***Contains Adult Language and Content***

When last we left the Big Brother house, all was in a tizzy. Kaysar, as HOH, nominated Maggie and James to be evicted. The foundation of his plan, to split up Eric's clique of sheep, was working perfectly. Eric, unable to compete in the PoV comp because of his oath to Kaysar, quickly dropped James as his favorite sheep, for his secret partner Maggie.

7:00am BBT: The Ants and the Birds and the Bees
As usual, Eric and Rachel are the first ones up. Getting started on their morning chores, Rachel curses the ants that have invaded the BB kitchen. Eric is continuing the back-stabbing of his former right-hand-man James, with comments like, "Its gonna surprise the hell out of him. Its going to be a landslide." The two move to the Gym, work out in silence while the rest of the HouseGuests sleep.

James is awake at 8am, and heads to the kitchen for his breakfast of PB&J. As the rest of the Houseguests awaken, all take their turn bitching at the fact that ants have taken over part of their home, including the sugar bowl. Kaysar sits in his HOH room, watching the Kitchen through his feed. Looks like a regular JokersUpdate fanatic.

The oversharing continues. Eric talks about how he's "ready to shoot it off" any minute now. When the girls start complaining about period pains, Eric is kind enough to explain how the female body works, and how menstruation occurs to Jenn, who listens calmly. He next goes into a lecture on the Rhythm Method. Ivette chimes in about how you can get pregnant during your period. Eric then shares the sexual positions he and his wife used in order to conceive a boy. After that disturbing image leaves my head, he adds details of his vasectomy. Ewwww. Make it stop! Make it STOP! He then goes on to poll the ladies about how sexually active they are before and during their periods. Arrrrgh! My fragile little mind!

10:00am BBT: Maggie's Vent Session
Maggie ventures up to the HOH room to have a sit down with Kaysar. During their conversation Maggie expresses the fact that she was pissed that James got a heads-up that he was going to be nominated, and she didn't. Kaysar lets her know that she is the 'pawn', and that the votes are leaning towards James leaving.
Maggie replies with "Anyone who goes up on the block is in danger. Anyone. That's not a...I mean you know that. Even when you went up against Ashlea. You were still in danger. And people aren't coming to me like we did with you and said, 'Things are going to be ok.' Even though Ivette just did in the gym. I've had a couple of people tell me 'Win the POV' or 'you're not the goal' but because it didn't come from you...you know? Do you see what I mean?"

"Maggie, whatever happens in this game, please don't take it personal. I have nothing against you", says Kaysar.
Maggie responds with "Well I realize that, but there are other people in the game that you do have something against and they should have been the ones used as a pawn. It makes it personal because you didn't chose someone that you don't get along with."

Maggie, continuing her vent session, adds, "and here's another thing. Yesterday, James said you should have known, Howie told Kaysar who to put up." She says to herself "What the fuck does Howie have against me?"
Kay answers with "Howie said he wanted James specifically..."
Maggie interrupts, "hold on, James told me he was involved in 'this master plan', that he was part of it and sorry I didn't know about it. It makes me wonder and makes me feel like shit." When will these people learn not to believe a drop that comes out of James' mouth?

As Maggie leaves to prepare for the PoV comp, Maggie says: "Well I have to go get ready, to save myself."
Kaysar half-heartedly says "Good luck."
She replies "I'm not going to say good luck to you, because I really don't want you to win, sorry."
Kaysar says he understands, that it is nothing personal.

Brief "Eric's the True Sexual Harrasser" Update: During Maggie and Kay's conversation, Beau was downstairs doing yoga. While positioned Upward Dog, which involves lying on your stomach and sitting up with your arms straight, Eric comes up behind him and says, "Dude, you look like you're ready to get pounded." Hi Kettle! How's it going? Haven't seen you in a while. How are the wife and kids? Yeah, great. Oh, I almost forgot...You're black!

12:45pm BBT: Chaos A-Go-Go After the PoV Comp
Here are the quick and dirty details:

The Power of Veto competition was a huge chess board. Kaysar & Howie, Maggie & Ivette, and James & Janelle participate in the challenge. James wins veto!

Now, for the aftermath:

MAJOR chaos brakes out when the HouseGuests returned to the house. Eric is fuming mad, convinced that Ivette is 'in' on the Kaysar side of things. The couples must have been outted, because Eric angrily said to Sarah, "Give it up. He already admitted that you are his girlfriend! Everybody knows!" Sarah finds her balls and calls out Eric, saying that he promised James he had his back. Eric defends his lies by saying, "Did I swear on my life or my kids? No!" Oh, so that makes it all good. Duh, Sarah.

Ivette goes off on a tangent about her values, saying that she doesn't want to be at a wrap party "where everybody is a bunch of nasty humans." She, Eric, and Beau figure the other group has the votes, that Sarah, James, Rachel and Howie are with Kaysar and Janelle. When Ivette complains about living in the house, Eric shoots back, "Stop being a pussy and man up! Play! This is a game!" Later, crying, she admits, "I am destroyed! You have no idea how destroyed I am!"

Even though everyone in the house has figured out who the couples are, April still denies the fact that she knows Jenn. She said that she's "on the outside" because of it. "I'm in shock, and it hurts my feelings for people to think that I'm a twist," April adds while talking with Sarah. "I swear to god I'm not part of the twist!!" April is the personfication of a dumb blonde. When Eric tries to call April out, that he knows everyone in the house is paired up, she continues to lie.

April: Janelle just told me that her and Ashlea were best friends outside of this house.
Eric: Of course! Everyone's together here. Whether you want to look me in the eye and tell me you're not...
April: How is that a fair playing field for the people who aren't (paired up)?
Eric: April, please, please don't piss in my ear and say that you don't have a partner.
Ivette: You're very wrong.
Eric: Everyone's paired up, Ivette.

Eric and Maggie confirm to Ivette that they knew eachother before entering the BB house. April, piling on the dramatics, absolutely bawls to Ivette on how unfair it is that she doesn't have a partner in the House.

Ivette runs to the Storage Room, along with April. The soap opera continues with this back-and-forth:

Ivette: I really want to be alone!
April crying: I feel alone right now because everybody else has a partner!!
April: The only way this helps us is they will target the couples! I wish they could have asked my husband to be in here! Maggie and Eric are friends not husband and wife
Ivette: I don't know, they just said they knew each other!
April: Me, you, Jennifer, and Beau are the only ones without a partner
Ivette: Who's with Rachel, then?
April: Howie, but she won't admit. Hello, they were on the surfboard together.
Ivette: Boy did this rock the boat.
April: Me, you, Jen, and Beau need to stick to together. Do you know what I'm saying? Do you know what I'm saying? Do you hear what I'm saying?
me, in my head: Yes, for God's sake, everyone can hear you! Stop asking!
Ivette: Absolutely.
April: We need to choose a side and stick together
Ivette: Everybody here can't have a partner?

Ivette continues at the round table, cursing Big Brother for putting her in the House without a partner. She tells Sarah that now that she knows that James doesn't have her back anymore, her heart is broken. Ivette seems to think that James was playing for her, but now she knows the truth.

The classic Ivette line of the evening: "Here I am being completely honest!"

Oh man. I can't WAIT until Chen-bot lets the houseguests know that everyone is paired, these two will look like fools. Keep digging that grave, Ivette and April!

Back in the HoH room, Kaysar, Howie, and Janelle celebrate the victory for their side. Kaysar had a few great lines as they were resting on their laurels.

"They're all bullies. All of them. It's time that the little people get their turn."
"Beau is the biggest snake in this house."
"This one is one up for the little people."
"No body expects it to get so crazy and Ivette is yelling at the top of her lungs, talking about a fair game? Gimme a break."
"Power shifted, but no matter how bad they treated us, we should never treat them bad."
"Do they think I am so weak and stupid that I was going to sit here and listen to them tell me that if I go with what the house wants they will respect me? Do they really think I want their respect? Please!"

Janelle threw the competition so that James would win. She wanted to give him the satisfaction of having the Veto speech. With a classic line of her own, she tells Kaysar, "Maybe instead of holding leadership meetings and makeing each other pancakes they should have been playing chess!" Mocking the sheep, she says, "C'mon Cappy, tell us some more firehouse stories!"

James goes up to the HoH room, and fills in all about what's going on downstairs. Janelle laughs, wondering why Ivette is still pretending that she's alone. Don't worry, Janelle. Its only going to get better.

More of the same thing goes on for the next hour or so, just rehashing these conversations over and over again. Seriously. The same exact conversations over and over and over and over again.You know how it works.

2:30pm BBT: Lets All Hold Hands and Sing Kumbaya
Kaysar joined the pity party downstairs in the living room with Eric, Ivette, April, Jenn, Rachel, and Beau. When Ivette asks him if that's the way Michael is outside the game, he tells him no, explaining Mike's actions to the group. Kaysar gets shot question after question about whether the person he has shown to the HouseGuests is the real him. Kaysar sticks to his stories, and tells them that what they see, is what he is. When Kaysar asks April about knowing Jenn, again, she denies it, saying it must be BB's way of making a connection, since they were in the same sorority.

The whole cast is downstairs in the livingroom, sharing their 'secrets'. Well, except for Ivette, Beau, Jenn, and April. They give a round of applause to the producers for duping them all. The mood is much happier now, with Howie requesting panties from all the girls before they leave. Maggie makes a deal with the others: if spills the beans about how they know eachother, the other pairs have to. Everyone re-tells the stories of their lives, this time, the whole truth.

Maggie tells how her husband Dave was a student in the academy, Eric helped him out, and took them in as family. Dave and Eric work at the same station, but in different shifts. Eric tells the others that Maggie is like an aunt to his children.

Janelle tells the story of her and Ashlea's relationship. They met in Greece, and when Janelle moved to Miami, they got an apartment together. Ashlea and Janelle worked together at Mancion, but Ashlea got fired.

Kaysar shares the story of him and Mike. Kaysar went to a coffee shop, and saw Mike's work on his laptop. Mike tried to show off by talking Arabic, and the relationship grew from there. Now, they live in the same apartment complex.

Howie tells about him and Rachel. While living in Chicago, Howie's friend dragged him into an Italian restaurant to see the hot waitress, Rachel. Rachel got to know the clique of guys that Howie hangs out with, and some of Rachel's friends dated some of Howie's friends. They share that they have never dated eachother. Howie doesn't share how old he is, but says that he's younger than Cappy.

April still denies that she knows Jenn. Beau gives a few more details, about working for the same company as Ivette, but still denies that they know eachother. "Its just a coincidence." No one buys it, and ribbs them to expose their secrets. Hello, Target? Yeah, this is April's back. Can we get together soon? Oh, you're on your way over? Great! See you soon!

Sarah waits for James to come back from the Diary Room so that he can tell their story.

3:00pm BBT : Oh, Woe is April!
April and Janelle go outside for a smoke. While out there, Janelle asks about her connections in the house. April feins ignorance, and says that maybe she is related to someone in the house, and doesn't know it. Janelle shares with April the details of the $1 million prize. April reacts with disbelief, saying its unfair to the ones without a partner in the game. When the conversation turns to Michael, April denies throwing any fuel into the fire. She blames Jenn, then Ivette for feeding her false information in order to bring April to be on their side. She tells Janelle that Jen said to Eric that she was crying about Michael. April says that Michael did nothing wrong, and that if it looks like she was against Mike, it really wasn't that way.

Janelle, wise to everything, just smiles, nods, and eggs April on to continue her lies.

Back in the bathroom, Ivette and Eric rehash earlier conversations about how blindsided they were, how Ivette needs to play the 'game', etc. Eric instructs her on who to put up if she gets HoH next week: Kaysar and James, with Janelle in the wings.

4:00pm : Decompression Time
Eric heads to his bed, and crashes.

Kaysar, Howie, and Janelle plan in the HoH Room, pooling their information together. They re-affirm that their plan is to put Eric up in James's place on the chopping block. They make predictions on how the sheep will be without Eric in the house. They think from a strategic point of view, today's big share in the living room was a bad idea.
Janelle reports she saw Eric and Ivette in bathroom talking to James. She's afraid they'll sway James back. Janelle doesn't want Kaysar or Howie to say anything more to James. She also tells the group that April is ready to turn on Eric because she's so scared right now, and that she is acting like she's turning on Jennifer.
Kaysar says it doesn't matter, they're still targets, tells them all not to worry. Kaysar reaffirming the plan - get Eric out - cut off the serpent's head. Rachel is very upset that everyone knows so much now, Kaysar says. Howie doesn't think it's bad because it should have been already known, as far as pairings.

Next targets for the 'Fight Club': Ivette and Maggie. Pleeeease! I can't deal with Ivette anymore! Pleeeease, Janelle, James, Sarah, Rachel and Howie! Help a viewer out!

James shares with Ivette about how he doesn't trust Eric at all. James tells her that he has an alliance with the Fantastic Four until Eric leaves the house. They share that they both feel that April and Jenn could go any which way; that they don't have true ties to either group.

Back in the HoH, James fills the crew in on his conversation with Ivette. Sarah shares with them that April and Jenn are looking to see which side to join. The group laughs, saying that they are full of shit and no one cares what they want.

Kaysar talks to the group as a whole. The act is done, this part of the plan is done. "We need to move on from here as a team. We'll pretend we're all groups of 2, and we joined up to get rid of Eric, and after that we're all for ourselves" They all confirm that its imperative that someone of the six need to get the HoH next week. In a touching moment, Kaysar leads them all in saying that there is a bond now, and that this is the final six. Yay! Kaysar for President!

April and Beau chill in the Living Room. The two of them sit and try to convince eachother that they're on their own. Nothing we haven't heard before. There are these supurb lines from April, though:

"When people lie, all bets are off."
"See, what pisses me off is people don't believe me."
"I don't care. What do I have to hide at this point?"

I'm telling you...I'm getting popcorn and a martini for Thursday's live show. Sweet justice, here it comes!

4:30pm BBT: School of Morals, according to Eric and Maggie
Eric and Maggie are on their towels, sunning themselves in the Back Yard.

Maggie: Jen just hinted to us that Ivette isn't playing the game like we thought she was. What's her motive? For us to believe she has no one in this game?
Eric: She has to vote someone off...
Maggie: If I was set up, I knew Howie, Janelle, Kaysar, and James were playing for James, the only thing I don't know is me and Ivette.
Eric: It's possible. My gut feeling says no, but I don't know anymore. I was totally blindsided. I don't think I was ever blindsided like that in my life. You have to be a man and accept it and don't pull a 'Michael' and hide in the Gold Room. I'm leaving like I came in: a man, not a wimp or a coward. Not gonna do it!
Maggie: If they think I am smarter and more strategic than you are, I don't want you to burn any bridges before I leave
Eric: No, and at the same time I won't lobby to stay. I will be me.

When April comes up to them, trying to stir some shit, Maggie shuts her down quickly. When she leaves, Eric notes that April doesn't know which side to turn to. The judgements from the pulpit continue.

Eric: Janelle...if I saw her on the same side of the street, I'd push her into traffic.

Maggie: It sucks for people like Howie and Rachel who not everybody knew was paired
Eric: It's not my fault you were bad at hiding it!
Maggie: I'm never gonna be friends with Kaysar.
Maggie: Ivette and April may have deceived me, but they never messed with my morals. James whored out his girlfriend. Horrible. I do not think there is one person in this house that would do something shady.
Eric: There are certain lines you don't cross.
Maggie: He crossed a line by promising on his life.

Maggie: Kaysar said it was Beau's idea and James said it was Howie's.
Eric: Kaysar said it was Beau's? Are you sure?
Maggie: Yeah...how interesting is that. Kaysar lies....
Eric: One day they will have to meet their maker. It's not for me to judge. They have to look inside themselves.

During the lockdown, we see a few BB workers inside the house. Before they exit the feed, we see that the coasters have been changed. Now there are only red and yellow ones.

6:20pmBBT: Safe Crackin' Time
The live feeds were down during the 8pmEST show, then for 20 minutes after.

The HouseGuests walk inside and realize the coasters are different. Somehow, the coasters lead them to getting quarters, and the pen light on barracks wall. The quarters allowed them to get the clues out of the gum ball machine. When they shined the light on the fish tank, it reveiled a clue.

What we know of the clues:
"To find a clue in the house, use this light and the hidden words will shine bright." (found near flashlight)
"The first digit to the gold safe on the right is the number of seas (or C's) that are in plain sight." (found on fishtank)
"To open the treasure inside follow this simple guide." (found in gumball machine)
"Turn LEFT 4 times to number ___, turn RIGHT 3 times to number ___, turn LEFT 3 times to..." (found in gumball machine)

Maggie and Rachel are tackling the safes in the gold room, with Howie, Beau, James looking on. Maggie has a clue in her hand that she's reading directions off of. Kaysar the pen-light, and he's scanning the rooms with, Eric following. While waiting in the Gold Room, Beau and Sarah search the map for clues. When Kaysar tries to remove the map from the wall, he gets a stern "Kaysar, Stop that!" from Big Brother.

After about half an hour of safe cracking, they give it a break. Howie uses the ultra-violet light as a light saber, giving his best sound effects. James and Howie flash the pen light down their pants.
James: I haven't seen it in awhile.
Howie: Me neither, other than taking a leak.
Howie tells Sarah to help James out with his pee-pee, mimicing the sounds of Sarah and James having sex in the BB House.

Kaysar and Rachel talk about how there has to be more clues, and get a second wind to look around the Gold Room. They turn off the lights, and examine the map with the pen-light. Sarah and Jenn join them. They put in another twenty minutes or so, with no results.

6:40pmBBT: Pissy Party
Ivette and April sit out on the back, complaining about their situation in the house. Again, both are telling eachother that they have no one in the house. Boo hoo, whine whine. The safe cracking is so much more exciting! Ivette feels bad for Eric, as does April, but "James has to save himself because he's now afraid of Eric". April says nothing was honest up to this point (coughLikeYoucough) and they all have to start fresh. April thinks Eric might not get put up and tells Ivette not to stress herself out. Ivette wonders about the secrets Mike was talking about. April again dissing the relationship with Jennifer, "Do you really think i would be that stupid?" Ivette replies with "That's not even my concern. My concern is how to push the restart button myself." She wants to rock the boat like Kaysar did because she is pissed that Kay and Janelle are having the last laugh.

April about Eric: I love that guy, I love him, I love him, I love him to death.
Ivette: He's pissed. He's never been so blindsided.
April: I told James straight up I know Maggie better. Don't start rocking the boat until we know who's up there. Take a chill pill. We will have time to rock the boat. Eric needs to talk to Kaysar. He can still work something out.
Ivette: He can't trust Kay anymore. The only ones that can make amends is Cappy and James.
April: James might want to screw him, I know he is. In this game no man wants to go up feeling screwed by another man. It's a testosterone thing. Did you ask Rachel what they.....
Ivette: She's up in the air

Eric joins the party. Beau appears, stays quiet.

Eric: That's my fault. I played this game wrong. I tried to play with integrity. What kills me is it was by my own hand. I asked Kay if I was safe and what about POV comp? Kay asked me to honor my commitment and I did. He promised on HIS LIFE IVETTE! He doesn't have to answer to me. He's gonna have to answer to somebody else, not me.
Ivette: Do you think this game tweaks it up to benefit others? Sure...blame your lack of skills on the game. Yup. Big Brother is cheating, and wants you to lose.
Eric: Absolutely. The chess game? ... you guys vote with your conscience. Nothing I say will change that fact. Any bargain I've made with one of you, I have upheld. Prove me wrong. Prove me wrong. The minute James said Maggie was evil, that was it.
Ivette: The same thing when you called out Sarah of course that bothered...
Eric: Of course and you woulda done the same thing.
Ivette: I know I'm just saying you guys called out each other to save each other's girl.
Eric: No thats not. What about the 2nd vote for Ashlea that he tried to pin on everyone else? Did you look him in the face and ask him? Let me tell ya.
April: Did he admit it?
Eric: Of course he said he wasn't. He blamed Mike. And I knew he was gonna do that and I kept that confidential cause I promised. It's not over cause, if Rachel happens to think with her conscience and swing her vote. Rachel is only possible swing vote. Don't forget they're paired up. And it's hard for me even to look at him. I'm fuckin' nauseated.

Maggie shares with the group that she's rather go, and see Eric stay.

When the pitty party moved into the kitchen, Howie joined for a brief moment. His advice to Ivette: "You need to look out for number one, and make sure you don't step in number two." Classic Howie.

When Ivette, Eric, Beau, Maggie, and April start bashing James, Eric turns to Ivette.
Eric: It's so difficult when you talk to Sarah, cause Sarah's right in with him. It makes me nauseous when you talk to James.
Ivette: I still need to talk to him. The way I see it, listen...
Eric: How can you believe a single, solitary word that comes out of his mouth!?
Maggie: What if he didn't lie to her? What if he just lied to us?
Ivette: I don't think that it's not gonna come back to him. I already told him, I'm not your girl, you have another girl in this house. Ivette, meet the big green monster. BGM, this is Ivette.

April said outside that she asked for Xanax (prescription anti-depressant). She tells that BB said no, saying, "We're not a pharmacy." Later, she slipps and tells the group that she put down her cousins to come on the show with her. To my amazement, none of the others react to this.

This went on for hours and hours and hours. I'm not going to bore you with every detail, since its the same conversations over and over again. In a nut shell, Eric and Maggie are holier-than-everyone, Beau is trying his best to kiss everyone's ass, April is in an unfair position because she has no partner, and Ivette is insanely jealous & losing control, both mentally and strategically. Oh, and if they look bad on tv, its because of bad editing, not because of their bad character, so says Eric.

8:15pm BBT : Straterery in the Gold Room
Kaysar and James talk of trying to get the others to vote with them, as a show of solidarity, specificly Beau, Jenn, and April. The Society of Six know that they have the votes that they need to get what they want, so even if they can't swing the others, they can rule the exiction this week. Kaysar makes an observation, "Here's what I've noticed about that group - the longer they talk, the more they make themselves crazy. So let them talk, let them go, don't tell them anything."

Sarah reminds the crew in the Gold Room that April and Jennifer are trying to get in with them to save themselves.

James wants to wear a "21" shirt on eviction day because Eric told him that it's his lucky number.

Howie perves on Rachel for a while, who doesn't object all too much. They end up cuddling on one of the beds in the Gold Room, after Howie finishes sniffing one of the girl's pair of shorts. Howie and Rachel are more affectionate than Sarah and James. I'm waiting to see those two go at it! Jenn crawls into bed with the two of them, and he has another Howie-gasm.

April and Ivette invade the Gold Room, and try to convince Kaysar that Big Brother picks events that would result in the people they want winning. Ivette seems to be kissing up a fair bit to Kaysar, talking kindly to him and continually complimenting him, telling Kaysar he can alternate what's happening. April asks Kaysar twice if he knew whether Mike gave the second vote to Ashlea. He said no both times then finallly saying it doesn't matter anymore. Kaysar, making an uncharacteristicly stupid move, spills the rhyme and reason of his plan to April and Ivette. April outs James voting for Kaysar during the week one eviction. James says that he already told everyone. Kay seems as if that's news to him. Nice job, Ape. There goes Cappy's trump card.

Apparently, there was an altercation between April and James in the PoV Comp. April was given the duty to 'call out' anyone that was talking during the chess game. I'm guessing that if people talked, they were DQ'ed. April corrected James in the game, after her reacted to Howie patting his ass. James was pissed, and wasn't going to let anything get in the way of his PoV win.

9:00pm BBT: Tattle Tales
Ivette leaves the Gold Room, and makes a beeline for the Back Yard. Beau and Maggie are in the hot tub, Eric is in a lounger. Ivette tells Beau he messed up, telling Kaysar the votes were in for James, but because it wasn't done with malice, she doesn't blame him. Ivette shares that there was a Plan B and that they wouldn't reveal it to her just now. Maggie claims to know what Plan B was and tells Ivette. Ivette assumes it was to put her up. Eric reassures them, saying "that's not gonna happen though." Eric starts raging again, reminding them that everything that comes out of Kaysar's mouth is planned out. Eric is pissed that Kaysar said he knew four days ago, and put this plan together to uncover who was loyal and would would sell out. Eric shouts, "Are you fucking kidding me? NOW he's trying to take the high road? He who swears on his life?Sucks to get played, doesn't it, Eric? The group decides that if one of them gets HoH next week, James is the target.

Janelle comes outside for a smoke, and Eric, sitting in a chair about five feet away with his back to her, tells April "You know, she is NOT your friend" loud enough so Janelle can here. Janelle of course, who has too much class to respond, just goes about her business. April leaves the group momentarily to get a cigarette from Janelle, but quickly returns to the hot-tub-side hate-fest.

More bad-mouthing and woe for the next hour or so. See above. Repeat. Repeat again.

10:00pm BBT: Quiet Moments
Ivette leaves the back yard group, and uses the toilet. Thanks for the sound, BB!...Oh, and just for the record, she didn't wash her hands when she was done. She heads over to the gym, where Janelle is lifting weights. Ivette reminds her that the tredmill needs to be turned off when done. Janelle gives a quiet reply, then takes a pair of weights to the hallway to do lunges.

James, Kaysar, and Howie relax in the Gold Room, chit-chatting about random things. All complain that they are having trouble sleeping.

Eric complains to Rachel about his situation in the house, saying, "I can't have my kids look at me and say, 'How can you tell me not to lie and then go play this game?' How do I do that? I can't. I can't. So, hopefully they spun it the way I hope, and I won't have too much explaining to do. I hope not."

James reminds Janelle that there is still a game to play: "After today, we have to start seperating. We have to seperate ourselves with every group so that way they do not have a chance to talk about strategy because they're obviously trying to regroup somehow. They know they don't have this week, but they are planning on next week. We have to be there everytime. We can't give them any opportunities. it has to be surprise, shockwave attacks. We have to get out there and be friendly with these fuckers, even though we hate them."
Later on, Janelle and Kaysar get a few moments alone.
Janelle: Kayser, you're cute.
Kysar: Thanks....do you ever forget what you have? (beauty products)
Janelle: I stock up on stuff because there's a sale.
Kaysar: You're too cute. You're high maintainance, but I'm ok with it.

Their conversation turns to Michael, and Janelle's relationship with him. Kaysar questions Janelle's true feelings for Mike, but she insists that she is genuine with her intentions. Kaysar says Mike has to come clean about something...
Janelle: He said he was moving to Miami?
Kaysar: He did!? Really? ... When it comes to women, it's like the world stops. He can't just pack his bags and moves.
Kaysar: He likes women.
Janelle: So he's a cheater?
Kasar: No, he likes women. The world stops. I tried to get him to play the game and he was sitting there staring in your eyes.
Kaysar: What I was trying to say was that you're very beautiful and I'm sure he'll fall for you very easily, so I'm saying, I hope. I don't want you hurt him.
Janelle: Oh, I'm not going to hurt him.
Kaysar: That's all.
Janelle: I promise I won't....you think I'm going to do the same thing to him that I did to the guy in New York. It wasn't nice.

Kaysar ends the conversation with a rather cute comment, "Mike's a good guy. He's 2nd best. Good if you can't have me. ...Big Brother I hope you're not spinning this to make it something it's not. Thanks!" Ooo. I wouldn't mind seeing a Kaysar / Janelle hook-up!

12:45am BBT : The Half-Truths Will Set You Free. Or At Least Make You Safe for the Week.
April and Jennifer enter the Gold Room, with Howie and Kaysar relaxing. April flat out asks Kaysar if he believes her on being alone in the house. Howie responds, saying, "No I don't believe you at all. It makes no sense." He adds that he heard April and Jennifer called each other 'whore' when they had just met. Which in his mind is proof positive that they knew each other beforehand. April and Jenn continue to deny any affiliation. Kaysar tells April if he hears one word that she went back to tell Erics group what they've been discussing, it's over between them. Within minutes, April returns to the Back Yard and spills her beans.

Jennifer remains in the Gold Room, telling Kaysar that she might not even have a boyfriend anymore, because she was so connected to Micheal. "Every day I trust you more Kaysar."
Jennifer: I loved when you won HoH. If nothing else exciting happens in this game...you, Kaysar deserve the respect.
Kaysar: Don't fuck me over Okay? It's up to you. I put myself on the line.
Jenn: I will assume Beau and Ivette are telling the truth. Aboout the pairs. April will rather team up with Ivette. She's been their best friend all this time.
Kaysar: I don't have an agenda. This is it.
Jenn: So, like, it's Eric & Maggie. And you want Eric gone. Do you think they might all vote for Maggie? I don't trust Eric at all. I'm with James.

Jenn leaves the Gold Room, and catches up with April. Alone, the go over the next steps in their plan. Wanting to get the jump in Ivette and Beau, they decide that they are going to out themself as a pair tonight. April first thinks they should tell Eric and his crew first, but rethinks and says to tell those in the Gold Room first. Jenn pressures her to make a decision on which team to join, and "do it quick!" They head up to the Gold Room, where Kaysar, Howie, Sarah, James, and Janelle are.

Jenn: We really don't know each other.
April: Let's tell our story.
Jenn: Listen. We met a year ago on another reality show audition. We have talked like an hour at a time five times. I barely know this bitch.
Howie: Did you ever have sex together?
Jenn: She's on the show because of me.
April: I've been learning things about her while here.
James: Why did you wait?
Jen: We were waiting to talk.
James: I say dont tell Beau and Ivette, Because, obviously, that makes things equalized.
April: I just thought it would make it an even playing field.
James: Why make it an even plaing field?

Pleeease, Chen-Bot. Tell the HGs the whole truth! Show them the tapes!

Howie: If you guys plotted something conniving, I would be raging, but its not a problem.
Kaysar: Here's the thing, guys. It's not about choosing friends, its about making a decision to prolong your stay here. I need to know where you stand. If you tell me where you stand you wont be targeted for at least two weeks. I'm not telling you to do anything. I'm honestly glad you guys came back.
Howie: When you left, I said you are fucking liars.
Kaysar: This is one of those lies you can forgive, to clear the slate, but to continue this, it was insulting. Consider yourself insulted, Kaysar.
April: We had never talked since this shit.

When they finish, April wants to tell Eric and Ivette that they were a pair. They want to do this before Ivette and Beau, leaving suspicion with those two for Eric and his group. Eric tells April, upon hearing this news, that he honestly feels even more now that he can only trust Maggie at this point. Eric asks Ivette point blank if she knows Beau.
Ivette denies it to Eric's face and says, "Beau and I were put together but we don't know each other" and then she added "per se".
April tells Eric and Ivette that the only reason she and Jennifer fessed up is because the Gold Room group knew they were a pair. Ivette asks what else they talked about and April says, "Nothing; just our news that we are a pair."

April and Jennifer promised not to tell anything else to Eric or his group about the Gold Room convo. So far, they're holding to that commitment. Eric does not look happy at the news of April and Jennifer being a pair, and that they didn't confess earlier in the day when everyone else did.

More Eric complaining about how he's gone. More Ivette lying about not being with Beau, and how unfair it is. Again, saying Big Brother swung the game so that Kaysar would get HoH, and James would get PoV. You get the idea.

Ivette's turn to confess: she tells Eric that she's lesbian and her girlfriend's name is Maggie. Eric laughs and says he needs a drink, but replies with the fact that he could care less. Ivette shares that she is attracted to some men but she prefers women. She hasn't been with a man in eight years. Eric says that he and Ivette "are homebodies, like to cook. That's why we get along so well." Ivette has been with her girlfriend Maggie for 2 years. Ivette describes her girlfriend to Eric. He says he can tell she loves her. Ivette has known her since she was a little girl, when they used to roller skate together. They met up again when Ivette was 19.

Ivette says her best friend wasn't up for Big Brother, not his type of thing. She has very few friends because she's very particular who she allows in her life. Ivette going on about how hard it was for her to come in the house as the only lesbian. She's only with Beau because BB put them together, because they're both gay. Ivette claims straight women don't like her because she's lesbian. Now, Eric wants to wake up Maggie to tell her, thinks she'll find it funny.

3:45am BBT : Remembering Which Lie is Which
Ivette tells April and Jenn they caved by telling Gold Room group they were a pair. April feels they did the right thing. Ivette doesn't agree. Jennifer speaks up and says she's gonna be honest instead of dishonest.

Ivette: How dishonest are you being?

Ivette goes on attack of Jennifer. Ivette also claims her pairing with Beau is unique from everyone else's and that's why she didn't want/have to say to anyone about it.

Ivette remind them, "You didn't have to fall in their trap." April trying to talk sense to her, without giving Kaysar's secrets away, but Jennifer reveals they have Ivette, Maggie, Eric, Beau targeted and they're all done anyway. "So who knows if we're are safe, but they did it, and it's done, and they feel good." Ivette is not happy at all, but quiet after hearing that news from Jenn.

April and Jennifer going to bed but Ivette won't leave patio. Ivette doesn't doubt that April loves her but she was trying to keep bond together. Ivette says "they got what they wanted and she was trying to throw a bone" to April. April claims she didn't see it. Ivette says there could have been 4 wild cards. April doesn't agree because they would have gotten us, too many of them.

Ivette: "So what does it matter? They've been lying to us because they didn't incude us in their secret of keeping James. Thats' why I didn't feel I owe them anything, because they didn't clue me into their grand plan for James."

Ivette doesn't care if they connect her to Beau or not. Ivette was hoping April and Jenn would be "smart enough to remain wild cards". April says it wouldnt' matter. Ivette says it doesnt' matter, they could all have a pact together. April guarantees they have a pact.

April tells Ivette she hasn't told Jennifer half the stuff she's said against Jennifer because she didn't want to hurt her feelings. Ivette says Jennifer is fucking loopy, she may be sweet but she's loopy. Ivette bashes Jennifer again. April standing there listening while Ivette refuses to get up from her chair and keeps talking. April tries to stick up for Jennifer saying she's a smart girl. Ivette is angry that Jennifer jumped into her convo with Eric. Ivette assumes (projects?) that Jennifer is uncomfortable with Ivette's revelation that she is lesbian because she didn't look at Ivette as she told Eric. April sticks up for Jennifer and says no she was probably just surprised.

April now telling Ivette the tapes will show she genuinely cares for Ivette. That's right. The words April, Ivette, and genuine in the same sentence. Ivette says this situation, the last four of them, was a test for them. She feels that James is going to drop Sarah eventually. Ivette believes that if April and Jenn hadn't gone over to Kaysar's group they might have been able to maintain their own group and take over again.

Finally they go inside. Now Ivette says she owes nobody any explanations. April tells her they know it doesn't matter (about Ivette/Beau being a pair). They go to bed. April whispers to Jennifer "This is gonna get eeeeevil!"

4:00am BBT : Behind the Scenes
Kaysar and Howie talk about how BB does the nomination. Kaysar has to put the ropes on the keys. He does it in HOH. He thenputs the keys in the order he wants to. Kaysar tried to separate Rachel and Howie's keys to throw others off their pairing. Once keys are in, Kaysar left the box in the HOH room and went down to the weight room to wait. Big Brother enters HOH room and gets the box down to the dining table. They do that because the spiral staircase makes it awkward to get the box downstairs so BB does it every time. Once it's there BB lets Kaysar out of weight room. Lockdown ends, and Kay called everyone in for nomination ceremony. Afterwards, BB takes ropes off the keys.

Howie says week 1, Big Brother asked him to take ropes off keys and leave ropes in the storage room. They asked him this while he was in Diary Room, so he did it.

The Gold Room crew mills around for an hour or so, then retire to their rooms to sleep.