We thought once Howie left Kaysar and went to bed just before 4:00 a.m. that Kaysar would follow suit, but it did not happen. Now Michael has gotten up to use the bathroom and both he and Kaysar are there. Kaysar mentions that he does not trust Ivette. We got FISH, when they came back Kaysar asked Michael “who did you see at the beach that day besides Eric?” Michael said “James” (this was while they were sequestered.), Kaysar said he saw Beau.

Kaysar and Mike are discussing some of the potential pairs, and Mike asks “Do you think they live near each other?” Kaysar: “They both live in Texas, that's for sure.” Mike: “Do they both live in Waco?” Kaysar: “No, but they can make that s*** up...they can just say some town, somewhere.” Michael: “It's too coincidental that we have 7 people here from Miami.” Kaysar: “Right, but it's almost as if they wanted them to be discovered, to make this thing some big rat race. They put Janelle in here because she could easily figure out the connection with Ivette & Beau. Why is Ivette campaigning so much against Janelle? Because she knows she's getting too close. I'm trying to figure out what would happen if I opened the floodgates, which has to happen.”

Kaysar tells Michael that they need to continue doing what they are doing, that they cannot end up in the same alliance. Kaysar says “No one in a million years will realize that me and Howie are together, no one! We shook on it, and I have his word, now if I can get Rachel, it's done.” Kaysar also says that James is somewhat on his side, so it shouldn't be too hard to win him over. Mike says “tell me more about Sarah.” Kaysars says “I have no idea, she seems naive and very sweet and not able to make decisions.” Mike says “I think she has a little crush on me which could work to our advantage.” Kaysar says “not necessarily.” Kaysar says that the BB producers set up the show so that all of the pairs would get caught. Michael says that Rachel and Maggie are the only two flying under the radar right now; he thinks they would naturally team up with one another. Mike says the one good thing about Janelle is that she appears to be on her own, and Kaysar agrees “she really doesn’t have anyone.” Mike says “we need 2 other people; you and I need to get to the end with Janelle and Rachel.” Mike tells Kaysar to tell the Floridians one-by-one that he (Kaysar) knows that they all know each other, but to tell them each he will keep it secret. Kaysar says “if I call a meeting and point them out it would be chaos! Ivette will go for a kitchen knife and try to slit me.” (LOL)

Michael says he is trying to keep open ears when Eric comes to talk to him. Kaysar says “Eric is ready to turn on you in a heartbeat; he's telling you one thing and saying something else to everyone.” Mike asks “what's he saying?” Kaysar: “As far as the dinner tonight, Eric was telling you good job, and then he’s telling me that ‘this guy doesn't know what he's doing.’ He was trying to make you out to be incompetent in front of James and Sarah. It was around 9:00 tonight when he was doing it, appeared to me he was trying to get James to be more against you. Until this thing blows over, we'll have a common enemy: Ivette. Then Eric can be completely exposed.”

Michael tells Kaysar to wake him at night, even at 5:00 a.m. to have these talks and then they agree to keep all contact at a minimum. Mike then tells him that he can’t just let James ‘float’. He knows that James doesn’t trust anyone. Kaysar says he doesn’t think that James is with anyone, Mike says “I don’t think so either.” Then Kaysar says “so you think he could know Sarah, they are both from Florida and close in age.” Mike says “they kind of look like they could be going out.” Mike then says he wants to work on April a little bit. Kaysar agrees that she is acting suspicious. Mike says “I think this is why she got upset and said I was being too touchy feely - She was sitting on the couch and I said 'oh, you're sooo sweet’ and I started touching her face. I told her she has an interesting chin, and her face got red and she said 'how did you know?' She had a chin implant; and it made her so upset that I noticed before she could [come clean]. That’s when Eric came up to me telling me to cut it out, the girls are uncomfortable, and it's disrespectful.” Then Mike says “I know when girls are comfortable or not around me, I have 2 sisters and I’m not in high school.” Kaysar and Mike agree that Jennifer is trying to pit Mike and James against one another.

James is up now, on his way to the bathroom, Mike & Kay hear him coming, Mike jumps in the potty, .James comes in and asks Kay if anyone is in there, then just at that moment Mike flushes and comes out. James goes in and Mike tells Kaysar they should go to bed. Mike hits the sack; Kaysar gets his mat out and prays a bit, James goes back to bed. Kaysar then stands alone in front of the memory wall pondering couples for a while and then FINALLY he goes to bed too!


Eric is up alone right now and preparing lots of veggies for his future breakfast omelets and hash browns for everyone. Ashlea and Sarah get up around 7:00 and are in the bathroom, Ashlea complains about sleeping with guys and having her boob grabbed. Sarah & Ashlea find Eric in the kitchen. Ashlea complains to Eric about Howie groping her during the night and how he got into bed with her while she was sleeping. Ashlea is quite upset and begins crying. She was only upset for a moment and once she was calm she started talking about the fish and how they are dying (2 more are dead in the tank). Eric says he doesn't need to be the caretaker. Sarah says she's sure they'll get an expert to come in and help them figure out what’s killing the fish. Eric tells Ashlea about an empty bed, she thanked Eric and went back to bed.

Sarah and Eric are talking about how Kaysar broke their trust. Eric says there are the people who you hang out with and get along with and then there are the people that are playing the game. Eric says he can't take the chance of Janelle winning (HOH) or he's going up. Eric: “Did you see the s*** she has in her duffle bag?” Sarah says Janelle was in tears because they took half her makeup. Sarah says she thought Janelle was a drag queen at first, Eric comments that her ‘over doneness is so sad.’ Eric says that if Ashlea’s eviction is anything other than 10 to 1 then someone is lying. Eric comments that the live show is Tuesday and someone will be going home, Sarah says that she's heard it's on Thursday.

A little after 8:00 and Rachel has gotten up, Eric is still making fixings for breakfast; he is now grating fresh potatoes for hash browns. Eric starts talking about Ashlea being upset this morning. He said Howie got into bed with Ashlea without her knowing it and that her sweatshirt was half way up when she woke up. At this point the camera has a close up of Rachel's shocked reaction and Rachel says “no he wouldn’t do that.” And Eric says “she was really upset and crying!” Sarah says “Ashlea thought Janelle was going to sleep with her and that Howie was sleeping with me, and had I known that I would have corrected her because, no offense to Howie, but I don’t like to sleep with guys I don't know.” Eric and Sarah don't understand why he slept with her when there are two empty beds that no one slept in. Eric says he talked to Howie yesterday about not touching the girls so much because it is offensive. (Ed note: It is unclear if Rachels reaction was surprise at Howie sleeping with Ashlea, or if it was because she was surprised by Ashlea’s crying over it.)

Sarah has gone upstairs to change her pants and Eric starts to whisper to Rachel “James pissed Mike off last night, he was telling him not to use all the wine, then he told Mike to stop complaining ‘like a b*tch’”. Rachel says that James seems to be one that whines a lot. Eric thinks James is dangerous and Rachel agrees, saying "noted and observed".

Around 8:30 and both Sarah and Rachel are walking around the yard. Sarah says “wow, this really wakes you up, doesn't it?” They discuss doing laundry later, and gathering all the towels together. Rachel says “we're all about clean, that's good.” Sarah says she is used to using a towel 3 or 4 times at home. Rachel says “me too, but it's hard in a house with so many people.”

Maggie is up now and says she isn’t feeling well from the pasta she ate. Eric is now telling Maggie about Ashlea freaking out this morning over Howie being in bed with her...Eric says she made more out of it than needed to be. Eric: “Ashlea said her shirt was halfway up, come on! Howie is harmless, as much as he fools around; he's a sensitive guy that cares about people.” Then Eric says “and I hope Mike will calm down today.” Here comes Ivette now in the kitchen with Maggie, Rachel and Eric. Ivette says “Michael was cranky last night! He was so cranky! I tried to talk to him about it (Aprils issues with him, because she is a married woman etc.), he said he can’t believe it, that everyone knows he is joking. I think because he is good looking, he thinks women want him to be like that.”

Ivette says “I guess I'll have a fried egg tomorrow.” Eric: “I can whip up an omelet for you right now, right now!!” Ivette: “I'm just not a big fan of omelets, you know?” Eric reacts to that: “I'm going to make your breakfast, so just wait.”
Ivette “I'll eat your hash browns, but I'm going to have 2 fried eggs.” Eric: “I'll make it, just sit down. Do you want bacon too?” Ivette: “Yes. I'll make it.”She starts getting pans out of the cabinets and Eric is about to lose his cool and says “Can you just wait until I get the hash browns done?” Eric insists that he will make her eggs and asks how she wants the yolks. Ivette said “I'll eat it any way you do it.” Eric, interrupting says “OK, OK, OK, that's the way I'll make them.” Someone asks if the bacon should be sputtering like that (it’s in the microwave.) Eric tersely replies “No, she should have covered it!!” Meanwhile, Rachel got her own cereal and somehow escaped the wrath of Chef Eric for doing so.


Sarah and James are in the bathroom whispering. Sarah is telling him about the whole Howie/Ashlea drama from last night. He says “ohhhhh boy.” April comes in and they engage her in the conversation, then James leaves. She is cursing up a storm that Michael cussed her out last night and she is upset that Eric mentioned her name when he admonished Michael for his behavior.

Meanwhile Eric is still cooking for everyone. He just finished making Aprils breakfast, now he is outside and asks James what he wants. He says “Oh, I don't want eggs. I'm going to have Eggbeaters, no oil or anything.” Eric says “no problem and I will add some turkey bacon that you like.”

Howie is up now and places his order with Eric, says “he wants just scrambled eggs with no tomato or onion or anything that will make me sick.” Eric seems a little worn down at this point and agrees to do it. Eric says: “You know, this is just potatoes (the hash browns), there's nothing in there that will hurt you or make you sick.” Howie: “It would be like putting a winter coat on little Jenny, I just don’t need it! I don't need any of that other stuff to get in the way!

Outside April and Ivette are talking and trashing both Janelle and Ashlea. They talk about them being empty-headed, shallow, and arrogant.

It’s just before 11:30 a.m. and April is talking about how horrified she would be if she saw streak marks in her underwear. April says she’s upset at the double standard of “guys can sleep around like crazy, and girls can't.” Howie says to April, “you could go to the gas station and within 10 minutes you could be in the bathroom having sex.” Mike says: “That's a really stupid story, but it's probably true.” Then Howie says “April you could go down a street and knock on doors, I bet before you get through 10 doors you would find somebody to bang you good.” Howie said he has slept with about 40 girls, “not including all of the girls that I've kissed, or went down on, or had s*** me, it's probably in the thousands.” Mike says he has to turn down lots of girls, he's flattered by the attention, but....and Howie agrees saying some girls are ‘not clean’. (Finally the subject was changed!)

Eric announced a while ago that he is making a beef stew for tonight, so he made the announcement that "somebody else can do lunch". Ivette said “Well, my chunky butt is making a grilled cheese.” It is before noon and Eric is back in the kitchen already peeling carrots over the trash can, starting on the stew. Ivette walks through the kitchen and Eric comments about how she didn't help in the kitchen. Ivette says “I asked you if you needed help and you said NO!” Eric: “Yeah, about cooking, but not about cleaning up!”

Beau and Ivette are now lying in the same bed, whispering then Michael came in. Michael and Beau discuss a Bible that someone brought. Beau starts to read a passage to Michael and the passage mentions a 'prudent wife'. Mike says he thinks she would be patient and careful, watchful, and a godsend. Beau says “being a prude?” Mike: “No, you don't know what prudent means?” Mike starts to explain it and in comes Eric who explains “a prude person doesn't do anything, a prudent person thinks before they do something.”

Outside Sarah tells Maggie about the drama last night with Ashlea and Howie. Sarah can't understand why Howie didn't get into one of the two empty beds.
Sarah also tells Maggie that Eric told Mike that some girls were uncomfortable and he should calm down. BB calls April and Sarah into the DR (Sarah was in the pool and has to get out now.) James figures out that they are calling the fish lovers into the DR (due to all the fish death in the house).


James and Kaysar are upstairs playing chess and talking something about the pairs and as Kaysar is ready to reveal some info to James, here comes Ivette. Once she leaves, Kaysar reveals to James the Beau and Ivette are paired. James says he wants to tell Eric..then we got FISH.

Janelle told Ashlea they are screwed, saying the votes will be 10-1 to evict Ashlea. Then Janelle says the only way to get revenge is to ‘get that b**** out". Now Maggie has joined them and Ashlea is saying “there's nothing I can say against Kaysar, he is a good guy.” Ashlea says that Eric is campaigning against her, threatening her. She says that Eric is making her feel like s*** because he isn't even in trouble right now, she's the one on the block. Maggie really wants this to be a positive experience, so she is telling Janelle and Ashlea to have fun while they're here, saying “when you go on the block, you feel like the time is going away and can't have fun anymore….” Ashlea interrupts and says “well I've been on the block since the beginning.” Maggie continues and says “you can't get upset when you walk into a room and feel like people were talking about you, because that happens to everyone.” She said she knows Janelle and Ash were talking before she entered the room but it doesn't bother her.

Eric and Kaysar are talking and Eric tries to convince Kaysar he is wrong about pairings, telling him that “the whole Florida thing could all be coincidence. I don't know what to think.” Kaysar says “maybe we should just bury this.” Eric tells him “you have to keep your emotions in check.” Eric: “How do I know you and Mike aren’t together? Have Ivette & Beau insinuated they know each other?” Kaysar: “Not as much as Ashlea and Janelle.”

Later, Eric was talking to Ivette “you can’t trust James as far as you can throw him. He has Kaysar all worked up and believing that you & Beau have an alliance. Kaysar has got to go. James is talking sh** about you, he said that you me and Beau have an alliance.” Ivette says she is more afraid of Michael then of Kaysar. Eric says Kaysar must go, next week. Eric and Ivette are face to face, and Eric makes her swear that she won't go out there and confront anyone; he makes her look him in the eye and promise again. Eric says “It's getting crazy out there!” With that he gets under the covers.

1:30 PM

HG’s on lockdown in the backyard. Kaysar & Janelle are outside discussing the pair connections. Kaysar is speculating that not everyone has a partner, just some of them. He says he is only sure about Ivette and Beau. Kaysar tells Janelle he talked to Eric, and she is not happy. She said “you should never, never have done that.” She tells him that now that people know how smart he is, it will be really dangerous for him.

Eric heads right to James to talk about Michael. Eric says “I don't really care; I know he's mad at me after last night. He was using all the wine in his f*ing sauce, I like to drink wine and he was using it all. If he gets put up, he's got my vote. He's too unstable; he's probably the reason why the knives got taken out of the house.”

Once lock down was over, James and Kaysar headed for the chess area and there was fun going on in the pool with Janelle and Beau. They are taking turns doing cheerleader jumps into the pool while calling out their surfboard challenge team colors. Janelle does a mid-air split and yells “Go Orange!” Beau does the same jump and yells “Go Blue!” They are cracking up, and so is Ashlea on the side of the pool. On Janelle's next round, Beau calls out for her to do a herkie jump, so she gives it a try. Every time one of them jumped, gallons of water splashed out of the pool. And Janelle almost smacked her leg on the side of the pool trying the herkie jump.

April and Beau are now sitting together outside, April talking about Michael and how it will be very hard to get him out of the house. April: “He goes from one extreme to the other”, then Beau says he can see him as a verbal abuser. April: “I think he's a very strong contender and that's the only reason I think he should go next if he doesn't get HOH”, Beau: “But in the end if you are against him who are they going to vote for?” April: “He'll take any one of us out before getting to that point, I know someone has to be at that point, he will pick off people so quickly, Ivette, me or Jenny.” Beau: “It's weird I should ask him.” April says “no don’t ask!” Beau: “I hope he wouldn't put up me.” April: “no, he wouldn’t.” Beau: “He told me last night that a lot of people see him as an arrogant pampas a**hole”, April says that he is in a way, “if I had to go somewhere and be sequestered with him, I couldn’t listen to his stories for 60 days, if I hear those stories for 60 days, I'll become violent.” They both laugh. April says “you shouldn’t talk high and mighty above other people’s level.”

Janelle is with Rachel in the HOH telling her about the connection between Ivette and Beau.... Talking about when Beau referred to ‘The Cafeteria’ (saying the apple crunch is better there), and Ivette works there. Rachel doesn’t quite get it, so Janelle tells her about over hearing Ivette say to Beau that they should have both brought their drums, Rachel says, "she said that?" Janelle thinks its way too much of a coincidence that her and Ivette live a block apart. Rachel asks “who else knows?” Janelle says she thinks that James knows. Janelle “they (Beau & Ivette) know so much about South Beach, they know each other.” Rachel says they do seem to be in sync with one another. The two of them are trying to figure out how to trap Beau into saying something so they can "bust" him. Rachel says “I will think about it, I'll start observing, having the HOH room upstairs I am not as connected with everyone.” Janelle continues: “They can just pick us off one by one if Beau is working the girls and Ivette has the guys. It's just too much of a coincidence that we live a block apart.” Rachel opens the door to the HOH and as a cover in case anyone was listening, says “yes you can use my bathroom,” Then Janelle calls her back over and asks her not to tell anyone. Rachel says she won't because she's not comfortable talking to anyone right now. There's a knock at the door and its Sarah asking to use the HOH bathroom.

4:00 PM

Mike and Kaysar are on the storage rm talking, Kaysar saying he needs to get off the block. Mike is telling him to relax. Kaysar is saying they absolutely cannot trust Eric; he is trying to align himself with everyone. Then Sarah walked in.

Outside there is a group sitting around the pool. When April asks about packing for eviction night, she tells Kaysar that he can shove his things under her bed. Howie says “he won't get them back for a while”, and April says "he's not leaving." Ivette and April say they are jealous that the viewers know eviction day and they don’t.


Ivette and April are outside talking and Ivette tells April that she will put Jennifer up if she gets HOH (not knowing April is Jennifer’s partner and possibly her Aunt?). Ivette then says "Janelle, Eric and Kaysar are the oddball group; we’ve got to split them up." Both girls want Mike out, but they say that if Mike gets POV, they are worried. They want to be sure that no one puts Mike up, so that they can use the POV to put him up after the fact. April: "Ashlea told me she doesn't want to be here more than 2 weeks and Janelle is a nothing." (Ivette wonders how many people (viewers) are talking about them.)

All 4 cams swap to Kaysar and Mike on the hammock. Mike says (generally speaking) “if you don't have the spine to talk to me and not behind my back, you're gone. There's nothing worse." Kaysar says he does not trust the alliance that they have with Eric. Michael says (referring to Ivette and April), “there’s something up with those two over there.” Then Mike says "I'll tell you who I want out, I want April out, I want Ivette out, I want James out, I want them all out." Michael tells Kaysar to do the best he can to stay in. Kaysar says he is trying to figure out Janelle. Mike says "Do you think everybody here knows somebody?" Kaysar: "Almost everybody knows each other." Kaysar: “Eric's like ‘I don't know anybody, big deal if they know each other.’ He (Eric) is up to something.” Mike: “Yeah, but he's gonna burn, he’s been on full battery charge the whole time and that’s a bad way to start the game.”

Feeds switched then came back to Kaysar and Mike. Kaysar telling Mike: “I need Ivette out of here.” Mike: “Ivette's a pain in the a**, she's very insecure.” Kaysar: “I wonder if we put her on the block next week if we’d have enough votes to get her out of here.” Mike: “I really want April out of here, she is an f’in s*** talker.” Kaysar says “dude take it easy man.” Mike says Rachel did something strange, “I was listening to her music and she said she has been sleeping on the floor, so I asked if I could sleep in the HOH with her and she said ‘I don't think so’, I thought it was kind of weird.” (BB calls Howie to the DR). Kaysar: “Howie definitely knows somebody, but I don’t know who yet.”

Everyone was called in for dinner at around 6:30. Beau said grace before dinner. Ashlea asked Eric what his wife would say if he wanted to have 14 people over for dinner. James asked Eric if the firehouse can still eat without him being there. Howie can’t stop complimenting Eric on the awesome meal. Eric says "Howie's the reason I cook, it’s like he's going to the chair. Look at this guy!" Howie still raving about dinner says to Eric "how can I make this up to you? I will make it up to you, physically, sexually, whatever you need!" And Eric responds "notice he didn’t say mentally!" Dinner winds down and who is doing the dishes is the topic on the menu. April says “okay who hasn’t done the dishes yet? I mean a full load of dishes?” No one really said much of anything, so James took the lead and they are cleaning up.

Jennifer and April are talking who the pairs might be. April says “Janelle and Ashlea...”, then Jenn says “another rumor is Beau and Ivette”, April says “I don't think that's it.” They said flirting helped in other seasons, but they don’t think it will help here. Jenn is concerned what people with think about her when she leaves, saying that the people on this year's BB are a ‘vastly’ different group than in years past. They were talking about missing home and Jen said she is worried her boyfriend won't be there when she gets home because Ivette made it sound like she slept with Michael. Ivette came outside right now, and April went inside.

8:00 PM

Kaysar and Beau in the LR on the sofas Kaysar asks “Do you think we will have a luxury competition anytime soon?” Beau: “Who knows…we will probably do HOH competition tomorrow, they're not gonna give Rachel two weeks of HOH. Everything in this house is like a puzzle.” Kaysar: “Why?” Beau: “Everything connects, it's like those wall pieces all connect, and the wall connects. The puzzle pieces all connect, you know?” Kaysar asks Beau if he still thinks there’s another room. Beau says yes. Then Beau asks Kaysar “Did you have a Girlfriend before you left?” Kaysar said no. Then Beau asked “have you ever had a girlfriend?” Kaysar said no. Beau: “No?? You’re 24 and never had a girlfriend?” (Feeds switched).
James and Eric are talking right now. James wants to make the vote unpredictable to the others and he suggests voting for Kaysar so the vote ends up 9-2 and then the others would be saying "who the f***?" Eric asks “do we tell 'the core group?” James: “If we're gonna be the last 2, we've got to keep this s*** between us.”

Eric says to Ivette: “No matter who gets HOH, 'that plan' has to go into effect.” Ivette: “I'm not liking the vibe at all from Michael, Janelle, or Kaysar.” Eric says “those 3 are dumb!” Ivette says that Mike says the other guys are jealous of him, and then she says she told Mike he is scary when he gets mad. Eric says: “Men aren't jealous of him; he's got f’in man-titties.” Ivette: “The guy is teetering scariness.” Eric says “he can go, and James feels the same way, this is not a boy/girl thing.”

Michael and Eric are with Jennifer and she is crying, saying “I just don't want this house to ‘f’ up my real life. What's making me cry is I have a boyfriend at home who isn't my boyfriend anymore.” (This because of Ivette making it look like she (Jenn) slept with Michael and Ivette and some of the other girls telling her she shouldn’t be acting so ‘loose’.) Michael says: “I would be more than happy to talk to your boyfriend when we get out.” This conversation was long, Michael ended up defending his own actions to Eric, by saying that if people have a problem with him, they should go to him and not talk s*** behind his back. Eric asks Michael “do women you know feel uncomfortable coming up to you?” Michael says “never”, and then Eric says “well maybe these women do.” Michael admitted: “maybe I overdid it, I will cut it out, and it’s done, no more.” He eventually leaves the room and Jenn continues crying and goes on and on about the game, and how much she can’t stand Ivette.

A little while later, Ashlea and Jennifer were in the gold room. Ash says “Ivette starts so much s*** in this house…” Jennifer chimes in “and nobody thinks to nominate her, it's so hypocritical. Howie's gonna be next after Michael's gone.” Ashlea: “I think it's because Howie is verbal.” Jennifer says “how come Howie can grab our asses, but Mike can't go *bite bite bite* on our necks?”
Jennifer explains “he was doing something above my head and April said to stop that and Michael said 'Who are you, my mother? Go fetch a duck' As soon as he walked away, Ivette got everybody hating on Michael. Then Eric confronted him. That's why he was acting the way he was last night. He shut up. He was very distant.”

James, Ivette, and Rachel are talking. James says he is going to be embarrassed in front of all his friends tomorrow (on the show). They laugh about him flexing and kissing his pecs during the competition. Rachel says “it will be the veto competition and ceremony”, Ivette says BB gives them too much free time. They talk about tomorrow’s show some more and Ivette says she thinks the eviction is on Thursday. James is still thinking there will be a dual eviction this week, one on Tues. or Thurs. and one on Saturday. Ivette says "never underestimate these people, they are making television.”

9:00 PM

Jennifer is still talking to Ashlea. Jenn says “the world is going to think we're so hot, let’s face it, they put hot young gorgeous people in here.” Talking about previous houseguests one says “Drew was cute but bad personality, good to look at and Jase attractive until he opened his mouth.” Ashlea tells Jen to get in with Rachel and Sarah, that it will protect her against Ivette and April.

Eric and Maggie are in the bathrm, Beau joins them. Eric relates what had occurred with Mike (and Jennifer). Maggie was asking Eric if Jen was honestly upset or playing a role. She told Eric to be careful, everyone in this world has to stick up for themselves and told Eric to be careful doing it for anyone, adding; “It's their own responsibility.”

Almost everyone is outside. Ivette and Eric are freaking out about Mike. Ivette says “you can't call him on anything, he just freaks out!” Eric: “I walked into that room and I can tell it was uncomfortable, I could feel the tension. When I walk into a domestic, that’s how it feels. When he left the room, she just fell apart she just f*in fell apart.” Eric also said he "called out the producers" on this problem with Mike and he (Eric) is not going to allow this sort of thing to go on in the house. Eric: "All those contracts don't mean a ***** thing because federal laws have been broken, there's sexual harassment." Eric goes on to say he will walk out right now, he will pack his things and walk out, he will not compromise people's safety. Ivette is agreeing, saying that Mike freaks out, he is dangerous. Eric: “His aggressiveness is escalating; there is no doubt in my mind he is getting more aggressive.”

Maggie and Eric are in the bathroom and Maggie is telling Eric she heard Jen's view of what happened in the gold room. Maggie said she Jenn totally downplayed it. Eric said “of course because she doesn't want to get in trouble or be a target. He knew it wasn't right, the vibe in the room, it was bad.” Eric said if he sees something wrong, he doesn't give a s***, he's speaking up. Maggie says she's just concerned that he is going to hurt himself doing that. Maggie says she supports Eric 100% and can see he feels strongly about this. Eric goes on explaining all his training and how he knows Mike’s behavior is wrong and he's not allowing it. Eric now saying Jen can sleep with him and he won't touch her. Maggie says “no, she should sleep with April. I think April is Jen's Aunt and THAT'S who Jen should sleep with, a family member - if she's really traumatized.”
Maggie is telling Eric "how unfortunate this all is, if he's a normal person (Michael)” Now Eric says "you got me thinking, am I wrong? Is he NOT F**** up?" Maggie says “no, no I think we all see that something is off with him. Ivette comes in talking about walking on egg shells around Mike. Maggie says to Ivette, this is the problem; this can be very dangerous if he really is that way, we have to be careful how this is handled. Eric says producers told him they will investigate this, because Eric told them about his training and experience with this.”

10:00 PM

The house is in a mass hysteria over Michael and all that has gone wrong with him. Ivette and Maggie tell Eric, April (and I’m not sure who else) that Mike has such a weird vibe. Eric says “BB said they will investigate, I told them to review the tapes.” Ivette says his body language is scary, and the creepy look in his eyes.” Eric says he can’t go to bed right now. Eric says "I'm so concerned about this situation right now; I could just walk out that front door right now, and go back to my family.” Eric is going on and on and on about this situation and its seriousness. Around 10:15 Eric is called into the DR.

Meanwhile, Howie and Mike are playing foosball. Then as they are walking out off the feed, you hear Mike go “can I join you, or am I a pervert..lol?” Mike says to Howie “man everyone has alliances going on.” Howie says “That's ok, while they are busy with their alliances, I'll evict them all!”

Mike tells Kaysar and Howie in the backyard “Ivette was my favorite person at the beginning; she's got a good side.” But now he wants her out, she's too nuts.
Mike explaining that the girls made Jennifer feel like dirt. Mike understands why Jenn was talking to him and where it was coming from. He says Eric starts talking about sexual harassment to him and he thought "dude get off yourself.” Mike says he's gonna do exactly what Howie does and live in his own world "you got it down bro, you got it down”, Howie says “I'm gonna be president of USA one day.” They all laugh.

Jennifer goes outside at around 10:30 and Mike yells “Jennifer, give me a hug!” She says is looking for a charm that fell off her bracelet. Mike says “come on play Frisbee.” She says she doesn’t know how, she is a girl. But they are playing now anyway..seemingly having a fun time of it.

Just before 11:00 Ivette says (to April and Jennifer and not sure who else) “girls, I'm going to pray for us, sit up.” She's making all the girls join hands so she can say Our Father for them. They're in the main bedroom. Ivette: “You join in whenever you feel it's necessary, no joking around.” Ivette reads it in English and Spanish while the women recite it along with her in English. Ivette: “In times like this we do need to be delivered from evil.” Ivette now reads a different prayer in Spanish, to protect them all from evil. Ivette: “Girls I just felt the need to do this. We should get together every night and at least say our prayer. April said “God created all of us.”

Inside almost all the HG’s are in the bathroom where there is a lot of clowning around courtesy of Howie. Mike and Kay are out back on the hammock. Mike telling Kay to relax, “last night you looked like you hadn’t slept in 10 days.” Mike says “we can't let these people get to us. If we keep a level head they'll respect us and wonder what we're thinking. All of this behavior from them is out of weakness.” Kaysar says they're packing like 12 people in the bathroom right now.” Mike says: “Let them, let them talk. I haven’t done anything wrong, I'm not playing ‘I want to lick your balls, I'm playing a game here’.”

Just before midnight Mike says to the patio crowd (April, Beau, Kay, Howie, Janelle): “there's so much gossiping, and backstabbing in the house, I'm just going to ignore it, and if you guys want, you can all just lose the next competition and let me take it (they all laugh.)” Howie made a comment to Jennifer as she was walking outside, Mike never stopped he just kept talking to say his piece. It seemed well received and nobody argued about it.

Beau, April and Jenn are in the bathroom area whispering, Beau saying “they've all given Ashlea so much crap and such a hard time this week but not Kaysar, he's just been laying low, .and she's taking all this...(someone walked in). Beau may be trying to work at getting Kaysar more votes now.


In the gold room, we have night vision. April is mimicking Mike saying how he was outside telling the guys “why don’t you just lose all the competitions to me so I can boot you’re a**es out of here.” Maggie says “anyone but Mike has to win HOH.” Eric says “if I win he is going up.” (duh..lol). Eric says “I don't think James is connecting everyone, I think he's backing off of it. I think James and Sarah are the only twist.” Maggie says “there is no way to get rid of James because whoever we put up, they are wanted out more than James.” Eric said someone asked him if there was an alliance between him and Ivette, then he said “James told me that he thinks Ivette and Beau know each other from before.” Maggie: “I think Howie and Rachel are brother and sister.” Maggie is sure that James is playing Eric to see if the things he tells Eric, Eric tells Maggie. They agree that James is very sneaky. Maggie says she is scared of Ivette getting close to James because she likes Ivette on a personal level. Eric mentions that BB has told him security is on set 24/7 and they will not intervene unless they see an immanent threat, whoever told him this also told him “don’t fan the flames.” Maggie asks Eric “you will wake me up in the morning won't you?” Yes, Eric whispers. A slight pause and then Maggie says “Eric, I wouldn't want to be here without you.” They both settle in for the night and there is silence.

Howie studies wall of pictures, again. Kaysar, Mike & Janelle laugh at him. It's Howie's nightly ritual now to study the picture wall and the house before bed.
Janelle yells from upstairs “what are you looking at the picture wall for?” Howie: “I was thinking of taking your key and sleeping with it.” Now they are all upstairs at the chess table and Howie and Janelle both agree that Ivette is a lesbian. Kaysar says that the girls “made Jenny cry today, they told her, you have a boyfriend and to stop slutting yourself around.” Jan: "Who said this?" Kaysar: “A group of girls.” Jan: "WTF is their problem? They're crazy.” Kaysar: "So Jenny now doesn't really talk to Micheal. She’s been brainwashed because she is so insecure.”
Jan: "I can't believe they made her cry." After playing chess they discuss who they would put on the block. Janelle says she would put up Ivette and Beau. Kaysar is not so sure of what he would do, but probably would put up Ivette and someone. Howie never answers. They say they will remain a group and want to get James and Michael in their corner. They are a bit scared of Ivette or Eric getting HOH.

They all were settled somewhere before 3:00 A.M.