been addicted you'll never understand. I asked Jen what she thought and she didn't say she was proud of me. Unless you know, like Maggie's a nurse, she knows. You think I should talk to her? Beau said he thought she should.

Back to the T- Shirts after a brief dinner break. Seems Ivette put on Beaus that firemen do it better (looks nice on the pink shirt lol), James wanted to put on the back of his shirt, insert knife here lol! Oh and Maggie put on hers also Duty, Honor, Integrity and Trust! Janelle’s second shirt was completed saying bring back Michael for Janelle. And then on it she writes also Vote for Kaysar, bring back the King! Sarah’s shirts said 4 down 4 to go! And on the front it said “Go Get em Baby”

The feeds did go down a lot tonight. They first went out at 7:40 and did not return to 9:15.

Once they returned the houseguests were all taking turns wearing their shirts in the diary room and giving a campaign plug for their guy!

A bit later Janelle corners Howie in the back yard Janelle told him he needs to try and act like he believes James just in case James gets HOH so he might not put the 3 of them up. She also said she wants James to keep thinking Kaysar did not know anything she thinks that will help. Howie is now telling her about the fighting between April and Ivette how that is splitting up that group. She is stressing about Cappy coming back. Howie said not to worry about it we just need to win and keep winning.

April and Jen join Janelle and Howie late night in the backyard. April goes on and on about Michael and how he got a raw deal in the house. How Ivette spread the truth a bit and Cappy ran with it. How everything was blown out of proportion, and she didn’t know till the day before he was leaving that he was being accused of sexual harassment and being a sexual predator! (April has a short memory; she brought most of this on) April then went on to tell Howie that Ivette was talking to James this afternoon, she said she went to tell James that she hates Janelle but tomorrow she will be telling him that she hates April. Lol Jen then speaks up and said she puts up with Ivette because she's part of the group. She does it to support her friend (April) and says that she has to support April while she's in the house, but when she's gone she can think for herself (making an assumption there, isn't she?).April says no-one on her side ever promised to take them to the end, other than the "final 9" plan. Janelle points out that then April and Jen should realize they are going to get picked off.

April and Jen go and play some chess. They briefly discuss Ivette and James. They are discussing maybe letting Ivette go instead of Sarah since Sarah has no power! They are also afraid that once Eric returns Maggie will have a lot of power. Janelle and Howie come in and the 4 of them head to the HOH room. April lays it all out for Howie and Janelle, they count the votes and realize that they have enough votes to vote out Ivette, but the April and Jen would be a target for the other side. April is a bit scared that Maggie might come after them. (Do they not realize that what they are about to do right now is the same thing they are hanging James for, jumping ship) As of 3:45 am the plan is to take out Ivette now, and next week to nominate James and Sarah again. Howie said James is dangerous and have to be taken out. But Ivette is treacherous; she is the one that keeps the house divided all these times. They break up the group to head to bed.

April and Jen have second thoughts. In the bathroom they discuss how quickly Howie and Janelle agreed to this plan and believe maybe they were planning this all along. Jen tells April not to tell Maggie any of this because she will get real mad. April said she can’t trust Maggie,. Jen tells her the only one she can trust is her. They agree to discuss it more tomorrow.

Meanwhile Howie and Janelle discuss it a bit in the HOH. They said that they know that the house will come after James and Sarah next week so they think it is a good idea to get James out. They then get ready for bed.

Tomorrow should be good, VETO meeting, April with some power and Rachel will freak when she hears yet another deal Howie made without consulting her lol!