Big Brother 6 Recap July 17th 2005

Typical lazy summer day in the BB compound!

Eric is first to get up at 8:30 am. He prays a bit by kneeling by his bed. At 8:40 Ivette gets up and the others start to follow.
Eric gets some support from Ivette and Jen. Maggie is standing by him too. They talk briefly of the night before saying they were glad James and Howie was out there and that the fight did not escalate any further.
They cook pancakes and bacon for breakfast.
Seems that Eric was in the diary room for 2 ½ hours last night. BB separated everyone; Ivette had to go into the workout room, and James in HOH.
Ivette, James and Eric discuss the next few weeks’ evictions, after Mike is gone then Kaysar, then Janelle. They all agree. Eric then tells them that he shook Mike’s hand last night and apologized. They think BB gave Mike 24 hours to make up his mind whether he wanted to leave or not and to cool down. Eric then said that it was just an unusual night.

Maggie and Jennifer have a little chat. Maggie tells her that she is not plotting against anyone in the house, that she lets them hang themselves. She will ignore what others say about her because she knows they will hang themselves. She then said there are 3 versions of what happened last night, Eric’s,. Michael’s then BB. She tends to believe BB’s since they see all. April seems to side with Kaysar, because he didn’t know that Mike said something about Eric’s family.
The girls go into the gold room and discuss the night before. Ivette gets very loud and repeats a lot of it.

At 12:00 we get fish and the POV competition takes place till 2:30 PM

When the feeds return we learn that James won POV. Eric is happy but still trying to take credit for some of it ( he told him what to do blah blah blah, give it up Eric).

Sarah kissed James in front of Ivette, Maggie and Eric. Eric asks if they are married….

April goes to the HOH room and listens to James Taylor and starts crying saying she misses him so much (her husband).

Mike apologizes to April and some of the others.

Eric does not believe that Ivette and Beau knew each other before coming in the house.

Jen and April were in the bedroom and Kaysar was lying down across the room, when Jen messed up, she said to April.. Remember when we were kids we used to ….. Kaysar must have heard it.

A little later Mike and Janelle have a little make out session in the gold room. Both are pretty camera shy. They manage a lot of smooches and movements under the covers.

Ivette, April and Maggie have a talk on the patio, they think that Jennifer exaggerates things and that the Mike sexual harassment might not have been as bad as they believed.

Janelle announces to everyone that she is still receiving residuals from a top grossing movie she was in. (Bruce Almighty). Then of course we get FISH

Mike and Janelle have a discussion. Mike really does not like Ivette, he dislikes her more then Eric. Once they are alone Mike starts kissing Janelle again.

Michael, Kaysar and Janelle are outside. Michael saying honestly this has been one of the best times, especially with you guys (Kaysar and Janelle). And it has been one of the worst times because i cannot get away from it. I’ve never had to experience anything like this.
He continues saying there is still time to find the gold key to stay in the house, four more days. (Is this key in the safe? Is it hidden?)

Mike continues saying did anyone check the store room for beer and wine. they say no because of what happened last night. Janelle says it was not because we were drunk.

Michael saying the only reason I’ve allowed this to get to me is I’ve allowed myself to think on their terms. Lets say you are in a coffee house and there is a conversation that is distasteful you can go to another table where the conversation is better, but here you have to be with people with the brains of a turnip.

Michael saying right before the eviction he can grab all the condiments and squirt them all over. He is just kidding. Talking about things they could do that would be funny. Kaysar pulls up a chair.

He continues talking saying the other people really are strange, its not just us, they really are weird. Talking about not liking IV and not liking Eric. Mike changes conversation to shrek as someone comes over (April) then we get fish again!

All head to bed at about 3 am.

Tomorrow should be another day played out like a kids recess story. This group against that group, whispering, misinterpretations,though they can’t pout and go tell their Mommies! Till then.