Voting, Iraq, and Boobies

7:00 am

Eric is the first one up about 7:15 am. The first thing he does is go to the kitchen sink and run dishwater, then fill the sink with dirty dishes. Then, while the dishes are soaking, he grabs some clothes and goes into the WC to change. After he gets out, he washes his face, brushes his teeth, then goes back to the kitchen to wash dishes....Then Eric makes coffee and starts cleaning the stove...Then he goes outside and starts washing towels....Eric brings a few glasses from inside and washes them....Then he sits at the counter with his coffee and a glass of water....This whole process has taken about half an hour.

While Eric is in the kitchen, Michael gets up, grabs a purple towel, and goes into the WC. When he gets out of the WC, he's still zipping up his pants. He throws the purple towel back on the sink area. (Note: I don't even want to think about what Michael was doing with that towel in the WC.)...Then Mike washes his hands, and dries them on a clean yellow towel, and goes back to bed. (Why didn't Michael use the purple towel?)

8:00 am

Rachel comes into the kitchen a little after 8:00 am and Eric immediately starts angrily complaining about what a mess the house is. He says that when he got up there was a sink full of dishes, dirty towels, and glasses outside. Eric intimates that it is the late night crowd that left things messy....Eric wants Rachel to call a meeting because he doesn't want to call out anyone singly....Eric then goes outside to work out while Rachel feeds the fish.....Then Rachel cuts her hand with a slicer and says it's a good thing they don't have knives.

Maggie comes into the kitchen and Rachel tells her about Eric's rants that the house is a pig sty...As other HGs get up, Eric continues to complain about the fact that he had to wash a sinkful of dishes this morning and that Ashlea and Janelle were up until 4:30 am and did nothing about the dirty dishes.....Several of the HG have gone to sit outside, and while he lifts weights, Eric continues to complain about how the messy house is f*ckin' unacceptable and Rachel needs to call a meeting. (FYI—Based on varying accounts of updaters, it's unclear if Eric washed all the dishes in the sink, or if Ashlea/Jen washed some the night before.)

Finally Eric walks off and Maggie/James/April/Rachel sit around the patio table...They talk about the fact that some people were up all night and try to figure out who went to bed when....April says that Howie went to bed 45 minutes after Beau, and that Howie noticed the messy house last night and said he was going to clean it up before he went to bed...April also says that Kaysar said he stays up so he can pray before going to bed so that his alarm clock doesn't wake people....(Hmmm, Kaysar was up until 4:30 am the night before but he was talking to Janelle. Kaysar did, however, pray before going to bed.)

The conversation continues, but April does most of the talking....She says that April and Michael are building up an alliance and that they (the group at the table) need to get rid of Michael next week...Maggie says it's a crapshoot who would be nominated if either Janelle or Kaysar got HOH....April thinks that Kaysar might put up Michael because Michael can't walk into a room without hitting somebody. (Uh April, think again.)

April wonders how long Michael will take in the WC because she needs to go "poop." She says that tobacco is her laxative. (Interesting that April thinks that other people want to hear about this stuff.)...Then Rachel mentions that there is long blonde hair everywhere, and that she found a blonde hair in her apple crisp. (We know that Janelle has hair extensions. Hmm, and she also made the apple crisp the day before.)

Maggie then goes over to help Eric lift weights and talk strategy....Maggie tells Eric not to make the announcement to the others to "stop being pigs." Eric assures Maggie he's over it...Eric tells Maggie that James "wants a piece" of her" and told Eric that outside the house he could hang with Maggie...Maggie says that James is gunning for her, and Eric assures her that "Rachel's got (James') number....Then Maggie goes inside to help James put away the dishes in the kitchen.

9:00 am

Outside, April rags on Michael to Rachel and James...She says Michael talks down to the other HGs.....Eric chimes in that Michael was the kid that was picked on in school and now he has his chance....James then says, "But now (Michael) picks on little girls."

James speculates on who are friends, and tells Rachel and April that Janelle and Ashlea are friends, and maybe Michael and Kaysar....The Michael bashing continues, with Eric calling Michael a pathological liar...James says he's not that deep...Eric tells James that he thinks Michael knows exactly what he's doing and isn't as stupid as James thinks he is.

BTW—BB has started to call HGs into the diary room for voting and good-bye messages.

Ivette has now joined the group and she starts making fun of the conversation she and Michael had the night before. April says she thought Ivette was really into the conversation with Michael, but Ivette says she wasn't, that Michael is "scary and weird." (Note: Updaters watching the conversation between Ivette and Michael say she was into it.) James chimes in with, "He's got man titties."....Ivette continues complaining about various HGs: Kaysar with his "Muslim drama," that Michael is "just weird," and Janelle is a diva.

The group brings up the fact that Michael brings a towel with him into the WC to cover himself (from the camera? Is that what Michael was doing?) April complains that Michael may spill some pee on the towel and she doesn't want to rub pee on her face with the towel. (For once, I agree with April. Yuck.)...Janelle says Michael watches women in the shower. April says Michael asked Maggie in the shower the other day whether she was shaving her balls.

The group talks about how they have almost forgotten the cameras....Ivette says that BB has said they won't film them changing (what fun is that?) but that if they move into a shot, someone on the Internet could freeze frame it...They don't think that Internet viewers can see all the cameras and try to figure out which cameras are for the Internet....They also were told that no one has ever been captured naked in the BB house. (Ha! Didn't they watch BB5?)

Ivette continues her rant...She says that Janelle is a pathological liar because she said she made $600 a night in tips...Then they talk about post-show interviews they will have to do. Ivette says they won't do post-show interviews until HGs people actually like leave the house, so the won't do any interviews with a loser like Ashlea.

James has left the patio table and gone to join Eric lifting weights...James tells Eric that Kaysar was up until 4:30 am with Janelle. (Eric thought it was Ashlea and Janelle who were up all night.)...James says Kaysar probably sold them out to Janelle and told her she was next....James says that Maggie and Rachel are the only two people who would give 100% in the POV competition...They suspect that Howie may have thrown the competition because the knots were not that tough...Eric says they have to stop giving information to people. James agrees and says that Ivette and Beau should be on a "need to know" basis.

Rachel is outside now putting a Band-Aid on her cut. She says that Howie and Kaysar probably used up all the Neosporin. Eric says that maybe he (Howie?) used it on himself as a lubricant. James laughs and says, "He did!" April says ,"Shut up! He didn't, did he?" James admits, "No."....Kaysar comes outside at this point and Eric asks him, "What were you doing up so late?" Kaysar said he was up to pray at 5:30. (Kaysar was up until 4:30 talking to Janelle.) Eric tells Kaysar he got up to pee and saw him and was worried. Kaysar replies that he was only up to pray and he doesn't want Eric to get any ideas. Eric replies, "No, I didn't think that." (Sure you didn't, Eric.)....Kaysar is called to the DR.

Eric asks if K was called to the DR for voting, but James says it can't be because K can't vote....Sarah is now outside with Eric and James. She says the weights(?) need some oil, and Eric says, "You know where it is. Go get it, woman!" Sarah makes a sarcastic reply and James says, "Heyyyyy, she's finally coming out of her shell!"....Sarah asks if they will all be called to the DR for voting and asks if she looks okay....Eric (kiddingly) says she looks like trailer trash. James says, "Trailer trash with nice sunglasses.".....Maggie and Rachel talk about moving the hammock to make a track for walking around the yard....K is back from the DR, and everyone says, "That was fast." K starts to tell them what it was about and they remind him that he can't talk about the DR.....James notices Rachel doing sign language and says, "Don't think I'm not on to you f*ckers." Sarah: "Too bad you don't know it." (Hmm, Rachel is with Maggie. Does Maggie know sign language, too?).

Maggie has joined them and Sarah tells Maggie she dreamt about her last night...James asks Sarah if she ever dreams about him, and she replies, "Pfft, no!" and everyone laughs....Then Eric starts running at Sarah with a bug and James says he doesn't understand why girls don't like bugs....Sarah asks if anyone has figured out how much of the $500k winnings they would keep (after taxes).Eric says $360k—he asked BB. James replies, "No way. at least 50% is taken off." (FYI—Eric is basically correct.)

10:00 am

April, Kaysar, Jen, and Ivette are in the kitchen.....Kaysar and Ivette are eating cereal...April is boiling hard-boiled eggs....April says she had to go to the hospital once for heart palpitations. She says she weighs 107 and was once 98 pounds...April asks Ivette what she can call her in Cuban...Ivette replies "My Cubina (or something like that)—means "My little Cuban."...Jen starts to sing and dance and they tell her to stop singing....Kaysar tells April he stayed up to get some time alone and so he doesn't have to bother people with his alarm clock.

11:00 am

Note: There weren't many updates, so not a lot of info here....Kaysar and Maggie had a strategy talk and she told him to hang low. They talk about how she deals with death all the time in her job. K says he would have liked to be a police officer....James had a shower and Sarah prepped for going into the DR for voting....Janelle waxes Howie's back in the kitchen. Appetizing.

12:00 noon

For quite a while, all four cameras are on a conversation between Michael and Janelle by the pool and then they go to the hot tub....However, the conversation is about nothing, such as what they'd be doing if they were outside the house....Janelle looks at her tan lines and Michael quips, "Don't flash me. Unless you want to."...Jan tells Michael that she was going to get her realtor's license but didn't because she came to the BB house instead.

Next the camera switches to a short conversation between Howie and Rachel in the HOH room....Howie plays with the channels on the spycam—it looks like he's just figured out that the spycam can see the whole house....In the conversation, Howie isn't being his usual "dumb" persona...He and Rachel list off the various pairs of HGs and they are exactly right...They discuss whether to keep Janelle...Rachel also tells Howie that everyone is gunning for Michael and Howie replies, "But he's our ally."...Rachel asks Howie how he voted and he says he's been told he can't discuss it, but he voted for "who was right."...Rachel tells Howie to be sure to pick a bed for himself and don't get into one with someone in it....Rachel also tells Howie to keep it cool and to clean up after himself...Then Rachel leaves.

In the kitchen, Beau teaches Sarah how to walk like a model. Beau obviously knows a lot about this, and Sarah picks it up quickly....BB tells Kaysar that sleeping is not allowed in the LR....Outside there is a group by the pool....Jan goes into the pool, but only up to her waist (doesn't get her hair wet)...Howie comments that one of Ashlea's bikini's looks like a carwash. You could put a quarter in it and she'd swish around....For most of this convo, the audio isn't working well, so we don't hear much of it.

1:00 pm

After going inside to change bikinis, Janelle and Jennifer come back out to the pool....Jen sits by Mike. Mike asks her how she's doing and she says she hasn't had a good couple of days...Mike blows on her leg and it doesn't seem to bother her....Mike is switching between normal, redneck, and British accents...Jennifer complains that she doesn't like the way Howie talks about her, especially when he calls her "chunk." She says she knows she isn't fat and isn't perfect, but she still doesn't like it...Janelle says Howie calls her "Golddigger."

A little later, Janelle and Mike do some big time flirting. The actual conversation is hard to hear, but is also mostly just "silly, flirting" talk.....Janelle is called inside to change her microphone battery and Mike says, "I'll be waiting for you here, Sugar Pie."....Janelle comes back and she and Mike continue to flirt....Mike uses his British accent and pretends he's James Bond and that Janelle is a Bond girl...After awhile, Rachel comes out with a digital camera and says she has an hour to take pictures...Most of the HGs go into the house for pictures but Janelle and Mike stay outside for awhile.

After awhile, Janelle and Mike join the other HGs inside for a group picture....Howie lays his head on Janelle's shoulder and she looks disgusted. She tells Howie that his hair stinks....During the picture taking session, Howie says the word "boobies" roughly every 30 seconds, for example, asking, "How do Janelle's boobies look?"....Eric also takes some pictures of people in the kitchen.

2:00 pm

Eric and James sit on the couch, and say that Janelle and Mike are very tight with each other. They say, "Kaysar has no loyalty to that b*tch (Janelle) but let him twist in the wind."...Eric takes a picture of Kaysar and Rachel(?!) says, "Kaysar, you look like a fag," then turns to Beau and says, "Sorry."...Elsewhere around the house, Ivette complains that Kaysar drank a cup and a half of orange juice and didn't offer it to anyone....Kaysar and Howie do dishes(!)....Sarah throws coasters at Sarah and James yells, "Sarah Beth stop!" Howie, Kaysar, and Jennifer, who are across from them sitting on the couch stop looking at the camera and jerk their heads up. Howie says, "Sarah Beth."

3:00 pm

The HGs are still inside....There is a short religious discussion that switches to the killing habits of various serial killers....Ivette tells Beau and Eric that Michael has moobs, then complains that Michael didn't wash dishes before showering. (Note from updater: There were no dishes left to do. Howie did most of them, and Kaysar did some.)

A little later, everyone is in the BY (lockdown?)....Howie is hassling Janelle asking, "If we were the last two people on earth, would you do me?" Janelle says, "No." Howie then says, "I'm getting wood. Will you pleasure me?" Janelle says "No" again. Howie promises no penetration, just oral. Howie continues to heckle Janelle. We can't hear what Howie says, but Janelle's reply is, "Shut up Howie. The last time I had a yeast infection was in 1996 from taking antibiotics."

Meanwhile, Mike is in the pool and there is speculation on whether he is naked. Ivette says Mike wouldn't be naked in the pool because he doesn't get naked in the shower....Inside, Eric is on a cursing spree, calling everyone "faggots." (I don't have any more information, so I don't know what Eric was cursing about.)....Outside, Janelle and Mike leave the pool. Howie says to Ashlea, "It's just you and me now. I won't bother you. Just one boobie."

In the bedroom, April and Maggie are talking....April says, "I do not like to talk about people. Everyone here has something good about them." (Huh? Don't you listen to yourself, April?)....The conversation is hard to hear, but they talk about Janelle and Kaysar, "If we had (Janelle) and Kaysar compete. She is such a baby. She may win comp."....April then says she told the DR what she thought about Mike, "Mike, we don't care where you came from, we're just sick of you putting your *****?"...Maggie says, "It's not his fault girls are putting boobs in his face." (It isn't clear whether she is talking about Mike or Howie.)

Mike stands in the doorway to the gold room with a towel around his waist, looking confused about something. Jennifer has joined Maggie and April and all three women give him disgusted looks....April calls Mike a "disgusting psycho" and says he talks to himself all the time. "I saw meds he had, I'm telling you there is something wrong with him."....Then Jennifer and April lie on the bed and pretend to cuddle, "Oh my little Texas girl." April pinches Jennifer's nipple. Jenn says it is defective because it never gets hard.

4:00 pm

An inside lockdown is called and most of the HGs gather in the bedroom. The conversation starts with pharmaceutical sales, then moves to Kaysar talking about how a fish needs to be cleaned and then a cow. James and Eric get into a fight about whether cows feel pain when they are slaughtered, and we go to fish....We come back from fish to a joke from Eric. (Note: Adult content) Eric: How do you make Martha Stewart cry twice? First f*ck her in the ass and then wipe your dick on her curtains. We go to fish just a little too late.

Next the conversation turns to the war with Iraq. (Note: This was one of the most interesting conversations of the day, but it is virtually impossible to recap. Most of the conversation was an argument between James and Eric, and they were both so emotional that they didn't make complete points, and they often talked at the same time. So, I'm just going to give you a few main points. The Update forum contains much longer summaries, but all of them are disjointed and hard to follow because the conversation was disjointed and hard to follow.)

Both James and Eric are talking very aggressively.....Eric says that nothing that happened in Iraq had to do with 9/11....James says that the Clinton administration did nothing and 9/11 could have been avoided. Eric shoots back, "What are you? A Libertarian?"....Kaysar tries twice to make a point about a friend of his in Iraq and Eric loudly cuts him off....The conversation turns to the economy going downhill.....It's not clear what remark sets him off, but Kaysar says to James, "I think of you as an intelligent person and I can't believe what's coming out of your mouth."...Eric asks Kaysar to stay....The conversation continues with all agreeing that the U.S. is a convenient scapegoat...Maggie comes in for a moment to try to lighten the conversation with a small joke and it does tone down a little....Kaysar makes the point that it's not deeply ingrained in his culture to go out and kill yourself to kill people...James says that the U.S. is giving Iraq a U.S.-type of democracy and that may not be what they want. The U.S. is pushing its culture on Iraq....Kaysar says he has never gotten to meet his aunt and cousin who live in Iraq. He knows that they are suffering...Note: Several times this conversation is interrupted by FISH, although it's not clear why....Kaysar says that his family fled Iraq because of Saddam. His uncle was killed for speaking against Saddam. They put the body on the front porch of his mother's house and charged the family for the bullet.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, the conversation is on a much lighter tone. Michael, Beau, and Jennifer are talking about what movie stars they find attractive. Michael wants a date with Jessica Beal. He makes it clear that he doesn't mean Jennifer Beale from Flashdance because she is old now....Howie walks in and he and Mike reenact a scene from Star Wars (then we get FISH).

Mike then goes in to Janelle and asks if he can brush her hair...Janelle tells Mike he's dressed kinda nerdy....The two of them dance in the bathroom, with Mike dipping Janelle from side to side. He says, "When we get out of here I'm going to buy you dancing lessons."...Then Mike strolls out of the bathroom back into the kitchen, sits down on a kitchen stool, and addresses Rachel....Mike says in a sarcastic voice, "I will not make any gestures that could be interpreted as sexually inappropriate. I will not smother my nose in a girl's neck and go "snort" anymore. I will only refer to women as 'the opposite sex.'"....Then Mike stuffs a zucchini down the front of his pants....Then Mike asks Rachel if she will go to dinner with him when this is over. Rachel laughs way too loud and says, "If you're buying, I'm eating" and then leaves....Mike then washes the zucchini because it will be part of dinner.....Eric has already started to cook dinner, and says, "Please stay away from the kitchen now, please."

In the living room, Kaysar and James are still talking about Iraq. But, without Eric there it is a very calm conversation. The strange thing is that during this conversation the FISH keep cutting in for apparently no reason, so it's difficult to follow the conversation....Kaysar says he protested against the war in Iraq because he didn't trust the intentions. He said that the sanctions against Iraq hurt the people, not Saddam....James then says, "So you want Saddam still in power?" (Then FISH)...Kaysar goes on to say that in the first gulf war, Saddam mainly had power in Baghdad. The people waiting for Bush Senior to come and they never came, so many people were slaughtered. James' answer is interrupted by FISH....James later asks Kaysar what he thinks is the solution, because any solution will cost life. Kaysar says he doesn't know. People were scared when Saddam was in power because his sons would take over and they are nuts (FISH) The conversation continues, but the FISH cut in so much it is garbled...But, at the end, Kaysar says, "This is why I came here. I want to talk about this."....James and Kaysar continue to talk, and Kaysar tells how he felt discriminated against after 9/11...Kaysar and James agree that even though they have very different points of view, they understand each other better now.....Kaysar is called to the DR.

5:00 pm

Janelle is in the Gold Room with Ashlea. She has put a white facial mask on her face. Michael comes in the room and tells her she looks like Hannibal Lechter. Michael tells her she might as well take the mask off, and she does. Janelle asks how her face looks and Mike replies, "Wonderful."....Then Mike asks Janelle when her hair extensions have to come out. There is dead silence and Janelle and Ashlea stare at each other. Janelle yells, "Michael, I hate you!"

Then Mike and Janelle go starting saying "I 'want' to put it right behind my bed" "I 'want' to put it right behind my couch." "'I' want to put it right behind my bed." etc etc. It's apparently an exercise from acting class....BB calls Ashlea to the DR and she says, "I do not want to go to the DR!"

While Ashlea is gone, Mike and Janelle talk about taking acting classes.....Kaysar is out of the DR and he and James play chess on the balcony (with no conversation)....Sarah comes up and asks if there is something going on that she should know about...James says, "No, not for three weeks." Kaysar asks, "Why three weeks?" James answers "Strategically." (Whatever that means.)

6:00 pm

Back in the gold room, Janelle, Mike, and Ashlea are working on the Gold Room safes.

In the living room, Beau walks in with Mike and (imitating Howie) says, "(Beau) grabbed my pee pee today."...Then Ivette and Howie play a game throwing coasters.

In the Gold Room, Mike has left, and Ashlea tells Janelle that Mike has a crush on her. Janelle asks if Kaysar would date her. She thinks he's cute and looks like some of her ex-boyfriends. Ashlea replies, "Kaysar couldn't afford you."....Janelle says she's going to tell Kaysar that Eric is gunning for him. She is upset that Eric may have turned all the votes against Kaysar. (Funny thing to say to her partner Ashlea.)...Ashlea says she doesn't know if she could handle another two weeks in the house.

Outside April/Maggie/Beau are talking about the mess...Beau said that one of the girls left dishes and April says that Mike left his shirt outside. April says, "I feel like somebody's b*tch and I'm not getting paid."...April continues to complain about the various messes. Maggie says, "I told Eric this morning we just have to put up with it. We've just gotta vent to each other and deal with it until it's gone (apparently meaning Ashlea, Janelle, Mike, and Kaysar). In four weeks it will be gone."

Soon after this, the HGs sit down to dinner....They say that the two nominees get the Gold Room tonight...Jen offers her bed to Eric...Then there is some discussion about where everyone is sleeping tonight.

7:00 pm

After dinner, James and Sarah have gone outside to the hammock to plot...James tells Sarah he flirts with Jen because the house is saying that James and Sarah are a couple...Sarah tells James he'll pay for it later...Sarah asks James if he messed up the vote, because she thinks some other people may have voted for Kaysar to go...James isn't too worried. He says, "Then a good player goes. Next week Ashlea and Mike will be put up for eviction."...They talk about whether they should go for HOH and agree this is a good week to let others win...Sarah wants Rachel to go...James wants Mike to go first, but Sarah doesn't see Mike as a threat....James tells Sarah he loves her, and Sarah replies only until she gets fat. Sarah asks what about when she has babies and James says he'll give her a couple of weeks. Sarah tells James she's not having his babies....Then James talks about how Mike is a loser and doesn't have any friends. Sarah says that maybe Mike is with Kaysar, but they blow off that idea. Sarah calls Mike a psycho.

Speaking of Mike, he and Kaysar have a quick, whispered convo in the bedroom....Mike asks Kaysar why everyone is against him....Kaysar says he doesn't know. He tells Mike, "Let's just see what happens this week and then get HOH next week."

On the patio, Eric/April/Ivette are talking...Eric says that Janelle is just putting out names as to who are the secret pairs to take attention away from her.

Janelle and Howie are talking and she admits that she voted against Kaysar because she has to keep Ashlea....Howie tells her she's not supposed to talk about her vote...Then Howie tries to kiss Janelle. He tells Janelle he has a woody. Janelle is disgusted and leaves. As she leaves, Howie calls out, "Sorry Janie" as he pushes down on his crotch through his shorts.

Kaysar has joined Sarah and James at the hammock....It isn't clear in the Updates, but at some point, James leaves and Kaysar and Sarah talk in the hammock...K says he could be gone tomorrow...S reminds K that she said she will not lie and will not go back on her word....K says he has this feeling something weird is going on....S says that if there is, she is not in the loop...K says there are a few people trying to call the shots....K says he was worried about S....S tells him her mind was made up...K tells S that even if he is gone tomorrow don't let anyone bully her....S says that her dad is her hero and she wants to make him proud and doesn't want to fight or trick people....K says that he just wanted to make the most of his time (on BB)...S tells him that she has learned a lot from him....K says he will cherish the week and half that he's had. He's not scared or worried because he doesn't think people will play with integrity (You got that right, K)....K says that Ivette told him yesterday that the game was not for people like him ....S says she doesn't have a single enemy....K asks if she has a strategy....S says she is probably the only one who doesn't have an exact strategy.....S says she wants to go into detail about why she's really here, but not at this time. (Hmmm, this is the first hint we've had of something more to Sarah, other than her relationship with James.)

Out on the patio, Ivette/Beau/Eric/James are chit chatting about work, restaurants, etc. Mike comes up and no one talks to him so he leaves....Ivette would open a restaurant if she won....James says he just wants to finish his master's. (Yeah right. In philosophy?)

In the Gold Room, Janelle and Howie have just forged an alliance with a pinky swear. (Noooooo!)....Janelle says she'll never put up Howie for eviction, but they have to pretend they don't like each other....Janelle says, "Let's do the final two."...Howie asks if she'll commit to sexual favors if he gets her to the final 2. Then he asks if they can shower together naked if they get pretty close to winning. Janelle replies that they'll think about it.

In the meantime, Eric has told Ashlea that "it's not over till it's over." Ashlea rushes to the Gold room and tells Jan/Howie "(Eric) changed all the votes!" ..Janelle tells Ashlea to ask Eric straight up if he made everyone change their vote....Howie won't say who he voted for....An announcement comes from BB: THIS IS A WARNING. It is against the rules of the BB competition to discuss your votes.

8:00 pm

Rachel was called to the DR earlier and now comes out with a large bandage on her finger...James asks her if it's a finger condom...Kaysar kids James, "That would be a regular condom for you."

In the Gold Room, Mike tells Janelle that her doctor did such a bad job that her nipples point in different directions. Janelle tells Mike that he has the smile of a can opener. Then Jan feels so bad that she keeps apologizing to Mike....Kaysar comes into the room and Jan begs him to let her sleep in his bed tonight. He tells her "No" and stop asking...Kaysar says he hates the gold room because he hates gold.

Then Mike decides to shave off his goatee.....Most everyone tells Mike they like it, but he says he feels naked because he's had a goatee for the last 6 years.

9:00 pm

Mike and Janelle go out to the patio for a smoke. (Duh Janelle! You put 20 creams on your face, then you smoke! I see wrinkles in your future.)....Mike and Jan chit chat....They agree that they like the outside of the house best....Jan says it's quiet and you can't hear all the whispering.....Mike says he brought only one carton of cigarettes into the house. Ashlea quit smoking just before she went into the house....April joins them, and Mike tells her he shaved off his goatee because he was bored....Mike also said that he wouldn't do any comp where they make you get naked in a vat of gross stuff, because it's tasteless. Also nothing with girls panties because it's humiliating and tasteless.

Mike then has a longer conversation with April. (It's not clear where they are—may have gone inside.).....Mike tells April that there's a girl he's been sorta dating that he'll bring to the wrap party....Mike says he doesn't plan to hook up with anyone in the house...April says she can't see anyone hooking up....April asks which girls are Mike's type...Mike says Janelle has beautiful eyes but she is too done up for him. He likes darker girls. Mike says in some ways Sarah is the prettiest girl, but tells April that she is pretty, too....Mike also says that both of his sisters live in SoCal—one in LA and one in Oceanside...Then April asks Mike if he wants to go outside to smoke and he agrees.

10:00 pm

Outside Mike and April sit with Beau....April says she was called Olive Oyl in high school...Kaysar has joined the group....The discussion turns to gay and straight sex. Kaysar pretends to vomit after Beau's remarks, and then says, "I'm going to my happy place," and everyone laughs...They continue the discussion with April describing some of her bedroom antics....Beau and April don't think that BB will air this conversation but K says they will. April says, "Oh, who wants to see us talk about b*tt sex on TV?" Kaysar says, "This is a voyeur's dream come true."

A little later, Kaysar says he'll take away everyone's cigarettes to help them limit or stop smoking. April threatens to take away K's prayer mat if he does that.

11:00 pm

A little after 11:00 there is an interesting convo at the patio table with Eric/Maggie/Rachel/Howie/April//Ivette/Sarah.....Eric volunteers that if he wins HOH, he will not nominate anyone at the table. They go around the table and all agree to the same deal for nominations and veto nominations for this week....There is no agreement about votes, just nominations...BTW, initially there were seven, but April mentioned that Jennifer would go along and Ivette mentioned Beau, and the rest agreed, making it nine.

A few minutes later, in the kitchen, S tells Beau that Eric and Ivette are going to try for HOH and will nominate Janelle and Kaysar again. Beau says, "Or Mike." And Sarah agrees. Sarah says she wants to make sure Beau knows what the plan is. James comes in just then and they fill him in.


Just before midnight, Maggie and Sarah are in the main bedroom, with the lights out, doing sign language. Someone asks what they are doing, and they say sign language.

In the Gold Room, Ashlea and Jan are in bed together. Kaysar enters to sleep in the other bed, but prays first. One of the women asks Kaysar about the clay/dirt-like substance he uses when praying. He says that every time he prays he holds/rubs the clay/dirt and it's a sign of humility.

Except for Howie getting up about 1:30 am to eat a banana, that's it for the night.

Sleep well, little hamsters.