The Attack of Ivette, the walking verbal enema from Hell!

12:21am - Everyone asleep.

1:20am - Howie gets up to eat a banana but then heads back to bed.

5:09am - Kaysar gets up to pray then goes back to bed.

6:38am - Eric is up brushing his teeth.

Rachel is the second person up. Almost immediately they are talking strategy, Rachel mentions she has to vacate the HOH room by 1:00pm.

They talk about the upcoming HOH competition and who each person might put up for eviction. They slam Kaysar for smoking, then wonder if that is against his religion. [ed note: They never even bother to ask about his religion, then make judgments about him and his religion.]

Eric has problems with Janelle and her appearance. She wears to much makeup, she has hair extensions, she changes her clothes to often...etc. [ed note: Dude, no one is asking you to like her appearance, can we get past the surface here?]

8:20am - Others are starting to get up. They wonder if the internet people are actually watching them. Eric has made himself some breakfast and says he is going to clean the kitchen today.

8:40am - Eric, April, James, Rachel and Ivette are up in the kitchen talking. They feel they have 75% of the house on their side, so they have a 75% chance of HOH. They said the vote should be 10-1.

8:54am - Jennifer, Maggie and Sarah are up now.
9:15am - Beau, Kaysar and Michael are up now.
9:16am - Howie up, in more way than one.

9:55am Lockdown outside, Fish feeds.

11:03am - Feeds back up now, Eric and Howie playing the coasters game [someone needs to write down the rules of play for this] Kaysar, Maggie and Jen working out. Michael and James on the couch.

The morning is mostly strategy talk about the upcoming HOH competition, who will win, who will be put up for eviction. Ivette goes off on another "hate tirade" about Kaysar. Her ignorance and intense hatred are astounding to me.

April joins in the hate fest, apparently feeling that the producers should not have allowed him on the show since he [Kaysar] was thrown into a Turkish prison. Apparently they don't think the producers knew of this or found out any of the details of this.

Eric is clearly playing both sides against the middle. He conspires with Ivette one moment, then puts his head together with Michael and Kaysar the next.

[Ed note: I can only hope that CBS actually shows Ivette in all her hatefulness rather than sugar-coating it for public consumption.]

12:05pm - Ivette continues on her Kaysar-hate-campaign. [In all fairness to Ivette, I should mention she has shown similar venom to Janelle today as well.]

Eric and Maggie have a conversation where Eric assures Maggie he has Ivette under control. [sure he does]. They discuss strategies.

Janelle and Kaysar discuss upcoming HOH competition and if HGs have siblings etc. Ivette sees them talking and interprets this conversation as Kaysar talking shit about people.

James and Sarah share a moment, talking about how much they miss each other. Lots of sighs and longing looks. [since they live together outside the house, I imagine it is difficult]

Beau gives Howie a haircut and a shave, as they all primp and prepare for the live show tonight. Kaysar and Ashlea are packing up, just in case. Beau mentions that he misses his computer and "you've got mail".

2:13pm Fish feeds for ten minutes.

The feeds returns to Ivette blow drying her hair on all four feeds. Then all four switch to Michael and Janelle. Michael asks her "Do you get the feeling we're being watched?"

2:44pm - BB calls all the HGs to the back door explaining they will be practicing for the HOH competition. Feeds go to fish.

Some tank cleaning going on. Feeds jump to the workout room. Feeds keep jumping back and forth between fish and the workout room.

They finally come back to everyone primping in the bathroom while Howie takes a dump. The sink apparently has a leak so Eric tries to do a temporary fix using a towel. They are discussing what to wear for the show.

Sarah gets wardrobe advice from Beau, James says "Sure, just ask the gay guy." Eric and Beau react to Ivette's outfit of daisy dukes and high heels. Basically she is told to take off the hoochie mama clothes and put on the last outfit which was nice and classy.

Howie struts around the bathroom in his manties, Rachel asks if that is what he is wearing tonight. Eric tells Michael "they look good on you. I would NEVER wear anything like that, but they look good on you." [talking about shoes I think]

Preppy for the show, Kaysar and Ashlea are in the nominee chairs. Eric tells Beau to fix his collar so he looks metrosexual. They are all sitting on the couches waiting for the show to start, Howie comments on Kaysar being from Middle Earth. [hmm.. maybe Ivette really only has a thing against Elves?]

The producers tell them 10 million people will be watching. Down to three minutes and they are running for last minute potty breaks. [5:58pm]

[Show] Look for the Episode Recap as they are posted separately from the Daily Update Recaps. Just fyi, Ashlea went home tonight and Eric won the HOH competition.

Howie, Janelle and Kayser in the bathroom after the show, Kaysar seems certain he and Janelle will be put up for eviction. Ivette wants to put Janelle, Michael and Kaysar in the gold room claiming the "gold room is for assholes". [She just oozes compassion and understanding, eh?]

That player James is playing dumb as Eric, Ivette and he discuss who gave Kaysar the second vote, they decide it must have been Michael. Eric is talking like he plans to put up Janelle and Michael. Beau is giving Kaysar a backrub.

Ivette is once again off on her all-out-no-holes-barred-down&dirty hate fest against Kaysar. She wants him "petty, shitting his pants for being such a dirt bag" and "I want Kaysar begging like a little bi#ch all week."

April consoles Janelle in the backyard, or pretends to at least. They are talking about the HOH competition and April was glad Janelle showed "our blonde power". Kaysar comes out to smoke. Janelle is trying to figure out who else voted for Kaysar.

Ivette, Jen and Sarah continue talking and Ivette continues on her Kaysar hate rant. She says the gold room is for the dirt bags. [Mike, Kaysar and Janelle]. Jen mentions she is scared of the wrap party because he [Kaysar] will see how we all talked about him. Ivette hopes his mother is embarrassed. Ivette also claims she has yet to say anything bad about anybody else. Anything she has to say, she says to their faces. [This girl is a piece of work folks]

Ivette, completely unaware that Janelle and Ashlea were a pair, says "The funny thing is, if Janelle was in South Beach, she wouldn't give her [Ashlea] the time of day." Ivette is absolutely convinced that Michael was the second vote against Kaysar.

7:44pm - The HGs find out they need to ration food, since they are currently out and now have only PB&J till the next food competition.

7:52pm - Eric confirms his intention to put up Michael and Janelle. He plans to tell Michael he is just a pawn, but he wants everyone to vote out Michael.

Maggie and April are talking about Michael and at the end of the conversation, Maggie says Cappy [Eric] has not given her one good reason to trust him.

Eric shows off his HOH room. He gets family pics from home and a blow up raft for the pool and his badge. [Just what every HG needs, proof of occupation, wonder if James will get a shoplifter in his basket? of course he could always claim it is one of his students.]

Ivette blows up the raft for the pool and James says "let the woman with the most hot air take care of it". April tells her story of Cappy threatening but Ivette assures her that Kaysar is the one making stuff up. Meanwhile, Michael, whom they are all so freaked out about, is making sushi and they are eating it.

Kaysar is stressing a bit, wondering why it has to be so difficult and thinking he looks like a freak because he is wearing black socks. Kaysar doesn't trust Eric [smart guy] but he seems to trust James.

Eric has now decided the reason they are out of food is Ashlea, she was a huge pig, according to James. Rachel adds in she was very selfish. Apparently beating a dead horse is the best they can do for late night entertainment.

Howie is trying to convince Janelle that America wants them [him and her] to hook up. Janelle might have been born at night, but it was not last night. The ever dangerous Michael gets his butt kicked by a pool toy.

Howie continues to put his moves on Janelle in the hot tub and sadly, it looks like she is drinking the Kool-Aid. Phew... thankfully, Howie, true to form, makes the girls scream and run away when he stands up with wood that would intimidate Paul Bunyan.

Eric and Maggie have a whispered chat. Apparently anytime someone questions Eric trustworthiness, he plans to threaten them with eviction. That will work once....Eric locks himself out of the HOH room. [haha]

Janelle and Kaysar talking, trying to figure out if there is a way to keep all three of them there. Kaysar doesn't believe there is. Eric is wandering the house, talks to BB, apparently they give him another key and he heads up to his room.

Beau tells Kaysar he is not his type, but his face is his type of face, Kaysar asks if he has a bad body? April and Janelle outside smoking while others prepare for bed.. washing up etc. April tells Janelle she is not deciding who to vote for till it is time to vote. She thinks Janelle can still be part of the group, but she is a week behind because of spending so much time with Ashlea last week.

Janelle tries to pin down Beau about where he lives and at first he says his mom lives in Pembroke Pines and Janelle says no, where do you live and he says he lives with a friend and goes on and on about her house but never actually says where.

Outside now is April, Janelle, Beau, Kaysar and Howie, Mike goes inside. Janelle seems to be trying to distance herself from Ashlea to incorporate herself more into the household. Howie speculates the first hook-up will be Beau and Kaysar.

Howie manages to piss off Beau by claiming Beau grabbed his "pee-pee" in the kitchen. Then says to Beau "Silly fagot, dicks are for chicks" thinking he is cute. Beau takes offense to the word fagot and tells Howie this in no uncertain terms.

Sadly for me, the day has come to an end, it's only 12:48am for the HGs, but it is 2:48am for me and my old butt needs to get to bed. See you next Thursday folks.