Big Brother Recap July 10, 2005 …….. Pairs Exposed now what????

Eric as usual is the first up at 6:50. He woke Maggie up to discuss strategy. They think that Kaysar and Michael are a team and Rachel is a force to be reckoned with. They discuss the HOH room spy cam and Maggie asked Eric if he discussed the couples in the diary room. He replied he has. They discuss the teams that were formed on the first night (the surfing teams). Maggie said she was ok letting Ivette win HOH and put up Janelle. Eric said that if Michael wins then they will have to convince him to put up James. Maggie tells Eric that Sarah and James are going to start to flirt and hang out so that people think they hooked up in the house and are not partners. Eric believes that the vote will be 12 to 1 to get rid of Ashlea this week. They both like Beau and think that Michael would be different outside of the house. Maggie said that he was lucky that he could talk about his kids and she said someone said yesterday that she was the female version of him (could they be fraternal twins). They don’t think that the others have figured out the all the partners yet and think that there might be a Miami foursome (the 4 from Miami). Eric really has no use for Janelle. He comments on all the clothes she brought and how many times (3) she changed before the VETO competition. They both like Sarah and think that Kaysar is changing more into himself and getting comfortable and that he doesn’t respect women. Maggie talks about “Her Mom” and “Her Dad” so maybe they are brother and sister in law and not fraternal twins! Eric told her that his upbringing was awful and that he and his siblings were not close at all. (OK now I am totally clueless about the relationship of these 2, they look alike and can pass as siblings). The conversation finally ends with them discussing Ashlea and how she just gave up on the POV yesterday and deserves to go.
Big Brother woke the others at 9 and at 9:30 announced that the VETO ceremony would be in 2 hours.
The almighty Eric who constantly is thinking about this game approaches James and asks him to give him a heads up if he can’t protect him and he would do the same thing. He said how they need to get Janelle and Jen out and James replies that he didn't think that was the best strategy but would go along with it.

Rachel said that there was no point in having a VETO ceremony since she was not going to use it.

They have a lockdown and Ivette said to April that she thought James and Sarah would be such a cute couple.
A bit later Michael decides he needs a haircut. First he was going to do it himself, then he thought better of it and April was going to do it, but she freaked out afraid she would ruin it so Beau to the rescue and he cut his hair. He didn’t cut much, just kind of combed it a lot! Lol Like a little kid moving his food around his plate pretending to eat it.

James has a conversation with Kaysar. He tells him he wants Janelle out next then Jennifer. He told him Janelle told him she wants all the guys out of the house. Kaysar can’t grasp why Janelle would say that! James then tells him Howie and Rachel are the two strongest players in the game. Kaysar then tells him that he thinks Ivette and Eric are too close and that Jennifer will be what brings Howie down.
No Food Competition today but the PB and J’s get to eat food till the next food comp. They are so excited! Ashlea goes into the Diary room comes out crying. They ask if she asked if they could eat she just shrugged and pouted to the bedroom.

They finally get food and all start chowing down.
Most of the day was focused on food. The PB n J’s did nothing but eat.

April makes a funny comment- she said wouldn’t it be funny if BB put a husband and wife team in the house!!! The camera man panned to James and Sarah!

Howie was Howie today! Constantly talking about sex, trying to get others to talk about sex and relaying outrageous stories about his own sex life!

Mike and Kaysar talk strategy. They talk about reconvening the team. Kaysar tells him that Eric wants Janielle and Jen out first. Mike thinks it is a stupid move that they need to get Ivette out first. Eric enters and tells them that Janelle needs to go since she wants to get him (Eric) out first.

Eric clues Michael in that all his touching is upsetting the girls and suggests that he does not touch them or kiss their necks.

Mike makes Chicken Parmesan for dinner. Others chipped in to help making the salad and setting the table etc. They decide to “Dress” for dinner and all head to the bedrooms to get dressed up. Janelle only brought one dress a slinky black dress that she wants to wear on the night of her eviction, Howie asked her what if she is nominated but not voted out, she said she will wear that same dress the next time. All the guys put on pants and ties and the girls put on makeup and it was a grand affair for their first real supper together since half the house has been on PB and J all week. The girls commented on how hot Eric looks all dressed up.

They enjoy a delicious dinner of Mike’s Chicken Marsala and Eric’s Chicken Parmesan. Everyone loved it. Looking at them sitting around the table all but Howie and Mike were sitting next to their original partners, wonder if anyone of them picked up on that! Jennifer, James and Rachel clean up after dinner.

Howie and Rachel exchange words quietly in the storage room, something about Eric and Maggie having a Boston connection!

Sarah is getting real jealous of James sleeping in the room with the 3 girls. As they were discussing this Eric joined the group and told them that he talked to Mike about touching the girls and now Mike and Howie want to put him up for eviction. James thinks someone is lying.

Janelle and Ashlea talk with Howie and tell him that if he can convince people not to vote out Ashlea that they will sleep with him for 2 weeks, Howie does not think his vote will matter and said he would try. He starts saying foolish Howie things like, if I get you votes and I have two boobies in my mouth? Janelle and Ashlea start telling Howie how Ivette and Beau are a team that knows each other. Howie pretends he does not know and points out that it would not be an advantage to know someone necessarily in this game.

Sarah is all upset that the fish are dying. She was crying and saying she hates sitting around watching them all die.

After people discuss beds and get ready for bed Big Brother forces everyone outside for a lockdown (probably to get rid of another dead fish). This disturbs some but they all do report to the backyard. During this lockdown Janelle sits on the hammock with Kaysar. She asks Kaysar if Eric hates her he said he didn’t think so. She then replies that she did not want Kaysar to get evicted (wasn’t she just plotting to get rid of him and keep Ashlea). She is close to telling him that she is paired with Ashlea. She never really spits it out. Kaysar has no clue either. They discuss Eric and his dislike for her again. She doesn’t want to be a follower and worship him, she wants him gone because he is too strong. Janelle said he was afraid to fight them and should stick up for himself. Kaysar is very patient with her and explains how to play the game to get further. Janelle is hell bent on playing her own game and bringing others in to play her game.

Ashlea joins the marathon talk session. Ashlea then tells Kaysar about how Beau and Ivette know each other and how she overheard Ivette tell Beau that they should have brought their drums. They also believe Rachael is jealous because they (Janelle and Ashlea ) look so good in bikinis. Howie joins the group. Then the light bulb explodes and they say hey everyone must be paired up in here. They don’t want to tell anyone the twist! J nas A want to get rid of Eric. Believe he is also hooked up to Beau and Ivette. They want to keep it a secret and not throw HOH to Ivette but win it and put up Beau and Ivette and reveal the twist that way. They also think that Eric will be less powerful once Ivette or Beau is gone.

The girls head to bed (finally) and Howie and Kaysar keep talking. They now know there are pairs in the house. They totally trust James. But Rachel, April and Sarah never talk strategy with Kaysar so he is confused. They believe that once Rachel is off HOH they should pull her into their group. They spilt up so Kaysar can pray and Howie to go to bed. Howie stops at the memory wall and points out all the pairs to himself. Kaysar stops at the wall and Howie and he talk a bit more.

Michael wakes up about 4 am and both him and Kaysar start to talk about the beach when they were sequestered and we get fish. Seems that Michael saw Eric and James on the beach, that’s all we got before fish. Kaysar knows Ivette wants Janelle gone because she knows too much. Kaysar wants to open the flood gates and see what happens after he exposes everyone. Kaysar wants to cut off Eric and his alliance. He wants to drag James into his alliance.

At about 5:30 am BB time James gets up to use the bathroom and sees Michael and Kaysar awake. Kaysar decides to pray again and Michael heads to bed finally!

The big brother house is quiet at 5:38 am.

What will tomorrow bring another alliance? Ivette freaking out, James stuck in between alliances? Exposure! Who knows! Maybe someone will finally call out all these pairs!