8:30 a.m.

The HG’s will be getting up late; as we know, Howie, Janelle, April and Jen stayed up until past 4:00 this morning talking about the possibility of evicting Ivette. Rachel is up and doing her usual, eating, washing the dishes, feeding the fish, work out, shower etc. (and talking to herself outside). Uh oh, now Rachel is on another good morning tantrum. She goes to the washer outside and says “Jesus Christ, what is this f’n mess?” Then she heads to the swimming pool and says to herself “What f’n idiots!” She tests the Spa with a test strip and says “Oh my God, unbelievable!" (I can only assume the chemical balance in the water is off, hard to say since she is talking to herself.)

At around 10:00 a.m. Rachel went outside to lie in the sun. She took 3 of the campaign shirts (two for Kaysar and one for Mike) and laid them down flat next to her towel. In the mean time, Ivette and Maggie are in the kitchen talking about Jen and April, and the fact that they slept in the GR last night. Ivette says “I’ll just tell you this much, If I go up there and don’t get off you’ll know what’s going on.” Maggie says “No I’m not worried about that, there’s no way. If that happens I may as well walk out the f’n door.”

Now Ivette and Maggie are outside at the table and Rachel is still sunning. BB says “Rachel please put on your microphone.” She does then BB says “thank you.” At the table Ivette complains that BB never says thank you to her when she puts her microphone on.

Now April comes outside and sits with Ivette and Maggie and Ivette won’t look at April. Finally Maggie says to April, “You were up late last night" and April said "yeah me and Jen we were playing chess and talking and listening to Howie talk about his ex-girlfriends.” Ivette eventually got up and went inside and she is really steaming, she knows that April lied about them playing chess all night.

11:00 a.m.

Ivette is now telling Maggie that Jen and April were not playing chess and they were not outside last night. Ivette says they were in the HOH. Maggie says “why didn't you wake me.?” Ivette says “Do you think the 4 of them would be playing chess in the living room? We would have heard them. At 3:45 when I got up to go pee I heard the GR door open. Now why would they sleep in there when April is the one who said that room is cursed?” Beau comes out now and they explain what’s going on. Beau says “you guys are thinking too deep.” Ivette says “she is on my sh** list, I know I have to side with you for now, but…” Then April came back outside and talk came to a halt.

Rachel and Howie are in HOH now and Howie is filling her in. He says “You, me, Jan, Apr and Jen will get rid of Ivette, she is a loose cannon. Rachel says she doesn’t trust April and Jen, she asks “are they all in on it?” Howie doesn’t really answer but tells her “Keep an eye out for James and Sarah and Ivette, watch them all very carefully, including their body language.”

12:00 NOON Power of Veto Ceremony

The POV ceremony is almost ready to commence. Howie and Janelle are in the HOH and Janelle says they should cut a deal with James, “that if we save your girlfriend you can’t put any of us up next week.” Howie does not want to say anything to James until after the voting takes place on Wednesday. Howie said “we will tell them that we made a mistake putting them both up and that we are doing him (James) a favor.” Janelle agrees that if they say anything to James ahead of time that he will tell the others.

It is confirmed that James used the POV and Ivette is on the block!

Now in the HOH April is with Howie, Janelle and Rachel. April starts to tell them how frazzled Ivette has been over the last two weeks. She recounts for them the time that she went outside and Ivette was talking to Howie and Ivette said “I don’t need you out here when I am trying to talk to Howie.” April says that Ivette told her she doesn’t tell her everything she and James talk about because it’s not important. April then says “but now that Ivette and James are friends, what if Eric comes back in….” Rachel says “it doesn't matter who comes back, if it’s Eric, Mike or Kaysar that come back in and see James is still here, it won’t matter.”

Ivette realizes she may be in trouble. She and Beau are in the bedroom and Ivette says "If I am gone, the ones you’ve got to get rid of are April and James. If I do get voted out it proves they are both very shady.” Ivette wants Beau to try and find out if they are planning on evicting her and Beau says "It is to early, give me an hour." Ivette says she wants to confront Howie and Rachel and Beau says “NO! Leave it alone for now, or you will be walking out that door.” Ivette got up and looked behind some foam blocks in the bedroom and found 2 quarters. She went to the gumball machine, but all she got was “sorry try again”.

Jen went into the gym where Maggie was and told her about the possibility of getting Ivette out. Jen says “We don’t know where Ivette is coming from. Either way depends on who's HOH, we get HOH, we put James and Sarah right back up.” Maggie is being quiet. Jen says “Who's a bigger threat? James and Ivette or James and Sarah? We know where James and Sarah are both coming from and who they would vote for, but with Ivette we just don’t know…” Maggie just keeps jogging and they both go silent.

Ivette and Beau now head into the GR to talk to James and Sarah. Ivette asks them if they have ever had a weird feeling come over them. She alludes to the fact that Sarah is not the one being targeted for eviction and possibly they are in on it. James says “do you really think that Sarah and I are that good at acting? Do you think we would stay in the GR, keeping to ourselves?” James asked Ivette “Did you volunteer to be put in my place?” Ivette says “yes, because everyone else was freaking out, so I said fine I will do it.” Ivette said “I need to go to the DR.” Beau and Ivette leave and both head to the DR.

Once they leave the GR, James and Sarah agree that the ‘friendship’ would not turn on Ivette and Beau. After some more thought Sarah says “Maybe they always were going to vote out Ivette and they just didn’t tell us.” James doesn’t think so.

April is outside now telling everyone about Ivette and Beau going into the GR with James and Sarah. Howie says “they are making it look so obvious…” April says she is going to go in and ‘clean up’ a few things in the bedroom and see if she can hear anything. Howie says to April "Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open."

Jen and Rachel are now in the BR. Rachel asks Jen about what went on last night. Jen is explaining the scenario that they came up with. Rachel asks her “what do you think?” Jen says “I want to do it, but I am concerned that you guys are possibly trying to pick us off.” Rachel does not say a word to this. So Jen continues and says “what was weird about Ivette is that she worships Eric and loves him, but she also cares about James even though he was fully behind Eric’s eviction. When I mentioned that same thing to Maggie in the gym she responded ‘Well, you and April slept in the GR last night, should I be suspicious of that’?” Sarah walked into the BR so conversation stopped.

Jen and April are in the gym now talking and Maggie is there too, but when Maggie runs on the treadmill she cannot hear others talking. So Jen tells April that “Rachel pulled me aside, and I'm getting suspicious because nobody's ever pulled me aside to talk strategy.” April says “Howie told her that it was you and I talking to him last night.” Jen says “That doesn't mean anything.” April says that Rachel's in shock “I was the one that told her to come talk to you in the BR.” Jen: “There are many good reasons I have for going through with this plan, but it could also be a plan to slowly get rid of us.” April: “But Ivette's thrown up so many red flags.” Jen: “Rachel said she is sketchy about telling Maggie. I told her that we are sketchy about Ivette because she was listening to Eric when it came to making decisions, but not listening to Maggie. Then Sarah came in and I walked away.”

Howie and Rachel are talking outside and Rachel is concerned that April and Jen will back out of voting off Ivette. Howie said “it doesn’t matter because I will tell James (after voting) that Sarah is going to be safe this week and that he owes them. Then when eviction night comes around, if it doesn’t go right and Sarah happens to leave then we will then know that that the others betrayed us.”

In the kitchen Maggie tells Beau "If Ivette walks out that door, I'm f’n walking with her.” (ed: Picture this – I am waving bye bye…lol)

Now in the BR, Ivette has called Maggie in to talk to her. Ivette tells Mag that her gut instinct feels very weird. Ivette says “How would you feel if you volunteered to put yourself up for the GROUP and then everyone scatters once I am put up, not one person came up to me and said everything was cool or hugged me.” Ivette said “I will pack my bags for Thursday now.” Maggie says she will pack hers too; she is that sure Ivette is staying. Ivette said she has no reason to ever question Maggie that her heart belongs to her and Beau. Then Ivette says to Maggie “Don’t be surprised if things get nasty on Thursday.”

Beau is in the BR now too and Ivette says to Maggie “I will tell you what I told Beau. April and Jen could be playing dirty, and Rachel and Howie are going along with it because it buys them another week, then they can go after James. I don't like to think this but it happens.” Maggie looks as though she wants to cry.

Ivette left the BR and Maggie says “as far as I know the plan is the same.” Beau says “We need to talk to April, because Jen will do whatever she says.” Maggie: “It isn't smart to do that.” Beau: “If Ivette goes I'm joining James team.” Maggie: “I don't want to even entertain the idea, Ivette is staying.”

2:00 p.m.

Maggie has come outside and yells to Jen and April (by the pool) “Am I missing the boat on something big going down?” April whispers to Jen “you answer”, Jen says “I’m thinking….” April (not answering her) says “why isn't Ivette talking to us?” Maggie says “It is one thing to be used as a pawn without your knowledge, but to do it thinking everything is okay and now she says things are different….” April interrupts and says “I said that I would go up on the block for the group.” Jen: “We don't know why she is worried because we want Sarah gone.”

Maggie says “it doesn't matter who of the 5 of us go up. I wouldn't go back on my word. I am hearing from you guys that you are changing your mind about who to vote for.” No one says anything. Maggie says “Your silence is telling me something.” Jennifer now starts to tell all to Maggie, she tells her that Howie and Rachel approached them with the idea last night; they agreed with them that James and Ivette are working on the same team. Maggie says “you can't pass judgment on someone for playing the game (Ivette talking to James).” Beau came outside so the conversation came to a halt. April is whispering into her microphone “BB: call Beau to the DR.” LOL

Beau left then Rachel came out; they never did get back to the conversation before. Jen says to Mag and April "there is no reason for me to stay up late tonight. I want to go to bed early.” Maggie says "why were you up so late?" She says "well we went in the HT, then played chess...." April and Jen are talking now non-stop about how they were helping each other and Janelle was helping them play chess. April says "it's easier to play at night because no one bugs you."

3:00 p.m.

April left Maggie alone laying out by the pool area, and Maggie called to Rachel, who is sitting alone in the shade on a lounge, and asked her to come over. Rachel says “Ugh, do I have to come over there?” Maggie: “I can come over there.” Now Maggie is sitting on a lounge next to Rachel and the two of them are bobbing their heads and chatting. Rachel tells her “I don't know what's going on right now. I'm just sitting here and watching.” Maggie says to Rachel “When we were up in HOH we all agreed it would take 2 weeks to get rid of James and Sarah?” Rachel says “I believe so.” Maggie says “ok” and got up to go to the kitchen and under her breath Rachel said “I can't trust either one of them.”

Outside, Howie, Ivette, April and Jennifer are talking. Jen is drilling Howie as to why he doesn't date Rachel...he goes on and on about "we are different people, she stays up until 8:00 and I stay up until 3:00a.m. He says he would 'do' her, but..." Jen says seriously "what makes me more date(able) to you than Rachel?" Howie says "she's an emotional wreck." Jen: "Why because of a guy? If I break up with Dan I will be emotional too, so what's the difference?" He just goes on with his Howie-isms. Jen goes on "you should try dating her, she cooks for you and really cares about you." (Jen should be so lucky that Howie wants her so bad.)

A little after 4:00 and Janelle and Rachel are in the HOH. They are talking about the fact the April and Jen probably told Maggie about voting out Ivette. Rachel said “they're not the sharpest pencils in the pack” and Janelle responds “They're two babbling idiots, they are the ones that caused the problems with Michael too.” Rachel wants to know why Maggie is asking her so many questions. Rachel says “I'll ask them what they said and tell them to ‘go get the Bible’. Then she says “If they back out of the plan I will tell James and he can go after them.” Janelle wants to call April up and talk to her about all of this.

In the mean time Beau and Ivette are talking outside and Beau says to Ivette that Jen told him everything is fine and not to worry, Jen asked Beau ‘why would you doubt us’? Ivette says “It just doesn't feel right.” Beau says “We can't go around attacking people all week telling them they are doing us all wrong. Maggie seems to think that her plan is still under way.” Ivette: “People forget to put themselves in other people's shoes.”

Rachel has joined Beau and Ivette and Ivette is going on about April and how she insists that people go easy on her when she has PMS. Ivette says “and then she is going to come in here and quit smoking?” Ivette is tired of all the stuff she has to deal with concerning April. Rachel shakes her head like she agrees. Ivette continued on about how no one came up to her after the veto ceremony and thanked her for ‘taking one for the team’. (Rachel is wearing her Kaysar shirt & Ivette is wearing her Eric shirt.)

5:00 p.m.

Maggie is in the bathroom and she asks Jen “do you want to talk to me?” They both head outside. Jen tells her that the other side wants to vote out Ivette instead of Sarah. She says “I’m so mad at April, she told me not to tell you because they all think you and Ivette are tight.” Jen thinks the idea of Ivette being an alliance with James and Sarah is a good reason to do it. Maggie says “Aren’t the 5 of us stronger? Do we know for sure that Ivette is aligned with James and Sarah? It has not been proven; the only thing proven is that James and Sarah are aligned.” Maggie says “so this plan to get Ivette out just came up last night?” Jen says “no, that’s what I think is BS, I think they had it planned for a while and brought it up last night.”

Jen tells Maggie that she is voting Sarah out, but she doesn’t know what April is going to do, “we’re partners in the game, but we aren’t that good of friends, we don’t know each other that well.” Jen continues to say that April could just be vindictive and go her own way, “I told her I don’t trust her 100%, because she doesn’t always tell me everything.” She says that April interrupts when Jen is talking making her look bad, like she can’t stand up for herself. Jen says if they were back in Texas she would cut her off.

In the GR, Sarah and Janelle were playing chess. Janelle told Sarah that they might be able to save her. Sarah says “no way, you don’t have the votes.” Janelle started to mention April and Jen….and Sarah “oh, I will believe it when I see it.” Janelle says “we are going to make them swear on the Holy Bible.” Sarah says “there is no way they will go against Ivette.” Janelle says “they were going to last night.”

Jen and April are talking and Jen is telling April that Maggie wants to get the 5 of them together for a meeting sometime tonight. Jen is saying that what she thinks Maggie really wants out of this meeting is to get April and Ivette back on good terms with each other. Jen expresses concern that she and April are weakening themselves by realigning with Howie. She thinks that they will be the first ones kicked off from Howies group. “If we vote Sarah out,” Jen says “maybe I should just say (after eviction) that we never really said we would vote out Ivette, but that it may have been ‘implied’ that we would.” Jen says Maggie knows stuff she shouldn't know and Rachel is paranoid and everyone is very confused. April said she wishes that she (Jen) hadn’t said anything to Maggie, and that she does not want to discuss it with the 5 of them. (This conversation was very long and very very confusing and also interrupted quite frequently by feeds cutting and low whispers. In a nut shell this conversation voids everything from last night and today and puts them back to Ivette being a pawn and not being voted out.)

Howie Rachel and Janelle are in HOH and Howie says he thinks he will talk to Maggie about Ivette, kind of feel her out by telling her that James and Ivette have been acting suspicious. Rachel says that Maggie's argument will be James and Sarah together is a worse alliance than Ivette and James. That's what she said to Rachel earlier.

Now in HOH they are discussing what shirt to wear on eviction day. They don't want to wear a Kaysar shirt if Eric comes back in. Howie starts to talk about Ashlea her boobies. Rachel says she woke up crying because Howie was sleeping next to her in the GR. Janelle calls Ashlea weird and said her personality grated with the house. Rachel says that Kaysar looked so fine in the video message. Rachelle asked in the DR if they cold see the clips again and the DR told her the request will be made with the higher ‘ups’. Rachel says that no one on the other side was talking about Eric's video, but they kept saying hhow good Kaysar looked. Janelle says the others probably thought Erics video message was horrendous. Howie: (As Eric) "You'd better put me in America, or I'll burn your house down!" LOL Janelle mimics Eric too “There are three reasons to vote me back in passion, intensity, drama!” (This was really funny to watch.)

8:00 p.m.

The 5 ‘friends’ are in the hot tub now thinking they might be able to have their talk. However, Janelle and Howie keep going over there and playing around so they can’t talk. Janelle went inside and Howie decided to make a resting place right by the hot tub. April and Jen got out of the HT and went over to the hammock. They are now trying to come up with what they should tell Howie and friends about not voting out Ivette. The on thing they know for sure is that they will stick by their word when they tell Howie that they did not tell Maggie the plan to vote out Ivette.

If April and Jen go back to voting out Sarah instead of Ivette, James says if he gets HOH he will put them up and say ‘you had a chance to save my girlfriend and you chose not to.’ Janelle asks James if strategically she should want Kaysar back in over Mike. James says definitely Kaysar because you don't know how Michael will play, and Kaysar is really smart. James says “although a plus about Michael coming back is how scared April and Jen will get.” Janelle asks them who they think is the dumbest player. They answer Howie. James says “No kidding after what he fell for with putting us up. Either he is stupid or he really wanted me out since the start. It was the dumbest move since Marcellas, Kaysar is going to kick his a** when he comes back in.”

Howie is outside with Rachel and she is telling him that Maggie has been very quiet around them. They think she may know about the plan to vote out Ivette. Howie says if she does know and if April and Jen told her that it was Rachel and Howie’s idea; he is really going to go off. He says “if they thought Mike & James were mean to them I’ll be much worse.” Janelle came outside now, and says she has a feeling that James and Sarah know about the plan (without admitting that she is the one that told them!)

April tells Howie's group she and Jen have changed their minds. Ivette stays!

Janelle, April, Rachel and Howie are in the HT and April says “Ivette is nervous because she knows I’m still mad at her and we haven’t made up. She thinks if I’m still mad at her, I may vote her out.” Howie says “She came to me after the ceremony and said ‘Howie that speech you made really scared the hell out of me’.” Howie says “Here’s the thing, the main objective is to get James out of the house, and not to create division in your friends, but if Ivette is going to create problems, then….” April says “Well Jen and I were talking if we leave things the way they are this week, its going to be all of us fighting against one person.” Rachel argues back to this, but she can’t be heard over the noise of the HT. April says “We are gonna have people pissed off guys. Beau will come after us, and be sided up with James. Rachel and Howie say “They have always been after us.” During this conversation Howie agreed with April on several points. (LOL, following these guys today has been exhausting!)

The conversation outside breaks up when Beau shows up, and Janelle tells Howie “we should tell James we tried to save Sarah.” Howie says he agrees and says he wants to talk to Ivette(!). They talk about how stupid April was to tell Beau they were talking about chess (outside when he approached the HT); they will know it was a lie and it will cause division in their group. Howie says people should hang out with Sarah, so it’s not so personal. Howie says (like he would to Sarah) “we listened to people we shouldn’t have and we are sorry, but this will make things better for us with James.” Then they discuss their plans to backdoor James in the future.


Sarah and James are outside on the hammock. James says “I really can’t wait for Howie to see how f’n stupid he is.” Sarah says “They are scared that you are going to get HOH, so they are making it seem like they are doing everything in their power to save me and they know there is no way to save me.” James agrees with this completely.

Beau is now telling Maggie and Ivette what happened when he walked out to the hot tub and they told him they were talking about chess. Beau suggests they have a group meeting with the 5 to see what's going on. He says he is 60% sure April and Jen have made a pact with ‘them’. Beau went off to get April and Jen, and said to Ivette before he left, not to be nasty to them (April and Jen).

Now that Ivette and Maggie are alone for a minute, Ivette says she thinks April made a huge scene yesterday about being put up as a ploy to get her to put herself up so they could vote her out. Maggie telling her that's all speculation. Ivette says “You have to go with gut instinct.” Maggie saying “You can’t use your gut instinct anymore; you have to go by what you see.” Ivette then says “Why do April and Jen spend so much time in the DR?” Maggie tells her to ask them that when they come in (they are in the bedroom). All five have been gathered and are going into the GR.

The Friendship Meeting, Not So Friendly Really

So the five are in the GR, it’s about 10:30. Jen starts out saying that she and April had their heads together a lot because they were arguing over a personal conversation that happened last night (having to do with some college rumor.) Ivette says “None of you know how it feels like to go on the chopping block and not have your team support it. No one came up and say don't worry about it your taking one for the team, everyone scattered like cockroaches, went up to HOH” April: “I went to get my shoes.” Jen said they didn't realize it until someone told them they had scattered. Ivette continued “It sucks because we had something so nice at first, and even if April had gone on the block I would have gone up to her and told her she had my vote.” Jen says “you should know you have my vote,” and Ivette says “no not when everyone is scooting away from me.”

In the GR still and Ivette says that if April didn't want to go on the block she should have never volunteered and Maggie interjects “we don't need to rehash that.” Beau asks “We're still on the same page right?” Ivette says “I am, a lot of damage has been done that probably can be fixed. I made a pact with the 5 of you and as long as I am in this house that won't change. What happened, happened and even though there will be scars, I will keep my promise” Jen apologizes and says they didn't realize they did it and they are sorry. Ivette will not even look at April. Maggie and Jen keep calling Ivette paranoid (when they both know she has every right to be.)

April has not said one word and now someone asks if she's okay, and she said she's just listening. The she says that she made a promise and that she'll keep it. “I went to the HOH for my shoes and I didn't think about it.” Maggie says “All they want right now is to break us up. We all have things that make us look suspicious. I could be talking to James about spaghetti and that could be taken wrong. Things are magnified when you are worried.”

April is asking Ivette “how did James know what happened between you and I yesterday?” Ivette says “Howie. I’m not ready to talk about it right now.” April seems to be quite angry. This conversation went on forever!! It was back and forth between Ivette and April on what they don’t like about one another. April says Ivette has changed since Eric left. Ivette is telling April that she has changed a lot too and it's very hard to have conversations with her because she can flip in one second. Ivette saying she doesn't like being doubted by her group for hanging out with James but no one was singled out for talking to Kaysar.

They go over a few more issues and April says “Ivette I would have never voted for you to be evicted, that was never thought of.” Sarah at one point came to the GR and they asked her to leave for just a few minutes. Beau has jumped up at twice by now asking for a group hug, but Ivette and April continue to go at it. Ivette tells April she doesn’t want to bump heads with her, that she is not sure she can over it but will respect her as a player. April says “forgive and forget.” Ivette says “No, I can’t.”

April says something about not talking to James and with that Ivette gets up and leaves the room, sternly saying “I think I have proven what kind of person I am.” Now April’s real concern comes out about this, she says to Maggie “I don’t want Eric not to like because she doesn’t like me.”

11:30 p.m.

James and Sarah are outside now talking and Rachel came out to them and apologized for what has been going on. James accepted her apology. Then all the sudden James notices that Beau is staring at them from inside the kitchen. James says “why is Beau staring at us?” Rachel says “Because I'm talking to you guys.” Sarah: “Are you not supposed to?” Rachel: “I don't care!” Rachel asks Sarah if she has talked to anyone to try and get their vote. She says she might try to talk to Jen, and then just tell her she doesn’t have to tell them how she votes. Rachel indicates to James that he might be able to fix this by talking to all of them (Howie, Rachel etc.) James responds “The house wants me gone, hardcore.” Rachel: “Well, it's a big f’n mess. Howie screwed up so bad, he started believing everything. We're feeling stupid and bad.” Sarah says: I know for a fact that I didn't say anything; I just know what I hear about things James has said, but he didn't say anything bad enough to make this happen.” Rachel “Well they made up some real good stuff. And they were all in sync.”

April and Jen are playing chess and April says she cannot understand why Maggie is still upset and paranoid. She still thinks she is being voted out. April asked Jen “Please in the future if you have a problem with me, don’t go to Maggie?” Jen nods her head in agreement. April: “In the real world, I'd just walk away. James hates me, Ivette hates me, and Michael hates me. 3 out of the 4 evicted hate me.” Jen: “Michael hates you for the wrong reason. People put words in your mouth.”

1:00 a.m.

Janelle, April and Howie are in the bathroom and Janelle is asking April “why do you want to keep her in this house?” April says “It would be the best thing; It’s what is best for the house.” Janelle says “Who cares about the house?” April explains “We'd have more targets on our backs. Beau would go to James, then Maggie, and then there'd be an alliance. Trust me! Every single person has had a problem with her and her mouth. I'm sure she went to DR and said 'That f’n bitch.' I have family out there. I wouldn't go to DR and call you names, but she would. It's the words she uses.” April goes on to say Ivette was pissed that no one went up and thanked her for stepping up on the block.

A while later in the HOH, Beau is telling Janelle that he thinks Eric will be voted back in. Janelle argues that and says she thinks it will be Kaysar. Beau curses Ashlea for leaving. Janelle wasn’t bothered by it, she said it was hard to cover her lies and she basically tells people that she doesn’t like them, and Janelle couldn’t stop that. Janelle asked Beau “why couldn't you bring someone like Kenny?” Beau and Janelle agree Kenny would have fit in great with Howie but he'd have gotten bored. Then feeds went to FISH.

Beau left HOH, and Janelle and Howie talked about who may be coming back. Janelle wants out if Eric comes back; she'll want to get evicted. Janelle says it took BOTH Kaysar and James together to get "that f'r out of here" and she doesn't want him brought back after all that. Howie thinks Ivette is more dangerous than Sarah and can't believe April and Jen won't work to get her out but says there is nothing they can do about it.

Well well it’s almost 3:00 and we thought everyone was in the barracks sleeping (Howie and Jan are in HOH) but the camera zooms outside and there are Beau and Ivette with a blanket out on the hammock. Ivette says “April, she's something else, she is such an idiot.” Beau wants to know if Ivette can at least forgive her and just not forget it. Ivette says “Absolutely, but it doesn't mean I'm going to be peachy with her. She's not going to last long in this game without cigarettes. You should hear the trash everyone talks about her, especially James.” After a little more talk about what they miss from home, they both went in to bed.

It was around 3:30 this morning before everyone finally went to sleep.