Big Brother Recap August 9, 2005

Rachel is the first one up as usual at *:54. She does her morning routine, her work out, laundry and breakfast. At 11:00 am BB wakes all the houseguests up for the day.

At Noon BB calls an outdoor lock down. All head outside. Howie and Ivette have a conversation about James. Howie calls him a great manipulator while Ivette said he is such a dominant player.

Rachel a bit later tells of her conversation with James and Sarah to Howie and Janelle. She tells him that James is going to try to sway April’s or Jen’s vote and that Rachel told them that they (Janelle and Rachel) would support that and help vote out Ivette. Rachel said that they still need to backdoor James, but if he can get the other vote then to help him out so that they have James and Sarah on their side. In case one of them get HOH and then they won’t come after any of them if they do.

Jen and Maggie have a conversation a bit later. Jen reassures Maggie that she is voting Sarah out. She also told her that someone in the house might place a vote trying to save Sarah and blame them (Her and April).

A lot of pool side stuff, laundry etc.. A very long day for the house guests.

At about 3:15 Janelle and Rachel have a conversation in the HOH, They are not exactly agreeing on who to vote for. They both think it may be better to keep James. Jan says they should vote to keep Sarah, Rachel says then they (The Friendship group) can say "you broke our agreement so now we don't have to keep you safe." Janelle says she doesn't feel safe from them regardless, that she doesn't trust her. They are trying to figure out if James would nom them if he wins HOH. Rachel says his mission in life is to get rid of Maggie.

Sarah tries to convince April to vote out Ivette. April said she didn’t trust James which Sarah responded with don’t trust him, trust me then.
April said she does not know who is walking in through that door and it is scary. Sarah said James and her had nothing to lose at this point, that Maggie wants them gone. April tells Sarah that Ivette would automatically know it was her if she voted against her, she would know because she hates her so much, so maybe Jennifer would be the one to throw that one vote they needed her way. April then leads Sarah to believe that maybe she would with the right offer of insurance.

Sarah asked Janelle and Rachel to talk to April and Jen. She said they are ready to make a deal for their safety. Meanwhile, Jen reports to Ivette that word has it that They (Ivette and James have a pact never to vote each other out. Ivette denies it and said they are only friends. That they have been friends since day 1. Ivette explains that once Cappy left the house she told Maggie that she was her partner now. Jennifer reassures Ivette that she can control April’s vote. Jen then tells Ivette the same story that she told Maggie, that two people are scheming to vote out Ivette and make it look like it was Jen and April.

Janelle and April talk about the votes. April said that her and Jen have to prove their trustworthiness and vote like their group. Janelle warns her that if Sarah leaves that James will be targeting her and Jen.

Janelle and Rachel meet to exchange notes.
Janelle and Rachel were discussing what to do now. Rachel says they're stuck and they have to vote our Sarah. They screwed up and now they have to back pedal. There was more rehashing of the situation. They have to honor their agreement. Rachel says we vote Sarah out. Janelle questions this and says she wants to vote the way she wants to vote, why can't she? Rachel says this will ruin everyone's credibility, everyone’s.

Rachel was saying that she wants Ivette to leave too, but they just don't have the votes. They don't think Eric is coming back.

Janelle meets with Sarah and tells her they don’t have the votes that hey are afraid of Maggie. Sarah tells James who still would not give up. However, before he approaches April, he corners Janelle and Rachel to tell them that he is going to work on April for the last vote and is going to tell her that he is putting Howie and Rachel up but it is a lie, he won’t. He just wanted them to know so when it gets back to them (like two minutes after their conversation ends) they know it is a lie.

Rachel, Janelle April and Jen meet in the weight room. April approaches Rachel and said: I have a question. I needed to talk to you because Sarah wants one of us to swing the votes and vote Ivette off. She said one of y”all approached her and said you thought you made a mistake, and I said ..... Said when was it said, and she said before the golden power of veto. Rachel responded with my position has changed. April then said let me tell y’all something, I’ve only been hanging around y’all because Ivette has been hanging around them. Rachel then asked so what has James been saying? April told her I haven’t been talking to James, it’s been Sarah. and she is pretty much saying that you two guys are voting for Ivette to be evicted, and James was, and you need my vote to get it through. She is making promises to get us to the end, and she was doing whatever she could to get us there, and they have been betrayed by a lot of people except for Jennifer and I. and they need to talk us into one more vote. Rachel then said: what does your gut say to do, what is April saying to yourself. April said I’m coming to y’all to know what the truth is. Rachel then asked her do you honestly thing that is true April? Let me make it simple for you April, it’s not true. I’m not trying to be rude. April then said: I’m asking... I could have voted for her to be evicted, but I wanted to ask you. I didn’t want to assume something. I was listening to everything and ....Rachel then asked what is Maggie asking?
April then told Rachel that they already suspect something. I haven’t hung out with them because of Ivette and I don’t even talk, because she cannot admit she is wrong .I’m taking myself out of that and kind of like going to be in my own little world. Maggie doesn’t care about this. I had a conversation with Maggie in the kitchen earlier I was adult enough to forgive her, and I don’t want to be hanging around.

Rachel responded with I understand. I’m just tired.

Sarah then came into the weight room. She asks the group I take it the consensus is not good. Everybody looks depressed. Not good. (They don’t really answer her; sort of ignore what she said.) After a while, Sarah leaves and said alright I didn’t know where everyone was.

They all then basically agree to vote out Sarah. That everyone needs to stick to the plan.

Meanwhile in the gold room Sarah and James are talking. James tells Sarah that Rachel and Janelle are spineless and at least the other team stuck together. Howie and Rachel are cowards and now we're in this spot. After I take out Maggie, they're next. If I get HOH....
Sarah then said she would like to get HOH, which caused James to respond as I would love for you to have HOH. Sarah then told James I hate Maggie with a passion. Put that on the air, people. James came back with She plays smart. Our team was stupid. There is a bunch of stuff Rachel isn’t telling us. We should go to Janelle and tell her she needs to get HOH Maggie needs the numbers.

James leaves Sarah and goes out to talk to Howie.. They talk about who might be the one to come back, Howie is like you got half the house loving Cappy and the other half hating how he acted. You got to believe America would have the same feelings I can see everyone loving Kaysar. Michael could add drama then they move back to Howie puttin' them up-- James said we shouldn't talk about that-- it's over. Then James asked if Janelle got it (HOH) if she'd be putting up Maggie. James said I hope after this week it goes back to two sides.

James leaves and Howie goes over to Maggie and April and tells them everything that James just said to him. (Like a good little Maggie follower!)

April leaves and goes to HOH to talk to Janelle to see who she thinks will be going up. Howie follows a few minutes later. They proceed to trash James and again agree to vote out Sarah. April also stated that she thinks they will bring back Michael so that their will be some sex on TV. Janelle laughed and said nooooo Michael does not want that.

April finally leaves and goes to bed. Howie and Janelle try to go to sleep but sleep was not coming easy to them. They talk about how much they would love for Kaysar or Mike to come back and how the game will once again be in their favor. Howie heads to the shower and Janelle reads the Bible.

Will April or Jennifer vote to keep Sarah? Will Ivette melt down? Who is coming back? Voting day is always an exciting day in the Big Brother compound!