Big Brother Recap July 19th 2005
Michael’s other side and the road to eviction

As always Eric is the first one awake at 7:00 am.
Rachel soon follows at 7:12 and they have a brief discussion on why Jennifer thinks she is going to be put up next for eviction. She mentioned yesterday but would not give any names leaving them to believe that she might have made it up. They then discuss how some people are there for the money and Rachel said that after taxes she would be lucky to have enough for a house. Eric claims he is there for the fun. They briefly discuss the next HOH and how Kaysar and Janelle will have to be put up. Eric believes that if Janelle wins it that she will put up Eric and James. Rachel said she didn’t really want to win it this week but would if she had to. Eric also commented on if Kaysar was to win HOH this week he would probably put up Beau and Ivette since they are so close.

They head out back to the yard. Eric and Rachel now looking at ants crawling. Eric saying they can carry 3 – 10 times their weight. Rachel is telling Eric he is thinking too much. Eric says no, I’m thinking about my actions of the other night. Worried about his kids watching the episode, that it would be aired tonight. Says he doesn’t want his kids to be afraid of him. Eric says he hasn’t been that angry since before they were born. Rachel says we live in a pressure cooker.

Eric saying he (Michael) shouldn’t have brought his family into it. The game should personalize the game, and he lost it.

Going on about James saying that Kaysar and Michael instigated the whole thing and Janelle is the one that is causing the problems. Michael needs to stop personalizing the game to everyone.

Rachel saying Michael is acting like a jerk and that no one ones to keep him because of all the drama. Eric says “absolutely”.

Rachel can’t believe Kaysar slept in gold room with those two (Michael and Janelle) last night.

Rachel talks about how Howie hangs with those three. Eric says but Howie just jokes around with everybody and I don’t see him going anytime soon.

Rachel says she would love to see him (Eric) win the money. Eric says you too, but he would love to be in final 5.

Eric says last few days have been emotionally draining. Rachel even said she laid low yesterday and Eric noticed that a lot of people sleep. Lot’s of stress decompression.

Now they are talking about the POV competition. Eric says the 9 minutes wasn’t indicative of what he was doing. Also that he kept shouting stuff at Rachel, but Rachel says she couldn’t hear him.

Eric saying later on friends will be putting each other up. He will respect the person if they say they were a tough competitor and put him up. That he would hug them and work his butt of to win POV and campaign to stay in the house.

Eric is going on about Michael going off on Eric’s speech when he said he was put up because he was a strong competitor. Rachel can’t believe they (Janelle and Michael) have isolated themselves from the group. Eric feels that Michael should have apologized individually to people for his actions. They are screwing themselves by isolation.

Then they were talking about HOH and how Eric has 2 days left. He pumps up Rachel that she couldn’t have played (being) HOH better. Rachel says it was no big deal because it was the first one. Eric says he didn’t share HOH with anyone because he is a married man and it wouldn’t look good.

Talk about how Ashlea was always crying. How the house was cleaner since she was gone. Also that Eric talked to Kaysar about cleaning up after himself.He recalls the time that he asked Rachel for pancakes. She made the batter and showed him how to do it himself.

Overheard Kaysar saying Michael wasn’t the person he thought he was. That Kaysar was oblivious to what Michael was doing in the house. Rachel says she saw it through the window. How can he be so blind…”Kaysar, open your eyes.”

At about 10:15 Maggie and Sarah get up. Eric was outside cleaning the pool and Rachel starts to cook them breakfast. They have some small talk. Maggie goes outside and approaches Eric. Eric tells her that Ivette thinks she is holding back information. That she wanted to put her up if she won HOH, but Eric said NO.(God has spoken) He tells her that James is looking to put up April. Eric suggests that Maggie start talking more with Ivette. Sarah walks out so the conversation switches to the pool. Once Sarah leaves they start talking about James and how they think he knows they are a team.

Rachel sits at the edge of James bed and James said he does not want to waste a vote on Janelle because he thinks that she will put him up next week if she wins HOH. Rachel said that Janelle like him. James and Rachel agree that the fight was not Mike’s fault but Eric’s. Rachel thinks people are starting to freak out, James responded by saying it is only week 2!

James goes out back where Eric and Ivette are chatting at the pool. James tells them that Kaysar, Howie, Janelle and Mike all slept in the gold room and that they locked the door with a belt. James is a bit freaked by this. Eric said that Howie was hanging himself. They agree to only give information to each other and no one else. Ivette then goes on to say that she thinks Maggie is leaking information, Eric (of course) disagrees and tries to nail it on April. Ivette then said that Jennifer had her ear against the Gold room wall trying to hear things and that she couldn’t be trusted. Ivette said she does not trust Maggie, or Jennifer (she is inconsistent). They agree that April can’t be trusted either.

Eric thinks that BB will ask him to write a cookbook before he leaves (Ya ok Eric)
April coaches Jennifer in the game. She told her to stop talking. Don’t let anyone know what she knows. She tells her not to worry, Jennifer replies that she is not worried just bored.

Howie is still Howie, talking of boobies and panties! (Hope Mom is proud Howie) Jen does talk with Howie for a bit. She wonders what America thinks of Howie. Howie replied that he does not give a @#%^&*!

A bit later Howie and Rachel catch a quick minute. Rachel thinks that everyone is onto everyone else’s partner. Howie does not think anyone suspects them. He told her to tell anyone that asks that they were just talking about Kaysar if they ask.

The BB cameraman gives us a close up of the clock stuck on 5:34. Possible a clue to the combination for the safes!

While Jennifer, Maggie and Kaysar are doing ab crunches, Eric makes some very sexual suggestive comments (now who is calling the kettle black) Here are a few of the comments he made.
He says he will be able to raise the table with his hands in the air.

* He asks BB to put some privacy booths in the house, similar to the ones used in last weeks HOH competition, presumably so he can play with himself.

* He commented out loud that he is at M.S.B. He defines this for us as Maximum Sperm Buildup.

* He asked BB for a conjugal visit from Julie. I assume he means his wife Julie, and not Julie Chen.

* He commented that if Ivette is able to move the way he thinks she can, "it would all be over".

Maybe another clue…. The cameraman kept panning from Kaysar to the map on the wall. Especially Europe and Asia.

April has a little conversation about even if you wanted to leave the BB house they won’t let you. They make you think about it and stay. She is worried that she could have a panic attack and not be able to leave, Beau said so they will call you a psychiatrist.

James, Eric and Maggie talking about Mike and saying that he hopes he watches the show and sees how he acts, and his friends teach him some lessons that you don't just meet people and start kissing and licking their necks.

James and Eric telling Maggie that Janelle and Kaysar would put up James and Eric because they think they're the leaders. Before Janelle and Kaysar thought it was Ivette and Eric but after the veto they changed their minds.

Eric saying to James that he'll say to Janelle and Kaysar "if you put us up, and we somehow get off, you better hide in the fold room like Michael did" (is that a threat???)

Eric then said "I don’t understand how Howie would want to hang around with them (Jannelle, Kaysar and Michael) and sleep in their room"

James and Eric agree that they have to get HOH and get Janelle and Kaysar out, then try and break up Howie and Rachel. Eric then said that Ivette needs to control her emotions.

James and Eric then agree that if Jennifer got HOH she would be scared to make decisions, and they would be able to puppet her HOH nominations.

Kaysar talks with Jennifer. He tells her that he would like to take Eric out so he will feel important.

Beau and Ivette have a little talk on the hammock. They talk about Maggie. They hate Maggie. Ivette hates the way Maggie always wants to know what everyone is saying but never shares herself. Ivette has mentioned this to April. Ivette and Beau agree that they need to continue talking to Maggie for strategy but that Maggie brings nothing to the conversation. Then talks turns to Ashlea. They said Ashlea had told others that they (Beau and Ivette) knew each other. He also told Ivette that Michael and Janelle had made up a song mocking Ivette, but that Kaysar had not participated in the song.

Sarah and James take a minute to talk game. Sarah said that Eric thinks they (her and James) are partners and possible married. James response was that they need to stop hanging around with each other and it has to stop now.

The houseguests want alcohol. BB has not given them any alcohol since the fight between Eric and Mike. Eric tried persuading BB by saying they won the alcohol, he had to down 3 sandwiches and that BB is not holding up to their end of the bargain (smart move). Later he also tried to swap the alcohol for another food group that they didn’t win. BB response was your always thinking but NO.

Kaysar and Ivette have a little discussion. Kaysar tries to explain to her that he is always reserved in all situations and it has nothing to do with his Muslim religion. Ivette does not listen and keeps going on that it has to be his religion, and that it makes him different and possible not accepted in the house. She can’t understand if he is so devoted to his religion why he would come into the house in the first place. He tried to explain that others can do things that are against his religion, but that does not mean he has to. Ivette said everything that happens in the house is against his religion. She also said that he really can’t play the game if you don’t deceive or lie at some point. Kaysar responded that yes he could play the game and still honor his religion.

As the night winds down, Mike, Janelle and Howie are in the gold room, Mike comments that it is a stupid game that will make him look stupid when he is evicted with a 12 to 1 vote. Janelle responds with Howie will vote for you to stay too. Mike still responds with the game is stupid! Mike states his regret about not watching Big Brother before he came in, states that one of his friends kept telling him that he needed to go in the show( maybe Kaysar) and that he wishes he had done the Amazing Race which involves speed.

Mike starts describing the house guests to Janelle. Here are some of his comments (thanks to poster Debbiedee)

Mike on Sarah: Comes from a normal family, suburban lifestyle, probably some junior college. Very independent yet extraordinarily indecisive.
Mike on Beau: Tries to sound worldlier than is. Loves being gay and flaunts it. A bit sneaky, but means well. Really likes superficial friendships.

Mike on Ivette: Feels that her family has been targeted all her life. Comes from a troubled background. That bothers her. Horrible resentment towards others, very jealous of others. Believes she's strong, but is very weak.

Mike on Eric: Struggled whole life for being little. Took steroids to feel better. Not good enough to body build as a pro. Looking for any type of comfort zone and security from people hence him being a firefighter. He cant think for himself.

Mike on James: Raised in stern family. No love. Parents were strict. Feels as if he's fought for opinions, Knows useless info to back up all his 'facts'. Is a sore loser.

Mike on Maggie: Goodhearted. Blessed background. Secure and strong. Astute, bright and sweet. Likes to help people.

Mike on Rachel: Book smart. Sharp. Good reader. Outdoorsy type person. open range type. Lonely, w/ few friends. Not a risk-taker.

April: Likes to say she's the 'good girl' . But is really a nympho. Is jealous if not center of attention. Quick to reprimand others. Bitter. Fairly sweet from time to time.
Jennifer: Extremely insecure. Untrustworthy. Has cheated on BoyFriend many times. Meandering thru life w/ no direction. Hoping for a Prince Charming. Will settle for anyone. Is close to parents. Has a few screws loose. Probably have some psychological disorders in family.

Mike on Kaysar: He's probably brightest person in house. Strong set of morals and values. Truthful and trustworthy. Comes from very different background. Can do anything in life.

Mike on Howie: Has no shame. Mischievous child "Dennis the Menace". Has balls of steel. Quite difficult as a child, but has gotten past that. Personality shows what a great guy he is. Loves life. Never truly unhappy.

Mike on Janelle: Has always been beautiful. Has taken this as an opportunity to get what she wants. Knows how to control people(in a good way). Uses beauty, although is very bright even without looks. Never stays in one occupation more than a year. Likes to expand and try different things. Janelle disagrees with this.

Mike on Mike : Tremendous temper. Has ability to grow. Can take negative experiences and make positive. Extremely unusual childhood. Knows everybody, but is alone in the world. Always searching to improve himself. Has tried numerous different ventures.

Seems to be a pretty good description! He said all this with sincerity and pretty much nailed each houseguest! Mike is a very observant and intelligent man under that rough exterior.

Mike and Janelle settle down to sleep at 3:15. Kaysar on the other hand lies in bed thinking, counting on his fingers. At about 3:48 Kaysar get up and starts walking around the house. He goes into the living room, and then walks into the dining room and to the kitchen. He looks at the gum ball machine. He walks to the exercise room. He stands at the wall of pictures looking at it. He walks back through the living room by the fish tank looking at something on the table. He looks at it a couple of times. He picks it up. It looks like the same thing that helped Rachel find the gold room.

At 4:22 Kaysar was still up and thinking, all other houseguests are sound asleep! What can be going through that mind of his???? He sits and ponders and at 4:38 he sets his prayer mat out, prays for a bit then finally heads to bed! All now tucked in safe at that BB compound.

Should be a fun day, voting and more speculations!