6:00 am

Eric is the first HG up, about 6:30 am. He goes into the HOH bathroom, and checks out his infected finger. Then he washes his hands, arms, and head and goes down to the kitchen. He gets out the first aid kit and puts something on his finger...About 6:50 am, Rachel gets up, and after going to the bathroom, joins Eric in the kitchen.....Both Eric and Rachel comment on how clean the kitchen is. Eric says it looks like the "fairy clean" people came in the night, and there aren't even any dishes left outside. Rachel asks, "Do you think they have a maid service?" (Note: According to updaters, Kaysar and Howie stayed up late the night before cleaning the kitchen, LR, WC, and BY, and Janelle helped Howie with the dishes.)

7:00 am

Both Rachel and Eric are moving around-- Rachel goes to work out in the exercise room then back into the kitchen....Eric is trying to decide what to have for breakfast.....Rachel and Eric talk about food, and that some HGs eat too much.....Eric goes outside to lift weights for a short time, then goes back into the kitchen...Rachel makes her breakfast and then joins Eric outside, while he is lifting weights....Soon after, Eric goes back into the exercise room to continue his workout.

8:00 am

At 8:00 am, Rachel and Eric are still the only HGs awake....Rachel putters around the house—taking a shower, feeding the fish....Eric continues to work out in the exercise room....Then Eric goes back outside to clean the pool, while Rachel sits quietly on the couch.

9:00 am

Eric mentions once again how nice it was to wake up to no dirty dishes....Rachel thinks that maybe Kaysar did the dishes....At about 9:00 BB makes a wake-up announcement, telling the HGs that voting will begin in one hour....Still talking to Rachel, Eric says that he is surprised about his friendship with Beau. He says that since he grew up "macho and all" he never expected to be friends with "someone like Beau. Eric says that he (Eric) has been able to come into the BB house and put all his differences and opinions aside and has come to like Beau as a friend.

Maggie and Ivette are up, and join Eric and Rachel, who are still talking about how clean everything was when they got up. Ivette insists it must have been Howie. Maggie says she's seen Janelle clean when no one was watching. Eric uses the words "pristine" and "immaculate" to describe how he found the house this morning and is sure it was Howie who did the cleaning.

April is now in the kitchen with the others, and she and Ivette talk about how Rachel really wants to win BB. April said that when Rachel was on the surfboard in the first HOH competition, she (Rachel) said she really wanted to win BB because she won't have a job when she gets out of the house. April goes on to say that Rachel talked Howie into jumping off. (Note: Based on what we've been shown on TV, this is true.)....Others (including James, Maggie, and Sarah say they were okay with not having HOH.

The conversation about the first HOH competition is interrupted by James and Eric (who is continuing to talk about how clean the house was this morning). The group thinks that Howie did the cleaning. James says that he told Kaysar that if they found anything in the BY, they were going to put the dishes in the gold room....Then April starts complaining that Michael told her she is too skinny and needs to gain weight. Eric replies, "What does he (Michael) know?" April says that her husband likes her the way she is.

Jennifer (who has now joined the kitchen group) says that she dreamt that she signed up for a f*rting competition....Eric says that he had a dream that he was getting down and dirty and doing the nasty with Julie. Someone asks Eric, "Did you wake up happy? Are you ready to go?" (Eric was apparently talking about his wife Julie, not Julie Chen. Too bad. That would have made a better story.)

Ivette tells the group that Beau was totally obnoxious last night. One of the women says Beau sprayed the bedroom with Right Guard. James says that Beau wouldn't get off his bed last night.

Eric asks where the tuna is, and Ivette asks Eric if he is going to eat tuna this early in the morning. Eric replies that he's been up since 6:30 am.....Then Ivette tells Eric is he is making a mess as he's mixing mayo with his tuna because he is using the smallest bowl. Ivette says that Eric thinks he's cleaning with napkins....Ivette says to Eric, "Here, my little Jew." (Where did that come from?) Eric says that if his wife is watching this, she is probably p*ssing in her pants.

Ivette tells the group that her brother is a "guy guy," but that he is very neat and anal....Then the conversation somehow turns to Ivette complaining about how most restaurants (like McDonalds) only give you one napkin...Maggie complains about cup dispensers....Eric talks about the little coffee spoons and how drug addicts use them....James throws in that many people don't think the Holocaust existed. (Where did THAT come from?).

10:00 am

The miscellaneous conversation is still going on in the kitchen....Sarah says she had a dream where she was at work, and she hired all new people, and they get voted off until there is only one. Then she said that Ashlea came back. During this last remark, the camera was on Maggie's face and her eyes got really big.....About 10:10 Rachel is the first one called to the DR.

Just before 11:00, Howie goes into the bathroom, and several of the women compliment him about what a great job he did cleaning the house, that even the ashtrays were washed....Howie says that Kaysar was the one who did the cleaning....Howie jokes that Kaysar lives in a palace and has lots of maids, and learned how to clean from watching them....A little later, Howie calls Jennifer his “little Mexican-American cheerleader.” (Not sure of the context for that remark.)

Howie goes in and uses the WC, and after he comes out, Janelle goes in and finds an open condom in there....Howie tries to figure out who had the open "condiment" (his words), but the women think that Howie planted the condom there.

11:00 am

Howie goes outside with Janelle and starts rubbing her neck. He talks about what CBS probably showed on the Tuesday night TV show. Howie thinks the Tuesday show probably showed the fight between Michael and Eric, and Michael and Janelle's romance...Howie and Janelle also talk strategy. They talk about how they want to get rid of Ivette, but that James has been sucked into Eric's alliance....Janelle wants to put up Eric and James instead of Ivette so that Eric and James can't compete for each other....Howie thinks his days in the house are numbered, too.

A little later, Rachel, Janelle, and Kaysar talk about the similarities between Rachel and Janelle. Both of them have parents who divorced when they were young—one at age 4 and the other at age 11. They also talk about having similar complexions and birthmarks. Kaysar asks if they are cousins. They don't think so—Janelle is younger and has longer legs.

Kaysar says to Michael, "Would you be offended if I didn't vote for you (to stay)? Janelle says you Kaysar, "You can't even give him one vote?"....A few minutes later, Janelle and Michael are talking, and Janelle says to Michael, "Maybe you're moody because both Kaysar and Howie asked, "Do you mind if we don't vote for you."...Janelle says to Michael, "They are going to keep me in." Michael replies, "You don't have to explain to me, baby, I can't wait to get out of this place......Looking into each other's eyes, Michael whispers to Janelle, "How do you feel about me?" Janelle answers, "I really like you.".....Later, Howie comes by and cuts into Janelle and Michael's conversation, asking Janelle if he likes it when men go down on her. Janelle and Michael ignore Howie.

12:00 noon

Inside the house, the conversation is about celebrities, movies, and music, so FISH keeps cutting in every few minutes....In another part of the house (the bathroom?) Janelle gives Rachel a makeover....Jennifer and Kaysar watch, then Michael joins them. Kaysar is very interested in the process....For some reason, Michael brings up how he has never done a lot of drugs, except for maybe a little pot. He starts to tell a story about a friend in Berkeley and we get FISH. When the feeds come back, Michael is saying he will never do it again.

Janelle continues Rachel's makeover. Janelle finishes Rachel's eyelashes and Kaysar asks, "Don't they feel like they have weights on them?" Rachel answers, "They feel like they have 10 lb. weights on them...Janelle plucks Rachel's eyebrows, and Kaysar kids, "After the redness goes away and the bleeding stops, they'll look great."

1:00 pm

Elsewhere in the house (LR? Kitchen?) Eric asks Ivette if Maggie is a closet lesbian. Ivette replies, "I don't know," then quickly changes the subject.....Ivette asks Eric if there are any hot guys in his fire department and Eric says there are a few.

Meanwhile, Jennifer and James are talking. James says he's not a big fan of the Gold Room, and Jennifer say's "It's tainted now." James says that maybe they will wash everything down (after Michael leaves?)....Then Jennifer asks James if he's ever measured "himself." James says he has. She asks if someone was with him and he says "Yes." Then she asks him if he measured it at another time to see if it was the same, and James said , "Yes." Then Jennifer laughs and touches James on the chest. (I have no idea where this conversation came from.)

In the kitchen with Ivette/Eric/Maggie there is more lesbian talk. Eric asks Maggie, "Are you a "carpet muncher"?" (Wow! I've learned another new expression on BB. This may be the most "educational" season of BB yet!) Ivette says, "Don't knock it till you've tried it."...Eric also asks Maggie if she likes Ellen DeGeneres. Maggie answers that she likes her humor. Eric says that's why his wife likes him—she needs lightening up. (Whew! It sounded like Eric was saying his wife likes him because he's a lesbian.)

Janelle has finished Rachel's makeover and she wants Rachel to go out and show it to everyone. Rachel doesn't want to, because something feels "clumpy," but Kaysar tells Rachel, "You look awesome."

While the Rachel makeover is going on, Ivette and April are in another the bedroom....Ivette asks April, "What do you think of Rachel?" April says she likes Rachel, but she really is playing the game. April once again tells the story of the night of the first HOH competition, where Rachel got Howie to get off the surfboard. April thought that the group had decided that Howie should get HOH because he'd done really well tossing coconuts, but Rachel said that she really wanted it, as well. April says she jumped off the surfboard because she didn't want to piss Rachel off....Rachel also said that Rachel was upset that Janelle had a faster time than she did in this week's POV competition....Beau joins April and Ivette, but soon after, Rachel walks in the bedroom with her new "look." Beau/April/Ivette all tell Rachel how good she looks.....Beau asks the women if they will paint each of his toenails a different color.

In the workout room, Kaysar/Eric/James are talking......Eric says he was "hanging his balls out on this one." (putting Mike up). Eric says "If someone votes the other way I am screwed." (Huh?) James says "I agree with you." Kaysar starts to say something to the effect "You will see once (the votes are announced."....Eric tells Kaysar, "Don't say anything to me about how you voted, it's against the rules." Kay replies "I'm not, but I am just saying that it's not going to be a sweep. No one should be swept, it's a hurtful feeling, and that's all I'm gonna say."...Eric says "I can understand and respect that, but you gotta know that some people dig there own holes."

2:00 pm

Most of the HGs are in the kitchen getting food. Howie is standing behind Janelle, rubbing her shoulders and telling her she's sexy. He tells "Janie" that she has that "sweaty, cigarette smell," and that on most girls it's disgusting, but on her, it smells good.

Howie goes outside and joins Rachel at the table. Howie whispers to Rachel, "It doesn't matter who are couples, it matters who is strong. James is the strongest player in this game, we got to get him out of here. Once James is out we'll have no problem. The people power, they are not strong competitors they just got vote power."......The Beau comes out to the table and Rachel remarks in a normal voice how strong the taco sauce is......Howie leaves the table, and Rachel tells Beau that there will be a whole segment on TV of Howie acting like Beau—they will both be famous.....April has joined them and remarks on how weird Howie is. Beau says he understands how Howie acts and it doesn't bother him.

April then goes over and folds laundry. She holds up a piece of clothing and says to Michael (who is floating in the pool), "If you go, can I have this?" Michael says "No," his sister wants them. April tells Michael, "Well, I washed them. I'll remember that." Michael says that he has some toilet paper that April can have.

Inside, Eric walks into the kitchen, and Ivette says, "Hi Crabby!" Eric replies, "I'm crabby?" Then Howie does joking imitation of an interview with Eric's kids, " "So Danielle and Joseph, did you really think your daddy was going to jump over lawn furniture and chase somebody down in the BB household?" Eric says "He'd say yea, when somebody chases 'me' down." ....Someone also asks Eric what they think his firehouse will say about the fight....Eric says that the guys at the firehouse won't be surprised that he's already lost his temper. They'll be surprised it took that long to get into a fight or lose his cool. Eric laughs about this.

In the pool, Michael and Janelle are kissing, and the camera guys are practicing their close-up techniques on Janelle's "twin peaks." .....The kitchen crew is watching and Ivette is commenting. Ivette says (as if she's talking to Janelle), "I hope he doesn't burp when he's making out with you." Ivette: " Ivette goes on, "She's kissing the one, while wearing the bracelet from the other one." and " C'mon Janelle, you're representing all money-hungry waitress ho's everywhere."....Ivette says at least they got some entertainment today, and says, "Hey, if (Janelle) likes man boobies, by all means."....The kitchen crew is eating granola cookies made by Ivette, and compliment her on how good they are...The group continues to stand by the window watching Janelle and Michael as if they are watching a porno. April and Eric keep telling the others, "You're missing it. They're totally making out."....BB makes an announcement "HOH please go to your room." The kitchen crew hoots and hollers, then reassures Eric that Rachel was called to the HOH room last week when she was HOH.

3:00 pm

While Mike and Janelle continue to flirt and kiss in the pool, outside the pool, it looks like Eric got a digital camera from BB......Some of the guys are giving tips to Maggie and Jennifer on how to pose seductively with each other.....The guys want them to do a lesbian pose so, Maggie/Jennifer standing facing each other, with Jenn's leg wrapped around Maggie, and Maggie with one hand on Jenn's butt.....Howie runs over to the pool (where Janelle and Mike have continued to make out) and yells, "Janie, I love her and she loves me." Howie jumps into the pool, but Janelle gets out, and Janelle and Howie pose...The HGs continue to have fun taking pictures.

Eric, James, and Kaysar are posing with Sarah in the pool...Eric tells them guys, "Well let me tell you, that computer is in there for a reason. You are able to log in and write about your week as HOH. Rachel was able to do it, too." Sarah says, " Hmmm, Rachel never said anything to me." James says, "Me, either."

There is not much worth reporting for the next while....Various HGs continue to take pictures and play in the pool....Janelle and April sit at the patio table and smoke, and talk about various bars and restaurants in Florida....April asks Janelle if she will stay in Florida and she says she will. She thinks the people are nicer in Florida, there isn't as much traffic, and you don't need a car if you live in South Beach.

Apparently the HGs have been on outside lockdown, because at about 3:30 BB tells them they can go back inside....The HGs immediately see that they have new blue fish...The HGs start naming the fish...Ivette says she wants to name one fish Ellen and another Portia (for Portia DeRossi, Ellen DeGeneres's GF)...Then one of the fish apparently starts to eat another fish, so we get FISH. (Sheesh, give us back the chickens from BB1. At least they didn't die all the time.)

While the rest of the HGs are elsewhere, Sarah and James sneak some alone time in the pool for strategy talk.....James tells Sarah that Jennifer told him that James and Sarah would be the first people nominated from Eric's alliance.....James tells Sarah to make sure everyone knows that April is the leak to Jennifer....Sarah says that someone told her not to think about who will be evicted after Janelle and Kaysar...James also says he told Ivette to stop saying bad things a bout Maggie to Eric for a couple of weeks, a least—that James is working on something right.....James says that if Janelle or Kaysar gets HOH he might tell them about the couples (it sounds like Eric and Maggie). Sarah says that might come back bite him and maybe he should pick a different couple.

4:00 pm

Inside the house, Howie is lying on the floor with his hat over his crotch...Eric makes a joke about Howie putting his hat on his pecker, and Rachel said she did it because his thing was all sticking out....James says that he hasn't had a wet dream yet. Eric says, "Dude, I woke up just in time last night. I just want to get in bed with my wife." James replies, "That's why I am so glad I don't have a wife or a girlfriend right now, just give me 5 minutes of privacy with the cameras off." (That tricky James.)....Jennifer walks in and stands right across the kitchen counter from Eric. Then she puts her hand inside her shirt to "adjust her microphone." (Sure, Jennifer.) Eric covers his eyes and says to Jennifer, "I can't watch you while you're fondling your breasts."...Soon after, Eric is called to the HOH room, apparently to write his blog. (Let's hope he leaves out the part about his "almost" wet dream.)...BTW, earlier Eric was also mad that Rachel hadn't told him about the HOH blog.

Outside, Janelle and Michael are in the hammock....They say that April is 30 and Jennifer is 27 and they probably went to school together.....Janelle admits to Michael that she knew Ashlea before coming into the house. Michael says he knew already...They wonder if they should tell Kaysar so he doesn't flip.....Mike tells Janelle, "Here I am flying solo, all by myself in this house." Mike asks Janelle, "Do you think Kaysar knows anyone?" Janelle replies "No, (Kaysar) is already tripping out on me that I know somebody, he thinks it's Howie."....Janelle asks Mike if she should tell Kaysar about being paired with Ashlea. She's afraid that K will be angry. Mike tells Janelle that she should tell Kaysar that she was with Ashlea, because if K thinks she's paired with Howie it could hurt her.

Then Mike acts innocent, and says to Janelle, "Is it like twins? You both have to stay in to win?" Janelle says, "Yes," but they haven't told them what they would win....Mike tells Janelle that she should be exposing pairs. (Uh, duh.)....Janelle says she will tell Kaysar, and then says she doesn't think Eric brought anyone into the house. Mike says, "Yes, (Eric) knows Maggie." Janelle says, "No f*ckin' way!"....Mike tells Janelle not to tell Howie, just Kaysar, and to play the game with Kaysar like he's her new ally.....Janelle asks Mike not to tell anyone else. He says he won't because he is leaving tomorrow anyway. (Sheesh, I wish I thought Janelle was lying, and did know about the pairs. This is sad.)

Mike then tells Janelle that James is with Sarah....Janelle says, "No, he is with Howie."....Mike says, "No," because I saw him at the hotel (before the show). (Note: Not clear why this gave it away.)...Janelle says that April is smart, but she is a b*tch, and she caught on to Ivette and Beau. Mike says "Kaysar caught onto this really fast".....Janelle says that Kaysar caught onto it, "Because of me, I caught on to it and told K.".....Mike says again "I wonder if K knows anybody." Janelle replies, "No, there is no way, he does not, they don't put people into the game, like you and Kaysar, with another person. Or why would they put anyone with Eric?" (Oh Janelle! But, why is Mike lying to Janelle if he's going home tomorrow? Maybe he doesn't trust who Janelle will tell—possibly a smart move.)....Janelle says that if James wins HOH, she will expose all the pairs, but if she or K wins HOH, she won't....Then Janelle says she can't wait any longer to tell K and goes out to find him, but he is asleep.

However, Kaysar wakes up from his nap soon after, and he and Janelle go into the Gold Room. Part of their conversation is interrupted by FISH, but she tells him about she and Ashlea....K admits that he and Mike are paired, and Janelle says that she and Ashlea had figured that out.....K asks Janelle not to tell Mike that he revealed that Mike and K are a pair.....They continue to guess the pairs. K knows about Ivette/Beau and James/Sarah, but mistakenly thinks Rachel and Maggie are paired.

K is very frustrated with Mike, and says "F*ck it, I don't want to deal with this anymore."....K thinks that everyone in the house is paired with someone, but can't figure out who Howie is paired with.....K says he is going to approach James tonight to see if he can trust him...Janelle wants to go to people that she thinks aren't a pair and tell them she knows they're part of a pair because she was. K says, "Save that for an emergency."

5:00 pm

Kaysar and Janelle's strategy talk continues...They discuss whether to go after the strongest players or the couples....K says that they can't align with April and Jennifer because "they hate us" and "they are the dirtiest damn players here.....K thinks that April/Jennifer are probably aligned with Beau and Ivette because they talk a lot......Janelle thinks that, since their partners are gone, they should go after the couples...K wants to stick to the original plan of Janelle, K, and Howie in the final three.... K says, "Eric is scared sh*tless if he and his goons don't win HOH." Eric asked K, "Are you still up for the deal?"...Janelle asks, "What deal? He put Michael up? K says he will keep his word with Eric because if he breaks it, Eric could use it against him.

At this point, Howie joins K and Janelle in the Gold Room.

Janelle: All the girls are uncomfortable with me except for Rachel
K: Because they have guilty consciences
H: They judge you because of your boobies.
K: We are trying to have a serious conversation and you can chiming in with boobies
H: That's why they hate you. Your boobies.

Howie takes some medicine, and Janelle asks him if it is for gonorrhea. (It is for thyroid.)

Janelle starts interrogating Howie about whether he knows anyone in the house. He denies that he does.....Janelle tells Howie that she, Howie and K need to make a pact that they will go together to the final 3....Howie says he doesn't want the rest of the house to know they have a pact....Howie continues to insist that he doesn't have a pair and he is doing a good job of it.

J/K tell Howie that April/Jenn are a pair, Ivette/Beau are a pair, that Janelle knew Ashlea, and that Michael brought Kaysar....Howie replies, "Really, are you serious? So you guys knew each other before you came on?"...Janelle says, "We were the biggest surprise in BB history if we made it to the end. We cannot let Beau and Ivette make it to the end. We cannot like April or Jenny make it the end! That's the twist of the show! Our partners are gone. We cannot f*ck you over. I want it to be the three of us in the end."....Howie isn't sure, "We don't have too many people. We're not strong, we can't [control the vote]. The only one I fear ...is James. Kaysar says, "I am gonna talk to him today and ask him where he stands." Howie cautions K, "Be careful with that stuff."

As they continue to talk strategy, Mike comes back into the Gold Room. Mike says, "Technically, if you take the DNA strands from a carrot and some from celery, you can make a new type of vegetable."...Janelle asks, "What does it have to do with this? Mike replies, "Nothing."...This sets off Howie, who asks Janelle if Ashlea's boobies are real. Janelle says, "No." Howie then asks Janelle if she would have boned Mike in the house by now if there were no cameras.

Kaysar is desperately trying to stick to strategy talk, and says that he thinks James could flip to their side...Howie asks K how he knows this, and K replies that he has been talking to James this week.....Mike is still being silly, and pretends to work the Jedi mind trick on Howie. Howie says that only works on the weak-minded.....Janelle is still thinking about April and Jennifer—she can't believe they are pair and thinks they are obnoxious....Howie asks, "Do you think they're lesbos?"...Howie then asks Janelle if she and Ashlea ever got together, and Janelle says, "No."...Howie then asks if Ashlea puts out, and Janelle says Ashlea slept with a guy she used to date. Janelle says that Ashlea is more of a prude than she is, and says that Ashlea is a nice girl, just kinda dull. (I wonder if Janelle and Ashlea are now "former" friends if Ashlea is watching this.)

Michael says that K is like a brother, and he'd take a bullet for him....Mike says that he was the one who convinced Kaysar to come on BB, that K did it for him. Now Mike's p*ssed because he's leaving without a f*ckin' penny.

6:00 pm

Kaysar and Mike start looking for clues to the safes in the Gold Room....The camera zooms in on what looks like a covered outlet...K says that one of the lamps is out of place since it has no bulb...The camera goes back to focusing on the outlet....Mike starts to dismantle the lamp, and the cameras go to FISH....Mike and K also try to figure out what the MTA sign in the bedroom means...They think it means Mass Transit Authority, but don't know what that tells them...They wonder if there is a door there, but say that, if there is, BB has control of the door...They figure the sign must mean something because it's lit up...Just before the feeds leave M/K, they once again show the lamp and the "power outlet."

7:00 pm

Outside, Ivette and April are talking...Ivette thinks that Maggie has a hidden agenda...April tries to tell Ivette that she needs to keep her mouth shut sometimes.....April tells Ivette that if she does tell anyone in the house that she is gay they will "sh*t bricks."....Ivette says that she has not bad-mouthed anyone in the house except the outcasts....At this point it starts to rain, and Ivette orders everyone to bring things into the house so they won't get wet....The rain apparently only lasts for about 5 minutes, but Ivette predicts it will start up again....A lot of the HGs are now in the LR playing coaster toss...Eric is losing, but claimed that he wanted Howie to win.

Outside, April and Michael are sitting at the table, and Mike says he may reveal information that could be someone's undoing tomorrow. He is deciding whether to keep it to himself, or have the two people go into the DR with him and say they are sorry. He wants to clear his name....Janelle comes outside and the conversation stops, so we don't get any more information about what Mike is referring to.

8:00 pm

Some of the HGs are still playing coasters....Ivette/Beau/James are in the exercise room. James says he's feeling threatened...Ivette says she feels Howie is on their side, but if Kaysar gets HOH she will be going on the block......The cameras move to the storage room where beer and wine have arrived....When James and Eric go to the storage room to get the booze, James wants to put it in the HOH refrigerator so that the "outcasts" don't get any. But, Eric is told by the DR that he can't do that.

As usual, Howie is coming on to Janelle. (How does Janelle keep from killing Howie?)....Among other things, Janelle tells Howie that they won't ever be lovers, and Howie replies, "Not even for 30 seconds?"....Mike asks Howie how he met Sarah. Howie says she was a stripper at a club he used to go to.

Outside, April and Beau are in the hammock....April is upset that Janelle and Mike french kissed in front of her, although she turned her head.....April asks Beau if he thinks they like each other or is it just a game? Beau thinks it's just a game. April thinks it's degrading for Mike and Janelle to kiss each other then say they are just friend. (Uh, April, the 1950's are over.)....April says that in her taped goodbye to Janelle she told J nicely that she was disappointed in her. April says that J is a beautiful girl and she could have come in here showing she can be beautiful AND smart AND be respectful of others, but she blew it all, and April is disappointed in her.

Meanwhile, while April is dishing on Janelle, Janelle is dishing on April to Mike and Howie in the Gold Room....Janelle is upset that April would dare to say that Janelle had her lips done when April has had so much plastic surgery...Janelle says she hasn't had her lips done, just her breasts and then lasik surgery on her eyes for vision.

Mike tells Howie he has two cars. One is a Range Rover, and one is his commuter car. (If Mike can afford two cars, I'm not going to lose sleep over the fact that he didn't win any money on BB.)...Mike talks about things he wants to do when he gets out of the house. He wants to get a big jar of Nutella and eat it all...Janelle asks Mike if he'd smear it all over her and eat it...Mike replies, "Ding ding, we have a winner!"....Miscellaneous factoid: Ashlea got her boob job when she was 17, according to Janelle.

9:00 pm

Elsewhere, Eric talks about his career plans. He is currently going for his AA in Fire Science Technology, then hopes to transfer to UNLV for a Business Administration degree. Then wants to get into Emmetsburg Maryland for Executive Fire Officer Program degree...The next level for Eric is Battalion Chief, then Assistant Chief. Once Eric gets BC, he's outside the Union.....Eric says that most guys work more than one job. Eric says he was in a calendar, and was on the cover.

Sarah and Jennifer can't wait to marry and have kids....Sarah has her whole life planned. She already feels older than her age and peers.....Eric tells Sarah she has lots of time. When he was 22 he dated women in their mid-30s. Eric says he didn't know what it was to be a man until he met them and that they prepared him for Julie (his wife)....Eric thinks he has been with fewer women than most men. He says he was with less than 15 women before he got married. He doesn't remember all their names or what they looked like because he's been married for 15 years.....Now Sarah, Ivette, and Jennifer work to pop a zit on Eric's back using their bare hands, while Eric cries out in pain. The other women say the zit needs to grow for a few more days, but Sarah keeps working at it. Eric's wife told him not to pop his zits when he was on TV. Eric apologizes to his wife and says it was necessary.

It's not clear from the updates where this happened, but Janelle asks Maggie who told her that Janelle had her lips done. Janelle says it hurt her feelings because they aren't fake, they're real...Maggie apologizes to Janelle, and says that she didn't mean to hurt her feelings....Howie then chimes in with, "Let's clear the air. The only thing fake on Janie is her boobies, her fakecans. Her tummy is real, her little neckline is real, her cheeks...Maggie gets up and goes inside, and Eric gets up a few seconds later and follows.

Eric and Maggie then talk. Maggie says, "I cant worry about that conversation." Eric tells Maggie to just walk away from that....Maggie says, "I gave her my vote today."... Eric replies, "You what? I don't want to know about votes. you cant talk about votes. she can do whatever the f*ck she wants....Maggie tells Eric that she doesn't feel like they need to win this week....Eric replies, "Yes, we do. Janelle is the next one to go up." Maggie says it would be smart to keep Janelle...Eric says, "No.,".....Eric says that if he gets put up, some people might think it's a good time to get him out because he is a strong player.

Janelle comes over to join Eric and Maggie. Janelle tries to talk to Maggie about her hurt feelings but Eric keeps talking over Maggie and Janelle....Eric tells Janelle she is not going home this week...Then he tells Janelle that she should learn a lesson through him, that he personalized something he shouldn't, and he apologized. Eric tells Janelle not to let something personal get to her.....Janelle keeps trying to ignore Eric and talk to Maggie, but Eric keeps talking over her.

A little later, Eric talks to Ivette while she is in the shower. Eric is very loud, and riled up. (Has he been drinking?).....Eric says that if Mike had listened to Eric, Janelle would be going home, that Mike dug his own grave....Ivette says that Michael doesn't know what to do with her....Eric says that Kaysar also doesn't know what to do with Ivette—K is like a "sh*thouse in the fog." (yet another new expression for my list. I'm learning so much.)

Meanwhile, Beau is in the bedroom with the lights out, talking to James...James says that Kaysar is done because of what he did to Ivette, and because he has continued to hang out with Mike and Janelle.....James is convinced that Maggie is gay, and Beau agrees. James says that Maggie doesn't want to come out because she doesn't want to be "the lesbian." (It's a good think they're sitting in the dark, because Beau has to be cracking up at this.)...Beau and James talk about how Maggie never crosses her legs, but always sits with her legs wide open—not feminine...They both think Maggie is completely shady...James knows that Maggie is partnered with someone, but needs another couple of days to figure it out. James/Beau don't think that Maggie is partnered with April.

Eric joins James and Beau in the bedroom.....Eric is pissed that Mike dares to socialize on this his last night. If Mike had listened to Eric a week ago...yada yada....Eric and James say Mike is a "f*ckin' p*ssy."....Eric is still talking about his fight with Mike. He says the fight wasn't right, but the end result was good. (Since the fight) Mike hasn't given anyone "stink eye" or licked a girl. So Eric feels justified. Eric says he was the only man, because he went up and apologized.....James says that Mike's mind is out in left field while everyone else is in reality.....Eric has had five beers tonight and says HE earned them....James is mad because he thinks Mike took a lot of beer into the Gold Room. However, Eric says that he got his share, so James is no longer upset.

10:00 pm

Mike and Janelle are out on the patio....Mike calls Ivette a vile person, and says (about Ivette) "If it has a big mouth and a fat *ss, then shoot it...Mike also says he said something pungent to April tonight, and he'll tell Janelle about it later.....Tomorrow, after his eviction, Mike plans to go out with the guys and get "sh*tfaced."....Mike calls Jennifer an "*ss-fat sasquatch with bad breath"

Howie is outside, too, and Mike says to him, "Isn't there a bench you can press?" (so that Mike can be alone with Janelle).....Mike and Janelle kiss, while Howie watches and gives commentary about how much he wants Janelle...Howie begs Janelle, "Just give me one of those kisses." Mike says to him, "What are you trying to do, jerk off? Howie says, "Yeah."

Eventually Mike and Janelle talk to Howie...Howie says he wants everyone out except Mike, Janelle, and Kaysar, and says he really fears James......Janelle is really pissed at the "texas whores" (her term)...Janelle also wants a backup plan in case Maggie gets HOH....Janelle and Mike go back to kissing while Howie watches....Howie grabs Janelle's *ss, because he wants to be involved.

Janelle looks over at April (not sure where April is at this point), and says, "April, you wh*re, shut up!"....Howie tells Janelle not to personalize things and to be strategic....Meanwhile, Mike says that Ivette is a fat, disgusting slot. Janelle chimes in that Ivette should be cleaning her floors in Miami.

Then Mike tells Howie to stay where he is, and goes over to sit on the hammock with Janelle...Mike asks Janelle if she really likes him, and how much?...Janelle says she does like him, a lot more than normal. She says she usually doesn't like most people.....Janelle sits on the ground while Mike is in the hammock, and they continue to laugh and kiss.

During all this, Ivette and April have been talking (inside, on the balcony, I think).....April tells Ivette that Michael is going to try to start some sh*t now that he is going home. April says that apparently Mike is still p*ssed that Cappy started the whole sexual harassment thing....Ivette denies ever saying "sexual harassment, just that Mike was groping on girls....April says she isn't exactly sure which pair Mike might be threatening to "out.".....April wonders whether she should forewarn Cappy, since she doesn't know exactly what Mike is planning to do......April says that now that he is leaving, Mike could (instead) do something through Janelle.....She just wanted to forewarn someone.....After this conversation, April goes out to the patio to smoke, watching Janelle and Mike, but not saying anything.

Howie also reappears in the BY, but tells Janelle and Mike that he is working out and not interesting in girls right now. But, Howie watches anyway.....At one point, Howie says, "I don't like women that strong. I like to use women and throw them against the wall when I'm done with them. You're too strong for me, Janie." (Where does Howie come up with this stuff?)....While Mike and Janelle are playing, he bites Janelle. Janelle pretends she's mad and goes inside.....Mike and Howie stay outside....Howie farts......Mike tells a story about gravity reversing itself into the sky. (Okay......)

Howie and Mike then start talking strategy....Howie wants to break up "the crowd."... Mike says Eric and Ivette are strongest/biggest threats....Howie says he can't put Eric up next week because Eric wouldn't put Howie up....Mike retorts, "Either put up Eric and Ivette, or put up. Ivette is trying to make up for her lack of ability by being conniving and dishonest and deceitful. Put up Eric or James."...Howie says, "Take Eric out of the equation. I want strategic players. Give me your drunk opinion."...Mike says, "I'm not drunk. Put up Ivette or April."....Howie says, "They're harmless."...Mike replies, "They're not harmless, they got me out"...Howie says, "I see. They pull the punches and get someone else to throw them."....Mike says, "I would get Eric and Ivette, and then April and Jennifer. Ivette has no skills, she couldn't win *****. Her whole game play is to try to win by deceitfulness and dishonesty. She's a c*nt. Eric is a somewhat strong player but weak player at the same time. If you get rid of Eric, you get rid of this whole ***** that's going on. Then Sarah, James, then keep Rachel and Maggie till last. But don't underestimate them. I only say keep them till last cuz at least they're honest players....Howie replies, "That strategy isn't gonna work but I can see what you say about Ivette."

Mike goes on, "I know that you do know somebody in here, but it's okay that you don't wanna tell me. If you really wanna play honestly, do it for yourself. Do you think everybody in here doesn't know somebody? Dude, win for yourself. Nobody sees you as a threat because they never take you seriously. that's your biggest benefit. Nobody will ever see you coming. I'm telling you dude, the way to win is get rid of dishonest mofo's. get rid of the people who ***** everything up--Ivette, Eric, Sarah, James....Howie tells Mike that he agrees that the mindset of the house is to get rid of people who are hanging with Mike, so he (Howie) needs to win HOH now......Mike tells Howie, "I want you to win because you're a great guy. I don't' care who your buddy is." Howie replies, "Thanks bro. I love you." Mike says, "I love you, too."....Janelle reappears, and Howie says he has to go into the house to take a dump.

Inside, in the HOH room, Eric is telling a story about an altercation between Maggie and Janelle to Ivette/Beau/April. Eric says it's none of his business but tells the story anyway. April also says it is none of her business, but keeps on digging for more information...A little later, April says she thinks Maggie is Mike's partner.....Eric is upset because Janelle's nose is not up his *ss far enough (his own words)....Ivette and April continue to say that Mike is going to do something drastic before he leaves....Next, Eric analyzes the game, trying to figure out the partners. He says he is convinced everyone is related, due to Howie knowing Eric's relatives. And, Maggie is from Boston and maybe knew Mike before moving into the house. (Note: We know from conversations between Eric and Maggie that they figured out all the partners a week ago. So, Eric is just trying to confuse the others.)

Outside, Janelle wants to teach Mike dirty dancing, but he says it's not his thing. But, they do a little salsa dancing and are very good.

Back in the HOH room, April tells the group that she and Jennifer were in the same sorority. (Well, April, if they didn't know your pair, they know now.)...Beau says he doesn't think Janelle is from Miami because he's never seen her. (Huh? Miami is a big city, Beau!)....Then Beau threatens, "If Mike does anything on the live show I will ****** him up."

11:00 pm

Outside, Janelle left Mike to go for a smoke, because he put his finger down her top to play with her breast....Janelle says she's still mad at Mike, and Mike asks how she can be mad at someone who cares for her...Janelle says that Mike has never said he cared for her, and Mike says he does....Then Mike talks about going back to Greece to get his master's. Mike asks Janelle if she'd go with him, but she says she's not ready to go back to college....Howie arrives back in the BY, and he tells Janelle that he knows she wants to stay up with Mike, but they have a contest tomorrow and "not to put cock before the comp."

About this time, BB tells the HG that lights will go out in one hour.

Inside, in the HOH room, Eric/Ivette/Beau are still bad mouthing Mike and Janelle...April is still talking about whether Mike will do something on the live show, and if it concerns her husband she will walk out....Eric says several times that Mike would never have the balls to do anything on the live show.

Outside, Howie is spouting a lot of junk to Mike and Janelle—not worth repeating.....Eventually, Mike says he's leaving to go to bed, but doesn't go....April, Beau, and Kaysar have come outside...April tells Kaysar that she washed and dried his laundry. Kaysar says, "Thank-you. That was sweet."...Beau wonders if he made the right decision to come on BB, because he could be in St. Tropez or Switzerland. He says he was in London, then flew to LA and found out he got on the show. So he went back to Miami and settled things, leaving his clients high and dry...Janelle says she knows how that is because she has two dogs...Then Mike massages Beau's head, while Beau tells him about a dream he had about his mother and sister.

Back in the HOH room, they are still getting themselves in a tizzy....Ivette is worried that Mike will do something to her while she sleeps, so Eric tells James to walk Ivette downstairs because she's scared. Eric repeats several times that Mike is just stirring up sh*t and not to let it affect them as a core....Maggie has come into the HOH room, and James and Ivette leaving means that Maggie and Eric are alone....Maggie asks Eric if her coming into HOH was too obvious, but Eric says that they'll tell people that Maggie wanted to talk about her earlier convo with Kaysar....Eric tells Maggie that Mike knows about Jennifer and April....Also, Eric tells her about Mike's request to go to the DR and that Mike is the only one who called Eric(?) a sexual predator....Eric talks about the incorrect information he gave April et. al., such as saying that he wasn't in Boston when Maggie was in school there....Maggie wonders if she and Eric should start working with someone as a foursome.....Eric says, "No."...Maggie says that April will let the cat out of the bag.....Maggie thought that if she hung out with Kaysar it would help her, and deflect the possibility of people knowing about Eric/Maggie....Eric says when people find out the correct groupings the grand prize null and void....Eric tells Maggie that April is freaked out that Mike is going to come after her...Maggie replies that April better not have told Mike and Maggie and Eric. But, April might have told Beau, and Beau will tell Ivette, and Ivette will tell James.....Eric doesn't think Ivette would tell James but Maggie says Ivette likes James.....Maggie says she can't wait until James and Sarah start acting married, because she knows they are married.....The conversation goes on in a similar vein.

In the BY, Howie and Kaysar are talking strategy....Howie tells Kaysar not to put up both April and Jennifer. Instead, put one person from two different pairings up to break everything wide open....They also think that if Janelle gets HOH she should put up Eric and James, because they can't due to deals with Eric...They agree that Janelle is a strong player and shouldn't be underestimated...They notice that from where they're sitting they can see all the little conversations going on in the house.

12:00 Midnight

April is at the kitchen table and she is still freaked about what Mike will do at the live show, and whether it will be directed at her...April is worried that she and Jennifer will be the ones put up for nomination.....Howie, Kaysar, and Mike come through, and the conversation breaks up...The HGs scatter to go to the WC and get ready for bed....As Janelle leaves the WC and Ivette goes in, Janelle gives Ivette the finger behind the closed door.

Janelle and Mike are in the Gold Room, and Howie sticks his head in to make sure they're not drunk and to tell Janelle to prepare for tomorrow...Then (surprisingly) Howie leaves...Janelle starts kissing Mike, and Mike tells her "Let's be good" and turns his back while they talk...Janelle isn't too happy about this, but they continue to talk about Miami, Greece, etc.....They briefly turn toward each other, and reassure each other that they will get together when they both get out, then turn their backs again....They continue to talk about people they previously dated....Janelle asks Mike if he'd like her more than his ex-gf. Mike says they've only kissed and haven't done much together, but he'd like to think he'd like Janelle more than his ex.....Mike says his ideal girl doesn't exist and that Janelle is practically perfect..

Outside, Howie and Kaysar both take showers....April comes into the bathroom with clean towels...Kaysar prays and by 1:00 am, all the little hamsters are asleep.....I'd don't know about the hamsters, but I'M exhausted writing all this stuff down. Niters.