MORNING 6:15 a.m.

Our first HG to get up this morning is Eric. He got up, made his bed, headed to the kitchen to clean it and make coffee and was in the gym working out by 7:00 a.m. (while he is working out, he is wearing his hat backwards – that signals to his kids he is thinking about them.) Sarah is up now and while Eric is cooking breakfast he tells Sarah that “you guys are not allowed to have sugar after 10pm because it makes you too hyper.” Sarah responds “I kept telling them to be quiet before or they were gonna wake you.”

Who will be the first one of ‘them’ to go?

Sarah says to Eric: “I can't imagine who would be the first one of us to go.” Eric: “There is some discussion about Jennifer, because she is the one who actually said she saw Michael slam...” Sarah: “I heard her talking about that.” Eric: “She was crying and I comforted her for about 30 seconds, then she said she was afraid I was going to get ‘my’ a** kicked.” Sarah: “Well, Ivette is probably ‘my’ threat in this house, whether she shows it or not, she gets jealous.” Eric: “April always defends Jennifer.” Sarah: “I trust April, there are people that I do NOT want to go...” Eric: “I know what you mean, I like Maggie.” Sarah: “I like Maggie too, she hasn't done a thing.” E: “and James, how could I let James go? If anybody has been my boy in this place it's James, dude, he proved it yesterday. You know what I like about James, he's a lot like me, and he’s straightforward.” Sarah: “He says what's on his mind without being an a-hole. I like Rachel, but she makes me nervous.” Eric: “Rachel has that look like...” Sarah: “Like she is ALWAYS thinking.”

Eric continues talking about Janelle. He says “she is such a strong player; I didn't have a deal with her. When I spoke to her in the HoH room, I told her that just because I put her up doesn't mean I want her out this week.” Sarah: “I don't get Kaysar.” Eric: “I wouldn’t trust him as far as you can through him.” Sarah: “He told me not to trust you guys.” Eric: “He's playing every side of the fence.” Sarah: “He just floats around, that's what I thought Jennifer was going to do.” Eric: “I think she still does that, she goes with the flow, she is digging her own hole.” Sarah: “If I do not win the money, I don't want to be the first person to go after these guys.” Eric: “But you figured out the gym right away, like I said certain people step up. I think James was really happy when he won POV.” Eric says “then there’s Beau, how do you get rid of Beau?” Eric says that he doesn’t think Mike is that bad of a guy, Sarah says “I do!” Eric says that when certain people get in certain situations, their true character comes out (uh, yes, take a look in the mirror). And he has some real character flaws. Sarah: “I really think he might have something wrong with him.” Eric has said several times that he is scared to death of Janelle. Both he and Sarah agree that Howie is a cool guy and Eric is still pumping up James to Sarah.

MORNING 9:00 a.m.

Most HG’s have risen. James is telling Eric and Rachel that he just realized that in the POV competition that Michael was just 13 seconds behind him, he thought it was Janelle. They go on to bash Janelle, because Eric is so ‘scared’ of her. Eric says “I wouldn’t do her for practice.” James said “She is one of those people who works so hard at being lazy that if she was just…” Eric interrupts “focused, yah I agree.” Rachel says “She could be a doctor or CEO.” James says “If she was a doctor or a CEO, she would have real plastic surgery, not a $13 boob job.” Eric moves on to talk about Jenn and the whole “she was crying for about 30 seconds and I went to comfort her…”, and then he says “Ivette is very emotional, she reminds me a lot of me.” Rachel tells Eric she would like to see him in the top 5, at least. Eric says his choice for top 5 are Rachel Howie, James, Ivette, Maggie and of course himself.

(After Maggie said yesterday she wasn’t going to gossip anymore), she tells Eric and Rachel that she was up until 1:30 a.m. because of the noise being made by Howie, Janelle and Mike. Rachel says: “they left the kitchen a mess.” Maggie said “Mike hasn't done a dish since he got here so...” Eric: “I knew he was done when he asked to make the sauce, I asked him how long he needed and he said 20 minutes and he took an hour and 20 minutes.” Maggie says that Mike is arrogant to the point of being unsafe.” Eric says “he is ignorant.”

Just before 10:00, April is up and about. Eric repeats for the third time “no more candy for you girls after 10:00 p.m.” Ivette now comes in and says “Eric why do you have cold sores all over your mouth?” Eric says “its stress, it’s the same stuff I have on my arm.”

MORNING 10:00 a.m.

Right at 10:00 – we hear BB: “Good morning HG’s, the Veto ceremony will start in 90 minutes.” Here is some juicy morning news for you, Howie has just announced that he s*** his underwear, but sadly they were Kaysars underwear. Sarah says they should bio hazard the house; bleach the house because he has just left the underwear ‘somewhere’. April says they will get him a new pair.

Howie goes into the gold room where Janelle and Mike are and flips the lights on. Howie tells them about crapping in Kaysar's underwear on national TV. Howie asks Janelle and Michael to kiss for him - they don't. Howie is doing the bit from The Kids in the Hall. He and Mike both start to sing, and then of course we get FISH. Mike asks Howie if he wants to shave his armpits and eat the hair. Howie says, "I'll shave your armpits but I won't eat the hair.”

Ivette comes into the kitchen and says she is not happy with the quality of someone's dishwashing. Eric tells Ivette it is too early in the morning for her rants. Ivette says "oh it isn't too early for your ten minute spiels?” Maggie is looking on in surprise.

It’s just after 11:00 and Howie is whispering to Rachel that Kaysar told him “there is a wild card out there, put there to disrupt the pairs.” Kaysar walked in, so Howie changed the subject. In the meantime, Eric and Maggie are talking and saying that “James is dangerous and has to go.”

On the hammock are James, Sarah, Ivette and Beau. Ivette tells Beau to go get ready for the POV ceremony. BB tells Michael to change batteries, and James says “yea, you stupid worthless f***.” Ivette says that when Mike leaves she will not get off the couch. Sarah says she might just hug the other HG’s but not Mike and James says he will just stand up. Ivette says she wants to tell Janelle to keep her bags packed. James says if Janelle gets HOH, “people think she'll put up Eric and Ivette, but I think it will be me and Eric she puts up.” They all start to say how they will need a vacation after this is over. James says he wants to read the news.

Eric and Maggie are in the HOH whispering about getting James on the block. Eric says as soon as you put him up, I drop the bomb to Ivette about James being Ashleas second vote. Maggie wants Rachel or April to get HOH because she knows Rachel won't put her or Eric up. Eric tells her that he tried to bait Sarah this morning, talking about the finals and how Sarah said she wouldn't get rid of Maggie…then Sarah came into HOH. Maggie tells her they are talking about Michael and how he may do something stupid.

Just before 12:00 the HG’s are locked down outside.

AFTERNOON 12:00 – Veto Ceremony

The HG’s were all called into the house and the veto ceremony was promptly at noon time and we got FISH. When the feeds return, most of them are on empty rooms and one is on Howie and Kaysar, Kay is laying down on one of the beds. Howie talks about Kaysar's faith and how he many times a day he prays. He asks Kay “does God ever talk back to you?” Kaysar says “if you pay attention, you get signs.” Mike comes in and Howie asks if Mike and Kaysar ever shared the same woman in a sexual way, Kaysar says “how could we do that? We just met each other.”

The feeds switch to the outside and Eric is in the pool saying “I couldn’t think of what to write down when I was asking for stuff as HOH, so I put down a raft.” He says how hot it is (and it is hot here today!), that the pool water is around 82 degrees. James mentions that BB yells at them because when they are told to go out for lockdown they need to get their a** in gear and go, and not take their time finishing up whatever they are doing.

Inside Howie and Janelle are talking about who they deem the strong people in the house. Howie says he thinks James, Maggie and Kaysar are tough. Janelle says “James is tough, but it is too early for him to go.” She says she would put up Eric and Ivette, saying “it doesn’t really matter because Eric is going after me anyway.”

Howie is outside at the table with Mike and Janelle, he is teasing them saying "I know you guys got something going on! It's like a little child hood crush, I can tell." They are laughing. Howie continues "well we'll see when you all go out to one of Janie's clubs and all the guys are trying to get with her or vice-versa, all the chicks going after Mike." They are laughing hysterically at this. He says “I’m a weatherman, I predict things, I predict a 50/50 chance you guys will make it.”

James says he really wants HOH so he can go nap alone anytime he wants. Jennifer says "I just want it once before I go home; if I get nominated then I'm SOL." James says "just because you are nominated, doesn't mean you are going home." She says "from what I've heard in this house, when I do get nominated I am going home." James: "what have you heard?" Jenn: "Oh I don't want to talk about it." James: "well I do, because I don't know what's going on." Jenn: "yes you do, you're lying." James says "I really don't think I am told everything even though I talk to the 'major players'."

I just tuned in to James in bed and Jenn sitting there talking to him in the bedroom. James saying that when he talked to Ashlea, he would sit and listen to all her stories and that he caught her in a bunch of lies. He says "she told me she moved out of her house at 15, went to school, held 3 jobs...that kind of person is scrappy and will do whatever it takes." James says he doesn't feel like he is playing a game yet, that he just asks people questions to get to know them and see what makes them tick. Jenn says: "word around the house is you are playing the game, hard." James: "wow, that's really weird, cuz I'm just here having fun. But, it's just someone's perception." Jenn is spilling it to him how everyone is scared of him because he is serious and smart. He just kind of choked on those words. James and Jenn are whispering, really low, saying how they will be sequestered after being evicted; Jenn says she didn't think so. James: "They did that on BB5." Jenn says "I didn't watch much of BB5." Jenn says "I heard that certain people in the house are going to nominate me and Sarah." James said "why?" Jenn says "that's what I heard, out of the 10 people we are the shy, quite ones, they want all the loud ones around. I think this whole season is a popularity contest.”

Now Rachel and Kay are in the bedroom with James and Sarah, talking about the subway doors. James says once they start to eliminate cots and HG's they will pull the wall forward and open the doors. Kaysar says: "you think they will just move the whole wall?" James says it's a set; they can do whatever they want. Rachel says maybe it will be a bowling alley or a disco hall. While they are talking in the bedroom, Jennifer is giving James a manicure, while he lies in his bed, and his free hand is draped over her leg. Jennifer said something about when she sucked her thumb when she was little, James says "I didn't suck my thumb; I sucked other people’s thumbs. When we were in line at the grocery store I would suck the thumb of people in line." Jennifer says: "those weren't thumbs." Kaysar was disgusted and said "I think you people are programmed to always talk about things in a sexual way.”

3:00 p.m.

Everyone left the bedroom, leaving Jenn and James alone once more. James wants to get back to the conversation they were having earlier about why she thinks that her and Sarah are the likely nominations. He tries to get her to tell him who told her that. Jennifer says she never gives the names of the people that tell her things. James asks her why she doesn’t go after the people that want to put her up, play strategically rather than by popularity. Jenn says she doesn’t want to rock the boat. James asks why she has given up. She says if she did it strategically she would get burned because it would be the person who is calling the shots right now. Darn, Rachel comes in and interrupts them showing Jenn her toes and saying one of them needs something, so the 2 girls go to the bathroom to fix and polish Rachel’s toes.

Janelle and Mike are in the kitchen, Mike swoops towards her for a kiss she says "they can see us" so he just kind of passes her and says "it figures." Janelle gets a bite to eat and heads toward the gold room, Mike not too far behind. Once inside the room Mike is putting something on the door, looks like to lock it. Janelle asks Mike "if they ask you to come back would you?" Mike says "under certain circumstances, perhaps." Janelle and Mike are staring at one another; Mike says "can you tell me what I am thinking?" Janelle says: "yes, but I'm not gonna say." Mike: "oh you think I was thinking about 'that'?...No I was thinking about the coffee shop down the street. I miss good coffee." Janelle says: "All the people that work at the Starbucks near me are a bunch of Cubans." Janelle was called to the DR.

4:00 p.m.

Beau and Eric are talking about Kay in the kitchen; Beau is saying that Kay said something outside about how much cussing everyone does. Eric says "where does he come from that no one cusses? A finishing school? I mean come on, you've seen me, I don't always have to cuss, but there are times that I do. It's part of American Culture!" They start to re-hash the whole fight thing the other night. Beau says Kaysar came up to him and got in his face and said ‘Didn’t I tell you to help prevent a fight?’ Beau says he told Kaysar to go f' himself, that he can't control other people's emotions. Beau says then Kaysar went up to Ivette and that’s when she called him (Kay) an mf’er. According to Beau this is where Kaysar lost it and may have thrown his drink or something (not exactly sure what he said here).

Around 4:30 the HG’s were made to go outside. It was evident on one of the cameras that there were a couple of guys in the house, likely cleaning out the fish tank. Outside Sarah and April were trash talking about Janelle, April was talking about Jan’s extensions, and Sarah said she saw Janelle’s extensions (in her hair) this morning before the veto comp. April says “I don’t feel bad talking about her, because she has said things about me. I want to get her next week, you screw me over and I’ll remember it!”

At 5:00 BB announced for them to now go inside on lockdown until 5:30 p.m. Howie, Rachel, Janelle and Kaysar are talking; Howie is talking about his habits with dating and how he sometimes picks up the wrong woman. Kaysar asks him “how many women’s lives have you ruined?” Howie says “none”; Janelle says “are you sure? Has anyone ever wanted to commit suicide after dating you?” Howie: “I imagine a chick's been stressed out, but…” Kaysar asks “has a girl really liked you, but then you all of the sudden you just broke her heart completely?” Howie says “yeah, I mean, bad company is worse than no company. What am I going to do, pretend that I like this girl and let her hang out with me? See, girls unfortunately say they want the truth, but they really don’t.” Janelle says “they do want the truth!” Howie: “But you've got to be subtle about it.” Howies example of this "Okay Rachel, we've been dating for two months, and you put on 40 pounds and you're a fat piece of garbage now, I don't like you anymore, get out of my face!” He says “Do you really think a girl wants to hear that truth?” Janelle: “Yeah, but that shouldn't be a reason you stop dating somebody.” Howie: “Sure it is! It's volatile.” Janelle: “Oh my God!” Rachel: “Wow.”

Mike and Janelle are back in the gold room, making out and talking. Mike tells her to tell him about Miami. Janelle: Miami is relaxing, stress free; it's not like LA, that’s why I left. In LA it's the people, the traffic, everyone is on edge. You can be in the Bahamas in 45 minutes.” Janelle then says: The only thing about Miami is it is very Latin, and it can get on my nerves especially since I don’t speak Spanish.” Mike: “I like the whole Latin culture.” They continue to talk and hold hands and they talk a little about how they want to see each other when they get out of the house. Janelle asked Mike “are we just friends?” Mike says “is that what’s been bugging you today? Let’s talk about that when we are not on national TV.” Mike says so far the show has been kind of boring, they are whispering about whether or not they will bring someone back and what the Summer of Secrets has in store for the HG’s. Then Mike says “I want to open one of these f’n safes, we’ve probably been sleeping next to 500K all this time.” Now they are trying all kinds of numbers and combos to get into the safes.

6:00 p.m.

BB: “Howie, this is a reminder that sleeping in the living room is not permitted.” So he gets up and goes to the gold room. Howie tells Jan and Mike that BB woke him up. Now he is getting involved in the safe caper and trying to figure out how to open it. Mike asks Howie “what have they done to these safes, are they entirely gold leafed?” They continue to work some numbers. Howie says to Janelle: “Darn you're smart!” Then he got serious and whispered, “you need to win HOH this week.” She whispers back "I know."

Maggie and Kaysar are talking and Kaysar says how hard some of the conversations in the house are because they always turn into sex talk. Maggie says “there is no sexuality in this house for me; I am madly in love with someone.” Kaysar says he doesn’t believe in love at first sight, that you need to get to know someone. He says that touching is interference in getting to know someone.

It’s about 7:00 and Mike has become obsessed with random numbers that he insists will get him into a safe. Howie is humoring him and encouraging him.
Rachel comes in and asks if Howie is in there, she says there are burgers and Mac and Cheese ready for dinner. Mike asks "what is Mac and Cheese?" They tell him (the obvious) and Jan & Howie leave to eat, while Mike stays and stares at the safes. Mike is convinced now that there is cash in there, that he will find it and leave the house in a blaze of glory.

Maggie is out on the hammock: “I always watched the show and I thought that this would be the best place to hang out. It's not.” Now Kaysar is on the hammock too and Maggie says to him “I'm not an extrovert in here and I usually am.” Kaysar says he's somewhere in the middle, but he's more on the defensive, I’m gonna play the introverted dumb Iraqi boy who sits in the corner.”

Kay and Janelle were in the workout room together. Janelle saying she will be sad too when Mike leaves, that she really likes him, but it’s so hard to talk when cameras are in your face. Janelle says “I think there's something going on in the house, April is weird, there is something going on with her.” Janelle says “if they get HOH next week, I go. Do you think Howie would throw the competition?” Kay says “no.”

Around 8:30 James, Rachel and Sarah were sitting with each other, when Howie walked up James (joking) said “They were going to kiss until you came up" Howie says "Who? You and who?" James says "Not me, them, the girls". Howie gets wide eyed and says "Oh come on, touch boobies" One of the girls says "You missed it; we touched boobies the other night."

9:00 p.m.

Outside by the hot tub, Eric is telling his love stories about dating his wife, their wedding in Vegas (where they lived), his wife wanted to do the drive through chapel thing, she didn't want a big wedding. Eric said he couldn't do that to his family, he wanted to give his parents the whole big wedding day thing, and his father was speechless. All the parents were given an opportunity to speak and his father was too emotional. Mike and Jenn are in the gym. He says on their wedding day, that he had an agility test for the Fire Department and he failed it. So he called his wife and she said "don't worry about it, just come home and let's get married." (I sooo changed the feeds, he’s been talking for like a ½ hour straight! About himself! He never took a breath! lol)

Jennifer is now outside telling Sarah about being in the gym, working out with Mike in there and he only said two words to her in like 15 minutes. She said the shades were drawn; he slipped and fell, made a comment, then never spoke again. Not only that but she says he put his shirt back on after 2 minutes in there.

Beau is telling the girls outside that he has his wedding ceremony all planned out April says "well, it's only legal in some states right?" Beau says "I mean legally, yes, but it will be in the Napa Valley, and it's all planned out already." Ivette is making fun of him because he doesn't even have a boyfriend.

Janelle and Mike are in the gold room. Janelle says that BB is taking away her pink sweat pants, because she wore them the wrong way (? no clue what she is referring to.) Mike offers her a pair of his sweats and she says "that's okay they are going to get my black pants and leave them in the SR for me, somehow they will cover up the Bebe logo." After a moment of thought Mike says f'n people (HG’s)! Janelle says "and Kaysar is hanging out with them too." Mike says "smart!" Janelle says, "I know, but I just can't hang out with them, I can't!"

Janelle went into bathroom. Maggie and Jenn were in there and Janelle told them she went into the DR to leave a message for her boyfriend, that she can't see him anymore and it wasn't going to work out. Maggie asked her “why, is it the house?” Janelle said yea, and they didn't see each other much anyway. Janelle is repeating the story now about going to the DR. April is in there now; Janelle said she had to do 4 takes because she wanted it to sound really sincere. They were just told not to talk about it anymore by BB (poor guy is gonna get dumped on national TV.).

10:00 p.m.

Maggie and Jen were in the kitchen with Eric. Jenn was telling Eric about Janelle breaking up with her boyfriend in the DR. Maggie slapped Jen’s hand hard and said "don’t share people's secrets." Jen replied “so what, everybody's gonna know sooner or later anyway.”

April and Jen leave Mike and Janelle at the table, and head for the hammock. April says she'll never get in the gold room again because Mike and Jan live in there. Jen then says she finds it funny that Mike was all over her, but because she wouldn't give him any attention, he just moved on to someone else. April questioning Jen about Jan's story, asking her if she thinks the boyfriend dumping on TV thing is a twist. Jen says “no.”

April asks Jen if she said anything bad about Eric to Maggie and Jen said “I told Maggie that Eric takes too much of a leadership role.” April tells Jen not to say anything to Maggie about Eric. Jen replies “Maggie is cool; we would totally be friends outside this game.” April tells Jen that Maggie is always strategizing, so to watch out for what she says. Then Jen says “I told James he might be one of the smartest people in the house because from day one he was strategizing and we all just wanted to have fun.” April tells her “James will go right to Eric with this, stop saying those things.”

At around 11:00 Beau and April are out on the hammock. Beau said he asked Howie who he would put up, if he won HOH and Howie told him “I don’t know yet.” Beau said if he (Beau) won HOH he would have to nominate someone that is a threat. He says he's thinking he might put up either Eric or James. April says “that might cause problems.”

Kay, Mike, Janelle are out on the patio. Mike is telling Kay how f’d up the whole game has been for him. How everything was coming along fine, they got Kay off the block, then… Kaysar says “then somewhere a couple days after that everything took a dump.” Mike: “then suddenly, Mr. Midget decides that I'm the biggest threat he's ever met and he nominates me. Then, as I get lied to, our whole arrangement is thrown to s***. Then suddenly, Jennifer perpetuates this lie that she could have stopped in one swoop but because she is weak, she would rather just go along with it, so she went with the concept that I am some sort of molester. At that point, that's when all the girls in the house started looking at me like I'm weird. Then someone like Sarah who barely has two brain cells to rub together, comes up to me and starts lecturing me as if she even knows me, as if she's even got a breath of air in her lungs to speak to me about 'you know you rubbed your toe up on my…shut you’re a**! Then, I've got a b**** coffee server over there, who thinks she's the queen of Sheba, who I wouldn't f*** with Howie's dick. Now I'm thinking to myself, I'm supposed to somehow fix this situation? In 3 days? It's obvious, I am a threat, I've won a couple of comps, came real close on the rest. Eric got f’n scared and that's what happened. There's nothing I could have done.”

Howie shows up and Mike says “well short of getting down on my hands and knees and playing suck a** to stay in here, I’ve done all I can do, and I’ve done well in the competitions." Howie says: “yea you did great. You made too many enemies, it's the women.” Mike: “and that was a perpetuated lie, they are using for their own advantage. So if this was really a fair game, there would be a way to even things out but its' not fair.” Mike tells them he wants one of them to win. Mike wants whoever wins to buy a summer resort and they can all run it. Howie says “sounds good.” Mike to Howie “otherwise I know you would spend it all in a strip bar.” Kaysar said he would give it all to his mosque. Howie says “I was going to spend it all on plastic, on my body.” Kay says “you'll look like Joan Rivers.”

Eric, James & Ivette were talking in HOH. Eric tells them that he got a 2nd chance from BB to stay because other HG’s said they would leave if he was kicked out. James says the only really threatening thing that happened was Kaysar throwing the water bottle at the wall. Eric wasn't even near Mike at that time. James expresses how uneasy he is with Maggie (FISH!) When we come back from FISH, Eric is saying "If you want to get rid of Maggie I guess I could get behind that, if that's what the majority wants to do." Both James and Ivette said "no, no, no, we like Maggie.” They started to talk about possibly getting Jenn out. James mentioned how he busted Rachael and Howie talking at 3:20 a.m. and they scattered so quick – it reinforced his belief that they were a pair. Ivette says she hears someone coming, she says it’s probably Maggie “she always to seems to show up when we are talking.” With that Maggie walked in, seems to be on the defensive and walks out.

Maggie and Rachel are whispering while in bed. Maggie tells Rachel that she walked into HOH room, there was a group of people, and vibe was weird so she left. She asks Rachel if people are making agreements or what's going on in there? Rachel says she doesn't know. Maggie doesn't want to feel like there are already deals going on. Rachel says you have to and to prepare herself. Maggie and Rachel say they trust each other because they stay true to themselves. Rachel says there are emotional personalities in this house; some people can't take the pressure. Rachel doesn't believe Mike is as bad as they say. Maggie doesn't like it when people make fun of Mike's physical appearance. Rachel detests that. They both feel bad about what's been done to Mike. Ivette now comes into the bedroom telling Maggie they wanted her to stay in HOH (out of sheer guilt that she was bashing her.)


James and Eric are in the HOH talking. James said he really doesn’t want to get rid of Maggie, but he says “if Maggie gets HOH for some reason I think she'll put me up.” Eric says “Um, that's not my impression when I talk to her. I've tried to feel her out about you and she was saying she kind of keeps you on edge just to f*** with you.” They both agree that April is a leak. James said he doesn’t think Howie is a leak, but that he made some kind of deal with Rachel tonight.

Jenn came into HOH and Eric and James start to talk about the game to her and she says she heard that when they are down to 10 she will be next to go. Eric says they all need to sit down as a group and talk about it. Jen says “talk about what, it is Game on now!” Eric says “But some of my initial judgments about Mike seem incorrect. I am not blaming you or April…” Jen cuts him off and asks “What do you mean?” Eric says “some things may or may not have happened. How do you know when someone comes to you and says something whether it is true or not? You better be darn well sure that your source is correct.” James says “so you hear things and you decide to put people up based on those things, then you can bet that you yourself will be up next.”

Ivette ‘outs’ herself

April and Ivette were sitting alone on the patio and Ivette was talking about Jenn acting slutty much of the time, and then implies later that she doesn’t like the attention. April says “I think Jenn is just not feeling loved by her boyfriend right now and she needs attention.” After some more talk, April told Ivette that she could tell her anything and April would not tell anyone. Ivette tells April that she doesn't have a boyfriend, she has a girlfriend. April responds with "OMG, I LOVE you! Thank you for telling me! There's a reason why God brought you to me. I can't talk to you about it because it has to do with someone else, so I'll tell you when we get out of here, but you will know that God brought you to me for a reason.” Ivette goes on to tell April that Julie (Chen) knows she is a lesbian from the interview process. Ivette goes back to bashing Maggie saying she asks a lot of questions, but doesn’t answer a lot of questions.

They finally go to sleep, somewhere just before 3:00 a.m.