How The Herd Reacts When Kaysar Is HOH
Thursday July 21, 2005

Rachel and Eric are both up again early, like most days. They start there routine of eating, cleaning and working out. Beau is the next person up. There's discussion about breakfast, cooking bacon specifically and about the new fish and the eel. Maggie is awake now. Seems some of them had a restless night.

There is early discussion about what to wear today, since it is the live eviction show. Everyone else is waking up here and there and joining the others in the kitchen and the gym. April is still very paranoid this morning about what Michael has said to her yesterday and what he might do on the live show.

They seem to all be pitching in to clean the house up since today is the live show. Discussions about needing additional cleaning products and such. [Yes, Folks, you actually paid to see this stuff ] Sarah volunteers to clean out the GR, there seems to be an impression that is will need to be fumigated or something. [Drama, drama, drama]

Michael is the last one up and he is talking to Beau. Howie mentions he was making out with a picture on the wall when it suddenly vanished. Howie and Rachel have been talking about busting open the big group inside the house. They want Janelle or Kaysar to be the one to put up people from the big group, but they seem to be very willing to vote out someone from "The Herd".

April is still on about Michael and what he might do tonight with Maggie and Jennifer. April is confirming that the big plan tonight is to walk out and head to one of the bedrooms if Michael goes off on them tonight on the live show.

Houseguests are on outside lockdown and there is only fish on the feeds. They are only outside for about a half hour but are complaining about the heat. When they let them back in there is a mad dash for food. There is not much talking today at all so far, mostly they are eating and getting ready for the live show.

April and Sarah head upstairs to the loft and look down at the house, trying to memorize things in the house, the number of things, color of things, etc. They indicate that they have been told the HOH challenge is entitled "About the House" so they want to make sure they are prepared. They are hoping that Kaysar isn't on "their side" although I don't know which side they mean. Apparently they do not realize that Kaysar was up late two nights ago memorizing everything in the house.

Howie is marching through the house saying "Don't freak! Don't sweat! This game ain't over yet!" He then jumps on Sarah's bed and breaks it. He apologizes as Sarah tries to fix the bed. Howie then heads into the GR and tells Janelle they need to take out the powerful people. Howie is apparently applying for a job at the Department of Overstatement of the Obvious.

James is telling Kaysar that Howie and Rachel are a pair and that he needs to win HOH. The others all busy themselves around the house, very little happening so far today. Eric is sharing TMI once again with news of when he got "snipped". Fish, fish and more fish.... where's the batter mix? They might be running the HOH competition, who knows.

Over an hour of fish now. The feeds are down for the length of the live show and HOH competition.

After the show we learn Michael was evicted with a vote of 9 to 1 and Kaysar has won the HOH. [personal note: Yay Kaysar!!] Julie's questions to Eric in the HOH room clearly established two things...

1. Michael never actually said anything to Eric about this family. What Eric got was second hand and could have and was easily misconstrued.

2. Michael betraying Eric's trust, was bogus, Michael never betrayed Eric's trust, he just hung out with someone Eric didn't like.

As the hg enter the house again, there are congratulations to Kaysar for winning. Ivette says he is the sultan this week. [Yes dear, he is.] Eric is already getting his lips brown and April is feeling sorry for herself, certain she will be going back. Kaysar says to Howie and Janelle in the GR "This is for you Mikey! This is for you. Yah!"

Kaysar is smarter than the herd thinks, he knows they are already trying to push him around and tell him what to do as HOH. Howie, Janelle and Kaysar are talking strategy already in the GR. They have dinner and then continue up in the HOH room. The others are consoling each other, as if Kaysar winning is the worst thing in the world that could have happened... oh wait, it is the worst thing that could have happened in their world!

Kaysar does not seem to be in any rush to decide on who he will nominate this week. There is second hand sucking up going on as April tries to endear herself with Janelle. They know that Janelle will have some input with Kaysar this week. Ivette says she didn't think that "dumb blonde" would be in the house this long and James tries yet again to get his point across "That's because she's NOT dumb".

They have not spent this much time talking to Kaysar and/or Janelle since they got in the house. They asked Kaysar about meat and he said he asked them if they could get him his meat, but they said no, they couldn't. Maggie and Eric talk on the hammock, Maggie says she is lucky she didn't ignore him.

They all seem to be grasping at straws, trying to remind themselves of every tiny thing they ever did for Kaysar. As if that might help save them from nomination. Kaysar seems to have a pretty solid grasp on who all the pairs in the house are. He tells Janelle that Eric and Maggie are a pair and Howie and Rachel are a pair.

The herd is trying to make Michael look bad to Kaysar, he tells them "So much for my speech to America that we all grew up." Kaysar gets called to the DR. Beau and April talk about who Kaysar will nominate. Since they have all treated him badly, it could be anyone.

Kaysar's HOH presents are a hookah, cigars, a Guns & Roses CD and halal meats. He can finally have some meat for dinner which I am sure he will enjoy. The others come up to see his HOH presents. Eric leaves quickly, I think it is beginning to dawn on him that they others only kissed his ass because he was HOH.

After everyone leaves the HOH room, Kaysar and Janelle check out the spycam screen. Janelle is glad they never said anything bad about Rachel since it turns out she is Howie's partner. Janelle suggests he nominate James. The HG'S are calling for Kaysar to come down, they want him to light the hookah. James wants to play chess.

The cameramen get high using the hookah and decide to show exciting action shots of the furniture, completely ignoring the conversations going on in the house and focusing in on the dinner table and the couches. Nice work guys.

Eric decides to be a man and run to the HOH and kiss ass with the best of them. He tells Kaysar how he has protected him and hopes Kaysar will honor their agreement. James is trying to convince Kaysar of how trustworthy he is, then tells Kaysar he was supposed to enter the house with a friend, but the guy had to cancel at the last minute.

Ivette has come up with the master plan of getting Kaysar to nominate Janelle in exchange for many weeks of safety. If he is willing to take one for the team, like Cappy did this last week, we could give him lots of weeks. [Is this girl nuts or is it just me?] James, Maggie and Sarah are egging Ivette on, telling her it is a good idea, she should take it to Kaysar. [Can we say leading the lamb to sacrifice?]

James is trying to convince Kaysar that Michael was the one that voted for him (Kaysar) when he was nominated. James is trying to convince Kaysar he should distance himself from Janelle, possibly even nominate her. Sounds like the Ivette plan with the James twist on it. It is hard to tell where Kaysar's head is at during this conversation. He is not really giving anything away.

Kaysar ends the talk by telling James he will not being nominating him this week. Next up is Ivette, who has cleverly figured out there is a 90% chance she is going to be nominated. Ivette then talks Kaysar's ears off [really, I saw both ears fall to the floor] and tells him how honoured she would be to be his pawn up against Janelle. During this discussion she said "know what I mean" or "do you understand" at least 38 times. Apparently in Ivette's world she is easily misunderstood.

BB takes pity on Kaysar and calls him to the Diary Room.

While Kaysar catches his breath in the DR, let me just say that James and Ivette both report back to Cappy that they are pretty sure Kaysar will nominate Janelle. Eric replies "You know what kind of poetic justice that'd be? If that bitch that feels so safe right now would go up?" They are nearly straining their arms for coming up with a plan that they feel will save all their asses.

James is coaching Sarah to lie to Kaysar and deny that they know each other. He tells her the story he fed Kaysar about his partner having to cancel at the last minute because of health reasons and that she got a last minute call to be on the show. He wants to make sure she backs up his lies to Kaysar so that Kaysar does not figure out what a worm he really is.

April now takes her best shot at Kaysar, S.O.S., nominate Janelle, she will turn on you, we saved you, Michael voted for you, you gotta think about next week. Unfortunately she took nearly an hour and half to say it, over and over. I think the new strategy from the herd is to simply talk Kaysar into submission, until his ears bleed and he has no will of his own anymore. Personally I am praying for Allah to strike all of these people with a week long version of laryngitis.

As April tags out to Beau, it begins again. Beau tells Kaysar he threw the HOH challenge and that he only met Ivette when he came into the house. Beau begins with the mandatory Janelle bashing but eventually gets around to turning on James which was a bit of a surprise. Beau is in there around a half hour.

Breaking news.... April is in the diary room because of a fast heart rate. There seems to be some concern that April might have to spend a night in a hospital.

After all the talk-a-thons, Howie finally comes upstairs and offers to help Kaysar move his things upstairs. As they get Kaysar's stuff moved in, Kaysar tells Howie about how they are trying to get him to nominate Janelle.

April is back out of the Diary Room and apparently will be just fine and not need to go to the hospital after all.

Kaysar and Howie continue to talk and after the news that April will be fine, Janelle heads up to join them. Kaysar has stated he will not be putting up Janelle or Howie. Kaysar tells Janelle "Most people are a lot dumber than I thought. They really don't know what's going on."

April wants to go out for a smoke, Beau tries to convince her it is a bad idea. Howie asks Beau if he will put on his condom if he gets a hard on and Beau says of course. He asks Howie is he is going to jerk off and Howie says no, he wanted to get some sex. [Not sure who from]

Howie, Kaysar and Janelle are up talking in the HOH room. They are discussing strategy, who to put up, who would compete for veto, who might use the veto and ultimately who would be going home. Kaysar tells them everything the others said on their visits, Eric saying he would not compete in veto, James saying nominate Janelle. Ivette's feigned friendship. They all have a good laugh.

They decide April is only a threat to Janelle's cigarettes. Kaysar is amazed they think he believed them. He tells Howie and Janelle about Ivette offering herself as a pawn against Janelle. He says "We can't trust any of them". Janelle says Ivette smells, she's latin. Howie wants to know how many cultures she is going to bash on national television.

Kaysar mentions if he tells Eric not to compete in POV and he does, he could feel honest in putting him up since Eric would have broken his word. Kaysar considers nominating Ivette and April to be a waste. Howie feels the best bet is James and Maggie, this puts Eric in a tough spot as far as the POV goes. They are all very happy that Kaysar won the HOH.

Kaysar ends his day listening to some Guns & Roses. Janelle says she has borrowed a bible to read before bed. At first Kaysar and Howie look skeptacle until she tells them a few stories she really enjoys from the bible and they believe she is sincere. Janelle and Howie head down to the Gold room. Kaysar and Howie both end their day with a nice hot shower, Howie downstairs and Kaysar up in the HOH.

4:36am All Houseguests sleeping.

See you next week, same big brother time, same big brother place.