***Contains Adult Content***

7:30am BBT : The Oversharing Begins

Eric is the first one up, and while in the toilet, we can clearly hear that he had quite a lot to drink last night. (Thanks, BB!). Rachel wakes up shortly afer, and heads to the bathroom as well. Both move to the kitchen, and Eric complains to her about how his arm is sore and his fingers are red. He explains that it’s a “stress inuced” ailment, similar to a recurrent, stress induced herpes. “This is the first time I’ve had this in six years. This game must really be getting to me. My whole left arm is swollen.” Rachel tells how she asked BB for some cold meds.

Eric and Rachel use this time to talk game: How Kaysar better not use the PoV; how if Janelle wins it, Eric will have to break his promise with someone by putting them up; more Mike bashing: “God help us if he gets off.”; etc. When Eric asks about which rooms have BB cams, Rachel replies “The HOH bedroom is, so don't walk around in anything less that your skivies..” Sorry, America. No Eric bootie for us this week.

9:00am BBT: BB - “It's time to get up for the day!”

Jenn wakes up, and listens at the sliding glass door. Its blocked, but she can hear things going on outside. Eric still harps about the HOH room, thinking that its not on the internet, and plans to ask BB later.

Janie asks Howie to compete for her in the PoV Comp. He agrees, and confirms that he is telling the others that he really hates Janelle. Both tell each other that they don’t believe the other house-guests. Howie does his best to play along, nodding and going silent more than verbally agreeing with Janelle. Either that, or he’s watching her boobies bounce.

Almost immediately after this conversation ends, Howie goes running to Eric. Howie lets Eric know that Janelle doesn’t plan on using the PoV. Eric is thrilled, assures Howie that he is doing what he can to be sure the votes keep Janelle in the game next week. “If she leaves it alone she'll be here next week. IF I can do the lobbying I need to do, which you know...”. Howie nods and agrees, albeit non-committal. If you missed the late night feeds, Kaysar said their strategy (with Mike & Janelle) is to let Eric get comfortable, and to let him think they are playing by his rules and his plan. Kaysar explained that once Eric is comfortable with them, then they can make a move to overthrow Eric and his group. Howie goes back to the Gold Room to inform Janelle of his conversation with Eric. She is very happy, and hugs him.

Eric falls for Janie’s plan, hook-line-sinker. He goes to April and Sarah, and retells the conversation with Howie.

Apparently, Mike wasn’t in a grabby-touchy-feely mood last night. In case you aren’t aware, Mike and Janelle slept in the same bed last night, after some late-night make-outs. Again, BB, thanks for the audio.
Howie, to Mike: Did you get some action last night, Bro?
Mike: No.
Howie: Didn't you get some boobies last night?
Mike: No.
Howie: No? Someone has to get some action here.

Janelle and Rachel talk, and after Rachel explains that if Janelle were to pick her for her PoV partner, she’d “bust her butt”, Janelle decides that Rachel will be her PoV partner.

April and Jennifer vent in the bathroom, as Rachel walks in.
Jenn: I have a feeling that once they get rid of the Fantastic Four I will be put up next. You know, Ashlea, Mike, Kaysar, Janelle.
April: What kinda pisses me off about that group...I mean I love them, but I don't do what they say. You know? [...] I guess I can dress somewhat cute today, because I told her (Janelle) that if she chooses me, or Rachel, that I she just needs to let me know. I just don't...let me ask you this: if for some reason Michael wins it, and we lose it, ya'll won't be pissed would ya'll?
Rachel: I don't think anybody would be mad. I think it is just one of those situations, um, everyone else is going balls out. I mean, I would.

Mike and Janelle consider their partners for the PoV Comp. Mike knows that if he picks Kaysar to compete for him, Kaysar will be targeted. Janelle reminds him that Kaysar’s already been targeted, and nothing will change that. Janelle, unsure of the type of competition, tells Mike that she might pick the person she hates the most to compete for her....Ivette That way, Janelle doesn’t need to ask her to lose on purpose. Ivette would, anyway. Flip-flopping again, Janelle decides on Rachel, and Mike picks Howie.

10:20am BBT: Eric’s Tale of “The Stare Down with Mike”
Eric tells his account of an incident with Michael to Beau and James. According to Eric, Mike was staring at him. When Eric asked Mike if he needs to talk about something, he replied “no”. Eric came back with “Don't stare at me, and try to pull your intimidating BS that you do with everyone else, cuz that ain't gonna work. Nobody intimidates me, so you can sit there and stare at me all day long." Mike came closer, and Eric called him on his stature: “Go ahead, stand right there in front of me! ” Mike moved even closer to Eric. Maggie saw what was going on, and asks, “What are you doing? What are you trying to do here?” Mike then walked away.

Later, Kaysar comes to Eric to address what happened. Kaysar does his best to play both sides, saying that although Mike was wrong in this instance, Eric didn’t do a good job in keeping the situation relaxed, and in fact, did more to escalate the issue. Kaysar comes to Mike’s defense on the House Guests calling him a ‘sexual predator’. Sarah pipes in, and tells what Mike has done with her, and how she feels. Eric gets very defensive, sticks his arm out to prevent Kaysar from talking, rants and raves about what he’s already said to Mike on this topic. Eric is doing his best to dominate this conversation, and show Kaysar that he is in charge. Other HG’s go to Kaysar and tell them their Tales of Woe with Mike’s behavior. Kaysar, the poor guy, tries to put out the fires for his partner’s actions, and plays ignorance. Eric and Kaysar both ask each other that after this conversation is done, they don’t want to hear about it anymore. Wasn’t this already asked a zillion times? Yes, Mike’s a perve. Yes, the girls don’t like it. Yes, we know, time to move on. Please

Eric: So I said, “If you continue to do that, after somebody has approached you, and says, ‘I am kinda uncomfortable with the way you're brushing me’, whatever that is, and you continue to do it, that is clearly within the realm of sexual harassment. And I will defend that to my dying grave cuz that's a FACT! (slaps counter) That's not my interpretation, that's the Federal Government's interpretation. And that is the ONLY time that came up. As far as me and him. I never called him somebody that is sexually harassing (lie), I am saying that is what constitutes that."
Kaysar: Ok.
Eric: That's all. And that's where it ended. Then he got up, he clearly got up and gave me, got on the defensive, which I expected.
Eric: But all I am...I tried to diffuse the situation as much as possible to say, “Listen Mike, I am not here, I am not saying you're wrong. I'm saying, I'm not saying, that, that at this point that, that I think you've done anything, all I am saying is it's kinda getting into that realm.”
Kaysar: Well I...
Eric: No LISTEN!
Kaysar: By me coming here and asking you this, its only to understand the situation is. I am not here to take sides, I am not here to...
Eric: (butts in) I am not here to...you think I am here to slander somebody? Perhaps CBS had a legal talk with Eric?
Kaysar: I just wanted to make sure that this doesn’t become...
Eric: (over-talking)
Kaysar: ...a high school playground.
Eric: (over-talking) No, I am saying...Absolutely.

11:10am BBT : A Meeting of the Minds
Howie begs Janelle for details of last night, with Janelle denying that there was any making out with Michael. Then what in God’s name were those sounds coming from the blanket last night? They talk game strategy, and the PoV Comp to come. Janelle tells Howie that there are another pair of people in the house that are together, other than Ivette & Beau, and Sarah & James. She doesn’t mention names, and Howie pulls a “Thinking Man”, contemplating the idea. Janie has an epiphany, suddenly spouting, “Oh my God, I just thought of something. What if Jenny and April know each other?” Janelle tells Howie about the 2nd day alliance between Eric, Mike, Kaysar and James. Howie seems shocked by this.

Mike and Kaysar come into the Gold Room and ask Janelle and Howie to leave. Mike goes over strategy on the PoV Comp. As they contemplate who Eric will put up in Mike’s place if he wins, Howie and Janie are outside in the Subway Room, discussing the same thing. Mike, playing the race card, tells Kaysar that Eric - the “Jewish Firefighter” doesn’t like Kaysar - the “Muslim Iraqi”. He goes into “Crazy Man” mode, and starts pacing the room with a disturbing look on his face. Mike tells Kaysar that he will just be ‘another competitor’ if he leaves, and that’s he’s doomed. Kaysar is sure that Eric won’t put him up, that he is safe.

Mike gives his version of the morning’s stare-down, saying that “Eric was scared shitless.”. Mimicking Eric’s stutter and accent (low blow there, Mikey...), he says that Eric couldn’t look him in the eye. “He’s a scared little man. Take advantage of that.”

Janie returns to the room, and Mike tells Janie that if he gets taken off, Kaysar is going to ask Eric not to put up Jennifer. But, if that happens, Mike assumes that he, Kaysar, and Howie will vote to keep Janie. Later on, Mike hints to Janelle to throw the PoV Comp, so he can win. “It's up to you. I mean I would save myself first.” Mike’s final comment before we go to fishtank: “Have you noticed [Eric’s] eyes? They are always blood shot. I think he's a crack addict.” Hey you! Kettle! You’re black!

We’re taken back and forth between the house and the fishtank several times in the next hour or so, with minimal conversation in between. And let me tell you...those fish....not looking so good.

6:00pm BBT : Return from the Fouled Up First Half of PoV
After four and a half hours of the fishtank, it seems that the Houseguests have won the right to use the Workout Room. Yes, we waited four and a half hours to watch Sarah work out. Eric reports that the day was such a disaster, that BB gave them the gym early to make up for it. Sounds like the PoV Comp fouled up, and BB kept them out in the yard for five hours. Veto competition is being carryed over to tomorrow; whether that was the original plan or due to the foul up is unclear. Conversations seem to indicate that Janelle did well in today's part.

Janelle and Mike listen in at the door of the Gold Rom as Ivette, April, and Beau bash Kaysar in the Bedroom. Ivette keeps repeating that Kaysar is a "little bitch". They go on about his religion, and views towards women. They feel that Kaysar is ultra-lazy and he wants all the women to serve him, like a Sultan.

Janie and Mike do their share of bashing Ivette, commenting about her excess body hair, her accent, and Cuban hertiage. Mike mocks the fact that she wears her religious medal right between her breasts. Mike
performs his fantasy nomination speech, if he was HOH. He nominates Eric, and tells everyone that “if they don't evict Eric, they are fools”. Mike is being very dramatic and using sweeping hand motions to make Janelle giggle.

Mike: You're all either with me (sweeping pointing motion) or you're fucked! (throat slitting action)

Eric is absolutely fuming. He leaves workout room saying Tonight's not the night to start my workout. Eric declares, “I need a drink! Fuckin’ busted my ass to get that booze. We deserve that! ” “James is pissed. So am I. Nothing is going to stop us, nothing.”

Jennifer decides to play spy, and listens in at the door to Janelle and Mike. Little does she know that Mike, looking through the Gold Room peep hole, saw her tricks. Mike tells Janelle they should unscrew the spiral staircase, so when Eric goes up, he falls. He then tells Janie that for his luxury item, he was going to ask for pacifiers to pass out. You gotta admit...that’s funny...and so true.

6:30pm BBT : The Mike and Janie Show, rated PG:13
Mike starts making his move on Janelle. In the Gold Room, he picks the fur blanket off her, and moves towards the bed.

Janie: What are you doing?
Mike: I'm making a tent (looking like he's going to lay on top of her) Must...resist...making...tent...in....pants...comments...
Janie: Let's make a tent outside.
Mike: On the hammock?
Janie: Yeah.

They go in the storage room to get snacks, cracking up the whole time. Mike jokes that they should eat everything, using the dramatic sweeping arm motions. Janelle picks up some tortillas and started imitating Ivette.

Mike: That's horrible. It's funny, but it's horrible.
Janie: Yes. Let's go outside.

They soon return to the Gold Room, with the HouseGuests being on an indoor lock-down. Mike is trying to look on the bright side and make Janelle happier.

Mike: So what if we get kicked off? We'll be in Santorini soon
Jan: You'll really take me?
Mike: Sure! We'll go and get drunk and party off our asses and have a great time!
He promised to take Ashlea, too, but that was before he and Janelle started kissing.

Kaysar comes in, trying to be serious. Mike and Janie continue laughing and Kaysar takes it personally. “I'm out there trying to save your asses and you're making fun of me!” Mike starts imitating James again, so Kaysar sees what they were doing.

Mike: It's been six days and I'm still pasty!
Kaysar, calmly: Is this what you've been doing for the last three hours?

Beau enters, with Mike requesting, “C'mon up here and join me”. When Beau refuses, Mike replies, ”What kind of gay guy are you?”

7:30pm BBT : Forget The Good, and The Bad. This is just The Ugly.
If you’re one of the types that likes variety in your feeds, this isn’t the hour for you. Bash, trash, and hate. That’s all we’ve got.

April and Sarah are in the back yard, trashing whoever they can. Sarah and James both want Rachel out, and Sarah’s working her best to get April to say something about the Howie / Rachel partnership. April is bashing Mike again, and somehow the meaningless encounter in the kitchen tonight turns into him trying to menace and intimidate her. Ivette, Maggie, and James are in the workout room, spreading more hate. Ivette? Spouting hate-speak? You don’t say!

When Beau says something about Mike to Rachel she warns him, “Don't say anything. If we have something to say about him we're supposed to go say it in there (Diary Room). I think we can get a penalty if we do.”

April and Sarah continue their conversation outside.
April: I'm playing her (Janelle)for us right now. She think's I'm just a dumb blonde!
Sarah: She thinks I'm naive.
Sarah: Do you think that's the twist? That everyone from Miami knows each other?
April: I wouldn't be mad or anything. I know Cappy isn't.
Sarah: Are you and Jennifer friends?
April: (funny face) No, no no no, laughing.
So much for April playing an honest game.

Eric continues his tirade.
Eric : I’'m telling you right now, it's only gonna get worse by the time it rolls around. I don't think I’ve ever wanted anything so bad, other than being a fireman and being a captain. That's how fuckin’ bad I want this, Dude. .I'm not... I’m not giving in. And I told howie, either win or lose. If you're gonna win, beat him. If you're gonna lose you better lose. But don't be halfway about it.
James: You know he's going to get up there and talk about his foot, or....
Eric: He'll back out like a whiny little bitch!
Of course, they are talking about Michael.

On a lighter note, Eric seems rather obsessed with Jennifer’s boobs.
BB: Jennifer please put on your Microphone.
Eric: Jennifer, please let those puppies loose.
Eric: Are you on your period? A lot of women’s boobs get bigger when they're on their period. What are you, a full C?
Eric whistled loudly at Jennifer while she played in the yard.

8:00 PM BBT : HouseGuests + Alcohol = Fun Feeds
In the Gold Room, Howie and Janelle talk game. Howie tells Janelle that everyone in the house is just tired of Mike. They just feel he disrespects them. Jan says it's an excuse, and Howie admits that his own actions are worse. Howie says it could be an excuse just to get Mike out.

Mike arrives with booze in gold room. He's making a toast. At the end they toast to Eric rotting. They all agree they're taking the room and not giving it back, declairing “You don’t' like it, you can stick it.”

James and Kaysar stand in the kitchen, discussing paranoia in house. Kaysar asks James, that once Mike is gone, he hopes that James can trust him. James assures his that once he’s gone, it’s all good, because “he’s a strange man.”

Kaysar tells Sarah recent events in the house, with name calling, was very high school-ish.
Sarah : I wasn't doing it. I was very uncomfortable about it.
Kay : I told April the same thing.
Sarah : Would you ever do those type of things to girls?
Kay : No.
Sarah : Because it's inappropriate.
Kay : Right.
Sarah : If he wasn't doing the things he was doing...anyway that's it.

Howie interrupts, while Kay and Sarah hug. Howie walks over to hug them both and kisses Kay on the lips. Yay, More make-outs!

Kay : Howie just kissed me! You suck! laughing, disgusted
Kaysar moves to the Gold Room to share what just happened, wiping his mouth with his shirt.
Kay : God, what the fuck! It's disgusting!
Beau : Tell us how it happened.
Kay tells them, and they all laugh.
Howie : Oh she pushed me into you.
Kay : You're crazy. Give me my underwear back. Are you drunk already?
Howie : Yeah.
Kay : Are you???

Howie sits on bed and tries to kiss Beau, and apologizes to Kaysar, saying that he meant to kiss Sarah. Janelle, along with Howie, Beau, and Mike are all lounged out on one of the Gold Room beds, all are drunk.
Janelle: Hey Howie, wanna have a threesome?”
Howie: With you and Beau?
Kaysar starts to walk away.
Beau: Just kidding Kaysar, it can be a foursome.

Howie asks Beau, “What's the gayest thing you've ever done?”, with Beau sharing that he likes rough sex. When Janelle wants more details, Beau clams up, but asks Howie, “What’s the gayest thing you’ve ever done?” Howie goes into graphc detail. “I was banging this chick, and my buddy was doing her from behind, and he pulled out and blew his load on me.” Howie kisses Beau's arm and says that he is so cute when he gets embarrassed. He then kisses his arm again and rubs his head. Howie puts his hand on Beau's ass, and asks if he is really gay or if he is just lonely. Beau tells Howie to shut the fuck up after Howie demands that Beau be gay if he really is.Now this is what I got the live feeds for!

Jan tells Howie that if he tongues Beau, he gets to kiss her on the lips. Kaysar tells the group that he is not into dudes after they try to get him to kiss Howie or Beau. Beau asks Howie to "come here and kiss us". While Howie is up, Mike tries to pants him, but fails. Howie tickles Beau on his sides.

When Janelle and Mike start trash talking Ivette, Beau covers his ears, and eventually starts asking them to stop talking about Ivette. He leaves the room, and is confronted by Kaysar. Kay attempts a serious conversation with a love-struck Beau, on not making waves. “All game aside”, Kaysar tells Beau that he doesn’t want anybody fighting. Kaysar notes that he is not taking sides, but he is upset with Mike and Jan and their actions. Kaysar tells Beau to try and keep things peaceful until he (Mike) is gone. Don't worry Beau, America thinks Kaysar is dreamy, too.

Midnight BBT : Dirty Laundry
Outside by the washer and dryer, Eric and Ivette continue their trash talk, telling Ivette he has to win to protect her from going up.
Ivette - I can't wait until I know that he's (Mike) out of this house...so I can tell him, you're one stupid guy.
Eric - You picked the wrong bitch to fuck with. Egging Ivette on.
Ivette - You picked the wrong bitch, motherfucker. When you see the tapes, you're gonna feel like the biggest fuckin’ prick..
Eric - You know he should be worried that other people...
Ivette cuts Eric off - Go back to nasty little Italy, where you belong.
Eric - Yeah, exactly.
Ivette - You know what I said? That fucking asshole doesn't even have a lick of an accent to be from all the places that he's from.
Eric - Look at his character, look what he's done in the last...
Ivette - You know what I feel like telling him?
She keeps cutting in with that sentence every time Eric tries to throw his bashing in.
Ivette - You know what you sorry motherfucker? You're just upset that someone like me won't give you the fuckin’ time of day.
Eric - And neither will any other...
Ivette - Between you flat feet, duck walk and...
Eric - ...hey...
Ivette - ...fuckin disgusting titties...
Eric - Hey look at, and look, at the only one that is giving him the time of day.
Ivette - The one that cares only about the money that he might have.
Eric - And she's gonna sell his motherfucking ass down the river with the rest of us.
Ivette - You know what would be good to tell him? “How does it feel to be sold down the river by two bitches?”
Eric - Yeah.
Ivette- Me, and Janelle.
Eric - Let me tell you something, the worst thing they could have done...the worst thing they could have done, was hold this thing off till tomorrrow.
Ivette - Yep, cuz it just gets you more fired up!

While Kaysar and Beau are talking in the kitchen, Maggie is stretched across the counter. Ivette comes in the house to blow her hair dry. Beau tells her she needs to wait until he is done talking to Kaysar. She turned about, saying, Well, I'm going to go in there and give Michael a piece of my mind You let me know when you are finished here. You come tell me the MOMENT you are done!

Kaysar and Beau finish their conversation and leave. Kaysar lets Janie and Mike know that “it's too late now, because Ivette has told everyone that Mike burped in her face and that he said something about her mother.” Janie implies that she is going to go and talk to Ivette. Kaysar asks her what she is gonna say, with Janie answering, I know you’re a disgusting bitch. Kaysar is not happy with any of them, and tells them that he knows everyone is ready to blow up, but they need to stay within the rules, and that they don’t need to have it out in a petty way. Kaysar threatens to “break up” with Mike and Janelle if they continue their immature ways.

12:45am BBT : The First Fight

When Kaysar returns to the Back Yard, Eric and Ivette rip into him. Ivette starts up and gets very loud. Kaysar got up to walk away and Ivette lashes into him. Kaysar is fighting a losing battle, trying to calm down and strategize with a bunch of drunks. He removes his FBI cap.

Ivette: Why am I approaching? I am approaching to tell you why my feelings are hurt and why I’m upset. Do you wanna hear them or do you not wanna hear them? Do you wanna hear them? Ok, so when nobody talks to you in this house and you alienated yourself, Cappy and I approached you on two or three different nights, and we talked to you, and we told you how to involve yourself in the game, and you sat in that Gold Room.

Mike looks for Janelle. She isn’t in the Gold Room or the Storage Room. After a heavy sigh from Mike, he realized he had to go outside or be entirely alone. Mike walks outside. Whatever Mike was saying at hottub, Eric calls Mike out, after staring at him for a good while.

Eric: You got a fucking problem?
Michael: I don’t have a fucking problem, You got a problem?
Eric: Not a fucking thing, but ya know what…..
Michael: That’s what I thought…..
Eric: But, go ahead….
Michael: Ya fucking talk a lot,
Eric standing up: ….talk about my fucking family….
Michael: ….you can't act on it and you have a small penis.
Eric chair falls over, begins walking towards Michael, pointing at him: ….ya fucking piece of shit. Talk about my family. Ya piece of shit.
Michael: [inaudible]
Eric: You’re a piece of shit.
Kaysar pushing Michael: Shut the fuck up.
Michael: You fucking midget.
Eric: You're going home, You’re going home.

Howie ran over from hottub and helped Kaysar hold Eric back. Ivette and Rachel also grab Eric. Ivette repeats "he's going home, he's going home".

In the background, the crowd at hottub could be heard yelling, "Take it to the diary room" and "He's going home anyway Cappy, he's going home.”

6:00am BBT: After the Fight

After another long stretch with our friends, the fish, we return to Mike and Janelle in the Gold Room. They discuss the upcoming finale to the PoV Comp, with Mike saying, “We could win the power of veto and convince Jennifer how truly rotten it was of her to not admit everybody. Instead of letting them know, let them keep talking, and because of her, you totally ruined his reputation utnil she feels bad, then they won't give a fuck about nominating her. I could do an Academy Award winning job on her. Say that it all started because of you. You never said anything and you went along with it.”

Mike has what looks like a palm-sized book with a black cover that he got out of his toiletry basket. He gets down on the floor in front of the sink with one knee down and one knee up for a minute. Then he stood up, flipped through the book and kissed it, putting it back in the basket. Oh, sure. Now you start praying. What, no ‘preventative measures”?

Mike meets up with Kaysar.

Mike: What's on Your Mind?
Kaysar, running his hands through his hair: You're losing your cool, man.
Mike: Do you know I've never been through something like this. I'm having to convince people that I'm not guilty of doing something that I didn't do.
Kaysar: I've always lived like that. I'm always suspected of things that I didn't do. I told you before we came in here not to give them a reason. I'm very concerned about you. You're not the same to me anymore, really...
Mike: You can see that I'm in a particularly difficult situation.

Kaysar agrees, and has words of warning for his friend.

Kaysar: They want you to crumble, now. That's what they want. I mean, screw the game at this point. Like tonight for example. You had an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive. You came out here and had sarcasm in your voice with a hint of aggression in your voice. You could have acted in a way that solicited an apology.

Mike agrees, with Kaysar explaining that he needs to learn to deal with his position in the house. Mike explains that he talked to BigBrother, and requested that he gets a change to speak with the public, and defend his actions. Kaysar lets Mike know of his interaction with Ivette before the fight.

Mike: The level that these people have stooped is just ridiculous. I'm going to have to look at this objectively--it's difficult, but I'll do it. Every emotion in me, I'll try to kill 'em all. It's difficult, Kaysar, when some woman that you wouldn't touch with 10 foot pole accuses you of harrassing them.
Kaysar: You need to convince yourself to stay calm. And level-headed. And sensible. You need to do that. Otherwise you are digging yourself a deeper hole.

Kaysar wants him to approach Sarah and a few others and say that he had time to think. Mike scoffs at the idea, replying with “I'm going to have to suck up to these people now?” Kaysar advises him to take it down a couple of notches, and not be so focused on his pride.

Mike leaves Kaysar, and heads back to the Gold Room, where Janelle is. Mike expresses his desire to sleep with Janelle, but decides its not a good idea. Janelle is upset by this, but is calmed by Michael’s promise to get together once the show is done.